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Those who wander at night.

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Later on that afternoon, Ichigo and Grimmjow had decided to go to the park. "Hey ichi, do ya ever think that maybe I should move in wit cha every now an then?" "Well sometimes yea, but then I think that you'd feel like pressured an stuff."


"I mean, look at it like this grimm. We met with you basically savin ma life, then you stick around through everything. An to top it all off, you go out of your way to even threaten a COP just to ease my discomfort throughout this situation." By the time Ichigo had finished his rant, Grimmjow was looking at him as if he'd grown a second head. "Really ichi, if I'm perfectly honest wit myself....

yeah I'm kinda freaked that our relationship progressed this quickly. BUT, I couldn't be any happier either. To me I feel like you and I have sometin special and if this is the route it takes, who are we to slow it down or speed it up." Ichigo was so heart achingly confused as to what he ever did to deserve someone like Grimmjow. some who puts themselves so out there no matter the probable outcome.

"Okay then Grimm, if you feel we're ready then let's move in together." At this Grimmjow smirked.

"Cool, ur place or mine though?"

"Mine, definitely mine."


It was by the end of the week that Grimmjow had gotten settled into Ichigo's apartment. Although it was new, Grimmjow felt it was easier than was it could have been sense he had spent so much time at the apartment in the first place.


"Mornin ichi" was what had been said but Grimmjow noticed it didn't quite reach his boyfriend. "Ichi, you okay?" when he rounded the corner into the kitchen, he found ichigo checked out and staring at a box.


"Whatcha lookin at ichi?" Grimmjow held a mixture of both curiosity and concern within the blue depths of his eyes. He was scared that Ichigo had suffered a set back in his recovery.
Finally getting a good look inside the box, it was discovered within it was a printed note with a poem on it

Roses are red, Violets are blue

I can still hear your screams

When I slide into you

That night was fun, we should do it more often

Once I put your boyfriend in his coffin

I stay watching you, so don't feel alone

Oh and tell Grimmjow he can't take what is already owned


With the poem was a ripped piece of shirt, a rose, and a partially burned photo of Grimmjow and Ichigo at the park this past weekend.
Not knowing what to say, Grimmjow just held Ichigo in his arms while he silently cried into his shirt. Whoever this mutherfucker was, he'd better hope Grimmjow doesn't find him on the street.
Soon ichigo had managed to get himself together.


"Thanks grimm, I just lost it for a second there."
"No prob ichi, that's what I'm here for. Now let's eat and then stop by the police station to see if they have anyting."
"Because, this fucker is getting to bold and for all the shit detective Kira pressed you for, I wanna see results."
"Alright then, and we should really tell them about the poem too. I don't mean to sound pushy but this scares me grimm."
"I know ichi, that's why I'M gonna start lookin into this myself. I won't let nothin else happen to ya."

"I swear I will find whoever did this to you and make them pay. Pay for ever hurting you like this and for so blatantly harassing you as if we wouldn't do anything about it.We will get through this and then focus on what really matters."

"I promise"

"I believe you"