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Blue Monday

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Monday morning, Stiles finds himself staring up at his ceiling contemplating whether or not to even bother getting ready for school or coming up with an ingenious excuse to skip for the day. The latter option sounded the most appealing but the chances of actually fooling his father are slim to none; Stiles would literally have to look and sound like a walking corpse for his father to even consider letting him miss a day of school. Stiles looked over at the digital clock that sat next to his bed, his father should be at work right now; he thought about calling him and feigning some illness but the last time he tried that it didn’t necessarily work out and he wound up having to go to school.

In the end, he wound up abandoning all ideas of trying to skip school, sighing out his frustrations he reluctantly got himself out of bed.

He took a quick shower and got dressed for school; throwing on his usual t-shirt, hoodie, and jeans. He didn’t really make much of an effort to do anything to his hair other than try and position it to a point that it looked decent. He missed the days when he rocked a buzz cut; when he was younger the look complimented him well, but ever since puberty began late last year near the end of his freshman year in high school, his face and the haircut did not go together; so he decided to just grow it out.

He can’t particularly say that his time in high school has been the greatest time of his life because in all actuality it hasn’t. He’s been harassed and bullied ever since the beginning of his freshman year on a pretty consistent basis. Most days he wishes he could walk through the halls of Beacon Hills high school (BHHS) and not be seen; other times he wishes he didn’t go to BHHS at all. Stiles only reason for staying in high school rather than going online is solely because of his best friend Scott who conveniently never has time for Stiles anymore now that he’s dating the girl of his dreams and soulmate, Alison Argent. So with that being said his real reason is the fact that his father told him, “Online school doesn’t build social skills like going to school in person and you could miss out on the chance of finding your soulmate. Who knows you might get lucky and net yourself an alpha.” Stiles couldn’t necessarily argue with that but who needs to socialize with a bunch of kids he’s going to forget a year after graduating? And who honestly needs a soulmate and an alpha at that?

Matter fact, who’s to say he’s not an alpha himself? Stiles knew the answer to that question already though, every book and article he read online on presenting as an alpha/beta/omega clearly stated that all alphas present before the age of 15. Scott was one example that came to mind having presented as an alpha at the age of 14. Stiles obviously wasn’t an alpha considering the fact that he was about to be 16 in 2 months, meaning he was either a beta like his mother or the extremely rare omega. Betas usually present before or by the age of 16. Omegas presentation is iffy, from what is known of Omegas they present around the same time as betas; most of the time they present after the age of 16 but the chances of presenting as an Omega are slim to none.

Alphas and betas are most common in society, betas being more prevalent than alphas. Omegas, on the other hand, were few in numbers, up until ten years ago you could count the number of omegas living in the US alone on two hands. Females were more likely to become omegas than males being that they are born to naturally be able to carry an Alpha or Betas cubs. Male omegas were the rarest in the hierarchy system, it is said that when they present it is an absolutely excruciating process seeing as though their physiology goes through a change to allow the male Omega to be able to carry an alpha or betas cubs. Male omegas are the only beings in the world to be able to either carry cubs themselves or impregnate a female to carry cubs for them. There weren’t very many male omegas to present over the course of time so studies on them aren’t really up to date. As of today, there are probably only 2 or 3 male omegas in the world.

Presenting used to be important to Stiles when he was younger, he had always wanted to present and be an alpha like his dad. The day Scott presented as an Alpha, Stiles was certain he was going to as well soon after. (Presenting is like an extreme version of puberty that all weres go through. Alphas gain an exceptional amount of strength and speed; Betas are pretty much just like alphas except they aren’t as fast and don’t get the same amount of strength. Omegas are the fastest weres in the world, gaining an incredible amount of speed and as much strength as a beta.)

He will never forget the day Scott presented as an Alpha, they were about three months into their freshman year of high school; the two of them had been at lunch eating with one another discussing what they would be doing over the weekend. Scott hadn’t been himself the entire day, he had seemed really glum; physically he looked sickly. Stiles remembered asking him if he was feeling okay and Scott told him that he was feeling a little under the weather. As soon as lunch ended Scott wound up going to the nurses' office and he was later sent home; he had sent Stiles a text and let him know that he was presenting and he would be out of school the rest of the day.

Stiles was then woken up the following day by Scott after he’d called him to tell him that he had presented as an Alpha. Word got around fast and the following week Scott was being heckled by a few students at school, betas begging him to claim them as his own, but Scott only had eyes for Allison. Both Scott and Stiles figured that should either one of them present as an Alpha they’d be the target of numerous requests from a lot of the Betas they went to school with and they were prepared to turn them down should the situation present itself.

Alphas usually tend to be the most desired in society apparently everyone has a thing for the strong leader persona; that and Alphas are apparently great in bed, some women and men have a kink for the knot that male Alphas provide upon climax. Betas commonly flock to single Alphas begging the Alpha to claim them as his or her own but there are some who could care less who they wind up with and don’t see the appeal of becoming an Alphas groupie. Omegas, on the other hand, draw the attention of both, Alphas and Betas, their heat pheromones alone can apparently drive anyone wild with the need to mate and claim. So much so that sometimes an alpha or Beta who’s already mated will break their mate bond just to claim the omega, some say that they go so wild that they do the impossible and break their mate bond with their soulmate.

That last part is just hearsay though but apparently, it’s happened before, Stiles only heard about it by eavesdropping on some of his father’s deputy’s back when he was in middle school. From what he heard about 2 and a half years ago, from that time,  some alpha celebrity went out of his mind when a young Omega girl went into heat in some club out in New York. He fought off every person that tried to make a go for her and when he finally reached her the only people that were standing in between them were his wife who everyone knew was his soulmate, and the Omegas friends that she had gone to the club with. Apparently, they all struggled not to claim the girl for themselves but found some inner strength and reigned in their animalistic senses. But that couldn’t be said for the celebrity, he lost all control knocking his wife out of the way and easily severing their mate bond, the loss of the bond was enough to kill the Alphas wife on the spot; he then went on and slaughtered the Omegas friends and soon after he claimed the Omega for himself. Apparently a week later when the Omega’s heat finally subsided, after finding out about what happened to her friends and her new Alphas wife she killed herself; the Alpha killed himself the following day, after driving his car over a cliff.

