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Harriet Potter: What it is like to be a witch

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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter and make no profit from the writing of this story. The characters that are not OFC or OMC belong to J.K. Rowling. The movies are the property of Warner Bros. Pictures and Heyday Films.


A set of wide vibrant eyes the colour of bright emerald green studied an old and small plastic clock from behind round framed spectacles. Harry watched almost unblinkingly as the seconds ticked away counting down the final thirty seconds until the first stroke of midnight. Why might you ask would a sixteen year-old boy sit staring so intently at the clock as it ticked down the final seconds leading up to a brand new day. The answer was in fact simple, a tradition which Harry took part in ever since he knew how to tell the time, ever since he come to understand that the day July 31st is the day he was born, the birthday of one Harry James Potter.

You might also wonder why Harry would feel the need every year to count down the final sixty seconds until midnight, why, and what was the point, why was turning seventeen any different than being sixteen? You are only turning a year older, older by the second, why would anyone want to count as those seconds tick away, always ticking away. You would honestly think that anyone would want to avoid thinking about such things, what was the point, it could not be changed, your aging could not be slowed down or cease altogether.

The reason that Harry Potter did as such, well, it meant another year of life, being a year older. It also provided solid proof that the snake-like monster who murdered his parents when he was only a year-old had not succeed in his main and number one goal, which is to finally murder and rid of one Harry James Potter, naturally he failed to accomplish this so far.

Harry started this tradition in the beginning first of all to prove to himself that he had managed to survive another year living under the same roof as his abusive relatives. That tradition had changed ever since turning eleven and he discovered where he had truly come from and whom he is. Now his yearly tradition of counting down the seconds to a new year in a way was a celebration of having survived another year of being ‘The Boy Who Lived’ and all of the usual peril that comes along with the unfortunate title and responsibility on his young shoulders.

Finally, the difference between sweet sixteen and seventeen was due to the fact witches and wizards are legal adults when they reach seventeen. For example, now he could drink and buy as well as be served alcohol legally, best of all the Ministry had granted him permission to use his magic outside Hogwarts, anywhere and at anytime he pleased without getting into trouble and receiving word of warning for using his magic underage.

A small and delighted smirk curved the corners of Harry's lips as the clock finally struck midnight on the 31st of July 1997. "Happy Birthday Harry" he murmured quietly as he did every year, only he ever hears, no one is ever awake or around to share this moment that only happens once a year. However, Harry would not want it any other way as long as he lived under the same roof as his poor excuse for a family, if you could even go as far to call them that. Just because he shared the same blood with his aunt due to his mother did not necessarily make her family. Family did not have to consist of people who share the same blood or DNA, a fact he had come to understand and appreciate since turning eleven.

Harry had the urge to cast his first piece of magic as a legal adult and not end up in trouble or expelled from Hogwarts. Just as he reached for his wand, which lay on his bedside table, he without warning struck with a pain so intense that it felt like nothing he has ever felt before. However, if asked to compare his answer would be that he had felt such agony very much like it the last time he had a run in with Voldemort and had the Cruciatus curse cast on him.

Harry wanted to shriek in pure agony so much, but remembered at the last minute where he was, remembered that he was not entirely alone. He did not want to wake and alert the Dursley's to his current problem, the last thing he needed or wanted was to deal with his relatives in his current state. He reached for his wand and cast the strongest silencing charm he is capable of around his room, before his whole being and senses consumed in pain to the point of not being able to function properly. The room now silenced to all that was not he, he finally allowed his wand to slide to the carpeted floor from his unfeeling grasp.

He fell backwards on his back onto the cover of his single bed, which he luckily had been sitting on when the pain had struck. He lets loose with a scream at the top of his lungs, not caring or even bothering to hold back, no one but he could hear. He shook violently as his head moved from side to side and his entire body convulsed and withered against the mattress in mind numbing agony, he could not think straight even if he had wanted to.

It felt like what he imagined swallowing an overdose of Skele-Gro would likely feel times by an absolute hundred fold, compared to having all of the bones in his arm and hand regrown. It felt as if his bones were what he imagined disintegrating then rearranging and regrowing must feel like. He was positive his skin was aflame and was melting very, very painfully slowly, how could it not possibly, when to Harry's pained riddled mind it felt as if it were.

The pain continued to increase bit by bit for the next ten minutes or so, slowly increasing to the point that Harry was boarding on the point of delirium and could feel sweat as it dripped down the side of his face from his forehead. He felt one last blistering rush of agony before the pain ceased and he felt no more. He was beyond relieved when he was able within seconds of the pain stopping to give into the welcoming and soothing darkness of oblivion.

It was sometime later that Harry started to regain consciousness; slowly he opened his eyes and groaned at the headache that he could feel pounding relentlessly away at his skull. It felt as if someone had taken a match and lit it before throwing it inside of his mouth and setting his throat alight. Harry assumed it must be the result of all the screaming he had done before being fortunate enough to experience complete oblivion no matter how briefly.

Harry slowly and carefully rolled over onto his front and moaned seconds later as he took note of the fact that there was seven owls in his room, including Hedwig. Apparently, she had returned from where she had been staying with Sirius. Harry tried to avoid keeping his familiar with him when at Private Drive at all cost if he could prevent it, he honestly feared and believed that one of those days Vernon would finally snap and do the unthinkable. He had always feared Vernon would try to harm, or worse, do what he had threatened to do on many occasions in the past, break Hedwig's neck and feed her to Marge's vicious dogs.

Harry shook his head not wanting to think of such thoughts, turned his head in the direction of his bedside table and, glanced at the clock. He noted how it was twenty-five minutes after midnight, which made him wonder just how long Hedwig and the other six owls had been waiting there in his bedroom for him to regain consciousness. He realised with some relief that apparently none had pecked him and tried to wake him up to be freed of their load and allowed to leave.

Harry removed his gaze from the clock before he sighed tiredly and buried his face into the cover of the bed. After a moment of just lying still and breathing in and out calmly, he moved around on the bed to find a more comfortable position. He noticed that there was a slight discomfort in his chest area, which soon became apparent that adjusting his position was not having the desired effect and that something felt off.

He rolled back over onto his back grimacing in annoyance as his hair covered his face. He lifted up his left hand to push the hair to one side, while his right hand came to rest over his chest. He froze moments later as two thoughts entered his mind, one since when has his hair been long enough to cover his face and, two his chest felt decidedly off, felt almost lumpy in fact as if something rested on top of it.

He moved his hand somewhat gingerly over his chest, only to cease all movement moments later. He quickly sat up on the bed and winced slightly as his body twinged with aches located in places even he did not know could ache from the sudden sharp movement of sitting upright. He sat the end of the bed and his legs hung over the edge as he inwardly grumbled at the turn of events that his birthday was so far.

He looked down at his chest, yet the first thing he took note of was not his chest, but the fact his hair hung in long thick strands of midnight black silk. He raked a hand though the dark glossy locks and followed the strands downwards, and noticed they went passed his breasts and ended a couple of inches from his waist. However, seconds later his entire body became rigid as his mind finally processed what he had thought, for example, his breasts.

Harry let out a loud whimper in the back of his throat as he finally noticed how his pyjama top clung tightly to his chest, to be more precise his pyjama top clung to his breasts. This caused Harry to whimper even louder before he stood and rapidly searched for his wand, ignoring the brief aching twinge that was gradually starting to fade. He found his wand seconds later on the carpet where it had fallen after he had cast the silencing charm.

He picked it up and conjured a large full-length mirror with quick and flawless ease, easier than usual, which he wondered whether that was down to the magic boost he could tell he had received after turning seventeen. Apparently, Harry according to Sirius had inherited his father's knack for Transfiguration, which remained true regardless of what had happened to him. It was nice to have inherited something else from his dad besides his looks and skill in DADA and on the Quidditch pitch.

Harry looked into the mirror as he adjusted his glasses on the bridge of his nose before studying his reflection, which was enough to seconds later after receiving the first glimpse to let out a loud and piercing scream. It echoed off the walls, which caused him to think somewhere at the back of his mind how it really was a good job he had the sense to cast that silencing charm earlier on. That scream had been loud enough possibly to wake up the dead, or worse in his opinion his relatives.

Harry suddenly snapped out of his horror-induced stupor over his reflection as he heard the owls still in his room let out startled sounding hoots. He watched as they ruffled their feathers, yet did not fly away out of the open window. He or rather she stumbled backwards, landed on the bed and bounced a couple of times from the force of her landing before she settled and her wand slipped from between unfeeling fingers once more.

She could not help but eye her reflection in the mirror from her position at the end of the bed, it was impossible to look away. She stared in a horrified sort of dazed disbelief as she took in the sight of her long flowing hair and her much softer and feminine features. However, to her ultimate horror she noticed her new curves and breasts, likes of which would make Hermione and Ginny green and sick beyond envy, though at this point it only caused her to feel freaked out.

She slowly brought a hand up to gingerly touch her face as she explored her new, yet not so new features. She noted her skin was almost as soft and smooth as a baby's, a fact alone that made her very glad she would no longer have to shave on a daily basis as she had since she was fourteen and had more than a slight bit of bum fluff to remove. Some days she had woke up and had just not found the energy nor cared to shave off the dark stubble growth.

Once she finished marvelling at her skin's new softness, she noted her nose looked as it had only smaller and slightly longer, definitely much more delicate in appearance as well. Her cheekbones were only slightly higher and more pronounced, whilst her jaw line was the same only less strong as was the cleft of her chin pronounced and noticeable in less you knew it was there and what you were looking for.

Harry grimaced as she noticed how pale her skin still was, finding it more than slightly annoying that she was still pale even after all of the changes she had just undergone. Through she did notice the difference between now and before, now her pale complexion actually worked in her favour and gave her a radiant glow, whereas before she just looked tired and sickly, possibly anaemic and in need of sunlight. She supposed no longer looking sickly was a plus if nothing else.

One thing she did note, which pleased her somewhat, was the fact her skin appeared to be void of any marks or blemishes, except of course for the infamous and cursed scar on her forehead. Oh yeah, that was still there in all of its not so quaint glory, of course luck and Lady Fate naturally is not that kind as to do away with that cursed scar, which sat as a constant and never ending reminder of what she had lost.

When she let out a pained grimace at the thought of all she had lost, she noticed how it brought attention to her lips, which appeared quite a lot fuller. Her teeth on the other hand looked perfectly white and straight, which never appeared quite as healthy as they did right then. She was unaware the effect she would soon have on people when she smiled due her more attractive looking teeth and fuller lips.

She gingerly stood and huffed out a weary sigh as she bent over to retrieve her wand from the floor. She pointed it at her legs and waved it in familiar and practiced movements as she cast a shrinking charm on her pyjama pants, which were an inch or so too long in the legs. She then pointed her wand at the waistband of the pants, shrinking it several sizes, due Dudley's size looking even more grotesque on her female body. Next, she shrank several inches off the sleeves of her pyjama top, before repeating the same wand movements to shrink the actual top itself by several sizes.

With that all done Harry could now see and feel how much better and how easier it was to examine the changes to her body more clearly. She was dismayed to discover she had lost around an inch off her height, which now meant she stood at five foot four inches, whereas before the transformation she had stood at five foot five inches. For Merlin sake, it was not as if she had been in desperate need of losing even half an inch to begin with never mind an actual full inch.

Speaking of her height, she realised as she eyed her long, long and perfectly toned slender legs, that they mainly were what aided her height. Fred and George would have described her legs as legs all the way up to her arse. The kind of legs you would expect to find on Angelina, Fleur and Tonks, that not even Hermione and Ginny honestly could boast having. She did not mind the change to her legs, liked it in fact and was not about to complain over what was preventing her from appearing to be a midget in her eyes.

She turned to the side and examined her backside and her hourglass figure, noting her curvy hips and slender waist, very much like Angelina and Tonks. Next, she took note of her breasts, breasts which minutes earlier had distressed her immensely, however, now that she was calmer and taking the time to study them was able to see with a not so small amount of smugness that not even Fleur Delacour could truthfully boast possessing such a shapely and alluring set of breasts. Not even with her Veela DNA was she lucky enough to have such breasts. Where had the sudden feeling of smugness come from, what was with that she wondered?

She looked down at her stomach and gingerly patted it, which she happily noted was still flat and toned from hours of Quidditch practice. She was also willing to wager the stone and a half Madame Pomfrey, along with Mrs. Weasley and Hermione had made her gain during her sixth year was now gone again. She sighed realising there was nothing for it and, it was what it was. Besides, she appeared to look healthy as a female, though as male the extra stone and a half she had lost again had made all of the difference.

Next, she lifted her hands to examine them and they looked just as pale as the rest of her body, yet smaller and more delicate looking. Her fingers looked longer and slimmer, like the kind that would have not been out of place on a pianist, the kind of fingers perfectly and beautifully designed solely for that purpose alone. She wondered what it would be like perhaps to learn how to play the piano thinking it could be a possibility after the war was over if she survived that long.

She shook off the unnecessary thoughts, unnecessary right then when she suddenly realised just how calm she was being, in fact knew she was a sight calmer then what her situation warranted. Through she supposed the reason was due to feeling rather quite numb, yet she knew that would not last long when the situation she had unwittingly found herself finally sunk in and, it would sink in that she had no such doubt.

She took a deep and calming breath and examined the other changes made to her face. Her eyes for example, which she noted remained unaltered in both colour and in shape, in fact they were just as green and vibrant as ever. She did notice that her eyelashes were longer and much fuller, almost feather-like in their appearance, the kind Lavender Brown would give almost anything to have and they not be false. Harry wondered since when had she lucked out in the looks department, not that she had been hideously ugly before then, far from it, just now it was far more pronounced.

