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Once Upon a time in Auradon

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Finding time together was not easy for Carlos & Jay, juggling their breaks between tourney training, homework, keeping up with Evie or Mal & their general school wide mischief – yet they managed to find it in those precious minutes before classes start & they went to sleep, huddled in each others arms underneath their blankets. Their evenings together, all alone & undisturbed in the dorm, had become very precious to both of them ever since they admitted their affections to each other shortly after the coronation.

After having spent the last five days always sleeping together, Jay was becoming anxious for what he hoped would come next, almost dreading it as he was worried they’d screw up. Carlos had been content just cuddling & softly kissing up until now & even though Jay didn’t mind, he found it to become a bit too much of a routine to his liking as he wanted to feel even closer with the pale boy… He had become restless in the simple repetition their evenings brought, being not at all used to acting relaxed around anyone aside Carlos. On the Isle such behaviour would have gotten you hurt, or worse – as Carlos had known all too well… He had been milling it over & decided to ask Carlos about it, hoping he wouldn’t mind trying to take their physical relationship to the next level altogether.

“Hey, Carlos, what are we gonna do this evening?” Jay asked the question whisperingly beneath the droning voice of Fairy Godmother’s recital upon the nature of kindness, softly bending over towards Carlos as he tried to keep an eye on Fairy Godmother. Carlos thought about it for a few minutes before turning to Jay & whisperingly replying. “I hadn’t really thought of anything else besides just finishing homework, fixing up that old radio & then go to sleep. Why? You plan something?” Jay straightened up & mumbled softly under his breath, as Fairy Godmother had turned around & was looking in their direction. “I’m bored of this routine we’ve got going, even though it’s nice and all. Can’t we do something fun tonight, something more? Go see a movie or something?” Carlos smiled, ruffling his hair before answering back as he avoided Fairy Godmother’s scanning eye before she had turned back to the blackboard. “Sure, man. You pick the movie, okay? I’ll go see whatever movie you choose anyway, you know that.” Carlos was always too eager to please Jay, who smiled at this, fidgeting in his seat – causing Fairy Godmother to look back up from the blackboard at him & she started rebuking him before demanding a recital of the Seven Virtues she had just discussed on her own, causing Jay silently curse beneath his breath as he tried to remember whatever she had just all said. Satisfied by Jay’s at least semi-correct attempt at explaining the Virtues, she let them go a few minutes early as the Rotten Four packed their stuff.

After the first lesson together, the day seemed to drag on, more so than normally, as Jay kept going back & forth over all the movies they got to know since their arrival in Auradon. He didn’t want a soapy drama or romance & was thinking from the start about a thriller they hadn’t seen yet, even though he had no idea which would be the best. After a few hours he still hadn’t decided & had decided to bother Ben about suggestions for a good choice of a thriller, specifying it better not be too scary because he had no mind to keep comforting Carlos through the night due to post-thriller trauma. After a few minutes Ben managed to suggest a movie that really piqued Jay’s interest & struck him as more than perfect for the evening, as it didn’t sound too scary or lame & would make sure the evening ended up with Carlos nestling in his arms. Now the only bother was to tell Carlos – whom he hadn’t seen since the first lesson that morning. Their decisions to each pick a schedule fitted for their own interests had done wonders for them four but it had limited their time together during the day to purely shared lessons & lunch break, somewhat straining their friendships.

Lunch came quicker than any other hour fortunately & Jay sat himself opposite Carlos, next to Evie who was discussing their chemistry homework with Mal. “I found the perfect movie, Carlos” said Jay in an extremely cheery voice for his doing, as he started attacking the meat on his plate while Carlos munched on some tofu. Carlos looked curious, already trying to guess which one it was, but after a few guesses Jay did drop that it was thanks to Ben he got the suggestion, hoping Carlos would stop guessing & just enjoy the surprise. Carlos looked a bit surprised at this, but knowing better than to be jealous decided not to think anything of this – in contrast to Mal who began to barrage Jay with questions as to whether or not Ben told him anything about the next official duty they had to attend together, as she was sure he was not avoiding it to take her with him on many occasions. “It sucks I have to go with him to most of them, seeing how we’re officially together but at least with him around it isn’t a complete bore. But I still hate it. All those prissy princesses who think they know me simply because they saw me defeat my mother.” Mal rattled on for a few minutes as Evie agreed humming from time to time while Carlos & Jay quietly ate their lunch. Lunch was over quicker than expected & after Carlos gave Jay a small peck before hurrying off to class, another four hours trawled themselves like snails before the bell rang the last time.