The story seemed a bit far-fetched in itself but it was enough to make Stiles initially fear presenting as an Omega. Doing research on the story only helped to reinforce that fear, he didn’t find any actual news on the story itself or any evidence that the story was real; but he did find more stories on blog post that were relatively similar to the one that the deputies were talking about. Every story he read gave him another reason to fear presenting as an Omega, which is why Stiles prayed to almost every deity known to man that he would present as an Alpha or Beta.




Stiles snagged his cell phone off of the charger, he had been texting Scott last night but fell asleep on him after he started going on about how beautiful Allison was. He opened his messages and noticed he had 2 new messages, both from Scott. The first was sent last night “She’s honestly the most amazing, beautiful, awesome girl in the world. She literally sings to my soul and dances to the rhythm of my heartbeat. I love her so much bro …” Stiles could swear if he rolled his eyes any further they’d get stuck in the back of his head. The next message was sent about 10 minutes ago, “hey man sorry about drowning you in my love life, you know I don’t mean it right? I know I haven’t seen much of you lately maybe we can hang out this weekend?”

Stiles thought to respond ‘okay’ to the message but decided against it, there was really no point in getting excited about hanging out with his best friend anymore; they’d usually make plans but they’d always fall through at the last minute. In fact, Stiles can remember more than a few times when Scott would ask to hang out over the weekend only to bail on him to go hang out with Allison.

But Stiles couldn’t really be mad at Scott, he’d just begun dating his soulmate and anyone and everyone knows that newly bonded soulmates are practically conjoined at the hip. It stays that way all the way up until they decide to solidify their bond and the mating rituals are performed; at least that was the way Stiles father explained it to him when Stiles had asked about soulmates. The sheriff gave him an easy explanation and let him know the basics; “Soulmates are forever, while regular mates are just fill-ins for the soulmate that hasn’t been found. A person will always know when they’ve found their soulmate being that both of them will feel their soul marks being branded onto their skin. Once the marks have appeared a bond is formed, it is up to the pair to cement the bond through the mating rituals; once soulmates bond they bond for life, they will never seek another mate even if their soulmate dies. But the chances of actually meeting your soulmate are one in 7 billion which is why most people settle for simply mating with whoever fits their profile; some people just get lucky and happen to meet their soulmate in the process. Like me and your mother …”

Stiles flinched at the memory, every time his father mentioned his mother it was like taking a knife to the gut. It reminded him every time that she was no longer with them and he would never see her beautiful loving face again, Stiles couldn’t imagine how his father must have felt. There were days when Stiles longed to have the friendly, loving, caring, honest relationship his parents had but as of now, with the way Stiles life is going he’d be lucky if he ever found someone to mate with.

Stiles scoffed at his cell phone and shoved it in his back pocket, he scrubbed his face and sighed at the thought of having to go to school. He ran downstairs and made himself a quick breakfast consisting of nothing but cereal and a pop tart, grabbed his keys off of the table, threw his backpack over his shoulder and ran out of the house. He was going to be early regardless but he needed to make sure he had enough time to make it to his class before the halls filled up with students and he ran into a certain group he didn’t particularly care for.

He started his jeep up and before he knew it he was out of his driveway driving down the street heading off to school.

The drive was pleasant, the morning air blowing through his hair, the sun just peaking over the horizon; it was truly a beautiful sight that never failed to take Stiles breath away. If he could he would drive past his school and out of town and go wherever he felt like going without a care in the world. But life won’t allow it and a sophomore in high school can only get so far before they run out of resources needed to live a carefree lifestyle. That and his dad would lead a statewide search to find out where he is and probably kill him when he finds him.

Stiles grunted at the thought, he pulled into the school parking lot which was still relatively empty and parked his jeep where he usually did. He had more than enough time to make it into school and to his class before the halls filled up so he decided to sit back in his jeep and enjoy being outside. He scented the air nodding at the comfort the smell brought him, a smile played at the corner of his mouth.

He thought back to when he first started high school he’d used to drive in with Scott and his mom or Stiles dad would give them a ride when Scott’s mom couldn’t. Stiles figured when he finally got the okay to drive his jeep on his own from his dad he’d be able to drive Scott in but ever since he started dating Allison, he was getting rides from Jackson. Stiles found it funny that Scott and Jackson were now all buddy, buddy when considering at the beginning of their freshman year Scott was also the victim of Jackson’s douchebaggery; Jackson used to put Scott and Stiles through the ringer.

It all started about two months into his freshman year when one giant douchebag who goes by the name of Jackson Whittmore, decided it would be a good idea to badger Stiles at every wake and turn which ultimately lead to Stiles getting depantsed in the lunch line causing his fellow classmates to point and laugh at him. From then on he was either getting shoved into a locker or Jackson would call Stiles out of his name; and because Scott was Stiles best friend he got the same treatment by association.

Stiles knew the reason why Jackson was so vile towards him and that was because he had a not so secret crush on presumably the most beautiful girl he has ever seen, Lydia Martin; who just so happens to be Jackson’s soulmate. The day Stiles found out about Lydia and Jackson being soulmates was the day his heart was crushed and his hope of ever finding a soulmate or mate dwindled and perished. Jackson loved to throw it in Stiles' face that Lydia was his and there was nothing Stiles could do about it. It hurt in the beginning but it’s happened so much now that Stiles doesn’t particularly care and Jackson took notice to that so he made more efforts to physically harm Stiles rather than getting at him with his words.