The only other feature that had taken a major shift in appearance was her hair Merlin had it changed, not in colour, instead mass, texture and style. Gone was the short and tirelessly messy mop of hair, now long and wavy sleek strands of midnight silk, so soft, smooth and shining with such, health that it practically gleamed had taken its place. Harry knew it would take some getting used to and, would definitely have to learn how properly to care for it. She could just imagine the hours she would most likely spend brushing it until it was soft and shiny.

She froze just as she had been about to raise her hand to her hair, thinking suddenly whether all the changes were permanent or could the whole process be reversed. She wondered for the first time what could have possibly caused this, she did not remember having been cursed or hexed of late, especially nothing to have been the cause of something as drastically altering as this. Had she drank or ate something at Hogwarts, or had someone who may or may not be the twins pranked her and whatever she had took take affect several weeks later?

Her thoughts were cut off abruptly as the owls hooted, making her aware of their presence once again. She winced and glanced in the direction of the owls in silent apology, realising how the owls must have been getting very restless and wanted to be relieved of their packages. She quickly placed her wand down on the bedside table only just realizing she was still holding it and, now knowing that this whole episode had distracted her more than she had first thought.

She made her way over to Hedwig to relieve her of the shrunken down packages and letters. Hedwig gave a hoot of appreciation before she fluttered over to land and perch upon the headboard of the bed to watch her Mistress intently. Harry saw how Hedwig was eyeing her with evident interest, which you did not have to be a genius to know where that interest stemmed from either. Hell even her familiar was staring at her, so what would everybody else's reactions be. At least she was not acting hostile or felt any fear towards Harry, a fact Harry was more than grateful.

Harry switched her attention to the other owls after one last brief glance at Hedwig and, instantly recognised the first owl she approached, immediately knowing it belonged to Fred and George, their personal and not one of the joke shops order and delivery owls. She gently removed the letters and shrunken down packages before the owl quickly took flight out of the window without waiting for a reply or even a treat.

Harry placed the letter and packages down on the bed along with the packages and letters from Hedwig. She concentrated on removing the letter and package from one of the remaining owls at random, who gave a hoot and took flight out of the window. Harry shook her head, whilst thinking the owl had gotten impatient from his or her wait and had decided the wait for a possible treat was not worth it.

She raised a dark brow as she next spotted a dark chocolate brown barn owl, whose wing feathers were speckled with small pure white coloured dots. She did not recognise this owl and wondered who owned the handsome looking owl. She continued to eye it as she gently removed the letter and packages from its leg before placing them on the bed with the others she had collected so far. The owl then gave a hoot and ruffled its feathers in Hedwig's direction, a hoot she returned briefly just as the other owl took flight out of the window.

Okay, that was somewhat strange Harry thought and raised a brow in Hedwig's direction, the owl in question let out another hoot and ruffled her feathers as if to shrug and say, 'What, how would I know'. Harry smirked as she contemplated whether it was possible for owls to act coy and was that how owls caught the attention of their own kind, a thought that somewhat amused her as she shook her head again. It seemed Hedwig was getting some attention, possibly male.

She returned her attention to the four remaining owls still present and carefully freed two owls of their letters and packages before they took flight out of the window. Now there were only two left and, one owl was evidently a school owl, which she assumed must be her Hogwarts letter with her book list for that year and any notices from McGonagall or Dumbledore before they saw her next, which would be at headquarters later on that morning.

The owl was impatiently holding out its leg for her to remove the letter attached. Harry was a bit dubious about reaching out to remove the letter, clearly seeing the glare the owl was giving to her. She reached out removing the letter as quickly and gently as possible, all the while trying to get the owl out of her room before it decided to get any bright ideas about pecking her for making it wait until the last. Once it was free of the letter, it gave a sharp hoot and one last glare before flying swiftly out of the window.

When the school owl departed, that left the final owl, none other than Pigwideon, Ron's overly hyperactive owl. Harry snorted at the little hyperactive ball of fluff, honestly surprised how he managed to stay still and as silent for as long he had. Harry considered it be a rather quite miraculous feat, in fact something he was now making up for in spades as he acted all loony and flew like crazy around Harry's head in rapid circles.

Harry tried to reach out to grab the letter and package it had attached to one of its legs as he continued to fly around her head, causing her to chuckle and say in amused exasperation, "Pig, stay still, honestly you crazy overactive fluff ball." She faltered slightly as she heard herself speaking for the first time since what had happened and, noted her voice was soft and feminine, yet had a noticeable husky edge to it. Okay, that was going to take a hell of a lot of getting used to, not only was her appearance affected but her voice to apparently.

As she snapped out of her thoughts, she finally managed to grab the tiny owl swiftly and gently as possible during mid-circle, before quickly and gently as possible untied the letter and package before sending him on his way. She called out to him playfully, "Alright, you've made your point, now on your way back to Ron."

She heard Hedwig's indignant sounding hoot and the sound of her ruffling her feathers at the fuss the younger and much smaller owl had unnecessarily created. Harry smirked widely and chuckled knowingly at her prim and proper owl, knowing Hedwig had always been less than impressed when it came to Pig, whom Harry had always suspected was trying to gain her attention.

She shook her head as she rolled her eyes again before turning her attention to her bed where all of her letters and birthday presents lay. She picked up her wand and waved it over all of her presents one by one, until they returned to their original size. She cast several charms to detect any nasty spells, hexes, or curses and, once satisfied that no one was trying to target her through her mail she replaced her wand on the bedside table.

Finally, she reached out and picked up her first gift at random, unknowingly picking up the letter from the twins, which read as-

Hiya Harry

Happy birthday mate, finally you can use your magic outside of school, bet your bloody glad for that. Now Harry, Gred and I were wondering if we could talk to you about your sizeable donation to our noble cause of mayhem and jokes, namely your half of the Triwizard Tournament winnings. We need to discuss something important with you when you get to headquarters. Harry there is something else, something more entertaining, which Gred wants to ask you about Ron that he and I want you to do for us. As for your birthday present from Gred and I, well, it is something special, that I wish I could be there to see your face when you see what else we put in there besides the usual products yet to go on the shelves. Now here is Georgie, I will see you later mate when Georgie and I come with The Order to collect you from that shithole your relatives call a bedroom.

Hiya mate

Happy birthday, Golden Boy

Forge is right mate I wish we could be there to see you open your extra special treat this year, special for all growing wizards, trust us we did the same for our dear ole Ronnikins when he turned seventeen. Now Harry, Forge and I have a favour to ask of you dear ole boy, which is a certain product in your package that we have marked, take it and put it in Ron's drink the first available chance you get. And before you start pissing and moaning that you won't do it in case Ron finds out and tries to get even, well, he does not have to know it was you, you can blame me and Forge just as long as we get to see his reaction. Finally, my lovely and sexy Angie, the love and light of my life, she says hi and happy birthday. There is a note, some sweets from Honeydukes from her in your package, sweets unfortunately Forge, and I did not have the chance to touch, such a pity that is. She wanted to know how you are doing and whether you are still going to be Quidditch Captain for our old house team this year again. Finally me and Forge are looking forward to picking you up tomorrow at your relatives, especially looking forward to seeing your cousin again as we might have a little surprise for him and a going away present for you mate.


Forge and Gred at your service


Okay, now to say Harry was curious as to what they had sent was an understatement of the century, especially the term of phase they had used, something extra special. The fact they had given it to Ron for his seventeenth birthday as well also more than peaked her interest. She just hoped she did not regret what she found, seriously something extra special could mean anything when it came to the twins and was not always considered positive either.

She grinned evilly as she thought of what kind of surprise they might have for Dudley, remembering all too vividly the Ton Tongue Toffee they gave to him when they came to collect her to take her to The Burrow. That was the year of the world Quidditch cup match where Bulgaria played against Ireland and, her fourth year and the Triwizard Tournament. Her fourth year had been one hell of a year, one she would be liable never to forget for as long as she lived.

She put the letter down and picked up one of the largest packages wrapped in bright orange and magenta paper. Oh yeah, that was definitely the twins gift their logo was all over the wrapping paper, plus if that hadn't gave it away, those glaringly bright colours sure as hell would have. Now that she knew which present was theirs also meant she now knew which of the packages she should be dubious of before opening it.

She chuckled as she tapped her wand on top of the package, casting a charm to unwrap the present so that she did not risk damaging the paper, which for some reason she wanted to keep, something she would have never bothered with before now. This led her to thinking about whether her current appearance was not just physical but also on a mental scale too. Her male self would have never bothered keeping the paper even if he would not have ripped it to shreds either.

Of course, she had to wonder whether it was a prank, but then again she thought it too well thought out and complex to be just a harmless joke. Too serious as well, Fred and George would have only made it physical, perhaps given her a set of overly large breasts and, not made it so it was on a mental scale to the point it end up messing around with her head and, yes it was doing just that on a spectacular level.

She shook her head in order to snap herself out of her current thoughts as she reached for and lifted the lid off the big orange box. It had orange and magenta coloured tissue paper stuffed inside, that also had the Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes logo all over it. She carefully cast a preserving charm on the box and tissue paper, all the while shaking her head honestly having no idea whatsoever about her sudden need to keep such things as wrapping paper, tissue paper and a big box.

She moved the tissue paper to one side and found a huge pile of the twin's products, some she recognised such as the Wizbangs, Canary Creams and a new set of Extendible ears. The products she did not recognise were one, a product that apparently, from what she read on the label was used to tame unruly hair, something she no longer needed. Another product was a box, which looked as if it could have come from Honeydukes, but Harry for some reason knew better.

As soon as she had given a brief scan of the twenty or so products, knowing that the twins would have not given to their brother their products yet to go on the shelves, she dug deeper into the round box. She could tell one of the twins had cast an extension charm on it as her hand went down deeper inside than the size of the box suggested. She was pleased to find the Honeydukes that George said were from Angie and took the page long letter Angie had attached to the box and read-


Happy birthday Harry

Wow, you are finally seventeen, which means you can now use you magic whenever you like, trust me it is brilliant. Next, you will be going for your Apparition licence, which sure beats using the Knights bus or the floo any day. Now as for the package George and Fred have sent you, please allow me to apologise in advance if you find anything you get embarrassed over. I assure you I am not entirely certain of what they have put in that box. The thought is enough to make me somewhat shudder at what they are capable of, hell only Merlin knows what they have done. Though let me tell you this, I can honestly promise you that the chocolates from me are from Honeydukes and I did not for one second allow either George or Fred anywhere near them. Ha, I mean seriously both you and I know that would have not ended well for you on the receiving end of whatever they would have done to them. Finally happy birthday again and good luck with your second year as Captain, Ollie is proud as the rest of our old teammates Harry after he found out. I will see you at headquarters later on.




Harry smiled as she placed the letter to one side and opened the big box of chocolates that were a mixed variety. There had to be at least two galleons worth of chocolates there, which led to Harry believing that Angie may have gotten just a bit carried away in Honeydukes. Harry knew that with a well placed preserving charm she could make the entire chocolate last her months, well usually she could. She honestly had no idea just how much so Angelina had not overindulged in Honeydukes, particularly for a female.

Harry took one of the smaller chocolates, broke it in half then placed half in her mouth and the other she wrapped back up and placed it back in the box. She moaned and was startled as she closed her eyes as her taste buds suddenly sprung to life. Chocolate had never quite tasted like this nor had it caused such a reaction in Harry. She figured it must be a female thing, meaning most likely what Ginny and the others felt when they ate chocolate. It made Harry wonder how they were not as big as Dudley and Uncle Vernon, knowing if chocolate tasted like that for a female then how they had not stuffed themselves sick with it was beyond Harry.

She began to dig deeper into the box until she found a large bottle of Ogden's Old Firewhisky, a sight she could not help but smirk widely at when she saw it. Apparently, Ron had a bottle to, which she really hoped Mrs. Weasley had not caught wind of, or not only would Ron get it in the neck, but Fred and George to for giving it to him in the first place. Regardless that Ron was now of age, Mrs. Weasley still worried and fussed over her youngest son and, Harry wagered rightly so knowing Ron he would probably drink the whole damn bottle in one sitting if no one stopped him.

Next Harry found what looked to be a magazine and looked closely; only seconds later blush and violently shudder in horror and mortified disgust. The twins had sent her an issue of Play Wizard, the wizarding equivalent of Playboy. Harry moaned in total disbelieving horror and most definitely not pleasure at the sight of the witch on the front cover, who wore a flimsy looking scrap of red lace, which was supposed to be a thong and nothing else.

What made it even worse for her was the fact it was graphical, seeing as not only did the witch have very large breasts, very fake and extremely large breasts, but the picture also moved like all wizarding pictures. The bleach blonde haired witch winked every so often and battered her very long and false eyelashes as she pouted before licking her lips slowly as she pulled at and squeezed her breasts.

Harry suddenly realised with rapidly growing horror that she was not the least big aroused or attracted to the skanky looking witch on the front cover. She felt nothing; something she knew would have not been the case if she had seen something like this only yesterday. She felt no arousal, no not arousal, but pure distaste and annoyance as she wondered just how much of their dignity did any self respecting witch lose when she did that line of work.

She knew Ginny would seriously freak out at Fred and George if she ever saw this and, it was this thought that without warning suddenly had her breath catching in her throat at the thought of Ginny. Oh no, Ginny, what the hell was she going to do about Ginny if she saw Harry looking the way she did right then. How the hell was she supposed to explain this, hell even she did not know what was going on. However, most of all what did it mean for her and Ginny as far as their relationship was concerned?

