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The Runaways

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Nasir hissed and blocked the blow Agron sent. Agron smiled and lowered the staff. “Great! You are a fast learner, Nasir!”

Nasir smiled back. “Thank you.”

“Now, I am going to go just a bit harder on you. Do you think you can take it?”

Nasir smiled. “There is only one way to find out.”

Nasir blocked blow after blow, until he was panting from exertion. Agron then tossed his staff aside. “We are done for the day, Nasir. Let us get some food, and we can practice more tomorrow.”

Nasir tossed his own staff aside and they sat down near their small pallet on the ground. They could see Duro swimming in the lake, cooling off.

Nasir leaned against Agron as they ate the rabbit Agron has caught earlier that morning. It had been a few weeks since they first started on this journey and the days were only getting hotter, which meant that winter would soon be coming.

“We need to find somewhere to settle, Agron,” Nasir commented as he took a sip of water. “Winter will be here soon.”

“I know, Nasir,” Agron said, wrapping an arm around Nasir’s waist. “Maybe we will not settle by the Rhine. Maybe we can find an abandoned house and fix it up before winter.”

“I care not where we stay Agron, I just do not want to travel when it’s snowing.”

“We will find somewhere to settle soon,” Agron said. “I promise.”

Duro came out of the river and threw on his pants before he came over to sit by them. “Agron, will it be my turn after we eat?”

Agron nodded. “Yes, but let me rest first.”

Nasir leaned against Agron and laid his head on Agron’s shoulder, not caring that his lover was covered in sweat, cause he was just as sweaty. Agron pressed a kiss to the top of Nasir’s head. “Tired?”


“Get some rest,” Agron said. “I think we will stay here for a few more days before we start traveling again.”

“It is nice out here,” Nasir replied. “We should find somewhere close to trees, and some form of water that is big enough for us to swim in.”

Agron smiled. “I will try to find such a place for us.”

“And a pet,” Nasir said. “we should get a pet.”

“You are very demanding,” Agron laughed, hugging Nasir a little tighter. “What kind of pet do you want?”

“A wolf, but I think they are too dangerous,” Nasir said. “Maybe a dog, or a cat. Or both!”

“I’ll see what I can do.”

Nasir smiled and raised his head to press a kiss to Agron’s cheek. “Gratitude.”

Agron turned his head and kissed his lips. “Anything for you, Nasir.”

“Agron, have you rested enough? I wish to train,” Duro whined.

Agron shook his head and kissed Nasir once more before standing up. “Get your staff and let us practice.”

Nasir laid back on the grass and watched the two brothers. Duro wasn’t as quick to catch onto fighting as Nasir was, but he wasn’t a fighter. That was something Nasir could tell right away. He tried to tell Agron this, but Agron said that Duro still needed to know how to defend himself. Just in case anything ever happened.

He rested his arms behind his head and watched as Duro stumbled and fell to the ground. Agron reached out his hand and helped Duro back up. Nasir couldn’t help but to let his eyes wander over Agron’s bare chest.

He felt his cock harden and crossed his legs to try and hide it. He did not want Duro to tease him about it. He teased them enough. Agron glanced over at him, and smirked. Nasir blushed under the gaze, and decided it was time for a bath.

He got up and went over to the water. He stripped and got in, the cold water helping to cool his heated skin and lessen his arousal. He hadn’t had sex with Agron since they were together in the whorehouse, and Nasir was beginning to crave it.

They’ve done other things since then. Mostly blowjobs and hands jobs, rubbing against each other when they were in bed late at night. But Nasir wanted more. He wanted to feel Agron inside him. Wanted to feel what they shared at the brothel.

Feeling his arousal creep back up. Nasir hid behind a boulder and pressed his back against it, his hand creeping down his chest and wrapping around his cock. Maybe tonight he would convince Agron to fuck him. He wanted it desperately, something that he had never wanted before. He never craved another’s touch till Agron came around. Never had such intense feelings for another person in his life.

He quickly brought himself to orgasm, biting his lip to prevent moans from spilling out. He rested against the boulder gasping for air.

