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Sammy's Webcam Girlfriend

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valpo12bballgurl (3:09:18 PM): Hey what's up? 24/F here. You?

Dean glanced up at the cheerful, unfamiliar chirp on Sam's laptop and blinked in surprise at finding a window open that hadn't been there before. He set down the silver bullet cast -- always take advantage of a motel room without a working smoke detector to do crap like that -- and swiveled the screen to face him.

"The hell?" he muttered, vaguely remembering Sammy saying something about screen names and 'Fuck it, I'm setting you up with your own, see how you like it', after half a bottle of Hunter's Helper. He hadn't been paying attention.

Was that his name, in the corner? demonsnpie? Dean rolled his eyes. "Seriously, Sam? Don’t ever lump demons together with pie," he muttered, disgusted. Sam had no sense of common decency sometimes. But it'd be rude not to say anything, and after a minute, Dean typed a response and hit Enter.

Dean Winchester (3:16:42 PM): Don't need to bring age into it, do we?

It made a different chirpy-noise when he replied, he noted with a snort of amusement, and raised his brows as the reply came instantly.

valpo12bballgurl (3:16:50 PM): Hmm. Have we chatteed before?

"Quick on the trigger," Dean muttered as he wrote back.

Dean Winchester (3:17:15 PM): Don't think so. I would've remembered. You a friend of Sammy's?

valpo12bballgurl (3:17:23 PM): Oh ok. Sorrry. l wasn't sure.
valpo12bballgurl (3:17:31 PM): But anywaysss.... What are u up too?

"Guess not." He stared at the screen, feeling just a little surreal, and was tempted to answer with the truth. Casting silver bullets. Damn nimble werewolf nearly wiped out our supply.

Dean Winchester (3:18:32 PM): Relaxing, taking time off. Got a right to do that sometimes.

"Too bad it ain’t tonight," he added aloud, keeping back the sigh as he leaned back. Damn nimble werewolf, in addition to jumping all over the damn room evading their shots, had also caught him a nasty scratch on his leg, which he'd managed to keep from Sam so far, but goddamn, it ached.

valpo12bballgurl (3:18:39 PM): Ah. lm Iike super bored.
valpo12bballgurl (3:18:54 PM): l was thinking about gettting on web-cam but l'm not sure. lf l do wilIl you come and watch me?

"...Well, this conversation just got interesting," Dean said slowly after staring at the screen for almost a full minute.

Dean Winchester (3:20:27 PM): Web-cam. That is damn tempting.
valpo12bballgurl (3:20:39 PM): Ok cooIl. WeIlI its setup through this webbsite so that no one can recorrd me.
valpo12bballgurl (3:20:45 PM): ls that ok wiith u?

Dean snorted and folded his arms. Sam's slutty online girlfriend wanted to show off, huh? He wasn't falling for that. That'd just get Sammy ranting at him, and he got enough of that on a daily basis without seeking it out.

Dean Winchester (3:22:33 PM): Oh, hell no. I'm not getting tripped up like that. My brother'd kill me if he even knew I was on his laptop. He already tried once, awhile back. But I'll be thinking about you, doing whatever it is you'll be doing.

"Hell yeah, I will," he muttered with a slow, wicked grin. Picking someone up had been tempting tonight, but not with his souvenir threatening to bleed through the bandages. Fucking werewolf bitch.

valpo12bballgurl (3:22:41 PM): Mmmmk. Just go right here
valpo12bballgurl (3:22:57 PM): Then cIlick on the goIden button at the top that says JOIlN FREE and siqnup so u can watch me. Ok?

"Yeah, I wish. Where’s the 'keep your brother from finding out' button?"

Dean Winchester (3:23:55 PM): Much as I'd love to watch you, that ain't gonna work out.

valpo12bballgurl (3:24:11 PM): It does ask for a credit card during signup but dont worry it dosent charge the card its just to make sure your over 18.
valpo12bballgurl (3:24:23 PM): When u r finished and get in then searrch for MlSS_Juicy and hit VlIEW CAM. Ok?

Dean smirked. "Damn, getting desperate now, aren't you?"

Dean Winchester (3:25:04 PM): You don't take no for an answer, do you, you little spitfire.

valpo12bballgurl (3:25:20 PM): Ok babe hurry up and u can join mee in priivate or tip me some goIld and i wiIlI do anything u ask me.
valpo12bballgurl (3:25:27 PM): l mean ANYTHlING. loI

"'Tip me some gold'-- Oh, you think that's gonna sway me? Try again." She had no idea who she was talking to, Dean thought with no small amount of pride.

Dean Winchester (3:26:10 PM): This sounds more like something Sammy'd be into. Nothing against you, sweetheart, but I can get chicks to do just about anything anyway, in person.

valpo12bballgurl (3:26:20 PM): Lets taIlk on the site babee im getting off of here.

Dean Winchester (3:26:38 PM): You have fun. I'll tell Sammy his web-cam girlfriend said hi.

He watched as the other username blinked off and disappeared and shook his head. "Damn, Sammy, you keep some weird company," he muttered as he shoved the laptop away, back to its original position -- he certainly hadn't been on it, of course not -- and turned back to the tiny crucible. "Man’s work is never done."