She closed her eyes and concentrated on Ginny's features and her lovely vibrant flowing red hair, yet only moments later truly feel horror and dismay as she came to the quick and sudden realisation that she no longer felt any sexual or even romantic feelings or attraction for Ginny. In fact, the only thing about Ginny she still found remotely attractive was the colour of her hair and nothing more.

To make matters and the situation even more complication and, in her state of panic her dismay increased as she closed her eyes and end up picturing Cho Chang. Though discovering that she was even less attracted to the Japanese beauty both sexually and romantically then she was to Ginny hardly came as much of a surprise to her. Considering the fact come fifth year and beyond that school year it had taken no time at all to get over Cho and to notice Ginny, so no it was no surprise.

Harry was terrified as she closed her eyes and pictured Fred and George instead, but yet again was no less surprised to discover that she felt a slight warm tingling sensation between her legs yet no erection. This only confirmed what she was rapidly starting to realise that being, she not only had breasts but a vagina to. She realised instantly she felt no disgust or any loss over not having a penis anymore.

Yes, she knew for certain whatever had happened to her had not only transformed her physically but mentally. She still felt like Harry, more so than she could remember feeling before having not felt quite as comfortable in her own skin as she did right then. This in itself was enough to make her more than a little nervous than she wanted to admit to even to herself. The fact she now only felt truly comfortable after seventeen years did not give her as much comfort as she had always hoped and wanted.

Realising all of this gave her a measure of relief, relief that she had not been the butt of some prank, nor would she have to go after Fred and George and possibly curse them back into infancy for daring to subject her to this. No prank could accomplish this, not even a prank pulled off by the sheer genius that is the Weasley twins.

However, that was not what mainly bothered Harry about her current ordeal, what made her feel ill with dread, no that was down to the fact she now had a decidedly major problem. Said problem namely she could no longer be in a relationship with Ginny as forcing herself to be in a relationship with another female witch or muggle, it did not matter, doing it would not only feel like a major lie but would without a doubt be one.

Not unless they knew of a way to reverse what had happened could she find the possibility of continuing a relationship between her and Ginny at all plausible. Yet, then again as strange as it sounded she was not entirely certain she wanted it reversed, which might have made her sound like some kind of freak, yet being branded a freak is an okay price to pay if that meant she was allowed to hold onto the comfort and just pure rightness she felt in herself.

Harry knew she absolutely did not want to hurt Ginny, she really did not, yet if she could not change back and, to be honest a major part of her did not want to, then Harry could not honestly see how hurting the red haired witch was possible to avoid. Either way no matter how you looked at the situation or whichever spin you placed on it Ginny was going to get hurt and badly.

She let out another loud sigh as she turned and picked up another package at random, not honestly caring the order she opened whatever present sent to her. The package she noted was shaped like a book and large and raised enough that Harry wagered that there had to be more than one book wrapped in that paper. She picked up the letter and seeing the writing on the front, she instantly knew whose gift she had chosen next. Hermione honestly, if the shape of the package did not give it away then the handwriting surely had.

Harry removed the paper from the package to reveal as expected books, four of them in fact. One was a Defence against the dark arts text, while another was a Transfiguration text. Finally, the third was a Medical Potions text and the final and fourth was a Medical Charms text. Harry could not find any reason to complain or even roll her eyes, much to her surprise she found herself appreciating the texts more so than she would have in the past if Hermione had gave them to her say last year.

She opened the letter that had come with the very thoughtful and definitely useful gift and removed the letter from the envelope and read-


Happy birthday Harry

I have missed talking to you over the summer and cannot wait until we can meet at headquarters. Harry how have you been and have you completed all of your homework yet, I have in the first week of the holidays. How are the Dursleys treating you, are they feeding you properly? Please tell me they at least went easy on you this summer seeing as it is to be your last with them. I feel it is honestly the least they could do for you after the way in which they have so poorly mistreated you over the years growing up. Now as for the texts I have sent you, I know you must be currently rolling your eyes at my choice of gift, most likely thinking typical Hermione and her love of books. However, Harry you need to realise that if you wish to be a healer then you must study Potions and receive more than a decent grade. As for the DADA and Transfiguration texts, well, you seem to have quite the gift in both subjects, a gift I honestly think you need to expand upon. I thought that perhaps you might consider acquiring Masters in both of those arts; I know you are most certainly capable of it. As for the Charms text, the same principle as Potions rings true, you need both to be a healer. Harry I only tell you this because I want the best for you and for you to succeed to be successful my friend. Now enough with my lecture about your academic prospects and let us discuss the fact Ron, Ginny and the rest of the Weasley's are also here to. Sirius and Remus seem quite nervous as do Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall. I have a feeling it has something to do with Voldemort and his Death Eaters. You would not happen to know anything from your letters from Sirius and Remus would you Harry? Okay this is all for now and I am looking forward to seeing you on your birthday as Remus and the order are collecting you from your foul relatives for the final time. Please stay safe Harry, as both you and I know you are a magnet for trouble.

With love your friend Hermione


Harry narrowed her eyes as she for the first time since the whole episode had happened felt true anger. Gone was the feeling of numbness she had been feeling since she woke after her terribly painful ordeal. Reading Hermione's letter explaining how she noticed Sirius and Remus, along with Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall acting strangely was what it took to snap her out of the daze she had been in since first seeing her reflection in the mirror.

She inwardly snarled as she thought with bitter and seething sarcasm, 'Oh yeah, I have an idea and strongly suspect why they are nervous all right. Ha, I bloody well wager the reason is staring right back at me in the mirror right now' Her jaw clenched as she placed Hermione's letter on the bed beside her gifts before she screwed it up in her anger, which was the last thing she wanted to do.

Next, she picked up the present from Ron, knowing it was from him because of the skill used to wrap the present, the lack of skill that is. It was evident to Harry that Ron had been the one to do the wrapping and had not asked for any help from either Hermione or Ginny. Harry would not have really noticed this much before now, another female thing she wondered. The content consisted of four chocolate frogs among a few other sweet items as well, such as sugar quills.

She opened the letter, which of course was quite short, typical Ron she thought with a knowing smirk as she began to read –


Hiya Harry

Happy birthday mate

You can do magic whenever you want bloody brilliant, ain't it. Oh, by the way mum has sent you one of her usual care packages of food and some Butterbeer, knowing your ruddy relatives starve you. Harry mate I have no idea if Hermione has mentioned this in her letter, but if she hasn't, then something bloody weird is going on around here. Sirius and Remus look guilty and shifty eyed if we so much as mention your name, I wonder what is with that? Anyway, mate I will see you at headquarters and we can go through our birthday stashes from Fred and George. I hope mum does not catch us, Merlin imagine the whole bloody litter of Kneazles she would have if she did.



Harry snorted knowingly; knowing Molly Weasley would definitely have a whole litter if she ever saw exactly what the twins had gave to Ron and her, the magazine and whiskey in particular. She shook her head as she placed the letter down with the other opened letters. She picked up the sweets and placed them with the chocolate from Angelina after casting a preserving charm on them, including the chocolate from Angelina. She eyed the sugar quills and knew she would most likely spend the train journey to Hogwarts sucking on them.

She silently nodded to herself as she thought of what Hermione and Ron had said about Sirius and Remus and started to realise maybe what had happened to her was expected, at least by Sirius and the rest of the order. The fact Sirius and Remus knew she had this coming without mentioning it made her blood boil something fierce at the thought of those two of all people keeping shit like this from her. She expected that weak crap from Dumbledore and not her godfather and her mentor and honorary godfather.

Next, she chose what she knew to be Mrs. Weasley's care package, her stomach practically growled at the thought of the contents of that basket. Harry really was hungry due to her aunt having only given her a small sandwich with a single slice of cheese on it. The thought of the crap and the amount her cousin ate, even with that supposed diet of his, that compared with the small amounts of crap she was begrudgingly provided set her teeth on edge with irritation.

Harry reached out and opened the lid of the wicker basket that was full to the brim with cheese some bread, ham and chicken legs, along with two meat pies as big as Harry's hand. Harry felt her mouth water in delight at the sight of the medium sized treacle tart. Finally there was some fruit and all of them Harry's favourites, along with an eight pack of Butterbeer.

Harry grinned in knowing amusement as she thought of how Mrs. Weasley always packed far too much in the basket as if providing for three or four people instead of just one whenever she sent over a care package for Harry. She beamed as she reached inside the basket, selected one of the chicken legs, and immediately started to bite into it hungrily. She held the leg in one hand, while she reached for the letter from Mrs. Weasley and fiddled with it until she managed to remove the letter from the envelope with her free hand. The letter read as –


Hello Harry dear

Happy birthday

I hope all is well and those dreadful relatives of yours are feeding and treating you well, they better be. This is your last summer with them and there is no excuse for their abuse and starving you. Now dear I have sent you a care package, which I have put a preserving charm on, eat as much as possible. You can always eat it through the night, which is something that I would not normally encourage, but your relatives being as they are there really is nothing for it. I have excellent news dear, that being that the Order is coming to collect you in the morning for the final time, so be sure to gather all of your belongings and not leave anything behind as you won't be going back there again. Oh and I need to ask whilst I remember, have Sirius and Remus mentioned anything of interest in their letters to you, they are acting ever so strangely, as are Tonks and Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall? That is all for now dear, I will see you at headquarters where I will be waiting and Arthur has your birthday present and something he wishes to tell you, something even I am not aware.

Molly Weasley


Harry placed the letter to one side as she finished off the chicken leg, before reaching into the basket again and taking out one of the Butterbeers and using her wand to open it. As she took a large swig, she thought that yes they were aware, even Tonks apparently. The fact Mrs. Weasley was onto them meant they were not nearly as discreet as they probably thought they were being, as almost nothing ever slipped passed the radar like sixth sense of Molly Weasley.

Harry picked up another of the packages and placed her bottle down on the bedside table. She scanned the writing on the label and froze as she realised that she recognised the handwriting all too well, it was Ginny's handwriting. She let out a truly tired sigh as she slowly opened the small box after removing the wrapping paper and found a bracelet made of leather cords braided and intertwined together. The leather cords were black and were weaved together with gold and scarlet. She fingered the bracelet and closed her eyes, feeling awful, especially when she saw hers and Ginny's initials engraved into the leather in a golden coloured cursive.

She placed the bracelet down on the bedside table carefully, not wanting to put it on due to not feeling right about it. She picked up the letter that came with the bracelet and removed it from the envelope before reading-


Happy birthday love

I hope you like my present; I am wearing its twin. How are the Dursley's treating you, are they feeding you, if not then don't worry as mum has sent you a care package, plus The Order is also due to collect you in the morning. Oh, by the way do you know something I do not from your letters from Sirius and Remus? They keep giving me these strange sad and sympathetic glances, what is with that? I mean I cannot even have a conversation with either of them without feeling like they are holding something back and can barely look me in the eye. Even Tonks is being somewhat nicer than usual, not that she has ever treated me badly. Finally, I miss you Harry and cannot wait for you to get to headquarters, and thought that maybe if we are lucky we could try for some alone time when you finally get here.

With love Ginny


Harry had tears of guilt in her eyes as she placed the letter with the others, before pinching the bridge of her nose as she realised Sirius and Remus knew this would happen to her. This also meant they must have known her relationship with Ginny would not survive this whole situation, which completely explained the looks they kept on giving Ginny. It led her to believing Sirius and Remus did not intend to find a way to change her back, or they could not, which was it she wanted to know? Harry decided to carry on with opening her presents, putting that thought to the back of her mind knowing there was nothing she could do about it, not until she saw Sirius and Remus later on.

The next present she picked up was from Remus and removed the paper to discover what appeared to be a photo album. However, what gave Harry pause was the fact it had a pale lilac and golden cover, meaning he knew what he had been doing and who he was sending this to, why else would have he send her a gift clearly intended for a female?

She opened the cover and felt her breath catch as she discovered the content was pictures of her parents, along with Sirius and Remus and a brown haired female. Alice Longbottom, Neville’s mother she thought, having remembered seeing the same woman from the picture of the original Order during fifth year.

The pictures she noted were stuck on shiny purple thick parchment, while golden glitter had been artfully scattered around the edges and corners. This alone was enough to cause her to sigh and shake her head as she contemplated how obvious the colour scheme and glitter was. She scanned the pictures for a moment longer before placing it to one side.

Just as went to pick up Remus’s letter was when she discovered a second present and letter with Remus's gift. She removed the paper and found a large and round purple coloured box. She opened the lid, which slide to the side and discovered several layers of compartments, all full of beautiful and expensive looking makeup, hair, manicure, and pedicure tools. Harry visibly faltered as she realised what a telltale giveaway this really was, no one, not even Tonks would send a wizard something like this, so yes she definitely knew.

Harry carefully slides aside different compartments until she found seven in total. Blushers and liquid and powder foundations as well as concealers, primers and base powders and liquids in one compartment, while another was filled with eye shadows in cream, powder, matt and shimmer format in every colour imaginable, some not even found in muggle brands. There was a selection of different coloured mascara, with different sized brushes to allow for different lash length and volume. She even found eye pencils, liquid eyeliners and false eyelashes in another compartment.

She shook her head at the sight of a third compartment filled with brushes and applicators in every shape and size. A fourth compartment had lipsticks, glosses, with liquid and pencil liners of every colour imaginable. A fifth compartment had nail polishes, nail files, buffers, clippers and other manicure and pedicure tools, along with Acrylic nails in all lengths, sizes and shapes. A sixth compartment held hair tools, such as a hair-dryer, irons to provide every curl imaginable, along with removable applicators to crimp and straighten hair. The final and seventh compartment held hairbrushes and combs, dividers and grips in all shape and sizes.

