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Getting Brian Back

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Dom rested his hand on Brian’s neck and they walked across the floor to the stairs. Nicky looked over and saw Dom’s hand and asked, “Dad are you all right?”

“I’m going to be fine. I’ll see you in the morning okay.”

Dom said, “It’s still early so we’ll see you later.” Dom moved his hand down Brian’s back and wrapped his arm around his waist. As much as Brian wanted to tense being in front of the kids he relaxed into Dom’s hold and wrapped his arm around Dom’s waist resting his hand on his back as they walked up the stairs.

Out of sight Dom pushed Brian against the wall and growled, “Did you fuck her today?”

Brian leaned back against the wall, relaxed, and looking at Dom with ice blue eyes. “No. I wanted to though because we’re obviously at a brick wall when it comes to what we’re doing.”

“When was the last time you fucked anybody?”

“T the afternoon everything to hell and back and then they deemed the mission complete and had me on a plane before I could really think to try and sleep with her again.”

“Would you have slept with her if she didn’t stop you?”

“I don’t know. Probably not because she’s not who I want.”

“Who do you want?”

Brian glared at him with a ‘Who do you think?’ glare and turned away.

Dom stepped closer and turned Brian to face him. “Who do you want?” He asked quietly.

“You. It’s always been you.”

“Good. Now let’s go get some use out of this room we’ve nicked for ourselves.” Dom grinned and pulled Brian into the room.

Once the door closed, the two could hear clapping and wolf whistles from the team below. Brian laughed and Dom grinned as they pulled their shirts off. Brian pulled Dom into his arms and started to kiss him. The only thing connecting them were Brian’s arms wrapped around Dom’s waist and his mouth trying to pull Dom’s tongue out of his mouth. Dom finally wrapped an arm around Brian’s waist and his other hand found the short hairs on the back of Brian’s head. Dom pulled away and said, “I miss your curls.”

“I’ll grow ‘em back.” Brian said as he moved his mouth down Dom’s neck to his earlobe and worried the lobe.

Dom gripped the back of Brian’s head and moaned at the sensations that rolled down his spine. “Fuck.”

“We’ll get there.” Brian chuckled. He maneuvered Dom to the bed and pushed him back gently. He climbed over Dom’s thighs and took in his lover resting against the sheets looking at him wearily but panting in anticipation. Brian got to work on Dom’s pants and pulled them down to the tops of Dom’s boots. Brian kneeled next to Dom’s feet and unlaced his boots before throwing them over his shoulder. He pulled the pants and socks off and threw those too. He looked up, saw Dom’s boxers and licked his dry lips.

Dom caught his eyes and licked his own lips. Brian stood up and pushed his sneakers off and then worked the rest of his clothes off. Dom groaned and asked, “No tan lines. Should I be worried?”

“No. Only for you.”

“Good.” He pushed himself back further onto the bed and motioned for Brian.

“Playing the woman with the come hither move?” Brian laughed as he walked closer.

“It’s better than yanking your ass onto the bed because you’re moving so slow.”

Brian climbed onto the bed and went back to kissing Dom. Legs tangled and arms wrapped tightly around the other. Brian’s fingers moved on their own accord and slipped under Dom’s waistband stroking and kneading his ass. Dom broke the kisses and groaned as his hips bucked. He leaned his forehead against Brian’s and said, “You can have my ass tonight but tomorrow yours is mine.”

Brian couldn’t believe what Dom was saying and asked, “Are you sure?”

“You stop what you’re doing you might be sorry. I put some lube in the night table next to us.” Brian kept one hand on Dom’s ass and he reached for the knob on the drawer. “Are you trying for multi-talented lover or something with that move?”

“Wasn’t really thinking about it.” Brian said as he came back with the small bottle. He kissed Dom again and said; “Now the shorts have got to go.” Brian pulled away and Dom shoved his shorts off.

“You’re killing me.” Dom moaned when Brian kissed his chest.

“Almost there baby.”

“Oh gods, now I’m baby?” Dom growled as Brian warmed up the bottle.

“It suits you.” Brian grinned as he slipped a finger inside Dom.

Dom thought he’d seize up but he took a deep breath and spread his legs wider for Brian. Brian added a second finger and looked over Dom’s features taking in his reactions to a couple of angle changes and then slipped a third in and distracted Dom by pulling him into another kiss. A slow rhythm was started and Dom panted, “Need more…not enough.”

Brian slipped his fingers out slowly and slicked himself. He pressed against the relaxed muscle and Dom skipped a breath as Brian breached him. He almost choked but Brian rubbed his chest and sides in a gentle manner waiting for Dom before he started in earnest. When he caught his breath Brian pressed the rest of the way in filling Dom. “Dom you feel so good.” Brian breathed against Dom’s neck as he kissed and nibbled the sensitive areas.

Dom kept his hands on Brian’s back and squeezed in response. He couldn’t believe that he would let someone do this to him but he was glad it was only Brian he would allow to have this gift. He knew Brian would be fair about things and he felt safe with him. He also thought that everything going through his head should be going through Brian’s. Brian braced his arms and started thrust keeping an eye on Dom’s reactions. Dom had his bottom lip between his teeth as he tried to keep his moans quiet.

Brian leaned down and lapped at Dom’s lip and sucked it into his own mouth. Brian moaned, “Mmmm.”

Dom’s fingers clenched Brian’s hips and Brian sped up. “Fuck.”

“Yeah. Close.” Brian panted.

“Your hand?” Dom asked.

Brian giggled, “Asking for my hand in marriage Dominic?”

“Asshole. Do that again.” Dom moaned lifting his hips up some.

Brian did and groaned loudly. Dom grabbed Brian’s hand and wrapped them both around his dick. After a couple of strokes Dom stiffened and came over their stomachs and hands, letting out a growl and wrapping his legs around Brian’s thighs. The change in friction and Brian sped up again as he started to lose his rhythm, his orgasm hitting him hard. He barely prevented himself from biting Dom’s shoulder and kept to panting and moans.

Feeling Brian slow down Dom unwrapped his legs and ran his fingers over Brian’s damp hair. “That was good baby.”

“Now I’m baby?” Brian gasped out.

“It suits you.” Dom chuckled.

Brian eased out of Dom and Dom nudged him onto the bed. He went willingly and Dom slipped out of bed, feeling all the new aches and pleasurable spots, and went to get a warm washcloth to clean them up with so they could sleep. After they cleaned up Dom wrapped his arm around Brian and held him as they fell into a light sleep.