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The Sleep Schedule

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Bucky woke with a start. A loud ‘crash’ and a startled squeak immediately activating his soldier instincts. Whipping out of bed, he surveyed the room but realising he was at home and the possibility of an incident occurring here, in Stark Tower surrounded by the entire team and countless staff was highly unlikely, he relaxed his posture, shaking his head. He remarked that you weren’t in bed next to him. He rubbed his tired eyes and started for the hallway. Bucky realised exactly what was going on the minute he saw the light under the door and as far as this assassin was concerned, this had been going on for way too long now.

You were busy, happily scrubbing away the inside of the cabinet you were sure you’d missed the night before, shifting the pots and pans about blithely ignoring the stinging sensation at the back of your eyes, lack of sleep or the cleaning product? Eh whatever. Bleach in hand you were going to town on a particularly greasy spot that had eluded your efforts. A voice startled you, and you jumped violently, bumping your head on the cabinet that you were currently half inside.

‘Doll it’s 3 a.m., for exactly how long is this going to continue?’

From the confined space you didn’t need to wonder who’d walked in on you, there was only one super soldier you shared an apartment with, and only one who was becoming rapidly un-amused with your night time shenanigans. A period of frenzied activity usually accompanied your frequent periods of insomnia and this time was definitely one of the longest, and the worst.


 Some four hours ago, after you and Bucky had fallen from each other sweaty and panting, your mind started playing its old tricks again, racing a million miles a minute. Did I get that spot under the sink yesterday? The cabinet still needs doing too… This was not OCD, you had simply become accustomed to finding activities to fill those dark empty hours where sleep eluded you. You’d tried the lying in bed and waiting thing but to no avail. Despite the pain and fatigue, you just couldn’t fall asleep. You envied Bucky this, he was able to drop off at what seemed like a click of the fingers. Physical exertion couldn’t play that much of a role in it either, he was all jacked up with serum so he could withstand activities that would make another man cry with the effort. Nope, he was just lucky like that. You went to the gym morning and night, I’ve got to if I want to keep up with James’ appetite anyway… is what you told a grinning Wanda when she asked why you were always training. You figured it was more interesting to her than dragging her down with your problems. And plus it was kinda true anyway, my God did that man have stamina.

 So you’d taken it upon yourself, after Bucky kissed you tenderly, pulling your naked body flush to him and he’d fallen asleep with a contented sigh, that lying in bed staring at the ceiling was just plain boring. You could put this empty time to better use. This particular episode was being a real bitch, latching on for five days already you’d barely slept and when you had drifted off, it was unavoidable, sneaking up on you during the day in between meetings. Not very convenient when you were meant to be assisting Tony Stark with heavy machinery. Grabbing Bucky’s t-shirt (from where he’d dropped it to the floor before pouncing on you) and fishing your panties from under the bed, you padded off as quietly as possible, careful not to alert the sleeping assassin. At the beginning, it seemed he could never be at peace. He’d wake up gasping and heaving in the middle of the night at random, plagued by flashbacks and nightmares but that was long ago now. Times like these where he lay vulnerable, completely at peace, a small smile on his lips, you yourself felt a sense of completion.

At first Natasha and Wanda had tried to warn you off him, it was true he’d been unstable and erratic but he was also kind and funny when you were together. Back then insomnia seemed more of an aid than a burden to your little trysts as you took every opportunity to sneak into his apartment at night. At first you would just appreciate the time spent talking without a chaperone, but it quickly grew into something much more profound (and much more physical) when you both became more at ease in each other’s presence.


Shit’ You retreated from the cupboard rubbing the sore spot on your crown. Guiltily you looked up at your man who was standing arms folded in the doorway irritated and sexy as hell. Aw balls I’ve gone and woken the beast again. Bucky was not a happy bunny if he didn’t get a solid 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep, despite being a trained killing machine, besides being capable of surviving any conditions thrown at him, nope, while he was home, sleep was a high priority. Well he knew what he was getting when he chose a manic insomniac for a mate. And anyway, you accepted all his flaws right?