Stiles figured Jackson would let up on the bullying especially after it was obvious that Stiles could never actually steal Lydia from him, but halfway through his freshman year, Stiles tried trying out for the lacrosse team as a courtesy to Scott who was only trying out for the team as a way to impress Allison. Needless to say it was a disaster, Jackson was also trying out for the lacrosse team and being that Allison and Lydia were apparently inseparable and Scott kept starring in their direction, Stiles would often look in that same direction to see what Scott was looking at; which gave Jackson the wrong idea being that the only reason Stiles was trying out for the team was because he was trying to impress Lydia and take her from Jackson.

Jackson then took every opportunity to knock Stiles on his ass, harder than necessary and he made it abundantly clear after the third time he tackled him to tell him “you go anywhere near my girl, I’ll rip you to fucking shreds and send what’s left of you to your house for your parents to find.” Stiles didn’t really bother trying to make the team after that, the rest of “practice” was full of almost every guy trying out for lacrosse, tossing Stiles around like a rag doll.

A few days later when the coach put out the paper showing who made the team he wasn’t surprised his name wasn’t on the list. Scott had managed to make the team though and it was after making the team that Jackson started going ‘easy’ on Scott but he still treated Stiles terribly.

A few months into the lacrosse season BHHS was comfortably leading the regional rankings and looking to take the win at the conference championships. Of course, when the team does good it brings a lot of attention to the players and that attention is part of the reason Scott started to drift away from Stiles. Scott was slowly but surely becoming one of the most popular kids in school, all thanks to him being one of the star players on the lacrosse team. Stiles remembered how Scott used to always wonder how he managed to make the team but Stiles thought he was talking crazy; to be honest, Stiles knew there was no way Scott wouldn’t make the team being that he presented as an alpha before tryouts took place so his abilities were enhanced making him faster and stronger. Stiles thought that maybe if he had presented before tryouts he could have made the team too, not that he cared either way.

Soon after BHHS lacrosse team won the conference championship, Scott had started getting invited to parties, Allison was apparently at most of these parties so there was no way he wasn’t going to them. Scott had tried to take Stiles along for a few of them but Stiles thought long and hard about going to a party where he hardly knows anyone but everyone somehow or another knows him and it would just be too awkward, so he declined each time. Stiles sort of got the idea that Scott only asked him out of pity and was secretly hoping he would decline; again he didn’t fault his best friend for that, he was going out of his way to try and win over the girl of his dreams who later turned out to be his soulmate.

By the end of freshman year, Stiles didn’t really hear much from Scott at all, he was always busy, becoming one of the boys most guys in school aspired to be. They had stopped eating lunch with each other and they no longer hung out in between classes. Stiles thought that maybe at the start of Summer Scott would come around more often but that didn’t happen; from what he saw on social media if Scott wasn’t away visiting family he was hanging out with Jackson and other members of the lacrosse team. Scott did, however, make sure to text Stiles every now and again to see how he was, so at least he hadn’t completely forgotten about him.

By the start of the sophomore year Scott was hanging out with Jackson and his group regularly, he even started eating lunch with them but that’s only because Allison ate lunch with them or so Stiles thought. Isaac Lahey (Beta/Werewolf), Vernon Boyd (Beta/Werewolf), Jackson Whittmore (Beta/Kanima), Lydia Martin (Beta/Banshee), Allison Argent (Beta/Werewolf), Erica Reyes (Beta/Werewolf), Derek Hale (Alpha/Werewolf) and now Scott McCall (Alpha/Werewolf) were all some kind of freaky unified pack of werewolves and a token Banshee and Kanima.

Because Jackson didn’t like Stiles the boys in the group, besides Scott, didn’t particularly care for him either; Isaac was the tall surly good looking guy who upon first glance seems a bit dopey; he usually called Stiles a loser or something along those lines. Boyd the tall, dark, silent, sexy type didn’t do much other than shove him out the way whenever Stiles was in his way; Jackson was Jackson and Derek was Mr. Hotshot, the star player of the lacrosse team; there wasn’t a girl or guy in school besides Stiles that didn’t want a piece of him. Derek like Boyd would shove Stiles to the side if Stiles somehow managed to get in his way and he would sometimes follow it up with some kind of snide remark.

Stiles has had more than a few run-ins with Derek, during his freshman year Stiles had shared Biology class with him. He initially thought Derek was harmless and that he didn’t really care about the feud between Stiles and Jackson seeing as though every time he saw him he didn’t really do anything unlike the other boys; one time he could have sworn Derek had said “Hi” to him but he convinced himself it was just a delusion.

It was midway into the lacrosse season when Derek had suddenly decided that it was okay to treat Stiles like shit, Stiles had walked into class minding his own business and tried making his way to his desk but Derek thought it would be a good idea to stick his foot out and trip Stiles and when Stiles tried picking himself up Derek quietly said, “watch where you’re walking punk, my shoes are worth more than you.” Stiles simply shrugged the confrontation off telling himself it was bound to happen eventually and ever since then Derek had treated him terribly.

The torment they put him through was out of hand; Stiles figured that one of them also had to be the cause of the malicious rumors going around school about him. He didn’t know anyone else in school who would go out of their way to defame his character in such a way. Scott knew all of this and he had tried to get them to lay off but apparently, they told him it was all in good fun and Scott wound up telling Stiles not to take it seriously and to just go along with it. It took everything in Stiles not to blow up on Scott right then and there for believing such a blatant lie.

Now, a month and a half into their sophomore year Scott has all but forgotten about Stiles … most of the time. He would see him in the hallways and walk right past him without saying anything; too distracted by everyone greeting him to notice Stiles was even there. Stiles didn’t mind though, he was happy his best friend had managed to get the fairy tale high school experience, even at the expense of being somewhat alone.

