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Star Trek Into Darkness

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Kirk watches the storm roll across San Francisco, the thunder making the windows rattle. Lightning streaks across the sky, illuminating everything. He sits on the bed, his sheet pooled in his lap. He watches the fat raindrops pelt the windows, fully engrossed in the storm. The rain picks up until it is pounding the windows, thunder booming over the city. He pulls his knees to his chest, resting his chin on them as he watches with rapt fascination.


The velvet baritone voice washes over him as the owner speaks in their native tongue, still half asleep.

“Are you awake?” They ask, slowly sitting up.

“Yeah,” he replies in the same tongue.

Strong arms slip around his waist as they rest their chin on his shoulder, nuzzling his neck tenderly.

“You should be asleep, saving your strength,” they say softly, kissing his neck.

“So should you,” Kirk replies, tipping his head to allow better access. “You do most of the work.”

His bedmate chuckles, a deep rumble that makes the blond shiver involuntarily.

“But I have the stamina to keep going,” they rumble, tugging on his earlobe gently. “You do not.”

“Yes, but we will not have to,” Kirk says, freezing as soon as the words leave his mouth.

His bedmate lets go of his earlobe, moving so they are kneeling beside him. Glacial meets arctic as the unsaid question hangs in the air. Kirk smiles and takes their hand, placing it on his stomach. Their eyes widen as their lips part, shock clear across their face.

“I am really hoping you’ll take the job as father,” Kirk says, resting his hand over theirs. “After all, you did knock me up.”

Their fingers spread across his stomach, a stunned look on their face.

“Noonien?” Kirk asks worriedly. “Are you alright?”

Khan Noonien Singh looks up, tears beginning to roll down his cheeks. He takes the blond’s face in his large hands and kisses Kirk so tenderly, his heart aches.

“I am prefect,” he murmurs against Kirk’s lips. “I am better that perfect, if that is possible.”

Kirk feels his own tears fall down his face as Khan strokes his cheeks, resting their foreheads together. His hands sweep to the blond’s neck, rubbing the left side of his neck. He focuses on the junction between his neck and shoulder, tracing a bite mark on his skin. Khan can feel his own bite mark tingle as he touches the blond’s, their bond thrumming. The dark haired male cups the back of the Captain’s necks, claiming his lips in a heated kiss. Kirk unfolds his body, twisting himself so he can pull Khan down on top of him, keeping their mouths sealed together. He threads his fingers into his mate’s jet black locks, gripping tightly. Their hands roam each other’s bodies, lips working against each other.

They part when a rather loud strike of thunder violently rattles the windows, but that is not why they part.

Kirk’s chrono goes off, the time reading 0416.

But this alarm is set to go off exactly three months apart, the exact same time as his Heats.

Khan reaches over and turns off the alarm, his face split in two by the biggest smile Kirk has ever seen.

“A baby,” he breathes, turning to his mate. “We are going to have a baby.”

The Brit cups his cheek, kissing Kirk again. He trails soft kisses down the blond’s body, lingering on the skin above his navel. He holds the blond’s hips in his hands, stroking the crests of his hips. Kirk smiles and plays with his mate’s hair, his smile widening when he feels Khan murmur in Hindi to their unborn child, love clear in his voice. The Augment rests his cheek against the blond’s stomach, his eyes closed in bliss.

“I can assume that you are three months along?” He asks, not moving an inch.

“You can assume correctly,” the Captain replies with a smile.

“Fifteen months,” he murmurs, rubbing his mate’s hips and waist. “It seems as if it is an eternity.”

“It will go by fast,” Kirk replies, playing with his mate’s hair.

Khan scoffs softly, rolling his eyes.

“Sixty-eight weeks is not short by anyone’s standards,” he snaps, but it lacks any real bite.

His face softens as his nuzzles his mate’s belly, his eyes falling closed.

“Especially my own,” he adds softly, his hands gentle. “I have waited nearly three hundred years for this moment, and I am not about to let it slip through my fingers.”

He does not have to say anymore, for Kirk understands why.

In just over a week, he and his crew will be heading to Nibiru for a week-long mission, the same events that sent the pair crashing headlong into each other, neither expecting that outcome that had come about from the events.

They were unnaturally compatible.

That first punch Kirk had thrown on Qo’noS had an effect that no one had had ever seen before.

It formed a mating bond, an almost supernaturally strong mating bond.

The moment it formed, Khan’s personality quickly did a one-eighty, telling Kirk that his priority had once been revenge on Marcus for using his crew against him, but now, it was his new mate’s happiness.

Bonded pairs could lie to others, but they could not lie to their mates. It was excruciatingly painful to even attempt to do so, the stronger the bond, the more painful it became. After the events that happened, Khan had confided in his new mate that his head was filled with lies and half truths, but when he looked at his mate, they all dried up and vanished. Kirk had replied that he did not truly understand for his upbringing had raised him to tell the truth, having never really told a lie until he entered Starfleet.

Khan had simply smiled and nodded.

Kirk snaps out of his memories when he feels Khan brush his lips against his stomach again, murmuring softly.

“I cannot wait to meet him,” he says quietly, planting soft kisses all over Kirk’s flat stomach.

“Who says it’s a boy?” The blond asks, a hint of amusement in his voice.

The Augment looks up and smiles, his eyes crinkling around the corners.

“I should know better than to argue with a Pure Omega,” he chuckles, crawling back up to lay beside his mate.

The dark haired male pulls the blond to him, wrapping his arms protectively around him. Kirk draws his knees to his chest, Khan’s following so he is cocooned by his mate. The Augment nuzzles his Omega’s neck, peppering kisses on every millimeter of skin he can reach. His large hands rub the blond’s stomach gently, murmuring softly against his skin. The storm continues to grow worse as the couple cuddles, enjoying the moment of peace and alone time.

“I almost do not know what to do with myself as normally, as Leonard so eloquently puts it, I would be balls deep and fucking your brains out like a rabbit on crack,” Khan says with a snort. “Or something of that nature.”

“Bones definitely has a way with words,” Kirk giggles, nudging his mate’s shin with his heel.

Khan lets out a low rumble of content, tightening his grip on his Omega.

“Mine,” Khan rumbles.

Kirk thumps him hard on the thigh, growling softly. Khan lets out his own threatening rumble, a sound that would make anything and everything flee in terror, but Kirk knows with full confidence that Khan would never hurt him on leave a mark.

Except for his bite.

The dark haired male rests his forehead against the blond’s neck, trembling softly. Guilt settles in Kirk’s stomach like a lead weight, having completely forgotten that his thoughts are no longer private.

He was the most powerful telepath in their reality, and that was because of his Pure Blood lineage.

Kirk’s Pure Blood lineage could be traced back over seventeen thousand years, back to when the first of their modern ancestors, Neo Homo sapiens, emerged, all Pure Bloods. Kirk’s family was the oldest Pure Blood family, qualifying all Omegas to be Empress of Earth. Kirk was the next in line for the throne when he gave it up at twenty-two, choosing to enter Starfleet instead.

It was the first time a Pure Omega had entered the Academy, so Starfleet was a little baffled.

His telepathic abilities were unheard of, even in telepathic species. With his ability unfocused, he could read the foremost thought on any mind within a thousand miles of him, but if he focused his ability, he could reach a single mind at the maximum distance of a parsec, but only the foremost thought. The closer the mind, the deeper he can read. At a certain point, it varies from person to person, as Kirk has said before, he can no longer just read the mind, he begins to read the entire nervous system. And at another point, he can read every system in their body.

The closer the person is after that point, he can begin to read further back into their body, but it starts to become painful.

Within five hundred feet of him, Kirk can read everything, every thought, emotion, action, all the way back to when they were a zygote.

But at that point, the amount of energy he uses to do so causes every cell in their body to spontaneously explode.

But that is just his passive ability, the one that is always active, the one he can focus.

He has many other abilities, even more that not even Kirk knew about.

“James?” Khan asks softly, cupping his mate’s cheek. “Are you alright?”

Kirk snaps back to reality, smiling up at his mate as he nuzzles his palm. He takes his large hand and kisses every millimeter of skin, his lips gentle.

“I’m fine,” the blond replies once he is finished, murmuring against his palm.

He releases his mate’s hand, smiling softly. The Augment cups his cheek, stroking his cheekbone. Khan stares into the Captain’s eyes, his gaze soft.

“I love you,” he says softly, a smile tugging on his lips.

“I love you too,” Kirk says quietly, a smile also on his lips.

The dark haired male’s smile widens, taking Kirk’s face in his hands as he leans in to kiss his Omega. The blond kisses back, rolling over completely so he faces his mate. Their lips part with a soft plop, Kirk tucking his head under the Augment’s chin. Khan wraps his arms around the Omega, tangling their legs. The storm continues to rage outside, lightning illuminating the apartment. The couple ignores the storm, choosing to favor their time together instead. They hold onto each other, enjoying the chance to be close without being under the complete control of their hormones and primal instincts.

Khan lets out a low rumble of pleasure, nuzzling the blond’s hairline. Kirk lets out his own purr, nuzzling the hollow base of his mate’s throat. The Augment’s hands smooth down his back and spine, trailing over his hips and waist.

The only way Khan could even begin to describe the enigma that is his mate was that he is yin and yang.

He is Yin; slow, soft, yielding, diffuse, passive, feminine.

He is Yang; fast, hard, solid, focused, aggressive, masculine.

He has the hard angles of a man, as well as the soft curves of a woman. He has the waist and hips of a woman, soft and slender, as well as the dexterity and flexibility, but on the other hand, he has the musculature of a man, hard and robust, as well as the strength and power. Kirk’s personality is of both genders as well, blended together that he would sometimes display a quality from each gender at the same time.

The one thing Kirk loathed about being an Omega was the fact that he cried like a female, and sometimes in the most awkward situations.

“I do not,” Kirk snarls, attempting to knee Khan in the groin.

Khan catches the knee and tips Kirk’s chin up, a small smirk on his face.

“I am afraid so, love,” he says quietly, kissing the very tip of his mate’s nose. “But it is something I would not change about you. I absolutely love being the shoulder you cry on, in a way I cannot begin to describe. I love being your pillar of strength, of support. I love being your rock, your anchor, the shoulders you climb on. If someone had asked me what is my dream job, I will reply without any hesitation that I currently have my dream job. Being your mate.”

He captures Kirk’s lips in a chaste kiss, feeling the heat rise off his mate’s face.

“I thought my life had meaning before I met you,” he says softly against his Omega’s lips. “But I quickly realized that I was a fool. You are my purpose. You are my life. You are my reason for living. And I will fight with my last breath to keep you by my side, even if it kills me.”

That statement takes Kirk’s breath away.

He knows that Khan loves him fiercely, but he did not realize how much. He was taught that Alphas were fiercely protective of their Omegas especially Pure Alphas, but for an Alpha/Beta chimera to be so deeply in love with a Pure Omega, it…

Kirk cannot find the words to describe the feeling he is experiencing, but he knows how to show it.

The shock on Khan’s face when he rolls him onto his back, kneeling over him with pure possessiveness is something he will remember for a very long time. The Omega begins the vicious assault, it’s the only word either would claim to even begin to describe the event at a later time, on his Alpha’s neck, right over his mark of claim. The tables are turned when the ever-dominant Khan is the submissive one, squirming and whimpering under his Omega. Kirk is not gentle either, biting, nipping, and sucking with such ferocity he will leave his Alpha’s neck, shoulder, and throat nearly black with bruises. His nails are scratching bright red lines on his chest, stomach, and sides. He is careful not to break skin, though the Augment can feel him become dangerously close to doing so.

Kirk gives one last lick to his Alpha’s heavily marked skin before settling against his side, using Khan’s chest as a pillow. He can hear his mate’s heart hammer beneath his ribs, his chest rising and falling rapidly. The Omega’s own heart and breathing are in perfect sync with the dark haired male’s, an unforeseen side effect of their highly unusual bond. Khan wraps his arm around his mate, wincing at the tenderness of his shoulder and neck. He rubs his bruised skin with his other hand gently, wincing again at how sensitive his skin is, even with the lightest of touches.

But it feels, satisfying.

Khan closes his eyes in bliss, starting violently when a lightning strike hits the top of his mate’s apartment building. Kirk lets out an eardrum shattering shriek that rivals the lightning strike, jumping high enough that he clears the bed by a whole two feet.

Khan would have laughed at the absurdity of their situation until he realizes just a split second too late that Kirk is going to land on him.


The wind is knocked out of the Augment when his mate crashes on top of him, Kirk letting out a yelp of pain when he lands on something considerably harder than his bed. The blond whimpers in pain, right up until he feels what he landed on is struggling to breathe. He scrambles off his Alpha, mortification coloring his cheeks. He wants the ground to swallow him whole as dark purple bruises appear on the dark haired male’s pale skin, Khan clutching what appears to be fractured ribs. Kirk curls up and hides his face, mortified not even begin to cover what he is feeling.

Khan lets out a small huff of laughter before regretting his action as it tweaks his ribs harshly. He can feel his ribs knitting themselves back together, but he is more worried about his mate.

The Augment knows that he can heal from pretty much everything except the loss of bone. If a bone is completely separated from his body he cannot regrow it, even a tiny portion. However, if the bone that was separated is aligned properly, he can kit the bones back together as well as the rest of his tissue.

Within reason.

Any separation of his spinal cord and skull he cannot heal, decapitation a sure death.

But other than that, he was golden.

His completely boring human mate, on the other hand, is a delicate flower.

With one hell of a temper.

Kirk lets out a low growl, one that makes Khan smirk with amusement. He gently pokes fun at his mate by letting out a deep, threatening rumble that makes the Omega gape at him. The blond scrunches his face in annoyance, sitting up and turning his back to the Alpha/Beta, arms crossed over his chest. He lets out a high pitched squeak when Khan yanks him back, pinning him to the bed. The bruises have faded to a sickening green, which were quickly disappearing. But that was not why Kirk’s eyes were widening to dinner plates. Khan’s smirk grows wider before dishing out his punishment.

Captain James Tiberius Kirk happens to be ridiculously ticklish.

He squeals, shrieks, and giggles, tears rolling down his cheeks as his as his mate proceeds to tickle and blow raspberries on his skin until he is in danger of losing bladder control. Khan is grinning the whole time, rather enjoying this form of punishment.

“Stop! Stop! Stop!” Kirk shrieks, trying to escape the Augment’s clutches. “I have to pee! I have to pee!”

The dark haired male reluctantly lets his prey go, who practically trips over his own feet in his mad scramble to the bathroom. Khan chuckles, reaching over to the bedside table for his PADD. He leans against the pillows, opening his book app to read. The Augment has numerous books on his PADD, the one he is currently engrossed in is Jean M. Auel’s The Earth’s Children Series, specifically The Clan of the Cave Bear. He opens his book, beginning to read. The Alpha/Beta looks up when he hears his mate reenter the bedroom, looking particularly displeased.

But none the less, when he climbs on the bed, he curls up next to his Alpha, snuggling against his side. Kirk rests his head on Khan’s chest, arm thrown across his waist. The Augment wraps an arm around the blond’s shoulders, rubbing his bicep. The Omega leans into the touch, his eyes closing in bliss. The dark haired male plants a soft kiss on his forehead, murmuring softly in Hindi.

“Do you feel alright?” Khan asks quietly, his lips brushing against his Omega’s skin. “You do not feel ill or anything?”

“Morning sickness is rare in Omega males,” Kirk explains. “Because our pregnancies are double the length of Omega and Beta females, we are not subjected to the rapid change of hormones present in the pregnancies of the female genders. But it is possible, though most likely not.”

The Alpha/Beta presses a tender kiss to the top of his mate’s head, resuming to read. Kirk cuddles closer, closing his eyes in bliss. The storm had died down, but it is still raining heavily, impressive lightning displays in the distance. The occasional roll of thunder made itself known, but other than that, the night is quiet. Khan rubs his mate’s back, sides, and shoulders, his caresses tender and gentle. The Omega periodically makes soft sounds of happiness, pressing himself closer. The gently touches leave him sleepy, feeling Khan become drowsy through their bond. Once he begins to yawn, the Augment turns off his PADD and sets it on the bedside table, rolling over onto his side. Kirk moves to the other side, pressing his back side flush with his Alpha’s chest. The dark haired male wraps his arms around the Captain, tangling their legs together. The sheet has been shoved down to the foot of the bed, Khan’s warmer body is all his mate needs to keep away the early February chill. Kirk entwines his fingers between the Alpha/Beta’s, tipping his head forward slightly so Khan can rest his forehead against his neck.

“Good night, James,” Khan says softly.

“Good night, Noonien,” Kirk replies quietly.

The couple slips under the waves of sleep, their dreams about the unborn child in Kirk’s womb, Khan’s hand resting over it, fingers entwined.


The couple wakes up at the same time, though Khan is quicker to full alertness. He smiles as his mate slowly rouses himself, encouraging him with soft kisses and gentle caresses. Kirk hums sleepily, arching slightly into those touches. The dark haired male gently nibbles on the sleep warm skin of his shoulder, a low, content purr rumbling in his ribcage. His large hands skim over the blond’s chest and abdomen, fingers waltzing on his warm flesh. The Omega is purring now, squirming slowly under his Alpha’s touch. Khan can feel the phantom touch of his own hands against his skin, something he has yet to get use to.

His mate is just slightly more awake than half asleep, so the Alpha/Beta has to fight to pull of sleep, wanting nothing more than a shower, breakfast, and a day of city exploration with the most beautiful creature in the whole galaxy.

Correction, universe.

“Biased,” Kirk mutters, turning his head to peer out of the corner of his eye.

Khan smiles and leans over his Omega to plant a loving kiss on his cheek.

“Horribly,” he murmurs.

The Captain rolls over so he is facing his mate, capturing his lips in a chaste kiss. The Augment worms his fingers into his blond locks, tugging softly. The Omega locks his wrists behind his mate’s neck, knowing full well that Khan’s scalp is an erogenous zone. He has learned from experience not to stimulate his mate’s scalp after he wakes, unless he wants to be limping all day. When they part, the Alpha/Beta gently rubs noses with his Omega, a soft smile gracing his lips.

“Good morning, James,” he murmurs.

“Good morning, Noonien,” his mate murmurs back. “What time is it?”

Khan twists his head to glance at the chrono, reluctantly turning his body to be able to see it.

“Just a few minutes before six,” he replies, rolling back over.

He props his chin on his hand, elbow on the pillow, smiling down at his mate. Kirk stares up at him before bursting into giggles, covering his mouth to try and stifle them.

“What?” The dark haired male asks, frowning.

The blond reaches up and playfully ruffles his Alpha’s rather spectacular bedhead, much to his annoyance. He gives his mate a look that, to his amusement and annoyance, he has dubbed Bitch Face, which only causes Kirk to giggle louder. He pecks the very tip of his nose before rolling off the bed and heading into the bathroom, tossing a smile over his shoulder in the doorway. The Augment hears the shower running, an honest to god water shower, quickly following his mate.

When he passes the mirror in the bathroom, he backtracks, staring at his reflection. His long hair is wild, some of the gel still holding, but it makes his hair stick out a crazy angles. The rest is hanging down, making him look insane. The Alpha/Beta hears his mate snickering, rolling his eyes in response. He slides the shower door open, slipping in behind his mate.

Many have admitted that Kirk is breathtaking, but only Khan has been allowed to see how stunning he truly is. He was his first, he will be his last, his only.

His mate had been sheltered and privileged since the moment he had been born. He had been groomed to be the next Empress of Earth, taking the throne on the twenty-fifth anniversary of his birth, as his ancestors had done before him. He would have ruled right up to the moment he passed on, three or four hundred years later. It was what he had been born to do, why he was placed on this planet, his mentor had drilled into him. It was his destiny.