At the sight of all this, Harry knew magic held the box together, an extension charm for example to make it bigger, deeper and wider on the inside then the outside led one to believe. Make up, manicure, pedicure and hair set for all beauty needs any witch could ever possibly need or even want right at her fingertips.

Harry did not know whether to burst out in laughter or cry her eyes out like a baby in disbelief. What made it all the worse were her thoughts, she liked it and thought it was gorgeous, which were definitely not the thoughts of a wizard, at least not a straight or sane one that is.

She could not help but wonder who else knew about her predicament, knew what she did not, what they should have bloody well informed her of before anyone else damn it. She silently fumed, yet still carefully slides all compartments shut and replaced the lid of the beauty box, not wanting to damage anything. Just because she was pissed did not mean she was about to wilfully damage such a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

She tried to calm herself as she reached for and opened the letter from Remus. It read as-


Happy birthday Harry

I am more than slightly nervous about sending this letter and gift, knowing of your temper, which you inherited from both of your parents. Barring any unseen complications what has happened to you will be very apparent, so much so that there will be no possible way of concealing it. Harry I am afraid I cannot give you much information, only Sirius and your parents can do that, information you will find in letters from all three of them. Through I can reveal that there is no going back at this point this is the true you and, I am truly sorry if being changed back is what you are wanting as you read this. I promise you shall understand what I mean when I tell you this is the true you, the true Harriet James Potter. Everything you need to know will be in your parent's letters. Harry I hope you don't mind, but I have informed Tonks of your situation, she is sympathetic but also absolutely delighted at the thought, please do not ask me why, the answer very well may make you very afraid for when she finally gets her hands on you. I can tell you this through, she has insisted every witch needs what she has sent you, but I will not give away the surprise. Just know you shall find it very useful, useful in the sense that your transformation is not only physical, but also on a mental scale to. Now I must inform you that tomorrow, I, along with Severus, Tonks and even Fred and George Weasley will be coming to collect you from your relatives. I have no doubt that you are looking forward to be leaving your relatives for the final time regardless of the shock you have no doubt received. I promise we shall talk when you arrive at headquarters.


Remus your honouree godfather


Harry smirked coldly and muttered sarcastically, "Ha, a shock he says, you bloody well think, huh! You have no idea, no damn idea whatsoever Moony." She rolled her eyes scowling as she suddenly thought back on what Remus had said, 'This is the true you and there is no going back' What the hell, if that was the case then why had she spent the last sixteen years as male for Merlin's sake?

She ran a hand through her hair as she placed Remus's letter back down on the bed and picked up the letter from Tonks. It read as-


Happy birthday my fellow witch

What can I say, but wow talk about springing the unexpected and unbelievable on someone? I cannot begin to imagine what must be going through your head right now, but I have no doubt it is not the least bit good. Anyhow, if the transformation is as mental and physical as both Remus and Sirius are saying it is then hopefully you will have an easier time of adjusting to the situation much more quickly. You will I hope enjoy my gift to you, the beauty set is of the magical and not muggle kind. Because it is magical, means once the makeup or nail polish is applied it will not smudge or flake and can only remove it with a cleaning charm. I cannot wait to show you how to use it all there is much I can show and tell you. However, do you want to know the best part, it magically refills itself when it starts to run out, how great is that? Now as for you finally being of age, I was thinking that maybe I, along with Fleur, Angie and Hermione could take you out clubbing to a wizarding club. Also if you ever need any girl advice such as your period, yeah sorry Harry but you are going to get them now, comes with the whole package deal of being a witch, being female for that matter. I must admit I am looking forward to taking you shopping in muggle London for your new wardrobe. I will even teach you how to walk in high heels if you like. Speaking of your wardrobe, you will find an extra present from Sirius, a changing of clothes and underwear. Harry there is no reason to worry about the clothes not fitting because when you put them on the charms I placed on them will activate and shrink or enlarge them to fit you. I have not sent a bra, that will have to wait until I see you next as I will have to show you how to put it on. Through on the plus side the tank top does have built in support so you will not need a bra. As for shoes, you will have to use a shrinking and colour charm on the trainers Sirius got for your birthday last summer. Now tomorrow at headquarters I will have another outfit waiting for you and will have to use your other set of clothes as a guideline to adjust them. Okay, I am going to stop now and will talk to you and answer any questions personal or none personal you will definitely have after we arrive at headquarters.

Tonks your fellow witch


Harry could not help but giggle, which shocked her slightly and thought that it must be another female thing, one of many more to come that she did not doubt. Honestly, trust Tonks to make the whole situation seem less bleak and shit worthy. To make it seem like a good thing and not a major pain in the ass, but then again what it was going to do to hers and Ginny's relationship was beyond inconvenient, a true understatement really.

Harry still loved Ginny, she really did, but it was not the type of love felt for a partner or girl/boy friend, in short, it was not sexual or romantic. How the hell was she supposed to tell her soon to be ex-girlfriend she now found her older brothers, Fred, George and even Bill more attractive than she did her? That Cedric Diggory held more appeal then Cho Chang ever had before or ever would again.

Harry was not gay, not by a long stretch of the imagination, whether male or female it did not matter, she/he was not interested in her own sex. She supposed it made some sense to her now as a witch she found her tastes sway towards wizards. She was surprised to discover her attraction to wizards was stronger than the attraction she once held for witches, which she could guess was the version of her the glamour had hidden trying to shine through even back then.

She let out another loud sigh as she picked up her Butterbeer again and took a swig before she placed Tonks letter with the letter from Remus. She paused to place her bottle back down on the table after one more swig. She finally noticed the letters and packages she had been dreading opening, namely those from Sirius and her parents. There was the letter from Hogwarts as well as the letter and package from whoever the owner of the mystery owl she did not recognise left to open to.

She used her wand to place a locking charm on the door, knowing she wanted to make double certain none of the Dursley's could enter her room and stick their nose where it was never wanted or needed. She knew whatever she was about to discover in the letters from both her parents and Sirius was not something she was going to like and knew it would piss her off, she especially did not want to share it with her relatives of all people.

First, she picked up her parents presents and opened the first box, which appeared to be a ring box and wondered what kind of ring and which of her parents had it come from? She opened the red and gold velvet box and was surprised to see a beautiful golden ring, which looked like a males signet and was oval shaped and had an outline of a Lion engraved in the centre, with a letter p in the centre of the Lion made up of white diamonds and pure red rubies.

She instantly knew what this was, all too aware of what the ring represented having seen Sirius and even Mr. Weasley wearing one, which allowed others to recognise them as heads of their houses. The ring she held was the Potter family ring, given to the head of the family, which regardless that she was female until the time she was able to provide a male heir the role of head of house was hers. She noted the Potter crest was of a Lion with a letter p in the centre, how fitting considering all Potter's had been Gryffindors when they attended Hogwarts.

Sirius had once told her that the Potter family crest stood for all the traits Potters prized, courage, bravery, loyalty and intelligence, which the Lion summed up perfectly. They were courageous, brave and very loyal almost to a fault and naturally they were intelligent creatures. Sirius and Remus insisted she had every single trait in absolute spades and that she was a true Potter. At first, she had not completely understood, but now, looking at her family's ring she finally understood.

She removed the ring from the box before placing it on her right middle finger and watched as it settled, but gasped as she felt the metal become warm. The charm infused in the ring to allow it to shrink or increase in size to suit the needs of the wearer activated as soon as it settled on her finger. To her the magic around her felt like a spark of warmth as it surrounded her middle finger as the ring shrank to fit her more delicate finger, rather than the male finger of her former body or say her father.

She flexed her hand as she got a feel for the new piece of jewellery, noting it felt comfortable, which was a good thing when she considered that she had no idea when she would have the opportunity to have a child. Not with the state of wizarding affairs at present, honestly bringing a child into a war torn world was not something Harry would ever do willingly, not a chance in hell. Particularly if she end up killed during the war she did not want to leave her child an orphan as her parents had her.

Next she picked up a second box that was bigger than the first and why came apparent as soon as she lifted the lid off the box. The content consisted of a long pure solid white golden chain that had a medium sized oval shaped locket. In the centre of the locket was her initials H.J.P. made up of tiny pure blood red rubies and the purest looking white diamonds and around the edge of the locket decorated with a small Calla Lily and the opposite side had a small stag. The actual flower was an outline of rubies and the stem diamonds. As for the stag, diamonds outlined the antlers and rubies for the eyes.

She eyed it in awe loving it on sight, knowing nothing up until then could be more beautiful in her eyes as she took in the symbol of both of her parents outlined in diamonds and rubies. She had never owned nor been given anything as expensive or with such sentimental meaning behind it.

She opened it carefully and her breath caught when a tune, which sounded very much like a lullaby started to play. It was enough to bring instant tears to her eyes at the sound, that somehow spoke to her from somewhere deep down and personal inside of her very being. Harry realised that she had heard it before and suspected it had been a long time ago when her parents had been alive.

She closed her eyes briefly to allow the soothing and beautiful melody to wash over her, soothing something deep inside of her she had no idea until that moment needed soothing. How long she had unknowing felt this way and needed that, she had no idea, but could honestly guess.

Her eyes fluttered open moments later and the tears that she had held under closed lids now overflowed and streamed slowly down her cheeks at the sight of the first picture she saw. Her parents held onto her as a newborn baby as they beamed happily and waved back at her and from time to time look down lovingly at her baby self before moments later exchanging a glance of deep love with each other before it started over again.

She lovingly smoothed two of her fingertips over the picture as her tears fell faster and more thickly, noting how it was an honest pleasure to see a picture of her parents, yet at the same time was an emotional agony likes of which she had never known before. Seeing the picture was evidence enough that not only had her parents been so deeply in love but they had loved her beyond reason as well, a fact that filled her with relief and joy.

She turned her gaze to the other side of the locket and giggled tearfully at the sight of a much younger Sirius and Remus gazing back at her. Both were beaming widely, while from time to time Sirius would playfully wink and wave at her. Remus on the other hand smirked deviously, an evidently mischievous twinkle in younger looking eyes as he held up two fingers above Sirius's head of dark wavy hair as he made bunny ears when he was not waving along with Sirius.

She giggled tearfully as she closed the locket and opened the clasp on the chain, before lifting her hair to one side and put the chain around her neck and secured it closed. She moved her hand from the clasp and left the chain to rest against her neck and the locket between her breasts. She sighed as she smoothed her hand lovingly over it briefly and happily noted how it felt and looked resting safely where it belonged.

She reached out and picked up the envelope that came with it and opened it, noting there are two separate pages of parchment inside. She unfolds the one on top and read-


To my dearest daughter

Happy birthday sweetheart this is your dad here. I cannot believe you are finally seventeen, so grown up. If you are reading this then it means your mother and I are not here to celebrate it with you. It means we will not get to take you to the ministry for your apparating test nor will we be there to see you do your first piece of magic as a legal witch. In short, it sadly means your mother and I did not make it and are no longer there. If Voldemort succeeds and kills your mother and I then please know this, we love you so very much never doubt that, never my sweet little one, not even in death. Now sweetheart if the plan made with Sirius, Remus and Albus Dumbledore happens and been put into action, then know that it is solely for your safety. Please try to understand we have only your best interest at heart, always what is best for you. You need to know the facts before you go off at the deep end, oh and believe me my sweetheart you will if you are anything like your mother and I are in the temper department. You need to know the facts also because we do not want you changing back on your seventeenth birthday and you not getting the full story or reasons for our decision to place you under a very complex and powerful glamour charm. The charm in question consists of both a potion and a charm incantation, which last for as long as the amount of the potion you drink. One drop in your milk would have last a year, but we placed enough to last until your seventeenth birthday at the first stroke of midnight. That combined with the charm was enough to conceal the fact you were born a female and not a male until you came of age. Why would we want to do such a thing, not because you were born a witch and we were ashamed of that fact, oh no, never ever think that. Us Potter's are not like the Malfoy's or Blacks, who demand a male heir as their first born. As long as that daughter can provide an heir to carry on the name and bloodline, usually a second born male as the first-born if it is a male would obviously be your husband's heir. Now I am certain you have discovered the Potter family headship ring and is yours to keep safe until you have your second child if it is a male. You will need to hold onto it until they are seventeen and old enough to accept and be given the responsibility. There is something else, which you must know and have to be aware of and I already know you are not going to approve, I never did, so it is safe to say that you will not either. You will dislike it even more so, especially if you are in a relationship already. I know I was in your position once before I married your mother and trust me when I say that I did not appreciate anything getting in the way of our relationship. Speaking of relationships, unless you are naturally inclined towards witches you are not going to have the same feelings towards females when you change back due to the transformation working not only physically but at a mental capacity also. Know this through, even if you do end up liking your own sex I will not hold it against you nor think any less of you, nor will your mother either for that matter. If that does turn out to be the case, then there is always the option of a potion you can use. All you would need would be some of the DNA of your chosen wizard and then you would add the ingredient to the potion, whether is strands of hair or even a blood sample. Once you have added whatever sample you have chosen then you would have to drink it. There would be no sex involved, the potion and your magic, along with the blood or hair from the other parent would work towards creating an embryo, six weeks later you would start to have symptoms of pregnancy. Warning through, it will only work if your chosen partner is a wizard, both parents would need to have magic, I am afraid a muggle is not a suitable option where that potion is concerned. That is just an option to take into consideration if marriage to a wizard is not a possibility and marriage to a fellow witch is to be a part of your future. Speaking of marriage, I shall leave that up to your mother to explain and cover in her separate letter, oh and believe me sweetheart there is much to discuss on that subject. Now finally I am hoping that Sirius your godfather has custody of you, if not for some reason or other, then I would prefer if either the Weasley's or even the Diggory's brought you up. Under no circumstances are they to send you to your Aunt and Uncle on your mother's side of the family. I swear to Merlin that whoever sends you there I will haunt them until their dying day. That family is beyond disgusting, your mother and her parents were not the issue but your mother's sister Petunia and that disgusting obese muggle she married. The fact he is muggle is not the issue, no they loath anything whatsoever to do with magic. That in my opinion is not a stable or appropriate environment to bring up a magical child in healthily. Your cousin I am willing to wager is going to grow up to be just as obese and as much of a bully and magic hating swine as his father Vernon Dursley is. Okay, now I am going to assume you are aware of the fact Sirius Black is your godfather, or Dogfather, a name Remus and I would jokingly call him from time to time. Your mother will be the one to reveal the identity of your godmother in her letter, just know that you would have loved her. I hope that you will have met and know her son, you two share a birthday. I wonder if you are as beautiful as I imagine you are going to be, with your mother being your mother then I would not be surprised if Sirius and Remus are not going to have to fight them off with a huge stick. Makes me wish I could be there to do it as my right as your father, but if I am not there I hope Sirius does it for me. Now finally two more things before I have to go, one I want you go easy on a certain Mr. Cedric Diggory, he would have not been informed until he turned seventeen, even then he would have been under strict instructions to not tell you. And finally two, I want you to go on and be the best that you can be, the best of what both your mother and I know you can be, you are a Potter sweetheart it is a given. All of my love my beautiful little Harriet James, I love you and please sweetheart live and have a good life for your mother and I, but most especially for yourself.