Stiles found it funny that he still considered Scott to be his best friend, in all honesty, it made him feel kind of pathetic. Scott became super popular and Stiles was Stiles, other than Scott he didn’t have any friends in school. He would say Danny Māhealani was a friend of his but Danny was friends with everybody and Danny just so happened to be Jackson’s best friend; so really, without Scott, Stiles was basically a loner and with rumors about him running rampant through school and his terrible rep with Jackson and other members of the lacrosse team, Stiles probably would stay a loner throughout the rest of high school.

Stiles shook the negative thoughts from his head, there was no point getting upset over something so trivial, he just has to make it through the rest of his sophomore year, his Jr. Year and finally his senior year and he will be free to take the world by storm and get out of the shit hole that is Beacon Hills.




School was going to begin in about thirty minutes, so Stiles gathered his things in his jeep and made his way inside the school making sure to stop by the bathroom before class started so he didn’t have to do it when the halls were full of students.

His first class was chemistry taught by none other than, Mr. Harris. Stiles sat in the back of the class and he was thankful for that if it was one thing Mr. Harris did right it was assigning Stiles to sit in the back of the class.

Last year after Jackson humiliated him in the lunch line a lot of people found it funny to poke fun at him regardless of if they knew him or not; it happened often, he could be sitting in class minding his own business and next thing he knew someone was throwing something at the back of his head and if they weren’t throwing something at him they were talking about him and making him feel more self-conscious than he already was.

Usually, by the time Stiles got to his class, Mr. Harris would have his door open and his class prepped which allowed Stiles to walk in and take a seat before the first bell rang. But today his door was closed and the lights were off, “what the fuck?” Stiles asked.

Harris was nowhere to be found, if he wasn’t back in ten minutes then Stiles was basically screwed. Lydia was in his chemistry class and Jackson always made sure to escort her to and from her classes and the last thing Stiles wants on a Monday is a run in with Jackson or any of his friends. Stiles thought about heading back to his jeep and waiting until the bell rang to go to class but then he remembered that a few of the lacrosse players like to hang out in the student parking lot before school starts and if they spotted him they’d probably make a scene and do something obscene.

So with that Stiles decided to head to the cafeteria to pick up something to snack on, if he was honest he could really go for a stack of pancakes and bacon; which was odd considering he wasn’t much of a breakfast guy but today he was feeling unusually hungry. It was risky going to the cafeteria especially when the bell would be ringing in less than 15 minutes but he needed to eat something or he was going to lose his mind.

He made good timing getting to the cafeteria, he bought some Chex mix and a small box of apple jacks; the second he got the food in his hands he went to town on it, he ate the apple jacks without milk and practically inhaled the box into his mouth. When he was finished he threw the box in the trash and checked the time on his phone; the bell would be ringing in a moment so he stashed the Chex mix in his pocket and walked back towards his classroom.

Along the way, a group of girls passed by him one of them had said something he didn’t catch and they had all started laughing, he decided to ignore it and not think too much of it until he felt someone tap him on his shoulder from behind. He turned around to see who it was and immediately he noticed it was one of the girls from the group, “can I ask you something?” the girl asked.

Stiles shrugged letting her know it was fine, “are you really like … you know …” the girl struggled to get the words out.

Stiles looked at her a little dumbfounded, “no I don’t know.”

“Is it true that you can’t present?” The girl asked innocently.

Stiles gawked at her, “what?”

She had begun to start laughing maniacally at that point, “I’m sorry but there’s this rumor going around that you’re some kind of freak that can’t present.” Stiles knew that people were going around calling him a freak lately but he didn’t exactly know what for, now he knew why.

Stiles nodded and didn’t really care much to answer her question and felt it would be best to leave the situation but as soon as he tried turning around to walk away the girl grabbed him by the wrist; “wait …” the girl said.

Stiles tried to wrench his wrist free of her grip but she only held him tighter, ‘great’ Stiles thought. This was just another instance where he wished he had already presented, so he could overpower her and escape the situation. The girl’s brown eyes turned blue, 'of course she's presented already and she's a beta just my luck,' Stiles thought to himself.

“Stop struggling I don’t want to have to hurt you. Lord knows what I could do to someone who hasn’t presented yet … I almost feel sorry for you,” the girl said menacingly.

He wouldn’t be struggling if she didn’t have a death grip on his wrist, “let me go.” Stiles said.

The girl looked to be enjoying herself, her friends were obviously enjoying the show behind her, they were laughing hysterically; she was prepared to throw Stiles back but she caught wind of something and just like that she let him go, her eyes returning to their original color. “You-you … smell … really good,” The girl said slowly.

Stiles didn’t know what to think of that, all he knew was that he needed to get away from her and get to class before something else could happen; he turned around and made a beeline for his classroom. He practically sprinted down the hall and rounded the corner and just as soon as he entered the hall where his classroom was located he ran smack dead into what felt like a brick wall.

He fell back onto the floor and before he could register what he had run into he was being lifted up off the floor and slammed back into a wall, red eyes gleaming at him; “well look who it is, everyone’s favorite little freak Stiles Stilinski.” Go figure he’d into Derek Hale, “How you been? I haven’t seen much of you since we don’t have any classes together this year.” Sarcasm spilled out with every word he spoke. “I gotta say I kinda miss messing with you every now and then, you remember that don’t you?” Of course, Stiles remembered it, tripping, punching, shoving, pulling Stiles chair out from behind him so he’d fall on the ground and the awful jokes about him that left him embarrassed while the entire class laughed at him; there was no way he could forget it.

Stiles nodded and had tried to squirm his way out of Derek’s hold, Derek simply shoved him back into the wall and leaned in close, “listen, you little shit, you run into me again and I’ll make sure you go home with a couple bruises.” Derek threatened; he then shoved Stiles to the side knocking him back on the ground.

Boyd clapped Derek on the shoulder, “nice one man …” he said glancing at Stiles, “come on I need to drop off some things to Erica before class starts.” Boyd mentioned, Derek simply nodded in response.

“Remember what I said … freak,” was all Derek offered before walking off down the hall with Boyd.

