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BillDip Week

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If there was one thing Dipper hated more than the ‘Truth or Dare’ was playing 'Truth or Dare’ with the rules of Mabel and losing pathetically. He had always managed to surpass every trial and question she asked him.

Until now.

Mabel had challenged him to drink a full glass of Mabel Juice. His sister was very smart, had discovered his weak point.

“I win!” she shouted victoriously as she skipped from bed to bed.

Dipper hit his face in frustration, now had to wait for the punishment of his sister, but to be more frustrating, Mabel put double punishment when a challenge or question wasn't fulfilled.

“Let’s see, what would be cool to do?” Mabel snapped her fingers when she had a great idea, “A movie marathon!”

“Of course not!” The last time he had a quality time with Mabel watching a silly marathon, finished with a diabetes by too much sugar in the movies.

“But they will not be any kind of films, chose of my Disney’s collection.”

That was much worse.


Mabel had prepared everything for the big night. Drinks, confectionery and the cause of this suffering, Juice Mabel.

“And that is what we will see? 'Pinocchio’, 'Aristocats’, 'Bambi’?” Dipper asked, but not with much emotion. Not that it bothered him to spend time with his twin, but when Mabel challenged him to this sort of thing, there was no escape.

“Not at all, this is my collection of 'Princess’” Mabel showed the collection of DVDs, a very vast collection.

“Oh no, you don’t tell me we’re going to see-”

“So DipDop,” Mabel approached Dipper looking him straight in the eye “over the next fifteen hours you will be with me in the pink world of princesses, music, animals, dresses fairy godmothers, magic and romance, a lot of romance, from 'Snow White’ to 'Frozen’. ”

A 'poof’ was heard in the room.

A small golden triangle had appeared, hat floating glass on the triangular tip, a black cane, black bow tie in the center of the dimensional creature. “Well, well, my favorite twins.” Bill began to turn his cane as he approached the twins, since the Pines family stopped plans an apocalypse, Bill Cipher had to limit the use of energy, he said, his plans didn't end even there.

Mabel got up to go to the demon, “Bill, you’re just in time for the big event.”

“Event?” Bill looked at Dipper expecting a conventional response.

Dipper sigh, “Mabel has organized a movie night.”

“Oh, I see! And what is the specialty of this night, Shooting Star?”


“Ugh, look at the time, I’m a busy demon and I have some nightmares that create, memories to devour-”

But before Bill could escape back to Mabel had caught him sit in the middle of those two.

“No Bill, you went to the 'Movies Zone’, you stay in the 'Movies Zone’.”

Dipper smiled slightly, at least could share his suffering.


“That was fantastic!” Mabel cry when the last film of the evening was over, “What did you think you?”

“Too many nonsense, how someone can ensure that is the love of your life if you have only known one day?”

“Or the silly kiss of true love.” Dipper complained.

Mabel narrowed her eyes, “So do not believe in true love conquers all.”

Teenager and demon they shook their heads.

“Shooting Star, love is only a need created by the human brain to not feel lonely for the rest of your pathetic mortal life.”

“These things never happen in real life Mabel.” Dipper not believe in something like love at first sight, that only brought to mind his crush on Wendy.

But Mabel was going to make them change their minds, as she was to be the President of the United States.

“Dipper, I have your last punishment.” Mabel smiled internally.

Punishment? This was a punishment for Pine Tree? Shooting Star could have told from the beginning of this!”

“As if I were to give you total freedom to annoy me and torture me!” Dipper looked at her sister, “What now?”

“Well, given that none of you learned the lesson tonight, we’ll have to do it the hard way. All you need to do is recreate a scene of a kiss.”

There was a great silence.


“Oh, and that is with Bill. So both will never forget this.”

Excuse me?!” Bill got up floating chair, could see some reddish tones in its golden glow.

“Is not there anything else?” He wondered desperate in any way he was going to do that, not with Bill.

He will be the last creature that he would cross his mind.

“That or back to challenge Juice Mabel.”

He was cornered.

Mabel saw Dipper sighed deeply and turned away to go to approach the floating triangle.

‘I can not believe he’s going to do this.’

Dipper saw Bill and red tone in the triangular demon was not a good sign, he had to think fast that, what might work kiss scene? Maybe 'Sleeping Beauty’, considering the irony of Bill being a Dream Demon, but in his mind the image does not fit with them.

‘Think fast.’

“Bill,” called the teenager.

The triangular demon saw Pine Tree spread his hands, as if forming a crib with them.

“What are you trying to do?”

“Just sit here.” Dipper cheeks painted a pretty pink.

Bill did what they asked, with another poof resizing to fit through the hands of Dipper formed.

Mabel looked with patience and emotion what Dipper would do, he would recreate that movie.

When Dipper felt Bill sitting in his hands he came closer, he better watch little demon, looking more closely inspecting a place that could lay his lips without feeling so uncomfortable. It might work under the black bow tie.

By the time the Dipper’s lips rested on the triangular base could feel was cold to the touch but after a few seconds was warm and before his mind be carried away by the feeling was that he felt something hot, soft and humid.

When the mind of the boy returned, he realized that he wasn't kissing a cold brick wall but were human lips and the demon no longer in their hands, better said, he was trapped in Bill’s human arms.

Dipper left him quickly, just to take a look at the man Bill had become, dressed like a gentleman, yellow coat with black triangular buttons underneath a white shirt, black gloves with fine golden lines, dress pants black, black shoes, his floating hat that characterized him as the bow tie.

But what the hell happened? He wanted to ask but seeing the confused look of Bill to see his human form knew that was not the only one confused.

“Bill?” Dipper try to talk, but neither he knew where to start.

“I-I-” Oh my god, Bill Cipher, the Dream Demon, Master of MindScape, Eye of Providence, Creator of the Illuminati had just stutter! “I have to go!”

And again with a 'poof’, the human before a triangle, vanished from the room of the Mystery Shack.

Dipper rose from the ground and turned to see Mabel.

“Tell me what you saw it too?" He was not crazy!


Mabel nodded seriously and calmly.

"How can you be so calm?” Dipper seriously wanted to understand Mabel’s head. “I kiss Bill Cipher! Bill Freaking Cipher became human for my kiss!” Realizing his words Dipper’s face began to blush “I kiss Bill Cipher, on the lips when he was a human.”

Mabel approached her twin and gave a little pat on the shoulder.

“So? ”

“So what?”

“How was, Princess Dipper?” Mabel gave him a sly look.

It was official, Dipper’s face was redder than Wendy’s hair.

“I will not talk about it! Here nothing happened! What happened? Nothing! Does anyone know? Nobody! Good Night!” Dipper turned away from his sister addressing the stairs to his room while still muttering things about demons and kisses.

Mabel gave a faint laugh when the door slammed in her room, sat on the couch and pulled a small Polaroid camera she had hidden in her sweater along with two photos.

The first of its brother kissing a triangular demon with a pink glow.

The second, her brother kissing to the demon, now in human form, as he had a smile on his lips.

She just had to get the job of 'Love God.’