Your ever-loving father


Harry had tears streaming rapidly down her cheeks as she silently bent forward and shook with the force of her silent sobs. She felt practically paralyzed with the feeling of missing a father she barely remembered having for the very brief period that she was fortunate enough to have him. She wanted her dad so much that it was a physical ache deep down within her. She wondered what it would have been like to called him dad or daddy.

After what seems like hours, but was only a few minutes she was able to calm herself and wipe away her spilt tears. She then cast a preserving charm and a charm that would prevent any damage coming to her father's letter. She did not want it to be ruined or for it ever fade with age, wanted his last words to remain in perfect condition. Her father's last words were precious; priceless in her eyes and nothing except for her mother's last words once she had read them would ever be able to come close to comparing.

She wiped her eyes once more before something occurred to her, what her father had called her in his letter; Harriet James was what he had called her. James was apparently was still her middle name she noted and, wondered why such an obvious male name had been chosen for her middle name, why not something the likes of Jamie? Not that she was honestly complaining, after all James was her name whether she was a witch or a wizard. She was not about to change her middle name for anything in the world it had belonged to her father.

Through she could not help but grimace at the sound of Harriet and knew she would definitely be shortening it to Harry. She now understood why Tonks was not very fond of her own first name either. What was it with parents giving their children strange and less than desirable names? Did they somehow figure that their parents had been cruel enough to do it so they should follow suit and do the same.

She shook her head before she picked up her mother's letter and sat down on the bed after placing her father's letter carefully to one side on the bed where there was no other letters or presents. She unfolded the parchment and read the letter, which read as-


Hello, my beautiful baby girl, my beloved Harriet James

Happy birthday baby girl and congratulations on your seventeenth, here is hoping it is a memorable one. I hope your father and I are there to see it happen, but if we are not then please do not spend your life mourning for us as we have not truly left you and are always looking over you, watching you as you grow and experience life to its fullest. Remember we are always there, locked away inside of your precious heart baby girl. Speaking of locked away inside of your heart, I hope you have found the locket that will come with this letter just as the Potter family ring shall come with your father's letter. The locket is made of the finest white gold, only the best for you baby girl. I chose the diamonds because naturally they are classic, a girl’s best friend. As for the rubies, well your father insisted on them because they represent your birthstone for July. The Calla Lily obviously represents me and is my favourite flower to. The stag on the other hand is for your father, it is his Animagus form, what he can change into at will. Your initials H.J.P. are also in the centre, Harriet James Potter. Ha, I really hope your father and I are there to hear you complaining about the fact we called you Harriet, or having such an obvious male middle name. I named you for your father and he tried to get his way and have your name be Jamie, insisting that it was more feminine, but naturally, I won. As for Harriet, well, I named you for grandpa Potter, something that thrilled the wizard in question to no end. Now baby girl allow me to explain why you have spent the first sixteen years of your life as a boy. I am certain your father has mentioned it in his letter, but now I want to tell you why in much more detail. We did not do it because we were ashamed that you were not a boy, even through you are the first female born Potter heir in six generations, which was quite a shock for both your father and your grandpa Potter. Through our reasons for changing you were due to you being a witch, know that if we had not changed you and your father and I still end up dead, the fact you are female and not male would have worked against you. I am sorry to say some of the laws are terribly ancient and not female friendly. If the ministry and other pureblood families had discovered you were a witch and not a wizard before you came of age they would have tried to take an advantage of you. They say and believe a witch to be weaker than a wizard, especially some of the older pureblood families who still believe that the first-born heir should always be a male. Now that you are of age they cannot do anything, through people will talk if you end up being the one Voldemort marks due to the prophecy. Albus better have informed you about it if he knows what is good for him. I hope you are told before you turn seventeen, sixteen perhaps. Baby girl I do not think I need to tell you take good care of the Potter family ring, but I will. It is important that you protect that ring until you have a second male heir to carry on the Potter name. The ring will become his until he has his own male heir to pass it onto. Now as for marriage and a husband there is something you need to know about that, that being that when you were three months old your father and I had you magically betrothed. Amos Diggory's male heir Cedric Diggory, he was only three years old at the time of the official signing. Before I go on you need to be aware of the fact contracts of this nature are blood binding, meaning they are not signed with ink and a quill, but a blood quill. Blood quills are considered dark, but pureblood families unfortunately still use them for contracts that are magically binding. I do truly hope you have never had to come into any contact with a blood quill I really do. I am sorry to tell you this baby girl, but unfortunately, the Potter family still have arranged marriages, except for you father and I. Your father's original betrothal end up marrying and bonding to another witch is how he got out of marrying someone who was not me. Do your father a favour even though he will not admit to it, he will want you to break that tradition of arranged marriages in the future Potter line. If you don't marry then the wizards and witches who signed it, such as myself and your father, Amos Diggory and his wife, along with your godparents Sirius Black and Alice Longbottom, who is your godmother, we will all be stripped of our magic for breaking the contract. The reason why your father and grandparents did not have their magic stripped is because there is always a clause placed in the contract when it came to the Potters. There are three separate clauses in fact in which to fall back on if the chosen betrothal is not up to one hundred percent standards. One clause used to allow both parties to break the contract safely is if proven that both or one of the parties' is gay. The second clause would come effective if one or both parties are barren and cannot produce children, which obviously would mean no heir conceived. The third and final clause is if one or both parties somehow end up dead before they can marry or the engagement made official. The engagement is not official with the use of words, but by placing a charm, a binding charm on the ring, which will activate the betrothal if the ring is accepted and placed willingly on the bride's finger on her seventeenth birthday. Know this through, it does not need to be he who places it on your finger, you doing it yourself would be just as effective. I must warn you baby girl and truly loath having to say this, but unless it can be proven that either you or he are barren or gay or if one of you ends up dead, then the marriage between the pair of you must go on ahead on your birthday after you graduate Hogwarts. If you do not comply and none of the three clauses applies, then those who I mentioned will have their magic stripped. However, allow me to reassure you all who put blood quill to parchment that night was aware there was a possibility that something may go wrong and they be stripped of their magic. Now baby girl if you have been marked as Voldemort's equal, I want you to give him hell and send him there at the first opportunity you get. However, please try to live, your father and I have no desire to have you join us before you are old with age and wisdom, neither do your grandparents Potter or Evans. Your father and I want you to live and marry, have children and cherish and love them as much as your father and I do you. I have two more things to reveal before I end this letter to go and check on your baby self, who is sleeping peacefully and still very much female for now, but sadly not for much longer. First Sirius will have mine and your father's wedding rings and hopefully our wands. Those wands will be yours, while the wedding rings will be for you and your husband. I imagine you will receive and wear the boy's grandmother's engagement ring. Finally, under no circumstances are my jealous and magic loathing sister and her repugnant pig of a husband to raise you. Either you are to go to your godfather or for some reason Sirius Black is unable to raise you, then you are to be sent to the Diggory's or to the Weasley's, I'd trust Molly and Arthur Weasley with your safety. Now remember baby girl, my precious Harriet, your father and I love you so unbelievably much, we will willingly die protecting you if need be.

All my love your mother


Harry placed the letter in her lap and covered her face with her hands as she sobbed in both grief and rage, all whilst thinking furiously, 'An arranged marriage, for the love of Merlin, why of all things to subject me to, why that?' She felt sick with rage and grief as she realised she had no way out of the complete and utter farce of a marriage. She was no lesbian nor did she have any idea whether she was barren or not, Merlin she really hoped she was not. Regardless of the whole situation thrown at her without her consent, she wanted children of her own even more so now that she knew she would be the one to become pregnant, carry and give birth to them.

As for her dying before they could marry, well, that was a definite possibility with Voldemort still at large. She cringed as she realised just how dangerously close Cedric had come to dying and meeting his maker nearly three years ago. Thinking of Cedric made her cringe again, but this time out of sympathy, as she came to another realisation, a truly depressing one at that, Cedric would not be able to continue with the relationship he may or may not have with Cho.

She removed her hands from her face and wiped away the tears from her cheeks and underneath her eyes. She then cast a quick yet strong preserving and anti-damage charms on the letter containing her mother's last words to her, before placing it alongside her father's letter for safekeeping. If there was two letters she wanted to keep and would cherish always, then it was the two containing the last ever written words special for her from her parents.

She reached for the presents and letter she knew to be from Sirius, recognising his handwriting. First, she opened the smallest of the four presents, to discover a black velvet box big enough to fit a ring. She opened it to reveal her parents wedding rings, which were made of pure white gold. Her mother's ring was thinner than her father's own slightly thicker looking ring. She studied the rings for a moment longer before closing the lid of the box with a snap and carefully placed it to one side.

She next picked up the second of the presents, knowing the third and fourth was from Sirius personally. She noted she had picked up a rectangular shaped box made of dark polished mahogany wood, large and wide enough to fit a wand inside, wide enough for two to fit in fact. She traced her fingertips over the engraved golden coloured cursive script, which was the names of her parents, along with the dates of their births and deaths.

She lifted the lid and froze at the sight, for their nestled in pure scarlet silk was the wands of James Potter and Lily Evans-Potter, resting in their final resting place side by side just as their former owners now did. Harry swallowed around a lump in her throat as she gently fingered both wands, hardly believing there lay the wands once belonging to her parents. She felt sadness over the fact that her parents would never be able to use these wands ever again.

She noted the wood of her mother's wand was paler then the wood of her father's wand, whilst the length of her father's wand was a good few inches longer then her mothers. She also noted that the wood of her father's wand was coloured similarly to hers, while the length was a few inches longer, yet her wand was still longer then her mothers. After another glance at the wands, she slowly closed the lid with a snap and placed it with the box that held her parents wedding rings.

Next, she picked up the first of two presents from Sirius and raised a dark brow when she discovered an expensive broomstick polishing and grooming service kit. She noted there was a little note attached to the kit and removed it and read- The best kit money can buy to go with the newest broomstick in the Firebolt series. Harry grinned widely, knowing the new broomstick must be at headquarters waiting for her. A new broomstick, it made perfect sense it after all was Sirius who gave her first Firebolt when she was thirteen.

Her eyes narrowed and a sharp looking smirk curved her lips as she realised it also made perfect sense that he would choose now to give her the broomstick. An expensive broomstick, especially when he knew she was pissed at him, talk about trying to butter her up, ha, bloody sly old mutt. It was not as if she honestly did not appreciate it, yet it would take hell of a lot more than a fancy and expensive broomstick to save his hind from her wrath for keeping things from her, strict instructions from her parents or not.

Lastly, she noticed the final gift was a large and deep square box the likes of which a dress or fancy coat wound be placed. She undid the big and bright gold bow from around the box, before removing the dark scarlet paper. The box was made of a shiny and smooth black cardboard. She lifted the lid to reveal the clothing that Tonks had mentioned in her letter. She saw that there was a note on top of what appeared to be a teal coloured hoody. It read as-

Here are your very first items of female clothing, something that Tonks picked up for you, she knowing what to buy for you better than I would. – Sirius

She placed the note on the bed and lifted up the first item on top, which was a Nike pale teal coloured full zip hoody, which had the logo on the chest and had Kangaroo style pockets to sides. Harry knew Nike was a muggle label and often had Dudley's castoffs in the past when he had grown too fat to fit in them anymore. It was nice having clothing that Dudley's fat and disgusting body had not touched beforehand.

She placed the hoody on the bed and the next item was a white Bamboo Celeste tank top that had ruffled trim accents on the top and bottom. Harry noted the built-in shelf bra and adjustable spaghetti straps to ensure a comfortable fit and so that she did not need a bra, the tank already served the same purpose. She loved the tank on sight and hoped she could buy more like it and in different colours.

The next item was a pair of plain black Mango boot cut denim jeans, Harry already knew that they were going to look great. Lastly, she picked up the final item from the box, which was a pair of black and white floral and butterfly lace trimmed Brazilian briefs. They were gorgeous the lace felt stunning against her fingertips and the black floral butterfly embroidery pattern went beautifully with the black lace trim.