Stiles didn’t immediately get up off the floor, he sat up and leaned against the wall watching Derek and Boyd’s retreating figures disappear in the crowd of students. Stiles sighed and decided to look over himself to make sure everything was still functioning properly. He deduced that the only thing injured was his pride and decided there was nothing he could do about that except suck it up. Stiles clapped his hands to his cheeks, “just get through the day,” he told himself.

Before he could pick himself up someone had tripped over his foot, luckily whoever it was didn’t fall to the ground to join Stiles, they had managed to catch themselves. “What the hell du- … Stiles?” Scott said surprised.

Stiles looked up at Scott, he didn’t bother offering him any greeting, he just stood up and wiped his pants off.

Obviously wherever Scott was Allison wasn’t too far behind, “Scott, are you okay?” She asked.

Scott came from surprised to lovesick puppy in a matter of milliseconds, “Ye-yeah … I just ran into my friend that’s all.” If Stiles life were a comedy show that would be the best joke of them all.

Allison looked over to Stiles and smiled, if the circumstances were different Stiles would have swooned at the sight of such a beautiful smile but considering what he had just gone through he was done with everyone and everything. “Hi my name is Allison,” Allison offered cheerily, holding her hand out for Stiles to shake.

Stiles looked down at her hand and over to Scott, then back down to her hand; he opted to shake it but decided against it. “Yeah … hi,” was all Stiles offered; he had begun to walk away from them towards Harris’s classroom, he heard Scott call for him but he wasn’t really feeling like entertaining his so-called best friend and his soul mate at the moment.

Stiles was a few steps away from Harris’s classroom and noticed that Jackson and Lydia were nowhere to be found and he was grateful for that. He then noticed his stomach rumbling uncontrollably; there was still 5 minutes left until class officially started and Stiles still had that bag of Chex mix in his pocket. He quickly took it out and scarfed down the contents of the bag, surprisingly quick. He had no idea why he was so hungry all of the sudden, again he wasn’t really a breakfast person and usually a bowl of cereal and pop tarts were more than enough to make him full in the morning. He stashed the empty bag back into his pocket and walked into Harris’s room or Satan’s torture chamber as Stiles liked to call it.

He had made it most of the way through class when suddenly he was stricken by a sharp pain in his lower abdomen. He thought it might pass quickly but it didn’t, it only seemed to be getting worst and it felt like it was spreading. He did his best to conceal the fact that he was in a lot of pain but his efforts clearly didn’t go unnoticed. When Harris decided to pass out a pop quiz, Stiles assumed he must have looked like a wreck because when Harris walked up to him to hand him his quiz he quickly took it back, “are you feeling okay Mr. Stilinski?” Harris asked. Stiles thought he must look worse for wear because Harris actually looked concerned.

“Ye-yeah just fine …” Stiles struggled, he knew he wasn’t fine though, he felt horrible. He thought maybe he was getting indigestion, his stomach isn’t particularly used to digesting a lot of food in the morning.

“Mr. Harris sir, I heard he’s been popping pills trying to force his presentation, he’s probably having some withdrawal symptoms; supposedly the pills are really addictive.” A boy said from the front of the class, the rest of the class laughed in unison; Stiles thought Harris might have found humor in that since he didn’t particularly like Stiles but he seemed to be visibly upset by that statement.

“Greenberg, tell me … have you ever seen these so-called pills before?” Harris turned and asked.

The boy (Greenberg) stiffened in his seat, “no-no sir …”

Harris nodded stepping towards the front of the class, “interesting … so you have no proof that Mr. Stilinski is, in fact, popping pills then?”

Greenberg fiddled with his fingers, “no-no sir …”

Harris nodded again, “so then what you’re saying is just a rumor correct?”

Greenberg nodded, “Ye-yes sir …”

Harris picked up Greenberg’s quiz off of his desk, “you know I heard a rumor just now too … the rumor was that you’d be making up this quiz in detention after school. Go to the front office and get out of my classroom!”

Greenberg looked visibly shaken by that, “but-but sir I have prac-“

“NOW!” Harris yelled, Greenberg struggled to gather his things and he ran out of the classroom; Stiles was astonished at what just happened. Any other day Harris probably would have let that slide but apparently, today wasn’t one of those days. Harris made his way back over to Stiles desk, “gather your things and take this …” Harris handed the pop quiz to Stiles. “Go to the nurse’s office now, you can take your quiz home and bring it back to me when you’re feeling better.”

Stiles was reluctant to do what Harris said, “I-I can finish it now it-it’s fine, I’m fine …”

Harris narrowed his eyes at Stiles, “Stilinski if you could look in the mirror right now you would do as I say without hesitating. Get up and go to the nurse’s office, now.”

Stiles wondered how terrible he looked, he looked fine when he left for school and obviously he didn’t have a mirror to see himself now but he assumed he was fine before class started as well. Thankfully he sat next to a window and when he tried placing his quiz in his bag he caught a glimpse of his reflection and now he understood why Harris was so adamant about him leaving. Stiles looked like absolute garbage, this was the way he needed to look to convince his father to get out of school. Dark rings had formed under his eyes, he was ghostly pale and he hadn’t noticed but he was sweating … a lot, so much so that his hair was sticking to his forehead.

Stiles got all of his things and tried standing up but the pain in his lower abdomen only got worst and he fell to the floor. Some of the students thought that it was funny until Harris fixed them with a menacing glare, “Mr. Stilinski do you need help to the nurse’s office?”

Stiles waved him off, “no … no, I’m fine.” Stiles said picking himself up off the floor, he was not going to allow himself to look any more pathetic than he already did. “Thank you …” Stiles offered Harris before walking out of the class. He heard Harris order the rest of the class to get to work on the pop quiz before he made it out the door.