But it was not what Kirk wanted to do.

He had always been drawn to the stars, so in his twenty-second year, he gave up his birthright to join Starfleet.

Empresses were remembered for their contributions to society, learned about after they were dead.

His contribution to society surpassed all seventeen thousand years of his ancestry, combined.

Many so desperately wanted to be Captain James Tiberius Kirk, Captain of the United Federation Starship USS Enterprise. They wanted to know everything about the legendary, young, brilliant Captain, and only Khan can say he does.

Khan can say with confidence that his mate is just someone that a series of highly improbable incidences occurred and he just happened to be there.

He did not believe in chance, luck, or a higher power, not until it punched him in the face. Literally.

He had been in a rather dark place, not truly able to put someone else’s needs before his, not until his Sun chased every bit of darkness from him, purifying his blackened soul. Khan thought he had been able to see before, but his Sun removed the Veil of Darkness over his eyes blind to everything around him. He had not been able to truly feel anything, not until the Light filled every corner and niche in his twisted mind.

He did not know what it meant to love, be loved, or even what it felt like. He had been trapped in a dark Hell, until his Angel of Light parted the clouds and took his hand, pulling him out of The Pit’s clutches.

He did not know what it meant to live, to be alive until Life gave him one hell of a right hook.

To Khan, Kirk was more than his mate.

He is his Savior.

Every time he wakes up and before he falls asleep, Khan silent thanks the higher power that dropped this Angel in his lap, to give him a reason each and every day and that he will have another one tomorrow.

Khan knows that Kirk knows he changed his life, but he does not have an inkling on how much he has changed the Augment’s life. He does not know how to even begin to show his mate, his Savior, how thankful he is, but he does his best.

Khan slips out of his headspace to find his mate, his reason for living, staring at him with confusion, head cocked slightly. The dark haired male just smiles and closes the shower door, crossing the short distance to cradle his Omega’s face between his hands. The tiny piece of Darkness, the small part of his old self that regrew after being purified, screams that he claim his mate, hard and brutal, as he has done before when he was ruler of a quarter of the Earth.

But he never listens to it, no matter how loud he screams.

He strokes the Captain’s cheekbones with his thumbs, gazing into his glacial blue eyes. He knows that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but that barely scratches the surface of Kirk’s. Even with their bond, there is so much that Khan does not know about him. There is so much to learn about his mate, and he thankful that he has three or four hundred years with him.

His heart clenches at the thought.

Kirk would only live three or four hundred years while Khan would most likely live forever. He knew that he was frozen at the age of twenty-five, as was his mate, but Marcus had added eleven years to his appearance. Kirk would remain that way until the last hundred or so years of his life, where he would begin to age normally. He would then pass on, peaceful and easy.

Khan would not.

Once his mate left this world, their bond would be severed, and he will be left alone for the rest of his eternal life.

All that would be left will be his descendants, but he will long out live them all.

Tears stream down his face as his knees give out, falling to the shower floor. Kirk kneels on front of his mate, taking his face in his hands. He tips the Alpha/Beta’s head up, stroking his highly defined cheekbones. He pulls his mate’s head to his neck, holding him close. Khan holds him tightly, tears still pouring down his face. The water runs down their bodies as Kirk begins to gently rock, sobs spilling from the Augment’s lips. Pleas spill from his lips, and endless loop of a single sentence.

Don’t leave me.

Tears begin to fall down the Omega’s face, burying his nose into his mate’s jet black locks.

He wants to promise his mate that he will not, but they both know it is a lie.

It is the one promise he cannot keep.

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The automatic shut off on the shower kicks in after fifteen minutes, prompting the couple to move off the shower floor. Khan looks up, his eyes red and puffy. He makes a futile swipe at his eyes, sniffing. He is embarrassed that he broke down, crying like an Omega during pregnancy, when he should be the strong one. Kirk presses soft kisses to his eyelids, those beautiful, gorgeous arctic blue eyes, kissing away his tears. The Alpha/Beta tries to look away, but the Omega keeps his face turned towards him.

“You do not have to keep giving,” Kirk says in his mate’s native tongue, stroking his cheeks. “You are allowed to take, you know. You do not have to be the strong one all the time. I can be the strong one for you. I can be your rock, your pillar. I want to be there for you, just as you are for me.”

The blond rests his forehead against the Augment’s, tears gently rolling down his cheeks.

“Let me give,” he breathes. “Let yourself take. Please, Noonien. Let me be the strong one.”

Khan tips his head up, tears falling down his face.

“Yes,” Khan breathes. “Yes.”

He stretches up and closes the short distance between their lips, cupping his cheek. The kiss is slow and tender, emotion pouring into such a simple action. When they part, they are both breathless, cheeks flush.

“Why don’t we finish our shower, then I take you out for breakfast?” Kirk suggests.

Khan smiles and kisses the tip of his Omega’s nose, lingering for a few seconds.

“That sounds perfect, love,” the Alpha/Beta says softly.


After their shower, the couple is out in the bedroom, deciding what to wear. Kirk has multiple outfits on the bed, fretting. Khan is searching the room for his overnight bag, unable to find it. The Captain is making quiet noises of distress, his mate glancing over. He walks over and wraps his arms around the Omega’s slender waist, kissing his mark tenderly.

“You know you look good in anything,” the Augment murmurs against his skin. “And I do mean anything.”

“Biased,” the blond mutters, leaning into his mate’s strong embrace.

Khan teases the sensitive skin behind Kirk’s ear, causing him to shiver.

“Horribly,” he murmurs, a smile tugging at his lips. “But you know that already.”

His hands slide to rest over the Omega’s heart and abdomen, fingers curling slightly into his skin. He buries his head into his neck, inhaling deeply. Kirk turns his head, nuzzling the top of his Alpha’s head with his cheek.

“Tell me about this little café,” Khan murmurs.

“It’s not really a café,” the blond replies, enjoying his mate’s touch. “It is a twenty story restaurant that is simply massive, but it looks like a café. It serves over nine different types of meals, and all are available throughout the day. It has every cuisine from every member represented in the Federation, and every regional cuisine. None of the food is replicated, all grown at the restaurant, all organic. And they’re expanding. Five more floors are being added to Café Federation, it’s that popular.”

“Sounds amazing,” the dark haired male says softly against the Captain’s skin. “Not as amazing as you are, though.”

“Biased,” Kirk mutters again.

“You should find another word,” Khan smirks. “You are wearing that one out.”

“Biased,” the Omega replies, a smirk tugging at his lips.

“You know what that does to me,” the Alpha/Beta purrs, nibbling on his mate’s skin. “When you speak my native tongue.”

“What do you mean?” Kirk asks. “I do not know what are you talking about. Care to explain?”

Khan lets out a low rumble, hoisting his mate off the floor and tosses him onto the bed. The Captain barely has time to roll onto his back before the Augment is on him, claiming his lips in a hard, demanding kiss, but gentle and tender. His lips work hungrily against the blond’s, shoving the clothes out from under him. He slips a hand between his Omega’s shoulder blades, holding him against his body. He rocks against his mate’s body, grinding his hips against his. Kirk begins to tremble, whimpering softly.

Khan finds the dichotomy of his mate fascinating, and frustrating.

During his Heats, Kirk was insatiable. His Heats were so strong that he can only remember the first and last two hours of a seventy-two hour period, and that is only vaguely. Once two hours passed, his personality flipped quickly. The shy, quiet, easily embarrassed Captain James Tiberius Kirk became a sex-crazed fiend that Khan could barely keep up with.

And he was augmented.

Khan is damn sure that not even a Pure Alpha would be able to keep with him, and that is saying something.

But outside of Heat, Kirk acted as if he was a virgin, and somehow it did not surprise him.

His mate had never been taught about sex while he was being trained to be Empress, only learning about it when he was in the Academy. It terrified him to the core, having been sheltered for twenty-two years. He had never been kissed, and after their first shared Heat, Kirk had admitted that he had never been touched, not even a handshake, not before the Academy. It was an ancient custom that only the Alpha chosen to be his mate would be allowed to touch him, and that was with strict guidelines.

Kirk had cried afterwards, terrified of what the future held for them. He knew how to deal with everything else with his training, but love, a relationship, he knew nothing.

Khan had cradled him to his chest, murmuring softly in his ear. He had told his new mate that he had never been in love or in a relationship, or had sex with someone who was willing. It was something he despised about himself, but Kirk had forgiven him, knowing he was a different person.

He snaps out of his thoughts when his mate sinks his teeth into the soft tissue of his lower lip, drawing blood. Kirk growls softly, the Augment feeling his frustration from being ignored through their bond. The dark haired male lets out his own growl, a low, sensual purr, before kissing the Captain thoroughly. He rolls them over so Kirk is on top, holding him tight to his body. He slides a hand into his Omega’s still damp hair, curling his fingers. The blond purrs, lightly raking his nails over his mate’s pale chest. Khan’s lip keeps bleeding as they kiss, but neither cares about a little blood spilled.

When they officially marked each other as mates, the bite was deep enough to mark bone, but the enzymes in their saliva put their blood clotting factors in a state of hyperactivity. It was in case the bite hit a major blood vessel, the factors able to stop the bleeding of the aorta and the vena cava, the two largest blood vessels in the body, fast enough that the person would not die in the seconds it would take to suffer massive blood loss. Also in the saliva were other enzymes designed to accelerate the healing process and linger until three days after the bite was formed, when the mark would be nothing more than a pale scar. It their day and age, it was unheard of for an Omega to mark their Alpha, but it did happen.

Khan sweeps his other hand up and down his Omega’s back, long, slow strokes, before sliding his hand between his legs. He is shocked when his mate slides out of his grip and stands at the end of his bed, moving with such grace and fluidity that it leaves his in awe.

“Do you want breakfast or not?” Kirk growls, crossing his arms over his chest.

The Augment blinks for a few seconds before smiling softly, propping himself on his elbows.

“If you can choose and outfit quickly,” he teases. “And have you seen my bag? I cannot remember where I placed it, which confuses me even more.”

“That’s because you were dead on your feet,” the Omega says. “Marcus worked you hard, harder than usual. Check the drawers and closet.”

Khan’s eyes widen at the statement, Kirk’s smile widening just as much. The Alpha/Beta slides off the bed and moves to the closet, opening it with a touch. He reaches out and gently touches his trench coat, right next to his mate’s jacket. His clothes are mingled with the Captain’s, sorted by what article they were. He turns to the drawers next to the closet, opening under his touch. His clothes are neatly folded, all of his clothes, not just the five days he carries in his overnight bag.

He turns to Kirk, his beautiful, gorgeous, brilliant James, tears in his eyes. He crosses the distance and takes his face in his hands, kissing him so his mate feels it all the way to his toes.

“You are too good for me,” he breathes against his lips. “You are far too good for me.”

“No,” Kirk breathes. “We are perfect.”

He takes the Augment’s cheeks in his hands, thumbing his cheekbones.

“We are perfect,” he repeats.

“Perfect,” Khan echoes in agreement.

The dark haired male kisses the blond again, trying to put every emotion he is feeling in to the kiss. Kirk smiles into the kiss, worming his fingers into Khan’s jet black hair. The Augment slides his hands to the back of the Omega’s head and the small of his back, holding him close.

‘I love you,’ Khan thinks.

‘I love you too,’ Kirk replies.

Their lips linger, leaving them both breathless when they part.

“Marry me,” the Alpha/Beta whispers. “Forget the risks. Forget Marcus. Make me, us, the happiest couple alive.”

“Nothing would make me happier,” the Omega says, looking away sadly. “But…”

He exhales through his nose, resting his forehead against his Alpha’s/

“Not counting the danger if Marcus found out,” he begins. “As a Captain, I can’t marry someone of lower rank, not until I am a civilian. Even though your record is false, you are still a Commander. The rules are less strict for those with the rank of Commander and below, which is why Commander Spock can date Lieutenant Uhura, however Vulcans date. As a Captain, the dating policy practically prevents us from dating anyone in Starfleet, in case of favoritism. And that is excluding Marcus. He’ll kiss us both.”

He closes his eyes and wraps his arms around the Augment’s torso, digging his fingers into his back as tears fall.

“I want to. Oh god, I want to,” he whispers. “But we can’t. The risk, it’s just…”

He exhales through his nose, clinging to his mate. Khan smooths his hands down the Captain’s back, feeling him tremble under his touch. He dots kisses all over his face, kissing away his tears.

“Some time then,” he murmurs. “Some other time.”

He holds the blond close, soothing him.

“Do you know what today is?” Khan asks quietly.

“Stardate 2259.41,” Kirk replies, sniffing.

“I mean the Gregorian calendar,” his mate chuckles.

“Umm…” The Omega trails off, cheeks flush with embarrassment.

The Alpha/Beta chuckles, nuzzling his mate’s reddened cheeks.

“Thursday, February 10th, 2259,” he replies.

“And that has some significance?” The blond asks, pulling away so he can stare in his mate’s arctic blue eyes.

“In four days, it will be the most romantic day of the year,” he says with a smile. “Valentine’s Day.”

Kirk’s brow furrows, highly confused.

“Valawhat?” He asks.

Khan chuckles, highly amused.

“Never mind,” he says, shaking his head. “Consider me old fashioned.”

He turns away, but Kirk catches his wrist, holding him. The Augment turns, already knowing that his mate knows what he knows, but wants to hear it out loud.

“Tell me about this day,” he says softly. “Tell me about Valentine’s Day.”

The dark haired male smiles and kisses the tip of the blond’s nose, their bond thrumming.

“To put it simply,” he begins. “It is a day for couples. Of gift giving and of declaration of love, things of that nature. The most common gift is boxes of assorted chocolates in the shapes of hearts.”

He hugs the Omega tightly, foreheads resting against each other.

“Red, pink, and white are the most common colors, as well as the shape of a heart,” he continues. “Flowers, specifically red roses, are given, as well as greeting cards. I am surprised the holiday has not continued.”

The blond threads his fingers into his Alpha’s black hair, lightly scratching his scalp with his short nails.

“It sounds romantic,” he murmurs, nuzzling his nose in an eskimo kiss. “I especially like the fact that it involves the man giving the woman gifts, to woo her off her feet.”

“And you are the woman in this situation?” The Augment asks, a smile tugging on his lips.

“Of course I am,” he replies. “I am pregnant.”

“That you are,” his mate chuckles. “Now, shall we get dressed and go out?”

“Absolutely,” his Omega replies.

They part and dress, Kirk pulling on jeans, a white long sleeve t-shirt, his jacket, boots, long socks, and gray boxers. Khan dresses head-to-toe in black, though when Kirk looks over, he sees him pull on navy blue boxers and socks. His trench coat, a black so dark the Captain swears it absorbs all light, is put on last, a knife slipped into its hidden sheath in his right boot. In the beginning on their relationship, it terrified Kirk that Khan kept at least one weapon within reach, whether it be on his person when he was awake, on under his pillow when he slept. Khan had explained that a fellow Augment, an Omega/Alpha by the name of Rani, had told him to keep a knife on his person at all times, as many of the Augments would kill the ones that were weaker than them.

That tip had saved him more times than he could count.

Kirk says nothing as Khan adjusts the hilt so it is not seen, feeling safe knowing that his mate is armed. The Augment turns to the Omega, flashing a dazzling smile at him.

“Shall we go?” He asks, his voice slipping into that special drawl that sends a shiver down Kirk’s spine.

“Let’s,” he says, smiling.


Though the café is less than a mile away from Kirk’s apartment, within walking distance of Starfleet Headquarters, Kirk takes the long route so they can meander through a park, known to be a place for lovers.

They walk side-by-side, stopping at the intersection just before the entrance to the park. Khan glances down at his mate, standing to his left, a place that feels perfect to him. He slips his hand into the blond’s, threading their fingers together. The Captain looks up and smiles, squeezing gently. A smile is automatically on the Augment’s lips, a response that has been ingrained into him the moment their bond formed.

When Khan smiles at him, Kirk just watches his entire face light up, his eyes sparkling with pure happiness, It makes him feel as if he is the only one in the world right at that moment, the only one that truly mattered. It takes his breath away when he sees his mate smile at him, a simple action that held so much meaning to them both.

He is the only one Khan has ever truly smiled at, in all three hundred years of his life. Khan never had a reason to smile, to laugh, to love, not until he was bonded to Kirk.

Once they are cleared to walk across the street, they head into the park, a slight wind playing with their clothes. Kirk rests his head on his mate’s shoulder, wrapping his arms around the one he had been holding. Khan turns his head and plants a soft kiss to his Omega’s temple, murmuring softly in his native tongue. The blond hums softly in happiness, tightening hid grip slightly. A smile tugs at the corners of the Augment’s mouth, a sight not seen by anyone but the Omega on his arm.

They pause when the path touches the rock shore, a railing marking the edge. Kirk pulls away and leans on it, gazing out at the gray waters of the bay, the sky filled with pregnant clouds. The irony is not lost on them when Khan steps up behind him, Kirk straightening as his mate slides his hands to his flat abdomen, holding his Omega close. The blond places his hands over the dark haired male’s, smiling as his eyes close, leaning into his embrace.

“I love you,” Khan breathes softly.

“I love you too,” Kirk breathes back.

He can feel his heart flutter with his mate’s, a reaction that happens every time the words are uttered. Their bond thrums with joy, their blood singing at the closeness.

The Augment tightens his grip on his mate slightly, fingers curling in possession. The Captain strokes the backs of the Alpha/Beta’s hands with his thumbs, not minding the possessiveness in his Alpha. He knows that it is part of his nature, from both his Alpha DNA and his personality, to be possessive of his mate, especially now that he is pregnant.

Khan rumbles in approval, nuzzling the back of his Omega’s head. Kirk chuckles softly, feeling the dark haired male’s hands nub his belly tenderly. The blond opens his mind and allows his mate to feel his body the way he feels it, hearing the Augment inhale sharply when he feels the life inside his womb. His hands grip tightly as he feels the tiny heart beat steady and rapidly, wonder and awe flooding their bond. He whirls the Omega around and cradles his jaw as he claims his lips in a heated kiss, on the blond feels all the way to his toes.

“You are perfect,” he murmurs against his lips. “You are perfect.”

“I know I am,” Kirk murmurs back, smiling.

“Narcissist,” Khan teases, pulling away.

“No,” the Omega breathes, pulling his Alpha back down. “Because you told me.”

They kiss again, slow and sweet. Their lips part with a soft plop, slightly swollen from kissing.

“Because I am perfect for you,” he breathes again. “Just as you are perfect for me. We are perfect.”

“Perfect,” the Augment echoes.

They kiss once more, parting to continue walking. Kirk looks up at his mate, standing to his right. He slips his hand into Khan’s left, squeezing gently. The Alpha/Beta squeezes back, smiling down at him. They exit the park, continuing to wander through San Francisco. They thread their fingers together, hands be their sides.

The city is a ghost town, most sane people still asleep in their warm beds. Kirk would be too, if it wasn’t for his “I-need-less-sleep-because-I-am-better” mate. Their bonding evened things out between them, and that meant everything. Kirk needs at least eight hour of sleep, Khan only needs three, so they sleep five-and-a-half. Their resting heart rates became even, beating in unison. As did everything else.

Except their libido.

Somehow, their libido was multiplied by each other, but thankfully, Khan’s was extremely low, only having sex twice a day on the five-year mission. Kirk had been thanking the heavens because he didn’t think his body could handle more than twice a day.

Khan smirks and opens his mouth to saw a lewd comment, but his mate shuts him up with a glare.

‘Don’t even think it,’ Kirk spits.

‘Think what?’ Khan asks innocently.

