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When Your World Is Turned Inside-Out And Upside-Down

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Looking back Sam thought the worst thing that could have happened the day Project Insight literally crashed and burned was Bucky pulling her out of the air, breaking her wings and then kicking her off the helicarrier, leaving Steve to deal with his not dead best friend alone. The worst had yet to happen.

Sam was waiting behind the door of the empty office room on the 41st floor listening as Agent Hill count down Rumlow’s arrival in her ear. As soon as the door was opened and Rumlow entered the room fully, she put all her strength that her petite 5’1” frame could behind a wicked right hook across his jaw that stunned the man enough for her to get in another hit before he grabbed her arms and head butted and pushed her back so that she fell down.

As she got up, she started to feel a warm sensation on the left side of her chest and she rubbed at it absently as Rumlow rattled off some villainy monologue. It was when she felt a sharp pain as if something was being carved into her chest that she realized what was happening. At the same time she saw that Rumlow had fallen to his knees in pain and was clutching the left side of his chest, they both looked at each other in horror.

Rumlow had pulled down the neck of his shirt far enough that they could both see the name on his chest in neat cursive writing: “Samantha Thomas Wilson” Rumlow read the name on his chest and looked back up at Sam, disbelief shining bright in his chocolate brown eyes and a something like a hopeful smile was playing on his lips. Sam had never felt as betrayed as she did then by her name and hand writing.

“Wow…I don’t even know what to say to this.” Rumlow said using his hand to indicate the two of them. “This is just too damn fucking ironic.”

Sam didn’t know whether to cry or laugh at the irony.

 His eyes then travelled to her chest, to the spot where no doubt his name would be. She didn’t check because she knew that it was his name carved into her chest. And if she did then she would be giving a full name to the Hydra agent in front of her, instead of just referring to him as ‘Rumlow’ and she did not want to make him human or see him as a person. She did not want to know something so personal about him.

 “I have very neat handwriting, so you shouldn’t have any problem reading my name.” Rumlow had trailed off, the smile on his lips dropped and he let out a little nervous laugh. “Samantha?”

At the sound of her name dropping from the lips of that snake, she charged forward and felt a sick satisfaction when her fist met his cheek bone hard enough that he fell to the floor. The punch was forceful enough that it broke the skin on his cheek and a thin trail of blood ran down his face.

“Do. Not. Say. My. Name.” Sam was breathing heavily. The punch seemed to have knocked some sense back into Rumlow because he got up and wiped the blood from his face.

“So it’s like that then.” He said look at her, the emotions that he was showing before pushed back and the ruthless Hydra agent came out. Sam almost sighed in relief, this she could deal with.

Taking a fighting stance, “Yeah, it’s like that.” Sam said coldly and then the two soul mates charged at each other with their fists raised.

The two of them fought for some time and Sam could hear distant explosions and knew that the helicarriers were being destroyed. She was able to hold her own against Rumlow until he threw her over an office desk where she landed painfully on her back.

“You’re way out of you league kid.” Rumlow said to her as he stepped up onto the same desk he had just thrown her over and looked down at her. “How about we just forget about all this shit and talk this out like real adults huh? What’d you say?”

Sam didn’t have any time to respond being called a “kid” or to talking things out like adults because a helicarrier just came crashing through the floor to ceiling windows of the room that they were in. She got up and immediately hauled ass, never stopping her sprint even when she heard Rumlow shout “son of a bitch!”

Sam shouted into her comm unit that she was on the 41st floor and needed immediate evacuation. She wanted to laugh when Natasha told her to stay where she was and instead screamed out “NOT AN OPTION!” and dropped her body to slide under falling debris. Sam then threw her body with as much force as she could muster with her tiny frame through a window and fell into the waiting helicopter where Natasha grabbed her when she almost fell out the other door of the aircraft.

Sam spun around to see the room that she was just in get completely destroyed and she saw Rumlow climbing/free running his ass down the side of the building that was somewhat intact and a very small part of her that she squashed immediately was glad that he had survived.

Sam and Natasha found Steve on the bank of the Potomac River where Bucky had left him and airlifted him to the hospital. Natasha decided to take first watch by Steve’s bedside and Sam took the opportunity to go home and get cleaned up. Sam could feel herself crashing from the adrenaline high and prayed that she could make it upstairs and into her shower.

