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Strippers, Closets and Broken Things

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"I don't think I've ever had a better pizza in my life." Kurt was wrapped in the comforter from Dave's narrow dorm bed licking the last of the greasy food off his fingers. The indulgence of delivery pizza worked into his soul and brought a brighter morning to Kurt than he'd felt in days. Strange for a murderer, but Kurt would take the joy he could.

Dave snorted. "It's pretty okay. I wish I could take you for a normal breakfast. Somewhere fancy," he added softer hoping Kurt would read it as asking him out. They were sitting next to each other, shoulders pressed together and Dave had to fight the impulse to wrap his arm around Kurt.

"Me too. I would break the bank with the largest stack of french toast." Kurt didn't see anything wrong with indulging in the images. They were sweet and should Kurt be able to change his life, he would much rather have the luxury of simply having a morning date than be hiding from the law.

"Well, we could do something." Dave perked up. "You don't have to stay tucked in this room all the time, they won't search for you in this neighbourhood anyway." He leaned in to place a kiss on Kurt's head. "You need clothes and I'm not letting you go back to your place. So what do you say, shopping?"

"Shopping..." Kurt would need to change and get away from his incriminating clothing and get into a new style. Something more masculine since the gangsters probably would say he was a girl whore. "That sounds wonderful but... It's risky. I don't want you implicated in this if we are seen together."

"We already were..." Dave nodded at the opposite bed. Kurt was right, they should be careful. "So... You'd rather wear my stuff?" He grinned. "Sexy."

Kurt smirked and shifted himself so he could lean on Dave's side. "With a few alterations I could make it runway chic. I'm just that amazing."

"I don't doubt that," Dave murmured staring at Kurt's collarbone peeking out of the shirt he borrowed him to sleep in. He tugged the material to reveal a little more and leaned to kiss the skin he found.

Kurt smiled at the affectionate peck. It was sweet, this whole morning seemed like an excerpt of someone else's life. He let out a soft, happy sigh. He wanted it to stay like this, ignore the world and their past. He could be Dave's college fling and make beautiful memories of sleeping on Dave's tiny dorm bed. "Do you have class?"

"Nothing I can't skip," Dave said into his neck and sucked on the skin as his hand slid over Kurt's thigh under the blanket and riled up the boxers he gave him.

"You shouldn't sacrifice your education." Kurt closed his eyes as the warmth of Dave's broad hand stirred something inside of him. "I should be planning an escape..."

Dave hmpf'd in a reply. His fingertips brushed little circles onto the hairless insides of Kurt's thighs as his teeth found Kurt's earlobe and bit it gently.

"Fuck..." Kurt wanted to just feel good... And Dave wanted him to pretend to be a boyfriend. Was it so terrible to give in? "David... I have to ask you something."

Dave let his fingers slid in further and brush over Kurt's pubic hair. "Yeah? What about?" He whispered right next to his ear and caressed the man's cheek with his lips.

"If you could have one night. Just one where it was perfect and I was yours. What would you give for that?"

The jock leaned back with a frown. "What do you mean? And why only one night?"

"It's hypothetical. I just..." Kurt bit his lip, trying not to let the plan forming in his mind show through. "I'll have to leave. I can't live in your dorm."

"We'll find some solution, babe." Dave dismissed the ramblings. He shifted, his hand wrapped under Kurt's thigh and the other pushed gently at his chest giving signal to lay down. Dave smiled at him and licked his lips. "So it's like, some end-of-the-world scenario?" His eyes were crinkling with amusement. "One last night together, huh?"

"Exactly. I was dying or going to vanish like a faerie to the morning light. What would you give to be with me?" Kurt laid himself down under Dave. With a deep breath he let his legs press against Dave's sides as the broad man climbed over his body.

Dave hovered over the smaller man, careful not to settle his whole weight on him and cocked his head, thinking through the question. "Hmm, my left kidney?" He said finally and chuckled. "What would your fairy form request?" He leaned in to kiss Kurt's lips.

"All of your gold." He smiled playfully, a stone of worry sinking in him. Kurt knew he was worth about 200 on a good night and 300 if they wanted something strange or difficult. He was going to need at least that to make a new start.

"My gold?" Dave leaned back with a smirk. "And here I thought we were in for some romantic cheese." His hand sneaked under the waistband of Kurt's boxers and revealed the pear hip. He moved lower to kiss the barely jutting bone and pull up the shirt Kurt was wearing. "I could offer my heart but you already took it. So yeah, gold it is, I guess." He grinned up at Kurt and came back to mouthing at his abdomen.

