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Those who wander at night.

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Ichigo has now been in the hospital for roughly two and half weeks. To say he was agitated was an understatement. That agitation was then morphed into a magnitude of emotions that he'd rather not have to deal with. To furthermore drive him into the starting stages of emotional instability, the detectives on his case decided to make his life harder than need be. This all started on the day before his scheduled release from the hospital.

Knock knock

"Come in", said Ichigo. "Hey berry, you expecting someone?" "No grimmjow, and I told you not to call me that." Ichigo hated being called that. His name meant the one who protects dammit. "Hello Mr. Kurosaki, I'm detective Kira and this is my partner, detective Kouga." "We'll be handling your case from here on out." Ichigo was in shock. He knew that the police would be involved but he didn't think it would be this soon. Neither did he think that he would have to revisit that night.

However, grimmjow was there holding his hand looking as if he would attack either officer if they got out of line. So with those things in mind, he felt he could do this. Then the questions came.

"So, Mr. Kurosaki, can you tell us what happened that night?" "Well, I was running on the trail when I was approached by this guy. He looked about 21 or so, and he knew my name." "So, you knew your attacker?" asked detective Kira. "No, that's the thing. I've never met him in my life , that's why I was scared. That being said, I ran and then I remember him catching me and slamming me into the ground." This was going into dark territory and Ichigo knew that this wouldn't turn out well.

"Look man, I gave my statement, isn't that enough? Because if you haven't noticed, Ichigo still ain't ready to talk about this." This whole conversation was really pissing grimmjow off. Honestly, why would they assume he knew the guy. "Well sir- my name is grimmjow. Well "Grimmjow", although we have your statement we still need the statement of the victim in order to find out who did this and why."

"Huh, looks like you guys are treating him like he had a part in this if anything. Not like he's been victimized like you should be." "Eh, it's not uncommon for people to have been acting out a fantasy and things get taken too far."
That was the breaking point for grimmjow, but before he could catch a case for assaulting an officer, Ichigo stopped him by grabbing his arm.

" Look, I see you are less than comfortable with talking about this, so we will contact you within a few days. Just know that if this was an assault and rape, you will have to be more forthcoming about the entire incident with us." "Besides, we've been more than accommodating just by waiting this long to collect your statement from you."

Ichigo sighed. "Yes, I do understand that I need to be more open I would say about the incident." "I just need more time to sort things out and to remember things. Because as of now , everything after we landed in the ditch is a big blur."


After that the officers left without another word. "Man I didn't think it would be that brutal grimm." Grimmjow then noticed the silent tears rolling down ichigo's pale yet rosy cheeks."Ah ichi, don't cry it's gonna be okay alright?" "I can't grimmjow, I can't. I refuse to relive that night over and over again just so they can "try" to find who did this even though I know and you know that they won't find him."

" Don't worry Ichigo, I promise I will get whoever did this to you. There's no need to worry, not anymore. Because I'm gonna take care of you and protect you."

Even though grimmjow knew this would be hard on both Ichigo and their new relationship, he had to stay strong for ichigo. He knew this because of the emotional scars that are left after something like this. For this reason and many others, grimmjow decided that he would pull some strings and talk to a few of his underground contacts to find out who did this.

He was going to find , torture, and then slowly kill Ichigo's attacker.