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"You're so beautiful like this, Jotaro."


The words made his cheeks flare up as he closed his eyes and turned his head to the side, a futile attempt to hide his embarrassment.


"Please look at me."


He felt a warm, slender hand caress his fresh-shaven jaw. Kakyoin's gentle tone was reassuring and more: he felt compelled to face the man on top of him, like he was under a spell. With little to no resistance, Jotaro finally opened his eyes and shifted his gaze towards Kakyoin, whose smiling face conveyed nothing but love and lust, making his heart jump in his chest. A light chuckle escaped the redhead's mouth.

"If I had known you'd look this good all tied up on my bed, I'd have suggested this sooner," he sighed contently.


Jotaro simply grunted in response, making Kakyoin let out another small laugh. He was positively glowing and shivering with excitement, an appearance reflected by his stand, whose supple tentacles vibrated fervently, tied around Jotaro's limbs.


Kakyoin was taking his sweet time. Straddling Jotaro's hips, he bent down to kiss his neck, sucking and nibbling at the skin here and there in order to leave marks. His trimmed nails lightly scratched down Jotaro's abdomen, which jerked at the tickling sensation. Lithe and agile fingers purposely avoided the hard member in between Jotaro's legs as they continued their way down to his inner thighs, rubbing soothing circles and lightly grazing the base of his shaft. He involuntarily bucked his hips at every slight touch of his arousal, an uncontrolled reaction, which, in all honesty, pissed him off. Eyebrows furrowed, Jotaro tensed up in an effort to control his movements, not yet ready to give up all inhibitions.


Kakyoin's hands stilled as he felt the sudden change in his lover's composure. Placing his fingers back onto Jotaro's bare chest, he leant down once more in order to nuzzle his neck. He kissed up sloppily until he reached Jotaro's ear. His hot breath sent a shudder down the taller man's spine.


"Jotaro," Kakyoin cooed. "Let go. I'll take care of you."


Jotaro huffed.


"Then touch me, you bastard," he mumbled, almost inaudible.


Kakyoin simply smiled and lifted himself off of Jotaro. He reached towards the corner of the bed, where he had strategically placed their bottle of lubricant before tying Jotaro down.


Popping the cap open, Kakyoin poured a generous amount on his forefingers. As he did so, he smirked at Jotaro, who could do nothing but watch with eagerness.


"Guess what flavour it is?"


Before the he could answer, Kakyoin playfully smeared some lube on Jotaro’s lips, grinning.


"Cherry," the black haired man muttered in false exasperation.


With a chuckle and a content nod, Kakyoin turned his back to his trussed up lover, legs kneeling and spread. As he gripped the sheets at the foot of the bed with one hand, he reached back with the other and brought his slick fingers to his entrance. Jotaro watched in anticipation as Kakyoin slowly circled and lubricated his hole before entering himself, sighing happily. The redhead let out little moans and whimpers when he apparently brushed his sensitive spot, arousing Jotaro to the point of impatience. Maybe this had been a bad idea after all, he thought.


“Untie me,” Jotaro demanded, tugging at Hierophant Green’s restraints in vain.


Kakyoin turned his head towards his agitated lover, fingers still inside himself.


“Oh, I can’t do that yet,” he said.


Jotaro’s eyes widened at the confident tone. He truly wasn’t used to seeing Kakyoin so in control, so sure of himself, so… infinitely alluring.


“But if you’re nice, I’ll be nice too." 


A shiver of excitement went down Jotaro’s spine. He relaxed his arms and legs once again and felt the green tentacles around them tighten ever so slightly.


Satisfied with Jotaro’s compliance, Kakyoin turned his attention back to his own preparation and pleasure. As he added fingers to stretch himself out, he let out more erotic mewls and moans to work up his lover, grinning whenever he heard Jotaro's breath hitch. In an effort to make things even more interesting, Kakyoin removed his shaky fingers from his ass, whimpering at the loss of stimulation, but crying out softly when he replaced them with one of his stand's free appendages.


The slick tentacle caressed his inner walls, poking and prodding to find his prostate. With every brush of his sweet spot, Kakyoin pushed back, occasionally grazing Jotaro's dripping erection. He let out shaky breaths, and moaned in unison with Jotaro, who grunted at every buck of his own hips.


