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In the underbelly of London, thieves, dealers, whores, and murderers, all prowl in the shadows of the night for a sweet taste of the most sinful pleasures the city has to offer. Predators hunting for prey. Demons searching for souls. Sinners seeking corruption. The songs of the outcasts echo through the silence of the darkness. Moaning of the prostitutes, screams of the soon to be deceased, pleading of the beggars, and the chilling laughs of the mad, all in a soft harmony beneath the soft moonlight. Drunks stumble out of the bars, hypnotized by the cheap fragrance of alcohol on the breath of a whore. By day, the streets were crowded with people taking a stroll through the breathtaking city, but by night, the alleyways and crevasses between the buildings housed the nocturnal revelers of sin.

Sebastian Michaelis, co-owner and CEO of 'The Covenant', a company that specialized in manufacturing women's footwear. His fiancé and lead designer served as the face of the company while Sebastian worked as the business head whose strategies and charming people skills were the primary cause of the vast-growing success of the company. Recently, he had been put in charge of the newest branch of expansion to men's footwear and clothing. His associates would call his ideas "brilliantly crazy", his aspirations were far beyond that of any sane businessman, but they got him farther than any of those who didn't take risks.

His fiancé, the red-headed drama queen, Grell Sutcliffe, had been in Milan on a designer's retreat. For an entire month, Sebastian was able to do all he wanted, so obviously he did nothing but work. He had just return from his trip to Tokyo to meet with a Mr. Tanaka, the lead investor of The Covenant, completed the necessary paperwork for expansion of factories to Hong Kong and Australia, and still had three weeks to spare. His next destination for the expanse of his corporation was none other than London. He planned on meeting with a few new potential investors, observing the population, and getting a clear idea of the common people buying the products that were responsible for building his fortune. Why was he so eager to busy himself? The simple reason behind any betrothed man's irrational actions, of course, to avoid his soon to be in-laws.

Upon arriving in London, the aristocrat felt the faintest sense of déjà vu. The scent in the air was sweet from the bakery on the corner, the faint aroma from cigarette smoke and wine brought back memories from the time he lived there before his move to his current home in France. Despite his life of luxury, he was perfectly content without the riches his wealth had offered, which was something he prided himself on. While he walked to the five star hotel he would be staying in, (so much for being a "simple" man), rolling his outrageously expensive suitcase behind him, a smile never left his face. He almost broke down in a laughing fit when he saw a fully-grown obese man nearly reduced to tears over his ice cream falling to the dirty floor. It was his guilty pleasure, Sebastian loved to watch the misfortunes of others, while he would never tell it to anyone, he wouldn't deny it had he been asked.

When finally reaching the hotel, he approached the receptionist's desk. "Vincent Van Gogh, room for one." Sebastian flashed her a charming smile.

"Really now? Van Gogh?" The woman rolled her violet eyes. "Nothing for you, now if this is some sort of stupid prank, I won't hesitate to call security."

Sebastian sighed, "I apologize, er, Hannah. Perhaps it's under J. Michael Tatum instead." He told her.

"Ah, Mr. Tatum, my bad. Here you are, floor ten, room six hundred sixty six." She handed him the keycard and waved for a bellboy to take his things to the room. "Timber here can get the rest of your luggage, is it in your car?" She asked.

"No, this is all I'll be needing for my stay." Sebastian told her, yet another thing he took pride in, being able to pack his whole life into a single suitcase. Timber hauled his silver portmanteau onto the golden cart and rolled it off to be put into the room.

"I apologize again for the name incident." The raven-haired man told Hannah with a light hint of a flirtatious tone in his voice. "My secretary makes all my reservations, and she messes things up often. Though I can't blame her, she has polyneuropathy, it's getting rather bad too."

"Isn't that a dogs disease?" Hannah raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, golden retriever. She was a rescue, didn't have the heart to let her go." He said before walking to the elevator. Once the golden doors opened, Sebastian did a double take, the man in the elevator looked absolutely identical to the bellboy, the only noticeable difference was the way he had parted his violet locks, though this one's nametag said 'Canterbury'. "Tenth floor." He said, dismissing the doppelganger theory. All the employees wore the same classic red and gold uniforms to match everything else in the hotel. Upon reaching his room, Sebastian couldn't help but to overhear two employees talking about their plans for later that night. Though it wasn't the subject of the conversation that had sparked his interests, it was the secretive, hushed tones they had used to discuss it. The raven-haired business man approached the two with an arrogant smile.