He finished bathing before he laid out on the beach to let the sun dry him off a bit before he put his clothes back on. He closed his eyes, sighing softly as the warm rays hit him.

Nasir began to wonder how Agron felt about him. Was he feeling these intense feelings? Did he crave Nasir just as much as Nasir craved him? Agron had told him that Nasir was always on his mind, so he must feel it.

Something blocked his sun and he opened his eyes to see Agron towering over him, a smile on his face. “I was hoping we could bathe together.”

Nasir smiled up at him. “You were busy and I was sweaty.”

“Just how I like you,” Agron joked, winking at his lover.

Nasir shook his head and closed his eyes once more. He heard the rest of Agron’s clothes fall onto the beach before a splashing told him that Agron had gone into the water. He cracked his eyes open enough to peak at Agron and watch him bathe.

After a few minutes, Agron got out and crawled over Nasir, kissing him softly. Nasir moaned quietly and kissed him back, feeling Agron’s hardened cock press against his stomach. “Duro is not that far away, we should not do this here.”

Agron pressed a kiss to Nasir’s forehead. “We could both get back in the water and try to hide it.”

Nasir shook his head. “No, I have a better idea. Tonight, while he sleeps. We could wander off and you could fuck me.”

Agron groaned softly, and Nasir felt his lover’s cock twitch against him. “You want me to?”

Nasir nodded. “I want it badly.”

“Then why not run off now? Find somewhere he would not see us.”

Nasir felt a blush creep back up. “Because when I was bathing I found that I could not stop thinking about you.”

“You got off without me?” Agron pouted, laughter evident in his voice.

“Like I said, you were busy.”

Agron nodded. “Tonight then.” He kissed Nasir deeply before he got off him and put his pants on. He tossed Nasir his and he dressed as well.

Nasir felt excitement and anticipation as the sun began to set. The thought of finally having sex with Agron again was driving him crazy. Agron was sitting behind Nasir, pressing kissed to his neck and shoulders as Duro started to doze off.

Nasir’s pants became unbearably tight. He swore he was going to die, he wanted it so badly. Agron pressed a kiss just below his ear before whispering into it. “Soon.”

Another hour passed, and when Agron was sure his brother was fast asleep, he pulled away from Nasir and searched in his bag for a small vial he had hidden in there. He got it and then grabbed their blanket before taking Nasir’s hand.

Nasir was trembling as they got to the beach. Agron laid the blanket down before he pulled Nasir into his arms and kissed him softly. “Are you sure you want this?”

“Yes,” Nasir replied, wrapping his arms around Agron’s neck and kissing him back.

Agron pulled Nasir’s hips against his own and slowly rocked against him as they started to kiss deeply. Nasir moaned into their kiss. He trembled as Agron slowly ran his hands up Nasir’s chest, touching and caressing, making him desire Agron even more.

Agron led Nasir down to the blanket and laid over him, kissing him again and again. They removed their clothes quickly and rolled their hips together, gasping and moaning between kisses.

Agron reached over and grabbed the vial. Opening it, he poured some of the oil onto his fingers before running them over Nasir’s hole, teasing him. “Agron, please…”

He slipped a finger inside and slowly stretched him. He did not want this to be over too quickly. Nasir was close to release by the time Agron pulled his fingers out, having been brought to the edge over and over again.

Agron replaced his fingers with his cock, slowly sliding in until he was completely sheathed inside of Nasir. Nasir’s back was arched, and his fingers were gripping the blanket. He was panting, and the moonlight gave Agron enough light to see the lust in Nasir’s eyes, along with something else. Something Agron couldn’t quite pinpoint.

Nasir reached up and pulled Agron down for a soft kiss, Agron kissed him back as he slowly pulled out and thrust back in. Nasir pushed back, his fingers trailing down Agron’s back, caressing him and occasionally digging when Agron thrust in hard.

Agron sat back and pulled Nasir onto his lap, making Nasir moan loudly at the change of position. He wrapped his arms around Agron’s neck and kissed him as he slowly rode his lover.