The blond growls softly, pinching his Alpha in the side. Khan jumps slightly, growling back. The Omega glares up at him, then suddenly stops. The Augment turns, feeling shock radiate through their bond.

“James?” He asks softly, frightened by the deer-in-the-headlights look upon his mate’s face. “Is everything alright?”

“My mom is waiting for us at the café,” he whispers, still staring straight ahead. “My human mother.”

“Oh,” is all the dark haired male can say.

Kirk is still glued to the spot when Khan comes over, taking his face in his hands. He strokes his cheeks, his mate still looking through him.

“What should we do?”

The Captain turns his gaze to his mate, both knowing the answer.

“Are you sure?” The Alpha/Beta asks, stroking his cheeks.

Kirk trembles slightly in fear, a few tears rolling down his cheeks.

“I,” he begins. “I, I don’t know. I don’t know.”

Tears stream down his face, leaning in to rest his forehead against his mate’s.

“I don’t know,” he whispers, shaking.

He clings to his Alpha, breathing harshly.

“I’m scared,” he sobs. “I’m scared.”

“I know,” the Augment whispers, his own tears falling. “I am too.”

They kiss softly, their tears mingling. They pull apart, gazing into each other’s eyes.

“But we need to,” Kirk says softly.

Khan nods, wiping away his mate’s tears. They hold each other’s hands, heading towards the café. They enter the café, Kirk scanning the minds to find his mother. Since the café had just opened, there were not many people there, so he finds her easy enough. He pulls away from his Alpha and heads to the back where it faces the water, finding his mother there, just as he had expected. Khan hangs back, giving the Kirks some privacy. Winona looks up and smiles, rising to her feet. She moves to her son and pulls him into a tight hug, a wide smile on her face. Kirk holds his mother, but Khan can see his mate is tense and uncomfortable. Winona pulls away, a frown marring her features.

“Is everything okay?” She asks. “You’re shaking.”

Kirk shakes his head, glancing back at his mate. Khan is instantly by his side, pressing a hand to the small of his back. They share a fleeting glance, one that Winona does not miss. Her eyes widen slightly, lips making a soft “O.”

“I, we, need to tell you something,” Kirk says softly, turning back to his mother. “It’s, it’s really important.”

“Okay,” Winona says softly, nodding. “Okay.”

Khan gestures for them to sit, Winona practically falling into her chair. The Augment pulls out the chair for his mate, pushing him in before taking his own seat. The blonde’s eyes widen further when Khan places his hand on the table, her son slipping his fingers between his Alpha’s, gripping tightly. The Omega turns to his mother, takes a deep breath, and asks a simple question.

Chapter Text

“Where should we begin?”

Winona licks her lips nervously, thinking.

“From the beginning, I guess,” she replies.

Kirk nods, his gaze flicking to his mate. Khan glances back, rubbing the back of his hand soothingly.

“The question is, what is the beginning?” The blond murmurs. “How, how do I even begin to explain?”

“Explain what?” Winona asks, confused. “What’s going on?”

The Omega looks at the dark haired male, the most helpless expression on his face. Khan’s face softens, his gaze tender. He brings his Omega’s hand to his lips, pressing a tender kiss to his skin. The blonde’s eyes flicks back and forth between the couple, observing them. Kirk calms down after the kiss, nodding in thanks. He turns back to his mother, not as nervous as before.

“I guess,” he begins. “I guess we should begin with a simple question; What do you know about the multiverse theory, or parallel universes?”

“I remember reading about it back in the Academy,” his mother says. “I don’t really remember what it said, though…”

“The multiverse is the hypothetical set of infinite or finite universes, including the universe we constantly experience, that together comprise everything that exists,” Khan explains. “The entirety of space, time, matter, and energy, as well as the physical laws and constants that describe them.”

Winona gives the Augment a confused look while Kirk gives his mate a glare, annoyed.

‘I thought we promised you would keep quiet,’ the Omega growls.

‘We never promised that,’ the Alpha/Beta thinks back.

“To put it simply,” Kirk says. “Everything that can happen does happen.”

The couples’ gaze meets, steadying themselves.

“Including males being able to carry children,” the blond says quietly.

Winona’s jaw drops, staring between the two. She is speechless, unable to believe her ears. Her jaw flaps as she tries to speak, but no words come out. The couple waits with baited breath, hearts pounding.

Finally, Winona Kirk speaks.

“Are you, expecting?” She asks softly.

“I, we,” Kirk says, squeezing his mate’s hand. “Are. We are expecting.”

She stares, and then begins to cry, their hearts sinking.

“We’ll just, go,” the Captain says, standing.

His mother is instantly on him, holding his face in her hands as she kisses his cheeks.

“My baby’s having a baby,” she whispers, tears rolling down her cheeks. “My baby’s having a baby.”

Kirk begins to cry as well, hugging his mother tightly. Khan sits and smiles, tears of happiness down his cheeks. The Kirks finally sit, wiping away their tears.

“Do you want an explanation?” Kirk asks, taking his mate’s hand back.

“Not at all,” his mother says, shaking her head. “I don’t really care. I’m just, I’m just really happy. For the both of you.”

The couple smiles and glances at each other, squeezing their hands.

“And you!” Winona snarls, jabbing a finger at Khan. “So help me, if you hurt my son or my grandchild, ‘Hell’ will not even begin to cover what I will bring down on your fucking head. Am I clear?”

Khan pales a little, nodding.

“Mom!” Kirk laughs. “Don’t scare the father of your grandchild!”

Winona gives the Augment a firm glare, one that makes him shift his chair closer to his mate. Kirk chuckles, shaking his head. The blonde sits back down, still glaring at Khan. She turns back to her son, smiling.

“Actually, I’m a little curious,” Winona says. “How does a man carry a child?”

“We come from an alternate reality, one where about seventeen thousand years ago, the species Homo sapiens sapiens died out, being replaced by a new species, Neo Homo sapiens sapiens,” Kirk explains. “Neo Homo sapiens are radically different from their ancestors, instead of having only twenty-three chromosomes, they have sixty. The extra thirty-seven chromosomes are much larger than the twenty-three in what would be your ancestors, and what determines our primary gender.”

“Primary gender?” His mother asks. “You have more than one gender?”

“A primary and a secondary,” Khan explains. “Secondary you already know about, being male and female. Primary genders are a bit more, how do you explain this?”

“There are three genders: Alpha, Beta, and Omega,” Kirk says. “Betas are closer to those of humans in this reality, though they can smell the hormones of Alphas and Omegas. Omegas, no matter what secondary gender, can carry children, with Omega males being unable to impregnate. They go through a cycle of fertility called pyresus, more commonly known as Heats. Alphas respond to this cycle by going into a state called rut, where they, um…”

He glances at the Alpha/Beta, flushing.

“They mate with the Omega,” Khan says. “They have a muscle at the base of their penis that inflates to become a knot, as a way to impregnate the Omega and keep their seed inside, increasing their chances of fertilization.”

“Like, dogs,” Winona says slowly.

“Essentially,” Khan says with a smile. “Only Alphas are capable of, satisfying, an Omega’s Heat, and are the only ones able to claim them as mates.”

“Wait, claim?” The blonde asks, her expression darkening. “Is my son a piece of fucking property?”

“No, ma’am,” the Augment says with a shake of his head. “Omegas must give explicit permission for the Alpha to claim them as their mate, especially to share Heats. To take an Omega during their Heats without their consent is a life sentence. To claim an Omega during their Heats without their consent is punished by death. This law is absolute, even for those who are only part Omega.”

“Part?” Winona asks.

“I will explain that in a moment,” Khan says. “But back to the topic of Heats, when an Omega goes into Heat, they produce natural lubrication that allows their chosen Alpha to share their Heats without hurting them. Omega females produce this from their vaginas the same way a female of this reality would, only in much larger quantities. An Omega male also produces lubrication, but from their internal vagina, which is sealed off by an internal vaginal sphincter located a few centimeters inside their rectum when they are not in Heat. Oh, grow up.”

Kirk has his face buried in his arm on the table, his blush extending all the way down his neck. The dark haired male gives his mate a glare, before shaking his head and sighing.

“Ignore him, he is easily embarrassed on the topic of sex,” Khan sighs.

Winona gives her son a confused look before turning back to the Augment, waiting.

“During the mating process, an Alpha’s knot will remain outside of their Omega until they are about to orgasm, which is when the Alpha will, for lack of a better term, force their knot inside the Omega, tying them together when the Omega responds by locking them in place, a ring of muscles called a Bartolic ring and the internal vaginal sphincter for Omega males, as they have the same female reproductive system, only the vagina does not have an external opening,” the Alpha/Beta continues. “Omega females have a Bartolic ring as well, and once the Alpha is locked tightly inside the Omega, they orgasm, which is when an Alpha can claim them as their mate. The way an Alpha claims an Omega is symbolized by their bite on their intended mate’s neck, deep enough to leave a scar in the muscles, and even bone. It leaves a scar that shows the Omega is taken, a bond formed between Alpha and Omega.”

Kirk sits up, still flush, and pulls his collar down to expose his Alpha’s bite, watching the rage blossom on his mother’s face.

“And in very rare cases,” Khan says, exposing his own mark. “Omegas can mark their Alphas.”

“Mom, it didn’t hurt,” Kirk says, his blush fading as he tries to reassure his mother. “Okay, it did a little, maybe a lot, but only for three days, the time it takes for the scar to form and leave behind the mark. The three days of pain is something every Omega will deal with to be with the one they love, the one they want to spend the rest of their life with.”

The couple lowers their hands, smiling at each other.

“When the bond forms, the minds of the mate pair become connected, and in our case, become one,” Kirk says softly. “Our bond is unnaturally strong, as we are highly compatible for each other. Our bodies are linked, balanced, so much so that our hearts beat as one, our breathing the same.”

The dark haired male brings his Omega’s hand to his lips, kissing his skin softly, their eyes locked.

“We can feel what the other feels, emotionally and physically,” the blond continues. “Anything that affects one affects the other. If one of us is scared, the other is scared too. If one of us is sad, the other is sad too, but will do everything to cheer their mate up.”

“And I can assume this applies to sex too?” Winona asks.

Kirk flushes so darkly that he becomes dizzy, Khan roaring with laughter.

“Absolutely,” he grins, his eyes shining. “And it is fantast-”

Khan grunts when his Omega jams his elbow hard into his ribs, feeling them crack.

“You are only hurting yourself,” he mutters rubbing his side.

“I can control my bodily functions, including nerve impulses, Noonien,” Kirk replies.

“Noonien?” Winona asks, tipping her head to the side. “You’re name is Noonien?”

The couples’ gaze flicks to each other, uncertainty and other unpleasant emotions cross their gaze and bond.

“I, wasn’t suppose to know that, was I?” Winona asks, looking nervous.

“Just call him John,” her son replies, sighing. “It is better for all of us if you pretend you didn’t hear it.”

An African woman approaches their table, three PADDs under her arm.

“My name is Amaya and I will be your waitress for today,” she says, her massive afro streaked with varying shades of the “red/gold/blue” shirt colors of Starfleet. “Here are your menus, and may I take your drink orders?”

“Coffee will be perfect,” Khan says, smiling at Amaya.

She flushes heavily as the Kirks second and third that option, her eyes wide.

“O-okay,” she stutters, still flush. “I-I-I’ll go get those.”

Amaya scurries away, nearly tripping over her feet. Kirk is grinning ear to ear, a smile tugging on the Alpha/Beta’s lips.

“She finds your voice incredibly hot,” his mate says. “Almost orgasmic.”

The Augment turns to the blond, raising an eyebrow. The blonde stares at her son, eyes blown wide.

“Really?” The dark haired male asks, curious. “How orgasmic?”

The Captain simply smirks, Khan’s grin widening.

“Interesting,” he murmurs, his lips curling into a wicked smile.

He rests his elbow on the table, resting his chin in his hand. His next words are low sensual purrs, ones that have Winona gaping.

“Tell me,” he purrs. “How does my voice affect you?”

Kirk threads his fingers together, his elbows on the table, his chin on his fingers.

“You should know this,” the blond purrs back. “In the first two years of our relationship, I could not stop shivering at your voice. I still do occasionally, especially when-”

He stops cold, his face turning bright red. Khan laughs as his mate covers his face with his hands, reaching out to stroke his cheek.

“Leave the dirty talk to me, love,” he says softly, stroking his mate’s cheek with his knuckles. “You blush like a virgin when the words even turns slightly, dirty, in any shape or form. Tell you what, if you can go without blushing for the rest of the meal, I will-”

“Better yet, if I can make you blush in the next, say, thirty seconds, you buy me a tribble,” Kirk offers, pulling his hands away from his face.

“You know that-” Khan begins.

“Do you remember that time in the shower,” he purrs. “When I bent you over and-”

Heat slams the Alpha/Beta’s cheeks, defining his sharp cheekbones. Kirk smirks as the waitress returns with their drinks, still blushing.

“Thanks,” the dark haired male murmurs, picking up his coffee and taking a big swallow, burning his tongue in the process.

He then picks up the menu, becoming thoroughly engrossed in the contents of the PADD. He refuses to look at his Omega, much his amusement.

“You two seem very comfortable around each other,” Winona observes once Amaya is gone. “How long have you two been, bonded? Is that the right term?”

“It is, Mom,” her son smiles, amused by his mate’s scattered thoughts. “And it’s been seven years, six in our reality.”

“And how did you, um, know that our waitress finds Noo-John’s, voice attractive?” The blonde asks.

“And that,” the Omega says, leaning back in his chair. “Is where we go into detail about primary genders.”

“Alpha, Beta, and Omega, right?” Winona asks.

“Correct,” Kirk smiles. “But unlike secondary genders, you can be more than one.”

His mother frowns, thoroughly confused.

“This might take awhile, you might want to look over the menu,” the Captain chuckles, shaking his head. “And the menu is massive.”

Winona nods, taking a look. Kirk smiles softly at his mother’s internal swears as she sees how big the menu is, catching Khan’s eye. The Augment is glaring something fierce, color still on his cheeks. The blond glares back with just as much ferocity, a mental war going on.

“I hate you,” the dark haired male mutters when he inevitably loses.

Kirk leans in and kisses his mate’s cheeks, giggling softly. His Alpha hums with approval, turning his head to nuzzle the top of his with his cheek.

“No you don’t,” the Captain murmurs. “You love me.”

“That I do,” the dark haired male murmurs back.

The blond rests his head against his mate’s neck, flicking his eyes to his mother.

“Can you cover your eyes for a sec, Mom?” He asks.

Winona looks away, but peeks out of the corner of her eye as the expectant couple kisses, a chaste, simple press of lips. But she can see the love clear between them, a smile gracing her lips. The couple lingers, not wanting to part, but they reluctantly do so.

“I love you,” Khan says quietly against his mate’s lips.

“I love you too,” Kirk breathes back.

“I take back my earlier statement,” the blonde says, smiling. “I can see that John will not harm the both of you at all.”

The Augment laughs, shaking his head.

“Believe me when I saw that if I did, I would be dead by his hands, or my own,” he states simply.

The Alpha/Beta gives his mate a smile and turns to the menu, surprised by the size of it. His Omega reaches over and touches the screen, reorganizing it so the dark haired male can sort by any number of categories. Kirk does the same for his mother, smiling when she nods her thanks. They finally decide what to eat, Amaya coming back over to take their order.

“Have you decided?” She asks, still slightly flushed.

“I will have the Full English,” Khan says, handing over his menu. “As well as a glass of water.”

“Ma’am?” She asks, turning to Winona.

“Chicken fajita omelet with a water as well,” she replies.

“And you, sir?” Amaya asks.

“I’ll third the water,” he says, smiling. “And have the Asia special.”

“That’s, not on the menu,” the waitress says slowly.

“The chef will know what I mean,” Kirk replies, handing her the menu.

Amaya gives him a confused look, but scribbles the order down anyway. She walks away, glancing back over her shoulder. Khan gives her a polite smile, the waitress’ cheeks flushing. The Alpha/Beta links his fingers with his Omega’s, setting them on the table.

“Primary genders,” Kirk says softly. “Because thirty-seven chromosomes determine the primary gender, you can be more than one gender. To be classified as a single gender, you have to have at least seventy percent of that gender’s genetic markers. Any less and you are qualified as a chimera.”

“Chimera?” Winona asks.

“That is the, nicer term,” Khan says. “To be called a hybrid is the most derogatory insult anyone can say to those of mixed genders, even from another chimera.”

The blonde nods, grasping the concept.

“Those of mixed genders put the gender they have the most genetic markers of first, between seventy and fifty percent,” Kirk continues. “John here is an Alpha/Beta chimera, fifty-fifty each. Below fifty percent, he would have all three genders, just as those of other mixed genders. It starts to get complicated when an Alpha chimera isn’t at least half Alpha and they want to bond with an Omega, needing to go to a specialist to help form the bond.”

“What about those who have more than seventy percent of a gender’s genetic marker?” His mother asks.

“There is one exception to those who have more than seventy percent of a gender, specifically those who only have the genetic marker of a single gender,” Khan says.

“And that would be?” The blonde asks.

“Pure Bloods,” the couple says in unison.

“Pure bloods?” Winona asks.

“The ‘P’ and ‘B’ are capitalized,” the Omega says. “Pure Bloods have only one gender’s genetic marker in their DNA, which puts them at the pinnacle of social hierarchy. Pure Omegas are at the top, followed by Pure Betas, then Pure Alphas. After that it is Omega, Betas, Alphas, and then the chimeras are based on the same pattern, with Omega/Betas and so on. Among Pure Bloods, lineage is important to determine where they stand amongst their gender. The bloodline is traced back through those of their gender, the longer a bloodline has been producing that gender, the higher the status. Since Pure Omegas are at the pinnacle, they are an elite group of individuals who oversee pretty much everything that has to do with members of the human race. The oldest bloodline of the Pure Omegas is the ruler of the human race, given the title of Empress of Earth. Only Pure Omegas from that bloodline, who can trace their lineage back seventeen thousand years, can be Empress, which also happens to be the oldest bloodline of any gender.”

“How is the primary gender determined when there are thirty-seven chromosomes?” Winona asks. “And since they are larger than the twenty-three we carry, there has to be more than all the base pairs and genes in one of those chromosomes than half of what’s in the last twenty-three.”

Khan and Kirk share a look, caught off guard by that question.

“I mean, secondary gender is determined by the XY sex-determination system, same as this reality, right?” The blonde asks.

The couple nods, surprised by this line of questioning.

“So there are only two possible outcomes, XX and XY, male and female respectively,” Winona says. “But how is primary gender determined, when there is clearly more than two possible genders?”

“We, we don’t actually know,” her son says. “The way we determine primary gender is by counting the number of a gender’s genetic markers by running a complete genetic sequence once a child is born. Neo Homo sapiens can smell each other by the pheromones they emit, able to determine primary gender through scent. But we run the DNA of a newborn to determine their gender with one hundred percent accuracy, as each gender has a different set of genetic disorders, depending on how many genetic markers they have of that gender. Some combinations of primary genders have genetic disorders that exacerbate each other, and some that cancel each other out. We have a complete map of the entire Neo Homo sapiens genome, including the disorders linked with genetic mutations.”

“How?” His mother asks.

“In the late 1980’s,” Khan says. “It was decreed that when a child was born, a genetic sample was taken and analyzed to form the Human Genome project. Those alive at the time were encouraged to donate a sample to help determine the genetic mutations of the sixty chromosomes we carry, as there are more than a trillion base pairs. Since that time, we have been able to have a complete map of our genetic code, which is to be expected after taking samples and mapping the genetic mutations of our species for nearly three hundred years. We are still no closer to determining how primary gender is passed on, but we can help parents deal with the genetic disorders their child may carry.”