"Hello there~" He smirked. "I couldn't help but to overhear, what were these plans you two have for tonight?" Both looked to each other and swallowed nervously, not saying a word. Suddenly like magic, the mute could speak, all because the flash of the obviously wealthy man pulling out his wallet.

"Nine o'clock, Navy To Gold, 1227 Trancy Avenue." They said in unison. "It's a club with some really nice entertainment and music, fun place to go." The shorter male held out his hands like a street urchin begging for a crumb.

At that moment, Sebastian felt especially cruel, and slipped his wallet right back into his pocket. "Thank you both~" He then went to his room and sat on the bed. The theme of the room was as predictable as the sunrise, the same red and gold from the lobby had adorned the walls of the suite. The bed frame was a shimmering gold and the cloud-like mattress was covered in red silk. The walls were a matching crimson and painted intricately with a gold floral pattern. The room was not at all to his liking, he wondered how someone could ruin a perfectly good suite with such tacky décor. However, he was well aware that he would not be spending much time lounging in there anyway.

After hours of making phone calls, making reservations, preparing presentations, sales pitches, and whatnot, Sebastian found himself utterly bored. He was only ever familiar with the whole 'boredom' sensation from bad dates in the past or listening to his fiancé when she returned to their penthouse in France. It was about ten, he wasn't tired, but he couldn't think of anything better to do. The man's mind wondered to that club he had heard the workers discussing earlier. What was the harm? It's not like it was some scenario to kill him or something, plus he deserved a night out on the town, he had earned it, did he not? With that, his mind was made up.

The scarlet-eyed man was clothed in black pants and an un-tucked white dress shirt without a tie. Sebastian was easily the most attractive sight in the city. His attire was classy yet casual, a look nearly impossible to achieve let alone pull off with that kind of confidence. As he walked through the hotel lobby, every woman, and a majority of the men couldn't help but stare. He was well aware that he looked hot, and he had every intention to flaunt it.

When he arrived at the address, there was loud music booming from inside the club. A large flashy sign was hung across the top of the large building that read "Navy to Gold", and the line to get in stretched clear around the block. "Sebastian Michaelis?" He heard a velvety deep voice inquire.

"Claude?" He turned around to face the man. Yep, without a doubt this was him. He wore an overly-formal black suit and frameless glasses in front of his golden eyes, and his deep black hair was slicked to the side.

"Long time no see. I see you found my fine establishment." Claude said as he approached Sebastian.

"You own this place?" Sebastian asked, finding it hard to believe that someone as dull and emotionless as Claude Faustus owned a place this successful- or anything at all for that matter.

"Yes, it's unbelievable right?" He bragged in monotone.

'Yeah, unbelievable, you snarky hair stealing-' it was then that Sebastian recalled why they hadn't gotten along. They were enemies. While he and Sebastian did not talk too much at all during their years in high school, they knew enough about each other to know that they were eternal rivals. "Yes, quite-"

"Claude!" A whiny little blonde pranced up behind the owner in a skimpy little gold number. "I can't find my heels!"

"Did you check the dressing room?" Claude didn't even bother to turn and look at the boy.

"Well duh, I'm not stupid!" The boy said defensively.

"Alois…What are you wearing on your feet…" Claude pinched the crook of his nose, obviously knowing the boy's only intention was to get his attention.

"You're a genius, Claude! Who's this?" Alois said as he walked over, swinging his hips in a rather seductive manner with each step he took toward Sebastian.

"This is Sebastian Michaelis, he's an old…friend of mine." Claude lied.

"Is he our special guest this evening?" Alois never broke eye contact with the raven-haired man before him as he laid a dainty hand on his chest.

"He could be, Sebastian? What do you say, come inside, have a drink~" The owner offered. It was obvious he was using every opportunity to rub his success in the face of the aristocrat.

"Sure, I suppose. I've got nothing better to do." Sebastian shrugged, moving away from the boy furtively as he did. He wouldn't even think to admit that he was there to go to the club in the first place, that would mean defeat, and defeat against someone as pitiful as Claude Faustus was simply not an option!