Setting down the bleach and rag you sat on the floor against the counter. ‘You can’t be angry at someone wearing yellow rubber gloves babe, it’s impossible’ You tried, smiling holding up your hands hoping he’d crack and give in. You just wanted to see him smile. ‘And anyway I can’t take you seriously stood in the doorway all broody like that’ you gestured laughing, he was stood there in just a pair of tight black boxer briefs, his gorgeous body all on show, well that’s not gonna help putting me to sleep, if anything I’m more awake than I was before you mused but thought better of it from the look on his gorgeous face.

He really was stunning, you eyed him brazenly from top to bottom, his bed-head tousled and free around his masculine jaw. He had that stubble you were adamant he couldn’t shave right now too. Arms folded, his biceps bulged across his broad chest. Your eyes roved over him, his firm thick thighs, the V carved into his hips…the slight dusting of dark hair over his navel and down his pelvis, every part of the man made you hungry for him.

It’s 3 a.m., not too late for round 2 right?

‘You’re state of undress isn’t really getting me sleepy old man’ you teased. He didn’t seem to be in the mood for playing so you turned back to the cupboard; high on the lack of sleep you called out ‘Well enjoy the view soldier!’ and wiggled your ass playfully. If you were certain of anything, you knew that Bucky loved it when you wore his shirts. He adored how the fabric drowned you, the collar drooping to reveal a little of your cleavage, the hem skimming teasingly at your thighs. It tended to bring out that dominant side of him that he reserved for when you two were safe in the confines of the bedroom. He kept that animalistic lust for when he wanted to claim you as his own. You loved it, he was territorial over your body, he knew you were his and seeing you in his clothing consolidated the idea.

He sighed heavily, pinching the bridge of his nose, ‘That’s it doll, I’m putting you on a sleep schedule whether you like it or not, I can’t take this every night, even super soldiers need their sleep’ He huffed. His voice came from close behind you and you smiled, knowing you had him conquered. Dragging you by your hips from your cleaning spot. He bent down, turned you over and slung you effortlessly over his shoulder. ‘What are you doing I haven’t finished? You bully! This is a violation of my basic human rights!’ His high-handed gesture had thrown you a little but you were game for a good fight. You threw off your gloves and hit him playfully on the back with one though you were certain he could barely feel it.

‘You violated my rights when you decided to re-organise the entire apartment in the a.m. Doll, I’m sure even Stark and Banner can hear you from the basement’ He began walking, the movement of his shoulder bumping your stomach making you squeal a little.

‘I train all fuckin’ day or I’m on exercise with the team, do you think I could get a minutes rest? If you’re not making noise clanging about with the cutlery, you’re parading around in my t-shirt, gorgeous little ass in the air like that, and then you expect me to play nice. Can’t a man catch a break?!’ His large hand spanked you hard on the ass, the slap made the muscles at your centre tighten. His words made you giggle in delight, excitedly anticipating his next act and you clawed at his back holding in an excited moan.

He crossed the threshold into the dark bedroom and his voice changed, taking on a sexily dangerous tone. ‘Not to mention that this is killing you as well. I haven’t seen you sleep a full night in weeks, that can’t be easy when you’re working so much, not to mention dangerous. I need to be certain you’re well rested, for your own wellbeing…and ya know, it’s not fair to leave your man alone at night, I have needs you know’ He dropped you heavily onto the bed, winking with that arrogant smirk.

‘Once a day isn’t enough for you then Sergeant?’ You purred, biting your lip. He groaned and shook his head. In this relationship, you made sure you pleasured each other whenever the mood took you, it was borderline obsessive how the two of you fought to make the other finish first. You were both competitive and combined with the passion and devotion you shared, well lets just say you had a lot of fun together. You couldn’t begin to count the times you’d been walked in on by Steve or Wanda or a poor unexpected assistant just because you both gave in when the urge took you. You were a young couple in the throes of love, who could blame you?

That was why, you guessed, Bucky often seemed angry when he would find you deep in the middle of some task like reorganising the office or cleaning the entire kitchen in the dead of night. The super soldier regarded it a failing in his abilities and duty to satisfy you. To him, if you weren’t prostrate on the bed (…or couch...or floor) gasping and spent after his ministrations, It simply wasn't a job well done. You couldn’t explain to him enough that actually he satisfied you in every way possible and more. You were always totally replete, it wasn’t his fault that you suffered from these bouts of insomnia. ‘Baby it’s not you’, you’d croon sympathetically, it was unusual to see him lose his normally strong macho confidence.



