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Sing for Me

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Lydia stood to the side as she fixed her ear piece. She had a performance coming up and she was just waiting for the award to be given. She looked over at Allison and Stiles who were given each other goo-goo eyes as Allison was tuning her guitar. They were a cute couple and were the easiest to work with too. Lydia couldn’t help but to smile. Allison and Stiles was that couple that gave her hope. Especially since Jackson.

“Minute till you’re on stage Lydia.” One of the crew members said. Lydia gave them a smile.

“Thank you.” She said. She watched him go to Stiles, Allison, and the other band members and tell them the same thing. Allison came over to Lydia with her guitar.

“Ready?” She asked.

“Yeah. Then I have to change my clothes and wait to win female artist again then present the award for New Act.” She said with a smile which caused Allison to laugh.

“Confidante much?” She asked.

“I have to be.” She said.

“I know. So one of Stiles’s friends is throwing a party of their own instead of going to the afterparty. Wanna go to it?” Allison asked. Lydia gave her a look.

“Stiles’s friends can be wild.” She said.

“Not these guys. Stiles knew one of them since grade school. He’s a sweetheart.” She said.

“I’ll think about it.” Lydia said as Stiles came over as he twirled his drum sticks.

“Let’s do this!” He said causing Allison to smile.

“Lydia on stage for set-up.” Someone called out.

“Showtime.” Lydia said with a smile.

When they were given the clear, they started to walk onto the stage. The lights on the stage were off but Lydia could see Stiles getting to the drums and Allison get to her spot. Lydia walked over to her mic with scarves and strings of beads hanging from it. She gripped onto it as she looked down at her outfit. A short white skirt with a black crop top. Even her heels matched her outfit and the black and white headband in her hair. She looked over and saw the presenter for her performance. Chris Argent, Allison’s father. He was a good actor and introduce Allison to Lydia and that’s how she got her guitarist. She saw the camera focus on him as he held the mic.

“Our next performer has top multiple music charts and has gathered countless awards. And at only twenty-three she has three albums that have gone platinum. Here performing her new single Homewrecker, Lydia and the Banshees!” He said causing people to cheer.

‘Smile Lydia, someone is going to fall in love with it.’ She thought to herself. She gave a smile as the light came on and she heard the band start playing.

Every boyfriend is the one, until otherwise proven.

The good ones are never easy, the easy are never good.

And love it never happens like you think it really should. “


Lydia came on stage with an envelope in hand and a different outfit. This was a solid green top and pants that flared a bit at her feet. It was one Allison picked out and Lydia wasn’t so sure till she put it on. It looked amazing on her. She could hear the crowd cheering for her as they announced her name and she had just won Female Artist of the year. She came to the microphone and smiled as the cheers died down.

“It was only five years ago when I was nominated for this award, Best Newcomer and it was the first award I ever won and I still prize it. Trust me, it sits in the middle of my coffee table to everyone to see. But this award has been one to show the year's newest performers even if they don't win, it’s still an honor to be nominated. This years nominated are Kamina...Desert Wolf...Tracy Stewart...and Alpha Beta Omega.” At each name, a music video showed up behind her. Kamina was a pretty boy hard rock group. Desert Wolf was a techno artist whole Tracy was a pop artist. But Alpha Beta Omega, better known A.B.O was a metalish group. It was quite a line up.

Lydia smiled. “And the winner is…” She opened the envelope and read it, “Alpha Beta Omega!” She called out which caused everyone to cheer.

Her eyes quickly founded the band with five people getting up from their seats. One of them ran to the stage as the other four walked. Lydia got the runner in sight, she took a look at him. Short black hair, tan skin, and he was dressed nice. A teal button up with khakis and a black blazer over it. He jumped onto the stage and looked at the girl holding the award. He gave her a hug as he took the award. He looked at Lydia.

Can I? He mouth as he held open his arms. Lydia nodded as she went over to him and hugged him as the others came on stage.

One had brown hair that was in curls with bright blue eyes. He had a elvish appearance in his face. He wore a white shirt under a black and grey striped sweater with khakis as well. The girl behind him had long black hair that was pulled back into a ponytail with dark brown eyes. She had on a diem jacket with dark grey sleeves over a black tank with matching skinny jeans. The guy who was right beside her was a big guy. Black hair with a matching scruff bread with olive green eyes. He had on a black leather jacket with a black shirt on under it and had on faded black jeans Then there one one last girl that caught Lydia’s eyes. She had brown hair that fell an inch or so below her chin with dark brown eyes, a bit darker than the other girl. She had on a black and grey button up under a sleeveless denim vest. Lydia couldn’t see if she had on a undershirt. Her jeans had a few holes, one near her hip and the other on a knee. And her skin was beautifully tan where the others, except for the one, had pale skin.