"Oh, and Hannah wants you inside- Oh that was dirty wasn't it? I didn't even mean it!" He giggled. "She said that she's taking a week off from her job at the hotel to do some wedding planning."

'Engaged to a bitch of a receptionist, oh Claude, your failures make me so happy.' Sebastian thought with a smile.

"Alright, I'll be right in. After you, Michaelis." Claude faked a smile and ushered him in. The first sight that caught Sebastian's eye was the color scheme. Red and gold. Red walls, gold poles and cages with exotic dancers grinding every possible surface, and the little blonde on the pole in the center of the room on a platform wearing a cheap slutty crimson joke of a kimono. With that, he was out.

"Actually, I just remembered, though this place is rather impressive, I have to go. I can see why business is booming for this place, and I'm sure the rewards are simply wonderful but I have to get up early tomorrow morning to interview models for my company's next shoot." He boasted. "Though have fun with your brothel club!" He said as he quickly exited the house of horrors- or perhaps whore-ors was more appropriate. He couldn't help but to chuckle at his own pun.

While wandering the empty streets in hope of finding a decent enough tavern to get a well-deserved drink or four, Sebastian heard a small noise. His head jerked around, trying to find the source of the faint jingling, but saw nothing. With a shake of his head, he continued to walk forward; his destination couldn't have been more than two blocks away. In the corner of his eye, he saw her, a petite figure with a ring of small bells around her ankle. As his eyes drifted upward, he saw a Chinese beauty in a tiny little outfit with matching bells around her wrists, her eyes gazed into his, beckoning for her to follow her down the darkened alley. Despite his better judgment, he did just that. He had been following the girl down the alleyway for about five to ten minutes, she spoke not a single word, and neither did he. While any man would be attracted to the Chinese woman, Sebastian found himself more intrigued. Where was she leading him? Was this even happening? Finally he saw it, a small door with a humble sign above reading "Ninth Ring". The girl looked at him once more and opened the door to reveal a semi-crowded club with music that was much more to his taste than that of Navy to Gold, and the color scheme inside was a series of blacks and whites. As plain as it may have seemed during the day, the multicolored lights made it quite the sight to see. There was a stage that took up the width of the club with pale blue curtains, and little circular rooms around the perimeter of the inside where people would enter with a girl or a drink. While there wasn't anything special about this place from what he had seen, he couldn't deny that it was a decent club.

"Ah Ranmao, you've brought another demon to this house of pleasures~" said the man wearing traditional Chinese clothing. "My name is Lau, welcome to the sweetest taste of hell on Earth~" He welcomed the businessman. All Sebastian could seem to think about was whether the man's eyes were closed or open, though nevertheless he accepted the greeting and nodded his head.

"Hello, I'm Sebastian, I'm afraid I was lost when-"

"My little tigress found you. Yes, that's how it does happen a good majority of the time." Lau smiled.

"Ah, so what is this place?" Sebastian asked as he looked around the room. The enormous chandelier hanging above his head was shimmering with black and white crystals that sparkled eloquently in the lights and the sophistication of what he thought was a simple brothel, judging from the dancers and waitresses, was quite perplexing to him. How it could all fit inside such a misconstrued place and not become a popular destination remained a mystery to him.

"It's my own club, here you can have anything, the alcohol or woman of your choice, even any drug you so desire." He smiled. "Don't get me wrong, I do my fair share of charity as well, I'm a good man, a classy pimp as some would say." Lau laughed. "I provide food and shelter for those that need it during the day who work at night."

"Ah, well of all the pimps I've met I assure you, you are the classiest." Sebastian chuckled. At that, the owner simply smiled.

"You've never met a pimp before have you?" The Cheshire smile never left his face.

"Not even once." For some odd reason, Sebastian was compelled to tell the man the truth.

"Here then, have a seat. Get a drink and enjoy yourself for a little while. Everything's on the house for tonight." Sebastian couldn't believe the hospitality he was being offered. It was unheard of, especially in this part of town. He sat down in one of the plush black chairs and let the scent of sweet sugarcane fill his nostrils. Surprisingly, the smell of the cigarettes and sex was not traceable even the slightest bit. The Ninth Ring truly was a diamond in the rough.