Their pace quickened, and their kisses got sloppier. Agron ran his hands down Nasir’s chest and gripped his lover’s hips tightly, controlling the pace as much as Nasir would allow him.

Nasir’s fingers dug into Agron’s back as they moved faster. He kissed Agron deeply before he gently pushed him so he was laying on his back.

Nasir pressed his hands flat against Agron’s chest and quickened the pace even further. His skin tingled as he felt a familiar burn in his stomach. He knew he was close, but he didn’t want it over just yet. Agron ran a hand down to Nasir’s cock, but Nasir pushed it away. “Not yet.”

Agron moved his hands up Nasir’s chest and pulled him back down for a searing kiss. “I can not hold back much longer.”

“I do not want it to be over,” Nasir panted, moaning loudly as Agron bucked his hips up and found the spot inside of him that set his whole body on fire. “Fuck!”

“I do not want it over either,” Agron groaned, gripping Nasir’s hips and thrusting up fast and hard into his lover, hitting Nasir’s sweet spot each time. Nasir’s moans escalated and his nails bit into Agron’s chest, marking him. Agron groaned and arched into the touch. He loved when Nasir marked him during their fucking.

“Come on Nasir,” Agron whispered. “Come for me.”

Nasir’s body shuddered overtop of him, and he moaned out Agron’s name, quickly wrapping a hand around his own cock. Agron’s hand joined his and it only took a couple of strokes before Nasir was spilling over their hands and across Agron’s chest.

He collapsed against Agron’s chest, panting. Agron’s hips continued to move inside of him at a slow pace. Nasir’s release bringing him closer to his own. “Nasir..”

Nasir kissed Agron. “Do not stop, Agron.”

Agron groaned and flipped them over. His hips resuming the fast pace. He pounded into Nasir until he was spilling into his lover, gasping Nasir’s name. He kissed Nasir softly, pleasure thrumming through him. “I love you.”

Nasir looked up at Agron with wide-eyes. “You love me?”

Agron nodded and gently caressed Nasir’s cheek. “Yes, I love you Nasir. I love you so much.” Agron kissed him again and Nasir found himself kissing back. He did not yet know his feelings for Agron, but he felt a strange warmth knowing that Agron loved him.

They laid there and continued to kiss for a few minutes, before Agron gently slide out of Nasir and stood up. He helped Nasir up and led him to the water where they quickly bathed before returning to camp. They curled up next to one another by the fire and fell asleep in one another’s arms.

Agron had awoken early the next morning and decided he was going out to hunt. He pressed a kiss to Nasir’s forehead before getting up and grabbing his sword. He felt good, better than he had in awhile, and he had a good feeling about today.

So he went into the woods around them and caught sight of some deer tracks. He followed them and came across a good sized deer, once that would keep them fed for at least a week. He killed it quickly before hefting it over his shoulder and carrying it back to camp.

When he got back, he found Nasir sitting by a new fire while Duro still slept. He dropped the deer near the fire and smiled at Nasir. “I found us food to last us a week.”

Nasir smiled back. “Do you plan to stay here that long?”

“I like it here,” Agron replied. “It is a nice place. Why not stay just a little longer?” Agron shook his head at the look on Nasir‘s face. “We will move on after a few days, Nasir. I promised you shelter before winter arrives and that is a promise that I plan on keeping.”

Agron knelt down next to the deer and grabbed his dagger out of the sheath on his thigh. He began to skin it, as he continued to talk. “I can cook some up for breakfast, and then some for lunch. After that I will go to that village near by and sell the rest to a butcher. I am sure they will pay a lot for it. We may be able to stay in an inn for a night. And then have a little left over for more bread.”

“Tired of eating only squirrel?”

“A little bit.”

Nasir leaned over the deer and pressed a kiss to Agron’s cheek. “Thank you, for taking such good care of us and teaching me.”

