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[PODFIC] Be Ye Therefore Merciful

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This is a podfic of "Be Ye Therefore Merciful" by AmberDiceless, in MP3 and M4b format.

Total length: 1 Hour, 17 Minutes 27 Seconds
Format: MP3 And M4b

Text available at: Be Ye Therefore Merciful

MP3 Podfic Direct Download (71.02 MB): Be Ye Therefore Merciful - Podfic
M4b Audiobook Direct Download (9.31 MB):Be Ye Therefore Merciful - M4b


Author's tumblr page: AmberDiceless

The cover art is an original drawn specifically for this fanfic by the incredibly talented Kaytara! Used for this podfic with her permission. See the original here: Too Fine a Point Check out her other Good Omens art, as well as some of her GO fanfiction, also on the site.

The music samples are from the song "Hold On" by Sarah McLachlan, with a cover by "nothintosee". Link I actually like this cover better than the original!