Winona nods, satisfied with that explanation.

“Hang on,” she says. “How many Pure Bloods are there? It has to be rare to only carry the genetic markers of one gender.”

“You are correct,” Kirk smiles. “There are only about a thousand members of each Pure Blood gender, with Pure Omegas having the widest range of lineages, ranging from seventeen thousand years to a single generation. Pure Betas have bloodlines that go back nearly that far, within a few generations of the purest Omega bloodline, while the oldest Pure Alpha bloodline is roughly seven or eight thousand years old. The reason being is that a bloodline stops when they have several generations of non-Pure Bloods, only starting when a Pure Blood is born and continues to produce Pure Bloods. All Pure Bloods know everyone of their gender, so all of us, the Pure Omegas, know the Empress.”

“Us?” The blonde asks, tipping her head to the side.

The Omega smiles, just a soft, shy one.

“I am a Pure Omega, so I know the Empress,” he says.

“Rather intimately, if I do say so,” Khan smirks. “You share a bed with them.”

Kirk gives his Alpha a glare, Winona having a look of puzzlement on her face.

“Isn’t seventeen thousand years roughly the same time Neo Homo sapiens emerged?” She asks. “How does a bloodline produce Pure Omegas for that long?”

“They’re just lucky, I guess,” the Captain says with a shy smile.

Then it clicks.

Winona’s jaw hits the floor as her eyes widen to the size of dinner plates, gaping at her son. The blond blushes lightly, dropping his gaze. The dark haired male squeezes his mate’s hand, his gaze soft.

“I, I gave that up though,” the Omega says quietly. “Everyone told me it was my destiny, but I didn’t feel as if it was. I always knew I was destined to do other things, even at the age of two. But since I was the only Pure Omega of my bloodline, I had to become Empress, whether I liked it or not. When I was two, just two months after my birthday, the same amount of time I had been training to be Empress, the Council, the collection of Pure Bloods who oversaw everything until I could claim the throne on my twenty-fifth birthday, decreed that I must have my destined mate chosen for me. The ancient custom of Empresses said that a Pure Omega must mate with a Pure Alpha, one whose bloodline is the purest. If a member of that bloodline is unable to be mated to the future Empress, it falls to the next purest bloodline. It just so happened that the last member of the purest Alpha bloodline was available, only going back roughly eight thousand years. It didn’t matter to the Council that their bloodline was young in Pure Blood terms, they were the purest Alpha available. It also didn’t matter that they were fifty years my senior, and a Pure Alpha elitist.”

Kirk shudders, pulling his hand away so he can cross his arms over his chest. He looks away, his eyes watering.

“As a Pure Alpha elitist, they hated that Pure Omegas were at the pinnacle of social hierarchy, believing that Pure Alphas should be, and that Omegas were nothing more than property to Alphas,” he says quietly. “Because I was promised to them, the ancient customs involving the future Empress and their chosen mate must share quarters, the Alpha only leaving when the Omega goes into Heat. The custom says that the future Empress must be a virgin when they mate during the first Heat after the Omega claims the throne and become Empress. They must remain pure in body, mind, and soul, knowing nothing about mating or sex. They must never be bonded or have any romantic relations with any Alpha or Alpha chimera specifically, but it means anyone of any gender, primary and secondary. They must never be touched by anyone other than their Alpha during their first shared Heat, by any gender, even their own family, with the exception of when medical attention is required.”

He shrinks into himself, tears rolling down his cheeks as he squeezes his eyes tightly closed.

“I only wish that were true,” the Omega says, his voice cracking. “They had the purest Omega in their grasp, and they didn’t care that they were only two. They took their rage out on me, did things to me that no two year old should ever know about. Once my Heats began at fifteen, they left, but when they were over, they, they hurt me. I couldn’t tell anyone because no one would believe me. I never had a mark or bruise on me, and no one was around to hear me scream. There wasn’t any physical proof to support my story, and no one would believe that an Alpha would touch the future Empress before they are mated because they would be put death, as well as their entire bloodline.”

He whimpers, quivering slightly.

“I, I couldn’t do anything, I was so terrified of what they would do to me if I told anyone, I kept quiet,” he whimpers. “It went on for twenty years until I finally found the courage to do something. I went to the Council, gave up the throne, and ran. As soon as the words left my mouth, I ran out of the Council Chambers, out of the Palace, and just kept running, trying to get away from my future mate. But they caught me, and they were livid. Once I gave up the throne, the plan they had to force me to make Alphas have all the power and Omegas their property went up in smoke. They, they…”

Kirk lets out a quiet sob, trembling as his pulls into himself more.

“They punished me,” he whispers, his voice cracking even more. “They punished me and left me for dead in a ditch. It would take nothing but an act from God himself to make sure I lived, for no one would find me, hidden in the bushes on the side of a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t make a sound. There was nothing I could do to alert someone I was there.”

He lets out a sob, but a smile spreads across his face.

“And God himself saved me,” the Omega says quietly. “Starfleet cadets found me by the scent me dying, alerting their Commanding Officer of my immediate need of medical attention. Their Commanding Officer happened to be Admiral Christopher Pike, Captain at the time, who nursed me back to health himself, despite all his duties as a Captain. I owed him my life, I owed Starfleet my life, for there was a Doctor among those cadets who helped keep me alive until medical attention arrived. My heart stopped three times, but he fought to keep me alive.”

“Leonard,” Khan breathes.

Kirk nods, smiling.

“That stubborn ass saved my life, and we’ve been fast friends ever since,” the blond says. “I joined Starfleet, and that’s when I knew, I knew that this was what I was suppose to be doing. And I was right.”

He looks at his mate, taking his hand as tears of joy run down his face.

“I would have never met John if I hadn’t joined Starfleet,” he says, smiling. “He saved me, he put me back together. I will always consider him my first, my only, for we chose each other.”

The couple rests their foreheads together, tears rolling down their cheeks.

“We saved each other,” Khan breathes, squeezing his mate’s hand. “We made each other whole. We healed wounds that no one else could heal, ones we did not even know about.”

He reaches out and cups his Omega’s cheek, stroking softly.

“We owe each other our lives,” the Augment says quietly, their eyes closed.

“We own each other our lives,” his mate echoes softly.

Amaya comes out with their food, but Winona waves her away vehemently, trying to give the couple a moment. The waitress instantly darts back into the kitchen, peeking out just enough to know when to serve their food. Tears are running down the blonde’s face, pulling out a tissue to dab at her eyes. She hands the couple some tissues as well, allowing the to wipe away their tears.

“You’ve had a hard life,” Winona says softly. “Harder than anyone should have.”

“Twice,” Kirk adds.

His mother nods solemnly, turning to Khan.

“You said you’ve saved each other,” she says. “What did you mean?”

The Augment’s eyes flick to his mate, hesitating.

“My story, is something that should remain between James and I,” he says. “It is for your safety, and ours.”

Winona nods again, waving Amaya over. The waitress comes back over with their food and drinks, giving Winona and Khan theirs.

“Your food will be out shortly,” she says, tucking her tray under her arm.

Kirk nods his thanks, taking a sip of his water.

“So, what exactly is the Asia special?” Khan asks, curious.

“The owner is actually from our reality, and my former roommate at the Academy,” the Captain explains. “She is the Pure Beta whose bloodline is within a few generations of mine, which is why she roomed with me. The Asia special is a little in-joke between the two of us when the power went out in our dorm for almost two-and-a-half weeks.”

“It fucking sucked because the only ways to get out of the building need power to open,” a rather short Oriental lady says, coming up behind Kirk with a blue and white china bowl. “We got trapped inside with no power, and the damn replicators went offline. But somehow, our neighbors had won a year’s supply of ramen, and the kitchen had the ingredients to make homemade ‘instant mi goreng,’ enough to feed the seventeen of us who got trapped inside.”

“It was during winter vacation, so everyone went home to see their families,” Kirk explains. “Except seventeen of us who didn’t have a place to go home to or didn’t want to go.”

“I’m the only one who knew how to actually cook, so it was my duty to keep everyone from starving,” the woman says, her short black hair in a pixie cut, the ends dyes bright blue. “And dumbass here picked up how to cook rather quickly, even though he could burn water.”

“At least I knew which end was the business end of a knife, Amanda,” the blond shoots back, a grin on his face.

Amanda claps him on the shoulder, grinning.

“That you did,” she grins.

She finally sees Khan and does a double take, before grinning wickedly.

“Oh, please tell me he is single,” she purrs.

“Father of my unborn child,” Kirk growls.

The Oriental throws her hands up in the air, groaning.

“All the good ones are either married, gay, or fucking Omegas,” she groans. “Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a hot piece of ass that doesn’t have some sort of emotional baggage or need a fucking instruction booklet? I can’t remember the last time I had a scream-yourself-hoarse fu-”

“I am going to stop you right there,” the blond says, holding up his hand. “And tell you that you should stop sleeping with random strangers and try to have a meaningful relationship with someone.”

Amanda clicks her tongue in annoyance, glaring.

“You Omegas are all the same,” she growls. “Sticks in the mud. I mean, c’mon! Live a little! Have sex with random strangers. Get drunk. Hell, get drunk and have sex with two random strangers!”

“One, I have a mate,” Kirk growls. “Two, I’m pregnant. Three, I have no alcohol tolerance. Four, my mother is here. Five, I’m starship Captain. Six, I’m the former Empress of Earth. Seven-”

“God, there’s more?” Amanda groans, running a hand down her face.

“At least thirty,” the blond replies, glaring. “And if you keep up this reckless behavior, you are going to wind up in a bathtub full of ice with your organs missing.”

“Isn’t that what happened to Jake?” The Oriental asks, eyes wide.

“It is,” Kirk replies. “Tell you what, I know a few Betas in the market looking for a relationship. I’ll give them a call and set you two up on a date. One condition, you do not sleep with them on the first date.”

Amanda groans and shakes her head, walking away. The Omega watches her with concern, turning back to his food.

“Why do you care about her?” Winona asks. “She is clearly in a self destruct cycle. Why help her?”

“Because I am the one who could have stopped it,” Kirk says quietly. “A year ago, when Vulcan was destroyed, her mate, Jacob Olsen, the Enterprise’s Chief Engineer at the time, died while trying to save it. I tried to save him, but I couldn’t stop him in time. I blame myself for his death, but it was his own stupidity and recklessness that killed him. It still feels as if it was my fault.”

Khan takes his hand, squeezing.

“Olson wasn’t the Chief Engineer in our reality, so he lived,” the Captain continues. “But he had higher aspirations, so he became Chief Engineer of the Enterprise. And he died.”

“You were not Captain at the time,” his mate says softly. “His death is not on you.”

“I know,” the blond sighs. “Still feels like it.”

“You never answered my question,” Winona says. “About how you knew our waitress found John’s voice attractive.”

Kirk smiles softly, a light blush on his cheeks.

“As a Pure Omega, I am a telepath,” he says softly. “And because my bloodline is the purest, I am the most powerful telepath of any member of a telepathic species. My passive ability is reading the foremost thought of every mind with in a thousand miles of me, and that is unfocused. With it focused, I can read the foremost thought of a single mind at the distance of a parsec. I have many other abilities, some that I don’t even know about. But that is my main one, my primary ability.”

Winona stares at him, eyes blown wide.

“I know this is a lot to take in,” the Omega says softly, reaching out to take his mother’s hand. “But I feel as if I need to let my mother know, even though she is not my mother genetically.”

Winona reaches across the table and lightly slaps him, growling.

“As far as I am concerned, I force your bowling ball sized body out of my very tiny vagina,” she growls. “I carried you inside me, I gave birth to you. You may have thirty-seven more chromosomes than me, but you have half my DNA in the last twenty-three. You are my son. So don’t ever tell me you are not.”

Kirk blinks, then smiles, nodding. Tears roll down his cheeks, standing to hug his mother. Winona hugs back, smiling. They part and the blonde motions for Khan to hug her, the Augment complying.

“Welcome to the family,” she says softly.


Kirk waves goodbye to his mother, his finger interlaced with Khan’s. The dark haired male smiles down at his mate, tugging on their joined hands to encourage him to move.

“Alright, I get it,” the blond laughs, wrapping his arms around the Alpha/Beta’s.

The couple heads back to the Captain’s apartment, detouring to head to a pet shop. It is almost 0800 hours, so the streets are beginning to fill. The thoughts of those awake float through Kirk’s mind, but with nearly sixty years of living, he’s pretty good at filtering out the thoughts. Khan smiles down at the blond, their bond communicating his complete agreement with that statement. He presses a soft kiss to his temple, chuckling at how his mate hums with pleasure.

Such simple actions of affection have a greater effect on Kirk than most people, having long been starved of what one would call “normal” physical contact. The Augment can feel his Omega’s lingering pain from dragging up his past, knowing how painful it is to talk about it. He can see the memories flicker in his mate’s mind, hating the Alpha who did this to him with a fury that was on the edge of murderous. The Captain put on a front of having accepted and moved on, but Khan could see how damaged he really was. There were many nights in their reality where the Alpha/Beta had to wake up his mate from the clutches of the past, trapped so deep in them he could not move, could not utter a sound. If they were not bonded, Khan would never know that at least once a week his mate was forced to relive his past, but he was grateful that he was, able to help calm and soothe the Captain. Kirk would cling to him, knowing that his mate would never hurt him, never punish him for any reason, but he would still not utter a sound.

Khan experienced nightmares as well, but nowhere near as frequent as his mate. Because he needed less sleep, his mind would slip into a restful, but very light sleep, ready to act upon any danger he sensed. Since bonding, the Augment slipped in to deeper periods of slumber, experiencing dreams, a highly rare event that he almost never had the luxury of experiencing. He had been highly confused by the random events in his dreams the first few times, appearing to him as if his mind pulled pieces out of a hat and mashed them together. Kirk had explained that it was his body’s way of sorting out what happened to him when he was awake, as well as random neurons firing during REM sleep. He also told him that they shared dreams, and the next time, the Omega showed his Alpha how real dreams could feel.

And after nearly seven years of bonding, Khan never wanted to lose the ability to dream.

But Kirk’s mind is elsewhere, recalling all the birthdays he has experienced, nearly sixty in all, but only seven with his mate. A thought pops into his head, one that makes the dark haired male flinch, but the blond asks anyway.

“When is your birthday?” He asks, looking up.

Khan looks away, the answer coming to his forethoughts against his will. Tears begin to fall down the Captain’s cheeks, pulling away from his mate to walk ahead of him. He suddenly bolts, startling the Alpha/Beta. He chases after his mate, barely keeping up with him. He swears when Kirk accelerates ahead, as Pure Omegas were born to do.

Alphas were born for strength.

Betas were born for intelligence.

Omegas were born for speed.

The purer the blood, the stronger the qualities became. Omegas had the unique ability of being telepathic, a genetic safe guard to protect their young from any threat. The older the bloodline, the stronger they were.

And Kirk’s bloodline is the purest.

Khan relies on his heightened sense of smell and their bond to locate his mate, following him back to the park. He slows down, following the tug of their bond to a large tree located near the place they had stopped before. On a strange impulse, he looks up into the branches, his Augmented vision allowing him to see the huddled mass of his Omega high up in the tree. He begins to climb, ignoring the strange looks from those in the park, reaching his mate quickly, and sits on the branch that is currently supporting the blond’s weight.

He isn’t actually sitting on the branch, Kirk is huddled against the trunk, trembling as tears roll down his face.

The Omega had found a niche in the core of the tree, still dry after the rain. A breeze begins to blow, slowly picking up. If Khan had to guess, on the Beaufort scale, it was between a Moderate breeze and a Fresh breeze, roughly 28.7km/h, or 17.9 mph. It is enough to cause moderate branches to move, rain beginning to fall. Khan is becoming soaked to the bone, Kirk still dry. The dark haired male just sits and waits, gazing at his mate with a sad tenderness.

“You should have told me,” Kirk says eventually, barely audible. “You should have told me.”

“I know,” the Alpha/Beta replies quietly.

He reaches out to touch the Captain, but the blond moves away from his touch, as much as the tree allows him to. Khan drops his hand, looking away.

The storm continues around them, those who are sane are taking shelter, while those who need to be somewhere brave the storm. The couple continues to sit in the tree, the storm between them far worse than what Mother Nature could dish out.

“I still owe you a tribble,” the Augment says quietly. “Would you like to go get one together?”

“No,” the Omega replies, uncurling. “I’ll get it myself. You just go home.”

Khan’s heart sinks when he realizes that his mate closed off his mind from his, unable to hear his thoughts or feel his emotions.

He has never felt more alone.

Chapter Text

Khan does not remember how he managed to make it back to the apartment at all, let alone without leaving a trail of destruction in his wake, but somehow, he does. He is numb as he sheds his sopping wet clothes, stepping into the shower he had been in less than two hours ago. He turns the water as hot as it can go, trying to feel something.

All it does is raise bright red welts on his pale skin.

He closes his eyes, tipping his face into the spray.

He cannot feel anything, physically, emotionally, in any way, shape, or form.

He finishes his shower and dries himself off, heading back into the bedroom. The Alpha/Beta picks up his wet clothes from the floor, tossing them into the recycler that would clean them, dry them, and then place his clothes in their intended receptacles. The dark haired male changes into dry clothes, almost identical to the ones he had on. He crawls onto the bed, the one they made before they left, and curls up on the comforter, his knees tucked up against his chest. The Augment stares out the window, the storm still raging outside.

He hears the apartment door slide open, but he does not move from the bed. With his Augmented hearing, the dark haired male can pick up the sounds of not one, but two tribbles purring in their cage. The Brit can hear his mate moving about the apartment, but he does not move from their bed. It is not until Kirk is pressed up against him, cocooning him in the way he had done to his Omega in the early hours of the morning, that Khan finally acknowledges the blond.

He tries to rise, but the opening of their bond floods him with images, dropping back onto the bed. He finally feels something when tears stream down his face, realizing that these are not just images, but the rare occurrence of absolute precognition. Khan knows that his mate can see all possible outcomes of his future, just as any Omega can when they focus, precognition, but with all Omega abilities, the purer the bloodline, the clearer the visions are. Absolute precognition, as Kirk had explained, is a safe guard in all Omegas when there is only one possibility of their future. It “kicks in” when an Omega’s future has a catastrophic event that will occur, allowing them to change and prevent the event from happening. Kirk had said that it when an Omega, even part Omegas, have an absolute precognition, the clarity of the vision puts even his precognition visions to shame. Absolute precognition is an ability that scares every Omega, the thought of having only one possible future, containing a catastrophic event, is something that no Omega wants to experience.

This, would have been catastrophic.

Khan turns around to face his mate, tears also streaming down the blond’s face. They suddenly begin to giggle, bursting out laughing. They cling to each other, laughing uncontrollably.

When they finally stop laughing, they are gasping for breath, holding onto each other.

“We’ve barely been awake for two hours,” Kirk gasps. “And our day is already shit.”

The Augment smiles, wiping away the blond’s tears with his thumbs.

“It certainly is,” he says, his Augmented genes allowing them to catch their breath quickly.

He cups the Captain’s face, stroking his cheek. Kirk nuzzles his palm, kissing his skin. The Alpha/Beta pulls his mate close, holding him tight. He places a hand on the small of his back, his other hand tangling in his golden blond hair, cradling him in his embrace. Kirk cuddles closer to his Alpha, feeling his heart, the organ responsible for keeping him here, beat steady beneath his ribs.

“I love you,” Khan says softly, stroking his skin.

“I love you too,” Kirk murmurs back.

They just hold onto each other, not wanting to let go.

“Is it okay if we, just not move?” The blond asks, his eyes closing.

The Augment kisses his Omega’s forehead, continuing to hold him.

“That is perfectly acceptable,” he murmurs. “I would like nothing better.”


