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Those who wander at night.

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Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, a smart mouthed half German, half Japanese 21 year old business student. Standing at an impressive 6'5'' and weighing 251lb all muscle, he was pretty intimidating to pretty much anyone. With him studying business to take over his father's company once he stepped down, he could get stressed at time. To cope with that, the worked out, jogged, ran, etc. Because of this, is how he found himself on the university trail that morning. Taking a quick breather, he kept hearing a small breathing noise. However it was strangled and it sounded as if the owner was struggling to make the breathes that were coming out.

Looking around he tried to find out where it was coming from. Just as he was about to give up, he saw a trench on the left side of the trail. It was there that he saw a blooded foot among the branches. Jumping into the trench, he moved the other branches to find a badly beaten body of a boy. He couldn't be no older than nineteen and it sickened grimmjow that someone had actually done something this horrendous to someone who looked so gentle and innocent.

Upon further inspection, after calling an ambulance of course, he discovered that the boy was raped as well. This conclusion was reached when grimmjow found that most if the blood came from tearing within his anus. That sent his blood boiling. Looking for the boy's clothes he found that they were destroyed but could tell they were running clothes. It was then he felt a deep connection with the boy and was determined to find out who he was. Thankfully he found the dude's wallet . That gave him his name address, etc, etc.

He now knew enough that if anyone asked he could lie and say he is some form if family. Boyfriend maybe, he was his type. Lean and slightly muscular with long legs. Not to mention the kid looked like he had spunk if his slight scowl was anything to go on. Once the ambulance arrived, they hopped out quickly trying to tend to their victim. Then they asked if he knew the victim. Uh yeah he's my boyfriend. That allowed him to ride with them to the hospital.

When they arrived they immediately rushed Ichigo into surgery and grimmjow took on the responsibility of filling out what he could with the paperwork for his admission. Four hours later, they came to him letting him know all of what they found and what they did to treat him. Broken leg, fractured left wrist, sprained fibula, tearing of the anus, and some bruising here and there. You can go see him if you want, he should be awake by now.
**Grimmjow's POV**

I was nervous first walking in seeing as we had never met before. Uh, hi I'm Grimmjow- Grimmjow Jaegerjaques. I found you this morning and kinda lied and said I'm ur boyfriend if that's okay wit you. I was hoping he'd say yeah just to make sure he was gay cuz it'd be weird if he wasn't.

Sure I guess. I mean sorry if I was a bother to you in any way grimmjow. Man, the way ma name rolled of this kid's tongue made me want to jump him in that hospital bed. Nah it was no problem, you mind givin me a rundown of what happened if your comfortable with it. I was just trying to know what happened in case the police got involved which by the looks if it, it wouldn't be too long before they were.

With his raspy voice, he recounted what he could remember of last night and how it happened. Well, I was running along the trail when this guy stopped me. He knew my name but I've never met the guy and I found that weird. So when I went to leave he tried to grab me but I got loose and ran. He chased me down and that's when things get blurry. All I remember them was feeling a lot of pain. It was so unbearable and I was just wishing it would end or that I could die and escape the pain that way.

While Ichigo was telling me what had happened to him, I just got more and more pissed off by the minute. I mean who in their right mind would do something like that to Ichigo. I would like to know so I could beat the living shit out of them and see how they like it.

So, boyfriend huh? he asked with a smirk. Oh yes I was gonna like him. Yeah you know you seemed like my type and seeing as ur hot I couldn't just let you slip away now could I? I guess not he replied , although I saw that his face was as red as a blood rose in full bloom. But I would like you to know Ichigo that I really want to be ur boyfriend if you'll have me that is. I added my famous smirk for extra effect just in case.

Yeah I'll have you, besides who am I to deny something as gorgeous as yourself grimmjow. I swear this kid was tryin to kill me via all my blood rushing to my dick too fast. Guess ur right Ichigo I am pretty gorgeous aren't I . Now I was just trying to lighten up the room until some red head with thick black tribal tattoos came barging into the room.

Ichigo! I'm so glad ur okay man, why didn't you call, and who is this dude. As we sized each other up, ichigo worked to diffuse the situation at hand in order to prevent a fight between us. Renji calm down, this is grimmjow, my boyfriend and to answer your question on why I didn't call, I woke up not to long ago and grimm was the one who found me. Found you, whada mean found you? Well I was attacked and he found me during his morning run.

Huh, real convenient that you found him on ur morning "run" isn't it. What are tryin to say red, that I did this to him, well think again cuz I wouldn't raise a hand to hurt him. We may argue but right afterwards, once he leaves, I'm blowin up his phone to make sure he's okay. When he didn't answer his phone last night, I went lookin for him but couldn't find him. I've been kickin myself in the ass ever sense I found him in that trench along the trail because I didn't think to look there to see if he was takin on of his nightly runs. So yeah it was convenient that I found cuz if I hadn't he would've died.

That seemed to shut red up real quick and as real as that sounded, I couldn't believe I was lyin about most if it. If ichigo's face was anything to go by, he was to but I guess renji took it as him being emotional and all from his ordeal. Aww man I'm sorry that happened to you, and I'm sorry I blamed you for a minute there. I'm Renji Abarai, ichi's best friend since childhood and keeper of all his most embarrassing secrets. With that he held out his hand for me to shake and I did. Nice to meet you renji, and I'm lookin forward to finding out all of berry' embarrassing secrets that he hasn't told me about. No prob dude, I've got plenty of them.

Ichigo however was now planning on how he was gonna keep his best friend and his new Beau away from each other to prevent them from embarrassing him to death. It was too late as it seemed since renji was already telling grimmjow about the time he jumped into the pond naked at the park when he was nine thinking he was baby duck.

Oh no, Kami kill me now, he thought.