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Those who wander at night.

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Chapter 12


It has been three days since the Identity of the attacker was found out even though Ichigo is still unaware of the identity of his attacker- it is for his own good. However, this does not mean that Grimmjow and his friends were just sitting on their asses. They had found out where this sicko stays and is planning on scoping the place out once ichigo leaves to hang out with Shinji for the day.

''Have fun ichi, I'll pick you up around eightish okay?'' "Yeah that's fine grimm'' although Ichigo just wanted to snuggle up under Grimmjow, he had a feeling that that love of his life needed to do something important and he didn't want to impose on his plans, whatever they may be. Shortly after ichigo left, grimmjow's friends and partners in crime arrived so that they could disscuss what they were going to do next.

"Ookay Grimm, said Nel, what are we doing and how are we going about this now that we know how this fucker is hmmmm?" "Well nelliel, since we know where he lives- we are going to his place to scope it out and get a feel of it. That way when we do decide to strike we won't be running around like chickens with our head cut off.That being saud I have been given word that he's not home at the moment so we can go now actually.'' Once they arrived and were inside Shuhei's home, they noticed he had little to no fruniture at all throughout the house-only to find thateverything he needed for survival was in his basement. "Hey grimm, everyone, come er quick'', starrk said as he clicked on the sole lightbulb in the basement, the light now showcaseing his deep affection and deeply disturbing obssession with none other than Ichigo Kurosaki. Pictures everywhere of not only him running but his achievements, accomplishmients, awards, his family, friends and with his handsome face blackened out- his boyfriend as well.

Nnoitra made his disgust apparent first when he said" This is one sick fuck we're dealing with, one that won't stop till both him and Ichigo are dead rotting somewhere together. Grimm, we HAVE to kill this sick son of a bitch or ur boyfriend won't ever get any peace of mind nor happiness- which is exactly what this bitch wants." "Damnit Iknow that nnoi but damn I didn't think it was this bad, for him to be this obsessed with ichi isn't good- for anyone involved because this means he's desperate and won' stop- EVER." Afterwards, Grimmjow and company scoped out the place, learned every coner, nook, cranny, and sceret door the place had to offer- all before Shuhei got home from class. Once they had settled back in at Ichigo and Grimmjow's apartment they began to plot Shuhei's demise. Grimmjow was the first to start of the conversation, " Look, just to be clear I want to make it known that this bastard has to suffer- I'm talking the same fear and anxiety that he put ichi through. Except in his case I want him to know that someone is watching him, that someone is coming for him and he won't know who it is until he is taking his very last breath."


Everyone waited until Sexta was done speaking to not only agree with him but to put in thier own inputs on how to achieve the level of fear in Shuhei that they deem acceptable.Nnoitra was the next man up to speak-"Well I say we slowly start changing shit up in house ya kno? Like start reclacing the pictures of berry wit pictures of him doing shit that way he knows we're coming, but he don't kno who." Ulquiorra agreed, adding in " yes and I can hack his survallence system so that it only shows him sleeping and can also edit some feeds to create the allusion of a person being there although ther is no one." "Fuck yes! u guys, this way this bitch knows that he done fucked up coming for ichigo and I after he had already attacked ichi in the way that he did. He should be lucky we don't pay someone to bust his little ass wide open after we attacked him before he kill his ass." Grimmjow was so happy he was friends with such evil, sinister, foul, and just down right dirty people at times like this because frankly he doesn't know who he would go to during this time- heaven forbid he actually goes to his dad for illegal help(even though he loves his fatherhe just wants to do this his way and at his own pace.)


They all went their seperate ways, deciding to meet up in two days time to start the downward spiral of the man's life who had no reguard in who this crime would effect the life of a bieng so innocent, an angel would get jealous.




Shuhei knew something was off- he didn't exactly know what, but he just KNEW something was off. After checking his security footage and finding nothing, he assured himself it was just him and that he most likely just misplaced something and that's why he felt this way.

The next day Sexta and company revisited the house and replaced three pictures of ichigo with that of the stalker himself, not knowing when he was going to notice but hoping it would be soon so he can began making his presence more profound. Saying Shuehi's reaction was priceless was an understatment- grimmjow would have paid a billion dollars and then some in order to keep the man's face that way. He angrily snacted the photos off the wall and began to look around in order to find the missing pictures of his obession, his prey, his love, his slave- weather he knew it or not! In essence he actually looked like an ass looking for a lost contact lens or something. Sexta and friends were laughing their asses off at the sight seeing as though he really didn't know what to do what himself right now.

For now they were done toying with the fool because Ggrimmjow had to get ready for his date he had tonight. Ichigo however was finding a hard time not being nervous or at the least excited about the date with grimmjow. He was glad to be going out with the man of his dreams at one of the most talked about resturants in the city, but he wasn't happy about people seeing him or rather seeing what's on him. A small yet noticable scar under his eye had yet to fade and he felt very uncomfortable with the fact that people tended to stare at it or try to pry information out of him in reguards to the scar's origins. Yet Shinji was determined to make sure Ichigo felt comfortable and sexy in his own skin again. He dressed him in a tailored all black Givency suit with the only color being Ichigo's hair and his cobalt blue tie. The pants had to be re-tailored because of ichigo's long ass legs but it now fit him like a second skin and he looked good enough to eat-and knowing his boyfriend, shinji meant that quite literally.

Once grimmjow got there, shinji informed him that ichigo was doing some last minute touches on his hair. " Sooooo, shinji started, do you kno who the fucker is yet? I mean knowin what you and nnoi were into I suspect you do by now or y'all ar pretty damn close to finding him." Grimmjow smirked knowing that it would only be a matter of time before the blonde approached him about the situation whenever ichigo wasn't around."Weeellll, since ya asked so nicely blondy yes we do know who did it and the fucker is gonna pay because I know and you know that ichi won't survive a trail if he has to testify which he most likely will." Before the conversation could go any further Ichigo came out of the bathroom and grimmjow could have sworn he came at least three times in pants and had to check for stains.

"Ummm, you okay grimm- you like it right or should I change cuz I'll change if you want me to" grimmjow silenced any doubts with a soul searing kiss that stole Icigo's breath and nearly knocked the wind out of him. " Ya look great ichi" and even though the statement wasn't anything overly special, the tone used- one so soft and gentle fill with love and adortion was what made ichigo cling to grimmjow as if he could merge himself with the beast with the beast of a man if he held him close enough.

Shortly after they were on their way to the resturant and the coversation was light and joyful. The date itself was amazing with great food, wine, and music- yet nothing in the world could prepare Ichigo for what came next. Grimmjow led him to the center of the resturant and began to tell him why he was so in love with him.

"Ichigo, I want you to know that I love ya so so much. I love ya because you are humble, sweet, gentle, you don't judge me based on my past, you think a others before yaself". Ichigo was starting to tear up with happiness as grimmjow continued

" Ichi you always see the good in people even though some of em are scumbags and don't deserve it. You never do things that you believe will hurt another person and not to mention yer tha best nurse when I'm sick. Ichigo you are so innocent and pure that all you need is a pair of wings cuz yer an angel on earth I swear. For these reasons and many more I don't have time to name cuz we'd be here all night and then some- that Ichigo Kurosaki I want you to be my husband. Will you marry me?"

All ichigo could do was nod his head yes as grimmjow slind the diamond and saphire encrusted band on his finger and the place went nuts- so nuts that they didn't hear the angry snarl that came from one of the patrons that just so happened to be in the room at the time. The onl going through the hate filled hazed mind was that this blue haired asshole had to go- oh yes he really had to go.


Grimmjow had to die.