Lydia gave them a smile as the one holding the award went to the microphone. “Thank you guys so much for this award! We can’t believe that after only a year of being signed this happen. This year has been a whirlwind and we are honored. Thank you!” He said as the others applauded behind him with three of the four smiling, the one being the brown hair girl. Lydia noticed she looked a little off.

They started to walk off stage and Lydia watched the one who took the award give the curly hair guy a hug and the big guy with the black hair one a hug before he grabbed the brown hair one into the hug. Lydia smiled as she walked over to them.

“Congratulations guys.” She said, quickly causing them to turn around. The one smiled at her.

“Thanks. I actually remember seeing you win yours with my mom. She was cheering you on.” He said. Lydia smiled.

“Thank you. I can’t wait to see your performance at the end.” She said which made him smile even more.

“Thanks.” He said.

“SCOTT!” They turned and saw Stiles running towards them. Lydia rolled her eyes as the two hugged each other.

“Stiles! Oh my god.” Scott smiled as he hugged them. They let go and Stiles smiled at the others. He looked at the three who were hugging.

“You two still look grumpy and is this the prodigal cousin?” Stiles said. The brown hair one rolled her eyes before she walked away.

“Malia!” the older guy called out.

“I got her.” The girl went after here. Stiles looked at him.

“Does she not like that?” Stiles asked.

“Malia doesn’t like the fact their uncle is her father. He’s not father of the year.” The curly hair said.

“Oh sorry. I’ll apologize to her at the party tonight.” Stiles said.

“You’re still coming? Are you going to bring your girlfriend?” Scott asked.

“Yes and you will love Allison. I invited Lydia to come too.” Stiles looked at Lydia.

“Still thinking about it. I might end up coming because Allison will use her puppy dog eyes on me to come.” Lydia said.

“Well it’s not going to be a big party. It’s at our place and we don’t want a lot of people coming and destroying our house.” The older one said.

“I understand. Well Stiles let’s get to our seats.” Lydia said.

“But at least let me introduce them now if you don’t come to the party.” Stiles said.

“Alright.” Lydia said with a nod.

“Okay. This is Scott, the friend from back home and the vocalist. Well they all are kinda. Curly hair is Isaac who’s the bassist and also does vocal. Sometimes piano. This is Derek, their rhythm guitarist. The long black hair girl is Derek’s sister Cora who does Lead guitar and the one I kinda of insulted is their cousin Malia, the drummer.” Stiles said. Lydia held out a hand.

“Well it’s nice to meet you guys.” She said. The three each took turns shaking her hand.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you too Lydia. Hope to see you tonight. Might make Cora and Malia’s night because we rarely hang around other females.” Derek said.

“I understand. Can’t wait to see your number. Stiles, Allison should be waiting for us.” Lydia said. Stiles nodded his head.

“See you guys later.” Stiles said as they headed to their seats.


Stiles looked excited to see Alpha Beta Omega to perform and Lydia and Allison were grinning at him. He was an excited puppy. Lydia turned to the stage and could see them all getting into their places. She could tell Scott changed his clothes into shorts and a t-shirts and that both Isaac, Cora, and Derek took off their jackets. From how much Stiles talked them up as the award show went on, she got curious about them. But she did research on her phone.

The band started out as Cora, Derek and Malia because Malia had to live her with cousins for unknown reasons and it was how they got along. Then Cora recruited Scott and Isaac to join them. They were a big hit in their home town and would tour during the summer and school breaks since Cora and Scott went to community college. They got put on Warped Tour and bounced around from label to label because of differences they had with the company. They never said why though. But they had quite the following and Lydia was impressed. But Lydia’s attention was taken back to the stage when she saw the announcer for the act.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Straight out of Beacon Hills and you’re New Act of the Year, Alpha Beta Omega!” He said as the lights came onto Scott and Isaac. Isaac was behind a keyboard and playing it. Scott was standing on a wooden box, something probably from their shows he stood on and the drums were behind him. After a couple of seconds, Scott held onto the mic and started to scream some.


After a couple of notes, the others started to play and Lydia got a better look at Malia and smiled.

“What is a man, who lays a hand on his lover? calls it tough love, tough love.

What is a man, who can’t take a stand for his daughter? And calls it tough love, tough love.”

Scott jumped off the box and landed near the crowd.


Lydia’s eyes went straight to Malia and noticed the changes. Her hair was pulled back into the best she could do for a ponytail. She had dropped her diem vest and had the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. And there was a giant smile on her face as she played the drums. And hell it looked beautiful and Lydia was falling for it. She leaned to Allison.

“Tell Stiles I’ll come tonight.” She said loud enough to hear. Allison gave her a smile.

“After the show.” She said which responded a nod from Lydia.