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The Runaways

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Agron watched at the dreads he wore for years fell to the floor. Nasir was behind him, cutting them all off after Agron had thrust a knife into his hands. He had looked into a mirror and decided that he looked too much like his father and wanted them gone, much to Nasir’s disappointment.

Nasir liked how Agron looked with them, but Agron was ready for them to be gone. The less he looked like his father the better. Thankfully, Nasir didn’t argue over it. He just took the knife, pushed Agron down on a chair and started to cut them off.

When the last one fell, Agron felt Nasir’s fingers running through his hair to try and detangle the rest of his hair. Agron looked over his shoulder at his lover, who smiled down at him. “You still look good, Agron,” Nasir said. He leaned in and kissed Agron softly. “You actually look better without them.”

Agron smiled back. “I am glad you think so.”

Agron kissed him before he cleaned up his hacked off hair. He tossed it out before pulling Nasir close and kissing him again and again.

Nasir cupped Agron’s face and ran his tongue over Agron’s lips, which quickly parted. They both moaned softly, and Agron pushed Nasir against the wall, pressing his body against his lover’s.

Nasir’s hands started to slide down Agron’s chest. He forgot about the recent wound and when his fingers brushed over it, Agron hissed and pulled away.

“Are you ok?”

Agron nodded and rested his forehead against Nasir’s. “It still stings a bit.”

Agron kissed him one last time before he pulled away and took Nasir’s hand. “Come on, let us go work on our house some more. You and me could fix up some of the walls today, and the doors.”

Nasir wrapped an arm around Agron’s waist and pulled him close again. “Can it wait for a moment? I have something I want to show you.”

“A surprise?”

Nasir nodded. “A surprise.”

Nasir led Agron upstairs and to their bedroom. He then let go of Agron’s hand and grabbed his bag off the floor. He dug around until he found what he wanted. “I meant to give this to you sooner, but I forgot,” Nasir said. He looked up at Agron. “Can you close your eyes?”

Agron closed his eyes and heard Nasir drop his back before his hands were brushing over his shoulders along with the feeling of leather. Something was clasped around his neck before a kiss was pressed to his lips. “You can open your eyes now.”

Agron opened his eyes and looked down at his chest were a leather necklace sat. He touched the strings that hung down and smiled. “It is lovely, Nasir. Thank you.”

He looked up at Nasir who was smiling back at him. “I worried you would not like it.”

“It is a gift from my lover,” Agron replied, wrapping his arms around Nasir and pressing a kiss to his forehead. “What’s not to like about it?”

Agron leaned in and kissed his lover. Nasir kissed him back, wrapping his arms around Agron’s neck.

“I do not have anything to give to you.”

“You have already given me enough, Agron,” Nasir replied. “And I am very thankful for it.”

Agron smiled. “I love you.”

“I know,” Nasir replied, pulling Agron down for another kiss.

It didn’t take long for their kiss to deepen and for Agron to led Nasir backwards towards the bed. Nasir fell back against it and shuffled until he was laying where he wanted to be. He sat up a bit to remove his vest as Agron stood by the bed and removed his pants. Nasir took off the rest of his clothing before Agron crawled between his legs.

A kiss was pressed to Nasir’s stomach and then a tongue wrapped around the head of his cock. He moaned and ran his fingers through Agron’s short hair, gripping what he could as Agron took him deep into his mouth.

Nasir’s legs opened further and his hips bucked up. Agron gagged slightly and his hands moved to Nasir’s hips to hold them down. Nasir moaned louder and louder as Agron brought him closer to release.

“T-turn,” Nasir moaned. “I-I want to taste you as well.”

Agron let Nasir’s cock slip out of his mouth and he looked up at him. “Our height-”

“I want to try.”

Agron nodded and moved to lay next to Nasir. “Only if you are on top of me.”

Nasir crawled over his lover, until he was staring at Agron’s cock. He felt Agron’s hand circle over his own and he gasped softly as he felt it slip between his lover’s lips. Agron started to bob his head and Nasir shuddered, closing his eyes for a moment before he was grabbing Agron’s cock and slipping it into his mouth.

One of Agron’s hand moved to grip one of Nasir’s butt cheeks, groping and caressing. Occasionally giving a light slap that had Nasir moaning around the cock in his mouth.

It was when Agron abandoned Nasir’s cock and ran his tongue along his lover’s crack that had Nasir freezing up. He stopped sucking Agron’s cock. “Wh-what are you doing?” He asked, his breathing shaky.

“Did it not feel good?” Agron asked, and Nasir could hear the hint of concern and disappointment in his voice. “I can go back to your cock if you are not comfortable with it.”

