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I'm Not Jealous

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Miyuki wasn't jealous.

Nope, no not even close. He did not get jealous. It just wasn't him.

Except it was. And he is, very much so.

Stupid, idiotic pitcher and his stupid bright smiles and stupid golden eyes.

The source of his unamused scowl was standing across the field, laughing loudly with one of the female managers, Haruno. His cheeks had a slight rosy tint to them, and that just made Miyuki's scowl harden. It kind of hurt his face. He seemed to be getting along well with her, judging by his comfortable body language, and continuing bellowing laughter that echoed across the diamond.

When had Miyuki started paying more attention to that loudmouth pitcher anyway? In fact, when had he started even thinking that maybe his eyes were really pretty when the sunlight hit them? Or that his smile made Miyuki's heart pickup just a little and leave a warm feeling in his chest?

He knew the answer to that. He just doesn't want to admit it. Ever since he caught his first pitch, and called him his partner, he's kinda been a little gone for the boy.

The catcher continues his glares and obvious jealous scowl. He's so focused that he doesn't notice Kuramochi walking towards him with a smirk.

"Oi Miyuki! You stare any harder, Haruno's gonna burst into flames!"

Miyuki jumped at the sudden voice. He turns to glare at the source of the offending noise.

"Haha. I wasn't staring. I was just...spacing out", the catcher retorts back, albeit a little softer at the end.

The shortstop doesn't seem convinced but he shrugs and goes to put his hand on his shoulder. He side eyes his friend (?) who's once again gone back to throwing daggers at the poor, oblivious girl.

This guy, really.

Kuramochi squeezes the catcher's shoulders and says,"You know, if you would just tell him, you probably wouldn't have to be so jealous anymore", then walks off without another word.

Miyuki is dumbfounded. How could he? Was he that obvious? Whatever, Kuramochi isn't that insightful. He pinches the bridge of his nose shaking his head, chuckling under his breath. He looks up back to where the hyperactive pitcher was, seeing him giggling, looking at the ground and...was he blushing? Miyuki clenches his jaw and turns and walks away from the offending sight.

Miyuki wasn't jealous.


Everyone was in the dining hall, eating and chatting amicably with one another. On one table Furuya is sitting silently, listening to Haruichi talk about something to do with his big brother. Right across from them, Kuramochi and Sawamura are arguing loudly over who's better at some video game.

Miyuki walks in, a tray in his hands and goes to sit beside the pitcher. He doesn't miss the way Kuramochi's lips upturn into a smirk. He rolls his eyes and starts to dig into his food. The pitcher, now done arguing with the violent shortstop, turns to see the star catcher sitting beside him. His eyebrows raise is surprise, before he goes back to his food, stuffing his mouth full of rice.

Beside him, Kuramochi's eyes suddenly light up with mischief. He slings an arm around the pitchers shoulders, and asks him,"Say, Sawamura. You and Haruno seem to be getting along pretty well dontcha say?" The teasing tone in his voice has Sawamura turn to look at him, with confusion written across his face. He swallows his mouth full of rice and replies cautiously,"Uhhhh, yeah? She's a good friend." The shortstop smirks widely. "Ahhh, are you sure she's just a friend? You two seem to have been getting pretty cozy yesterday while talking on the field", Kuramochi waggles his eyebrows.

Before Sawamura can protest that 'No they were not getting cozy! They were just talking!', he sees in his peripheral vision, the catcher beside him tense up.

"Oi, Miyuki. You alright?", Sawamura inquires, looking at the boy with furrowed eyebrows.

The catcher says nothing, just continues eating his food, though now with a frown on his face. Sawamura studies him for a moment, before Kuramochi's loud voice bellows in his ear,"I bet you have a thing for Haruno! Eh, Sawamura!? Poor Wakana! Hyahahah!" The pitcher's entire face flames up and he yells back, "I do not have a thing for Haruno! And Wakana is just my friend! She's practically my sister gross!" The yelling caught the attention of some people, and others who are used to Sawamura's loud mouth, continue eating as if everything were normal.

Sawamura continues yelling at the laughing shortstop, Haruichi watching the entire thing with a disappointed look on his face. Furuya is by no means interested, so he opts for ignoring them and eating his rice.