Seeing how Carlos had technology after studies with Doug & a few other technauts, Jay took his time in arranging everything for the evening when he arrived in their dorm alone. After raiding the kitchen for snacks, snatching a few pillows from several other dorms in a simple feat of silent stealth & relocating a fair share of school-owned candelabras, he felt he had made their dorm just perfect for the night as he started to light the candelabras & finished setting up. When Carlos arrived from after study a dozen minutes later, he was surprised to find the entire couch-area buried in pillows, blankets & sweets as soft candlelight illuminated the room. Jay had just put on the last candles as Carlos dropped his bag behind his bed & changed his clothes into their nightwear, while Jay watched the usual ritual, enjoying the view before Carlos started speaking. “Wow, Jay, did you pillage a fairy castle or what?” Carlos teased him, throwing a pillow at him while Jay too was changing into something comfortable. “Maybe, but we won’t get into trouble if you let me return it all before morning.” He winked at Carlos, making the smaller boy blush of embarrassment, knowing how his stealing habits caused the boy distress over possible consequences whenever he caught Jay doing it. Jay didn’t get caught often luckily & he had let Carlos be happy thinking he always caught him. Though the younger boy never said so, Jay knew it gave him a bit of satisfaction into thinking he could catch Jafar’s thief-son red-handed at any time.

Carlos rummaged through the sweets by the couch as Jay let himself fall into the pillows & pulled the young boy after him as he pressed play, starting the movie. To Carlos, the entire scene of pillows & sweets reminded him somewhat of the stories of genies & their lamps, exotic tales in fabulous eastern countries where pillows were more common than sofa’s or couches as recliners to rest upon. Looking at the dark tall boy besides him, he felt – lucky. Or as lucky as he could feel considering his life, which had never been a nice one until he had met his friends. It never had been easy, but when Jay came into it, it had become more bearable – and at times even enjoyable. Having to scrub his mothers bunions was somehow more doable if it meant he could see Jay sooner afterwards & fool around together. He began to nestle himself into the crook of Jay’s body as the movie started properly, occupying a position he began to know more & more by heart as the days strode by. Breathing out easily, he relaxed in Jay’s arms & watched the movie, sometimes looking up at the dark youth in love when a scary scene came on.

Jay let the boy settle, shifting his arm so that he could easily pet the blonde’s hair & stroke his freckled cheeks, sending happy hums through the lithe body. A few nights ago Carlos had begun to purr sort like, a purring that reminded Jay more of his laugh & smiles than a real purring. Surprised at first, Jay had taken a liking to it – and hearing it had become a sort of goal in itself whenever they would cuddle in bed before sleep. Occasionally picking a chocolate sweet from the table, Carlos rested his head on Jay’s chest through the entire movie, sometimes shifting to put his arm underneath Jay’s back & hug him more tightly as the movie went on. Jay too was beginning to curl himself more about Carlos as the night wore on. By the end of the movie, they had intertwined more like cats than anything else. But they didn’t move when the movie finally ended. Jay felt that Carlos was still awake, feeling the soft purr coming from the youth, as he smiled, thinking how lucky he had been to become friends with Carlos.

When they did move, it was because they had startlingly noticed the time. “Shit, so late already? We’re gonna be late tomorrow if we stay up any longer.” Carlos quickly stepped up, beginning to clean up the pillows before Jay stopped him by wrapping his strong arms about the smaller boys chest & keeping him still from trying to clean up. “Eh, school can wait. Right now I just want to enjoy the evening with you. How did you like the movie? Scared?” Jay asked teasingly, tickling the boy in his sides & lifting him up towards the beds as they laughed together. Carlos’ giggles became louder as Jay went on, before Carlos managed to wiggle his way out of the strong grip of Jay & avoided Jay’s attempts to recapture him. He finally turned around & wrapped his own arms around Jay’s waist, looking the dark boy in the eyes as they giggled. “I’ve never been happier before. It could’ve been a documentary for all I care, seeing how I only need you to enjoy a few hours doing anything.” He smiled, his freckled nose wrinkling as Jay laid his hand upon Carlos’ cheek, softly drawing him closer, and ridding the gap between their lips.

