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Some Bonds are Never Broken

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Merlin trudged along the roadside as he did every week, passing by the ancient Lake of Avalon, slowing and silently nodding before starting to move on…when he felt something. A twinge, a tingle in his senses he hadn’t felt before.

Merlin stopped and turned towards the lake, staring at the ruined tower on the island where Arthur lay. Something was drawing him there. Was it time? Merlin didn’t think that Albion had any great need of Arthur but…yet…something was drawing him to Arthur’s side.

Merlin divested himself of the bags he carried and ran to the water’s edge. He had no dragon to summon to carry him across so he just cast a spell to allow him to walk on water. Or rather run. He ran as fast as his old legs could carry him. His heart thumped in his chest, tears streaked his face, hoping against all hope that Arthur had indeed risen.

Merlin reached the island and made his way towards where the boat carrying Arthur’s remains would have landed. There was no sign of a boat, the wood would have disintegrated long ago, but Merlin had hoped some of his armor may have remained. He saw nothing but grass and reeds along the shoreline. Merlin frantically searched up and down the entire shore and found nothing. He sank to his knees in grief, feeling foolish for letting his heart taunt him like that.

“Why do you weep so, old man?” came a voice from behind him. Oh, that voice. It couldn’t be. His mind was playing tricks on him again. He started when a firm hand gripped his shoulder.

Merlin swung around quickly to see…”Arthur!”

Without thinking, Merlin launched himself up and embraced his King, his lover, his bond-mate, weeping and sobbing into his shoulder.

Arthur gently pushed him away with a confused look. “Do I know you?”

Merlin stifled another sob. “So…sorry. I forgot. Aging spell.”

Merlin’s eyes glowed gold as he softly spoke a spell and he was young once again.

“Merlin!” Arthur’s eyes smiled as he recognized his bond-mate. “I hardly recognized you.”

“I missed you, Arthur,” Merlin embraced Arthur again. “So very much.”

Arthur returned the embrace this time, whole-heartedly. “How long has it been?”

Merlin took a deep breath. “Nearly fifteen-hundred years, Sire.”

“Fifteen-hundred?!” Arthur exclaimed. “I know I like to sleep in, but that’s ridiculous!” Arthur laughed and Merlin finally smiled.

Arthur cupped Merlin’s face, wiping away his tears with his thumbs. “So, you’ve been alone all this time?”

Merlin nodded. “You are my bond-mate. My destiny. There could never be another.”

“Oh Merlin, I’m sorry to have kept you alone so long,” Arthur said. “But wait…why am I even alive? What happened? It’s all gone a bit fuzzy.”

“Come, let me tell you,” Merlin said, leading Arthur into the ruins so they could sit. Merlin explained what had happened, how Arthur died and what the dragon had told him.

“It was then I finally understood why you were called the Once and Future King,” Merlin explained. “It gave me hope of seeing you again one day.”

“And how is it that you are still alive?” Arthur asked. “Were you also asleep all this time?”

Merlin shook his head. “No, apparently I’m immortal. That’s what the Druid’s name for me means. Emrys. Immortal.”

Arthur embraced him again. “My gods Merlin. You really have been alone then. I’m…so sorry. How in the world did you survive going through your heats for so long?”

Merlin blushed. “That’s why I was using the aging spell. When my body is old like that, I no longer go into heat. It was easier than having to take suppressants all the time.”

“That explains why I didn’t recognize you, even your scent was different,” Arthur said.

Merlin snuggled his head under Arthur’s chin. “I’m so glad to have you back.”

Arthur just held Merlin, stroking his back gently. “Why am I back then? If I wasn’t to awaken until Albion had a need of me again?”

Merlin shook his head. “I honestly don’t know. The world is a bit of a mess, but there are no impending disasters or wars that I am aware of. Twice before I thought perhaps you would awaken in the last century, but you didn’t.”

“What happened then?” Arthur asked.

“There were two world wars,” Merlin explained. “It was awful. So many died, so many others suffered needlessly. Some days it felt like the entire world would end. It felt like we needed you, so desperately, but you did not rise during either of them.”

“And there are no impending wars?” Arthur asked. Merlin shook his head. “Not that I am aware of.”

“Perhaps whatever enchantment had kept me sleeping, wore off?” Arthur speculated.

Merlin shook his head again. “No, I don’t think so. Perhaps you need time to prepare before it happens?”

Arthur nodded. “That seems likely. How much has the world changed since last I saw you?”

“You will not believe everything at first. I’m sure a lot will come to you as a shock,” Merlin said. “For one, there are no more Alphas or Omegas. They all died out nearly a thousand years ago. The entire world is now populated only with Betas.”

“Well then I don’t have to worry so much about fighting off other Alphas, my Love,” Arthur teased. Merlin chuckled.

“Technology has advanced quite far since our day,” Merlin continued. “You can travel across the land in vehicles that propel themselves, without the need of horses, at speeds you couldn’t imagine. We have devices that allow you to communicate over vast distances and all the knowledge of the world is at everyone’s fingertips.”