Kurt lifted his hips toward David's mouth. Dave was willing to give up his money to have one night together with the dream he'd built. Kurt could be that dream. Kurt smiled and shockingly only the smallest edge of joy had to be faked. "Then all of your gold I will have, lover. Take me."

Dave smiled and pulled the underwear off the man quickly. He bent Kurt's legs in knees and spread them taking a moment to just soak in the sight in front of him. Kurt's short shaft was already up and ready to be taken in his mouth. Dave decided to leave it for later. He slid his hands up Kurt's legs and caught his eyes when his finger traced the folds and opening. The pink flesh was already dewy with the man's juices.

Kurt gasped as the pleasure sparked through his body. He pressed his pussy up toward Dave's sweet touches. All he had to do was make love to Dave and he would survive. Just like any other transaction, just this one was a play for the heart rather than the body. "Tease. That feels good, baby."

"I didn't even start teasing you yet," Dave smiled at the nickname. Maybe all the mess they got into was actually for the better. He leaned in and kissed the inside of Kurt's thigh. After second thought, he started sucking a hickey into the flesh. Just a little reminder Kurt would see later. His hand cupped Kurt's vulva and pressed at it but he concentrated on the skin under his lips.

"Mmm." Kurt's thighs twitched and jumped under the pressure of the forming bruise. He was going to have that tomorrow. Kurt itched to place a mark on Dave, something lasting. "Kiss me?"

Dave grinned and planted a loud kiss on the crook of his leg. "Like this?" He asked cheekily. He licked up Kurt's pussy. "Or you'd rather have my mouth someplace else?"

"Nnn. No." Dave's adoration of his anatomy was always going to be amazing. Or would be for the last time... Kurt let the rising lust crowd out the thoughts. This was not supposed to be sad. It was supposed to be living in the moment. His long fingers threaded into Dave's hair. "Right there is just fine, thank you."

Dave groaned in agreement and sealed his lips over Kurt's pussy, sucking and delicately nibbing at the folds with his teeth. He teased the opening with his tongue before slipping in and moaning at how wet and hot Kurt was.

Dave was way too good at that. He squirmed under the torment. Kurt needed that liquid coil of heat to peak. But the attention was focused on his pussy. It made his cock twitch and strain for attention. "Dave. Please."

"Can you come like this?" He asked and pushed his tongue in him again, probing at walls of Kurt's pussy.

"Maybe." Kurt groaned as his leg muscles tensed trying to push toward Dave's mouth. "I... nnn... Don't play with that part much."

"Maybe you should." Dave grinned and went back to his task. Knowing that Kurt never orgasmed from being eaten out was a challenge he was ready to undertake. He groaned and pushed into the man, fucking him with his tongue.

Kurt let his head fall back against the pillows as he weathered the crashing lust. His labia was being abraded by Dave's stubbly cheeks. It should feel painful but, with his natural lubrication smeared across David's face, it felt amazing. He knew he was getting close to peak when the flush finished it's trip down to his nipples and his toes curled. "Dave... fuck!"

Dave moaned when Kurt's legs tightened around his head and slurped hungrily at the liquid spurting from the man. He worked his tongue into him through his peak and didn't stop until Kurt's limbs dropped as if boneless against his body.

Kurt's cock was twitching in the thin bedding of pubic hair. The clear fluid had dripped down to pool around his tip. Kurt couldn't move if he wanted to. He floated more than happy to simply exist. The only thing better would be a big warm Dave to wrap him up.

Dave sat back and looked at Kurt, satisfied with his work. He leaned in and licked up Kurt's cock, not able to help himself, and then dropped on the bed next to the man. "So I take it you liked?"

Kurt made a purr as he cuddled toward Dave. He nuzzled until he found Dave's shoulder. He was going to need a minute to come down, but he wanted his mark. With tiny kitten licks he mapped out a bit of warm skin in the center of the huge upper shoulder muscle. He then bit hard.

"Ah!" Dave startled. "What the hell?!" He looked at the man but his eyes were smiling. "That's what I get for providing earth-shaking orgasm?"

Kurt shot him a haughty glare... well as haughty as one can get while sucking at someone's skin until your lips ached. Kurt thought he pulled it off well. He had the nose for it.

"Oh, I get it. Avenging for the hickey? You know, I'm just gonna put another one on you for this," Dave grinned and shifted to wrap arm around the man and bring him closer.

Kurt found himself nose to nose with David. All he had to do was tilt to steal a kiss. One was hardly sufficient so he swept his tongue along Dave's bottom lip and nipped.