In midst of the argument, the catcher who was listening to the whole thing with tight fists, suddenly stands up, picking his tray up and storming out of the hall. Sawamura suddenly jumps at the sound of Miyuki's chair scraping across the floor, and watches the catcher storm out. The pitcher's lips downturn and he looks to Kuramochi, who looks way to sastisfied with himself that it's infuriating.

"Hey! Mochi-senpai! Do you know what's up with Miyuki?", the brunette asks.

"Hyahahah! You know sometimes you really are stupid!"

Sawamura howls in anger.


Stupid Haruno. Stupid Kuramochi. Stupid cute pitcher.

Miyuki honestly didn't think a petty attempt like that from Kuramochi, would rile him up enough to make him cause such a scene walking out the dining hall. But alas, here he is, lying on his bed with arms above his head, seething alone in his room.

After he stormed out the door, he was so red in the face, he was sure anyone a mile away could see his embarassment. He quickly walked to his dorm, unlocked the door, and slammed it shut. He fell back against the door with a pityful groan.

What the hell.

He dragged himself up off the floor and plopped onto his bed. Honestly, he wasn't jealous. It's not like he wanted to be the one who made the pitcher giggle, and his cheeks flush cutely. No way. And sure he might have been plotting ways to get rid of the manager, so that way he could have Sawamura all to himself but details, details.

Miyuki groans aloud and immediately following is a loud knock on his door. He slowly picks himself off the bed, and sluggishly walking across the room to his door. He flings it open, about to yell at the person disturbing his self wallowing, before his eyes meet a pair of bright, golden ones and the words die in his throat, and he kinda just stands there, unable to think of something snarky to make the pitcher go away.

The pitcher looks like he doesn't know why he's there, mouth opening and closing before he practically screams out,"Miyuki Kazuya! Can I come in!?" The catcher winces at the loud voice, and replies in a sarcastic voice,"I don't know, can you?" The younger brunette doesn't seem to amused by this and the catcher sees that he's about to yell, and quickly pulls him inside, before he catches someone's attention.

Sawamura yelps in surprise, and he hears the door slam shut and sees Miyuki walking from behind him to sit on his bed.

"So, what do you want Bakamura? I don't have all evening. Some of us do sleep, instead of running ourselves into the ground.", the catcher says to him, smirking.

"Oi, don't call me stupid Bakayuki!"

The catcher snickers in return.

"Seriously, what do you want?", the catcher sighs.

The younger brunette, still standing at the entrance, goes to sit beside the catcher with a frown on his face. "N-not that I care or anything, but I want to know what's wrong with you! I'm asking for a friend!", the pitcher rushes out, cheeks just the slightest bit pink. The catcher looks at him like's grown three heads.

"Uh huh. And who's this friend?"

"Eh!? Ahhh, it's uhhhh K-Kuramochi-senpai!"

"Now I know you're lying"

"What!? Yes! I-I mean no! I'm not!"

The catcher gives him an unimpressed look and the pitcher looks to his lap, fliddling with his fingers. "Okay fine! When you stormed out of the dining hall, I maybe thought you were sick or something, so I maybe came to check on you to see if you were ok! Maybe..", the pitcher's voice trailed off, his face practically red all over.

Miyuki blinks.

Then snickers,"Sure is a lot of maybe's there Sawamoron!" The pitcher turns snaps his head toward him, glaring in offense. "Ok fine! If you can insult me then there's no need for me to be here anymore!", the brunette yells out. "What, are you gonna go and be with Haruno?", the catcher snaps back.

"Ehhh!? Why would I...what!?"

"You like her don't you? I see you two talking all the time. You must like her", the older boy says dryly.

"She's just a friend! Geez, what is with everyone thinking I like her!? Maybe I like someone else!", the younger brunette yells back.

The catcher suddenly goes still, looking at Sawamura with dead eyes,"Why don't you go check up on them then, huh? The person you like."

"I already am! Ugh!"

He stands up in an angered huff, and goes to walk away before he feels a hand grand his forearm. He stops dead and turns to look at Miyuki. The catcher's eyes are filled with several emotions, and it's hard to tell which he's feeling.