After about an hour of talking with Lau, and planning his bachelor party at the club, suddenly the crowd went absolutely deafeningly silent. A single note on the piano was heard and Sebastian couldn't help but to look to the stage to see what the commotion (or lack thereof) was about. And there it was. The blonde man wearing a white suit took the microphone. "Hello, I am your host, Aleister Chamber. I am sure you all know what time it is now. Now, ladies and gentlemen, rich and poor, I present to you…Hell's little Robin~"

The man exited the stage and from the ceiling black and royal blue translucent fabric was being lowered. Seated on a shimmering blue swing was a petite figure with long slate hair down to the small of her back with a top hat atop her head. Sebastian was captivated by the sight, it was as if an angel were falling gracefully into hell.

"The French… Are glad to die for love. They delight in fighting duels. But I prefer a man who lives…" The breathy voice of the beautiful songbird was mesmerizing to say the least. The young girl was lowered onto the stage and her heels clicked as they hit the wood. "And gives expensive…Jewels~" the final word had a slight seductive tone and she turned around to reveal her flawless features. Her bangs covered her right eye and she wore a tight little corselet that was adorned in blue rhinestones. Around her neck was a collar with a small velvet bowtie. Sebastian watched her ever so carefully, thinking about how this young lady brought pride and elegance to the slutty attire, with the attitude of a bitter rabbit rather than a playboy bunny. Her perfect legs were covered to about mid-thigh with black stockings and she wore thigh-high black leather boots with matching royal blue silk lace (produced by none other than Covenant designers). Her movements were graceful with the rest of the dancers on stage, and the little robin was by far the most beautiful of them all. He couldn't take his eyes off of her, and as the music grew ever faster, the crowd began pairing off as she sang and danced, putting on an enjoyable yet provocative performance. The male dancers dressed in tuxedos took her from the stage and carried her on her back while silver and blue sequins fell from the chandelier. With the rhythm of the music, the lovely little robin was lifted above the crowd then back down again out of sight.

"Cause that's when those louses go back to their spouses! Diamonds~" She sang as the muscled men brought her right to the back of the room. "Are a girls best…." She sang as she was lowered and put down into a straddling position on Sebastian's lap and she whispered seductively. "Friend~" The crowd went wild. Robin smiled and ran her fingers through the jet black locks of the mysterious stranger's hair. Sebastian was captivated, speechless even, for the first time of his life. This girl couldn't have been more than fourteen years old. That charming smile and the uncovered deep cerulean orb gazing into his own ruby ones were absolutely irresistible. Before he could get as much as a single word from his constricting throat the girl had fallen back off his lap to be caught by Bardroy, the bartender that had been waiting on him and Lau. She was promptly carried into the back room of the club, followed by a few fellow dancers.

"What an excellent show." Lau clapped to redirect the man's attention. "If you'd like I can get you an hour with her tonight."

Sebastian shook his head. "I'm sorry, but I couldn't… You see I'm very poor, I don't have a penny to my name." He felt the slightest twinge of guilt for lying but that seemed to be the only way to resist the temptation that came with the house of pleasures.

"Well I can get you into the velvet room whenever you'd like, one free hour with our Little Robin, Ciel~" The offer was irresistible; there was no way Sebastian could maintain that urge. Not. One. Bit.

"I'll be here tomorrow night, what time do you open?" He said without a moment of hesitation.

~To Be Continued~

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Ciel was slow to wake up, he found himself backstage, placed on the cushioned settee. The last thing he could remember was being lowered onto the new customer's lap and feeling that throbbing pain in his right eye. 'Oh god no… Not this again…' The boy sat up, his corset was gone and the extensions he had tightly secured to his short locks were put back into their box with the rest of the fake hair.

"Don't you even think about getting up." The familiar female voice warned. Leaning against the wall was a tall woman wearing a long red skirt and a white blouse beneath a doctor's coat. Her eyes, lips, and hair were all the same matching shade of crimson as her attire and her arms were crossed in front of her "bountiful harvest" of a chest. Angelina Dalles was the social worker and doctor to Ciel Phantomhive. Since his parents died when he was a mere ten years old, he was out on his own. Lau had allowed him to stay at the club without charge and gave him all he needed to live comfortably and happily. Once Ciel turned thirteen, he was finally allowed to perform, recently, however, she was barely allowing him to continue his show at the Ninth Ring. He was only allowed to see clients for an hour at most, he would have to somehow stuff his inhaler within his outfit and he was absolutely under no circumstances allowed to reveal his identity. The boy's asthma was an issue, but it was nothing Ciel wasn't confident he could overcome.