Bucky stood over the bed, his powerful body casting a shadow over you. Like this, blackness engulfing his face, he seemed intimidating, like the deadly assassin you knew he was, or had been. He looked threatening in a way that made your arousal flood your senses. Climbing over you so that his face was level with your stomach, he spoke low now, his voice tight and thick with lust, you felt his words deep inside, as the hunger pooled between your thighs. He was pushing the t-shirt further up your body and following it with hot trailing, kisses.

‘Being the benevolent, loving boyfriend that I am…’ He teased wickedly, ‘…I’ve taken it upon myself to rectify your problem’


‘In the only way…’

kiss, you were groaning now, squirming beneath him and his hair tickled your skin,

‘…That I know how’ He reached your neck, nipping it then grinned salaciously into your hooded eyes.

‘What have you got in mind James?’ You mewled.

‘Do you want me to fuck you rough and wild baby? The way I know you love and have you screaming my name? Or do I draw it out? Touch you nice and slow until you’re trembling under my hands? Begging for my cock?’

Jesus, you moaned and gasped, bucking your hips to him, desperate for some sort of touch, grinding your body into his, silently begging him to take you. He was so good at this teasing game and you were so wet now it wasn’t fair to play any more, you craved more than just his words, as dirty as they were. ‘Please…’ you were keening for his hands. You wanted him to touch every inch of you, use that filthy mouth on you.

Bucky chuckled darkly, ‘I’m sorry babe I don’t think I heard you’

‘Rough’ You mewled, ‘Hard…’

‘I beg your pardon?

‘Ungh, rough and hard please’ You yanked his hair a little to encourage him closer,

‘That’s much better. I’m going to make sure that tonight I’m gonna fuckin’ ruin you. I’m gonna use you until you are physically incapable from getting up off that mattress until dawn breaks and then, only then will I consider allowing you out from under me, do you understand?’

Too many words, a filthy moan slipped from you and you gripped his enormous shoulders trying in vain to pull him down onto you. The blood was pulsing between your legs and the arrogant bastard knew exactly what he was doing, hell he was enjoying it. It seemed you’d tortured him long enough with your midnight excursions and now he was getting his own back.

‘This is your schedule doll, do you hear me? You’re following my orders now until I can be certain you’re better. I’m going to work you hard baby girl, make you cum on my fingers, you’re going to cum on my cock and my tongue until you’re screaming for mercy, begging me to finally allow you to sleep’ With that he dips two long fingers between your soaking wet folds. ‘Fuck’ he breathes into your neck, not expecting your arousal to already be so blatant, and you groan in response. He rubs tantalisingly up and down your entrance then plunges inside without any warning and you grab his shoulders, scratching the perfect skin in spasms of utter pleasure. Circling your clit with his thumb he watches your body intently, committing every beautiful sigh and roll of your body to memory. 

Not content with his ministrations he removes his fingers and mounts your body once more snaking hands around your back he pulls you up towards him and discards the t-shirt, dropping it to the floor for the second time tonight. Bucky massages your breasts rolling the pink nipple on one, then the other tightly between thumb and finger. When you whimpered beneath him he hissed, and with a growing sense of urgency, stood once more to remove his boxer briefs. Kicking the black material away he turned back to you, stroking his impressive length. He really is huge...

'What next soldier?' You eyed his cock, stood proud and flushed with his arousal. 'A little give and take princess, stand up' he ordered roughly and took your place on the bed. You stood awaiting instruction until he reached his hand out stroking your clit lightly, coating your juices on his fingertips. Sucking wickedly on them he beckoned you to him. 

'Come show your man how wet you are for him before he pounds that delicate cunt' You almost buckled as your sex spasmed in delight, he really was a filthy motherfucker.

Bucky pulled your hips until you were kneeling on the bed, maneuvering you with capable hands until you straddled his chest. Your heart skipped a beat when you realised what he wanted.

'Bend over baby'

Leaning forward, you took his long thick shaft in your hands and pumped his cock eagerly. You licked the head tasting the tiny bead of precum then ran your tongue down to his base. You liked when he shuddered under your touch like this, you loved that you were the only girl who could bring the winter soldier to his knees. He growled long and low grabbing your hips and pulling you towards his mouth. A warm wet tongue ran up your dripping pussy and he held you firmer to his mouth, pulling you with every lick and swipe of his expert tongue. You could hardly focus on servicing him when such activities were forcing your eyes to the back of your head.

