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Seokjin had sent Jeongguk to wake Namjoon up one morning. Untidiness and snoring habits aside, there are definitely upsides to being Namjoon’s roommate. Jeongguk likes how much he has become much closer to Namjoon- he is more comfortable poking fun at Namjoon, more comfortable taking certain liberties as Namjoon’s roommate- such as borrowing Namjoon’s things because Namjoon takes his all the time- more comfortable with Namjoon overall.

Personal space became less of a problem between them. So when Seokjin tells Jeongguk to wake Namjoon, Jeongguk strides into their shared bedroom, making as much noise as possible, and sticks his head right by Namjoon’s ear and calls his name loudly. Jeongguk gets a loud groan in reply, and Namjoon presents him with his back. “Hyung,” Jeongguk drags out the honorific, shaking Namjoon’s shoulder.

Namjoon lets out a sound similar to one of a dying whale and flops onto his back. A garbled mess of words leave his mouth, only amusing Jeongguk further. “What?” Jeongguk leans in, exaggeratedly cupping a hand behind his ear. “What did you say?”

All at once, the both of them move at the same time- and Jeongguk’s lips end up meeting the skin near Namjoon’s eyelids. The leader’s eyes flutter open.

Thoroughly surprised, Jeongguk rears back, and falls on his butt. Wincing, he rubs the sore area and braces himself for a little taunting from Namjoon. They are close, but Jeongguk isn’t sure if they are close enough for that little kiss to be overlooked. Jeongguk just hopes to god Namjoon does not go telling the rest.

Instead, Namjoon simply sits up on his bed, rubbing sleep from his eyes. No indication whatsoever that he wants to talk about what just happened- and just slopes off to the bathroom to wash up. Disbelieving of his good luck, Jeongguk returns to the dining room where the rest are starting on breakfast.

Just as he is tucking into his kimchi pancake, Namjoon joins them and surprisingly, reaches over to ruffle Jeongguk’s hair. “Thanks for the wake-up call, Jeongguk-ah.” There it is, the note of teasing in Namjoon’s tone. Jeongguk’s gaze flies up to see a knowing smirk on Namjoon’s lips. Jeongguk’s cheeks flush, and his eyes drop back onto his plate with embarrassment.

Sitting opposite him, Yoongi raises a questioning eyebrow as he glances back from Jeongguk to Namjoon.




The plane jostles, making Hoseok groan. Perspiration dots his forehead.

Hoseok hates flying. It is an incredible downside to being in an idol group gaining popularity because now they have to fly around the world for their tour. The thought of being in the air with nothing below to catch them when they fall is terrifying, which is why Hoseok usually deals with flights by sleeping throughout the whole way. Unfortunately this time, the turbulence is murder, and Hoseok thinks he is about to throw up.

“Jeongguk-“ Hoseok reaches out for the youngest who is sitting beside him. Jeongguk was happily watching the latest Avengers movie before the turbulence hit, and now the movie becomes patchier. Disgruntled, Jeongguk removes his headphones. Just as he presses the pause button, there is a lurch; and Hoseok’s fingers wrap around Jeongguk’s wrist in a vice-like grip.

“Hyung?” Jeongguk peers at Hoseok with concern. The older boy’s face is paper-white, and he’s trembling.

“I want off this plane, Jeongguk- I swear to god-“ Another violent shake of the plane has Hoseok squeezing his eyes shut and tightening his hold on Jeongguk.

“Here, hyung, let’s just move this-“ Jeongguk pushes the armrest separating them up, and pulls both of Hoseok’s hands onto his knee. “Everything will be fine-“ There is another jerk before the words barely leave Jeongguk’s mouth.

“Oh god, we’re going to die-“ Hoseok moans, burying his face in Jeongguk’s neck although the position is uncomfortable with the seatbelts anchoring them in their seats. “Jeongguk-ah, distract me please- anything-“ He winces as the plane shakes. His palms are damp with sweat, which makes him thankful Jeongguk still holds on to him.

“Want to hear a new song, hyung?” Almost immediately, Jeongguk begins to sing. Although the plane noises are loud, Jeongguk’s mouth is right by Hoseok’s ear. He focuses on Jeongguk’s voice instead, concentrating on the smooth velvet tone. Hoseok may not understand the English that Jeongguk is singing, but it is comfort enough. They may have worked together so many times before, but Jeongguk’s improvements in singing never fail to amaze. Hoseok listens, and with every word, the tension in his body lessens some.

Jeongguk sings, sings until the turbulence ceases. Sighs of relief fill the cabin. Hearing nothing from Hoseok, Jeongguk turns to see the older boy asleep on his shoulder. A small smile tugs at the corner of Jeongguk’s mouth as he nudges Hoseok. The latter awakes. “Is it over?” Hoseok asks blearily, moving his head off Jeongguk’s shoulder.

“It’s over, hyung.”

Nodding, Hoseok smiles sleepily over at Jeongguk in thanks. He returns back to dreamland after a while, and does not feel the gentle press of Jeongguk’s lips on his temple. 




