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Those who wander at night.

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Chapter 11: War is in the air


After being released from the hospital, Ichigo would be spending a few days at Shinji's place. That gave Grimmjow time he needed to consult with his "team" to find out who this son of a bitch was. It was twelve in the afternoon when everyone gathered at grimmjow's apartment. His friends found grimmjow sitting at a wooden table in the center of the apartment.

"Sup grimm, what's with the setup?" asked Nnoitra.


"Well nnoi, this setup is for us to further narrow our search so I can rip this fucker's throat out and laugh as he bleeds to death. I mean, he DESERVES it after sending a tape of what he did to our apartment. Thankfully ichi was still in the hospital so he didn't see it." They knew this bastard was going to get now that grimmjow had that look in his eyes. No SANE man would want to get in his way because now he was in that killer mode his father had molded him to be, what Aizen had molded ALL of them to be.


"So lets get down to business shall we? We know that of the 500 noble families that the ink is purchased by only about 32 of them have connections in northern Japan within the area of where they lived at attended university. Now of that 32 families, five of them have deep rooted influences and conveniently, all of them have sons. Although the prick used a condom and took it with him so to not leave DNA evidence, we can gather his looks from the tape he sent."


That being said, they all watched the tape-grimmjow re-watching it, and though they were sickened beyond their cores they now knew that the attacker was about 6 feet with black hair and tattoo on his face- which was covered even though Ulquiorra was able to some what filter through the makeup, even if just a little. Next they laid out the pictures of all of the noble sons to my a discovery-

"none of them is the attacker" said Nelliel. "How can this be?!" I mean everything seemed to point to a noble family."


"I guess that's what he wanted us to think so he could further distant himself from our suspect list Nell." Although grimmjow's voice was calm, it was also strained and that's what gave them the inkling that grimmjow was pissed. All that night they were trying to find out who this person was so that they could dish out justice- FUCK the justice system, it had already failed in grimmjow's eyes the moment Ichigo became this fragile and semi broken mentally. It was at two in the morning when grimmjow received a call from shinji's phone.

"Sup shin, is everything good?"


"It's Ichigo and yeah everything's good, I just wanted to hear your voice to see if you could talk to me until I fall asleep?"


"Of course ichi, so how was your day?"

"Good, me and shinji went shopping and stuff, what about you?"

"Okay, me and my friends just hanging out, you still have to meet them- you know I can't wait for you to meet Shinji's ex ichi he's hilarious."

"Can't wait grimm, how's your business coming along?"

"Great actually, I have a location in mind but I want ur opinion on it before I buy it, you know?"

"Yeah that's understanda"- Ichigo was cut off by a yawn that he was holding in for a goo ten minutes. Whistling a lullaby his mom would always sing to him he waited till he heard Ichigo snoring to silently tell him goodnight and hang up. With that he turned around to his audience who all had either a smile or a smirk on their face-even ulquiorra!


"Shut up, don't say anything any of you" although grimmjow looked ready to pounce, they knew his threat held no heat but seeing just how much he LOVED Ichigo to do that for him lit a fire under all of their asses to find this mutherfucker so grimmjow could be happy with his "wifey" even though the only one willing to call him that to his face was nnoitra.


Starrk was the next to speak, " well we know he has some type of tattoos, so how about we try to filter the picture more and see what type of tattoo it is so we can re-narrow our search for this bitch." For that they called in someone with more experience with doctoring pictures and videos- Szayelapporro Granz.

After about half an hour, szayel had cleared up the picture enough for them to clearly see through the tattoo concealer he used- which showed a 69 tattoo on his face. Those weren't so common in Japan so now they were getting somewhere. While the others filled Szayel in on everything, grimmjow used his father's expanded database that had info on everyone no matter how squeaky clean they were or appeared to be. The search left them with someone named Shuhei Hisagi.

Now that they knew who he was, where he worked, and where he lived, there was no stopping them, the Espada was going to show him what it was like to be beaten and broken and then, Sexta was going to give him the worst death possible while be BEGGED for mercy and forgiveness and oh was grimmjow gonna make sure of it that he begged him only for it to fall on deaf ears.


His time was now limited because the grimm reaper has received his number. War was now in the air and there was nothing anyone or thing could do to stop it, him, to stop Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez- the Sexta of the Espada- the epitome, no the personification of death and destruction and when provoked- like now,

the true form of Evil in the flesh, and now Shuhei was his soon to be victim.


"Oh I got you now Shuhei Hisagi, you think you can fuck with Ichigo- rape, beat, and antagonize him and get away with it? Oh well think again because now you have ME to deal with."