Even though they had kissed often before by now, some kisses still managed to capture both boys by surprise – as softly their lips met & their exhaled breath mingled between them. Pressing gently harder & touching lips with tongue, both boys inhaled through their noses as they rose higher upon their feet. Such kisses always came from the tenderest moments, when their spirits seemed to touch & lift them up. Softly ending it, they began again, harder & less softly this time. They both knew what came from these kisses & neither boy minded. Gently stumbling towards Carlos’ bed, Jay tugged at Carlos’ pants, lifting the smaller boy up & setting him upon the bedside. They stopped & Jay drew back, looking at Carlos in a hazy smile, which the small boy returned in earnest, his eyes gleeful.

Jay adored the boy’s hair, short though it may be. He never dared dye his hair, didn’t think it’d suit him – but on Carlos it seemed just right. The boy’s freckles too seemed only to make him more beautiful as they dotted his cheeks & nose. Carlos too was intently staring at Jay, thinking nearly the same things. He loved to play with Jay’s hair, especially when they were alone. On a few occasions he’d even been allowed to braid it on condition to remove them before the next day. He loved the protective embrace of the taller & bigger boys arms, as he thought he fitted perfectly between them as they lay in bed together – as if made for each other. But more than anything he cherished Jay’s hands, admiring the long fingers & their strong stealthy grip upon his own. Though he never thought about it before, he now knew that he would adorn those fingers with a ring one day – a ring just for themselves, stolen from nobody & earned in honest work.

Being a tad star struck by the younger boys beauty, Jay remained standing still & admiring for a few minutes, prompting Carlos to take the lead for once. He tugged at Jay’s shirt, softly pulling it over the boy’s shoulders & upon his bed board. Inciting Jay to do the same, his shirt quickly followed as their bare chests rubbed together. They stood gazing again for a minute, Jay’s hand softly wandering on Carlos’ side, caressing the freckled chest & stomach, before reaching behind his back & stroking the boys back. Jay knew how sensitive Carlos was, even though the boy had endured many lashings & beatings by his mother & many other people. “Perhaps that’s why,” Jay thought, “why he enjoys a soft stroke so much more. He knows its value.” Jay started sliding the back of his hand over Carlos’ arm, before entwining his fingers with Carlos’ as they kissed again.

Carlos too was letting his hands wander, now over the muscled chest & shoulders of the dark tanned youth before him, than over his cheek & hair – before dipping down & letting his fingers slowly slip behind the band of Jay’s pants. Taking the hint, Jay moved closer & also put fingers behind Carlos’ pants. They both knew what was going to happen & even though neither had done it before, save perhaps for Jay, both were anxious & excited. Their deep breaths were exchanged between their lips again, closing in on each other & touching in a quiver. Both boys shuttered as they sank upon the bed, Carlos beneath Jay’s greater weight. A moan escaped them, as softly Jay grinded his hips upon Carlos’. This they had done before, several times when they spooned but then they were afraid to do more. It was all still so new & they had agreed to go slow for the time being. But that didn’t matter now, so they felt. It was right, now at last.
Carlos shuddered from the feeling jay’s grinding brought him, become more assertive in pulling at Jay’s pants, slowly dragging them down & exposing more of the dark boys tanned skin. Jay’s hair enclosed their faces as it fell down upon the bed, tangling with Carlos’ dyed spikes. “Carlos?” Jay breathed heavily, his voice nearly giving away in the tension. “I love you.” Carlos giggled, “I love you too, silly.” Jay’s smile made Carlos’ assertion melt like butter, allowing Jay to take the lead again. He sat up & positioned the boy more right, now laying both on the bed. Carlos still was tugging at Jay’s pants & Jay decided to help him a hand. He placed his own upon Carlos’ hands & slid the pants down to his knees. Clad only in boxer, Jay proceeded to do the same with Carlos, slowly pulling down the spotted shorts till he was out of them. Both wearing only boxers now, Jay’s a satin pair red as sand, Carlos’ a pair of white-dotted black ones, the boys moved towards each other again. Slowly rising, Carlos met Jay halfway & pushed his chest against Jay’s. With a few hairs on it, Jay’s looked much more mature than Carlos’, pale, freckled & hairless.

Jay bend down, trailing soft kisses along Carlos’ neck, nape, collarbone & finally nipple. He stopped for a moment, before slowly kissing them & trailing the tip of his tongue around & over them. The soft sensation made Carlos throw back his head, shudder & moan softly from deep within, a sound like a mix between purring, moaning & whimpering. Hearing it softly, Jay shuddered at it. After a few moments, Jay continued downward, finally reaching the navel & the shorthaired treasure trail Carlos was slowly growing down his loin. Slowly dragging chin, lips & tongue over the soft hairs, Jay’s mouth met the band of Carlos’ boxer. Prying fingers behind it on the sides & biting upon it in front, he slowly pulled down the boxers, freeing the erection Carlos had been sporting since the first kiss minutes ago. Pulling it completely down until his feet were through, Jay put the boxer away with their shorts & shirts, before focussing on Carlos again. Softly kissing the boy’s feet & stroking his shins, fingers trailing through the hair on the boy’s legs, Jay worked his way up along Carlos’ knees & thighs, trailing his tongue along the v-lines of Carlos’ hips. He sat up straight again.