They had just finished another concert, and are all preparing to return to the hotel when it happened. “Jeongguk-ie, how did I do today?” Jimin bounces towards Jeongguk animatedly. The boy in question nods as he downs some more water, flashing a thumbs-up at Jimin.

It was true- Jimin gave it all that day. His energy was infectious, his dance very much on point, and his voice in top condition. During the concert, Jeongguk fed off Jimin’s enthusiasm, and it was certainly a contributing factor in his own performance. Contrary to popular belief, Jeongguk definitely does not hate Jimin.

“You’ve worked hard today, hyung.” says Jeongguk.

“You think so?” Jimin’s eyes shine and crinkle as his grin widens. “Good enough for a kiss?” Jimin kids, tapping his cheek. It is a running joke between them- Jimin would ask for a kiss from Jeongguk and he would certainly be turned down. The first time Jimin asked, Jeongguk had turned several shades of red and sputtered like a fish out of water. He suspects Jimin only continues to do so to fluster him.

“No way,” Jeongguk playfully whips the towel around his shoulders at Jimin. The older boy pouts before moving onto Taehyung.

Jeongguk takes another gulp of water thoughtfully. Perhaps there is a way to turn this around on Jimin. After all, Jeongguk would never want to miss an opportunity to agitate his hyungs.

And so, Jeongguk waits. Waits until everyone has packed up and begins moving towards the vans. He spies Jimin gathering up his things, and that is when Jeongguk makes his move. Glancing around to make sure no one else is looking, Jeongguk sidles up to Jimin’s bent figure. Swooping down, Jeongguk presses a quick kiss on Jimin’s cheek.

“Thanks for your hard work today, hyung.”

The older boy immediately spins around. The shocked expression on his face is thoroughly amusing, and Jeongguk is satisfied by the incoherent words that spill out of Jimin’s mouth. “You- did you just-“

Retrieving his bag, Jeongguk makes towards the door. “Better get going, hyung.” He calls over his shoulder.

“Y-yah, you- wait- This kid…”




Just one unfortunate choice of song and their moment of triumph shatters.

Taehyung has always been an excitable person- the first few beats of BTS Cypher Pt. 3 can send him into a frenzy. This was their second win for I NEED U, of course all of them are ecstatic. That, coupled with the fact they were standing not too many feet away from their idols BIGBANG, made it all the more exciting and humbling. The camera catches Taehyung mouthing a few words of LOSER, and people lose their heads.

Numerous accusations fly in, and Taehyung is made to explain.

The seven of them are accustomed to hateful words on the Internet, but it did not mean that it hurt any less. They all deal with hate differently- Namjoon and Yoongi write songs, Hoseok dances, Jimin goes for long runs. Taehyung shuts down. At their third win, he barely participates in the celebrations. He simply pastes on a faint smile, a smile that slides off completely after the cameras stop rolling. Although management and the members reassure him that the whole situation will blow over soon, Jeongguk understands when Taehyung asks for some alone time.

“Hyung?” Jeongguk calls softly, spotting Taehyung’s hunched figure in front of the television. The volume is low as the rest have gone to bed, but Jeongguk knows Taehyung has heard him from the stiffening of his shoulders.

“What?” says Taehyung, his voice flat. Jeongguk approaches, and sees Taehyung’s phone next to him; screen still alight with their twitter page open, tweets still pouring in. Glancing away, Jeongguk catches the glint in Taehyung’s eyes, made more obvious by the glare of the television.

Grabbing a blanket, Jeongguk drapes it over Taehyung’s shoulders. The older boy starts, blinking in confusion when Jeongguk wraps his arms around his neck and rests his chin on the top of Taehyung’s head. “Don’t read those anymore, hyung.” Jeongguk’s breath stirs Taehyung’s fringe. “You didn’t mean any harm. You know it, I know it, our fans know it.” He hugs Taehyung a little tighter. “Don’t be sad.”

Taehyung tries a wobbly smile. Jeongguk may be the youngest, but he tries so hard; which is why he is such a group favourite. Wordlessly, he reaches behind and pats Jeongguk’s thigh in thanks. The pressure of Jeongguk’s chin lifts, and something softer replaces it momentarily. The soft smacking sound gives Taehyung a clue.

“Did you just kiss me on the head?”

A beat of silence. “Did it make you feel better?” The tinge of embarrassment in Jeongguk’s voice is so adorable, it makes Taehyung grin widely. Something he has not done for the past couple of days.

“Maybe another one will do.”

“Go to sleep, hyung.”

Only after another kiss does Taehyung go to bed, with a big silly smile on his face.




“Going to be late, going to be late…” Jeongguk rocks back and forth anxiously on the passenger seat. He had slept through his alarm that morning, and Seokjin, being the most awesome hyung that he is, agreed to drive him to school. “Hyung, I don’t mean to rush you but I have an absolutely critical and important project to hand in today, and you’re driving like you’re fifty years older than you really are.”

“Safety is important too.” Seokjin says sagely. He ignores the age joke, making Jeongguk think Seokjin is probably used to it by now.

“If you think you can run faster, then by all means, please get down this old man’s car.”

