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The Eighth Year

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The Eighth Year by LouHQ

Chapter 24: Chapter 24:

Author's Notes:

Short, but... I'm back!


A Pepper Up potion took care of the worst of the hang over symptoms but Harry still felt tired Sunday afternoon. With Hermione studying at her desk in the study and Ron reading on the bed next to her, Harry stretched out on the big bed in their bedroom. The herbology book he had used as an excuse was never opened as he pressed his face into the cool, soft pillow and let himself drift.

He was so relaxed that when someone knocked on their door, he had no idea if it was 5 or 50 minutes later, and he automatically said "Come in" as he released the wards on the door.

"Potter? Are you awake?"

"Sort of," Harry yawned and rolled onto his side, facing Malfoy. "What's up?"

"I can come back later."

Draco was clearly uncomfortable seeing Harry sprawled out in front of him like that. So Harry stretched lazily and said "No, s'all right. What is it?"

"Well, Hermione was the one that was interested, but I suppose I have to ask you all." Draco glanced around nervously.

"Spit it out Malfoy, so I can get back to my nap."

"Hi Draco!" Hermione greeted him brightly as she and Ron entered from the study through the bathroom.

Ron took one glance at Harry spread out on the bed and immediately climbed up behind him, spooning to him tightly. Harry leaned back into him, obligingly tilting his head so Ron could nibble on his neck. Draco took one look at the boys on the bed and turned away from them, blushing brightly.

"Hi Hermione. We talked about the artwork at Malfoy Manor. I have to meet with the family solictor at the manor this Saturday morning. I thought perhaps you could meet me there for tea, stay over night, and come back on Sunday. All three of you, of course." He nodded vaguely at Harry and Ron without actually looking at them.

"I don't think we have anything planned."

Ron stopped nibbling on Harry's ear long enough to say "Fine by me."

Harry opened bedazzled eyes and hummed "M'hmm," then visibly shivered as Ron's mouth dropped to his neck.

"Anytime," Ron said between kisses, "after" "the Quidditch" "game" "against" "Ravenclaw."

"Fine, I'll plan on it then." Draco said hastily, and left the room as if chased by the Grim.

"Honestly!" Hermione scolded the boys on the bed. "He's making an effort! Couldn't you wait till he left?"

"Hermione, I was just lieing here. I didn't do anything!"

"Hermione, look at Harry! How could I resist?"

Hermione looked over Harry. His hair was even messier than ever, his face relaxed and open from his nap and Ron's attentions. The very lines and valleys of his body spoke of sensuality, and the bulge in his denims told a tale as well. Hermione felt warmth pooling in her belly as she walked over to the bed. "I see what you mean," she said, trailing her fingers down his chest and stomach to rest warmly on his cloth covered groin.

Harry hummed again, leaning further back against Ron, who returned his attenion to Harry's neck while unbuttoning his shirt. Hermione unbuttoned Harry's denims and pulled off his trousers and pants. She got out the tube of lube and squeezed a bit into her hand before laying next to Harry and gently massaging his hardening cock.

"Mmmm, Hermione," Harry sighed, and he pulled her to him, burying his face in her hair. Ron leaned over Harry's shoulder to kiss her, and his hands left Harry's body long enough to push his own clothes off. Harry pushed up Hermione's skirt and found no knickers to slow him down. He fumbled over Hermione's shoulder to where she had left the tube of lube on the bedside table and smeared some on his own fingers.

"Give me some of that, mate," muttered Ron, and Harry obliged.

Now Harry's fingers delved into Hermione's folds as she pulled him closer to completion. He tugged lightly at her nether lips and dipped into her slick opening, exploring the delights of her cunt and teasing every kind of pleasure from her.

Ron's fingers caressed Harry's cheeks and crevice. The tender tracings around his opening built up until Harry began to push into his touch, and when Ron's fingertips first entered him it was all he could do not to impale himself on them. Instead he let Ron reach inside him, opening him slowly.

Finally, Harry could take no more teasing. Brushing away Hermione's fingers, he rolled her onto her back and pushed her knees up and out. She moaned as he sank his cock into her wet, gripping silk. When he could go no further, when he had filled her completely, he gasped, "Ron, fuck me mate."

Ron filled his eyes with their moving bodies. Damn, she looked so debauched split open like that, and so did Harry, hunched over to drive into her while keeping his arse open for plundering. Ron kissed her gasping mouth, tonguing her roughly before moving swiftly to her breast, sucking the nipple briefly yet strongly. He and Harry kissed then, all tongues and teeth before Ron broke away. He quickly positioned his lubed and leaking cock at Harry's arse before pushing, in one slow firm push, all the way into Harry, as deep into him as Harry was into Hermione.

They all cried out together as they ground into one another. Harry pushed into Hermione, then pulled away to push himself into Ron's thrust. They grunted and moaned and said "fuck" and "harder" until Hermione slammed into Harry and shook as her climax hurtled through her. Harry ground into her rippling cunt and bucked as his come filled her.

Ron criend out as Harry's clenching arse pulled his orgasm from his very soul. They melted into a pile of arms and legs and sweat and come smeared torsos, breathing liquid and replete. They were almost asleep when's Ron's eyes popped open.

"Did I really just agree to go to Malfoy Manor next weekend?"

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