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not crying on a sunday

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It was raining heavily and Yoongi quickly lamented his decision to run back into his classroom, just for the sake of his stupid notebook. But then again, he was afraid if it landed in the hand of the not-so-amicable such as Namjoon. Well, Namjoon wasn’t one he would call evil (more like demonic, maybe). No, his only problem with the self-proclaimed monster of rap was the fact that he was such a snoop, Yoongi worried that his so-called notebook (okay, up to this point he was still denying the fact that it was his diary or rather his journal that he had left at the classroom) would fall to the hand of the one and only big-mouthed Kim Namjoon.

So yeah, that was the reason why he was sitting in his chair, waiting for the rain to stop, scribbling unnecessary random words on his notebook. That and also the story of how he was acquainted to the new kid named Park Jimin, who was sitting right behind him with red stinging eyes.




Yoongi and Namjoon had been friends for god knows how long. Their mom knew each other, their grandmother knew each other, heck, even their great-grandmother probably knew each other. That alone stood for the fact that Yoongi and his family never really left the small town.

Yes, it was a small town that came with a complete package of woods, mountains and those you could probably see in the drawing of a 5-years-old, a morbid little town named Yeoryang-myeon somewhere in Jeongseon county. Jeongseoun county itself was already a small region in Gangwon province with very little inhabitants, surrounded by mountains and was only packed with travelers during winter, since it was where the rich spent their money to go skiing. And of course the Mins had to settle in the little town of Yeoryang-myeon, which is basically another two hours ride north east of Jeongseon-eup, right between rocky hills, snaking rivers and acres of woods. 

Some even called this place a village. He didn’t like to call it a village though, somehow stating how traditional and old-fashioned this place was (and unconditionally stated that he as the inhabitant of this place was as old-fashioned as the place itself). But then again, only having mere thousands of citizen and the fact that they didn’t have a fucking cinema, he would certainly call this place a village.

Yoongi was completely fed up with his little town. Then again, the Min was apparently trying to make their life a tradition with prohibiting their son to step into the outside world. Having a workshop near the train station and practically being the only place where the inhabitants of their small town brought their motors and engines to be repaired, his father had this idea that Yoongi would fit perfectly right there, continuing the family’s business alongside his big brother. His idea of a future was completely different from them and Yoongi himself thought that his parents’ brain capacity compete those of a caveman. He simply found reasoning with his parents would lead him to nothing. Thus, he avoided his family the best he could and amused himself with the company his small town could leave to offer. 

There was Namjoon, his best friend who was so passionate about music. He was, like Yoongi, trying to reach his dream of Seoul and the life of an artist that awaited them. What differed them, was the fact that the Kims had a more evolved brain than the Mins, that their only son separation was a very thing to be expected (or the fact that Namjoon’s parents were just trying to get rid of their son). Then there was Hoseok, who would probably leave their small town as well, trying to pursue his passion in dancing. Seokjin who was the most delicate of them all still didn’t know where to go, whereas Taehyung would probably dream to be a lumberjack with that weird brain of his.

Their little band of friend embarked on their journey together. Basketball was a must each week until they soon became the pioneer of the school first ever basketball team during their first year. Then a year later came Jungkook, who was one year younger than all of them, and thus being the only one who was not in the same class but still an official member of their little gang.

It was the beginning of their third and final year of high school, when a certain stranger entered their life in the form of a Park Jimin.

“His name is Park Jimin. He just moved from Seoul,” was the only thing that Yoongi remembered. It was clearly an unforgettable day since no one in his right mind – Yoongi thought – would ever leave Seoul for a place like this.

The so-called Park Jimin turned out to be a boy shorter than he was (by 1 cm and that was a huge thing to celebrate for, since he was always one of the shortest in class and thus had been the object of mockery even amongst his best friends) with timid eyes and head that refused to look at you in the eyes. He looked like some antisocial introverted freak who spent his times alone at the corner, someone whom Yoongi 100% believed wouldn’t be his to call as friend.

“You could sit next to Taehyung,” the teacher said.

Which was right behind Yoongi, but he clearly didn’t care.

It was the first day and he heard nothing from the boy but a timid little whisper of a “I miss home,” that took more of a sigh and clearly wasn’t his to be heard.




If Yoongi recalled, it had been almost a week since Park Jimin sat right behind him each day with nothing to say and nothing to be heard.

“He never said anything,” Taehyung said once. 

“Isn’t that strange? He spent his recess alone in the classroom,” Seokjin said again. They were warming up for their basketball game as usual and Park Jimin had just suddenly slipped into their conversation.