“One day, you will be a hunter and you will learn how to farm. I will even teach you how to make clothing, and how to build. You can use those skills to your advantage. Get a job that pays you well.” He wiped a bloody hand on his pants before reaching out and caressing Nasir’s cheek. “You are strong, Nasir. Very strong, very brave and you are a quick learner. These all make a good person. And if you choose to, you can start a family and make a wonderful husband someday. And you will take care of your wife, and your children.”

“I already have a family, Agron. Why would I start a new one?”

Agron felt his heart beat faster at those words and he leaned in to kiss Nasir. “If you choose to stay with me, then you will still make a wonderful husband someday.”

“You would marry me?”

“Yes,” Agron replied. “But when we are older, and ready.”

Nasir smiled once more, and suddenly didn’t care that Agron was covered in blood and guts. He climbed into his lap and kissed him deeply. Agron wrapped his arms around Nasir and kissed him back. They were interrupted moments later when Duro finally awoke.

“Did last night not sate you enough that you have to fuck right here?”

The couple broke apart, giggling and their cheeks flushed from being caught. Nasir slipped off of Agron’s lap, and looked at Duro. “We were just kissing Duro, not fucking.”

“If I had not said anything, I am sure you two would be fucking.”

“Shut up, Duro!” Agron growled, as he went back to skinning the deer.

When Agron finished, he cooked some meat up for all of them to eat before tying the rest of the good meat in the animal’s own skin so he could sell it later. He sat down next to Nasir as the three of them ate in silence.

Duro broke the silence after they had finished their meal. “You two are very loud, did you know that?”

The couple blushed and Nasir looked down at the ground. Agron glared at his brother. “Shut up!”

“What? You woke me and then kept me up!”

“Duro, stop.”


“Because I said so.”


“Stop acting like a child.”

“I am not a child.”

“Then stop acting like one.”

“Fuck off.”


Duro stuck his tongue out at Agron before he got up and wandered towards the water. Agron huffed and finished his food before laying back on the grass. Nasir laid next to him, and wrapped an arm around his lover’s waist. “You need to bathe. You are covered in blood.”

“Only if you join me.”

“You always want to bathe with me, are you incapable of bathing by yourself?” Nasir joked.

Agron turned towards Nasir and cupped his cheek. “I just like to see you naked.”

Nasir laughed and kissed his lover. “I am glad you like the view.”

Agron’s hand moved down and slipped into the back of Nasir’s pants, gripping his butt cheek. Nasir gasped, and kissed Agron harder, pulling him closer. Agron’s finger moved along Nasir’s crack, teasing his hole and making Nasir pant and grip Agron’s arm tightly.

Agron kissed him again. “Think you could find release from this alone?”

“I would rather your cock in my ass,” Nasir panted, eyes dark with lust.

“What about your cock in mine?” Agron asked.

Nasir’s eyes widened and without warning, his body was shuddering as he came hard from the images that his mind that conjured up.

He kissed Agron deeply. Agron pulled his hand away, and placed it on Nasir’s hip, kissing him back.

“You would let me fuck you?” Nasir asked, after his breathing had returned to normal.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Agron replied. “We are both men. I see no reason why we should not be able to switch. As much as I love fucking you, I would not mind your cock in my ass.” He leaned close and kissed Nasir again. “I am sure it would feel amazing inside of me.”

Nasir cupped Agron’s cheek and smiled. “I never thought I would meet a man as wonderful as you.”

“And I never thought I would ever fall in love,” Agron replied.

Nasir kissed him again before sitting up. “We should bathe. I want to accompany you to the village.”


“Do you not want me to?”

“Honestly, I had hoped you would keep an eye on Duro,” Agron replied. “He has a habit of finding trouble when left alone.”

“We can bring him along.”

Agron nodded. “Let us pack up camp then, after we bathe.”

Nasir stood and helped Agron up. They walked over to the water and bathed quickly before three of them packed up their small camp. They headed to town, Agron’s hand slipping into Nasir’s as they walked along the road.

Once they reached the village, Agron handed them each some coins and told them to buy whatever they wanted before he slipped inside the butcher’s shop. Nasir and Duro walked through the streets, chatting idly as they browsed through the outdoor shops.