She smiled as she placed the underwear with the other items, but that smile vanished and melted into a scowl as she realised the letter from Sirius is still in her lap. She reached for her Butterbeer and took another swig, seeming to be quite thirsty, hardly surprising when you considered the Dursley's gave enough for her to survive but nothing more. She placed the bottle back down after one more swig and then opened the envelope and unfolded the parchment before reading-


Happy birthday Harriet

Yes, you did read correctly I called you Harriet, I imagine you must have one hell of a scowl on your face. I am guessing at this point you must have read the letters from your parents and fully aware of the situation. I am sorry Harry, I really am and really did want to tell you as did Remus, but we were sworn to secrecy and were not permitted to tell you anything until you turned seventeen and you turned back to your true self. I know you are bloody sick of us telling you that everything is for the best and that we only have your best interest at heart. Trust us Harry, it really was in your best interest this time, protecting you from other pureblood families idiotic and out of date values and beliefs until you were old enough to do it yourself was always in your best interest. You need to realise how serious the situation was until you turned seventeen, for example the older pureblood families such as the Malfoy's would have eaten you alive kid and spat your right back out again. Now Harry I assume you have your parent's wedding rings and their wands, along with the locket and family Potter ring? Your parents had insisted that their wands in the event of their death go to you and you alone, besides only you are able to touch them without getting distracted. When I say distracted, I mean you and anyone who has the Potter blood in their veins can touch the wands and the box they rest. If you do not have even the smallest speck of Potter blood then you cannot touch the wands and the distraction charm would activate if you tried and your attention directed elsewhere except for the box. I am also going to assume your parents have covered the subjects of you spending the first sixteen years as a wizard and, of course your betrothal to Cedric Diggory, Amos's boy. They have no doubt told you of the three clauses that can get you out of the marriage without your parents and the other witnesses that signed the contract losing their magic. Now let me make myself very clear here, neither Remus nor I will hold it against you if you turn out to be a lesbian. Through I honestly cannot see that making much of a difference and making poor Ginny feel any better about this whole situation and the loss she is undeniably going to suffer once made aware. Molly and Arthur and the rest of the Weasley's, along with Hermione are unaware of the situation, we have no idea how we are supposed to bring the subject up with any of them. Not like we can just out and say, hey guess what, you know how you thought our Harry was a wizard, well he is not, she is really a witch. Yeah, I bet you can just imagine very vividly just how well that would have gone down. Only those in the know are me, Remus, Tonks, Albus, Minerva, along with Poppy Pomfrey and finally Amos and Cedric Diggory. Cedric has known since the Triwizard Tournament, he would have turned seventeen before it started. Go easy on the lad after all he had to swear to secrecy, meaning it really is not his fault. If anything he is at the same disadvantage as you are, for example, he cannot marry another who is not you. He cannot unless he turns out to be gay or proven he is unable to have any children. Both you and I know that he is far from gay if the glances you have seen him throw in Cho Chang's direction are anything to go by. As for your birthday presents, let us hope you like what Tonks picked out for you to wear. Finally take care until Remus and Tonks come for you in the morning with the Weasley twins and Snape. I am not allowed to come and collect you as everyone else is worried that I will do something to the Dursley's and get myself arrested, which is mostly true. In that case, I will see you at headquarters in the morning.



Harry put Sirius's letter down before she removed her glasses and rubbed her tiered eyes. She replaced the frames on her face and reached out for what she knew to be her Hogwarts letter, the envelope with its emerald green ink was a dead giveaway. Through up until that year it had never read as and been addressed to Miss Harriet James Potter, a sight that was stranger then she had been expecting. She shook her head wondering whether she would ever get used to that, knowing by that time next year she would be Mrs. Harriet James Potter-Diggory. There was no way she was going to give up her last name, not for Cedric or anyone else, her name was the only thing she could say was truly hers. All anyone could ever say was truly his or hers was his or her name.

She opened the envelope and took out two separate sheets of parchment; the first was her list of required texts and needed equipment, while the second was a letter from Professor McGonagall. The letter reminded her that she still held the title of captaincy for her house team. It mentioned her obvious requirement to purchase the girls school uniform. Yet none of that had been what sent a shiver of pure horror down her spine but was due to the news that she was to be moved into the seventh year girls’ dormitory.

Professor McGonagall insisted it would only be proper to move her from the boy's dormitory and into the girls, unless of course any of the girls in question expressed any issue with that arrangement. If so they would provide her with a set of rooms of her own, considering the girls might not be comfortable sharing a dormitory and shower room with her knowing her as they once had. The situation was unfortunately most unusual to say the least.

Harry inwardly shuddered at the thought of having to share a dormitory and shower room with Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil. Merlin she hoped and prayed one of them would see fit to protest so she could have her own set of rooms. If they did not then she figured she would have to do something on the sly to change the resident Gryffindor gossip queen's minds, no doubt.

She had a strong feeling that Hermione would be Head girl that year, which also meant she would have her own set of rooms for the year and would not be there to keep Harry sane from the crap and gossiping antics of Lavender and Parvati. It also meant there would be no one to place peacekeeper in the dorm to hold Harry back from doing things to Lavender that were not only painful but against school rules.

If anything had the potential to make her want to return to being a wizard quick, sharp again, then it was the prospect of having to share with the resident Gryffindor gossip queens in close quarters. Something needed doing about that and right fast and, she would even be willing to be down on her hands, knees, and beg at the feet of Professor Minerva McGonagall, if she had to. Her sanity depended upon it and pride meant absolute nothing if her sanity end up all addled in the process. If they wanted her finally to do Voldie in they could at least let her hold onto her bloody sanity whilst at it.

The whole concept stank and just plain cruel and an unusual form of punishment. She swore silently that either she would end up in Azkaban for multiple murders or they would end up spending a month in the hospital wing where she had hexed the living hell out of them. Ha, let them gossip and spread rumours after she was through with them if forced into close quarters.

Harry would not mind but she had never quite forgiven Lavender for talking to Rita Skeeter and giving her all of that false and cruel information about Hermione during the Triwizard Tournament in fourth year. The stupid bint had been jealous that Viktor Krum, an international Quidditch star had taken an interest in Hermione and not her. Now that Harry was female, was she going to start in on her, all because of who she so happened to be engaged to? Ha, not bloody likely if she knew what was good for her blonde airhead.

She refolded both sheets of parchment and stuffed them back in the envelope before throwing it to one side with a scowl. Finally, after taking a swig of Butterbeer and a large bite out of another chicken leg she picked up the letter and present from the mystery sender. Whom could it possibly be, obviously someone familiar with her, who else would send her a present and letter unless they knew her personally.

First, she opened the present and found what appeared to be another ring box and another slightly bigger box alongside it. She opened the bigger box first and discovered the content was in fact a golden snitch, much to her delight and puzzlement. Who would be sending her a snitch, obviously someone who was aware that she was a seeker? She noticed a message engraved in tiny cursive on the round winged ball. It read as, 'For the youngest seeker in a century'

She raised a brow as she read that, thinking that apparently whoever sent her the present knew her well enough to know that, doubting it to be some creepy and obsessive fan of ‘The Boy Who Lived’ But then again perhaps ‘The Girl Who Lived’ seemed more appropriate now, a thought which made her smirk wearily. She had a new title, a title the press would no doubt milk to death just as soon as they caught wind of her situation. She shook her head at the utter madness of it all before she placed the golden winged ball with her other gifts.

Finally yet importantly was what she knew to be a ring box, the same size as the boxes that contained the Potter family ring and her parent's wedding rings. She took a deep breath and opened the box, only to let that single breath out in a rushed exhale turning it into a gasp. She had a very strong feeling that she knew who was responsible for giving her the snitch. It made perfect sense seeing as both she and the other person are seekers and the snitch was the ball they were both very familiar with.

She eyed the ring in the box nervously as she picked up the letter that came with it. She could sense the magic infused within the ring, assuming what she sensed was the same charm mentioned in her mother's letter. She opened the letter and scanned its contents, which read as-


Happy birthday Harriet

Merlin you must be beyond pissed right about now and, imagine this is not shaping up to be the kind of seventeenth birthday you had in mind. So tell me Harriet, how drastic is the change, how are you finding it? Oh yeah and you must be ready to hex me as that is the second time I have wrote that down, Harriet (smirks). And on a much less lighter note I am certain you are now aware of our new circumstances, well new to you, seeing as I have had almost three years to come to terms with the idea of you and I becoming husband and wife. Harry please believe me when I say I wanted to reveal the truth to you so bad ever since I found out. However, you were too young and not ready to know, hell you have only just changed back into a female for Merlin's sake. That is a concept that still boggles the mind Harry well and truly. I am so used to you being a fellow wizard, now you are a witch for Merlin's sake. That must be doing some serious shit to your head right about now, how are you even coping seriously? Now Harry unless we find a way out of this contract by the means of the three clauses, I do not want you feeling guilty thinking you are breaking Cho and I up. The truth of that matter, I fancied her like rotten during the Triwizard Tournament, but after finding out about our betrothal during the second task I made a point of avoiding anything romantic or sexual with her and, the chances of me falling in love with her greatly lessened. Of course she knows I am betrothed to another, just not who and is not best pleased about it, thought I would warn you about that. Oh yeah and she is aware of the three clauses to our contract, just thought I would mention that to. Speaking of the three clauses, firstly, I assure you I am not gay, wizards do not hold any appeal for me I am for witches all the way. Secondly, as for me being infertile, well, I can also assure you on that matter that I am no such thing. I recently went to ST. Mungos for a check up and was told I have a very high sperm count, which means my ability to have children is in top condition. As for you being infertile, I suggest you find out exactly how fertile you are in your new body. Well, I say new, it is not really, you just do not remember being too young the first time around. Thirdly, as for me dying, well, after the third task and our not so pleasant trip to the graveyard and our run in with a certain sack of snake shit and his Death Eaters, I have tried to make a point of avoiding that. That is no easy feat when you take into consideration I am a member of The Order of the Phoenix. When you demanded I take that cup and get the hell out of there and get help, well, I felt like hell and a coward for leaving you behind, but knew we would have both end up dead if I had not. Now back to the clauses, tell me has your attraction for witches, namely Ginny Weasley crossed over with you when you changed back? If it has, you could use that to get out of the marriage, but then again is Ginny even into witches or you either for that matter? Finally, that ring I sent along with the golden snitch was my grandmother Diggory's engagement ring. I hope you are aware that if you put on that ring you will be activating the contract and making our engagement official. There is a charm placed on the ring, which will trigger the contracts binding nature, unless you or I act upon one or more of those three clauses. If you choose to put it on then please send a reply to me and I will meet you at headquarters tomorrow on your birthday. Oh and one more thing, I was unsure what to get you for your birthday, the engagement ring is not a present but necessary. In the end after much thought of what to get the former wizard turned witch, who may or may not be your fiancée, I finally decided on something we had in common, hence the golden snitch.



She placed the letter down near the snitch and nervously eyed the engagement ring that was still in the box. She noted how beautiful it really was, an oval shaped ruby with smaller white diamonds encircling the ruby, mounted upon a solid 18-carat white golden band. It was simply perfect, she loved the combination of a ruby and white diamonds. She wagered the ruby was genuine and unaltered by magic. The fact the main and larger stone was a ruby was a very nice touch considering her birthstone was a ruby.


Composition: Solid 18K White Gold
Primary Stone: Natural Ruby
Shape / Cut: Oval Cut - 7.06x5.05mm
Stone Weight: .80 carats
Accent Stone: Genuine Natural Diamonds
Shape / Cut: 12 round - 1.75-1.7mm each
Colour / Clarity: ave H / Si1
Total Diamond Weight: .25 carats all total
Ring Face: 11.7x9.6mm
Rise Above Finger: 6.4mm
Band Width: 3mm tapering to 2.4mm


She took the ring out of its box and studied it up close as she thought about her options. Firstly, she knew she was not a lesbian so that was the first clause discarded off the list. As for the second clause she had no idea whether she could have children or not and needed to visit Madame Pomfrey for a thorough physical when she returned to Hogwarts.

She studied the ring even closer knowing that if she put it on and later there was any issues that consisted of the three clauses she knew they could nullify the contract. It was too late for her and Ginny seeing as she did not want to change back. Cedric and Cho on the other hand perhaps something could happen there.

Having thought though her options she made her decision and took a deep breath and exhaled just as deeply as she pushed the ring over and down onto her finger until it come to rest perfectly. She watched as the ring became warm and adjusted to fit her finger and the contract charm activated, officially sealing her engagement to Cedric Diggory. That was a strange and frightening thought, she was engaged and at only seventeen.

Harry closed her eyes and a sighed a sigh that was the most weary as of yet, in fact it felt like the weight of the world was resting even heavier than before on her shoulders and spinning out of constant control. She opened her eyes before reaching for her almost empty bottle of Butterbeer and took one last swig before putting the empty bottle back in the basket. Briefly, the thought of wanting something stronger crossed her mind before she discarded it.

She reached for her half-eaten chicken leg and spent the next few minutes eating as she allowed her mind to wonder. She finished the chicken and suddenly struck with an idea, that she nearly dropped the now bare bone leg. She smirked deviously as she placed the bone back in the basket, thinking of how she knew what she was planning would be sure to piss off the Order. But then again it served them bloody right for keeping things from her and for their hand in the whole fuck up that was her seventeenth birthday so far.

She stood up from the bed and wiped her hands on a napkin Mrs. Weasley had placed in the basket. She then grabbed her wand off the bed where she had left it earlier on and placed a silencing charm on her feet as she walked towards the door of the bedroom. Once there she pointed her wand to the door, knowing that the door creaked and that the sound would end up waking her aunt, who had amazing hearing for a muggle.