Maybe not.

With some luck, Seokjin manages to get Jeongguk to school just as the first bell rings. Hurriedly thanking Seokjin, Jeongguk dashes past the gates into the building. His teacher enters the exact same time he slides into his desk. “Did you finish your report?” Jeongguk’s deskmate nudges him with an elbow.

“Hell yeah, stayed up all night finishing it.” Jeongguk groans, but he is relieved he made it.

It is at the end of the lesson when his teacher calls for them to hand in their reports. Jeongguk opens his backpack and finds his report folder is nowhere to be found. Dread dawns upon him.

He must have left it in Seokjin’s car.

Swearing inwardly, Jeongguk rests his forehead on the cool surface of his table. All his hard work, down the drain. He could text Seokjin, but there is no way Seokjin would be able to arrive in time for Jeongguk to hand it in. Frustrated, Jeongguk groans softly and buries his head with his hands.

“Jeon Jeongguk?” His teacher calls.

Jeongguk raises his head and is about to admit that he does not have his report when he spots a school staff member standing at the door. “Go to the general office.” His teacher instructs.

Nonplussed, Jeongguk follows the staff member out of the classroom towards the general office. He is led into a small room to find Seokjin waiting for him.

With a very familiar red folder on his lap.


“Dude, you left your homework in my car-“ Seokjin gets cut off when Jeongguk flings his arms around him. Jeongguk does not know whether to laugh or cry, because Seokjin is the most awesome hyung ever. Seokjin laughs, “Geez, get a hold of yourself.” He presses the folder into Jeongguk’s hands.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you-“ Jeongguk babbles. The combination of gratefulness and relief propels him to plant a kiss on the tip of Seokjin’s nose. Too jubilant to cringe at his show of affection, Jeongguk hollers a “Thank you, hyung!!” over his shoulder and runs all the way back to class to place his report into his teacher’s waiting hands.




Yoongi is not known for beating around the bush.


“Yes, hyung?” Jeongguk does not take his eyes off the game he is playing on his phone. Crossy Road requires all his attention now- one wrong move and his llama will be squashed as flat as a pancake. He hopes Yoongi understands.

“I’m wondering how is it you have kissed the others, but you’ve yet to kiss me.”

Jeongguk’s thumb slips and his llama steps right in front of a truck. Game over.

“What??” Jeongguk peers up to meet Yoongi’s neutral expression. Not only was it a totally random subject, Yoongi also sounds weird- as if he was trying to sound indifferent, but failing miserably. “Are you jealous, hyung?” Jeongguk asks, eyes wide. He is not asking to be coy- the possibility of Yoongi being jealous is an entirely new concept to him.

Yoongi takes a seat next to him. “If I say yes?” He eyes Jeongguk warily.

Speechless, Jeongguk glances away. “I’m sorry,” He starts, not meeting Yoongi’s gaze. “I didn’t think it was such a big deal to you.”

There is a short silence between them before Yoongi reaches over and pulls Jeongguk’s hands onto his lap. “Talk to me.” Yoongi says.

“I don’t know…” Jeongguk bites his lower lip. The warmth of Yoongi’s skin on his gives him some encouragement. “When I did it, it was like I wasn’t thinking, you know?” A quick glance at Yoongi and Jeongguk knows he has the older boy’s undivided attention. “And after it happened, I knew it wouldn’t really bother them as much. But with you-“ Jeongguk catches the slight furrow of Yoongi’s brow. “I don’t even know whether you want to kiss me,” The tail-end of his sentence ends in a mumble. “I really don’t want to mess us up- so my brain doesn’t shut up when I’m around you.”

Although the confession is one load off his chest, Jeongguk’s mind buzzes with uncertainty. He wonder if what he said makes any sense to Yoongi at all, because on hindsight, it barely made any sense to Jeongguk. The lack of response from Yoongi only served to disconcert Jeongguk further.

He startles when Yoongi taps his chin, and he immediately looks at Yoongi. “You know,” Yoongi draws closer to him. “All you had to do was ask.”

Jeongguk blinks.

Yoongi chuckles at the bewilderment of Jeongguk’s expression. “Like this,” He adjusts his position so that he fully facing Jeongguk, leans in, and tilts Jeongguk’s chin up. “Jeongguk-ah, may I kiss you?”

Yoongi’s breath gently caresses his lips, and the noise in Jeongguk’s head fades. Just a stutter of “O-okay” and Yoongi closes the gap between them.

The kiss is short but sweet, ends all too quick when Yoongi pulls away. Jeongguk’s face is as red as a tomato, and it makes Yoongi laugh even more. “Hyung!” Jeongguk cries, burying his face in Yoongi’s neck and slapping Yoongi feebly. “That was my first kiss…” He mumbles, cheeks turning impossibly redder.

Yoongi grins into Jeongguk’s hair. “Our first kiss,” He corrects. “You don’t blame hyung, do you?” Jeongguk shaking his head with his face still stuck in Yoongi’s collar only amuses him more.

“After all, what kind of guy wouldn’t like kissing his own boyfriend?”