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Those who wander at night.

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After being released from the hospital, Ichigo felt that things might get better. Once he was back in his apartment he tried his best to readout to normal life before the attack. He was even getting along with grimmjow even though they haven't met before the attack.

However, he knew deep down inside that hr was far from being the person he was before all this happened. Even before his discharge from the hospital Ichigo was plaged with vivid nightmares that left him in tears, gasping for breath with his heart racing. He couldn't tell grimmjow not when the man has been working day and night preparing for his homecoming.

Ichigo knew he was scared and quite possibly unstable. He knew all this and yet he told no one. No, he had decided to hide everything in an attempt to hide from the guilt and shame that he felt. The filth that he felt littered his body after someone had defiled him in a way no one would dream of. Things that hot scolding water couldn't each away no matter how hard he scrubbed his skin at night.

And this is where grimmjow found him when he stopped by to visit his boyfriend of almost a month. Seeing as ichigo trusted him enough to give him a key, he didn't need to knock. He simply unlocked the door and entered. After walking down the hall, he heard water running.

Getting closer to ichigo's bedroom is when he heard the crying. Slowly opening the bathroom door, he entered asking if he was okay.

"Ichi, you okay?", seeing as he didn't get an answer he went fully into the bathroom. There sitting in the bathtub was his boyfriend. Water still steaming and his skin so red he thought it was raw. "Damn ichi, whada do to yourself?"

"I can still feel his hands on me grimm." "I can still taste the blood that filled my mouth when he was beating me to a bloody pulp." At this moment grimmjow noticed that ichigo was probably having an episode. Figuring this is why he was acting like this, he made the decision to try to talk him out of it. "C'mon ichi, come back to me." "You're not in danger anymore." "I'm here and you are safe in your apartment." At this Ichigo turned toward grimmjow and hugged him close to his body.

"Oh grimm, I was so scared." "T-th-the nightmares are getting worse. I know they're not real, that they're just dreams. But they SEEM so real and it scares the shit out of me." "Damn ichi, why didn't you tell me about this." "I could've helped maybe." "Don't you trust me enough to tell me about this?"

"It's not that grimm, it's just that you have done so much for me already and at first I though i could have handled it on my own" "But when they started to get worse I felt that i couldn't go to anyone because then people would then see me as broken." "And if I had went to you, i-i-i thought i would lose you because you would eventually get tired of my baggage."

After hearing this grimmjow was so shocked that it was this bad. However he wouldn't even phantom leaving ichigo. If anything he would stay and help him through this while building a relationship within the same timeline.

"Oh ichigo, don't ever think that you can't come ta me bout somethin." "I will always be here for you and would never even think of leaving you." "From here on out I want you to come to me about everything." "Okay?" "Yeah, okay grimmjow, i just felt that I had to do something on my own but it got out of hand as you can probably see." "Yeah , I see that but all of this is normal and I will help you through all of this."

All of this gave ichigo hope that things will get better. Until he dried off and got dressed. Mainly because this lead to him watching the news and got seeing that his case was now on the news although his identity was being withheld for the time being.

Grimmjow was now pissed the fuck off. How dare the police release ichigo's case to the news when they had veena notified of his fragile state. "Oh god grimm, I'm on the fucking news" was all about he could get out before he burst into tears. "I can't believe they put me on the news. What if the guy sees this." "If anyone finds out this is me, I'd be a side show and then the news would have a field day with me.

Now Ichigo was beginning to panic and grimmjow saw this. "Calm down ichi, imma go down to the station in the morinin and fix all this. "Okay then grimm, I trust you." "Good."