The small boy lay before him, arms by his head, his pale body covered in freckles & scars, small & yet so warm beneath Jay’s own body. Slowly removing his own boxers, Jay slowly laid himself upon Carlos again, their bodies slowly connecting. After softly settling & kissing each other again, Carlos bucked his hips up against Jay’s, nervous & impatient. The sensation ran through the boys, as Jay took the hint & slowly started pressing his own hips down upon Carlos’. Slowly & softly they moaned, naked in the moonlight, kissing now & then before either one went trailing of with their lips over neck & shoulder of the other. Jay slowly sliding over Carlos, Carlos bucking against Jay, both moaned hoarsely as the pleasuring sensation their grinding causes, grew stronger & stronger. Sweat beading on their bodies, Jay kissed Carlos, moaning in his mouth as his hair fell over Carlos’ face.

After a while, Jay felt Carlos wanted more, as did he. Slowly descending again, he once more kissed the boys chest, giving extra attention to the numerous small scars he found dotting Carlos’ chest & stomach. He wanted so desperately to make the negative memories of those scars become blissful remembering’s of their love together. Eventually reaching Carlos’ treasure trail & ending by the small bush of black pubes, he kissed the boys hips, slowly circumventing the most sensitive part & ending up kissing the inside of the boys thighs before going up again. Slowly kissing the boy’s balls, he inhaled the scent of Carlos’ arousal. Though not as strong as it could’ve been, it smelled sweet & hearty to Jay – which surprised him. He went up slowly, until reaching the base of the boys cock. Slowly licking the shaft, Jay took his time before finally reaching the tip, which he gently kissed. Meanwhile Carlos’ moans had become deeper & louder, the moanful whimpering becoming more of a demanding whine – always underlined with that purr of pleasure. Deciding it was now or never, Jay slowly took the tip in his mouth & let it part his soft lips. Slowly taking it deeper, making sure to let it glide over his tongue, he started blowing the dick of the young boy under him who threw back his head in a deep loud moan. Moaning louder & louder, Carlos’ hands gripped the sheets & he slowly began bucking his hips up & down, pushing his dick deeper & less deep into Jay’s warm & eager mouth.

“Fuck,” Carlos thought, “I never imagined this could feel so good. Oh gods!” He bucked harder & harder, eager to enjoy this is much as he could. Slowly breathing though his nose, Jay was surprised at how easy this came to him & how wonderful he found it that Carlos moaned over enjoying him so much. Slowly massaging the boy’s balls, he wandered his hands all over the boy’s hips & back. Trailing away & again back to his bottom, Jay slowly stroked a finger through Carlos’ ass. Surprised at the sensation when Jay’s finger stroked his asshole, Carlos bucked his hips a bit too much, finally causing Jay to gag & remove Carlos’ dick from his mouth. With a thread of saliva hanging from it, Jay regretted letting Carlos’ dick out of his mouth but instead decided it was his turn now. Putting Carlos upright & laying down himself, he let the younger boy do the hard work now. Surprised at this, Carlos decided to mimic Jay’s example & start kissing him in the neck.

Slowly down he went, his tongue trailing through the bush of dark chest hairs Jay sported, enjoying the muscled chest & eagerly licking the nipples of the stronger boy. Down his chest & encountering Jay’s thicker & darker treasure trail, Carlos immediately went for Jay’s dick. Though larger than his own & thicker, he slowly put his lips upon it. Inhaling the musky smell of Jay’s pubes, he slid down the boy’s dick, softly gagging when he had took nearly half of it. The sensation of Jay in him & inhaling the musky scent of Jay, Carlos began to lose himself in eagerness & lust. Deciding not to risk it, Carlos went back up & started blowing Jay on his own rhythm. Jay placed a hand softly on Carlos’ head & softly bucked the boy. “Gods,” he thought in himself as a deep loud moan escaped him, “why does he have to be so perfect in everything?” Softly stroking his own dick while blowing Jay, Carlos took up the speed & kept going. Enjoying it all, Jay didn’t take heed of the time & ere a half hour had passed, suddenly felt an orgasm rising. Deciding against it, he slowly pulled the eager pale boy away from his dick & gave him a long deep kiss, tongues intertwining in each other’s mouth. Now tasting of Jay’s precum & his own unique flavour, Carlos’ longed for this kiss to last.

