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Those who wander at night.

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The next day Grimmjow went down to the police station to go put a couple of people in their place. However before he did that he went to visit the one person who had enough officials in his pocket to ensure the success of his plan-his father Sosuke Aizen.

Two Hours Earlier

Knock Knock

"Come in", said a smooth baritone that Grimmjow knew all to well. I mean don't get him wrong, he loves his father deeply. It's just that he can be quite irritating most of the time. "Hi dad." "Oh Grimmjow, it's so nice to see you, where have you been. I was beginning to think that you were avoiding me." "No it's nothing like that dad." Grimmjow commented with a roll of his eyes.

"You see, I have a boyfriend and he has gotten into a bit of trouble." Aizen went to voice his disapproval of his son's choose in partners until he was silenced by Grimmjow continuing to speak. "Now before you go thinking he's a criminal-he is not." "Actually, he is a victim. About a month in a half ago, we was attacked, raped, and beaten into an inch of his life."

"I found him while I was on one of my morning runs." Sosuke seemed intrigued so he urged his son to continue. " Well after getting him to the hospital and lying about being his boyfriend, we slowly but surely began to build our relationship. We've been together ever since."

"Okay, but what do you need from me since you seem to have everything under control?" He didn't really see where Grimmjow was going with this. "Well, he's not okay, as a matter of fact, I think he may be suffering from depression among other things." Aizen then replied with, "And what do you want me to do?"

"I want you to call a few of your officer friend seeing as though they released details about his case but they withheld his identity. Now before you go askin anymore questions, we didn't want his case revealed at all seeing as though he is recovering and the news exposure has now caused a negative set back with his mental recovery."

"And what is your boyfriend's name, so I can have a little talk with one of my officer friends?"

"It's Ichigo Kurosaki"

Back to Present Time


Upon entering the police station, he asked to speak with officer Kira. He remembered him to be the biggest asshole of the two that day when they visited Ichigo.

"Yes, how may I help you?" answered officer Kira. "Ah yes, I wanted to inform you that as of today you are no longer to release any information regarding the case of Ichigo Kurosaki." "Failure to comply with these orders can and will result in your immediate suspension-without pay, an internal investigation involving any open case you are affiliated with, but possibly the removal of your badge."

Angry beyond words, Officer Kira finally found the strength to speak exactly what he though of this situation. "You punk! how dare you come in and threaten me like that! I outta lock you put right here and now. An in regards to that case you are speaking of, we needed answers after your boyfriend refused to give us his statement."

"No, correction, he gave you his statement but YOU felt it wasn't sufficient enough so you went on television offering a reward for anyone with details regarding the case. Something you WERE NOT ALLOWED TO DO!" "So due to your blatant disregard of his fragile mental state, these precautions have been put in to ensure that you do not go to the media about the situation."

"Oh and it's not a threat, everything's in paper fresh off of judge Aso's desk so yeah, I'll be going now."


As he left the station to go to Ichigo's apartment, he wore the biggest shark grin, one that'd make even the strongest of predators bow down to escape the fury of a thousand tornadoes.