"Miss Red, listen, I'm-" He began trying to explain.

"Don't you dare say fine, Ciel, you know how dangerous asthma attacks can be. What got you all riled up anyway?" She asked, moving closer to the small couch, her voice taking on an almost maternal-like tone.

"I don't know I was just sitting on a guy's lap and then my eye started hurting and then the next thing I know I'm here." He truthfully explained.

"Let me see your eye." She instructed as she moved his bangs out of the way. As expected, its normal deep purple color was a bit brighter, an almost glowing shade of amethyst. "Don't tie your corset as tight next time, alright? You're skinny enough as is." She was obviously avoiding the eye question, and that did not go unnoticed by Ciel.

"Will do, but why don't you ever tell me anything about this? I think I have a right to know after all…" Ciel inquired, crossing his arms.

"Just wear an eye patch like usual and it won't be painful." She told him and kissed his forehead lightly in a motherly-like fashion before looking at the clock. "I'm sorry, but I need to go. You know what to do if you're feeling any worse, right? I gave you the number to call me if you need it."

"I will I promise." Ciel said with a slight smile. Angelina smiled softly, yet sadly, in return before taking her leave from the club to go back to the hospital where she worked part-time. Ciel rummaged through the drawers of his wardrobe, trying to find a new outfit suitable for his client's desires. He was under the impression that he would be meeting with the man Lau was speaking to that night. From the way he was watching, he could tell he was just another dirty pervert. Ugh. He grew so tired of the same thing over and over again after a while, the monotony was unbearable. Why couldn't there be something different for once? He longed for something new, something romantic, something scandalous. But he was no fool. Ciel had a clear perception of reality and he knew that the simple fact was that prostitutes, no matter what kind, do not love. He's a demon of the ninth ring, he can dream all he likes, but it won't change the harsh reality. The only love he would ever have was for the highest bidder.

"Meyrin, can you help me with my hair?" Ciel asked as he sat at the vanity. He wore a silky black robe with blue flowers embroidered at the bottom.

"Of course!" She said enthusiastically as she entered. The girl was far too clumsy to work on the dance floor so she happily helped back stage and entertained in the crowd when she could. Her figure was perfectly curvy and exposed for the most part by wearing a classic French can-can outfit and black feathers in her fuchsia hair. She was one of the girls who lived at the Ninth with Ciel. She always thought of him like a little sibling, everyone did. There was something about him that just made everyone feel protective over him, and though he'd never admit it, he found that beyond comforting. As Mey was placing each of the tracks of long slate faux hair into his head, Lau walked in with Ranmao hanging on his arm as always.

"Ciel, are you alright?" He asked with a concerned furrow of his eyebrows.

"Yes, I'm fine, and don't worry, I'm getting ready for that special client tonight. I've recovered and now I'm ready to work." Ciel smiled at him in the mirror.

"Are you sure you can do that?" Lau asked one last time just to be sure.

"Positive. Look at me, I'm ready. Plus, it's not like I'll be taking off my clothes or anything. They won't find out a thing." The boy said with confidence. "The man you were talking to tonight, he's married isn't he?" He asked as he began applying makeup to his already flawless face.

"Engaged. He'll be hosting his bachelor party here. Say, how do you do that? Guess immediately the relationship status of customers?"

"It's easy, if they fall for me right away that means that they're single. If they just stare and gawk then they're taken but they can't seem to remember. But if they analyze me like he did, he's debating on leaving his wife or fiancé for a night with a whore." He stated, the boy was proud and terribly smug about the hypnotic effect he had on the poor men that walked into the Ninth.

"Well he just left so if I were you I'd get ready quickly. He's expecting you in the Velvet room. He originally wanted to come tomorrow, but if there's one thing I know about humanity is that if a hungry man smells a brownie, then walks away before getting a taste, he's not very likely to come back later after lunch~" And there it was, the proof that Ciel needed to confirm that once again, his boss was absolutely positively stoned out of his mind.

"Lau you are a poet." He complimented, a sly smirk on his face.

"And if I'm lucky I'm also a mountain lion~" He said in the same zen tone as always, distant yet calm and relaxed. In response to the nonsense rambling, the girl on his arm made a clawing motion with her hand and quietly mewled, earning her a little pet on the head.