Dave responded slowly, enjoying the opportunity to kiss Kurt without transaction or danger hanging over them. There was nothing to push the man to do it this time and yet he was searching out Dave's touch. The jock sighed happily and pressed firmer against him.

Kurt shifted, trying to get his butt away from the edge of the tiny bed... It was no use. "Lay on your back."

Dave complied. His hands gripped Kurt's hips as the smaller man was settling over him. "Whatcha have in mind?"

"I'm going to ride you." Kurt flashed a devil's grin and arched for Dave. The move showed off his long pale neck and the shift of his lean muscles under his snow white skin.

"Fuck, Kurt." Dave sat up abruptly to wrap that body in his arms. He rolled his hips into Kurt's groin, his dick was more than happy with the man's idea. "Can you get the condoms out of my nightstand?" He asked a little flustered. Last night they did it without protection. Which... okay, Dave knew it was reckless, but couldn't regret that moment even if he wanted.

"Forget them. I trust you. And I can't get pregnant. I want to feel just you in me." Kurt leaned down as he nudged his entrance against the tip of Dave's cock. "Please, baby?"

"But..." Dave looked at loss. He trusted Kurt too... But the man was a prostitute and- Dave didn't know how to bring this up. "You sure this is okay?"

Kurt tried not to grimace at the glaring implication in the words. He couldn't have that. He couldn't give Dave the illusion of a real boyfriend. "No... of course not. I'll go get them."

"I didn't mean to..." Dave's arms dropped on the bed. "Sorry. If it makes a big difference for you when I'm in we can just... um..."

"You're right, David." Kurt slid off the man's body and stood beside the bed. He cupped one of Dave's cheek. "I should protect you from what I... am."

Dave groaned and rubbed his face. Great, he totally destroyed the mood. "Please, Kurt, don't take it personal. I would want a rubber regardless." He caressed the man's arm as he settled back between Dave's legs.

"It's fine. You're right in any case, Dave." He kissed the broad chest, and pasted on a smile. "Come on, babe. Put it on so I can get you inside."

Dave slid the condom on himself quickly and gripped the base to make it easier for Kurt to push down on him. Maybe the moment wasn't gone for good yet. He smiled at the man. "All ready for you."

Kurt licked two of his fingers and pressed them between his lips to test his own readiness. "Still wet from your mouth." He slid them out before balancing with both hands planted on Dave's lower chest. He eased the tip inside his narrow passage. "Oh, Dave."

"Shh, baby, take your time," Dave said, more to himself than Kurt. He bit his lip forcing himself to stay still.

Kurt rocked with tiny shifts of his hips. Every little movement sucked David's cock deeper into his pussy. He looked down to Dave with flushed cheeks. "Does it feel good?"

"Yes," Dave breathed out. "Just... Can you go deeper?" He took Kurt's penis between his fingers to help him through the painful beginning.

Kurt groaned at the touch. Being allowed complete control over the first penetration always helped the pain of being tighter that average. "Yes."

Dave grunted in response and focused on Kurt's shaft. His other hand kneed Kurt's ass cheek. Dave tugged the penis lightly and rubbed his thumb over the head, watching Kurt's face in fascination. "That good, baby?"

Kurt had expected Dave to try to start jack-hammering in. The attention was a welcome change. "Exquisite. You like playing with my dick, don't you?"

"I like playing with everything of yours." Dave winked. "But your cock is particularly cute."

"Charmer. It's not cute. It's thick and hard." Kurt wrinkled his nose at the diminutive description.

Dave raised an eyebrow at the comment. His hand closed around the small prick. "That's right, babe. It really is," he said, voice low, and closed his eyes. "I wish you'd fuck me with it. Hard, so I could barely take it. You'd like that, Kurt?" He looked at him through half closed lids. "Shove your thick cock in my virgin hole?"

"Oh, fuck." Kurt plunged all the way down until their hips touched. "I'd fuck you so hard. You'd be screaming and biting at the bed trying to contain it. I'd take your ass in long thrusts making my cock disappear in you ever time."

Dave whimpered over the imaginary. "You would. And I'd take it." He gathered the precum with his thumb and stopped jerking the man off for a moment to lick it off. "You'd come in me, right?" He rubbed the shaft. "Plunge in and come so I'd feel you deep."

"Yes." Kurt gasped as he lifted and dropped himself on Dave's cock. The imaginary scene they created fueled his moves to match the pace he would have taken inside Dave. "I'd come in you. I'd keep inside until I was soft just to make you keep it."

