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Lucky Number Seven

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Seventeen-year-old Lucy Heartfilia pulls into her space of her school and turns off her car. She stays in her seat while she looks at Fairy Tail Academy. It is her senior year of high school and it is already the twenty-ninth day of September. The fifth football game of the season is later, which means it is already halfway through the regular season.

But today means more than that to Lucy. It is her seven year anniversary with her beloved boyfriend. The two were inseparable growing up as children and just at the age of eleven, Natsu Dragneel knew for sure he wanted to marry ten-year-old Lucy. So he made the first step in the relationship he wanted and asked her to be his girlfriend.

Time has flown since then. Lucy’s mother, Layla, passed away not long after that. A tragic accident occurred spring of last year and she lost Jude, her father. Lucy still lives at the Heartfilia Manor with her maids and butlers. Because she is still a minor, Lucy has her legal guardian, Capricorn. He was a dear friend of Layla’s and currently resides at the manor to watch over Lucy just as he had promised Layla before she died.

Lucy blinks away the tears that threaten to form and she shakes her head. “No sad tears. Not today.”

She looks in the review mirror, making sure her makeup is still fine. Lucy adjusts the gold tie around her neck so it is centered. Then she looks over the rest of her uniform while she is at it. Her white button-top with short sleeves seems to be in order. Lucy smooths out her red, sleeveless sweater vest that has a v-neck collar. She checks out her black pleated skirt, noticing the ink stain is gone all thanks to her personal maid, Virgo. The black socks that fall below her knees and cute black flats all seem to be in order as well.

Now satisfied, Lucy grabs her fashion bookbag from the passenger seat and leaves her car, locking it behind her. She takes out her phone and checks it yet again. Still no word from Natsu. He always sends good morning and good night texts, but why not yet today? Today of all days in fact?

She walks through Fairy Tail Academy and heads for her locker located down senior hallway. Lucy notices she is getting stares from students and even teachers while she makes her way through the school. To avoid their smiles and stares, she busies herself with her phone. Today definitely is not going the way she hoped it would.

She rounds the corner and nearly stops in her tracks. One locker up ahead is decorated with a big locker sign and pink balloons. Lucy’s heart skips a beat and she quickens her pace to investigate. Sure enough, it is her locker. Her hands cover her mouth while she takes it all in.

The majority of the locker is covered in blue paper that has varying photos of Lucy and Natsu throughout the years. They range from around the time they first met to more recent ones she took days ago.

“Happy seven years, Luce,” a familiar voice says off to her left.

She turns to see her boyfriend holding a bouquet of pink roses in a blue vase. From the looks of things, it seems like he did not take much time to get ready for the day. His white button-up with short sleeves is completely untucked and his black dress pants are not being held up by any kind of belt. Not to mention, his black dress shoes are all sorts of scuffed up because of his usual antics.

This is a normal look for Natsu and his girlfriend will not have it any other way. He is perfect exactly how he is and everything about him was special to Lucy.

Natsu Dragneel’s spiky pink hair is haphazardly placed and a cowlick makes his bangs stick up in front. He has very dark green eyes, a strong jawline, and tanned skin. His body is fit and sturdy, not super bulky with muscles.

Lucy tears up a second time for the day, but this time they are not as easy to stop. Everything he has done means so much to her. Blue and pink are her two favorite colors. And Natsu knows she thinks photographs are precious moments captured in time forever. That is why he never complains when she wants to take a picture of him or the two of them. Natsu knows how important they are to her.

He grins. “Need a hug?”

Without a word, Lucy steps into him his embrace, the two molding together perfectly. “You’re amazingly sweet,” she says, her voice muffled by the scarf around his neck.

He kisses the top of her golden head. “And you’re amazing.”

“I love you.”

“I love you more.”

“Annnd that’s a wrap,” Gray says, lowering the digital camera and letting it dangle from around his neck.

Gray Fullbuster is a fellow senior and has known the duo for a very long time. He has dark hair that is a little bit longer than Natsu’s and bangs that cover up the scar he has on his forehead above his left eyebrow. He has dark blue eyes and slightly pale skin. He is noticeably taller than the pinkette and has more of a build than him.

The couple stops hugging, but still stands next to each other to look at their long time friend. Natsu had asked the aspiring photographer for help. He wanted to capture his girlfriend’s reaction to the surprise he planned out and knew there was only one person for the task.

“So you got the shots, right?” Natsu asks, eager to see the whole thing from a different angle.

“Did I get the shots?” Gray scoffs. “Of course, I did.”

“I knew I could count on you!”

“Thank you for doing that,” Lucy says.

Gray smiles at her. “Sure thing.”

Natsu makes a face. “Hey, don’t be eyeing her like that! She’s mine!”

“Nooo waaay!” he mocks as he gestures towards the decorated locker.

“Grr, fight me, Ice Princess!”

Lucy laughs, knowing she will never grow tired of their antics. “No fighting during school now, you two.”

“The first bell of the day still hasn’t gone off yet,” Gray points out.

“Yeah, I got time to whoop his ass,” Natsu says with a smirk.

“Or you could spend that time with your girlfriend,” Lucy points out.

He looks away from his friend to look at her beside him. He smiles. “Now there’s something better than fighting some boring Ice Princess.”

“I am not boring!” Gray shouts.

Natsu ignores the comment and leans in to smooch his girlfriend. “Happy anniversary, Luce. I love you.”