Kirk looks up from his mission assignment when Khan enters the apartment, groceries in hand. He smiles when his mate begins to put them away, under a strict mental order to not move.

“How are you feeling?” The dark haired male asks, his arctic blue eyes carefully observing the Captain’s appearance.

“You don’t have to do this,” the blond says softly. “You don’t have to cook and clean and, and, hover. I’m fine. Honestly.”

“I enjoy taking care of you,” he replies, smiling. “And you are not fine. You are growing a human being inside you, and you have to urinate alarmingly frequent.”

“I’m twelve weeks, four days pregnant,” Kirk says. “What do you expect?”

“For you to take your supplements,” the Alpha/Beta says, pulling out a pill bottle. “Leonard told me to tell you-”

“I know what Bones said,” the Omega growls softly.

“He told me to tell you anyways,” Khan replies. “And I quote, ‘If you don’t take your goddamn supplements, I will drag your corn fed ass down to the hospital, strap you down to a goddamn bed and force feed you.’”

“Nice imitation,” Kirk smirks.

The Augment smiles softly, continuing to put the groceries away. Kirk stands and walks over to his mate, tugging on his wrist. The dark haired male turns and captures the blond’s lips in a tender kiss, the food momentarily forgotten. The Captain locks his wrists behind his Alpha’s neck, smiling into the kiss. Khan smiles as well, taking his Omega’s hips in his hands.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” Kirk murmurs against his mate’s lips.

“You remembered,” the dark haired male breathes, kissing him. “I cannot believe you did.”

He hoists the blond onto the counter, ravishing his mouth. The Captain tangles one hand into his Alpha’s hair, the other gripping his bicep. The Augment’s hands are placed on the small of his back and on the counter, keeping his mate steady as rocks his hips against the Omega’s in a smooth motion, a low rumble in his throat. The kisses turn sloppy as a deep-seated hunger makes itself known, both males breathing harshly.

“Bed, now,” Kirk gasps, his fingers curling into his mate’s skin.

Khan gives a low growl of approval, hoisting his mate onto his hips as he easily carries him to their bedroom, lips still glued together. He drops the blond onto the bed, following him as he scoots backwards, crawling very much like the predator he was born to be. Kirk shivers at the sheer need in his mate’s eyes, finding himself pinned to the bed as his Alpha continues his assault on his lips. The Augment slips a knee between his Omega’s legs, pushing upward as the Captain rocks down on it, whimpering at the contact. The blond grips his mate tightly as he continues to plunder his mouth, helplessly submitting to his dominating Alpha. Khan growls with approval, the more primal side of him highly pleased at the submission of his Omega. His hands roam over the Captain’s clothed body, snarling at the lack of skin contact. He proceeds to tear off every stich of clothing on his mate’s body, his eyes raking hungrily over his naked form with approval.

Kirk looks away, his eyes squeezed tightly closed as embarrassment colors his cheeks. He tries to hide his face with his arm, but the Alpha/Beta pulls it away, claiming his lips once again. The kiss is brief as Khan pulls away to tear off his own clothing, not caring that it is now ruined. He claims the blond’s lips once again, lightly nipping a path to his ear to growl filthy things into it. Kirk whimpers at the promises of the things his Alpha will do with his body, rocking against the knee Khan slipped back between his legs. The dark haired male moves down his mate’s body, leaving bright red splotches on his skin from his nipping and sucking, fingers caressing his skin. He pauses at the base of his neck, sucking a dark mark of claim on the side opposite his bite. The Omega is whimpering, slowly squirming under his mate’s ministrations. The Augment nips a path down to his chest, claiming one of his mate’s nipples. He bites lightly, rolling it between his teeth before wrapping his lips around, sucking hard. Kirk cries out, writhing under his Alpha. Khan knew that his nipples were sensitive, deciding to toy with him a little. The blond raises his hands to grip his hair, but the Alpha/Beta pulls away and pins his hands to the mattress, growling.

“Keep them there,” he rumbles.

The Omega nods, tightening his fingers into the sheet. The Augment resumes to play with his nipples, his hand toying with the one his mouth is not on. Kirk writhes under his mate’s mouth, gasping for air. He cries out as his Alpha sharply tugs on the one in his mouth with his teeth, his back arching off the bed. Khan pushes him back down, growling in disapproval. The blond whimpers, tears threatening to spill as his body trembles, his fingers gripping the sheets almost tight enough to cause them to rip. The dark haired male gives his nipple one last satisfactory lick before moving to the other one, repeating his actions exactly. The Captain throws his head back, gasping for air. The Alpha/Beta finally lets his nipple go, continuing his path of nips down his body. His nips turn to soft kisses as he reaches his abdomen, his touches tender on his mate’s skin. The dark haired male presses a ring of tender kisses around his navel before licking into it, his Omega writhing under his touches.

Khan smirks and continues his path down his mate’s body, avoiding his groin to nip at the skin of his inner thighs. Kirk jerks under the bite, his chest heaving as he gasps for air. His knuckles are bone white as his Alpha nips up his inner thighs to lick at the crease of his groin. He repeats the action on his other thigh, smirking against his skin as he licks. He pins his Omega’s hips down his hands, proceeding to swallow his mate all the way down to the root. The blond screams, thrashing as his Alpha’s throat muscles contract around his sensitive flesh. Khan smirks and bobs his head up and down, hollowing his cheeks as he grazes his teeth on the sensitive underside. Kirk is panting now, head thrown back as he salivates, trembling almost violently. The Augment releases his mate’s hardened flesh, giving the spongy head one last lick before moving on to his real destination.

He rises to his knees to snatch a pillow from the head of the bed, shoving it under his mate’s hips. Kirk whimpers loudly, knowing exactly what is coming next. The Alpha/Beta smirks again, gently licking his testes before taking one in his mouth and sucking on the wrinkled flesh. The Captain desperately wants to grab his Alpha’s hair, but keeps his hands where they are, his body shaking. The dark haired male hoists his Omega’s knees over his shoulders, moving onto the other testis, releasing that one as well once he is done. He licks his mate from tailbone to the base of his scrotum, enjoying the increase in his trembling. He does not give his mate any preparation, plunging his tongue inside him without warning. Kirk screams, his back arching off the bed as his mate does things with his tongue and mouth that should be illegal planet-wide. His toes curl in pleasure, cries spilling from his throat as he continues to salivate, his body quaking.

He can feel it. He can feel it building beneath his skin, starting from deep inside him. The pleasure rises ever higher as his mate continues between his legs, his cries growing louder.

He suddenly stills, throwing back his head and screaming as the pressure snaps inside him, his back arching high off the bed. His fingers tear into the sheets when he collapses onto the bed, thrashing as his mate continues to drive him ever higher. He didn’t know it was even possible, but his Alpha drives him into a second orgasm, screaming even louder.

When his mate finally pulls away, Kirk is a gasping, quivering mess, sucking in air with each harsh gasp as his chest threatens to burst. He is covered in his own release, his fingers falling lax as his head swims, barely able to remember his own name. He can vaguely feel his legs being slowly lowered to the bed, someone moving beside him. Soft kisses are pressed against his cheek, softly murmured words of praise breathed in his ear, as well as a promise that has the Omega shivering, and it was definitely not caused by his two orgasms.

If you think I am done with you, you are sorely mistaken.

Khan watches his mate slowly come back to reality, careful of his oversensitive skin. He murmurs softly in his ear, both in Hindi and in English, praising him for his beauty. Kirk finally turns his head toward his Alpha, his gaze hazy and unfocused. He is still breathing harshly, though not as much as before, and his trembling is less intense. He swallows, unable to form words. The Augment can hear his mate’s scattered thoughts, gently kissing his lips.

“Rest, my love,” he murmurs. “Only when you have recovered shall we go again.”

The Captain does not even acknowledge the promise, falling into blissful unconsciousness as soon as the words are uttered. Since Kirk is not truly asleep, Khan can indulge himself in the opportunity he has not been able to experience since their bonding. He watches his mate’s body go lax, his expression changing from exhausted to peaceful, oblivious to the world around him. The dark haired male props his head on his hand, elbow digging into the mattress, watching his Omega with a tenderness rarely seen. His breathing evens out, too exhausted to even sleep. Khan could not remember when, if ever, Kirk had looked this young in the seven years they had been bonded, looking as if he were his twenty-six years, not the older, world weary man with the weight of the universe on his shoulders.

He had never seen his mate look so innocent, almost childlike innocent. All the hardships he had face in his nearly sixty years of existing were gone, revealing a peacefulness that had the Alpha/Beta’s heart fluttering, determined to let his mate experience that peacefulness while awake. Kirk’s mind is completely blank, revealing just how exhausted he truly was. Khan could not think of a time when his Omega’s mind was empty, not even when he is barely awake.

The blond’s lips are swollen, his skin still red from his Alpha’s nips. His trembling had finally ceased, his body so still that the Augment was almost afraid that his heart stopped beating, but the steady rise and fall of his chest eased the irrational fear away.

He is unconscious for awhile before Kirk finally comes around, slowly dragging his eyes open. He licks his lips slowly, blinking as if it was a struggle.

“You, you didn’t fall asleep?” He asks quietly, his voice having a slight rasp to it.

“You were not truly asleep,” Khan replies, kissing his Omega tenderly.

The blond lets out a low hum, gently touching his mate. He is still exhausted, but his strength is slowly returning little bit by little bit. The Augment gently nuzzles his mate’s skin, pressing tender kisses to his warm flesh. The Captain continues to hum, pleased by the attention he is receiving.

“This time, I will be gentle,” the Alpha/Beta murmurs against his Omega’s skin, kissing softly.

Kirk lets out an approving hum, gently threading his fingers into his Alpha’s jet black hair. He lightly tugs him up for a kiss, the Augment’s hair in complete disarray. When his hair is slicked back, it always looked hard and unforgiving to the blond, but only he has the luxury of feeling just how soft and silky the former ruler of Earth’s hair truly is. He lightly scratches the Alpha/Beta’s scalp, the kiss turning harder as the dark haired male becomes more aroused. Khan cups the Captain’s cheek, gently nudging his thighs apart with his knees to settle between them. The kiss is slow and tender, but that does not mean it was not intimate. Tongues, lips, and teeth are expertly used, knowing what the other wants, knowing what they need.

Kirk’s hands gently roam and stroke his Alpha’s broad shoulders and back, feeling the muscles ripple beneath his palms. Khan’s hands brush his mate’s sides, sliding down his the sides of his ribs, stroking his waist, before continuing down his thighs to his knees. The dark haired male gently hooks a hand under his knee, resting it over his hip. The Captain does one further and wraps his long legs around his Alpha’s waist, locking his ankles behind his back. The Augment gently rocks against his mate, a slow, sinuous motion that no male should be capable of doing. He rolls his hips gently, his touch tender. The couple pulls away briefly to catch their breath, color on their cheeks.

Khan claims his Omega’s lips again, his hips never pausing. Kirk moves with him, continuing at a leisurely pace. The dark haired male slowly trails his lips down his mate’s neck, his kisses still tender. He pauses over his pulse point, counting the beats with his tongue before continuing on his way down. The Captain reluctantly releases his Alpha, watching his mate press kisses over every place he nipped, soothing the reddened skin with his tongue. This time though, he takes advantage of his free hands, threading his fingers through his mate’s hair, lightly toying with the loose strands. The Augment bypasses his groin, kissing his inner thighs as he continues to trail his way down.

The Alpha/Beta kisses his Omega’s knee, moving down his shin to lift his foot up, kissing his instep. He moves to the other foot, repeating his actions, only in reverse. He peppers kisses over his hips, stroking the skin of his waist with his thumbs. Kirk hums with approval as Khan peppers those same tender kisses up and down his penis, erect, but not really aroused. The Augment crawls up his mate’s body, placing one last kiss on his nose before kissing his lips again. The dark haired male pulls away, arctic meeting glacial, asking a silent question. The blond tangles his fingers in his Alpha’s hair, pulling him down for a kiss, as well as answering his question. The Alpha/Beta’s lips linger before pulling away, reaching for the drawer in the bedside table, opening it to extract its contents.

The lubrication is medical grade, engineered to replicate the natural lubrication of Omegas during Heat. It was common knowledge that an Omega’s anatomy changed to accommodate the massive size of Alphas during Heat, allowing the pair to couple without fear of injury while in a mating frenzy, almost violently so. Outside of Heat though, Alphas remained the same size while an Omega’s anatomy reverted back to the anatomy of Betas, an Omega male’s internal vagina closing, an Omega female’s vagina shrinking. Sex injuries occurred far more often outside of Heats in couples than during, something no couple ever wanted to happen.

Kirk bends his knees, his feet flat on the bed as he spreads his thighs, resting his cheek against the pillow as he closes his eyes, trusting his Alpha explicitly. Khan flicks the cap open, squeezing the lube on his finger before closing the bottle, slipping his finger to between his mate’s legs. He gently circles the rim, still open slightly from his early ministrations, before gently pushing in. The blond relaxes his muscles as the pressure builds, sighing in relief as his body gives in to the intrusion. The Augment gently moves his finger in and out of his mate, feeling him slowly loosen under his touch. The hard walls slowly yield, becoming spongy against his finger. He lightly tugs on his mate’s walls, spreading him further. The dark haired male pulls his finger out to spread more lube onto the digit, this time, he applies it to two. The bottle goes back on the bed as he slips his fingers to between his Omega’s legs, slowly pushing in. Kirk’s eyes squeeze slightly tighter as the pressure builds, more so than before, but his body yields, the fingers sliding home.

The blond gently rocks against the hand, his hips moving on their own accord. The Alpha/Beta lowers his mouth to his mate’s stomach, kissing lightly below his navel as he continues to move his fingers in and out, scissoring on every other thrust. His fingers curl slightly, searching for the small bump inside him. Kirk jerks and whimpers softly when he brushes it, his toes curling slightly. Khan murmurs softly against his mate’s skin, brushing his vestigial prostate once more. He earns the same reaction, only the whimper is louder this time, his hips slowly writhing against his hand.

“One more?” The Augment asks softly, lifting his head.

Kirk pauses before shaking his head, letting it fall back onto the pillow. Khan pulls his hand out and squirts enough lube into his palm to coat himself completely, placing the bottle on the table when his task is complete. He sits on his heels, pulling his mate into his lap, who instinctively wraps his legs around his Alpha’s waist, arms around his neck. He locks his appendages, his cheek against his mate’s. The Alpha/Beta holds his hips in his hands, slowly lowering his Omega onto him. Kirk slowly lets out the breath he was holding as he is lowered down, feeling his mate slide deep within him, letting out a whimper when there is no more left to slip inside. Khan lets out a soft growl, also wishing there was more. He shifts his hands to get a better grip on his Omega, waiting for the blond’s permission to move.

Kirk’s breathing is heavy, feeling so full he might burst. He tightens his grip marginally, trying to get his body to relax. Even as an Alpha/Beta chimera, Khan was large, on par with the size of Pure Alphas. The Omega only knew that from reading an anatomy textbook, a class recommended to him by Pike to fill in the gaps of his knowledge. His body adjusts to the intrusion slower than he would like, but finally, he is open enough to allow his mate to move freely. He nods softly against his mate’s cheek, his breath hitching with every upward roll of his Alpha’s hips. He digs his fingers into his mate’s pale skin, his pants breathy in his ear. The pace is glacial, the Augment taking his time, keeping his promise of being gentle. The Captain does not even try to move with Khan, knowing that he is fully using their bond to please him. The dark haired male does not mind that his Omega is just along for the ride, both knowing full well that the more experienced of the two can move them into the right positions to heighten the pleasure of their coupling.

The Omega tightens his legs around his Alpha’s waist, wrapping his arms completely around his neck. His breathing is heavy, highly aroused as he is rocked into. Khan is also breathing heavy, tightening his grip on his mate hard enough to leave bruises. Kirk pulls away just enough so he can seal their lips together, keeping his grip tight. They rest their foreheads together, their scent filling the space between them. The blond’s back arches as he lets out a soft gasp, his mate hitting a spot inside him that he did not even know he had. The Augment nibbles on the skin of his collarbone, the pace still glacial. Khan rocks harder into his Omega, but keeps the same pace, wanting to draw this moment out as long as possible. Soft moans spill from the Captain’s lips, moving his head back to its original position, completely in agreement.

The Alpha/Beta keeps his grip on his mate, even though their skin is becoming slick with sweat. Kirk’s fingers slip a little, but he manages to hang on, sliding a hand into his mate’s hair. They do not know how long they have been going, nor at the moment, do they care. They plan to draw this moment out as long as possible, relishing in the lack of urgency their normal couplings had demanded from them since entering this reality. The blond is thankful for his mate’s stamina, able to keep going long after a non-Augmented Alpha would quit. The Captain’s head falls back, softly gasping as his Alpha stimulates spots that he would not be able to reach if he were in control, his mate murmuring against his skin. Khan shifts his Omega’s hips slightly, earning a genuine cry as he brushes past his prostate, his mate clinging to him as he begins to tremble. Kirk digs his nails into the Augment’s skin, breathing harshly in his ear.

His third orgasm was looming over him, slowly building from even deeper inside him. The Alpha/Beta can feel his mate’s walls beginning to spasm around him, deeper than any of their pervious couplings. He could feel his Omega’s orgasm building, his insides clenching and relaxing rapidly. The blond is salivating, his gasps loud and harsh in his Alpha’s ear as he feels both their orgasms building, knowing that this was going to be earth shattering. Khan’s breathing becomes harsh, his pace hitching randomly as their pleasure climbs ever higher. Kirk pulls away and seals their mouths together, their kisses frantic. The Captain grips his mate’s hair tightly as they teeter on the edge, sealing their mouths harder against each other, the pleasure borderline on painful.

It was that one moment, that one single moment where they could feel the pleasure grip them tightly, just before all Hell breaks loose, when they feel themselves become one, and then they are heaved over the edge, shaking and shuddering, swallowing each other’s screams as they try to fuse themselves together. They grip each other tightly, hard enough to leave dark purple bruises, clinging and clawing as they rock, the force of their orgasms enough to have them nearly fall unconscious, by themselves. Their bond is allowing them to feel each other’s orgasm, their heads reeling as wave after wave of pleasure rocks their already shaking frames, keeping their mouths sealed tightly together because they know that not even the soundproofing in the walls would be able keep their screams from being heard from the whole damn floor.

It seemed to go on forever, each wave more intense than the last, before finally, it slowly fades to nothing, the couple collapsing onto the bed. They are still shuddering, Kirk lying on top of his mate as they struggle to catch their breath, not even Khan’s Augmented genes helping them recover faster. They are drenched in so much sweat that it is if they had taken a shower, though they know that they will reek when it dries. They are still linked together, both too tired to even attempt to move, gulping air as if it was the last thing they could do. They swallow hard, their bodies still shaking as their heads spin wildly, neither knowing their names at the moment. It hurt to breathe, all the energy drained from them as they struggle to stay conscious, focusing on inhaling, then exhaling. The couples’ breathing is harsh and ragged, gasping as they slowly come down from their high, their minds slowly clearing the smear of endorphins that their orgasms left behind.

When Khan finally has enough energy to move, his slowly wraps a trembling hand around his mate’s waist, his grip weak even with his Augmented recovery time. That small movement leaves him drained, gulping air as if it was his lifeline. It could have been minutes, it could have been hours for all they know, before finally, Kirk could raise himself up to look upon his mate’s face, a shaky smile on his lips. The Alpha/Beta smiles back, a look of realization crossing their faces at the same time.

“You owe me a new set of sheets,” the blond growls, his voice quivering just as bad as his arms were.

He collapses onto the bed, still breathing harshly as he digs his fingers into his mate’s skin.