“No, no,” Nasir said. “It felt good. Just…just a little surprising. Keep going.”

Nasir swallowed down Agron’s cock again and a few seconds later, he felt his lover’s tongue against his hole. As Agron licked and sucked, Nasir couldn’t help but to thrust back against his lover’s face. When he was at the brothel, he had done this to customers. He hated it then, but now that it was being done to him, he could see the appeal.

He moaned just a bit louder, encouraging Agron to actually slip his tongue inside of his lover’s asshole. Nasir groaned and rocked back faster. Agron continued, slipping a finger in next to his tongue and Nasir had to stop sucking his lover’s cock. Unable to focus with the pleasure thrumming through him.

He rested his forehead against Agron’s thigh, panting and moaning. He clawed at Agron’s skin, feeling a familiar heat low in his belly. “A-Agron…” He reached between them and wrapped a hand around his cock, stroking it fast until he was coming, coating both of their chest with his release.

Agron continued until Nasir forced his body off of Agron and rolled next to him, trying to catch his breathe. He closed his eyes for a moment and opened them again when he heard the slap of skin on skin.

He turned to see Agron jerking off fast, his breathing erratic. Nasir reached over and began to caress his lover’s balls, feeling his spent cock twitch at the moans coming from Agron. He pulled his hand away to suck on one of his fingers before he slipped it into Agron’s ass.

“Fuck the Gods!” Agron groaned, as Nasir started to thrust his finger in and out.

Nasir found the spot inside of Agron that had his body still. Nasir rubbed it until Agron was coming hard with a shout of Nasir’s name.

He pulled his finger out and they laid there, relishing in the intense orgasms they just gave one another.

Agron found the energy to move sometime later and shifted around so they were facing each other once more. Agron cupped Nasir’s cheek and leaned in, kissing him slowly. They could taste each other on their lips, and it had parts of them becoming interested once more.

Agron’s hand slowly moved down Nasir’s back and slipped along his crack, pressing at his opening. “I want to fuck you,” he whispered. “Or you can fuck me. I just want more.”

Nasir laughed. “And how are we supposed to fuck with soft cocks? We are young but we still need time to recover, Aggy.”

“Aggy? I get a pet name?”

Nasir smiled and nodded. “Yes, you do.”

Agron moved his hand to rest on Nasir’s hip, lightly caressing the skin with his thumb. “I can not think of a pet name for you.”

“It is ok, you can think of one later,” Nasir replied, snuggling closer to Agron. “Now, we rest.”

“I thought we were going out to work on the house?”

“Rest now, work later.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Agron said, pulling Nasir closer and closing his eyes becoming aware of just how tired he was.

Agron did not know how long they slept, but when they awoke, the sky was already high in the sky indicating it had to be sometime around noon. Duro was by the open door, his eyes covered and a blush covering his face. “Sura said she would like to see the two of you at lunch, she has some people she would like you to meet.”

Agron nodded. “Fine. Shut the door.”

The door shut and the couple got out of bed, dressing quickly. Agron was about to open the door when Nasir took his hand and led him towards the small basin of water in their room. He handed Agron a cloth before grabbing one for himself and dipping it in the water. “We should clean ourselves first. I do not think Sura would appreciate us going downstairs with cum all over us.”

Agron looked down at his own chest where his and Nasir’s releases had dried. He dipped the cloth in water and quickly washed it off. “Good thinking.”

Nasir nodded, setting his cloth down and grabbing a brush. He brushed his hair before pulling it back and tying a ribbon around it to keep it in place. “Ready?”

Agron nodded. “Ready.”

Nasir slipped his hand in Agron’s and together they made their way downstairs and into the living room where they heard laughter. Three young men sat around the living room where the rest of the family already was. Sura noticed the couple first and patted the spot empty spot next to her.

Agron sat down and pulled Nasir into his lap, wrapping his arms loosely around his lover’s waist. Sura started to point at each one of the boys. “These are Donar, Lugo and Nemetes,” Sura said before pointing at the couple. “And these two are Agron and Nasir.”

Agron nodded towards the other boys, and Nasir greeted them with a warm hello.

“You are too dark to be German,” Lugo commented.

“I am from Syria.”

“Syria? That is far from here.”

“And so it Thrace,” Sura said sternly. “And yet, Spartacus and I are here.”

That had Lugo shutting up. “Apologies.”

“So I hear that you are fixing up the old house,” Donar said. “Would you care for some more help?”

“We do not-” Agron started but Nasir interrupted him.

“We will appreciate any help that we can get.”