Sam made it to her shower and all but tore off her dirty clothes knowing that she would have to throw them out, but that could be done later or tomorrow but not before a very hot and welcomed shower. She let the hot water wash over her cuts and bruises, feeling the one on her forehead more from where Rumlow had head-butted her. Her soul mate head-butted her, her soul mate was a Hydra agent who helped to keep the fact that Bucky was alive from the world; from Steve a man who he worked with many times before. Sam wondered how he kept a straight face in the presence of Steve; did he learn it or was it something he was born with.

Sam stayed in her shower until the water turned cold, then she got out and wrapped her big blue fluffy towel -that reminds her of Riley’s eye- around her body. Riley would have laughed his ass off at Sam’s current soul mate situation and then would have helped her hunt down Rumlow and kick his ass. She turned to leave the bathroom and saw her reflection in the full length mirror she had in there. Walking up to it, she dropped her towel and slowly let her eyes travel from her feet, taking in all her cuts and bruises up to her chest where she saw that damning name on her chest:

Brock Eugene Rumlow

“Holy shit, he wasn’t lying. He actually does have neat hand writing.” Sam said to herself as she traced the name on her chest and then started laughing like crazy. Sam laughed and laughed and laughed because if she knew that if she didn’t laugh she would breakdown and cry right there on her bathroom floor and there was no time for that now. She had to get dressed, stuff some food down her throat, grab some food and a change of clothes for Natasha as well and get back to the hospital to relieve her of watch duty.

When Sam arrived back at the hospital there Steve was still unconscious and Natasha was eating gummy bears.

 “Hey, I brought you a sandwich and some fruit. I think that might be better than what you are eating right now.” Sam said warily eyeing the sugary snack in her friend’s hands.

Natasha tiredly looked at what she was eating as if she had no idea that she was eating something and back at Sam. “You are a goddamn saint Sam Wilson.” She said giving Sam one of her very rare small genuine smiles.

Sam smiled back, “I also brought you a change of clothes; I figure they would fit since we are almost the same size.”

“When all this shit gets sorted out we,” Natasha indicated herself and Sam “are going drinking.”

“I’ll hold you to that. Now go get cleaned up and eat some proper food.” Sam said and her tone even though friendly allowed no room for arguments and there was none from Natasha as the red head took the bag and dropped the rest of her gummy bears in Sam’s hand.

Sam took the now vacated seat by Steve’s bedside and waited for the super soldier to wake up.

3 Hours Later

Sam was reading while music from her ipod played in the background of the hospital room.

“On your left.” Sam’s head snapped up and turned so fast she was surprised she didn’t give herself whiplash and looked at the very bruised and smiling face of Steve Rogers. She smiled back at him and he fell back asleep, so she continued reading her book until he woke up again.


The Next Day

Steve woke up again and this time managed to stay awake, his wounds, however, were healing slowly especially the three gunshot wounds that the received courtesy of his not dead- brain-washed Hydra assassin-best friend.

“Listen I am going after him no matter what anyone says. Ok.” Steve said looking at Sam, Natasha and Maria Hill who had arrive half an hour ago to tell them that Bucky had completely fallen off the radar.

“Steve, no one is objecting you going after him. We are just making sure that you understand that he is not the same man you knew back in the 40’s before the war and before he fell from the train.” Sam explained, trying to placate Steve using her counsellor voice.

Steve glared and Sam and she gave him her best unimpressed look. “I know that Sam. I’m not the same man I was before I went into the ice.” He said turning to look at the other two ladies in the room.

“Well I will do what I can from my end here, what with trying to rectify this S.H.I.E.L.D/Hydra situation that the media are having a field day with.” Maria said.

Steve nodded his thanks and Maria made to leave.

“Wait.” Sam said before even thinking about it and six pair of eyes turned to look at her. Sam had literally jumped into very dangerous situations before but what she was about to say and do made her extremely nervous.

“I have something to tell you all. I want to tell you before you find out for yourselves, which I am very sure is going to happen sooner or later. Just keep in mind that I, myself only found out yesterday, a little before the helicarrier came crashing into the conference room that I was in, thanks for that by the way Steve, I really mean it.” Sam said to Steve who was confused that she actually was grateful for that very big stunt.

