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The Love You Deserve

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The next time Tony saw Loki it was pretty bad. Tony had spent the entire day going around destroying Doctor Doom's "new and improved" robots. Doom had some how managed to get magic infused into his design, so every time you would destroy one, it just came back together. It was highly annoying and tiresome. Then all at once, the machines imploded on themselves, only leaving scraps as remains. The Avengers were concerned about it, but since there was nothing they could really do Steve sent them all home to rest.

This is when things got interesting for Tony. He had been planing to just fall asleep on his king sized bed, after all, he was dead on his feet. So, He got all his armor off and headed for his room only to stop when he entered to find the one and only god of lies on the floor curled in a ball. Tony walked cautiosly towards the god when he noticed how much blood surrounded him.

"Fuck" Tony said throwing any caution he has before out the window. He rolled Loki over to get a better look at the damage. Loki groaned in response. He opened his eyes only to show pain going through them.

"What the hell happened?" Tony asked, for some reason he was getting very angery at the thought of someone hurting Loki. He shook it off looking back at the wounds.

"I didn't know where else to go." Loki said his voice came out as a whisper.

At this Tony ran to grab some towels to wrap around Loki's injuries so he didn't lose anymore blood.

"I thought gods healed faster than this?" Tony said a bit of worry slipped through his voice.

Loki gave a short laugh, though it didn't have as much strength as normal. "They do. I was poisoned. Wont start healing till the poison is out of my system. Will probably take a couple hours." He explained, his voice getting quiter with every word. Tony nodded even though Loki had closed his eyes and could no longer see him.

Once Tony had wrapped the wounds so they no longer were bleeding everywhere he picked up Loki to place him on the couch. "You need to loose some weight. Seriously. You weigh a ton." Tony said to the god, after all humor is his defense mechanism. Loki laughed only to pass out after that. Tony looked down at the sleeping god. There wasn't much he could do now except wait. He was debating on sleeping or staying up. He was still tired as hell so he laid down on the opposite couch to Loki.

Here he could still see the god just in case something happened. He tried to close his eyes for atleast a little nap or something only to have his brain have other ideas. He kept wondering who it was that attacked Loki and why? They would not only have to take out Loki, but his over protective brother as well. And also, Why had Loki shown up at his doorstep. Loki did have "villain" friends as well didn't he? There must have been someone else other then Thor and himself that Loki talked to. It was then that Tony decided he was not going to be getting any sleep that night. Sighing, he stood up and headed towards the garage to work on fixing his stuit over todays fight.

Tony felt a tap on his shoulder which he pushed away. Turning into a more comfortable position he tried to sleep again only to have some one tap his shoulder again. He groaned out saying "Pepper, I didn't get that much sleep leave me alone."

"That is great and all, but I am not this Pepper you speak of. I wish to converse with you... Tony. I am also hungry and wish to be feed." that voice was defiantly not the one of his assistant. Tony opened his eyes to find bright green ones staring back at him.

"You are up." Tony said surprised.

"Thank you for pointing out the obvious. Now if you would get me some food." Loki rolled his eyes.

"So your god mojo fixed yourself it would appear." Tony said, still half asleep.

"Yes. But my magic seems to be a bit low and I need to replenish which shall take even longer then I originally thought. Food should help the process along." Loki said emphasizing the food portion of it.

"Um. Well. I can make pancakes." It being the only thing Tony knew how to cook.

"That will have to do." Loki nodded in approval, he continued sarcastically. "Now if you would be so kind as to make them."

With that Tony jumped up realizing he was still in his garage. He must have fallen asleep on the desk. And started to head up the stairs.

"Do you want blueberries? Actually I bet you like sweets. How about chocolate in the pancakes?" Tony said as if it was normal taking to a villain about what to eat for breakfast.

"Either is fine." Loki responded.

Tony went into the kitchen and got the premixed pancake mix and started to make them.

"So... You want to tell me about last night? It is not everyday I find myself with a god bleeding on my floor." Tony said this as he glanced at Loki, who had taken it upon himself to sit at the table.

Loki stiffened before replying, "I had a deal with someone that went bad. That is all you need to know."

Tony gave him a look. "You showed up at my house covered in wounds. I think I deserve to know what the deal was."

Loki shifted nervously. "I went to make a deal with Doom. He wanted to use my magic to enchant his toys, in turn I would be allowed to use some of them. I, of course, refused. His little toys make me bored. He apparently, didn't take no for an answer. He had poisoned my drink. Which is such a waste, that wine was really not cheap."

Tony felt his hands get tighter around the spatula he was using. He might have to punch Doom a couple time next time he sees him. It was dragged out of his thoughts when he realized Loki was still going.

"He had created this machine to take magic out of things or people. Of course it wouldn't work completely with my magic is part of my being. So I pretended to have it work took control of his doombots and escaped before destroying them. I was so weak, my magic was the one to decide where I should go. Trust me when I say next time I wont show up here." Loki explained this in a dull ton.

Tony handed Loki one of the pancakes as well as the syrup and sat down next to him. "Why are you telling me all this?" Tony asked him.

"You were the one questioning me." Loki defended himself.

"Yeah. But I wasn't actually expecting and answer." Tony gave Loki a curious look.

"Maybe I wanted to tell you." Loki said taking a bite of the pancake. "These are really good. What they called again?"

Tony face palmed. "You didn't even know what they were?"

Loki gave heartfelt laugh. Tony couldn't help but feel a bit hypnotized by it. Even with the little time he had spent with Loki, he felt as though he could relate to him more then most people. He had also started to notice how hot the god looked. Don't get him wrong, he has noticed before, just not to this extent. Loki seem to have noticed his staring because he started to fidget a bit.

"I shall leave after I finish this meal." Loki said.

"No you will not. You said yourself you are almost out of magic. Plus you were stabbed yesterday! You can not leave the premises until after Doctor's orders." Tony smirked at the last bit.

Loki gave him a surprised look before biting his lip(god why did he have to that) and responding, "Alright I shall stay. I haven't been able to watch the last couple episodes to Project Runway."

Tony laughed as they headed towards the living room.