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"A snowglobe? What the bloody hell is a snowglobe?"

Severus was not a happy man. Albus had come up with some ridiculous plan for placing him and Potter someplace 'safe' for the holidays. With raids from Death Eaters occurring on a regular basis, Albus was becoming paranoid about Potter's safety, as well as his.

"This, my child, is a snowglobe." Albus set something down in front of him.

Severus stared incredulously at the thing. The base showed the Hogwarts Crests and the animals that represented each house. Inside the glass ball sitting on top, was a copy of Hogwarts castle with all the proper windows and doors. It looked like an exact replica of the school, except for the Christmas Wreaths on the doors. The glass ball was filled with water in which floated little bits of plastic meant to look like snowflakes.

"It's filled with water. You're going to drown us?" Severus gave Albus a mockingly hopeful look. In the chair next to him, Potter was snickering.

Albus shook his head, trying not to laugh. “Only you would see the dark side of a snowglobe, Severus.” He sighed and gave Severus a mock glare. “Just put your hands on the bloody thing!”

“What? NOW? Albus I have things to do first,” Severus growled.

“Oh, just do it and lets get it over with!” Potter yelled as he placed a hand on the top of the snowglobe.

Severus turned and snarled at him before turning back to Albus. “Two weeks?? With him??”

“Well, I’m not exactly thrilled, either! I could have been spending the holidays with my FRIENDS! Instead, I’m stuck in a fucking snowglobe with YOU!”

“Watch your language, Mr. Potter!”

“I can’t! I don’t see words.”

Severus threw up his arms and growled loudly in frustration. He gave Albus a pleading look.

“Yes, this is going to be interesting,” Albus muttered to himself. “Oh, just do it, Severus,” he commanded.

“I hate you,” Severus ground out between clenched teeth as he placed his hand next to Potter’s and was whisked away.


“Get off me!” Severus hollered. They had landed back in Albus’ office with Potter falling on top of him. If he hadn’t been so angry, Severus might actually have enjoyed the position. As it was, he roughly pushed Potter to the side and struggled to stand up.

“All right! Don’t get your knickers in a knot!”

“I don’t have knickers,” Severus growled. “Now, move!”

Severus looked around the cluttered room. It looked the same, everything as disorganized as the real headmaster’s office. The only thing missing was Fawkes.

“Oh, my God!” Potter yelled. He was standing in front of a window staring out. “It really is filled with water!”

“Nonsense,” Severus said as he pushed Potter out of the way. Sure enough, just beyond the window sill, was crystal clear water with little plastic snowflakes. Severus' already pale face drained to an even lighter shade of white before quickly turning hot pink. A long low growl started from the pit of his stomach and worked its way out.

“That bloody, irritating, meddling, old BASTARD!! I knew he was trying to kill me!”

“But, that means we can’t even go outside at all!”

“No shit, Sherlock!” Severus was seething with rage. It was bad enough being trapped for two weeks with Potter, but he could see already, there would be a serious lack of intelligent conversation.

Severus stormed out the door and headed for the spiral staircase, while Potter continued to stare in disbelief at the water outside the window. Severus came back in and slammed the door.

Harry swallowed hard at the look of pure rage on his professor’s face. “Now, what?” he asked nervously.

“Tell me, Mr. Potter,” he said in a falsely calm voice, “you are very advanced in you DADA classes. Do you know the Avada Kedavra spell?”

“Um… well, I’ve never had to use it, but I think I could do it.” Harry was suddenly afraid of what Professor Snape had seen outside the office.

“Then use it!”


“On ME! Kill me now and get it over with!” Snape threw himself into Albus’ chair. Harry was sure he could see smoke rising out of Snape's ears even as the man trembled dramatically. “He’s flooded the fucking school!!”

“What??” Harry ran from the room and stopped short. The spiral staircase was, indeed, flooded. He saw the telltale shimmer of a magical barrier and when he tried to step onto the first stair into the water, his foot stopped on the magical barrier and he could go no farther. They were effectively trapped in Albus’ tower.

“You’re right. Avada Kedavra would be kinder.” Harry plopped himself down in the chair he had been sitting in before. What the hell was he supposed to do with Snape in the tower for the next two weeks? A crash on the far side of the room grabbed his attention.

Snape stood looking up at the glass ceiling, silently fuming and slightly shivering. He raised his wand and cast an impervious spell to help strengthen the glass that held back the water. When nothing happened he cursed loudly, "Bloody Bastard! We have limited magic in here!"

Snape heard Harry groan loudly, but ignored it. He tapped his wand anxiously against his leg and noticed little red sparks. He grinned mischievously as he aimed the sparks at various items on the shelves.

“I wonder if this has any effect on his real office…” Severus wondering out loud. He heard Potter snickering as a few more items exploded. He heard a crash opposite him and turned to see Potter getting in on the fun. As they broke things, it became a contest to see who could create the most spectacular breakage.

They spent nearly an hour destroying everything they could see. When it seemed there was nothing else left, Harry looked up at the still paintings of past Headmasters, and grinned. Severus, standing next to him, followed his line of vision to the paintings and smiled as well.

“Why don’t we each start on one side and make our way to the middle?” Harry suggested.

Severus stared up at the middle painting of Albus Dumbledore. “Very brilliant suggestion, Mr. Potter.”

“Why, thank you, Professor Snape.”

They began shooting at the paintings, watching the colours melt together and smoke. Harry aimed at the eyes, while Severus went straight for the heart. They were both laughing by the time they reached the center painting, where they paused to admire each other’s work.

“Very nice, Mr. Potter,” Severus said, looking over the destroyed paintings on the left side of the room.

“Thank you, sir. I like yours as well. I especially like what you’ve done to Professor… Mailor, was it?”

Severus looked over at the painting in question. “Ah, yes, Professor Mailor. He was quite the gossip.” Severus had carved on a pair of elephant ears and a long trunk. “I thought the big ears and long nose suited him.”

Harry laughed as they turned back to the painting of Dumbledore.

“Busy-body,” Severus mumbled as he began to carve into the painting with magic from his wand. Harry smiled as he recognised a pair of Billywig wings taking shape around the man’s shoulders.

“Nosy old cuss,” Harry said, drawing a large nose over Dumbledore’s face.

“Meddling shit disturber!”

Harry burst into loud chuckles as Severus painted in piles of dog feces around and on the Headmaster’s shoes.

Severus crossed his arms over his chest in thought. “Still missing something…”

Harry raised his wand and drew a pair of horns and a spiked tail.

“Perfect!” Severus said with a huge grin. He surveyed the destruction in the room and turned to Harry with a smile. “I think we’ve redecorated quite nicely.”

Harry smiled back and nodded in agreement. He noticed for the first time how attractive Severus was when he smiled. The realization of what he had just thought made him blush and look away.

“So… um…” Harry looked around the room, suddenly feeling a bit nervous. “Where are we supposed to sleep?” There was no furniture in the room other than the few chairs around the desk.

“Albus’ suite is through here,” Severus said as he opened a door Harry hadn’t noticed was there. He followed Severus in and ran into the man’s back as he stopped short. Harry glared at him then stepped around to see what the problem was.

It was a big problem. The tiny room was very sparse. There was one window, a tiny, cluttered desk with one chair, and an end table that sat beside one double bed. There was only ONE bed!