“That guy’s a weirdo. And here I am thinking that no one in their right mind would ever move into such a place like this.”

It was surprisingly Jungkook who gave the twist to the story.

“No he’s not, hyung. He didn’t move here because he wanted to,” the youngest speak.

“How did you possibly know?” Namjoon raised his curiosity as usual.

“I spent my time with him once. He said he more like he ‘needed’ to move here, though I don’t know what he’s talking about,” Jungkook said.

Yoongi questioned himself why they ever cared to talk about the new kid. He had a clear policy of minding his own business. Besides, he wasn’t Namjoon. He didn't fancy himself with the rumor of Kiseok breaking up with Jihye or how Hyuna was seemingly not a virgin anymore.

“You talk to him?” Taehyung asked. “Wow, I spend my time every day with him, I haven’t even heard him speak beside that first time in front of the classroom.”

“That, Taetae, is because you’re always in that weird head of yours,” Yoongi said with a smile on his face before ruffling the boy’s hair.




The sky was already dark and the first drops of rain had started to fall when the bell rang and everybody quickly left the school. Friday meant the school would be empty in matter of minutes and Yoongi thought silence would be the only thing that greeted him as he walked into the vacant classroom to retrieve his notebook.

He was wrong. He clearly didn’t expect to hear any sobbing or whatever it was that would greet him the moment he slammed the door open. That, he admitted, was kind of creepy and he would probably be running his ass off if his eyes didn’t lay on the sight of a Park Jimin, sitting on his chair with his hand on his face, crying.


It was plain awkward.

“-am just going to take my notebook,” he said, trying to avoid looking into the other boy’s eyes. Walking into a girl crying was awkward enough and here he was having a boy cried in front of him. Guys weren’t supposed to cry (or at least that was what Yoongi believed. The exception of it all was certainly Hoseok who would burst into tears every time they watched a horror movie). Then again, it was none of his business. He walked towards his chair and quickly retrieved his notebook before the rain started to pour. It was clearly visible from the window pane and the thundering sound in the distant. Sighing, Yoongi didn’t have any choice but to wait. And so he sat down, thinking that the awkwardness was a little price to pay instead of a red nose, soaking books and soggy shoes that needed days to be dried. That was pretty much the reason why he was stuck in a classroom with Jimin behind him, who once again didn’t say another word.

He just sat there and Yoongi thought that maybe the boy was waiting for the rain to stop as well. Hell, he could just walk outside of the classroom and wait somewhere else within this school, couldn’t he? The problem was, Yoongi wasn’t called Motionless Min for nothing. Walking outside of the classroom just felt too troublesome for him. Yeah, he was indeed that lazy. Besides, he had as much right as the boy to use the classroom now, didn't he?

With very little thing to do and conversation not being an option, he opened his so-called notebook and started to write instead.


There was this new brat in school.


He realized it was a bit stupid to write about someone who was clearly sitting right behind him.


He was weird. I walked into him crying alone in the classroom.


It was none of business anyway. Why the hell would he write about the boy? Slamming the book shut, Yoongi just decided to stare into nothing. Heck, he could even try to be nothing in this very awkward situation, disappearing into thin air or simply being invisible. He couldn't help but to feel a pair of eye drilling its way into his skull. He couldn't even brush the fact that there was someone behind him who had clearly been crying. He could normally pretend for this awkward situation to be non-existent, but this time he found himself only feeling more and more uncomfortable (and probably so did the other boy).

“Okay I can’t take this anymore,” Yoongi sighed, turning his chair around to face Jimin behind him. The boy shuddered, clearly not expecting him to even start a conversation.

“Hi, my name is Min Yoongi," he half-heartedly said.

The boy arched his eyebrow and maybe for the very first time, he could see him actually making eye contact with anyone, chin raised and all of that. That also made him aware of how Jimin had cheeks that resembled that of a bun one couldn't help not to pinch it (okay he was clearly digressing now). He looked younger than he was supposed to be, with soft feature and full lips. Those wide eyes of his, though, were red and puffy from crying and Yoongi knew the boy must have spent quite a time to dry his eyes out, rubbing them with the back of his hand.

"I know," the boy squeaked.

So he did have a voice.

"You do?" he answered, sounding as stupid as he ever could to his own ear.

"I know you're friends with Taehyung and Jungkook. You guys do basketball on Thursday."

The boy might have known about it from Jungkook all along, but Yoongi was clearly not in the mood for making an already depressed boy even more pathetic with his snarky comments. Thanked god he didn’t blurt out the ‘your face look ridiculous when you’re crying’ that he had in mind earlier.

