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Those who wander at night.

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The next day Ichigo felt great, after deciding to give himself to Grimmjow mentally, emotionally, and all the more- physically, he felt amazing. However while looking in the mirror at the scars that had littered his body it was a firm reminder that his body had been taken from him.

So with that in mind he cried, he cried because he was a lowly man who couldn't defend himself on a trail that he knew like the back of his hand, someone who received the unconditional love and attention of Grimmjow Jagerjaques.

A man so strong, so dominant that he demanded obedience and attention everywhere he went. Someone so cocky, he walked into any room like he fucking owned it. It was this in mind that Ichigo had decided to rid grimmjow of the burden known as himself.

Though little did ichigo know that he was really in grimmjow's lap crying his eyes out while blood quickly spilled from his self-inflicted knife wounds to his wrists and other parts of his body.

Grimmjow was seething on the inside, granted at first he had felt guilt thinking Ichigo did this because they had sex too soon, he quickly realized that wasn't the case. For when he asked ichigo, we started bawling talking about how he didn't deserve him or his love and how he was a burden.

Now of course Grimmjow knew that the mental and emotional scarring would be far worse and harder to get through than the physical. He knew this and not once had he thought about leaving Ichigo. As his cries settled grimmjow was calling an ambulance.

It took fifteen minutes for the ambulance to get to their location, another twenty to get to the hospital and thirty-five since he found Ichigo. Yet nothing was more agonising than the ninety minutes he had been waiting to hear word on his condition. Then finally a doctor called the last name Kurosaki.

"Uh yes any word on how he's doing doc?" "Hmm yes, he had three knife wounds and several slashes along his body. This left him with a lot of blood lost." Grimmjow felt this was all his fault because he had been neglagent and that in turn cots ichigo another trip to the hospital. " Yes well he will recover just fine and will need lots of bed rest."After that Grimmjow had visited Ichigo until the bitch nurse Orihime something came to tell him visiting hours were over.

It was strange though because he wasn't that mad because this gave him a chance to find out who did this to Ichigo so he could be dealt with.

Going to his apartment instead he called a group of friends over so they see how they were going to do this. Starrk was lazy but he was always more intuitive about nature. Nnoi had always despised rapists, Ulquiorra was the genius- who would LOVE to have an intelligent conversation with Ichigo. Nell and Hall considered ichigo a female and when it came to women's rights and all, they were pretty pissed that this had hour and a story later, all of his friends were ready to catch and kill whoever had done this sick, haneous crime. So off they went to gather clues from the crime scene to see if anything could lead them to the culprit.

Sadly they did not but they had the poem he wrote that he sent ichi. After studying the poem for half an hour, Ulquiorra had determined that the ink used was a rare ink that was only shipped to noble families in Japan. Although that narrowed it down to 500 or so people it still wasn't what Grimmjow needed.

Throughout the night they looked for any and all clues that could lead to Ichigo's attacker. As the sun arose grimmjow made sure that everyone could come out another night and dissmissed everyone until then. Once grimmjow settled every thing and showered he went to the living room to find the t.v. on and a pres play so he did. What came on the next was horrifying.

This FOOL had the BALLS to tape the attack and now not only was he mad but he was blood thirsty. This notch will regret the day he raped and beaten Ichigo Kurosaki because now he had to deal with his raging fiancee who didn't fucking play that shit. Oh Grimmjow would make sure that he dies a very painful fucking death after doing what the fuck he did. Nothing would change the outcome of this little game the little bitch thought he was playing - his head on a fucking silver platter for Ichigo to enjoy and savor until he got bored with it.

Grimmjow now knew that he could no longer play games with this bitch because he won't stop until Ichigo is completely broken down into an empty shell of nothing and that's something that grimmjow won't allow under any mutherfucking circumstances, not now, not ever so whoever this was is about to get a rude awakening, they were about to get the Sexta and that's something that even though Grimmjow wanted to avoid, knew had to be done to protect Ichigo and his sanity. But most of all - their future together. So now Grimmjow was about to get nasty

He was about unleash bell's fury of a thousand evils

Now he was about show whoever the fuck it was what both a killer and what a real hunter looked like.

"Let's do this then bitch."