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Indentured ♕ (Union of the Crowns)

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"The marriage was concluded for no fleshy consideration, 

but in order to remedy the disorders of this kingdom (...)" 

 ―Ruy Gómez de Silva


Within the Assent Ceremony's first hour, the chairman of Arendelle's parliament delivered an unenthusiastic speech:   

"After a drumfire of unfortunate events, the queenless cousin of Arendelle was ravaged by the Great Famine and the Bovi Fever in 1847. A personal union has been negotiated between both delegations to reinstate Corona and forestall enemy invasion from the Southern Isles on the account that Arendelle represent its foreign affairs, pay its debts, fortify its militarization, nuture its natural resources, and serve other needs. In acknowledgement of our just and reasonable cause, the Bishop of Arendelle has granted a dispensation of incestuous affinity laws to allow matrimony between Queen Elsa of Arendelle, cousin of the late Queen Rapunzel, and King Eugene of Corona, former husband of the late Queen Rapunzel. Her Late Majesty suffered two miscarriages and one stillborn during the first years of their coregency. In 1846, pregnancy complications compromised her last expectancy to a degree in correspondence with her late mother's, but it was blood loss that ultimately took her life.

Collaterally, the marriage between Princess Anna and her consort is a morganatic union, in which neither the spouse who entered with nothing nor any of his children will chair Arendelle. Queen Elsa is therefore obligated to fulfill her responsibilities in favor of the Storting's statutes."

Breathing was becoming harder with each passing second for the Coronian King. His chest felt hard, as if it was filling up with grout and tar calcified together. He didn't expect, nor want, to respond and keep the topic flowing into this smutty direction. He wanted to escape the responsibility of consciousness. According to the damp, flittering eyelashes of Queen Elsa, who all but kept her head forward like a celestial priestess, the supporting actress in this porno was fighting the exact same desire, if not the very marble in her throat.  

"The Arendelle crocus will be dimidiated with the Corona sun on the union flag. Should Her Majesty die during childbirth, then King Eugene will be appointed regent.

This conjugality between Queen Elsa of Arendelle and King Eugene of Corona will reward both countries with preservation, prosperity, and posterity."

...Why didn't anyone ever tell him that this would be the ultimate horror?