Finally breaking free, Jay picked up the boy & slowly pulled him upon his hips. His strong erection slowly parted Carlos’ cheeks & softly stroked against the young boy’s asshole. A moan escaped Carlos’, as he bend forward & placed himself upon Jay alike a cat. “Do you want to try it?” Jay asked Carlos, who did nothing but whimper a whine & nod. Slowly lubricating Carlos’ hole, Jay positioned his dick against it & slowly pushed. Carlos whined, biting down into Jay’s collarbone & panting deeply. Seeing how the bite already caused a bruise & preventing the boy from drawing blood, Jay paused. Waiting before he hurt him, Jay let Carlos relax. When calmed, Carlos slowly pushed against Jay’s dick & surely let it enter him. “Fuck, “Jay thought, “He’s too tight. He’s gonna hurt himself!” Trying to pull back, Carlos stopped Jay & hoarsely whispered. “It’s okay, Jay. I’ve had worse pain & I’m getting used to it. Just… Just let me do it, okay?” Deciding Carlos knew best, Jay simply nodded & embraced Carlos as the teen slowly slid down on Jay’s hard cock, moaning in pain & ecstasy. After the head of Jay’s dick went in, it became easier for Carlos to bear & before long, he had worked Jay completely into himself, burying him deep within. Waiting a few minutes for Carlos to get used to the feeling, Jay restrained himself not to start thrusting into the boy. The tight feeling of the virgin hole of Carlos made Jay nearly curse in excitement as lust made him pant in expectation. Carlos had wrapped his arms around Jay for the time being & slowly grinded upon the erection in him, getting used to the size & girth of it filling him up from within. He breathed deeply, feeling how Jay’s large dick stretched his asshole wider than anything else before, lust was beginning to overwhelm Carlos again, the musky & sweaty scent of Jay filling his every thought.

Slowly, Carlos pulled back, nearly pulling it completely out before slowly sliding back down. Causing a rhythm, Jay decided it was safe to slowly start thrusting & he bucked his hips gently against Carlos’. After a while they had begun a steady pumping & were again both moaning deeply & loudly, enjoying a sensation of perfect connection. Sitting upright now, Carlos was again stroking his own erection on the rhythm of Jay’s bucking. One hand holding his own erection & the other wandering over Jay’s chest, Carlos loved this feeling of Jay deep within him. After a while, both boys started to feel their orgasms rise from deep within. Jay felt it firstly, hoarsely whispering to Carlos that he was going to come in him, tellingly asking the boy if this was okay. Carlos, enjoying the heat of the moment too much to care, merely moaned a hoarse “yes” & started stroking faster. After only a few more thrusts, the orgasm filled Jay with a sensation of complete bliss as he ejaculated deep within the pale boy in whom he was nestled. Aroused by Jay’s moans & the throbbing feeling of Jay’s ejaculation within him, Carlos’ own orgasm rose & made him shudder in pleasure as strings of cum escaped him & smeared Jay’s chest & abdomen.

Both exhausted from their prolonged union, Carlos collapsed upon Jay while Jay’s erection was still nestled deep within him. Smearing the strings of cum on Jay’s chest upon his own, Carlos meekly kissed Jay again, whispering sleepily, “Best movie-night ever.” Chuckling at this, Jay merely wrapped his arms around Carlos, trying to cover both of them in the blankets upon the bed. Gently shifting as not to let his lasting erection slip from within Carlos, Jay tightly embraced the smaller boy in a spooning position. Slowly drifting off to sleep, Jay somehow felt more at ease than ever before. And ere he closed his eyes he merely wishes that moments like these could only last forever more…

When morning came, the boys found themselves quite glued together. Softly breaking free, Carlos winced at the soft pain in his ass. His dick having slipped out once again soft, Jay was already sporting a morning erection again & he quickly pulled back, thinking Carlos was in pain due to him. “Are you okay?” Jay quickly asked when Carlos winced, slowly supporting the young teen to lie down next to him. “Yeah, I’ll be fine. Probably will be sore for a few days, but it’s a good kind of sore.” Carlos’ answered as he softly stroked Jay’s cheeks & giggled at the older teens morning erection. In this morning light he looked even better, he thought by himself. “Jay. I love you.”