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I can't see shit


The smirk the taller flashes his way, showing teeth that cause the lights to reflect off the shiny white surface of his, makes the smaller rapper want to punch it right off his face along with a couple teeth if he's lucky. Problem is, there's no punching room right now seeing as countless bodies are bumping against him constantly and he doesn't want to get kicked out.

He’d love to punch Namjoon, though, but being at a height disadvantage also means his punches don’t hurt as much as they should. He stopped throwing hits after Namjoon started calling him “cute.”

The taller rapper takes his phone from his hands and types out a response.


Wanna sit on my shoulders? ;)


Yoongi rolls his eyes at the suggestion, more at the (completely unnecessary) winking face, and mouths out a “fuck you” because he can't exactly be heard over the combined noise and ear-shattering music around them. 

Yoongi can't help but envy the younger for his height and spends the next ten minutes wallowing over which option seemed worse: suffering through the rest of the concert staring at people's backsides -- and ugly butts -- or get up on Namjoon's shoulders and enjoy himself even if it meant being made fun of later in the studio.

Did he really have a lot to lose?

The worst Namjoon could do later was compare him to the numerous girls sitting atop the shoulders of their boyfriends and he didn’t really give a shit about that. It wasn’t his fault he was so tiny.

Eventually, he settles and taps Namjoon's shoulder to get his attention, frowning at the shit-eating grin the younger rapper flashes his way.

Yoongi thinks he hears Namjoon say “I was wondering how long it would take you to say yes” and immediately fires back with a “shut up, asshole” even though his voice completely drowned out by the music. He doesn't care anymore. Namjoon stoops down -- more like sits on his haunches, bringing him at eye-level with Yoongi, and it’s a scramble as Yoongi makes the climb up Namjoon’s back until he’s finally settled, Namjoon’s hands firmly grasping his thighs.

“Better, babe?” Namjoon asks as he looks up at him, eyes sparkling and Yoongi knows it’s not because of the light show.

“Yeah,” Yoongi answers and grins, showing gums and teeth and Namjoon cranes his head up to reward him with a kiss.

Yoongi grimaces at the slight stretch in his neck as he pulls forward so he can kiss Namjoon better but the younger fares no better, his chin pointed directly up at the ceiling so their lips could touch, emulating some form of the Spiderman kiss. When Namjoon pulls away, Yoongi flicks his forehead but also takes the opportunity to turn back to the concert.

Right after he snaps a photo of the singer with his phone, Yoongi is greeted with a window that reads New Message. Open?

When he slides his thumb across the screen, he is greeted with a message that makes his cheeks flush pink and he’s suddenly grateful that he’s perched so high up on Namjoon’s shoulders because explaining the reason behind his flushed cheeks would be so embarrassing…


Joonie: [Sent at 10:35 PM] Love you, shortie. c:


With a scoff, Yoongi quickly types back a response and turns back to taking pictures, singing along with the band as he filled his camera roll with both wonderful and horribly blurry snapshots that he’d keep because he liked them all, blurry or not.


Min Swagga: [Sent at 10: 39 PM] Thanks for the shoulder ride, skyscraper.


As if he couldn’t possibly be more red, he receives one last text message that has him fisting Namjoon’s hair and tugging on it hard enough to tell him “stop being so cheeky” but secretly, he loves every bit of the seven-word text message.


Joonie: [Sent at 10: 43 PM] You can ride my shoulders anytime, babe. ;)


He’ll never admit it to Namjoon, though.