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Essence of You

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Bellamy POV


It wasn’t staring if it had a purpose. Bellamy told himself that quite a lot of times since the other humans had landed on the ground. 

They’d set up their base, making use of what materials they had. It had been an interesting two weeks to see how they had made their home as much as they could. He knew where they came from, space, the ark, he knew it all, they however had no clue he was spying on them, for those two weeks. Every single day.

Unless he was unaware they had seen him, which they hadn't. He’d trained for years to become the warrior he was now, and there was no way he would have been seen.

Bellamy watched in fascination, these humans could barely get food for themselves let alone water, especially with the “monster” in there, he’d heard one of them say that. Odd use of language these people, so very different from him and his nation.

He’d observed them all, watching them. Although, his observations had become focused on one individual in particular.

Clarke. Or so the others would say that to her. She was their leader of sorts. She’d been their leader since they’d got here, some had dismayed the decision, yet they had soon changed that when she proved herself.

She helped them, some got injured and it would seem she was their healer, their main and only healer. She worked quickly and efficiently. She had also explored, of which saying there were no other humans as they had not come to them yet. How wrong she was. She had an idea of what danger they were in though, setting up “walls” of sorts made from wood. She was observant of the threat around them, he’d give her that, but not as observant as a leader should be.

Bellamy turned away from their camp to come face to face with his sister. His very much annoying sister.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, annoyed. He pushed past her and began to walk the trek back to their home.

Octavia caught up, now walking next to him.

“Mother was looking for you” she said. He looked at her, watched her as she watched the surroundings, looking for anything of threat.

“She wanted to know your progress, she didn't think you’d actually take this task seriously when Droco gave it to you”.

Droco was commander of the army, he was in charge and anything he said goes. Bellamy had to work his way up in the ranks, being the heir and prince to their nation with Essen as their King, Essen being Bellamy’s father, he had a lot to prove. He had done it, beaten what everyone said about him, not using his power as prince to be able to jump to the top. So had Octavia, she was under him in rank, but she had proved them wrong as well.

“I take everything seriously O, you know that, everyone knows that” He says, slowing his walk now they were far enough from the other humans.

“Yeah, but not as seriously as this one, sure we've had others trespass, but you haven’t been as interested in them” she pushes, wanting his answer. He wasn’t going to give her one that she wanted to hear.

“I take them all seriously, just these people don’t belong here like the others, the others, they have some resemblance to us, they know about our nation, these people, the news ones, haven’t got a clue that we’re and many other humans are alive and basically living right next door” she nodded her head, agreeing with him.

“We need to take them seriously, see if they’re a threat and do something about them soon. They came from space O, space, they’re technology probably surpasses ours” He says, serious enough to get the message across to O.

“Not by a lot though” she says smirking, giving him a look that promise devastation.

He nodded “Yeah, but we still need to be careful about them. We don’t know a thing about them and they don’t know us. For now, that makes us enemies”.

It wasn’t like she didn't listen, she did and she was a great person to unload all your problems on to, but she wasn’t the next king, he was, and he wasn’t going to let his guard down, he didn't for anyone.


Clarke POV


Two weeks. Two weeks on this ground and still no message from the Ark. Two weeks.

She looked up at the sky, wanting to curse the ark from here but obviously that wouldn't do any good, so she looked around, making sure none of the others were watching her and put her middle finger up at it, shaking it for good measure and then put it down. What was her life?

They’d been sent here, in their tin of a rocket ship and all that was said was “good luck”. Honestly, good luck, really? They didn't even know if the ground was toxic, whether they were going to die and they said good luck.  Why bother sending them here if they didn't know if we were going to survive, they should have just floated them.

She wanted to choke someone. Anyone.

She gave everyone mean looks as she walked throughout the camp they had set up, standing straight, showing everyone not to mess with her, of course, people moved out of her way. She got the tent that had been specifically made for medical and went it, seeing Jasper here again. His hand bleeding, again.

Sighing, she shook her head at him, but he only gave her a grin and waved at her. Clarke wondered how in the hell he had done it this time, but not asking cause he’d probably say it anyway.

“Do you wanna know how I did it?” Jasper said, wiggling his eyebrows.

She gave him a bored stare. “No” and made her way to him.

“Well too bad, I’m gonna tell it anyway”

She sat down on the small stool made of wood and washed his cut, dressed it, all the while him telling her how he had done it. He had been climbing a tree, looking all around trying to find some root or berry that had some “wonderful colours” and “looks like a big spoon” and had clearly fallen out of the tree.

She finished and he went back out of the tent calling for Monty cause he wanted to keep looking for it. “Don’t fall out of any more trees Jasper!” She called out to him and she heard him say he won’t. Yeah, alright. Not.

She started to put what little medical supplies they had left away, carefully placing them in the correct places of the small tent. It didn't look like a medical tent, and certainly wasn’t as clean as it should be, but they had to make do.

She walked back to the drop ship, only a couple of feet away and went inside, going to their primary and only mechanic who was able to get a signal out to the ark. Raven had tried multiple times and had failed.

“Anything” Clarke said, sounding hopeful but also not holding her hopes up. It had been a long time and the ark would have gotten a message to them somehow. They’d been dropped in the right place, so the ark knew where to find them.

“Nothing. Not a goddamn thing” Rave said, looking at all the equipment they had, it wasn’t much, but they had to make do with what they've got.

Clarke rubs her eyes and her shoulders drop, she hadn't been hopeful, but it’d been nice to hear some news or at least some progress, but she can’t fault Raven for trying.

She looks at Raven, the dark circles under her eyes showing and the way she was hunched over.

“Go get some sleep” Clarke said, wanting her to at least rest for a couple of hours. She looked like she was going to drop right there when Clarke said it and Raven shook her head.

“I can’t, I need to do this” she was about to turn around when Clarke grabbed her arm gently, and turned her around to face her.

“Please go and get some sleep” Clarke's voice gentle, her eyes hard “otherwise I’ll get Finn to come and make you”.

Raven narrows her eyes for a full minute, but so does Clarke, neither of them giving in until Raven sighs heavily, eyes closing slowly.

“Ok” She makes her way out of the drop ship, picking up the curtain of material and then it falls down quickly.

Clarke sits down on the chair Raven had been using, pushing her hair roughly out of her face, breathing in deeply and out slowly. Her vision was becoming blurry from the tears filling them up, one of them dropping from her eyes, landing on her trouser.

She rubbed the other one away, roughly scrubbing her eyes with her hands and scolding herself for being weak. She slowly but surely she breathed in and out, soothing herself and fanned her face to get rid of the hot flush that she’d felt bloom.

She then walked outside, fully taking in earth since she had gotten here. Yeah, she had explored but she hadn't fully accepted where she was.

She watched the colours of the sunset, her hand twitching at her side, wishing she had pencils even one just to draw shades and shapes of the sky.

She knew though, like all sunsets she had watched since being here, that even though this day has ended, a new one was just beginning.