"Jotaroooooo, I need you."


Kakyoin finally turned back around to face Jotaro, his stand still filling him. He was proud of his work: his little show had made his lover beet red all over, a thin sheen of sweat covering his naked body. He looked completely wound up, and oh so enticing like this.


"I want to ride you so bad."


Kakyoin rushed to grab the bottle of lubricant, which he had set aside earlier, squeezing what was left of it onto Jotaro's cock. As his stand's tentacle left his aching hole, he straddled his boyfriend's hips, raising himself slightly over Jotaro's hard member. He seized it gently, eliciting a sharp inhale from Jotaro, who up to now had been impatiently waiting for this very moment. After guiding it to his entrance, Kakyoin slowly sunk down onto his lover's cock until he was filled to the hilt. Both men let out pleasured sighs, excited for what was to come.


"You always feel so so wonderful Jotaro," Kakyoin purred.




Smiling, the redhead started to move, undulating his hips. He splayed his slender hands onto Jotaro's broad chest for support as he bounced up and down on his cock, calling out his boyfriend's name in pure ecstasy. The bedroom was filled with lewd sounds of skin slapping against skin, heavy breathing, and cries of pleasure.


Kakyoin's rhythm became more and more erratic, his riding untimed and desperate. Sweat from his brow dripped down onto Jotaro's pectorals as his legs started to tremble and give in.


Jotaro, on the other hand, entranced by Kakyoin's salacious display, was positively ecstatic. His eyes gazed at his lover with utter lust and want, and although Kakyoin was approaching exhaustion, he still needed more.


"Kakyoin," he said quietly.


His words went unheard by the redhead on top of him, who was lost in his own world.


"Noriaki let me touch you."


As if finally snapped out of his spell, Kakyoin slowed down to a stop, sitting on Jotaro's cock and breathing hard. The latter took a chance and pulled on his restraints. Hierophant Green, reflecting his user's state, lazily let go of Jotaro's limbs and was called back. With glazed over eyes, Kakyoin stared into Jotaro's own with content, before quickly being handled by strong arms. Jotaro pulled out temporarily in order to exchange their positions, pressing Kakyoin chest and stomach onto the mattress. He did not take his time re-entering his lover from behind, penetrating him with reckless abandon.


With every powerful thrust of Jotaro's hips, Kakyoin's voice wavered. Both men let out shaky moans as Jotaro pressed his back to his boyfriend's, curling into him. He bit at Kakyoin's shoulders and sped up his pace, driving into him in an absolutely animalistic fashion.


Jotaro was being uncharacteristically loud, groaning and grunting like a beast in heat, Kakyoin a quivering mess under him. He held up his lover's tired hips in order to hit his prostate more easily, and just like that, with a lusty cry of his name, Kakyoin came onto the bed sheets, completely spent and satisfied.


"Jotaro, Jotaro, Jotaro," he murmured into the mattress like a mantra as he clenched around the cock still pounding inside of him.


With a final deep thrust and a moan, Jotaro spilled inside Kakyoin, pulling out slowly and letting his cum trickle out of Kakyoin's pink, stretched hole. He watched as his semen continued to drip onto his lover's ass, a sight so positively erotic to him. Finally he collapsed on the bed beside Kakyoin, who instantly cuddled up to him.


"That was wonderful," the redhead exclaimed as he kissed at Jotaro's side.


"You're beautiful like this you know," Jotaro answered, to the point as always.


Kakyoin sighed happily and buried his face in the crook of Jotaro's neck, mumbling an "I love you" as he breathed in his scent. His boyfriend hummed in response, kissing the top of Kakyoin's head.


"We should do this again sometime," he practically whispered.


Kakyoin lifted his head and grinned at Jotaro.


"Oh, we will."


And with that, they fell into a comfortable silence, Jotaro already impatient to see Kakyoin in charge once again. He had to admit to himself, he did love seeing and feeling his boyfriend ride him with such intensity. It had awoken something primal inside him, which he didn't necessarily regret.


Sometimes, losing control was a good thing.