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Take It Slow

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Take It Slow by icegirl99

Chapter 4: Chapter 4

Author's Notes: I struggled with this part in terms of content so I hope it’s not too boring. Also I know I intended, and even mentioned it to one of my reviewers, that the trio be Muggles but I’ve changed my mind, sorry. They are simply wizards living as Muggles. This part is rated NC-17, please read and review.  

“Did Hermione say what do about dinner?” Harry entered the living room, where Ron sat on the couch watching a talk show.

“She said she wouldn’t be home until after six,” Ron answered, his eyes not leaving the screen.

“I know,” Harry said, “but was she going to pick something up herself, or are we supposed to make something?”

“I think she said that we had to cook.”

“Have you looked in the fridge lately Ron?” Harry moved into Ron’s field of vision and leaned against the wall.

He shrugged, “there must be something you can cook.”

Harry snorted, “Hermione was supposed to do the shopping yesterday but she got called in to work the Wednesday night shift and slept all day, remember?”

Ron sighed and hit the power button on TV remote, switching it off. “Did she have a note?”

“It’s on the fridge,” Harry replied as he stood up straight.

“Well let’s go then, the last thing we need is a hungry pissed off lover,” Ron said getting up.

“Did she tell you to do the shopping?” Harry asked as Ron strode past him into the kitchen.

“No, but you know what she’s going to say if she comes home and finds out that we didn’t cook anything because there is nothing to cook?” Ron entered the living room again, the note in one hand, his car keys in the other.

“Yeah, let’s get going then,” Harry followed Ron out the door.

It wasn’t until just after six-thirty did Hermione come home. “How was your day love?” Ron asked as he walked into the living drying his hands on a towel.

She shook her head and sat down in a chair, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Busy huh?”

“Yeah, what’s for dinner?”

“Harry’s making chicken and rice,” Ron said as he set the towel down on the back of the couch. “It’s almost done.” Hermione glanced sadly in the direction of the kitchen.

He sat down opposite her, “we have to do something about Ed. I’ve never seen Harry like this before, today at lunch he was all nervous and now it’s like nothing happened at all.”

“It’s probably just an act, you know how Harry is,” Hermione said.

“I know Hermione, but we have to fix it, I don’t know how much more of this he can take, I can take.”

She glanced back at the kitchen once more before leaning forwards. “I have an idea, it’s risky but I think it’ll work.”

“Ron! Dinner’s ready, is Hermione home yet?” Harry stepped into the living room. Seeing her he smiled, “how was work?”

“Busy,” Hermione replied as she stood and walked over to him. “We need to have a talk Harry.”

He played stupid, “about what?”

“You know what,” Ron said as he sat down at the table.

“This problem is not going to go away on its own love,” Hermione said and spooned the rice onto her dish.

“I know,” Harry replied quietly. “I was just going to quit.”

“I don’t think you’ll have to,” Hermione said, “on my way home I came up with an idea.” She took a sip of her drink before continuing, “I think it’s time to pull out your old invisibility cloak.”

Harry dropped his fork, splattering food onto his shirt. Ron gulped back a large amount of water, choking he said, “What?”

“Well you said it yourself, Harry,” Hermione replied as Ron shrugged off her hand as she attempted to pat his back. “Ron said that you told him this morning that your boss would not believe you without proof.”

“Yeah,” Harry said.

“Yeah, we’re going to get that proof for you,” Hermione told him.

“How?” he asked, looking doubtful.

“We’ll catch him in the act on video, that’s how,” she shoved some food into her mouth. “On Monday I need one of you to check your schedule. I think the best time to do this will be at night. Since we can’t record anything in the bathroom, we’ll have to do it in some deserted hallway or something. We’ll wait until you’re off the clock and leaving for the night, then I’ll pretend to pick you up, giving you a kiss, while Ron records everything from under the cloak.”

“What if it doesn’t work?” Harry said, “I mean the only reason he’s doing it is because he thinks I’m totally gay.”

“Well you’re not and you’re going to prove that him,” Hermione said.

“Maybe it’ll set him off,” Ron stated, “thinking that you’re cheating on me.”

“I don’t know…”

“Come on Harry!” Hermione urged, “It’ll work, I know it will.” She stood up and started collecting their empty plates.

“And if it doesn’t you’ll let me quit?” Harry looked at her.

“I can’t stop you from quitting love,” she replied as she began to load the dishwasher.

Ron stood and muttered to Harry, “She’s seeing dollar signs; that’s all.” Harry snorted as Ron grinned and headed into the living room.

“I heard that Ronald Weasley!”

Hermione joined them in the living room a little while later. She lay down beside Ron and rested her head in his lap. “Are you tired love?” Ron asked as he stroked her hair.

“A little,” she replied looking up into his face. She smiled and suddenly a rush of arousal flooded her senses. She pushed herself up and with her free arm reached up pulling him towards her for a heated kiss.

Ron groaned and opened his mouth allowing her full access. Within seconds they were both breathless and broke apart.

Hermione sat up and straddled Ron but instead of kissing him as he expected she tossed her hair aside and turned her head, capturing Harry’s mouth. Ron took the hint and bent his head, kissing her exposed neck.

“You alright Harry?” Hermione asked as they broke apart and he rested his forehead against hers.

“Yes,” he replied as he went to remove her top. Ron’s hands joined his and together they pulled Hermione’s scrub top over her head.

In turn she started undoing the buttons on Ron’s shirt and Harry went to loosen his own tie. “No Harry,” Ron growled, “leave it on.”

Hermione momentarily climbed off him to get the lube from the bedroom. “This, on the other hand,” Ron grabbed the front of Harry’s shirt and pulled it apart, buttons flew everywhere.

“Ron!” Hermione said as crossly as she could.

“Don’t…worry…about…it,” Harry breathed as Ron kissed his chest and suckled on his left nipple.

She set the bottle of lube on the coffee table and moved over to them. Harry’s hands immediately went to her back and unclasped her bra. Once her breasts were free, Harry and Ron began to knead them; Harry pinched her nipple and rolled it between his fingers, “Mm…yes, that feels so good,” Hermione moaned.

Ron couldn’t take it anymore; he had to fuck her right now. Standing, he removed his remaining clothes. “You’re way too over dressed love,” he whispered into her ear as he moved up behind her; his erect cock pressing against her ass.

Harry moaned as Hermione kissed him, she reached down to undo his belt and slid his pants and boxers down to the floor. Then she got up and took off her pants and panties.

“Ron,” she breathed as she sank down onto Harry. “There’s lube on the table.”

It didn’t take Ron long to find it; he slicked it on his cock as Hermione moved up and down on Harry slowly, making sure that they would both last until Ron was ready.

She moaned as Ron prepared her leaning back into him. “Fuck Hermione,” Harry said as she changed the angle of his thrusting.  

Finally she felt Ron push into her and they began a rhythm that they were so used to doing that it was second nature to them.

Hermione came first; she always did when they were both inside her. Her moans and gasps along with her clenching muscles sent both Harry and Ron over the edge.

Panting, they collapsed against the couch in a heap and soon fell asleep right where they were.

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