“Fuck,” he moans. “How did you even manage to create that much?”

“Augmented,” is Khan’s smug reply, but his voice is shaking so much it ruins the effect. “On second thought, I don’t even fucking know anymore.”

Kirk smiles when he hears the Augment use a contraction and a curse, knowing full well that his prim and proper British mate only did that when he was exhausted, or when they were in some seriously deep shit. He has heard the Alpha/Beta slip into Hindi when he was pushed past the point of using contractions and swears, but that was rarely. His mate only spoke his native tongue when he is roughly a minute from passing out on his feet due to exhaustion, other times, he slipped into it out of habit. Speaking English however, he never used contractions or swears, except when he was exhausted, or he was experiencing rather strong emotions, mostly frustration and fury.

Khan may be scary when he was angry, but Kirk was down right terrifying.

Most people reacted by screaming or acts of violence when they were angry, but the Captain became calmer and quieter. He began to speak formally, and the more pissed he was, the calmer he became, as well as quieter. It sent shivers down his mate’s spine when he saw his Omega pissed during their five year mission, the hairs standing on the back of his neck. Calm before the storm didn’t even begin to cover what happened when Kirk was livid, but he never lashed out, which only heightened the terror because you were waiting for the levees to give and all Hell break loose. The blond was always startled when his Alpha lost his temper, but he knew that his mate wanted to flee in terror when he was pissed, rooted to the spot.

He chuckles quietly, Khan wrapping his arms around his mate.

“What’s so funny, gorgeous?” He murmurs in his ear.

“You’re using contractions and swears,” he replies, snuggling closer to his Alpha.

The Augment gently pushes Kirk up so he can see his face, looking as wrecked as he felt. The smile on his face is soft, his scent soothing.

“Only you have the ability to make me do that, love,” he says softly, pulling his mate back down.

He holds his Omega to his chest, burying his nose in his golden blond hair. The Captain pillows his cheek against the dark haired male’s chest, his fingers curling into his sweat-slicked flesh. Their hearts are finally beginning to calm, their breathing returning to what they would call “normal,” though it is still heavy. The tremors have diminished to the occasional shiver, their skin still quite warm to the touch. The couple remains linked, still too tired to deal with the mess that would occur when they separated.

“You’re cleaning up the mess,” Kirk murmurs against his skin. “And I’m still pissed that you’re gonna ruin my favorite sheets.”

Khan chuckles, a low rumble in his chest.

“But who’s the one who tore holes in their favorite sheets?” He asks in return, a smile tugging on his lips.

“You’re the one who caused me to do it,” the blond replies. “And seriously, where the hell did you learn to do that with your tongue?”

“An Orion taught me before I met you in our reality,” the Augment replies honestly. “Well, two of them. They were rather skilled in the art of sex, though they could barely keep up with me.”

Kirk lets out a huff of laughter, closing his eyes.

“It is a little sad though,” he says quietly.

“What is?” The Alpha/Beta asks, running his hands up and down his mate’s back.

“That I came three times and you only once,” he replies.

“Believe me when I tell you that my one is all I need,” Khan laughs, his rumble of approval causing Kirk to shiver as it vibrates in his core.

The Omega lifts his head to rest his chin on his hands, gazing past his mate’s head. They are almost back to normal, but neither wants to move from their positions.

“As fun as that was though,” the Captain says quietly, lifting himself just enough to rest on his crossed forearms. “I don’t think I could handle that more than every two months or so. I mean, we’ve had great sex before, mind blowing, even earth shatteringly good, but that was…”

He shakes his head, unable to describe the events that just occurred.

“There is something I need to tell you,” Khan says, looking into his mate’s face. “I was trying for four.”

Kirk stares at his Alpha’s face with wide eyes before bursting into a fit of giggles, his mate grinning in response, his eyes shinning with amusement.

“You’re an evil, evil man,” the Omega giggles, a few tears leaking down his cheeks. “But that is why I love you.”

He leans down and presses his lips to the dark haired male’s, the kiss soft and sweet.

“Maybe next time,” he murmurs against his Alpha’s lips, pulling away.

“Is that a promise?” The Alpha/Beta asks almost eagerly.

Kirk shakes his head, amused.

“Do we have to kiss on it?” The blond asks, half joking.

The Augment reaches up and threads his fingers into his Omega’s golden blond hair, tugging him down lightly.

“Yes,” he breathes.

Kirk lets his mate pull him down, sealing the deal with a kiss. A simple press of lips turns into something hotter, both pulling away, breathless.

“I don’t know about you, but I think I’m going to be satisfied for the next week,” the Captain says, smiling.

“More than likely, two weeks,” the dark haired male replies.

“So, three days?” Kirk asks with a lewd grin.

“You have no idea,” Khan rumbles, pulling his mate down for another heated kiss.

The Augment wraps his arms around the blond’s waist and the Omega takes his face in his hands, lips working hungrily against each other.

“Or three minutes,” the Captain pants, their breathing heavy.

“I am good with that,” the Alpha/Beta replies, rolling them over.

The couple clings to each other, their kisses heated and hungry. They move in perfect harmony, stroking, twisting, gripping, gasping, panting, pleading, begging, swearing, moaning, knowing what the other needed. Just as with every coupling, they could feel what the other felt, being inside the other, the other inside them.

Kirk is on his back, his head turned to the side as his Alpha mouths at the sensitive skin below his ear. His heavy panting hitches with every deep thrust, his hips lifting in rhythm to allow Khan to go deeper. The Augment’s hands are above his Omega’s shoulders, keeping him from sliding off the bed with each hard thrust, his pelvis meeting his mate’s every time. The blond’s fingernails dig into the dark haired male’s biceps, creating half moon impressions, almost breaking skin. His feet are flat on the bed, allowing him to have the leverage he needs to keep in time with his Alpha, who is going at a slow enough pace for him to keep up. The Alpha/Beta pulls his mouth away, the Omega turning his head so they can rest their foreheads together, their lips centimeters away.

The couple opens their eyes to look into each other’s, but Kirk closes his quickly, turning his head away as his cheeks flush darker. Khan nuzzles his reddened cheek with the tip of his nose affectionately, kissing softly. He loves the fact that his mate can be embarrassed despite all they have done in seven years, Hell, what they’ve done today, as if it were his first time all over again. He trails soft kisses over the cheekbone he can reach, a counterpoint to the incessant beat of his hips. With his mate’s head turned, the Alpha/Beta can focus his attention on one of his favorite erogenous zones, besides his nipples.

Khan gently tugs his Omega’s earlobe between his teeth, tracing the shell with the tip of his tongue. He licks the delicate skin behind his ear, tracing the whorl inside as his mate cries out and writhes beneath him. It is one of his favorites, god, there were so many, to play with because it was one of his more sensitive areas. The Augment had experimented with his mate’s erogenous zones when they were waiting for repairs to be finished, all in the name of science, and sexual boredom, finding that he could orgasm from only stimulating his ears, breathing on them caused him to shiver, every single time. It was something the Captain made him swear to secrecy, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t take full advantage of it.

He continues to stimulates his Omega’s ear, letting out a squeak when Kirk grabs a chunk of his hair and smashes their lips together. When he yanks Khan away, his hips falter when he sees the sheer want in his eyes, shivering slightly. The Augment lets out another squeak when he suddenly finds himself on his back, shivering again as his mate looms over him like the predator he is suppose to be. They are still linked, so the Captain continues to their coupling, lifting his hips to slam himself back down. He is on his knees, his thighs bracketing his Alpha’s, his hands on his chest. He continues to move, his breathing heavy as he lifts himself off and slams back down, his eyes closed. Khan shakily lifts his hands to help, but the Omega snarls, pinning his hands by his sides.

“Keep them there,” he growls.

Tables reversed, the dark haired male curls his fingers into the sheets, watching his mate continue to ride him. He bends his knees to give the blond some leverage, the Captain taking full advantage of it. Kirk places his hands on his knees, shifting to the balls of his feet to use his full body, giving his Alpha an excellent view. Khan swallows thickly as he watches himself slide in and out of his mate, entranced by the sight. He tears his gaze away when he hears his Omega whimper, shaking his head as tears fall down his cheeks. The dark haired male instantly tugs him down to his chest, rolling them back over to take control. He continues pace as before, maneuvering his mate back into the position they were in, kissing his tear streaked cheeks tenderly. He could feel his mate’s pleasure had diminished when he took control, as did his own, something that he knew ashamed him.

The Augment could feel that the blond had been extremely aroused when he stimulated his ear, desire sweeping through him, as well as hunger and the need for domination. When he had dominated him, the Omega had quickly realized that he didn’t know how to keep their pleasure going, scrabbling like a man drowning.

“Now is not the time or place,” he murmurs in his mate’s ear. “But I will show you how to dominate me, alright love?”

Kirk turns his face toward him, flush from embarrassment, his eyes damp, but he nods, knowing that his Alpha will keep his promise. He closes his eyes and submits himself to the Alpha/Beta, his head lolling to the side. Khan avoids his ear and nibbles on the skin of his jaw, keeping his hips moving. He continues to work them toward their orgasms, his hips keeping a steady, even beat, one that Kirk is damn sure he could use a metronome to time him.

But now is not the time, using his hips to help them along, turning his head so they can rest their foreheads together. Khan opens his eyes, watching the pleasure play across his mate’s face, his Adam’s apple bobbing with each hard swallow, his swollen lips parting to take in the desperate oxygen he needs. The Augment thought his mate had been beautiful before, even breathtaking, but watching him in the grips of pleasure, watching him submit to his most basic desires, it was as if he was looking upon the face of the highest power in the whole fucking universe.

A shaky smirk finds its way across Kirk’s lips, before it is quickly wiped off by a new wave of pleasure as his Alpha stimulates a spot inside him, his hips never cease moving. Their orgasms slowly build, both knowing that they will not be as intense as before, both letting out a shaky exhale as it slowly washes over them, their minds whiting out in bliss. Khan milks out the pleasure for as long as he can, before finally, his hips cease, lowering himself onto his mate. It only takes a few minutes before they are recovered, the Augment lifting his upper body to smile down at his mate. The Captain smiles back, before horror crosses his face, hiding his burning flesh with his hands.

“That was bigger than the last one,” he moans, his ears turning bright red. “I’m going to need a fucking enema to get clean.”

“Sorry,” the Alpha/Beta murmurs, kissing his cheek in apology.

Kirk pulls his hands away, glaring.

“Augmented, my ass,” he mutters. “You have to be a fucking sex machine to have a larger load for your second orgasm than your first did. Do you like making a mess of my ass or something?”

“As long as I am the only one allowed to do so,” Khan replies cheekily.

The Omega flushes, turning his head away. The dark haired male kisses his cheek softly, murmuring an apology.

“I can start wearing a condom if you do not like the mess that much,” he offers.

Kirk shakes his head, turning back to his Alpha.

“I, I don’t mind the mess,” he says quietly, his eyes staring at the ceiling just to the right of his mate’s head, his cheeks darkening. “Yeah, it’s a pain in the ass to clean up, but I, I like knowing that you have an, an internal mark of claim, one that only we know about.”

His glacial blue eyes flick to his Alpha’s arctic blue ones, his gaze soft. He looks away, but turns his head back, locking eyes. He wraps his arms around the dark haired male’s neck, locking his wrists. He takes a few steadying breaths, his eyes closed, before opening them and continuing.

“It makes me feel, it makes me feel as if I’m wanted, that someone wants me enough to mark me externally and internally,” he says softly. “To know that someone cares about me enough to want to, to…”

“Have sex with you,” Khan adds softly.

Kirk nods, swallowing.

“Have sex with me,” he repeats. “No, wrong term of phrase. To make love to me. With me. To care about my wants and needs and even put them ahead of their own. To desire to embrace me, hold me, never let me go. To care about me enough to spend hours exploring my body while I scream myself hoarse as they lick my ears.”

The Augment smiles softly, letting his mate continue.

“To know that they want to break me down to my atoms and build me back up with their fingerprints on every molecule of my being,” the blond says quietly. “To know that they will follow me to the ends of the universe and beyond. To know that they will do anything and everything to prove their love for me.”

Tears spill down his cheeks as he tugs his Alpha down, resting their foreheads together as his mate’s tears splash onto his cheeks.

“To know that they will say the two hardest things anyone can say to another person without hesitation to me, and mean it,” he whispers.

“‘I love you’ and ‘I am sorry,’” Khan murmurs, touching his Omega’s cheek.

Kirk nods, trembling.

“And I know I can say them back without any hesitation, and mean it,” he whispers.

The Augment lightly presses his lips to his mate’s, their tears mixing on the blond’s flushed cheeks.

“And I know that they care about me enough to leave a mess inside me and listen to me ramble because I’m upset that my sheets are going to be ruined when they pull out after six orgasms,” he finishes.

Khan chuckles, kissing the tip of the Captain’s nose.

“I would listen to you ramble any time,” he murmurs softly. “And I will buy you new sheets, alright love?”

Kirk smiles, flushing at the use of the pet name, but not from embarrassment.

“Since the sheets are already ruined,” he says quietly.

The Augment understands and pulls his mate into his lap as he sits up, resting on his heels.

“Oh god,” the Omega whispers, feeling his mate’s seed move down inside him.

He clings to his Alpha tightly, whimpering as it puts pressure on his already sensitive walls, the Alpha/Beta inhaling sharply as he feels the phantom pain inside him. Wanting to relieve his mate’s pain quickly, the dark haired male slowly lifts him up, stopping when only his head inside him.

“Yes?” He asks quietly.

Kirk gives a jerky nod, inhaling sharply as his Alpha completely pulls out, clinging tightly as it spills out of him. Khan inhales sharply when he realizes just how much there was, profusely apologizing in his mate’s ear. When Kirk is sure that there is no more inside him, he pulls away and looks down, eyes widening.

“Holy fuck, that came from you?” He asks incredulously.

“I am startled myself,” the Alpha/Beta replies, his gaze downward as well.

The next comment from his Omega has the Augment giggling uncontrollably, tears rolling down his cheeks.

“Fuck, you know how to fill a guy up,” Kirk says without thinking.

He begins to giggle as well, pulling his mate into a tight hug. They pull away, the blond wiping away his Alpha’s tears with his thumbs, tracing his high cheekbones.

“Only you can,” Khan says softly, his eyes crinkling around the corners as he smiles.

“Only I can,” Kirk murmurs in response, smiling back.

He leans in and brushes his lips over the dark haired male’s, lingering. He pulls away and slips out of his mate’s embrace, standing on the side of the bed. He extends his hand with a soft smile, the Augment taking it without hesitation, a smile on his lips as well. He stands and tugs his Omega to him, wrapping his arms around him as he kisses him again.

“Just promise me no round four in the shower, ‘kay?” Kirk asks, looking up into his Alpha’s eyes.

“Fuck no,” is Khan’s response, looking horrified at the idea.

“That’s what I thought,” the blond confirms.


Khan keeps his promise, though Kirk lingers in the shower to make sure that he is fully clean inside and out. Khan tosses the scraps of what were their clothes in the trash, pulling off the ruined sheets and the rest of the set that was with it. The Augment had to admit, he did like the sheets, a blue-gray in color that was a microfiber weave, and there were a lot of good memories in them. He has an idea, tearing off a small square about the size of his palm. He stores it in the bedside table, disposing the rest of them in the trash. He hears the incinerator kick in when it detects that the container is full, vaporizing the contents into ash. He moves back into the bedroom, dressing in clothes almost identical to the ones he had on, only the shirt is navy in color. A quick glance at the chrono shows that he does have enough time to cook dinner for the two of them, tugging his socks before heading back into the front half of the apartment, descending the three steps the led to the bedroom. He moves to the moderately sized kitchen, a feature Kirk chose for the fact that they both loved to cook.

As he begins to prepare their food, the Alpha/Beta stiffens when arms suddenly wrap around his waist, relaxing into his mate’s embrace once he realizes who it was.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” Kirk asks softly, pulling away.

Khan turns to look at his mate, smiling in approval of his appearance.

The blond is wearing a long sleeve white shirt under a short sleeve navy shirt, the exact same color as his mate’s, jeans, and the necklace the Augment gave him.

It is a sterling silver inch wide Celtic yin yang pendant, the one Khan had been hiding from Marcus for nine months until Kirk’s Heat closest to the ancient holiday of Christmas, leaving it on the pillow next to his slumbering mate before leaving. It was ironically when he gave his mate another present, one they would not receive for another sixty-seven weeks, three days.

He gently touches the pendant, his Omega’s hand coming up to brush against his. They lock eyes, smiles spreading across their lips at the meaning behind the simple piece of jewelry only they can understand.

“I did indeed,” the dark haired male replies softly, extending his arm.

Kirk steps into his embrace, tipping his head back to kiss his mate softly.

“I did too,” he murmurs back.

They rub noses affectionately, chuckling softly. The blond steps out of his embrace, but Khan holds him back.

“Can I hear it, one more time?” He asks softly.

Kirk smiles and opens the bond, allowing his Alpha to hear the tiny heart beat rapidly inside his womb. He allows him to feel their child growing cell by cell, feel their tiny neurons firing. The Augment sinks to his knees to kiss his mate’s flat abdomen, holding his hips in his hands. He murmurs softly in Hindi, words of praise that spill forth from his lips. The blond smiles and plays with his mate’s perfect hair, feeling his love and awe flood their bond. Khan lifts up his mate’s shirts to press a tender kiss to the skin below his navel, stroking his the top curves of his hips with his thumbs.

“I love you, James,” he breathes against his skin.

“I love you too, Noonien,” is the blond’s reply.

The expectant father kisses the mother of his unborn child’s belly again, murmuring softly.

“And I love you, little one,” he murmurs, hoping their child can hear him.

“I’m sure they can,” Kirk murmurs, smiling.

Chapter Text

Khan’s lips linger on his mate’s abdomen, a few tears splashing onto his skin.

“Beautiful,” he breathes. “Absolutely beautiful.”

Kirk smiles and runs his fingers through his Alpha’s hair, feeling that even slicked back, the strands are soft and silky.

“What are you making for dinner?” He asks softly.

“Chicken makhani, saffron basmati rice, and fresh naan bread,” Khan murmurs against his Omega’s stomach.

“Going back to your roots, huh?” The blond asks, loving the fact he can play with his mate’s jet black hair.

“Of course,” he replies, smiling. “But you also love the cuisine of my childhood, the staples of my culture.”

“You mean Indian,” the Omega says. “You could say Indian.”

“I am Sihk,” Khan replies, his fingers stroking his mate’s skin, lips pressed against his abdomen. “Do not let the British accent fool you.”

“With the last name of Singh kinda gave it away,” Kirk teases, continuing to play with his Alpha’s hair. “And the bond. Is it cruel that I prefer the new you over the old you?”

“No,” the Augment murmurs, nuzzling his belly with his cheek.

“I mean appearance wise,” the Captain explains.

“No,” he replies again.

Kirk tips his head down to look at his mate, his hand pausing. The dark haired male flicks his gaze up, a smile tugging on his lips.

“The new me is better in every way,” he responds, kissing his Omega’s abdomen. “And that is a fact.”

Khan rises to his feet, pulling his shirt down as he stands, kissing his mate’s lips.

“Do not feel sorry that you prefer one version of me over another,” he murmurs. “For I feel the same way.”

Kirk smiles and kisses back, wrapping his arms around his Alpha’s waist. He pulls away suddenly, his eyes wide.

“Maeve is awake?” He asks, blinking in surprise. “And Bones has taken her as his mate?”

The Alpha/Beta smiles, kissing the tip of his mate’s nose as he chuckles softly.