“Great,” Donar said. “I will come by tomorrow to help you out.”

“Gratitude,” Nasir said with a smile.

Donar, Lugo and Nemetes didn’t leave till dinner was long over. The next morning, Donar came by just as he promised.

Nasir was nailing a shelf to the wall when Donar found him. “Where is Agron?”

“On the roof,” Nasir hissed. “Even though I forbade him from going up there.”

“He does not look like one to follow the rules of other,” Donar commented.

“Yeah, well he normally listens to me. Fucker.”

“Why do you not want him up there?”

“Because he fell through the fucking roof and scared the fuck out of me,” Nasir replied. He accidentally hit his thumb with the hammer and cursed, dropping the hammer. “Fuck the Gods!”

Donar reached out and took Nasir’s hand, inspecting his thumb. “It is not broken, but it will hurt for awhile.”

Nasir nodded and picked the hammer up, setting it on a small table before sitting down. He let out a shaky breathe. “The ladder is in the back,” Nasir said. “Spartacus is with him.”

Donar nodded and walked out of the house. He climbed up to the roof where Spartacus and Agron were working on repairing a large hole in the roof. “Hello.”

“Hello Donar,” Spartacus said, not looking up. “Can you grab another board on your way over here?”

Donar picked it up and brought it over, setting it next to his father. “Nasir needs to see you Agron.”

“It can wait-”

“Go to Nasir,” Spartacus interrupted. “Donar can help me. And be careful.”

“I will.”

Agron made his way down the ladder and into the house. He found Nasir in what would be their room. Nasir’s eyes were closed, and he looked tired. “Donar said you needed to see me?”

Nasir opened his eyes and Agron took a step back as that Nasir was still angry at him. “I did not need you.”

“Ok, I will-”

“But you can stay anyways.”

“Nasir? What is wrong?”

Nasir continued to glare at Agron. “I asked you not to go up on the roof. I fucking asked you not to!”

Agron walked over and knelt down before Nasir, he took Nasir’s hands in his own. “Nasir, my heart, I-”

Nasir tore his hands away from Agron. “What if you had fallen through again? What if something worse happened?”

Agron rested his hands on Nasir’s knees. “I was with Spartacus, Nasir! He would never let something bad happen.”

“That is not the point Agron!” Nasir hissed, pushing Agron away. “I care about you and I do not want to see something bad happen!”

Agron bowed his head, placing his hands back on Nasir’s knees. “I am sorry, Nasir. I truly am. If it concerns you that much I will not go back on the roof. I just thought that it would be ok if Spartacus was up there with me. I was mistaken. I am sorry.”

Nasir didn’t say anything, but Agron felt Nasir’s fingers card through his hair. Agron let out a quiet sigh of relief and rested his head on Nasir’s thigh, closing his eyes. “I love you.”

“I know.”

Donar and Spartacus came down from the roof almost an hour later and found Agron still on his knees in front of Nasir with Nasir carding his fingers through the German’s hair. Donar smiled as he watched them. He hadn’t known them for very long, but he could already tell they were very similar to Spartacus and Sura.

“How come we ended up working and you two sleeping?” Spartacus joked.

Agron shot up and looked towards Spartacus. “Apologies, we-”

Spartacus shook his head. “Looks like your bedroom looks good. You two must have been working hard.”

Suddenly, Agron was smiling. “Actually, it was Nasir that did all the work.” He took Nasir’s hand in his own. “He did all of this while Duro and I were working on his room.”

Spartacus nodded. “You are a very hard worker, Nasir. You could make money out of this one day.”

“Thank you,” Nasir said.

“Anyways, Sura called us off the roof,” Donar said. “She sad lunch was ready.”

“We will be right out,” Agron said.

The other two left and Nasir stood up, stretching a bit. Agron’s eyes went to the skin revealed as his shirt rode up. He shook his head and turned away. “The room really does look nice, Nasir.”


Nasir walked up behind Agron and wrapped his arms around Agron’s waist. He pressed his forehead against Agron’s back and sighed softly. “I am still mad at you, I just want you to know that.”

“I know, but I promise that I will not go up on the roof again.”

“You better not,” Nasir said. “Or I will kick your fucking ass.”


Nasir nodded. “Yes, so do not anger me any further.”

“Do not invoke the wrath of Nasir, got it.”

Nasir lightly slapped Agron’s arm. “I was being serious!”

“So was I!”

Agron turned around and pulled his lover in a kiss. “I will try my hardest not to upset you again, but I can not promise because I am a bit of an idiot.”

“Yes, yes you are,” Nasir replied, kissing Agron back.