She made her way along the upstairs landing, passing by the bathroom followed by the bedroom doors first of her cousin then her aunt and uncle. Once she reached the staircase, she pointed her wand at them and cast another silencing charm, knowing the stairs creaked something awful remembering from her time spent sleeping in the cupboard under the stairs.

Once she reached her old bedroom, 'If you want to call it that' she pointed her wand at the padlock on the door, smirking as she cast Alohomora, an unlocking charm and, watched as the padlock made a clicking sound, which seemed loud in the silence of the house. She held out a palm for the padlock to drop into it after moving it from the door. She grinned smugly as she eyed her wand fondly, oh yeah, she could definitely become accustomed to using her magic whenever she pleased very easily.

She laughed underneath her breath as she opened the door and reached inside for her trunk and Hedwig's cage. She shrunk down the cage until it fit in the palm of her hand, before closing the door and replaced the lock on the cupboard. Next, she pointed her wand at her trunk and muttered Wingardium Leviosa underneath her breath. She directed it up the stairs hovering in front of her as she walked back up.

Once she reached her room, she directed the trunk to the end of the bed and with a flick of her wrist opened the trunk. She summoned a piece of parchment and some ink and a quill, deciding to use the emerald green ink for Cedric's letter, ink she only used for certain letters. She would use the normal black ink for Sirius's letter, too pissed off at him to use the nice ink on his letter and could care less how petty that sounded but so what. The only reason she was bothering to send a letter was that his Galleons bought her new clothing and her new broomstick and polish kit. She never wanted to seem ungrateful for what she received, no matter how truly pissed off she was.

She needed to get dressed first before she wrote the letters, as she wanted to leave as soon as Hedwig had left. She quickly stripped out of her pyjamas and stuffed them inside of her open trunk, before summoning her new underwear. She grabbed the briefs out of the air and placed her wand on the bedside table and, bent over to step into the briefs before pulling them up. She fingered the lace trim around her waist as she felt the briefs shrinking down slightly to fit her properly.

She examined her appearance in the mirror quickly before grabbing the tank top off the bed and slipped it over her head. She adjusted one of the straps as that to shrink down a size to fit her. Next, she picked up the black Mango jeans, unbuttoned and unzipped them before stepping into them and pulling them up over her thighs followed by her hips and then her waist. Just as she finished fastening and zipping them up she could feel the waist shrinking inwards slightly, before the denim shrunk around the hips and tightened around her backside and hips. Finally, the hem of the legs shrunk by a few inches so they were not dragging near her feet.

She turned to face the mirror and blushed as she saw how the jeans hugged and clung to her backside, hips and thighs attractively. She was surprised to notice that whilst she was slim, she was also curvy in all of the right places, there definitely was nothing considered boyish about her perfectly formed hourglass figure. She cringed slightly as she noticed just how much the built in support in the tank top enhanced her chest. Oh hell, what sort of reception would she receive for this from Cedric, or yet even Sirius and Remus and the male Weasleys? This was a classical example of how new the whole process of being female was to her for Merlin's sake. She sighed as realised it was just the design of the garment and how it was wore.

She turned from the mirror and pointed to her trainers with her wand, which were at the side of the bed. She watched as the trainers shrunk before walking over to them and placed a cushioning charm on the inside before putting them on and bending over to fasten the laces, deciding not to wear socks with them. She could not be bothered to search for a pair or summon any either, lazy yes, but she could honestly care less.

She then pointed her wand at her presents and shrunk them before levitating the letters to the box her new clothing been sent in. She then levitates the presents over to the open trunk with a wave of her wand and they land gently inside of the trunk. Next, she took Hedwig's cage and put that inside of the trunk as well for safekeeping as Hedwig would not be using it again until Harry next saw her.

She picked up her new hoody off the bed and slipped it over her head, happy with how it felt and fit her. Next, she searched deeply inside of her trunk for a moment until she found what she was looking for, which was a clear see through square case that contained two sets of magical contact lenses. She grinned as she remembered they had been a sixteenth birthday present from Sirius.

She removed her glasses and placed them inside of a case Sirius had gotten for her to put them in, before she moved back over to the mirror. She carefully placed the first contact in her left eye followed by the second in her right eye. She blinked and the effect on her sight was instant, perfect vision, ah, bless magic she noted happily.

She turned back to her trunk, reached inside for her money pouch and her Gringotts key and was relieved to discover she has enough money for the Knights bus in order to get to Diagon Alley. She hoped that it was not too late to rent a room at The Leaky Cauldron until later on in the morning. She would meet Cedric and Sirius there at nine, as she had decided that she would rather be on neutral territory and not at headquarters when Sirius blew a gasket. She scowled as she thought that there was no way in hell she was allowing that sly old mutt to corner her in his childhood home.

Once she had placed her vault key in the pouch, she put the pouch in her hoody pocket before closing the lid of her trunk. She waved her wand and cast a locking charm followed by a shrinking charm. She placed the trunk in her pocket and then walked over to the desk in the corner of her room. She switched on the small old desk lamp, sat down on the chair and placed her wand beside her. Finally, she opened the bottle of emerald green ink and placed her quill tip inside before putting quill to parchment and started to write.


Happy birthday you say, ha what a bloody joke if I ever heard one? You want to know how I am coping; well you asked for it, here goes. I watched as the clock struck midnight, only to seconds later have just enough time to cast a silencing charm before I am shrieking as if a Banshee. I felt agony likes of which disturbingly reminded me of the Cruciatus Curse. My bones felt what I imagine disintegrating, reforming and rearranging would feel like, accompanied by what I imagine the sensation of a Skele-Gro overdose times a hundred would most likely feel like. Oh yeah and my skin felt like it was all a flame, as if it was melting very, very slowly. The pain was bad to the point that I passed out and woke twenty-five minutes later to find not only Hedwig waiting for me, but six other owls also. Oh by the way, I might be wrong, but is your owl male, because I think he or she might have been flirting with Hedwig, if owls even do that hell if I know. Anyhow, you should imagine my not so pleasant surprise when I first saw my new appearance in a full-length mirror I conjured. Okay so here is the load down, you asked how drastic the change is, well here goes. First, I have lost a single inch in height, which may not seem like a lot, but when you are as self conscious of your height as I am then you bloody better believe it is a lot. Along with the inch height difference, I lost a stone and a half in weight. But let me tell you this, what I lost I gained and made up for in the hair, legs and other departments, Merlin did I make up for it in the chest department. Luckily for me this whole ordeal is not just physical but also mental to, imagine if it had only been physical, honestly the identity crisis and trauma I could have suffered. Did Sirius or my parents even think of the consequences if the transformation had not reversed properly? Now to answer your questions, well, first our engagement is now official. Your grandpa Diggory sure had excellent taste in jewellery, especially when he chose that ring. He really must have loved your grandmother very much to chose such a ring and think her worthy of its beauty. Now as for your question concerning whether my attraction for witches remained, particularly for a certain red haired Ginny Weasley, the answer unfortunately is no. The only thing I now find even remotely attractive about her is the colour of her hair, hell I am still a Potter male or female, and we Potters love ourselves a redhead. So the answer to where my interests lay is no to liking witches, it died along with my manhood. My idea of attractive would either be you, or Fred and George and even Bill Weasley. It is just as I said it is on a mental scale to and not just physically. I feel sick with guilt even though it is no fault of my own that Ginny is going to end up hurt. I cannot live a lie and be in a relationship with another witch, even if I was gay, which I am no more then you are. In any case it would do Ginny no favours as she is no more gay then I am. As for me being infertile, I have no idea and let us hope not. I will have to have a talk with Madame Pomfrey and have her give me a full physical when I return to Hogwarts. I assure you I want children, even more so now that I know I will get to bond with them on a level that a father cannot. Now as for you and me dying, well, you have already had a brush with your maker, while I have mine on a yearly basis, bloody sad but no less true. We are at war so who honestly knows what will happen in regards to whether we live or we die. As for Cho, well I recommend you fully brace yourself for what I am about to say, as I have no intentions whatsoever of holding back or as the muggles say goes, sugar coating the truth. What can I say it must be the newly gained female inner bitch in me? Cho not being happy about our betrothal, to be quite honest I could care less. She may not be able to have you for yourself, but then again nor can Ginny have me now. Do you think she will even think about the other and younger witch who unfortunately has more to lose then she will, after all Ginny and I were dating, while you and Cho on the other hand were not. Her parents did not have her betrothed when she was only three months old, so I reckon she does not even have a damn clue about the situation. She only gives a damn about the fact she cannot have you for herself. I doubt she has even spared a thought for the complications that have and will occur with being betrothed and not actually getting to choose the person you are to marry. She does not have the number one cause of this war out for her blood. She has not spent the past sixteen years without parents, she grew up with hers who loved her and most likely spoiled her rotten with material possessions and whatever else she asked for. She sure as hell did not spend the last sixteen years of her life apparently under a glamour charm for her own good. She can go out into public and not have to worry about accidentally revealing a cursed scar on her forehead that causes mind-numbing agony. A scar which bleeds when the dark tosser who gave it to her when he tried to murder her when she was a year-old from inside of her crib after watching him kill her mother. She does not feel pain in the scar in question when the dark tosser is in a rage or worse yet when he is in a good mood he will send visions of others being tortured, raped, and murdered. He even once back in my sixth year sent me a vision of his snake familiar Nagini swallowing a child whole, a child no older then two or maybe three years of age. I had to watch and listen to the child screaming in agony and terror as that dirty great snake fed on her. I suspect Cho is in love with you as I was with Ginny before I changed back, well, guess what, I still love her, even if it is no longer sexual or romantic. I could lose her altogether, not that I would honestly blame her if I do. Merlin Cedric this whole situation seriously messed up as you would not believe. Why the hell will fate not let me ever be normal? I know I sound like I am whining and feeling sorry for myself, but I spent sixteen years thinking I am one thing only for it to turn out that I am opposite. That fucking messes with my head something terrible Cedric, it really does you have no idea. Now take note of this as I am only going to mention this once. I will write a letter to Sirius when I am finished writing this one. I am going to let him know that I will be getting on the Knights bus to The Leaky Cauldron, where I intend to rent a room until after breakfast. There is no way in hell I have any intention of staying around for my relatives to see me like this, they already see me and think me to be a freak of nature, I am not going to add to that thank you very much. I will leave a note telling them that I am gone and not to expect ever to see me darken their doorstep ever again if I can help it or have any say in the matter. You may think I am being a fool, taking unnecessary risks and putting myself in jeopardy, but to tell you the truth I could honestly care less about what The Order think after tonight. If it ain't one thing kept from me then it is something else, always something else damn it. Besides, it is not like anyone is actually going to recognise me I look decidedly different if you get my full meaning here. I will not wear my glasses, but my magical contacts instead, those frames are just as much a part of the image of ‘The Boy Who Lived’ as that Merlin forsaken ugly scar is. Well, I say boy, but really should say ‘The Girl Who Lived.’ Both you and I know the press will end up throwing a fucking mass picnic when they catch wind of this. You can rest assured that when I check in at the pub I do not plan on giving my real name. As long as no one sees that good for nothing cursed scar on my forehead no one will be any of the wiser to exactly who they are dealing with. I want you to meet me at the pub at eight and tell Tom that a Jamie Evans is expecting you for breakfast when you ask for my room number. I want you to inform Tom that we are ready for breakfast and can he deliver it to the room. I figured it would suit us to eat in my room and talk and, oh believe me we really need to talk.



Harry scanned the through the letter and decided it would do and if he became offended on Cho's behalf then that was just too damn bad. She was by no means going to make any apologies, especially when she meant every word she had wrote. If there was an issue, well, that was tough shit no two ways about it. Harry was not in the mood or in the right mind right then to play all sweet and nice. There would be no ass kissing for this newly reinstated witch thank you very much.

She folded the two sheets of parchment in half and found an envelope, placed the parchment inside and sealed it shut. She had written on both sides of the parchment, she supposed she had ranted quite a bit, but if he was to marry her then the future hubby needed to know what he was letting himself in for before he said I do. She wrote in neat writing the name Cedric Diggory on the front of the envelope before placing it to one side on the desk so there was enough space to start on the letter for Sirius.

Hedwig seeing that a letter was written and sealed in an envelope ready for her to take, let out a hoot and flew over to Harry and held out her leg for her Mistress to attach her letter. Harry chuckled warmly and lovingly ruffled her familiar's feathers and cooed gently to her, "Not yet girl, I have one more letter left to write then you can take them." Hedwig hooted again before she flew back over to her perch on the headboard of the bed.

Harry sighed as she suddenly realised she needed to put the emerald green ink away and get her regular none fancy black kind out from her trunk. She also needed more parchment, an envelope and a different quill, not wanting to dip a quill covered in emerald green ink into a pot full of black ink.

She removed her trunk from her pocket and placed it on the floor at the side of her desk before taking her wand, pointed it at the trunk and returned it to its original size before removing the locking charm. She opened the lid and looked inside for the black ink, along with more parchment, an envelope and a clean quill.

Once she found the items she needed she placed the emerald green ink and the other quill back inside of the trunk. She left the lid open knowing she would need to return the black ink and the quill to the trunk once finished writing the letter. She opened the small bottle of ink, dipped the end of the quill into the inkwell, and put the quill to parchment and began to write.