The walk to the nurse’s office was excruciatingly painful with each step he took he felt like one thousand shards of glass were ripping through his intestine. Stiles couldn’t imagine what he could have caught between the time he left home and the time he got to school that would make him look and feel so bad. He was going to make it the nurse’s office no matter what it took, no matter how much pain it caused him, so long as there was some kind of pain relief waiting for him. At least he wasn’t trying to make his way through a whole bunch of his classmates, he at least was thankful that school was now in session and the halls were empty. He figured they all would probably point and laugh at him and throw some horrible jokes at him along the way, Stiles wouldn’t put it past some of them in his short time at BHHS he’s seen and dealt with some pretty awful people.

His luck couldn’t get any worst at this point; he had made it halfway to the nurse’s office and was passing up the boy’s bathroom when he felt he couldn’t go any further without taking a break. He leaned against the wall trying to catch his breath, the pain that was in his abdomen now spread to his legs; Stiles couldn’t feel it before but he became extremely aware of why he was sweating so bad, he was on fire. His body literally felt like it was on fire, he knew he didn’t have much time left, he knew he was probably going to pass out from his sudden symptoms at any moment. He was surprised he hadn’t passed out already from a panic attack, but that was something he didn’t want or need to think about at the moment.

As soon as he decided to get back to making his way to the nurse’s office, the boy’s bathroom door opened and Stiles hadn’t noticed, he currently had tunnel vision, his only objective was to get to the nurse’s office. He thought there was no way his luck could get any worst, he, unfortunately, he was wrong, before he could register what was happening he had been snatched up and his back was slammed into the wall; when he finally focused on who had gotten a hold of him it was none other than the brick wall he ran into earlier, Mr. Hotshot … Derek Hale.

“I told you if you got in my way again I was going to send you home with some bruises, you little shit.” Derek seethed his Alpha eyes glowing crimson red, he was so angry it looked like he was on the brink of shifting into his beta form.

Boyd came up behind him and held onto Derek’s shoulder, “dude … I think you should leave him alone … he looks bad.” 'Wow so Boyd really did have a heart,' Stiles thought.

Derek shrugged Boyd’s hand off, “fuck off Boyd, I’m going to teach this little bastard a lesson. He needs to learn to stay the fuck out of MY WAY!” Derek said gripping Stiles collar tighter. Stiles didn’t mind if Derek hit him at that moment, he was already in so much pain he probably wouldn’t even register getting hit.

Boyd’s eyes flashed blue, “dude … he …” Boyd struggled to form a sentence.

Derek looked like he was ready to knock Stiles around a few times but the hits never came, what came was a new pain on the inside of his right wrist. Stiles already felt like he was on fire before but now it felt like his skin was actually burning; Derek seemed absolutely shell-shocked, he had dropped Stiles and held onto his left wrist and just like Stiles the inside of his wrist appeared to be bothering him. Stiles noticed Derek lifted his sleeve on his letterman jacket, “no fucking way …” Derek said.

Like Derek, Stiles reached over and struggled to lift the sleeve of his hoodie, Boyd must have snapped out of his initial shock and noticed what Stiles was trying to do because he rushed over and helped him lift it up to reveal a mark; it was a wolf’s head that was shaped like half of a heart.


Boyd turned around and snatched Derek’s wrist and looked between the two marks, from what Stiles could make out Derek’s mark was also a wolf’s head shaped like half of a heart.


The last thing Stiles heard was Boyd telling Derek, “dude … he’s your soulmate …” Stiles passed out right after that.



 Derek POV

Derek felt like someone had knocked the wind out of him, this couldn’t be right; Stiles Stilinski was not his soulmate. He looked down at his mark and traced over the wolf’s head that was now forever marked onto his skin, he looked over to where Boyd held Stiles wrist glancing at the mark on his skin and sure enough it was a similar wolf-shaped the same way as Derek’s; Stiles Stilinski was, in fact, his soulmate.

“Derek … DEREK!” Boyd called him snapping him out of the trance that he was in, “we have got to get him to the nurse, now! He passed out and he’s burning up!” Boyd panicked as he lifted Stiles up off of the floor, throwing one of his arms around his shoulder. Boyd looked hesitant at first, “what the hell … why does he smell so good?” He looked at Derek expectantly.

Derek wondered what Boyd had meant by that, Stiles never smelt good, he always smelt a little bit off; most people have a distinct smell to them, some smell like candy or the forest, others smell like wood or pine, it all depends on the individual, but Stiles … well, he always smelled a little ‘funny’ that was the only way Derek could describe it.

One whiff of the air and Derek immediately understood what Boyd was talking about, Stiles smelled amazing; his scent literally engulfed him igniting all of his senses making him feel at ease like he was home. But that feeling went away quickly replaced with the overwhelming need to protect and ensure his mate was okay. He knew right off the bat that his wolf’s instincts were taking over and there was no way he could fight it. Derek quickly moved to assist Boyd and draped Stiles other arm over his shoulder and helped Boyd carry him to the nurse’s office.

They had gotten there relatively fast; Derek practically kicked the door in and hounded the nurse into checking Stiles over.

“What’s wrong with him?!” The nurse questioned taking Stiles and helping him onto the exam bed.

Derek found himself reaching out for Stiles when the nurse had taken him away but he caught himself and reined in his instincts, he trusted the nurse would do what she could to help Stiles, “I don’t know … we found him in the hallway like that.” Derek lied, Boyd nodded in agreement.

She gave Stiles a quick once over, checking areas around his body to try and figure out what was wrong. “This can’t be right …” the nurse said pulling out a thermostat and placing it gently into Stiles' mouth.

“What’s wrong?” Derek asked but the nurse didn’t answer his question she was too focused on Stiles. “HEY! What’s wrong with him?!” Derek asked again making sure he got her attention; he couldn’t help himself, his wolf was going insane.

