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The Love You Deserve

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Tony found himself siting opposite of Fury, who stood there glaring at him. The other Avengers sat around the table awkwardly.

"S.H.I.E.L.D. was able to locate Loki a few hours ago. I couldn't believe what I saw at first. I thought that maybe my intel was incorrect, so I double checked." At this point Tony stiffened but continued listening. "It appears as though Loki has been in contact with you recently, Stark. Care to explain...?" Fury's glare did not waiver throughout the entire tirade.

All the Avengers had different reactions. Steve had the expression of shock on his face, Clint started to curse under his breath at the thought of Loki being right under their noses, Natasha's face had become stone cold, Bruce seemed the calmest of them all with just his eyebrows raised a bit, and Thor appeared as though someone had just taken his precious Mjolnir away.

"Truly, you have seen my brother? Tell me - is he well?" There was concern written all over his face. "I have been worried. We have not heard from him in too long a time."

"You mean hasn't tried to kill us recently." Clint said, his words sharp and scathing.

Tony sighed. He really did not want to explain this right now. "I don't see how any of this is your concern." He stated flatly.

"You are fraternizing with one of the most wanted criminals on Earth. It definitely concerns me." They were facing off at this point - neither one willing to look away or back down from their position.

"All we did was talk." A lie, but based in truth.

"Why are you talking with the creep. Don't you understand? He's a monster." This was mumbled by Clint, who still held a firm grudge. Tony felt his annoyance rising. Clint knew nothing about Loki - how dare he. He was about to tell him off before Thor beat him to the punch.

"While I feel what he did wrong by you, Barton, you will remember to watch your words carefully. He is my brother, and I still love him dearly."

"It doesn't matter. I still need to know what is going on between the two of you, Stark." Fury was still glaring with his one good eye.

"He needed someone to talk to. He came to me." Tony said feeling all eyes on him.

"Why would he chose you to speak to you, Stark?" Natasha asked this time.

Tony shifted uncomfortably. "I might have talked to him before." Was his only reply.

Steve, finally realizing what exactly was going on asked, "What do you mean excatly. How long have you been in contact with him?"

Tony glanced from all of the members until he stopped on Steve. "Possibly a couple months."

The sound of disbelief swept across the room.

"How could you have been so stupid to let Loki anywhere near you. I though you were smarter than that Stark." Clint grounded out through his teeth.

Tony sent him an annoyed expression. "It is not my fault that he showed up at my door covered in blood." He realized he should not have when Thor bombared him with questions asking him why is brother was like that and so on. Tony let out a groan.

"He was injured that was all. He is fine now." Tony said exasperated.

"So let me get this straight. You had an injured god. A wanted god. Into your home and decided not tell anyone?" Fury asked he seemed beyond annoyed at this point. "We could have contained him. Done something. But no the almighty Stark had it under control." sarcasm was so apparent even Steve caught it.

"Unlike most popular belief, I know exactly what I am doing." Stark informed the all.

"When was the first time you talked to them." The quiet voice of Bruce floated into the conversation.

Tony shrugged. "At a party about 6 months ago. He had randomly showed up and we just hit it off."

Bruce looked like he was contemplating something before nodding. "It has been 6 months and 3 weeks since Loki's last attempt at killing us."

It was everyone's else time to think over what he just said. "I believe you might be the reason Loki has stopped trying to attack us all the time." Bruce went further in depth. "I could be wrong though." He gave a small smile. Tony would kiss him right now, but that would not only be awkward but might upset Loki.

"I still don't trust Loki." mumbled Clint.

Fury must have been debating on something for being so quite for this length of time. "You still have been talking with a criminal, Stark. I am going to have to put you on hold. No more Iron Man suit." Fury said.

"I will just ignore that order. It is my suit. I can do what ever the hell I want with." Tony snapped back.

"I agree with Tony on this one." Steve said going in his leader mode. "He should be allowed to use his suit for safety reasons. Plus I trust Stark. And I know he would just go around our backs. We will just have to keep a close eye on him." He said this while looking back and forth between Nick and Tony. Tony was leaping in joy on the inside. A smudge look came across his face.

"Fine. But he is your problem." Fury snarled out before exiting the room. The room became silent once more.

"I think you are an absolute moron, Tony." Clint said before following Fury out, Natasha doing the same.

Bruce gave Tony a half-hearted smile before leaving as well. That left Tony, Thor, and Steve in the room. Thor was first to speak.

"Stark. I must thank you for offering Loki a hand. He truly needs someone to understand him. I am glad he was able to find that person in you." Thor said. "You and him are a lot more a like then I came to realize. It is probably why you get along so well." He rested a hand on Tony's shoulder in thanks before walking out.

Tony stood there for a few awkward seconds before looking over at Steve.

"I ask that you stay away from Loki until we have this all sorted out. Give it a couple days. If I hear one word that you have talked or even been in the same room as him I will make sure that the Iron Man suit gets taken away from you." Steve says this in a stern voice. He then lets out a sigh he continues, "This is your one chance Tony. Don't screw it up." And with that Steve left, leaving Tony by himself.

"Well this day couldn't be more fucked up." He said this hoping to find Loki to tell him of this new development.