Arthur looked stunned, but quickly recovered himself. “What about sorcery?” Arthur asked.

“Magic has practically died out as well,” Merlin confirmed. “I believe I am the last one left, unless the rest hide it like they used to in Camelot. Even the Druids are all gone. So are the Trolls and Goblins, and Dragons. Here I am, a Dragon Lord, with no Dragons to command.”

Arthur sighed. “I do regret following my father’s path on the views of magic. If I had known what you could do..."

“That is long forgotten and forgiven, Love,” Merlin said, stroking Arthur’s face. “Come, let’s go back to my apartment. You’ll need a change of clothes.”

Merlin led Arthur across the lake and Arthur laughed as they first stepped foot onto the water and walked upon it as if on dry land. “Merlin, you’re brilliant!” Merlin smiled, happy he didn’t have to hide his magic from Arthur anymore.

Soon they were walking along the roadway, Merlin having retrieved the bags he’d dropped earlier, heading back into the town where Merlin had settled himself. He kept a small, humble apartment, conjuring just enough money to satisfy his most basic needs.

There he’d been keeping a collection of clothing that would fit Arthur. In fact he had an entire trunk full, having collected them over the centuries as styles and tastes changed. The most recent set he’d purchased included a pair of blue jeans, a polo shirt, a pair of boxer briefs, socks and a pair of Nikes.

“This is what they wear these days?” Arthur looked skeptically in the mirror. “I feel like a peasant!”

“Most people dress casually, Sire,” Merlin shrugged. “I do have a set of fancier dress clothes as well, but they aren’t suited for every day.”

Arthur closed the gap between them. “You really don’t need to keep calling me sire you know,” Arthur said smiling, before leaning in to kiss Merlin thoroughly. “My Omega,” Arthur growled feeling the heat stirring in his loins as he drank in Merlin’s scent.

Merlin’s Omega instincts kicked in and he whimpered and bared his neck to his Alpha and Arthur happily sunk his teeth into the tender flesh.

Lapping tenderly against the bite mark he asked. “When do you expect your next heat, my Love?”

“I honestly don’t know. I’ve been blocking it for fifteen-hundred years now…” Merlin said.

“May I take you now anyway?” Arthur asked, needing his mate’s consent.

“Oh, yes Arthur,” Merlin practically moaned. “I have waited for you for so long…”

Merlin helped Arthur divest them both of their clothing and even though he wasn’t in heat, Merlin was still self-lubricating a little bit. He went to a drawer in his bedside table and took out a bottle of lube to help the process along a bit, tossing it to Arthur.

“What’s this?” Arthur asked.

“Something better than oil,” Merlin offered as explanation.

Merlin lay himself down on the bed, looking up at Arthur expectantly as his Alpha was covering his very noticeable arousal with the lube.

“Oh, you’re right, this is better,” Arthur groaned as he stroked himself. “That’s brilliant.”

“You’re brilliant,” Merlin groaned, getting on his hands and knees, presenting himself to his Alpha.

“No, on your back,” Arthur said gently. “I want to make love to you, not just rut like a dog in heat. Not today.”

“Yes, Alpha,” Merlin said as he turned over, getting lost in his Omega state.

Arthur crawled between Merlin’s legs, licking and sniffing his way up Merlin’s body, taking in his Omega’s scent, growling softly. Merlin once again offered his neck and Arthur gratefully accepted, licking the earlier bite before placing another one beside it as he sank into Merlin’s slick heat.

Merlin arched his back in pleasure, as he wept tears of joy to be joined with his Alpha again. He murmured a mantra as Arthur plunged his turgid length into Merlin over and over. Missed you. Love you. Please never leave me again.

Arthur made love to his Omega, growling softly into his ear. You’re mine. Always mine. Need you. Want you. Want to put my knot in you.

“Yes, Alpha! Please…please knot me. Need your knot…” Merlin cried. Arthur slowly pushed his knot inside Merlin, and continued to thrust shallowly, rubbing the knot against the Omega’s prostrate.

They came hard, together. Merlin arching off the bed as his Omega cock spurted over his stomach, and Arthur shot his first load deep inside Merlin, howling loudly during his release.

They collapsed into each other’s arms, tied together for at least a half-hour while Arthur would continue to release more semen inside his lover. Merlin held Arthur close, afraid to let him go. He once again began to weep.

“Shh, shh, it’s alright Merlin. I’m here. I’m here now,” Arthur said soothingly. “I’m so sorry you had to be alone for so long. I should have been there with you, to protect you.”

“You know I can protect myself,” Merlin sniffled. “I just missed having you in my life. You’re my bond-mate and it was so very lonely without you.”

“Well, I am here now, and we’re together again,” Arthur reassured him. “Tomorrow we can start fresh, and figure out why I finally awakened.”

Merlin nodded. “Tomorrow. Tonight you’re mine and mine alone.”