They found a small jewelry booth and stopped. Nasir was looking at a leather necklace, with multiple strings hanging down when Duro said something that made him stop. “I know I tease you and Agron a lot, but I am very thankful that you two are together.”

Nasir looked up and smiled at Duro. “And I am thankful that I finally have a family.” He paused for a moment before continuing. “and a brother.”

Duro smiled back and hugged Nasir. “I think of you as a brother as well.”

Nasir returned the hug before he turned back to look at the necklace again. “You know your brother well, does he like jewelry?”

Duro laughed. “I have never seen him wear any, but he might if you get him something.”

Nasir nodded and took the necklace to the shopkeeper. He handed her a few coins before placing it in his bag. “It looks like something he would like, that is why I asked.”

“I think that he will love it, Nasir.”

Nasir smiled. “I hope so.”

They continued on for a little bit before turning back and walking back to the butcher’s shop. They stood by the entrance and waited until Agron came out, grinning at both of them and holding his coin bag. “Tonight, we sleep on a real beds!”

“How much did you get for the meat.”

“Not too much,” Agron replied. He then took Nasir’s hand. “But, the butcher has told me that his last hunter disappeared on him, so I replied that I am an excellent hunter and would love to work for him.”

Nasir blinked a few times before he jumped into Agron’s arms and kissed him hard. “And what about a house?” Nasir asked after they finally parted.

“The butcher says there is a small house on his farm that we are more than welcome to live in if we fix it up,” Agron replied. “It has two bedrooms, one for us and one for Duro.”

“Can we go see it?”

Agron nodded. Wrapping one arm around Nasir’s waist and the other around Duro’s shoulders, he led them behind the building and towards another road. “I told you I would get us a house before winter, Nasir.”

“We have to fix it up?” Duro asked. “What kind of deal is that.”

“Duro, it is a place to live,” Agron said. “Be thankful we found one.”

They walked for several miles until they came across a farm. There was a huge house next to a cornfield, and just beyond the cornfield sat a small run down house. “There it is,” Agron said, pointing the house out to the other two. “There is our home.”

They walked through the small path behind the larger house until they reached their new home. The door was starting to come off the hinges, and broke off when Agron pulled it open, but he merely set it aside and walked in. The place hadn’t been touched in years, he could tell, but he knew he would be able to fix it up.

Nasir and Duro walked in behind them. Nasir raised an eyebrow. “We are not sleeping in here tonight, are we?”

Agron shook his head. “The butcher told me that we can have the guest room until this is fixed up.”

“How will you pay for all the repairs?”

“The butcher told me I am free to use any wood from the forest around his house. I have to pay for nails, but his tools are free to use.”

“And what about paying him?”

“He told me that hunting for his shop will be enough payment,” Agron replied. “He will pay me for the meat I catch, and he will allow us this small amount of land.”

“Are you sure that he is trustworthy?” Duro asked, finally speaking up.

“He has given us a home, Duro,” Agron said. “and he has offered me a job. I think he is trustworthy enough.”

Agron walked further into the house, leaving the other two by the door. Nasir continued to look around. He hoped the place would be fixed by winter. He did not wish to impose on the butcher for too long.

“Well, what do you think, Nasir?” Duro asked.

“It needs a lot of work done,” Nasir replied. “But I think it will be a nice place to live.”

Duro walked over to where one of the windows was, and looked outside. “Think the butcher would let me work for him as well?”

“That is something you would have to ask your brother.”

Duro turned to look at him. “What do you think you will do? For a job, I mean.”

Nasir shrugged. “I do not know. The only real skill I have is being a whore.”

“You are not a whore, Nasir,” Duro said. He walked over to Nasir and hugged him. “You were forced into it, but it is not who you are.”

“It is still the only skill I have.”

“Agron said he would teach us both a lot of things,” Duro replied. “And when he does, we can use those to find a job.”

Nasir smiled and hugged Duro back. “Yeah.”

“Duro, you not trying to steal my lover are you?” Agron asked, laughter evident in his voice.

Duro pulled away from Nasir. “I would never do such a thing. Besides, I do not think Nasir would be my type. I would rather have a women.”