Without warning, Bucky pushes you onto your back. In one fluid move he covered your body again smirking that sexy half smile that made your knees weak on the best of days, ‘Feeling tired yet baby?’ He breathed, pulling open your thighs and positioning the tip of his cock at your entrance. Leaning up on your elbows you eyed him, a silent plead to end his teasing. There was a growing ache between your thighs that only one thing could cure now. Roughly he found your entrance and thrust into you.

‘Oh fuck yeah…James!’

‘The only reason I’m giving you the satisfaction of my cock so soon’ He hissed through gritted teeth, ‘…is because I can see your fuckin’ desperate for it doll, what do you say ?’

‘It feels so good…ungh…fuck, exactly like that baby, harder!’

He was moving faster over you, working your body into a frenzy punctuating his words with heavy thrusts. If you weren’t so overwhelmed by the lack of sleep and the incredible sensation of your man fucking you so unabashedly, you would have been more embarrassed. You had totally lost control, practically screaming for him to go deeper, to take you body and soul, give you the orgasm you craved and end the madness that was this constant sleeplessness, hardly the serene picture of feminine dignity.

Without warning your orgasm engulfs you. His movements set your body alight, as he sits up, altering the angle of penetration, the friction brings you crashing down, grabbing fistfuls of sheets and cursing violently. The tidal wave of pleasure just kept coming, rolling and reverberating throughout every fibre and nerve of your body. Just as it was ebbing, Bucky thumbed your tender clitoris, continuing his savage assault. You cried out again, bucking your hips. ‘Fuck babe you’re so tight, so fuckin’ wet for me’ Even his voice seemed strangled as he pulled your hips harder into his thrust. He roared and gasped as in a few final satisfying deep thrusts he spent himself inside you.

You were frozen for an instant together just catching breath. He slowly pulled out and wiped some damp hair from his forehead. ‘I don’t know how we do it doll but each time it just gets better’

‘Hmm’ Was all you could say, even lifting an arm to pull his lips to your own was strenuous. He pulled you into his arms resting your head against his chest but after a few minutes, it was so hot you struggled out of his hold, making to leave the bed to grab a glass of water or something but he grabbed your calf yanking you back to the mattress.

‘Uh-uh girl, I’m not done with you yet. I’ve done my cardio, now it’s your turn’

‘Bucky, I can hardly walk, what do you expect?’ But he cut you off taking your hips in firm hands and forcing you to straddle him again, this time facing his beautiful blue eyes. ‘You know what I expect baby girl’ he smiled, positioning you then pulling you sharply onto his manhood once more. If he wants to play dirty like that I can give as much as I get then and I’ll be damned about his pleasure! If he wanted round 3 he would fucking get round three, then maybe he’d shut up about your sleep schedule.

You rode him hard, rocking your body against his making him groan. Manicured nails scraped at his chest as you rode out a quick heavy orgasm astride him. His hands gripped your thighs, surely leaving bruises but you didn’t give a damn, in your books the rougher the better. You smiled smugly satisfied as you felt him release again, his head snapping back to the pillow, who’s in control now?

Falling next to him you were a heap of tangled hair and tingling nerves. OK maybe next time I’ll stop at round 2…

‘Looks like you’re taking well to your nightly work out darling…same time tomorrow OK?’ He laughed but you hardly heard him. Nuzzling into his chest his deep voice fell further and further away from your reality. Sweating, exhausted but completely satisfied you finally drifted into a long deep sleep that did indeed last until dawn, just as he promised.

The same routine went down every night for a week, just when you thought he’d be late home so you could be excused for staying up so late, or you could sneak out of bed he would grab you, bringing you into his sweet embrace, pleasuring you over and over until you could do nothing but fall back exhausted. He stuck to his word, you were indeed back in a decent sleeping pattern within 7 days and smugly, he would remind you of that fact any time he could. ‘From now on you’ll know not to challenge me when I tell you I’ll fuck you until you can’t walk’

Yep, you may have had insomnia but your man sure as hell had stamina.