"All done, Ciel. If there's anything else you need don't hesitate to call for me!" Meyrin bowed before leaving to go back on the floor. Ciel stood up and let his robe slide to the floor, revealing to his boss his outfit for the night. The blue corset was bound tightly around his waist, despite the advice he had just received from Miss Red, and the tiny black and blue feathered skirt just barely covered the bottom of his perfectly rounded ass. The fishnet stockings reached right above his knees and a midnight blue jeweled garter was slipped onto his upper thigh, a very tempting ensemble.

"My my, you do look delicious, Ciel, I'm sure he'll agree once he sees you~" Lau smiled. Ciel slipped on the see-through blue robe with black feathers at the hems.

"Good, I can't mess this one up, I can tell he's got some major cash." He slipped into his high-heeled black stilettos. God, he looked good, and he knew it too. He wasn't about to let this client slip through his dainty fingers.

"Oh by the way, he's actually broke. Completely and utterly broke." Lau acted as if this was not even the slightest issue. Ciel simply let his mouth hang open, gaping at the news.

"Excuse me?!"


Sebastian paced around the room, for once in his life, nervous about something. He wanted to sleep on this decision, he really did, but Lau had given him a little piece of information that made him crazy with curiosity and lust. He wasn't going to do it. He wasn't going to do anything with the girl, he was engaged! He was just going to ask her the question, get the answer he wanted, then go. Easy as that. Just as he had sat on the bed and got comfortable with his strategy he saw a leg peek through the door. Nope. Goodbye willpower. Hasta la vista morality! He growled in the absolute lust he felt for that figure, while only seeing her leg!

"You were expecting me?" Ciel asked innocently while stepping into the room.

"Yes. I was." Sebastian had just achieved what he considered in that moment to be his greatest accomplishment: He somehow managed to not stutter or let his voice crack while hiding the enormous swell between his legs.

"Well here I am~" He smiled at the man and leaned over just a bit, in a teasing gesture.

"Mhm." Was all Sebastian managed to mutter.

'This was too easy.' Ciel thought to himself without breaking character for a minute. "Well then, big boy, let's see what you've got and maybe I can help you~" He purred seductively.

"Oka- NO! I mean no!" Sebastian stood up and walked out to the balcony to get some fresh air. Why was he here, there had to be some reason. What was it, damn it? As he turned around to tell the boy he had to go he almost came right then at the sight. Ciel's head was adorned in little cat ears and the robe he was wearing before was in the corner of the room on the floor, "Meow?" Ciel purred with an innocent look on his face. Sebastian shuddered. He couldn't take it, the noticeable wet spot in his pants caused Ciel's perfect little lips to curl into a smirk.

"Are you a virgin?" Sebastian finally asked with urgency.


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"WHAT?" Ciel was utterly shocked. No one knew about that. No one but- oh that high Chinese bastard was going to pay. Whenever Ciel had a client, he would do all the pleasuring, he would never take off whatever he was wearing and show everything but whatever would prove him a boy. Of course he was a virgin! But why the hell did Lau tell this stranger? This could potentially ruin everything.

"So it's true~" Sebastian smirked, ignoring the fact that he had just came in his pants. He finally had the upper hand.

"Of course not, but if I hear a word about it then I will have your head on a plate, and not the one on your shoulders." Ciel growled, letting his mock-feminine voice slip.

"I wouldn't tell, trust me~ I simply wanted to know if you were a waste of my time." Sebastian said in a rather cocky manner. Ciel was pissed, thoroughly and utterly pissed. THIS GUY thinks he can just waltz in here then just call him a virgin like that, who does he think he is?

"You better be paying damn well for this- oh wait I forgot you're broke. Just leave, get out. I can make sure you never show your face here again. Bardroy! Finny! Meyrin!" He shouted for the three waiting outside to get 'tall, dark (haired), and handsome' out of here.

Without a second thought in an act of mercy, Sebastian pressed his lips to the child's. Ciel's eyes widened, he had been kissed before but not like that, never with that much urgency. Hate, loathing, and absolute abhorrence for this man welled up inside Ciel, but rather than reacting violently like he would have liked, his arms moved up around the neck of the man before him, tugging softly at the hair that reached the base of his neck. 'Oh you're good…but not as good as-' Ciel's thoughts were suddenly cut off when he felt a tug on his head and the warmth of the man's lips suddenly gone. In front of him stood Sebastian, his face filled with shock and confusion, holding one of the boy's extensions in his hand.