“And one day you will,” Agron replied, walking over to Nasir and wrapping an arm around his waist. “Come, I would show you our room.”

“Hey! Don’t I get a choice?” Duro asked.

“It’s the bigger room,” Agron replied. “And since Nasir and I are a couple, we are going to need a bigger room.”

Agron led Nasir through the hallway, and to the end where there was a master bedroom. It was empty now, but Nasir could already picture what it would look like once they got the house finished. Agron wrapped both arms around Nasir’s waist and pulled him against him. Nasir sighed softly and placed his hands over Agron’s.

“Can you give me your honest opinion?”

“It will take a lot of work, but afterwards I am sure it will be a wonderful place to live.”

Agron smiled and kissed Nasir’s cheek. “I don’t think Duro likes it, but after it’ finished I am sure that he will.”

“I think it is nice to finally have a home, even if we do not live here quite yet.”

“Soon, Nasir. Soon.”

Nasir turned in Agron’s arms and kissed him softly. “Shall we start fixing this place up?”

“Later,” Agron replied, reluctantly pulling away from Nasir. “The butcher’s wife is home and he said we should talk to her.”

“You have to tell me their names,” Nasir said. “I would like to know what to call them besides the butcher and his wife.”

“Spartacus and Sura,” Agron replied. “and they are Thracians who came here after their village was burned down. They even have a daughter around our age. Her name is Saxa.”

“So I can have a friend?” Duro called out from the hallway.

“Yes Duro, you can have a friend,” Agron called back.

The trio made their way out of the house and back towards the main house. Agron knocked on the door which was opened several minutes later by a beautiful women with soft eyes. She smiled softly at the three of them. “Hello.”

“My name is Agron, I met your husband in town and-”

“I know,” Sura replied, and opened the door to let them in. “Saxa ran back home to tell me after she went to visit her father.”

The trio stepped in and Sura closed the door. “And these two are?”

Agron nodded towards Duro. “this is my brother Duro,” Agron replied before looking at Nasir and slipping his hand in his. “And this is my lover, Nasir.”

“Agron, Duro, Nasir,” Sura said. “Welcome. You three must be exhausted so I will take you to your room.” She headed towards the stairs and led the three of them upstairs and opened the first door on the right. “Apologies for the small room.”

“We will make it work,” Agron replied. “Thank you for allowing us to stay in your home.”

“It is no problem,” Sura replied. “The Gods have not blessed up with children of our own, so we take care of runaways and abandoned children. Children who need a family.” He looked back at the three of them. “Of course, the three of you have already made a family by the looks of it,” Sura said, smiling once more. “But we will be here to help. No child should be left on their own.”

“We chose to be on our own,” Agron replied. “We had to get out and start a new life.”

Sura nodded and walked out of the room. “Rest, I will have Saxa come up here when dinner is ready.”

“Thank you again, Sura,” Agron said.

“You are welcome.”

She shut the door, leaving the boys alone. They set their bags on the floor and Duro immediately collapsed on the bed with a soft sigh. “The bed is mine!”

Agron pushed Duro over and sat down, pulling Nasir down onto his lap. “You can have the bed tonight, but tomorrow, you get the floor.”

“Why?!” Duro whined.

“Because we can all take turns, Duro,” Agron replied. “There is only one bed and three of us.”

Duro curled up around the pillow and closed his eyes. “I need a nap.”

“Then take one,” Agron said. He pressed a kiss to Nasir’s neck. “Would you like to take a nap as well, Nasir?”

Nasir leaned back against his lover and closed his eyes. “I think I could use one.”

Nasir then slid to the ground and laid down. Agron stood up and grabbed the extra blankets set up on a small table and folded them, making a small pallet for them. He laid down and pulled Nasir to him, kissing him softly.

Nasir kissed him back before gently pushing Agron on his back and laying over top of him. “Much more comfortable.”

Agron merely laughed and wrapped his arms around Nasir. He closed his eyes and fell asleep to the sound of Duro’s snores and Nasir’s soft breathing.