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The Black Kitten with Puppy Dog Eyes

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 Disclaimer: None of the Character's are mine, 'cept Cas in Cat form-I'm pretty sure that hasn't happened on the show so far which is a shame- they are owned by Eric Kripke and the supernatural team.

Outside of room 199 Crystal Inn, Quechee Vermont, a deep voice slurred out “Greatsh hunt Sammys, HIC, siii'm going out toses celebrates. 'K?” The sound of heavy footsteps that follows this are muffled slightly by the carpet, the sigh, however, is not...

Yeah Dean, it's been a great hunt, thought Sam walking into the motel room, which they had gotten for the week. Originally the brothers had planned to just stay one night away from their bunker, but the case had taken an unexpected turn.

Your hate for witches, just made the not-at-all-dull hunt go by so much quicker; listening to you whine about them non stop just makes time vanish, I swear. And Cas being so lovingly absent for the whole case: not answering your prayers; made the whole mess so much better. It's not like you where drinking all through this case, Dean, and practically leaping on any women unlucky enough to be around whilst Cas is away to show the angel, you don't need him? No, you, my big bro are totally hetro.


A confused “Merow?” gently prodded the edge of the ranting Winchester's hearing, and although it got completely ignored the slurs thrown at Dean shifted slightly.


Oh and that's another thing, you're NOT allergic to cats Dean, 'cause call me an idiot and all, but wasn't that house filled to the brim with cats? And did you even sneeze once? No! So when I found the courage to tell you I wanted a pet cat, because I thought they could look after themselves and therefore were a good pet for a hunter's lifestyle, you what? Made up an allergy? Thanks Dean, FEELING THE LOVE OVER HERE! You lied to your seven year old brother- does that not seem wrong to you?


The mews got more insistent.


So yeah, it was a 'great (sh) hunt', sure go 'celebrate' some more. Of course, you need to somehow get more drunk Dean!

Sam flopped onto the bed and accidentally engulfing the tiny ball of black fluff sitting on it, causing a terrified hiss to sound throughout the room.

I wonder how many women you manage to creep out tonight by moaning Cas' name as you pound into them: 7, 8?


A truly petrified meow vibrated against Sam's stomach as the puff ball struggled for air.


 “Can you just shut up, already?” Sam yelled at the terrified kitten trying to escape from underneath all his weight. He glared at the poor dishevelled cat. Then he blinked, and stared at it in horror.

 “Oh... Ahhhhhhh!” Screaming and jumping to his feet he let the creature free of his moose like weight, “Are you ok?” Sam asked the cat, holding out his hand in a placating fashion. The feline stared at the hunter's outstretched hand, and then at the hunter's face; it seemed confused. It looked back at the hand, before slowly lifting its wide blue eyes back to Sam's slightly confused green ones, and then- if the younger Winchester didn't know better, and cat's had eyebrows- raised its eyebrows as if insulted. Finally, it batted Sam's hand with its paw and jumped of the bed, mewing in a definitely irritated fashion, leaving Sam laughing at its attitude.

 “Aww you adorable, little, cat!” Sam called happily after the kitten stalking away. The cat turned mid step to glare at him with hatred and a sullen mew. Sam smiled. The cat looked as if he was doing his best at trying to roll his eyes, let out a puff of air, a little like a sigh in Sam's opinion, and growled at him. This probably didn't have the effect the cat wanted as the human reached down, plucked the fwuff ball back up and proceeded to hug the grumpy little cat midst a fresh bout of aggravated merows and hisses.


I'm gonna make Dean let me keep you, somehow.