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Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire

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Mark me, Stiles had said.

I wanna be yours.

And again, I want to feel you deep inside.

Derek had shivered with fear, darkness and blood and spirals of fire screaming inside him when the boy had touched his chest, one trembling palm finding the solid expanse of skin covering Derek’s heart and resting there, where bones and flesh vibrated under every powerful thump, tried to protect the only weak spot Derek had left inside himself.

But Stiles’ hands didn’t carry a fictitious knife like Kate’s used to, he hadn’t tried to split Derek’s chest open, drain every single laugh, every hope and brightness and sense of stability out of him. No, Stiles hadn’t tried to leave Derek lost and broken, on the contrary- You can destroy me, Stiles had murmured, lips wet against Derek’s, his eyes the warmest shade of brown Derek had ever seen.

Maybe it’d been because of that feeling, how fragility and steadiness seemed to have found their balance inside Stiles, how the boy looked so complete and ready, perfectly conscious of what he was offering, those and a million other reasons had been why Derek had felt allowed to take, to kiss Stiles’ lips and his neck, let his own hands wander all over Stiles’ body, pulling soundless moans out of him.

Yes, Stiles had cried, an endless chain made of More and Derek and Forever dragging Derek’s soul straight to the bottom of an ocean made of nothing but warm colors and a quiet, yet steady, heartbeat. And Derek’s voice had soon echoed him, calling the boy’s name and panting reverent, foreign words against Stiles’ trembling skin.

You’re everything I’ve ever needed, Derek had confessed, his fingertips sinking into the soft curve of Stiles’ hips and his cock driving inside the boy’s ass, spreading him open in more ways than one.

Stay, a plead, a trembling hope as Derek had felt his orgasm growing like an ocean wave after an earthquake, powerful and sudden, his balls throbbing with need as Stiles’ spine had arched under his hands, his body going pliant as the smell of the boy’s come shooting all over the sheets had filled Derek’s nostrils, pushing him over the edge, making him fall and fall and fall-

I’ve finally found you.