"You're more observant than I thought," Yoongi replied, settling with a much more subtler version of 'are you a stalker or something'.

Jimin didn't answer him back and resumed to his usual self-brooding, eyes down as if he was having a staring contest with the wooden desk in front of him. That somehow annoyed Yoongi, to the extent he cast his eyes down as well, trying to see whatever it was that the boy was probably seeing that could be so interesting to look at. He found nothing but (as expected) the plain wooden desk. 

"Why are you so-,"

"Look, I'm sorry if I have bothered you, but maybe it's best for me to leave right now," Jimin suddenly said, cutting off his sentence. With that he stood up, taking his bag with him and walked out of the classroom. Yoongi, being just Yoongi, only raised his shoulder and sighed, laid his back against the chair and put his feet on the table. He hadn't had any other reason to race the boy, clearly. The rain hadn’t stopped either and he thought sleeping to kill some time would be something wise to do.

So he did, and that was the sole reason how he woke up to complete darkness and a locked front gate at 10 p.m.


(Yoongi unfortunately missed the sight of Park Jimin as well, walking right outside of the school building in the middle of the pouring rain.)




“Do you know that your name is located right after the word ‘Stupid’ in my dictionary?”

“Then you’re an idiot since Min Yoongi comes way before ‘Stupid’. In fact it’s closer to the word ‘Marvelous’,” Yoongi retorted, elbowing Namjoon while doing so.

“I don’t even know what kind of dictionary you guys use,” Seokjin replied, shaking his head. “Anyway, I brought extra food for you guys. I cooked seaweed soup yesterday so I thought-,”

“Do you really want to kill me, hyung?” Yoongi said again with a playful smirk which made the elder pout.

“Seriously, no one could live with that amount of sesame oil,” Hoseok said with a laugh. Everybody nodded in agreement with the exception of Taehyung who was so weird, he was probably the only one in their group whose taste bud could actually tolerate the most horrible of Seokjin’s cooking.

Recess was a serious of laughter, Taehyung trying to steal bits of food from everyone, Seokjin offering his before he was met with nothing but refusal, Namjoon talking about his newest rap and Hoseok trying to grab Jungkook’s book anytime he brought one with the excuse of ‘studying for the upcoming test.’ Being the golden boy that he was, studying was something that Jungkook had ever been. Being the good senior that they were, they introduced the boy to the real wonder of teenage life (no, he was not talking about adultery stuff, drugs or anything related to the not-so-proper aspect of life, though they did hand the boy some bottle of soju and definitely be the very first one who introduced him to cigarettes).

The six of them usually spent their recess amongst the staircase that led directly to the school’s rooftop with the door wide open. It was Taehyung who found the spot first, picking on the lock during the first day of their second year. They had been spending their time there ever since. At first, they took pride upon this new secret base of theirs, thinking how a school’s rooftop would be something only their little band of misfit could have. Only then they realized that the sun shining atop of them was hellish enough, that they retreated back into the series of stairs, opting to hang there underneath the roof on top of their head instead. They would sit right in front of the door, opening it wide and let the sunlight and warm breeze caressed their skin in between classes.

“Where’s Jungkook, anyway? Don’t tell me he’s off in the classroom studying alone,” Hoseok said.

“Don’t know. Last time I remembered, he was talking to Jimin,” Taehyung answered with Namjoon’s lunchbox on his hand. Yoongi didn't even know how Namjoon's lunchbox ended up on Taehyung's lap.

“Yah, seriously, if he spend too many time in the classroom, he’ll end up being like that Park Jimin. You know he’s such a weirdo I caught him cry-,”

And Jungkook’s “Hey guys,” had stopped him mid-sentence. The five of them turned their heads to see Jungkook emerging from the staircase’s turn with another figure beside him. “So I brought a friend.”

To Yoongi’s mind, this was more like introducing your new boyfriend to a family dinner instead of a simple subtle ‘Let’s welcome the newest member of our group’. The silence was too overwhelming, it gave the exact same feeling of awkwardness, though the most apparent of it all was the fact that the said boy’s eyes were fixed on him this time.

The boy whispered something to Jungkook with a sour face before he quickly turned his back against them and left before another words were even said.

“You’re a cruel human being, Min Yoongi,” Namjoon commented with a sly smile on his face, realizing the scene that just unveiled before them.

Yoongi just returned the smile half-heartedly. The weird thing was how he could actually recalled the, 'I'm sorry if I bother you but maybe it's best for me to leave right now' that was said days ago.


Jungkook brought the brat over on recess.