“Found out what?” Natasha prompted, an eyebrow raised.

Sam took a breath, “I found out who my soul mate is.”

Natasha’s face was blank so Sam had no idea what she was thinking.

“Congratulations?” Steve said but it sounded more like a question.

Maria’s eyes widened as she put the pieces together. “You have got to be shitting me.”

“I wish I was.” Sam said closing her eyes and pinching the bridge of her nose.

Steve was looking even more confused and turned to look at Natasha who was now showing a little confusion on her face.

“Do you have any idea what they’re talking about?” he asked her.

“Not one damn clue.” Natasha answered.

Sam turned to her two friends and pulled off her shirt for them to see the name on her chest.

Natasha’s eyebrows reached her hairline and Steve, well Steve looked as if he finally broke.

“Holy. Fucking. Hell.” Steve commented, his eyes never leaving the name on his friend’s chest.

“Took the words right out of my mouth Rogers.” Maria said rubbing her head as she felt an oncoming headache.

“His middle name is ‘Eugene’?” Everyone turned to look at Natasha. “What?”

“That’s what you got from all of this?” Steve asked incredulously, waving his hand at Sam.

“Oh come on! A macho guy like Brock Rumlow with the middle name ‘Eugene’ it’s funny.” Natasha defended. Sam sighed and put on back her shirt.

“So what are you going to do about that?” Maria asked.

“Not a damn thing.” Sam said.

“Did he even survive the helicarrier crashing into the building?” Steve asked.

All eyes were back on Sam, “yes, he did. I saw him get out when I jumped into the helicopter.”

“Well since he survived he is going to come after you.” Steve said something not quite like pity shining in his eyes and Sam had to look away.

“How are you so sure?” Maria asked.

“I worked with the guy on quite a few missions. He is like a dog with a bone when he sets his mind to something. And since he knows that Sam is his soul mate he will be coming for her.” Steve explained.

“Well he did seem happy when he found out that we are soul mates.” Sam said, “And then I punched him in the face.”

“How’d he take that?” Maria asked.

“He threw me over an office desk and then said we should stop fighting and talk about the situation like adults.” Sam answered and she could feel herself becoming weary from having to think about that moment again in such a short period of time.

“He wanted to stop fighting and talk about it?” Natasha actually looked a bit bewildered.

“And the strange thing is he looked as if he actually meant it. That if I agreed to it he would have stopped fighting and talked to me.” Sam dropped her head against the back of the recliner that Natasha had found and dragged into the room.

“Maybe you should have.” All eyes turned to Steve when he said that.

“Excuse you. Want to elaborate on that comment or should we get a doctor to come and check you for a severe concussion?” Natasha looked as if she was getting ready to give Steve a concussion herself.

“Something shifted in Rumlow when he found out that Sam is his soul mate if he wanted to talk about it. No guy ever wants to talk about anything trust me on that.” Steve said and all three females nodded their heads in agreement.

“And Rumlow knows a lot of Hydra secrets; a lot more than what we just exposed to the world. So I am betting that if Sam should talk to him, then we could flip him and get him on our side. Get all that Hydra intel from an insider that we would not be able to get otherwise.” Steve was looking at Sam now.

“It makes sense. He would know who all the other top Hydra players are, where all the Hydra bases are located, what their next course of action is. He would be a great asset if we could turn him.” Natasha was now looking at Sam who was studiously ignoring her friends’ gazes.

“It’s up to you Sam.” Maria said gently.

Sam sighed, “Right now my main priority is helping Steve fine Bucky nothing else. However, I make no promises that I will want to contact Rumlow.”

“That’s easier said than done. He might come after you if from what Steve said.” Maria reminded her.

“As long as he doesn’t hurt anyone I care about he can come after me. I will just knock his ass back on the ground.” Sam said and that was that.

Maria decided that was time to leave and Natasha walked her out. Sam closed her eyes against the oncoming headache. Steve settled back onto the hospital bed and turned to face Sam.

“You don’t have to come with me you know. To fine Bucky that is.” He said.

With her eyes still closed Sam replied, “I know. When do we start?”

Steve smiled “As soon as I am out of here.”