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Those who wander at night.

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Ichigo was on cloud 9 at the moment; having had ran about 2 miles so far he was enjoying the welcomed feeling that accompanied this form of exercise. The warm gentle breeze caressed the light sheen of sweat that had accumulated over his skin.

It was then that he was approached by a young man. He couldn't be no older than two years his senior and stood close to 6 feet. He had a few good inches on ichigo's 5'10'' frame however. With his signature scowl in place, he asked "may I help you?" As he held in his emotions, all he wanted was to get more and more distance between himself and this stranger.

"Why yes you can help me Ichigo." Knowing for a fact that he does not know this man nor did he disclose his name, he felt that he needed to leave and now. Quickly turning to leave as soon as possible, he failed to see the hand just as quickly jerking out grabbing him and fluently throwing him to the ground.

Startled at first, he quickly maneuvered his body rolled further away, got up and began to run away as quickly as possible. Now the gentle nostalgia was replaced by a cold gripping fear that held him in a vice grip. Hearing nothing but his heartbeat and the small twigs snapping beneath his feet, he was unprepared for the heavy body that slammed him into the ground. This caused them to roll down the hill and unfortunately, into a more secluded area hidden by trees.

Deciding to make quick work of his hands, the assailant tied ichigo's hands to the thick bark of an oak tree. He then began to strip him of his clothing. He started with those skin tight shorts as he sliced through them with him hunting knife. "Quite fitting don't you think? That I have hunting equipment for my newest hunt. Ah, and you didn't disappoint my dear Ichigo." He then ran he tounge along his face, lacing his skin with his warm breath. Further pushing fear into Ichigo's veins.

"Please, just let me go. I-I won't tell anyone, I'll just forget this ever happened." "Please, please just let me go. He sobbed. Oh no, don't cry Ichigo it will be all better soon enough." It was at this moment that he released his hardened member from his pants. He then gagged Ichigo with a black handkerchief and slammed into his unpreped hole as he grunted in pleasure from the tight feel of the hot walls surrounding him.

Ichigo's eyes watered as the pain shot up through his body. It was so unbearable and although he didn't want this man to see him cry, he couldn't stop the tears from falling. "Oh no Ichigo, don't cry she there is no need to cry this is a gift I am giving you." He then began to thrust harder into Ichigo's entrance as he got harder and harder. "Oh Ichigo, you feel soo good." Through the thick cut of darkness in the night sky Ichigo saw the thick crimson substance running down his leg. But, it seemed as though the man was reaching his climax.

Once it was over and he slid from out of him is when the rest of the torture began. For once he cleaned himself, he began to mercilessly beat Ichigo. He beat him until he was nearly unconscious and struggling to breathe. Once everything was said and done all Ichigo saw before the darkness overwhelmed him were grey eyes and the black bag he brought with him to dispose of anything that can link him to his crime.