“There were seventy-four cryotubes on the Botany Bay when Marcus awoken me,” He explains, smiling. “I had hidden Maeve’s cryotube, allowing me to awaken her and sneak her out from under his nose, never knowing that she was there the whole time. As far as he knows, there were seventy-three cryotubes on my ship.”

“Because Bones loved her from the moment he laid eyes on her,” the Omega says quietly. “That way, he’s not alone.”

“That is one reason,” the Alpha/Beta corrects. “The other is that Maeve is a Doctor, who knows how to handle injuries inflicted on Augments.”

“But you’re the only Augment who was awakened,” Kirk says, frowning. “Besides the two of you, there aren’t any more Augments.”

Khan hesitates, clearly holding something back.

“Am I wrong?” The blond asks, slightly worried.

“Yes, and no,” the dark haired male replies slowly, licking his lips. “It is something I do not wish to discuss.”

Kirk nods, understanding his mate’s need for privacy. They have so little of it, and he knows that Khan is use to keeping secrets, it was how he was raised, unlike himself who had grown up where people were brutally honest, never softening the blow.

It was ironic that he himself had kept a secret for twenty years, something he had never done before.

“You were scared,” the Augment says softly, tightening his grip. “You were just a child when it happened.”

The Omega rests his head into the crook of his Alpha’s neck, inhaling his scent.

“Doesn’t mean I still don’t feel guilty,” he says quietly.

Khan presses a soft kiss to his forehead, murmuring softly in Hindi.

“Oh, shut up,” Kirk growls, glaring at the cage sitting on the raised counter.

The Alpha/Beta laughs, shaking his head.

“They cannot understand you,” he says quietly, releasing his mate.

“It makes me feel better,” the blond mutters, still glaring at the cage.

Their two tribbles reside in the cage, on a tiny golden blond one that could fit in the palm of Khan’s hand, the other a jet black one the size of his head. The tiny gold one, Tiberius, is far more curious about the world around it than it’s much larger counter part, Noonien, who is fiercely protective of its “mate.” Tiberius is currently squishing itself against the bars, purring curiously while Noonien hovers over it, purring louder almost warningly. Kirk pulls away completely and moves around the counter to sit in the raised chairs, sitting beside the cage. Tiberius is instantly on the side nearest to him, trying to force itself through the bars. The blond slips a finger through the bars, gently stroking its fur. The tribble purrs louder, causing the couple to smile.

Khan resumes preparing dinner, their bond still thrumming long after their bodies had stopped. He flicks his gaze upwards occasionally, smiling when he locks eyes with his Omega. Kirk flushes lightly under the attention, his smile shy as he looks down, slightly embarrassed. The Alpha/Beta chuckles at his mate’s reaction, shaking his head slightly as he continues to work. He flicks his gaze up, smirking as he feels something through their bond.

“There are saltines in the pantry and hummus in the refrigerator,” he informs his mate.

“Oh thank god,” Kirk praises, the sheer look of relief on his face causes Khan to grin.

The Captain is instantly pulling out the food, sitting back at the island as he opens the products. The look of absolute bliss when the food hits his tongue is enough to cause his mate to laugh, swearing that he is about to have another orgasm right then and there.

“You wish,” the blond mutters, flushing.

“I am surprised that you did not ask earlier,” the Augment muses, reaching for a spoon. “That was rather aerobic sex, even for myself. And you had double the orgasms I experienced.”

“I sort of dozed off in the shower,” the Omega admits, accepting the spoon so he can mix the contents of the hummus. “I was surprised that I didn’t pass out during our little workout.”

Khan snorts in derision, shaking his head.

“Shut up,” Kirk snaps, pointing the spoon accusingly at his mate.

The dark haired male just smirks at his Omega, before shaking his head and resuming to prepare dinner.

“Just make sure you do not ruin your appetite,” he requests.

This time, the blond snorts in derision.

“I could eat my body weight in food right now and still be hungry,” he mutters, nibbling on a saltine.

Khan pauses, lifting his head to look at his mate, an eyebrow raised in confusion. Kirk mutters something under his breath before shoving the cracker in his mouth, flushing furiously. Both eyebrows go up in surprise, before he shakes his head, baffled by his mate’s reactions. He continues his work, eventually reaching a point where he can clean up the mess on the counter, as he needs to wait before continuing onto the next step. He scrubs the cutting board and knives clean, glancing over his shoulder at his Omega.

“Would you like something to drink?” He asks, knowing full well that his answer will be something non-alcoholic.

“Sparkling cider?” Kirk asks hesitantly.

The Augment smiles and nods, requesting two glasses of the drink out of respect for his mate. The blond blushes lightly, accepting the glass as his Alpha sits in the chair beside him.

“You know you are allowed to have alcohol around me,” he says quietly, swirling the contents of the glass. “You don’t get drunk.”

“Yes, but the fumes alone are enough to have you intoxicated,” the dark haired male replies, sipping his glass. “I have seen people with low tolerances for alcohol, but it is a first to meet someone with absolutely no tolerance at all.”

“It occurs in all Pure Omegas,” Kirk explains. “Omegas have a low tolerance for alcohol and pretty much every substance that can be used recreationally. Canary in a coal mine, except the coal mine is the entire fucking universe.”

“Canary in a what?” Khan asks, blinking in surprise.

“You’ve never heard that phrase before?” The blond asks, a little baffled.

The Augment shakes his head, clearly confused.

“It was back in the early twentieth century, when people had to mine the coal by hand, that they would bring canaries down into the coal mine,” the Omega begins. “There was carbon monoxide in the tunnels, and the birds would get sick sooner than the miners would, as they were more sensitive to the gas. Canary in a coal mine means that they are sensitive to things than most people.”

The Alpha/Beta’s eyes are wide, shocked at the cruelty of humans towards innocent animals.

“Not one of humans’ finest moments in history,” Kirk agrees, sipping his drink.

Khan blinks a few times, shaking his head slightly as he sips his drink.

“Definitely not,” he murmurs, crossing his legs.

He looks down when a hand is placed on his thigh, lifting his head back up just in time to meet his Omega’s lips. The Augment places his glass down so he can frame his mate’s face, tipping his head slightly to deepen the kiss. The Captain curls his fingers into the muscle of his Alpha’s thigh, fully content to have him lead. Khan sweeps his thumbs over the blond’s cheeks, tracing his jaw. He slips a hand into his golden blond hair, tightening his grip slightly. His other hand moves to his neck, wrapping his fingers around it, his thumb resting over his Adam’s apple in possession. Kirk makes a show of swallowing, feeling his mate’s thumb rub his skin gently.

They pull away to catch their breath, foreheads resting against each other. The Omega’s hands are resting on his mate’s thighs, his fingernails digging into his skin. The Captain leans back in to brush his lips over his Alpha’s, the Augment meeting him halfway. Their lips part, moving in unison as their hands gently roam each other’s bodies, but not in a sensual manner. Their touch is tender, loving, gentle strokes that are not designed to cause arousal, but on a far deeper level of intimacy. They know each other’s touches as well as they do their own, able to feel what the other feels, knowing what something feels like to them.

Khan cups the base of his Omega’s head, stroking the top of his spine his thumb. Kirk lets out a soft hum, inching his hands up his mate’s thighs to his waist.

He does not make it any further than his hips for the door rings, both groaning in disappointment. The Augment picks his mate’s lips thrice before reluctantly letting him go, watching him move to the door. When Kirk answers it, he is not surprised by the pair standing at his doorstep, though he is surprised that his Alpha forgot to mention them. Khan swears softly in Hindi, clearly having forgotten that he had invited his sister and her mate over for dinner.

“I hope you don’t mind,” Maeve says, her wild flame red curls framing her face. “But we’ve brought over some food as well.”

Standing about three inches taller than McCoy, Maeve was Irish through and through, pale skin, freckles across the bridge of her nose, and emerald green eyes so bright they practically shone. The Augment is tall and slender, and her already superior intellect is only enhanced by her Beta DNA, almost pure enough to classify her as a Pure Blood. She is a fast learner, able to repeat things exactly after seeing, or hearing them, only once. She was adaptive, almost unnaturally so, and her perfect memory allowed her to be able to diagnose and treat injuries and illnesses, even if she had only read them in a textbook. When Maeve had been awoken, McCoy had been smitten by her, but it was she who made the first move, much to her brother’s surprise.

And speaking of McCoy, the Doctor is almost bouncing with glee beside his mate, a pitcher in his hand. Maeve has a casserole dish in her long pale fingers, the nails clipped short.

“What’s in the dish?” Kirk asks, nodding to it.

“Homemade cottage pie,” the Irishwoman explains. “And when I mean homemade, I mean homemade.”

“Wait, you made everything from scratch?” The blond asks, surprised.

“Flour, beef stock, tomato purée, Worchester sauce, milk, butter, and even the cheese,” she replies with a grin.

“Since when did you have the time?” The Omega asks, letting them pass.

“There are machines that can speed up the processes,” the redhead laughs, placing the dish on the counter. “As well as the southern sweet tea in Leonard’s pitcher.”

Kirk glares at his mate, slightly annoyed that he had forgotten to tell him that they were having company.

“I was distracted,” Khan mutters, glaring back.

“I know you were,” McCoy growls, turning to his Captain. “You need to work at cleaning yourself harder, Jim. I can smell you four orgasms on you, as well as Khan’s two.”

The blond flushed, embarrassed that his Doctor can smell what he and his Alpha had just been doing. The dark haired male flushes lightly, but smiles, shaking his head.

“Shall we continue with dinner, sister?” The Alpha/Beta asks, rising to his feet

“Of course, dear brother,” Maeve replies, following him into the kitchen. “You two can sit down and drink tea while we cook.”

“Yes, ma’am,” the brunet says, causing the Omega to laugh.

The two humans sit down at the counter, the Augments resuming to cook dinner. They chatter rapidly in several languages, flicking back and forth so rapidly that it would have made Uhura’s head spin, but Kirk knows the languages as well as his mate, sharing knowledge across their bond. He keeps up with them, listening to how informal his Alpha is with his sibling.

“Uh, Bones? What the fuck are you doing?” Kirk asks, leaning away as McCoy sniffs his collar.

“You smell, weird,” he mutters, pulling away.

“As you said, you can smell the sex on us,” the blond snaps, blushing.

The Doctor shakes his head, licking his lips.

“It’s not that,” he says. “That only masks your scent. This, this is embedded in your scent, but I don’t-holy shit!”

He gapes at his Captain, Maeve’s jaw dropping at the same time as it clicks.

“Last Heat,” the Omega says quietly, a shy smile on his lips.

The two Betas blink before grinning like fools, their eyes sparkling.

“Congratulations, Jim,” the Doctor says, clapping his friend on the shoulder with a vigorous shake. “If anyone deserves to be happy, it’s you two. You’ve been through a lot of shit, and I know that you both really want this.”

Maeve is shaking her brother hard enough that the knife is in danger of slipping out of his hand, so he puts it down, allowing her to shake him as she babbles in a multitude of languages, grinning. Most of them are congratulations, others are about her excitement of having a niece or nephew.

“Crap,” Kirk swears, just realizing something. “Our child is going to have seventy-three aunts and uncles.”

Khan simply laughs, shaking his head yet again.

“They will be spoiled rotten by my siblings,” the Alpha/Beta agrees. “Dear god, your crew will be insufferable during our five-year mission.”

The Omega blinks, startled by the news.

“You’re, you’re going on the five-year mission?” He asks, his eyes wide.

“I have no intention of staying behind while my mate and child go galloping across the galaxy and never see them again for five years,” the dark haired male replies. “And I have no intention of staying behind while you go to Nibiru and risk your life, again.”

“Wait, what?” Kirk demands, his eyes narrowed.

Khan grimaces, looking away, a light blush on his cheeks.

“Since when are you going to be on the Enterprise when you weren’t there before?” The Captain growls, annoyed. “And you didn’t tell me?”

“So I am not on Earth when the, events, begin,” the dark haired male says quietly.

The blond flinches slightly, understanding why. He reaches out for his Alpha’s hand, who touches his. They linger, before pulling away to continue their tasks.

“Oh, and since we are on the subject,” Maeve says. “I’ll be joining too. I’m not leaving this one alone.”

McCoy laughs, grinning.

“Do you not trust him or something?” Kirk asks, sipping his tea.

“Oh, I trust him,” the redhead says. “I trust him as far as I can throw him, but I know he will get into a shit ton of trouble if I’m not around to save his ass. And this one,” she points a finger accusingly at her sibling. “Will charge headlong into danger without fear of the consequences for you and I’m the only one who can stich him up due to our altered anatomy.”

“So, I don’t have a choice,” the Captain states.

“Damn straight,” the Augments say in unison.

Kirk smiles and shakes his head, resuming to drink his tea.

“I’ve been dying to ask this, but what the bloody hell are those?” The Irishwoman asks, pointing to Tiberius and Noonien.

“Tribbles,” McCoy says. “Useless balls of fur that are born pregnant and reproduce worse than rabbits if you feed them too often. They’ll beg for food, but if you ignore them, they’ll quiet down. The only redeeming quality about them is their purring is very soothing.”

Maeve eyes the tribbles warily, not sure what to make of them.

“Say, why are there two?” The Doctor asks, curious.

“I had to take them both,” the Omega explains. “Noonien, the black one, is protective of its mate, Tiberius, the gold one. Tiberius loves to explore the world, so we let it out on the bedroom floor to explore. Noonien just follows it and protects it from any danger that it thinks might occur. At the pet store, I really wanted the gold one, but when I took it out, the black one made the most horrendous noise. When I put Tiberius back into the cage, it just cuddled up next to Noonien and, for lack of a better term, soothed its fears away.”

“So, your relationship in tribble form,” the brunet concludes.

The expectant couple nods, smiling at each other.

“Dinner is about ready,” Khan says. “How about you and Leonard set the table for us?”

“Since you guys did the cooking,” Kirk says, smiling. “I think that’s a fair trade.”

The humans set the table as the Augments finish up preparing dinner, placing it in a family style dinner. The conversation was idle, current events, the pros and cons of something in this time and in the past, events in their lives, just light talk. Even with all the food that was prepared, most of it is devoured, maybe a three or four servings left in total. The Betas offer to help clean up, but the couple residing in the apartment shoo them away, as they were their guests. Kirk cleans up the dishes, as his mate had cooked, while Khan pulls out the spare sheets and remakes the bed. The Omega can pick up the sounds of his mate humming softly in the bedroom, smiling at how easily they can slip into domesticity.

Once he is done cleaning up after dinner, the blond heads to the back half of the apartment, crawling onto the bed so he can lay beside his mate. The Alpha/Beta puts down his PADD and rolls onto his side, pulling his Omega to him, wrapping his arms around his waist as he cocoons his mate with his body. Kirk draws his knees up so the Augment can curl around him, bending his head forward so the dark haired male can press tender kisses to the back of his neck. The Captain feels his mate’s hands rub his belly tenderly, murmuring soft words of praise against his skin. The blond hums softly, tangling their fingers together as he presses closer to his Alpha’s warmer body. The couple just lays there, content to not move for the rest of their lives. Their bond thrums between them, relishing the closeness they have been craving for a long time.

“Two days,” Khan murmurs against his mate’s skin. “Two days and we will be far away from Earth.”

“And ten days until your birthday,” Kirk murmurs, a note of sadness in his voice.

The dark haired male pauses in his kiss, his Omega’s scent filling his nostrils.

He knows that Kirk can see his past through their bond, something that is unavoidable, but it still makes him feel guilty. His past is something that should be shoved into the back of a closet, locked in a trunk, inside six more trunks just to be sure, each chained and padlocked, and then incinerated. It is something that should never be exposed to anything at any time, nor seen by anyone’s eyes, not even his own. When the bond formed, his past was laid out before his mate, his soul a twisted grotesque, warped monstrosity that was an unsightly and repulsive atrocity. It thrived off the darkest and most vile feelings of the human consciousness, a savage, wild, uncontrolled thing.

But his Sun, his Savior, changed that demonic entity into something that could be called human.

His blackened soul chose Stardate 2259.55 to put his plan into effect, his two hundred eighty-ninth birthday, so he could die. He thought it was a fitting end, a sort of birthday gift to himself, the end of his enemies, the end of himself.

He had nothing to lose, no one to mourn his loss.

But fate threw him a curveball.

An Angel punching him in the face.

“This time,” Kirk says softly, rubbing the back of his mate’s hands. “This time, things will be different.”

Khan kisses his Omega’s neck, agreeing with him.

“It will be different,” he murmurs against his skin. “It will be different.”

He rests his forehead against his mate’s neck, letting their scent wash over them.

“Do you ever miss being in our reality?” The blond asks quietly.

“What do you mean?” The dark haired male asks, nuzzling his mate’s neck.

“Do you ever miss not having to hide what we are, that we are not human?” Kirk asks. “That we have lived through our lives to this point twice?”

He curls up slightly, sighing.

“I know there are others from our reality who are here with us,” he continues. “But there are so few that we actually know, personally. That understand what we are going through. To know what it feels like to be twice as our physical age.”

“In my case, I am twenty times my physical age,” the Augment clarifies. “And whether you are twenty-six, sixty, or even three hundred, you are still the most beautiful creature in the universe.”

“Biased,” the blond mutters.

“Horribly,” Khan murmurs against his Omega’s skin.

He continues to kiss his mate’s neck, mouthing gently at his spine. The blond’s hips slowly begin to roll, a slow, sensual motion that is doing nothing to help with the ever-growing tightness of the dark haired male’s pants. Their breathing grows heavy, the Augment trailing his hand down to cup between his mate’s legs as they slowly uncurl to allow for more movement. Kirk rubs against the hand, his own reaching back to grab his Alpha’s hips for better leverage. Khan expertly undoes the button and zipper on his Omega’s jeans with one hand, snaking said hand in to draw out his mate. The blond gasps softly as his large hand wraps around him, pushing up into the touch. The Alpha/Beta slowly strokes the hardened flesh, slick with his mate’s fluids to allow a smooth glide. The Augment pulls his hips away to undo his own pants, Kirk understanding and grabs the waistband of his jeans, pushing him down to the middle of his thighs. The hand the dark haired male does not have on his mate moves up to press against his lips, the blond opening his mouth to accept the two fingers. He coats them with his saliva, before releasing them with a soft plop, feeling them slip between his legs and gently push inwards.

He relaxes into the touch, allowing his Alpha to make sure than he can accept him without any pain, ceasing the motion of his hips as his mate pulls his hand away, waiting. Khan slides between his cheeks, moving just a few times to make sure he can glide easily, before angling and sliding home. Kirk’s eyes roll into the back of his head at how deep his mate is slipping inside, a soft moan spilling from his lips. The Augment grunts at just how tight his Omega is, moving slowly to make sure he does not injure him. Once he is fully seated inside, he waits for the blond’s permission to move, peppering soft kisses on his skin.

He does not have to wait long before his mate nods his head, slowly pumping his hips in and out. Kirk’s breath hitches with each inward push, his head lolling back to rest on his mate’s shoulder, as his eyelids fluttering closed. Even though it feels good for his Omega, Khan is not receiving the necessary stimuli to push himself closer to the edge. Carefully, he maneuvers his mate onto his hands and knees, the two of them still tied. Kirk looks over his shoulder, almost as if he was waiting for him. Not wanting to disappoint, the Augment presses his chest flush with his mate’s back, one hand tangling with the blond’s on the bed, the other wrapping around his waist. He continues to roll his hips, feeling how deep he is going inside. The Captain is panting softly now, his arms trembling at the strain of holding himself up. The dark haired male slowly lowers him onto his elbows, keeping his arm securely around his waist, his hips never pausing. He presses his cheeks against his Omega’s, feeling the heat rise off his skin.