The nurse turned back and it appeared she was ready for a shouting match but she must have caught a glimpse of Derek’s wrist because she glanced down at Stiles and turned his right wrist over revealing his mark and immediately understood Derek’s urgency, “I see … he is … he is presenting …” the nurse started; Derek sighed in relief, Boyd had clapped him on the shoulder. “But something is wrong, he has an extremely high fever and I’m not sure what’s causing him to have these dark circles under his eyes and I can’t figure out why he’s so pale …”

Derek clenched his fist, he felt himself lose a bit of control as his alpha claws slowly started growing out, the only thing he could do was dig them into his own skin to avoid alarming anyone.

The nurse had looked down at his fist, she must have noticed blood dripping from them, she seemed a little startled but did not falter; she looked Derek in the eyes before she spoke, “as you know … when we present, we can feel a little under the weather and you know that that doesn’t last long at all. It probably lasts a few hours at most, it’s nothing a good night’s rest can’t fix, which is why it is recommended the individual rest in bed …”

Derek understood and he knew she was right, it had been the same for him and all of his friends that had presented, he came to school one day feeling like crap, got sent home early and his mom put him to bed and the next morning he was as good as new. “So what’s going on with him?” he asked pointing to Stiles.

The nurse held her hands up, “just give me a moment, I need to call the ambulance and then I need to call his father and then I need to inform the principal of what’s going on.”

“Hey it’s going to be okay,” Boyd said from behind him, Derek was grateful for his friend's presence, had he have not been there he would probably have flipped a few tables to get some answers.

In front of him the nurse had just hung up with the ambulance and Derek assumed she was now calling Stiles father, “Sherriff … Sherriff this is Nurse Baldrow at the high school … yes well, I’m calling because of your son … no … Sheriff, please listen … no, no he’s not in trouble I just …. JOHN LISTEN TO ME! Your son is presenting but there’s seems to be some kind of problem. Now I am calling to let you know that I’ve called the ambulance and I think it’d be best if you head over to the hospital right now … I'm, sure he will be okay I just thought it’d necessary he get immediate medical attention … there is no need to apologize and I’m sure he will be fine, just get yourself to the hospital … you’re welcome.” With that, she hung up the phone.

She turned to Derek, phone still in hand, “alright just one more call.” She immediately dialed the principal's extension, “yes principal Thomas … I’m fine sir, I was just calling to tell you that I had to call the ambulance, one of our students is presenting and … no sir, he seems to be showing unusual symptoms … no sir it’s just that these symptoms, well these symptoms could potentially be life-threatening.” She whispered the last part but Derek heard everything.

“WHAT?!” Derek roared.

Boyd yanked him back and held him against the wall, “CALM DOWN DEREK!” Boyd yelled, punching him in the face.

Derek struggled to break free of Boyd’s grip, he could have easily overpowered him but he did not want to hurt his friend and have to deal with worrying about him as well as Stiles. He took a few deep breaths and relaxed, he was going to get Boyd back later for hitting him. He heard someone yelling, “Hello? Are you there?” It was coming from the phone that was now on the floor; Derek’s roar must have scared nurse Baldrow so much that she dropped it and braced herself for the worst. “I’m sorry …” Derek said calmly.

Nurse Baldrow nodded and picked the phone up off the floor, Principal Thomas must have hung up the phone because when she answered she didn’t get a response. Not a minute after she put the phone down, Principal Thomas came barreling into the nurse’s office, “WHAT IS GOING ON IN HERE?!”

Boyd clammed up and avoided making any kind of eye contact, Derek just turned his attention back to Stiles, who was still passed out even after all the commotion. Nurse Baldrow walked over to the principal, who was glaring at Derek and Boyd like he had a bone to pick with them, “sir this boy … there is something very wrong with him.” Nurse Baldrow said cautiously.

Principal Thomas looked over to Stiles who was lying on the exam bed, “you said he was presenting? Obviously, he’s not feeling well, that’s normal.”

Nurse Baldrow nodded, “yes sir it’s normal, but his symptoms are worse than normal presentation symptoms.”

Principal Thomas looked back to Nurse Baldrow, “how so?”

“He’s running an extremely high fever, he … he-well look at him,” Nurse Baldrow held out her hand towards Stiles, “did you look like that when you presented?”

Principal Thomas cocked his head to the side, “I don’t think so … I mean yeah it was bad, but I don’t think I looked that bad. Maybe he’s just in a little pain and he’s not taking it well, there are people that don’t take pain well you know.”

Nurse Baldrow rolled her eyes, “yes sir I know, but the pain we go through during normal presentation is bearable and barely noticeable if you’re used to having pulled muscles.”

Principal Thomas waved her off, “yeah okay …” he walked closer to the exam table to get a better look at Stiles, “maybe I can take his pain away and see if that helps.” Nurse Baldrow scoffed for an old guy he was extremely stubborn. He reached to place a hand on Stiles, Derek released a menacing growl in response. Principal Thomas spun around in alarm, “is something wrong, Mr. Hale? Is there a reason you’re in here and not in class?”

Nurse Baldrow stuck her hand out pleadingly, “sir … they brought him here and … Mr. Hale … he is his soulmate …”

Principal Thomas nodded, “and that explains everything … alright, Hale, I’m just going to try and take his pain away and see if that helps any okay?”

Derek nodded and backed down, Principal Thomas grabbed hold of Stiles left wrist and after only a few seconds he let go and fell back into one of the nurse’s cabinets clearly shaken. His breathing seemed labored and he was having a hard time keeping himself upright. “Sir are you okay?!” Nurse Baldrow asked alarmed.

Principal Thomas stumbled a little but righted himself, “we need to get this boy to a hospital … this is not a normal presentation.”

Nurse Baldrow nodded frantically, “I know, the ambulance should be here soon.”

Principal Thomas placed a hand on her shoulder and said, “I’m going to go wait outside and see them in … he’s … he’s in so much pain, I’ve never felt anything like it.” With that he was out of the nurse’s office, to await the arrival of the paramedics. Nurse Baldrow had become distracted by cleaning up the mess Principal Thomas had made after falling back into her cabinet.

