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Mystery Man

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«You have to choose Bruce! »
He had chosen, and she hadn’t liked it very well. He chuckled, it sounded humorless. All he wanted to do now was to sleep, sleep sounded so delicious. He glanced down at the “calm-pills” in his hand, studied them as the rolled over his palm. He threw them into his mouth, all of them, and swallowed. He coughed a bit as something caught in his throat and grabbed the plastic cup with water, downed it all with a couple of heavy gulps. Then he sat down by the desk. This classroom had been his life for a couple of years now. He smiled, probably a drugged smile.
He could feel his heart rate go down, he was tired. So tired… He barely registered that someone barged in and began shouting. Blissful sleep…

“I can’t believe you’re just leaving me Tony” Clint rolled his eyes, still his voice held the required amount of drama.
“Sorry princess, but I’m not passing this chance up” Tony straightened up and smirked slightly at his friend.
“Yeah well don’t come crying to me when your parents decide they don’t like you again” Tony just stuck out his tongue towards him before he continued packing. It was weird though, he and Tony had shared this apartment since Tony’s parents turned their backs on him in high school. Clint didn’t even try to remember what all the fuss had been about, something about “You either go to that high-price boarding school or no school or home at all!” Naturally Tony Stark had taken the second option in pure hopes that his very few friends would stick up for him. You didn’t simply tell Tony Stark no.

Clint had taken him in, without having a proper home himself yet, and those two had together bypassed most rules and norms the government could offer. Oh, the ridiculous amount of power that came from the Stark family name. Now the Stark family had figured that they sort of missed their youngest genius and had tried to make amends. This involved buying Tony his own place and stuffing it full with all the newest tech and ability to make even more tech. Making amends the Stark way.
At least Tony had asked Clint if he wished to move in with him, Clint had declined with a laugh saying he’d never be able to pay the rent in that place and refusing to let Tony and his family pay it all if he was going to live there as well. Besides, he had emotional ties to this apartment.

“Well that’s everything, if you change your mind you know where I’ll be”
“Blown to pieces by your last project”
“Ha-ha Barton, Ha-ha»
«I’ll have you know that the washing machine still refuses to wash purple and pink»
“We’re manly men Clint, not supposed to wear purple and pink”
“I happen to like purple, and to hell with you, I look good in it” Clint stressed with a grin. The two laughed until Tony’s phone rang, the Stark driver haven arrived to take Tony to his new home.

“Well, I’ll see you in class tomorrow” Tony smiled and clasped Clint’s hand. Clint squeezed the hand in a friendly manner.
“Yeah, but remember to visit here sometimes!”
“And you have to see my new place”
A quick bro-hug later and Tony was out the door with the remains of his belongings. Clint just stared at the door for a moment, lost in thought, while a small snake named loneliness wormed its way into him. He shook his head and growled to himself. Out, get some fresh air. He grabbed his jacket.

Clint was still deep in thought when he reached the university, instinct or habit had brought him here. He sighed, no point in walking any further. He was about to turn around and walk back the way he came when a car door slammed shut and the sound of a car hurrying away was heard. Clint could easily see the car’s taillights a few meters in front of him. His curious nature made him push forward, walking up to where the biology building ended and the chemistry/physics building started. He peered into the alley between the two buildings, his eyes widening.
“Holy shit man, are you okay?” He rushed forward to the slumped form that sat leaning against the biology building.
“m’ tellin’ you…I don’t know” The man murmured, he sounded drugged, sluggish and barely audible. C lint tilted the man’s face upwards gently to get a better look.
“Shit” He murmured to no one in particular as he saw the state the guy’s face was in, battered and bruised so bad Clint doubted the guy’s own parents would recognize him.

“m’ tired…” The man whispered to Clint, or at least it seemed like it was Clint he spoke to.
“Hey, hey! No stay with me here buddy, come on. I’m gonna get you to the hospital okay? So just stay with me!” Clint urged and began struggling with getting the other up to his feet. He’d never be able to drag this guy all the way to the hospital, but the medicine building was usually still open with late night study. It was his best bet by far yet so he began dragging him with.
“Tell me your name, yeah that’s a good idea, what’s your name pal?” Clint was babbling, he did that when he got nervous or was in a tense situation he didn’t know how to handle.
“Tired…” Was the only response he got.
“No, no! You’re name? Who are you? Seeing how I’m saving you I recon I deserve to know, I’m Clint by the way” even an awake and not-beaten person would have problems keeping up with a speech like that. Clint cursed quietly.
“Bruce…” It sounded more like a yawn than a reply.
“Didn’t catch that buddy, what did you say?”
“m’ Bruce…” The other tried again.
“Okay, yeah, hi Bruce. Don’t you worry, we’re almost at medical, they’ll patch you up and get you to the hospital, so don’t go anywhere. Think happy thoughts, happy thoughts” Clint babbled, he’d feel like an idiot later.

The door to medical swung open as he got closer and he dragged Bruce inside.
“Anyone here, help!” He yelled, managing to not sound like a panicking school-girl. A door up in the hall flew open, and thank whatever god was listening, one of the medical teachers came rushing out carrying a worried frown as he spotted Clint with the almost sack-looking person hanging on him.
“What has happened?” The man asked hurriedly as he helped Clint with Bruce, guiding them to another room where they could put Bruce down on a bed.
“I found him like that” Clint answered rapidly.
“Get an ambulance, I’ll take a look” Clint nodded quickly and got his phone up, a couple of students had gathered by the door looking in with puzzled faces.

The ambulance arrived quickly and the teacher asked if Clint could follow with as he couldn’t just as easily leave the grounds. Clint agreed and hopped into the ambulance and sat down by the lying Bruce. He listened quietly as the medical teacher explained his findings to the ambulance personnel. Bruce had been drugged, but it looked like he had thrown up some of it, the beatings had come after, some to his ribs and waist, most to the head. Concussion was the most likely outcome.
This was turning into one strange night.