What the hell? Why would a girl have to wear extensions like this? Thoughts were just running like crazy through his mind. Maybe she was sick, had he just kissed a sick person? Shit, that would be bad. Maybe he was dreaming, he was pretty drunk after all. Before he could make sense of what just happened, Sebastian was pulled out of the room by one muscled blonde and one tiny (yet almost inhumanly strong) young man. The purple-haired woman yanked out the extension the man was gripping and fastened it once more into his hair. "Ciel, are you okay? Did he hurt you?" She asked as she held his face, turning it and searching to see any sort of marks the man may have left.

"No, he didn't, I'm alright." His eyes never left Sebastian, the raven hair, the perfect features contorted into a confused yet undeniably sexy expression, his muscled arms, relaxed by the influence of alcohol, and especially those lips. Those lips that had just kissed him, those lips that for some reason held more power over him than Miss Red, Lau, or even the queen herself. But he couldn't dwell on that. He couldn't think such stupid thoughts. He was a whore, a virgin whore, but still a whore. He couldn't love, he couldn't even like or crush. He had to remain completely objective and, for his own sake, shallow and materialistic. That was his life. He made this for himself, and he loved it. But now the stakes were high. He had to make sure this man kept his mouth shut, about him being a virgin, and more importantly about him being a boy. Business was already bad and without the leading act, things could go horribly awry.

As he was getting forcibly dragged out of the velvet room by the two blondes, Sebastian saw someone, a familiar figure with a smirk heading toward the room that he was just in. "Hello Michaelis, it's a shame, little robin didn't like you?" the voice said. Sebastian's eyes widened. What the fuck was Claude doing at the ninth? And why the hell was he going to see Ciel? The little robin was his. He wasn't about to let someone else prance in and take over like that! Before he could fight back as he so wished, he was thrown out of the club into a puddle of muddy water. Claude Faustus… That bastard… By that time, the business man had completely forgotten about his fiancé, his obligations, his responsibilities, and everything else he'll probably get in trouble for at a later time. He sat on the curb for a few moments, fuming. That asshole had taken his hooker! Why the fuck would someone do something like that? Sebastian spent almost an hour thinking about it, Ciel was a whore. Just a whore. No different than any of the other ones in the city. Though despite all he tried to do to convince himself that the thoughts were true, he knew they weren't. Suddenly, he felt the most awkward of vibrations in his pants and "My Milkshake" by Fergie began playing. Oh right. Grell. "Hello?"

"SEBAS-CHANNNN!" The insufferable overly-dramatic voice wailed.

"Hello, Grell. Why are you calling?" Sebastian sighed.

"What? Suddenly you don't even want to talk to your own fiancé? How could you be so insensitive? You know you should really get over yourself! I have waited all night to call and-" Sebastian was accustomed to toning out Grell's bitching by now. It was actually quite the talent he possessed.

"I'm sorry, I suppose I was just a little busy planning for our wedding." And there it was, suddenly the red-headed designer was no longer angry but fawning over his love.

"Oh you! You did make sure that all the flowers will be red right? White weddings are sooooo 2006, I don't even want to think about how droll that would be! Ours will be the wedding of the millennium! News reporters, celebrities, publicists will all be there-" Once again, Sebastian was smart enough to tone out the rant. He was well aware his wedding was going to be more of a press conference than a wedding and he wasn't really looking foreward to it. In fact, he was looking forward to the wedding night even more, his wife in some sexy little lingerie, wearing a diamond necklace around her slim neck, that silver hair- wait. That wasn't his fiancé. Fuck. This was bad. He couldn't even force himself to fantasize about the red-head anymore. Uh oh.

"Sebastian? Hello? Are you even listening to me? This is just like you, don't care about anyone else's feelings but your own! You are so insensitive!"

"I'm sorry, love, reception is horrid at this hotel. I'll call you in the morning alright?" Sebastian explained.

"Ugh. Fine, fine, whatever." His fiancé slammed down the phone. Sebastian couldn't care less at the moment, he had one priority right then, and that was getting Ciel out of his head.