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And the World Has Fallen

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And the World Has Fallen by Sidial

Chapter 1: And the World Has Fallen

Author's Notes:

And the world has fallen.

I watched, wondering
Knowing you walked past
Wondering if you knew
Or know that my life
Is in your hands.

Almost literally, at that.

Because if your life
Might be threatened
It will have to get
Through me and only you
Can make me step aside.

Ironic, knowing that you would.

It's something
I've always known
That when the time comes
You will want to
Do it on your own.

And somehow we knew, didn't we?

We knew what they
Had to be told and shown
We knew, deep down,
Long before they accepted
And we made our choices then.

And if you think you're
Going to leave me now
-- Leave us now --
And expect us to stay here
All I'm going to say
Is my life is in your hands.

And my world is not falling down again.