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Blood Bound

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The DA meeting was chaotic and took over an hour for the various members to make their way into the Room of Requirement between escaping their common rooms and avoiding the teachers and Filch.

Hermione finally had to us a noise making spell to get them all to quiet down. She was unusually flanked by the twins and Susan Bones as the only other people who knew what was going on. Ron had been in the middle of a lovely nap so was as clueless as the rest of the DA.

"We have some announcements to make and before anyone asks, yes this is about what happened to Harry and anyone not here will be told separately," Hermione informed them as she watched them all settle down into their room provided cushions. "Right, now that everyone is comfortable Harry has gotten into trouble again, the kind of trouble that stopped the Basilisk in our second year and dealt with the tournament last year. If you're just here to be taught DADA you're free to go, just leave your coins on the table because you don't want anything to do with what's happened and what we plan to do about it."

A few people took her advice and left their coins on the table next to the door as they walked out. The moment the door shut behind the last person everyone felt the room add several more silencing and privacy charms as the door disappeared completely.

"First, I had to tell Harry about the fact I established the DA under his Lordship authority a few hours ago so everyone who was waiting for that can relax. Second, Harry collapsed last night because eight people screwed up a ritual that caught both Harry and Professor Snape up in the magic. The teachers have given us permission to capture those eight idiots and bring them to one of the Heads of House to be punished. As a part of this botched ritual Harry has become a Living Vampire and has claimed Professor Snape as his Anchor. I will be compiling a pamphlet with all the other relevant vampire information to hand out but be warned that if you hurt Professor Snape you're answering to Harry and he is within his rights to kill you. Third, we may have managed to get rid of Umbridge but it includes bringing down Fudge so keep your mouths shut in case it doesn't work. Fourth... Harry's asked for a meeting with You-Know-Who to discuss a truce," Hermione told them as she waited for the resultant uproar to calm. She had purposefully left the meeting for last because she knew they would react this way. Finally the twins had to forcefully bring order for her to continue.

"There are special reasons behind Harry asking to talk to him and some of them include keeping you lot safe," Hermione informed them scornfully, disappointed that they hadn't at least waited to hear why and immediately jumped to the word traitor. "If he and the teachers can get a treaty signed than the school will be safe! Safe enough to maybe bring your families here and out of this bloody war!"

That shut up a lot of people. Making Hogwarts a safe haven for more than just the students they could definitely understand.

"Now this is the same deal as before, you can walk away with the secrecy spells keeping you quite free and clear or you can stay and help. Now that Harry is aware of the laws I established the DA under there are a few more options and any member of the DA can openly ask him if they can serve in his household. A household which we will be building from the ground up. I will be arranging most of it partly because Harry doesn't have the information he needs yet and partly because that's what I'm good at. Ron, as our grand chess master will be in charge of any combat assignments if we go into a fight. Susan is our legal Judge and liason with the Aurors through her aunt. The twins are our spymasters, which means you bring any interesting rumors and ideas to them," Hermione told them, setting out the leadership with a quick efficiency that put many a Ravenclaw to shame.

"Now for the unpleasant bit," Fred said grimly.

"Army members it has come to our attention that we have traitors in our midst," George said with solemn formality. "Zacharias Smith and Cho Chang stand forward for judgement!"

The shocked silence saw both DA members quietly and guiltily moving to the front of the room to stand before the assembled tribunal of Leaders as Ron grimly stood and joined his brothers in front of the room facing everyone.

"You have been charged with attempting a ritual that has actively harmed both a teacher and a fellow student, how do you plead?" Susan Bones demanded, taking her new duties seriously.

"If you think I'm going to follow that tosser to my death your insane," Zacharias Smith declared, glaring defiantly at everyone.

"He shouldn't have rejected me," Cho said frostily, tossing her hair imperiously over her shoulder. Incensed Susan drew her wand and petrified them before they could move for their own wands, scaring more than one person at how fast she moved.

"Lady Hermione I find that I must inform you these two have proven their guilt and it can not be handled within our group. I propose that they be turned over to the Aurors for judgement in front of the Wizengamot," Susan said formally, her anger clear. Hermione looked startled, knowing that as an Heir to a Noble House if Susan's recommendation that she be raised to the status of Lady was supported by at least five Heirs of Nobility regardless of what culture granted the Nobility then Magic would uphold the elevation and enforce it.

"But I'm not," Hermione started only to cut herself off in shock as Neville, Luna, Lavender Brown, and Justin Finch-Fletchly stood up.

"I, Neville Longbottom, Heir to the Ancient and Noble House of Longbottom do hereby recognize Hermione Jean Granger, nominated by Susan Bones, Heiress to the House of Bones, as a Lady and Noble in both action and deed with honor shown as a true Peer of the Realm," Neville declared stoutly.

"I, Lavender Brown, Heiress to the Ancient and Noble House of Brown do hereby recognize Hermione Jean Granger, nominated by Susan Bones, Heiress to the House of Bones, as a Lady and Noble in both action and deed with honor shown as a true Peer of the Realm," Lavender said proudly.

"I, Justin Finch-Fletchly, Heir to the Earldom of Manvers do hereby recognize Hermione Jean Granger, nominated by Susan Bones, Heiress to the House of Bones, as a Lady and Noble in both action and deed with honor shown as a true Peer of the Realm," Justin declared grimly, following the feel of his magic and the ritual words that his fellow students had laid down as the magic built in the air.

"I, Luna Lovegood, Heiress to the Hidden Elven Noble House of Lovegood do hereby recognize Hermione Jean Granger, nominated by Susan Bones, Heiress to the House of Bones, as a Lady and Noble in both action and deed with honor shown as a true Peer of the Realm," Luna declared with clear eyes and fixed attention, sending a ripple of shock through the DA.

The magic manifested placing a heavy pendant on a golden chain necklace that reached her waist and a gold-bronze ring on her finger, both clearly displaying Hermione's new family crest. An otter cracking open a mollusk surrounded by three stars with a sparking wand directly above. The words "Magia invicti mens exstitisset, in defensionem amici semper" emblazoned on the bottom of the background shield device. The words translated to "Magic without equal, Mind without peer, Used always in the defense of friends and family".

"Lady Ravenclaw it is good that you have returned to us. Don't worry the memories will start returning soon and you'll always be both Hermione Granger and Rowena Ravenclaw," Luna said brightly sending everyone reeling in yet another direction.

"Damn, I owe the twins 10 galleons," Ron groused breaking everyone out of their shocked stupors.

"How did you know my middle name?" Hermione asked shakily, choosing to focus on something altogether less shocking than the events that were still settling into everyone's minds.

"Luna told me," Neville grinned sheepishly as everyone returned to their seats.

"Right," Hermione said taking a deep breath before addressing everyone. "New rule, you have to ask me before telling anyone about what just happened whether I turn out to be Rowena Ravenclaw reincarnated or not. If someone would find me books on such things I would greatly appreciate it since I don't have time to look it up with the truth serum and vampire research I have to do for Harry and Professor Snape. Twins, Ron, can you take these two to one of the Heads of House? I need a chance to put my mind back together and we need them out of the way so they don't try to hurt Harry again."

"With pleasure," Ron said firmly and levitated the two former DA members out the door, officially breaking up the meeting as Hermione took Susan and Luna with her in her retreat to the library and sanity.