"Oi, Miyuki what are you-uwah!!", the pitchers starts to ask, until he's dragged down onto the bed, by the spectacled brunette. He's flipped over onto his back and looks up to see Miyuki looming over him. The pitcher's eyes widen and tries to push the older boy off of him, but the catcher grabs both his arms and pins them above his head.

"H-hey! Let me go!", the younger boy protests, his eyes shut tight from trying to force the catcher off him. He opens his eyes and his face turns beet red. Miyuki's face is centimeters from his, he can feel every inhale and exhale from the catcher. He notices how long the older boys eyelashes are and his heart rate picks up. His mouth is slightly open in surprisde, and he can practically taste Miyuki and his body shivers.

Miyuki's heart is pounding against his ribcage. He can see every little freckle on the boy's face beneath him. He can see the flecks of amber and gold in his eyes.

I already am!

"B-bakayuki..get off m-mph!", the picther is cut off with warm, soft lips pressed against his. His eyes widen in surprise and he's pretty sure Miyuki can feel the heat radiating off his face.

Miyuki pressed his lips a little harder against warm, slighty chapped ones. He panics, and let's go of the pitchers arms because doesn't feel him kiss back, and he goes to pull back, before hands come up to tangle in his hair and he feels lips begin to move against his, body pressing up into him. Sawamura, pulls Miyuki closer to him, practically chest to chest and tilts his head to deepen the kiss. He actually really doesn't know what he's doing, but all he knows is that he'd like to do this forever. Miyuki cups one hand against the side of the pitchers face, caressing it gently.

The younger boy clumsily moves his mouth against the others. He feels a wet, tongue tracing the line of his mouth and he opens his mouth slightly, inviting him in. Sawamura moans softly as he feels his tongue dance with Miyuki's.

Unfortunately, they were humans and needed oxygen to breathe, and all too soon they both broke the kiss, panting against each other's mouths. Sawamura's hands still tangled in Miyuki's hair and one of Miyuki's hands cupping his face and the other, on his hip. Miyuki straightened up, and sat back off him. The pitcher sat up as well, crossing his legs underneath him. Both boys faces were flushed, eyes shining, lips raw and swollen.

Neither knew what to say to the other. Silence filled the room until a surprisingly shy, small voice cut through. "Ahh, M-Miyuki. Can I ask you a question?"

"You just did"

"I'm being serious here!"

"Fine fine, what is it?"

"Aha...uhhh d-do you, maybe, I don't know...l-like me?"

The pitcher immediately looked to his lap, like it was the most interesting thing in the world. After hearing no response from the catcher, he slowly lifted his head to see the catcher giving him the most unimpressed, bored look he's ever seen.
"Sawamura sometimes I think that you really are an idiot"

The younger brunette howled in protest, then a quick peck to his lips, shut him up.

"So, I can take that as a yes?"

The catcher chuckled, and took the pitchers hands in his, "You may be an idiot, but you're my idiot now. Not anyone else's. Especially Haruno's" After hearing the catcher's voice harden at the mention of his female friend, he looks at Miyuki for a moment, until realization flits across his face and he smiles ear to ear.

He points with his other hand not being occupied in the catchers and says "You! You were jealous!"

The catcher snatches his hand away in offence and retorts back,"I was not".

Sawamura practically bounces on the bed, "You so were! So that's why you left after Mochi-senpai started talking about Haruno!"

"Oi, when will you ever address me as senpai!?"

"Stop trying to change the subject!"

Miyuki doesn't feel like discussing the topic any longer, so he does what anyone would do, he grabs the still yapping pitcher by the sides of his face, and shuts him up with a kiss. The pitcher protests for a moment, then he eagerly kisses back. Miyuki breaks the kiss, utterting a soft,"Well, do you like me?" Sawamura replies by pulling Miyuki in by the collar, and kissing him hard, and deep. The catcher chuckles against his lips,"I'll take that as a yes"

Maybe Miyuki was a little jealous.

But now, he has a pitcher who he can kiss anytime he wants, so who says jealousy's a bad thing?