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Take It Slow

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Take It Slow by icegirl99

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Author's Notes:

This is intended to be a one-shot but I'll continue it at my reader's request so please let me know!

Ron and Hermione collapsed so firmly against the bed in their post orgasm bliss that they hardly noticed that Harry had completely rolled off the bed. He stood at the open window; the cool night breeze caressing his naked body.


“Harry,” Ron grunted from his position on Hermione’s left side. His eyes were closed and he didn’t know that Harry was no longer beside Hermione.


Harry ignored him. “Harry?” Hermione had reached out to touch him. She opened her eyes and upon seeing him standing in front of the open bedroom window, sat up. “Harry, what’s wrong?”


Ron’s eyes snapped open at this and he too sat straight up, resting his hand on Hermione’s thigh.


“Nothing, I’m fine,” Harry muttered before swiftly turning and heading for the bathroom. Slamming the door shut, he locked it, and then sat down on the toilet, his head in his hands.


“Hermione,” Ron turned his attention to her, “did he…?”


She had to think for a few moments before it came to her, “no.” She frowned remembering something else, “I noticed that he was having some problems even staying aroused. He kept slipping out.” She looked towards the closed bathroom door, worry evident on her features.


Ron gripped her shoulder soothingly, “maybe we should talk to him.” He slid out of the bed and slid on his boxers.


Hermione followed him, slipping on her robe. Slowly they approached the door, “Harry?” she asked, lightly tapping on the door.


“Go away!” was their reply.


“Come on mate,” Ron leaned against the door, “we know what’s wrong and we just want to help.”


“Can you fix it?” Harry’s voiced was muffled.


Ron and Hermione looked at each other; he gave her a questioning look. She shrugged, “no, but maybe you just need some coaxing.” She reached for the doorknob, twisting it.


“Then go back to bed!”


Hermione pushed against the door, trying to get it to open even though she knew that it wouldn’t budge. “Harry please!” She cried as she stood still once more. “Just open the door, please.”  


“Harold James Potter! You will open this door at once!” Hermione started, Ron’s voice was not unlike Mrs. Weasley’s was when she was in a mood.


“Ron!” Hermione hissed, “You don’t have to be so mean.” But no sooner had the words left her mouth did the door swing open.


Harry stood in front of them, a towel wrapped around his waist. He didn’t say anything, and Hermione flung herself into his arms. Surprisingly he relaxed into her, “I’m sorry,” he muttered into her hair.


“It’s alright love,” Ron had moved behind Harry and embraced him from behind. “Talk to us Harry,” he whispered into Harry’s ear.


Hermione led them back into the bedroom, pulling back the sheets she removed her robe and climbed in. Harry dropped his towel and crawled in beside her. Ron too stripped and slid in beside him. “What’s going on?” Hermione asked as she turned to face him.


“I don’t know, I don’t know why it’s not working,” Harry lied.


“Are you just not feeling it?” Ron asked, intertwining his hand with Harry’s.


“No, nothing like that, it’s just…I don’t know,” his voice broke and Hermione wiped away the tear that escaped his eye.


Harry felt like fleeing again, but this time, with his two lovers on either side of him, he wasn’t going anywhere.


Hermione kissed him gently, while Ron caressed his dark hair. “How long has it been like this?” Hermione asked when they broke apart.


Harry buried his head in her shoulder, “a couple days.”


Hermione looked at Ron, she had worked the night shift last night. “We started, but then we got interrupted by a call from work. I told them we weren’t coming in until morning but Harry seemed distracted after that, so I finished myself off. Why didn’t you say anything, love?”


Harry shrugged, “didn’t want to bother you.”


“Harry, you’re never a bother,” Hermione said firmly.


“It’s nothing medical is it Hermione?” Ron asked.


Hermione racked her brains but she couldn’t see any reason why it would be. “Hmm, from what I’ve seen and we sometimes get men coming into the ER with this problem, it’s almost always psychological not physical.”


“But he’d tell us of something was bothering him, wouldn’t you Harry?” Harry laid still and quiet, for a minute Ron thought he’d fallen asleep but then he knew. “Harry?”


“Tell us,” Hermione said, “don’t be afraid.”


“There’s this guy at work, Ed, he’s always hated me,” Harry said.


“Yeah, that asshole, I fucking hate him too,” Ron muttered bitterly.


“Shush Ron!” Hermione said.


“Anyway,” Harry quietly continued, “he was giving me a hard time the other day and to top it off I wasn’t feeling good to begin with. Ron saw me yelling at him and dragged me off to the bathroom to cool down, and the bastard followed us. He saw Ron kissing me and I was pretty sure he was gay to begin with, but ever since then he hasn’t left me alone. He keeps cornering me in the bathroom whenever we’re alone in there.”


Hermione gasped and Ron’s hand tightened around Harry’s. “That not good for nothing fucking faggot! That’s fucking sexual harassment Harry! Why didn’t you tell me?! I would’ve beaten the living shit out of that son of a bitch!”


“Harry, you’ve got to tell your boss,” Hermione said. Harry shook his head and tried to hide his bright red face in his pillow. “You could have him charged!”


“No, I don’t want cause trouble,” Harry told them.


“You won’t,” Hermione’s voice was firm but not scolding, “what this guy is doing to you is against the law, its illegal!”


“Were you thinking about him while you were with us?” Ron asked, his hand slightly caressing Harry’s back.


“I couldn’t get him out of my head, I’m so sorry Ron, Hermione.” They could tell he was on the verge of tears.


“It’s not your fault love,” Ron said, he leaned over and kissed Harry’s shoulder. “Tomorrow we’ll talk to the boss, we don’t have to tell him about us.”


“Do you want to have another go Harry?” Hermione said, “I think I know a way that’ll bring it to life.”


Harry nodded his approval, “I can’t promise anything though.”


“We know,” Hermione said, she smiled as she captured his mouth. She moved her hand from her side and slid it between Harry’s parted legs where she found the spot and stroked.


Harry broke the kiss when he shivered and groaned at the pleasure her touch brought him. “Hermione, what are doing to him?” Ron asked as he watched Harry squirm under their fingers.


“It’s called the prostate, Ron,” Hermione replied as she turned onto her back giving both boys better access to her body.


“The what?” Hermione glared at him. Ron rolled off the bed and as he did so Hermione got on her knees and moved towards the end of the bed.


“Come on Harry,” Hermione urged as she bent to take him into her mouth. As she began to suck, Ron got behind her and started lapping at her clitoris with his tongue. She moaned and Harry began to swell in her mouth. Within a few minutes she could hardly hold herself up, she was so shaky with arousal.


Ron moved over to lie beside Harry as Hermione moved herself up and sank down onto him. Ron kissed him and Harry reached over to stroke Ron. As Hermione began to move Harry broke his kiss with Ron and moaned, “oh yes, Hermione!”


That was all they needed; Ron, who was writhing beside Harry suddenly stilled with the intensity of his orgasm as Hermione rode the waves of hers and Harry finally gave in, letting a passionate wave of pleasure wash over him.