Derek wondered how much pain Stiles could possibly be in; his instincts screamed that if Stiles were in any kind of pain he should be the one to take it away not anyone else. He walked over and stood next to Stiles, he held out his right hand and grabbed hold of Stiles left wrist and before he knew it he was leaching his pain away.

The second he felt what Stiles was feeling, he screamed out in agony, it was the worst pain he’s felt in his life and it only got worst. Boyd was by his side in an instant and snatched Derek’s hand away from Stiles, Nurse Baldrow ran over to assist him.

Derek’s knees buckled, his legs had given out on him, he wondered how Stiles was able to walk, hell he wasn’t sure how he managed to stand up. He wondered how he was able to breath when it felt like a ton of bricks were sitting on his chest, he wanted to know more than anything how he was surviving all of this.

Boyd and nurse Baldrow helped Derek over to one of the chairs and sat him down, Boyd took a seat next to him and helped him catch his breath, by doing breathing exercises they learned in lacrosse and track.

“I’d advise that you not try that again,” Nurse Baldrow said. Derek nodded, he knew there was no way he could handle doing that a second time.

Boyd tapped him on the arm, “hey, so, I know this isn’t the best time to ask this but … what are you gonna do when he wakes up?”

Derek flinched at the question, it was a really good question and he hadn’t thought of it, “I-I don’t know …”

Boyd shrugged, “I know you don’t want to hear this right now, but … it’s just that I know you’re running purely on instinct right now and I know you’ve gotta be going insane not being able to do anything but again that’s all out of instinct. What are your instincts gonna tell you to do when he wakes up? You and him, don’t really have the best track record …” Boyd looked bothered to have to remind Derek of that.

But someone needed to remind him that this was Stiles Stilinski, he was the same kid that Derek was going to ‘send home with a couple bruises’ ten minutes ago; he was the same kid that he’d slammed into walls and tormented for the past year. Stiles was his soulmate and thinking back on everything he and his friends have done to Stiles, well Stiles is most likely not gonna want to have anything to do with him.

Derek leaned his head back against the wall and covered his face with his hands trying to contemplate what he was going to do, “I don’t know … I don’t know what I’m going to do …” Derek whispered.

Boyd sighed, “I think you should probably prepare yourself for the worst …”

Derek huffed, “yeah thanks Boyd for stating the obvious, I got that …” it felt like every shitty thing he had ever done was coming back to haunt him. That was the only way he could explain why fate decided to be so cruel and make Stiles his soulmate, this whole ordeal was fucked up but Derek can’t really say he didn’t deserve it.

Suddenly paramedics had come bursting into the nurse’s office followed closely by Principal Thomas, they had come in asking questions like how Stiles vitals were, what his temperature was and some of the symptoms he was suffering. Nurse Baldrow answered to the best of her ability while the paramedics did their initial check, it was all really fast paced; before Derek knew it they were bringing in a stretcher and getting ready to transfer Stiles over to a gurney to wheel him out of school. But before they could get him on the stretcher something strange had happened, Stiles had begun coughing uncontrollably and Derek watched as the paramedics tried to help him get a handle over himself.

After a few seconds Stiles sprung up and gasping for air like he had been underwater for a long period of time, he was hunched over and the paramedics were holding onto him; one of them had asked if he knew what was going on and where he was but Stiles didn’t respond to him, Derek assumed he was having a hard time registering what was going on.



Stiles POV

It felt like someone had lifted a huge weight off of his chest which allowed him to breathe normally, coming out from the darkness of passing out was much like surfacing above water and catching your breath. He shot up gasping for air, he heard someone next to him asking him a few questions, but he couldn’t make out what they were saying. He was still in a lot of pain, but at least now he could breathe normally. He tried to recall the last thing he remembered, he had been in the main corridor heading to the nurse’s office and he was by the bathroom where he ran into Derek. One of the paramedics had asked him if he knew his name, “Stiles,” he rasped.

He kept thinking about what happened in the hallway, Derek had gotten a hold of him and he was going to hit him and then …

Suddenly a sense of urgency overcame Stiles and he looked at the inside of his right wrist and sure enough, a mark was there. The wolf head that was shaped like half of a heart, Derek had the other half, Derek Hale was his soulmate. Shit.

He gasped and one of the paramedics asked him if he was having problems breathing, he nodded his head, yes, “I just … I just need some time,” he struggled to say.

Stiles was well aware that he was no longer in the main corridor, he must have been in the nurse’s office as he looked up to check his surroundings a collective gasp was heard from each individual in the room.

“His eyes …” Principal Thomas whispered, his face shrouded in disbelief. Nurse Baldrow held a hand over her mouth her eyes wide with shock, the two paramedics holding onto Stiles looked at one another and nodded as if they had gotten an answer to their question. Stiles noticed Boyd in the corner, his mouth was hung wide open like he was seeing the most shocking thing he had ever seen in his life. Derek was the one who stood out from the rest, his eyes were a deep scarlet red and they were fixed on Stiles and he looked to be lost in some kind of trance, starring in awe at something magnificent, which sort of freaked Stiles out.

Stiles couldn’t figure out why everyone seemed so shocked; it was nurse Baldrow that started to answer the question for him, “Green eyes … he’s …”

“Omega …” Derek answered awestruck. Shit.

Stiles read something online a while ago, ‘Blue Monday,’ apparently, the most depressing day of the year. It happens in the third week of January or so they say, it’s nothing more than calculated pseudoscience. But Stiles thought whoever coined the term was wrong, because it was the middle of September and today was not only the most depressing day of his year, it was the shittiest.

An Omega, he was an Omega, he presented and he was now an Omega, he couldn’t believe it, he refused to believe it just like he refused to believe Derek Hale was his soulmate.

The reality of it all came crashing down on him and he passed out again shortly afterward. One word came to his mind before he lost consciousness, it was the perfect word to describe his entire situation.