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Those who wander at night.

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Chapter 7: Something deeper than Love

Later on that day once he publically humiliated officer "Kira", Grimmjow made his way to Ichigo's apartment. With the thought in mind that he was going to spend the day with his beloved, he arrived at the apartment that housed his berry. From within he could hear two voices arguing. One he could tell was Ichigo, however the other remained a mystery until he opened the door.

Within Ichigo's Apartment

"Shinji would you let it go please", honestly Ichigo was getting very frustrated border line pissed off at his best friend. Really he couldn't see why Shin was making a big deal about his love life. "Really Ichigo? I figured you off all the people I know would have the common sense to not jump into a relationship with a man you barely know." That had to have been the straw that broke Ichigo's back.

"For fuck's sake Shinji! Please just lay the fuck off. You don'tknow him from a stranger off the street. I, on the other hand, can honestly say that I know just enough that I can trust him." Shinji stood there dumbfounded. This was really the first time Ichigo disagreed him him so much that he raised hi voice to him in such a manner. "Look ichi, I'm just tryinug to keep you safe. You have to understand that-

"What the hell's going on in here?" Frankly, Ichigo was scared-no- down right petrified that his boyfriend would get the wrong idea. "Is there a problem here ichi cuz just let me know and I'll be quick to solve it." Not wanting a fight to break out in his apartment, Ichigo decided to quickly diffuse the situation.

"No grimm, just shinji being an ass-again as all." Nodding in agreement, Grimmjow decided to let it go for now. Shinji, however, was experiencing deja vu and he wasn't very found of it. "Uh, ichi, is this your boyfriend?" This was how Grimmjow got a good look at his best friend's ex-boyfriend or the "bitch from Hell" as he liked to call him throughout their relationship.

However, seeing as though Ichigo has yet to be informed of this information, he asked the unthinkable. "Have you two dated or something?" Quickly realising that this was the wrong choice judging by the"are you fucking crazy" looks, he asked a more reasonable question.

"Well how do you know each other?" Now this is a question Grimmjow felt he could answer. " Well ichi, I know this bitch from datin my best friens a few years back and we NEVER liked each other. Not even a little bit." Being though this was the only topic he would agree with that blue pig on, Shinji agreed. "Yeah ichi, I would never lower my standards to shack up with this asshole. And you shouldn't either, you're too good for that or him if you want to get technical."

Yet just as Ichigo was about to continue, he caught a vicious headach and doubled over. Catching him in his arms, Grimmjow lead him over to the sofa and left to get his medication. Shinji was now trying to find out what has been going on in his friend-no- unblood brother's life."C'mon ichi,let me know what's going on. I never knew you to just catch a spell like this. it's scaring the shit outta me, please."

" Hm, w-w-well, you see about a month and a half- almost two months ago- this guy attacked me while I was walking on the trail." When shinji didn't quite follow, he elaborated futher into the incident. "You see, I was raped a-a-n beatened s-s-s-so I almost died and Grimjow s-saved me." Shinji couldn't believe what he was hearing.

" Oh my gosh ichi! I didn't know, why didn't you tell me" While on the verge of tears, Ichigo explain how really only three peopl knew of the incident til now. That being him, Grimmjow, and Renji because he's listed as an emergancy contact. This is when Grimmjow made his apperance again.

" Stop askin him questions will ya. He ain't comfortable with talking about it yet." Although Shinji has a witty retort ready on the tip of his tounge, he let it die at the pleading eyes of his friend.

Furthermore, looking at the ever so brutish Grimmjow be so gental, soft-spoken, understanding, and so,level headed with his friend he was astonished and amazed. He then came to a conclusion he hoped the two would find out soon if they did'nt know already.

They have something deeper than love.