To my secret keeping Dogfather (Prick)

You totally deserved that regardless that you sworn to secrecy by my parents; to be honest I do not give a toss. It is my life and not yours, I should be the one who decides what happens in it and the first to know about anything that concerns me. Luckily, for you the transformation was mental as well as physical, through I have to ask whether anyone actually thought of the consequences if everything had not gone as it should? Knowing my luck, I could have most likely end up with a body and identity crisis for Merlin's sake. I am going to be ever so blunt here and do not give a damn if you find this embarrassing, ha, hell all the better I would say. I have lost a stone and a half, yeah that stone and a half which Madame Pomfrey, Mrs. Weasley along with Hermione went to pains length to try and get me to gain, what a bloody waste of time and arguments to force me to eat more. I now stand at five foot and four inches, a full inch I have lost right there, an inch I minded very much loosing. However, let me tell you this, what I have lost I gained in the length of my legs and my figure reminds me of an hourglass actually. On the plus side, Quidditch has kept me in amazing shape. My legs, what was that saying Fred and George used when talking about Angelina, legs up to her ass was it. Yeah that pretty much sums up my legs now, trust me I am not complaining, these legs of mine are what is making up my height now. As for my hair, well, I cannot honestly ever see that sticking up again anytime soon if ever. Thanks for the clothing and underwear, I needed them. I am really glad there was built in support in the tank top as there was no bra in the box, just as well really as I have no bloody clue how to put one on. This whole thing might work out as I do not feel like I am in the wrong body, yet it did not come with all the bloody female know how thank you very much. I am probably the only seventeen-year-old witch or even muggle who does not know how to use a bra, that fucking humiliating Sirius! My back is kind of feeling uncomfortable, and I have a feeling that it would not hurt, or at least a lot less wearing a bra. I do not know how I know that, hell maybe it is a female thing that all females know regardless that they spent sixteen years thinking they are a bloke damn it! Now as for Cedric Diggory, well, I am now officially engaged and could have not asked for nor hoped for a better engagement ring it is perfect. Were you aware that it belonged to his grandma Diggory? Now it's mine and will be as such until the day I die, unless I am discovered to be infertile or I or Cedric end up dead in this fucking soul draining war. The third and final clause does not apply to either Cedric or me. Let me be the first to tell you I now find wizards appealing, which in turn means I am no longer a witch lover. I discovered this as I tried to picture Ginny, you know the red haired witch who is supposed to be my girlfriend? Yet I felt nothing, nothing remotely sexual or romantic towards her, except I still find her red hair attractive, but that is all I do find attractive about her now. I still love her, yet I do not feel the need to kiss or shag her nor do I want to marry her and have children with her. Do you wish to know how much of a lesbian I in fact am not, oh, I am going to tell you, do not think I will not do it. Fred and George sent me an issue of Play Wizard among other items they believe any seventeen year-old wizard should have, namely a large bottle of Ogden's Old Firewhiskey. Oh, and no Sirius before you ask I am not sharing a single drop with you, buy your own damn whiskey. Do you wish to know what I felt as I stared at the witch fondling and pulling at her fake breasts and licking her lips and batting her fake eyes lashes at me from the front cover of the magazine? Nothing, I felt absolutely nothing, no lust or arousal, just stone cold nothing. Actually, no, that is not entirely true, I did feel something, try disgust and distaste. No, I thought of Cedric Diggory, and Fred and George and even Bill Weasley. I thought whoa they are a bit of alright and I would not mind shagging them. Huh, too bad Bill is happily engaged to Fleur, or George who is crazy in love with Angie. Fred fancies Hermione and needs to pull his head out of his ass before she finds someone else. Yeah, and she fancies him to, she is just under the impression that he only sees her as nothing more than his little brother's bookworm best friend. As for Cedric Diggory, I would not say no to someone locking me up inside of a hotel room with him alone for a whole week, getting to know him more ways than one. However, marriage, arranged one at that, what the hell? Let me tell you this, when it comes to my children, I will not be subjecting them to what Cedric's parents and mine have done to him and me. In fact, mother said in her letter that dad would not ever admit to wanting such a thing to happen, but I would be doing him a favour if I abolished the tradition of arranged marriage for the future Potter generations. Trust me I am more than happy to comply and abolish the practice in Cedric and my family. Now Sirius, tell me what the hell I am supposed to do about Ginny when she sees me like this? She sent me a bracelet intertwined with leather cords of black, scarlet and gold. She even had our initials engraved into the leather side by side. Where the hell did she even get the Galleons to buy them, I bet she saved up for Merlin knows how long. She even said in her letter that she is wearing the twin, which in turn I did not put mine on, it does not seem right, so it is in my trunk. I have a feeling when she sent that bracelet the meaning behind it was not friendship. Damn it, I feel like shit even though it is not my fault, far from it. I do not want to hurt her she does not deserve that. You knew I would change back, so why the hell did someone who knew not try and discourage me from dating her? Why did you not try and get Cedric to spend more time with me after he found out, at least as my friend seeing as before now I was a fellow wizard to him? I am going to lose Ginny, Sirius, I know it and the thought makes me feel sick, I do not want to lose her. I wish the blow she is going to receive could somewhat lessen, for example if she would only notice Neville. He has had a crush on her ever since he asked her to be his date to the Yule Ball back during the Triwizard Tournament. Oh yeah, and I received my Hogwarts letter and a note from professor McGonagall, I am still Captain of the Quidditch team. Speaking of her note, I need to have a talk with her and will even get down on my hands and knees and beg her not to allow what she said in her letter to happen, screw pride, my sanity depends on it. And if Albus Dumbledore and his precious Order wants me to finally do Voldie in, then at least have the bloody courtesy to let me accomplish it with my sanity intact, it's the very least you can do. Damn it, Professor McGonagall plans to remove me from the boy's dormitory, which I have no issue and agree with that decision. What I do not agree with is the fact she wants to shove me in the girl's dormitory. She even wants me to share a shower room with the seventh year girls, who consist of Lavender bloody Brown and Parvati Patil. What is worse is the fact I wager Hermione is not going to be in the girl's dormitory this year, and most likely got the status of Head girl. She is not going to be there to keep me sane, nor stop me and hold me back from hexing Lavender, the gossiping airheaded bitch to hell and back again. I never quite forgave her for talking to Skeeter and telling all those lies about Hermione and me. She was jealous all because Krum, an international Quidditch star wanted Hermione instead of her. He saw what I am certain Fred has seen when he looks at Hermione. He saw a beautiful witch and not a bushy haired and bossy bookworm know-it-all. As a wizard Lavender was just an airheaded annoyance to me, who constantly tried to cosy up to me for a date so she could have her fifteen minutes of fame and say she had dated ‘The Boy Who Lived’. But now as a witch, I hate her, and think she is a gossiping airheaded slut, I mean seriously she has practically spread her legs for any wizard who will give her the time of day after Ron broke up with her and Seamus turned her down flat at the end of sixth year. The middle of sixth year for Lavender is what I am betting was the start of her becoming the resident Gryffindor slut. Professor McGonagall had said in her letter that if Lavender or Parvati see any reason to complain about me being placed with them in the dormitory or sharing a shower room with me, then she said that rooms of my own with be provided for me. I swear to Merlin, if they do not protest, I will sure as hell give them something to protest. I swear I will either be sentenced to Azkaban or Lavender will spend a month in the hospital wing being treated for all kinds of hex and spell damage. Now pay attention to what you read because you will need these details I am about to give to find me later on this morning. I am going to catch the Knights bus to The Leaky Cauldron, where I plan to rent a room until after breakfast. Do not try and stop me as it will not get you anywhere fast with me, especially with how I feel about you, Remus and this whole situation. Besides, I am of age and can legally drink and buy alcohol and do magic, never mind rent a room at a pub without my secret keeping Dogfather having to hold my hand in the process. I rented my first room and practically stayed for the entire summer when I was only twelve going on thirteen, so at seventeen I would wager I am even more capable now, more so than ever. Oh and another thing, the reason why you won't find me here, why I won't wait to be collected, well, I am not going to stop around to allow my bastard good for nothing relatives to wake to see me like this. They already view me as I freak that they end up forced to take into their home, why the hell add fuel to an already raging fire so to speak. Honestly I will be fine, and if it makes you feel any better, not that I honestly wish you to feel as such right now, but if it will get you off my case I promise I will set up wards around my room, multiple wards. I have been training with whom I deem the best since after my fifth year, trust me I am good to go. Cedric will come and see me at eight and have breakfast in my room, as we need to talk. I need to get any awkward questions between Cedric and me out of the way before I see anyone, which includes, Dumbledore, Ginny, Hermione and Ron. Come at nine thirty and bring Remus and Tonks with you. Tell Tonks I need a bra, could she bring one with her and maybe help and show me how magically to adjust it to fit until I can buy one of my own. Finally, I have the locket and the Potter family ring on. The locket is perfect, and I cannot help feel I know the tune that comes out of locket, as if I heard it a long time ago. Oh, by the way thanks for the broom and the clothes, I appreciate it. I cannot wait to try out the broom, even though I bet you are giving it to me now as a buttering up tactic. You are all too aware and know I am pissed at you right now, nice try you sly old mutt. I will see you, along with Remus and Tonks at The Leakey Cauldron at nine thirty, and remember to ask for the room number of Jamie Evans.



She read through what she had written and nodded satisfied that she had covered what needed to be in the letter. The letter did not even begin to scratch the tip of the proverbial iceberg, they were going to have words whether Sirius or Remus liked it or not. She wanted answers, needed to have them in fact, to understand whomever the fool who had invented that glamour was what they could possibly have been thinking and whether they had their head examined for brain damage.

She folded the parchment, placed it inside of a nearby envelope, sealing it shut before she wrote Sirius Black, 12 Grimmauld Place on the front of the envelope in the same black ink used to write the letter. She called out to Hedwig as she picked up both letters and said, "Come here girl, I am ready for you now." Hedwig flew over, landed on the edge of the desk and held out her leg for Harry to tie the letters. She listened as her Mistress told her, "I need you to take a letter to Cedric first then to Sirius, and once you have delivered Sirius's letter I want you to stay with Hermione, who is already at headquarters where Sirius is."

Hedwig gave a hoot and an affection nip to Harry's finger then flew out of the open window after the letters were secure. Harry watched her go and let out a sigh of relief as she noted Hedwig had nipped her finger like was custom with them, which meant she had no problem with her Mistress instead of Master. Harry supposed her now being female might even make Hedwig more comfortable then she was before, who knew.

Harry watched until Hedwig was out of sight before reaching over to close the window for the last time. She then gathered her ink and quill, put them back into her trunk before closing the lid, replaced the locking charm, before she shrank it down again. She picked it up and put it back inside of her hoody pocket for safekeeping. She patted her pocket, making double certain it was secure and would not fall out during her journey to The Leaky Cauldron, knowing exactly how rough riding on The Knights bus could be.

Lastly, she bent down, lifted the loose floorboard and checked that she had not left anything behind. Once satisfied that she had not, she cancelled the silencing charm in the room, yet not the one she had placed on her feet, in fact she recast it making it stronger. She then took hold of her hair, lifted the hood and tucked all of it inside and pulled it over her head, leaving a few long strands to hang loosely in front of her. She finally took one last look around the room before turning and exiting out the door, quietly closing it behind her for the final time.

She moved along the landing, whispering the counter charm to the silencing charm she had cast earlier, doing the same with the stairs once she reached the bottom. She let out a sigh, glad step one was completed, step two write note for bastard good for nothing relatives. She quickly found a muggle pen and paper near the phone in the hallway on the side table. She took the pen, put it to paper, and started to write.

The note that supposed to be quick and to the point turned into a page long letter of everything she had ever thought or had wanted to say about or to her relatives. What better opportunity than now, she was leaving, planning never to set her eyes on that disgusting and classless snob of a family again?

To my piss poor excuse for relatives

I am leaving now and do not worry I have not left anything behind for either one of you to destroy out of petty spite. I made double sure to check and made certain nothing could be left for me have to come and collect. It will almost seem like I never slept in that room, Dudley can have it back to put all kinds of crap under the sun in there if he wishes. I am now seventeen and in my world considered of age. I can do magic legally wherever and whenever I please, which is a good thing for you three that I will not be around to test some of my favourites on you. I will not be back if I have any say in the matter or can help it. There are so many things that I have thought about or wanted to say to you all over the years, no better time than the present I suppose. You have gone out your way at every turn to make the years I have spent underneath this roof a living hell, congratulations. Whoever will you get to clean house and cook the meals and slave after you all, perhaps you will have to get your boney finger out of your ass Aunt Petunia or try asking those fat bastards of a husband and son of yours to get off of their fat asses and help for a change. I doubt you would hire a cook, cleaner or gardener, hell no one would ever be able to work to your impossible standards, nor could you truly afford it either. Despite what you may think you and your husband are not high class but in fact snobs with not a single classy bone in either of your bodies combined. You act and pretend to be something, which not only are you not but also could never accomplish, not truly. Oh, and just so that we are clear, my parents had a hell of a lot more class in their little fingers then the pair of you have or ever will have in your entire bodies combined.

Your reluctant Nephew Harry James Potter


She put the pen down and moved the paper closer to the phone so one of her relatives will easily enough find it. She then turned towards the front door, not once looking back as she opened it and stepped out of it, having no need or want to look back. She looked around after closing the door as quietly as possible behind her and noted the street was still dark, understandable considering after all it was only half past two in the morning.

As she walked away from number four Private Drive for the final time, or what she had honestly thought to be the last, was unaware that her Aunt heard the front door open and close. She stood looking out of the corner of the curtain of the window of her and Vernon's bedroom. She watched as her Nephew walked away into the night, knowing somehow that he was not just going for a very early morning stroll. No, she knew he was finally going for good and good riddance to freaks she thought sourly. If only she knew just how enraged she and Vernon would be when they found their Nephew's letter of colourful home truths later on that morning.