Dave's hands flew to Kurt's hips, gripping tight. He moaned, Kurt allowed faster speed than before. "God, fuck, Kurt. You'd totally use my ass until you were sure I couldn't sit down, yeah?" He mumbled, completely lost in the imagery too. "I want you so fucking much."

"Fuck. Baby. Take that." Kurt was slamming up and down on Dave's cock, close to finding another peak. "Come. Fuck, come from my big cock in you. Do it."

"Yes. Fuck me, I- I...," Dave's voice broke into a roar, his hips raised from the mattress and shoved into the man as he cursed and twitched, spurting into the condom.

Kurt keened and someone from the next dorm over banged on a wall to try to shut up their pleasured sounds. Kurt let himself fall exhausted on Dave's chest. The spent cock slid from his vagina with a slick pop. Kurt couldn't be bothered to move. This wasn't one of his normal tricks. He had no where to be and no work to do. The luxury of staying in Dave's huge arms was a gift.

Dave laid for a moment in nearly blank-mind state, relishing in the weight of another man on his body. Finally, he shifted against his will and slid his hand on Kurt's thigh to caress the tired muscles. "You okay, babe? That was pretty intense." He tried to keep the worry out of his voice but Kurt's anatomy left questions about the man's limits.

"Mmm hmm. I'm okay. I'll be sore once the afterglow wears off." Kurt had felt pain, but it hardly mattered during the heights of their shared fantasy. Now it began to twinge.

Dave held him tighter. "We could... you know. Do that sometimes. For real this time."

"Me fucking you?" Kurt smiled sadly into Dave's neck. There would be no next time. This was the last, the goodbye. He didn't want to promise what he couldn't make good on. "I'm sure you'll get a chance to work your ass."

"Yeah..." Dave already mused about the possible scenarios. He shifted Kurt to his side and left a kiss on his lips before smirking. "So, you're okay with getting a strap-on for Christmas?"

"You are already giving me plenty." Kurt's fingers caressed the outline of Dave's jaw. "More than you know."

Dave smiled warmly at the unspoken confession. Maybe Kurt wasn't quite there yet, but he was coming around. Dave knew he would. He gave the man last parting kiss and slid off the bed to dispose the used rubber and wipe at the come that poured off it on his groin.

Kurt watched, taking in the last images of Dave he would ever see. Sex, with a fantasy involved, plus the pain Kurt was feeling from the roughness... That could cover most of the cost of running and starting a new life. "Heading somewhere?"

"Nah. I have everything I need here," Dave said sweeping his eyes over Kurt's naked form. "And I think you have a clear schedule as well," he joked, giving the man a tissue. "Just all day for ourselves, unless the dude from dorm next door will get fed up with hearing you."

"He can listen all he wants..." The ringing of a phone that blasted out Aerosmith interrupted Kurt.

"Oops. Hold on, I gotta take this." Dave plopped on his desk chair and pressed the phone against his ear. "'Sup, man," he chirped in overly enthusiastic voice. "Funny how you know when to call," he said and winked at Kurt.

"Don't you sound perky? I didn't know better I'd say you just got some." Azimio's voice chuckled through the earpiece. "You still interested in talking to Mia, the girl I told you about, from that class I'm taking? She's on campus today and her class got canceled."

"Oh!" Dave sat up straighter and glanced at Kurt. He swirled a bit on his chair to hide his face from the man. "Yeah. Yes. I'm in. Thanks," he said in hurry.

"She's at the women's resource center. Don't worry about going in. If there's a counseling group going on they will shoo you out fast enough. Other than that Mia will know who you are."

Dave nodded, he vaguely knew where the center was. "I'll be there in 15. Thanks, man. I owe you." He clapped the phone shut and turned to Kurt, awkwardly scratching the back of his head. "Um. So something came up. But I should be back in two hours or so." And hopefully with a new information for you, he added in thoughts.

Kurt's smile was that of a sated joyous lover. Kurt wished that was all he was. This was the perfect time to make his run. Dave was likely to skip classes tomorrow and he was definitely going to sleep inside his dorm tonight. There was no other window of time. "That's just about time for diner. Why don't you leave your wallet and I'll order so it's nice and warm when you come back."

"Good call." Dave fumbled with his jeans and retrieved the leather billfold from one of the pockets. He threw it at the bed and tugged the jeans on. "Don't start without me." He grinned and pulled on the shirt he had on previously.

Kurt wiggled his fingers in a wave. He waited until the door shut behind Dave and he could no longer hear the footfalls.

Time to go.