Soft whimpers spill from the blond’s lips, panting a little harder now. Khan’s breathing is the same, tightening his grip on his mate’s hand.

“Touch me, please,” Kirk whispers, his voice trembling.

The Augment reluctantly releases the grip on the Captain’s hand, sliding his hand down his chest to wrap around his mate. The blond nearly jerks out of his grasp, but the dark haired male tightens his grip around his mate’s waist. The Omega is trembling, salivating at being caught between two excruciatingly good stimuli. He jerks forward to slide through the hand wrapped around him, pushing back at where he is spread open, unable to decide which one felt better. He is moaning softly now, mewls sporadically making themselves known, spurring his Alpha on. Khan murmurs softly against his ear, doing his best to not stimulate the sensitive organ as he angles his hips to glide deeper into his Omega, the noises of the creature beneath him doing nothing to calm his raging desires.

Last thing he needs is his mate having a sexual break down when he is caught between three stimuli.

Their orgasms suddenly descend on them, a soft rise and ebb of bliss that gently whites out their minds, soft exhales spilling past their lips. Their orgasms fade to nothing, leaving them more sated than exhausted. The Augment gently slips out, reaching for the tissues to clean themselves up. Kirk hums with approval, his eyes closed as his mate manipulates his body to remove the evidence of their actions. The dark haired male pulls up Omega’s pants and closes the fly, kissing his cheek softly before fixing himself. He disposes of the tissues, crawling back into bed with his satisfied mate, brushing his cheek softly.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Noonien,” Kirk says softly.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, James,” Khan replies softly.

“Just promise me one thing,” the blond requests. “No more sex for the next month.”

“Done,” the Alpha/Beta agrees.


Khan swears internally as he tugs on the sleeves of his flight suit, wondering how he got himself into this mess.

He was a planner, always thinking thirty steps ahead, no matter what the situation was.

But when that situation involved his mate, he flew by the seat of his pants.

And now, he is walking through the crowded shuttle hangar with a PADD tucked under his arm, silently praying that a Section 31 Officer was not among the Starfleet personnel currently around him.

He spots the golden hair of his mate just ahead of him, picking up his pace. The Augment spots his sister also heading towards his mate, dressed in a flight suit as well. The dark haired male raises an eyebrow, a slight smirk on his face. Maeve smirks as well, picking up her pace.

The Alpha/Beta reaches Kirk first, politely grabbing his attention.

“Captain Kirk?” He asks, standing at a respectable distance.

The Omega turns around, his Captain-ly persona in full effect.

“Is there something you need help with, Officer?” He asks, an air of authority around him.

“Commander John Harrison,” Khan says, handing his PADD to his mate. “Your new Exobiologist and Astrophysicist.”

Kirk takes the PADD and reads over the transfer request, skimming the words.

“Impressive service record,” he murmurs, scribbling his signature.

He hands the tablet back, turning to Maeve.

“Lieutenant Commander Maeve O’Riley,” the redhead says. “Attending physician at Starfleet Medical.”

She hands the blond her PADD, who looks over it with a critical eye.

“Your service record is also impressive,” he says, signing as well.

He hands her PADD back, looking over them both.

“You two will be fine additions to my crew,” the Omega says. “Now, if you excuse me, I have a shuttle to get to, and so do you.”

He turns on his heel and heads deeper into the hangar, the two Augments following. Khan cannot help but look his mate up and down, appreciating Starfleet’s requirement of tight fitting uniforms. Kirk gives him a discreet glare over his shoulder, picking up the pace. The dark haired male smiles, quickly wiping it off his face.

When they enter the shuttle, Spock turns his gaze to the trio, and arched eyebrow raised.

“Spock, meet Commander Harrison and Lieutenant Commander O’Riley,” Kirk says. “Our new Exobiologist and Astrophysicist, as well as another Doctor.”

“Captain, it is unheard of for there to be two Commanders on a Federation vessel,” the Vulcan states simply.

The Omega gives a one shouldered shrug, sitting on the other side of the shuttle from his First Officer.

“It is an honor to meet you, Commander Spock,” Khan says, a wide smile on his face as he extends his hand. “I have followed your career since the beginning.”

Spock eyes the hand with the closest thing a Vulcan can get to distaste, causing the Augment to chuckle nervously and pull his hand away. He scratches the back of his head, a light blush on his cheeks.

“May I see your transfer request?” Spock asks flatly, clearly not trusting the new Commander.

The Alpha/Beta reluctantly hands over his PADD, allowing the Vulcan to view his file. He steps aside to let his sister slip past him, heading towards the back of the shuttle. The Augment begins to genuinely fidget, worrying his lower lip.

Kirk can smell his mate’s distress, a scent that was so cloying, it was nauseating. He coughs discreetly, trying to hide his urge to vomit.

“Commander,” Spock says finally. “Your file states that you specialize in Exobiology and Astrophysics, but you also have a background in Meteorology, Engineering, Xenolinguistics, Anatomy, Exopsychology, Exosociology, and Quantum Mechanics. Is this correct?”

“Yes, sir,” Khan says.

“And you have been in Starfleet for nineteen years,” Spock states.

“Yes, sir,” the Alpha/Beta says again, still fidgeting.

Kirk worries his lower lip, waiting for his First Officer’s decision. His mate is in serious distress, and he cannot comfort him.

Spock finally nods, handing back the tablet. The dark haired male visibly deflates, moving to sit beside his mate. Kirk is in the seat furthest from the aisle, Khan sitting to his left. The Augment rests his hand on the arm rest, the blond brushing his fingers discreetly over his mate’s.

‘Will you be okay with taking off?’ Kirk asks, pulling his hand away. ‘I know you don’t like flying, and I can’t hold your hand.’

‘I will be alright,’ Khan replies, his gaze flicking to the Vulcan. ‘I hope.’

McCoy enters the shuttle, looking grumpier than usual. He spots Maeve, frowning at the appearance of his mate. The Captain can hear the Doctor bouncing around in his skull with sheer glee, a smile tugging on his lips at his friend’s happiness. The brunet drops himself into the seat beside the redhead, interrogating her. The four of them know it is just an act, but it looks and sounds very real.

‘I love you,’ Kirk thinks softly.

‘I love you too,’ Khan thinks back.

They touch middle and index fingers lightly, a Vulcan kiss, trying to be discreet.

And somehow, the ever vigilant Vulcan gaze misses the little piece of his culture.

Chapter Text

The couple parts hands when the blond hears his crew’s thoughts approach the shuttle, not wanting to get caught. The Augment begins to work on his PADD, fingers flying over the screen. The shuttle begins to fill with crew from the Enterprise, saying “Hello” to their Captain. Kirk gives nods to his crew, picking up his own PADD to check over his mission parameters. His gaze flicks to his mate occasionally, meeting his gaze.

Normally, he would blush, but that is not what Starfleet Captains do, especially towards subordinates. As a Captain, he kept a tight reign on his emotions, but as an Omega, he was ruled by them. Alphas followed instinct while Betas followed logic, but Omegas were highly emotional creatures. And the stress of being a Captain had him nearly bursting into tears on the bridge and during staff meeting back in their reality during their five-year mission, but he kept them in check.

Most of the time.

The shuttle pilot announces that they have been cleared for take off, the engines beginning to power up. The shuttle smoothly lifts off the ground and glides out of the hangar, only the soft whine of the thrusters giving away that they were no longer on the ground. Kirk can feel his heart rate pick up in response to his mate’s, smelling his fear. He tangles his fingers with his Alpha’s squeezing lightly. Khan glances at his Omega, his arctic blue eyes soft.

‘Thank you,’ the Alpha/Beta thinks softly.

‘Your thanks isn’t necessary,’ the blond replies, still looking at his PADD. ‘You’d do the same for me.’

‘I would indeed,’ the Augment responds.

The dark haired male flips his hand over so their palms kiss, their wrists pressed against each other. The two scent glands on the inside of their wrists rub against each other, stimulating them to release their unique, shared scent.

Peaches, raspberries, vanilla, honey, and sweet cream came from Khan, while Kirk contributed cocoa, butter, sugar, milk, rich dark chocolate, fresh strawberries, lavender, wood burning fires, pine trees, cinnamon, and thunderstorms.

At least, that was what the couple could identify.

Khan’s scent by itself had three layers, the top the scents that displayed his emotions, the middle his scents that were unique to himself and identified his gender, and the base was his pheromones that responded to others.

But Kirk’s scent was more complex than any other scent either had come across.

With at least seven different layers, the Omega’s scent had very few smells that either could identify right off the bat, as the rest were complex and abstract concepts that had no reason to be scents at all. He did have the same three layers as his Alpha, as did every human in their reality, but Kirk’s scent was by far one of the strangest anyone had encountered.

The couple discreetly inhales their scent, parting hands as they approach Starbase 1. They dock with the Enterprise, the pair disembarking and parting ways to head to their separate quarters. Kirk changes into his standard duty uniform, catching a glance of his reflection in his full-length mirror before he pulls on his back undershirt. He pauses, turning to the mirror to examine himself from the side. The blond runs a hand over his still flat abdomen, wondering how he will explain to his crew he is pregnant once he begins to show.

How will he tell them that he is not “human,” and that he is from another reality?

How will they react?

The Omega wraps his arms around himself, sitting on the edge of his queen-sized bed. He wants to cry, wants to crawl into bed with his mate and not move, wants his Alpha to hold him, to cradle him, to kiss away his fears, to make the bad things go away.

But he can’t.

He is the Captain of the USS Enterprise, he has to be strong for his crew.

That doesn’t mean he wants to.


When he enters the bridge, he receives Chekov’s usual “Keptin on the bridge,” something he has grown use to. The faces of his bridge crew are familiar, ones he knows as well as his own.

But another familiar face is on his bridge, one that makes his heart flutter.

“Commander Harrison,” Kirk says, nodding to his mate. “Welcome to my bridge.”

“Thank you, Captain,” Khan says, a small smile on his face.

The blond nods and takes his chair, his air of authority returning after wavering slightly.

“Lieutenant Sulu,” Kirk begins. “Have we been cleared for departure?”

“Affirmative, Captain,” the Helmsman says.

“Then Mr. Sulu, take us out,” the Captain orders.

“Aye, Captain,” Sulu says.

The Lieutenant proceeds to retract the moorings and inform Dock Command of their departure, transmitting the usual exit information.

“Mr. Scott, do we have warp?” Kirk asks his Chief Engineer.

“Warp ready at your command, Captain,” Scott informs him.

“Mr. Chekov, set course for Nibiru,” the blond orders.

“Course laid in, Keptin,” Chekov informs him once his task is complete.

“Punch it,” Kirk says.

The high pitched whine of the warp core fills the ship, stars on the edge of the viewport beginning to create trails. The starship elegantly slips into warp, her mission underway.

“What is our ETA, Mr. Chekov?” The Omega asks.

“At our current warp, fifty-eight-point-four-three hours, Keptin,” the Ensign replies.

The Captain nods, leaning back into his chair.

“Lieutenant Uhura, give me shipwide,” he says.

“Channel open, sir,” she says after complying.

Kirk address the crew, giving a brief outline of their mission before saying a few words of encouragement.

Khan cannot help but admire his mate, watching the Yang side of him come out in full force out of the corner of his eye. He may be a Pure Omega and pregnant, at that moment, he is definitely giving off the air of a Pure Alpha.

A smile tugs on the Augment’s lips, but he forces it back, discretely turning back to his console. He begins his duties as a secondary Science Officer, knowing full well that he is under the scrutiny of the ever vigilant Vulcan.

Can’t afford to fuck up now.

‘No shit,’ Kirk thinks.

‘Shut up,’ the Alpha/Beta snaps.

The turbo lift doors slide open, an irate McCoy exiting.

“Well, this is an unusual visit,” the Captain teases, glancing over his shoulder.

“You and Commander Harrison need to drag your asses down to medbay in the next two minutes so I can do your damn pre-departure check-ups,” he growls. “And that is an order by the Chief Medical Officer.”

Kirk relinquishes command to his First Officer, the couple following the Beta down to the medbay.

“Bones, what is this about?” The Omega asks, his friend’s thoughts closed off.

“Pre-departure check-ups,” is all McCoy says.

The trio enters the medbay, the Doctor leading them to the exam table that offers the most privacy.

“Both of you hop on it,” he says, gesturing to the table.

The couple follows his orders, sitting beside each other, worry dancing across their bond. The Beta proceeds with his examination, drawing blood from both.

“Doctor, answer honestly,” Khan begins. “Is this truly pre-departure check-ups?”

“It is,” McCoy says. “I need to make sure that you are both fit for duty, and that you can handle the stress of being on a starship. Mated pairs always have a harder time with being on a starship, due to the fact that they not only have their stress to deal with, but their mate’s as well.”

“We have our bond partially closed to hide our relationship,” Kirk says. “Our minds are connected and we can hear each other’s thoughts, but that’s as far as we are connected.”

The Beta nods, labeling the vials of blood.

“Bones, what aren’t you telling us?” The Omega asks quietly.

The Doctor pauses, his gaze flicking between the pair.

“I’m checking for Mating Sickness,” he says quietly.

The blond utters an exclamation of despair under his breath while the Alpha/Beta furrows his brows, puzzled by the term.

“Mating Sickness?” He asks. “I am, not familiar with this disease.”

“Trust me when I say you don’t want to be,” the brunet mutters, waving Maeve over.

He speaks quietly to his mate as he hands her the blood vials, making sure they are not overheard. The redhead nods, moving away quickly to test the vials.

“Doctor, what is Mating Sickness?” The Augment asks.

“It is a very rare disease that occurs in the sixth or twelfth week of pregnancy in Omegas, depending on the secondary gender,” McCoy says, continuing his examination. “Mating Sickness is a misnomer, as it is not caused by a pregnant Omega’s mate. It is caused by the rapid change in hormones during pregnancy, something that even Omega males suffer from. For reasons we still are not sure of, an Omega’s Alpha can even out the hormone fluctuations during pregnancy by just being near them. Mating Sickness occurs when the shifts in hormones become erratic because their Alpha is not there to stabilize them, but the length of time differs from Omega to Omega. And in Pure Omegas, the time is incredibly short, only hours.”

“And what happens if the hormones are not stabilized?” The dark haired male asks.

“Once the fluctuations reach a certain point, the point-of-no-return,” the Doctor says. “Things become a living Hell for the Omega.”

“H-how?” Khan asks, paling slightly.

“The fetus becomes cancerous, toxic to the mother,” Kirk says quietly. “It takes ten minutes for the fetus to become a malignant tumor inside the uterus, and then, less than five minutes for the toxins to flood the entire body of the Omega.”

All the color drains from the Alpha/Beta’s face when the end result hits home, squeezing his mate’s hand.

“There are other things I am checking for,” the brunet says quickly. “But that is my main concern.”

He continues the couple’s examination, ordering Khan off the table so his mate can lie down. The Augment stands beside him as a vigilant sentinel, guarding his Omega and their unborn child. The Captain slips his hand into his Alpha’s, squeezing lightly. The Doctor palpitates his abdomen, the dark haired male watching with a critical eye. McCoy gives his Captain an ultrasound, turning the screen away so the Medbay does not see. He does allow the couple to view the screen, soft smiles gracing their faces. Once the Beta is finished with his through examination of his Captain, he orders the blond off the table and the Alpha/Beta on, allowing him to complete the rest of Khan’s check-up. The Brit voices his displeasure at being poked and prodded with low rumbles, which McCoy ignores, much to his mate’s amusement. The dark haired male lets out a low grunt of annoyance, proceeding to pout like a child. Kirk giggles softly, causing his Alpha to glare at him.

“Your results, Doctor,” Maeve says, handing over the blood work.

The Beta nods to his mate, accepting the PADD and looking over them with a critical eye. The redhead walks away, resuming her duties in the Medbay.

“You two have a clean bill of health,” McCoy says, relief clear in his voice. “And you two are negative for Mating Sickness.”

The couple visibly deflates, squeezing each other’s hand in comfort.

“In fact,” he continues. “Kha-John’s genetic makeup prevents you from getting Mating Sickness, Jim.”

“That’s the best news I could ever receive,” Kirk breathes.

“I’m not done,” the Beta snaps. “I will have to prescribe supplements to help with your pregnancy, just to be on the safe side. Your levels are fine, Jim, but they are a little too low for my liking. I’ll also be changing your meal card so you can have the increasing calories you need. And decaf coffee only.”

“No more salads?” The Omega asks hopefully.

“No more salads,” McCoy grins.

The look of sheer delight on the blond’s face makes both his Doctor and mate laugh, amused by their Captain’s disgust of “rabbit food.”

“Go on,” the brunet grins. “Get out of my medbay. Commander, I need to speak with you in private.”

Kirk gives a cocky two-finger salute, heading back to the bridge with a slight spring in his step. Once he exits the turbo lift, Spock vacates the command chair, allowing the Captain to retake command. The chair always felt like a second home to the blond, as did the Enterprise.

His first is in his mate’s arms.

Speaking of whom…

Khan returns to the bridge and retakes his station, not even casting a glance at his mate when he enters. The Omega frowns slightly, his fingers twitching against the armrests, wanting to touch the pendant under his shirt. He does not give into the action, continuing his command. His Alpha’s mind is closed off to him, something that does not happen often. The blond can tell that his mate’s barrier is flimsy, one that a simple poke of his own mind would cause it to shatter. But he respects his mate’s privacy, leaving the barrier in peace.

At 1600 hours, Alpha shift ends and Kirk retires to his quarters, using his meal card for a light snack. He is surprised when a bowl of mac and cheese appears, but a quick scan of the ingredients shows that it has less than two hundred fifty calories, and contains broccoli. The Omega’s stomach growls loudly, so he picks up the bowl and settles down at his table to work on his paperwork. He sighs at the massive amount he has to work through, getting down to business. His food goes untouched as he continues to work, time slipping away.

Kirk jumps slightly when he feels lips press against the back of his neck, hands roaming over his shoulder and upper back.

“I see my Captain is hard at work,” Khan purrs softly in Hindi.

The Captain giggles and tips his head back, allowing his Alpha to kiss him. The Augment hums in approval, stroking his mate’s cheeks with wide, sweeping touches of his thumbs. The Omega reaches up and gently grips the back of the dark haired male’s head, tugging on his scalp.

“As much as I would love to ravish your body right here on this table,” the Alpha/Beta murmurs against his Captain’s lips. “You have paperwork to complete, and I am distracting you.”

The blond whines when his Alpha pulls away, heading over to his replicator. He puts in his meal card, a bowl of seafood scampi appearing. Kirk can smell the lobster, shrimp, and scallops from where he is sitting, his stomach growling loudly.

“How come you get that?” He growls, eyeing his mate’s food as he sits across from him.

“I require less food, but higher calories,” Khan replies, picking up his fork. “Leonard has organized our meals so I can supply the calories you need without giving away the fact that you are expecting. And yes, our bond shares nutrition and calories, which is only part of what the good Doctor informed me of. And if it smells so good, you have food before you, so eat it.”

“So, you’re pregnant as well?” The Omega asks.

“I am not carrying a foetus,” the Augment says. “But your nutritional and caloric needs are also my own, to a lesser extent.”

“So, you’re pregnant,” Kirk says.

The dark haired male smiles, his eyes shinning.

“To put it simply,” he replies, chuckling.

“Cool,” the Captain grins.

The Alpha/Beta laughs, shaking his head. He begins to eat his food, watching his mate work. After about half an hour and his food untouched, Khan scoots closer to his mate, picks up his fork, and begins to feed him. The Omega lets his Alpha feed him, only giving up enough brain cells to know when to open his mouth and not injure himself on the fork. The Augment decides to poke fun at his Captain by making airplane noises, earning a bite to the meaty part of his hand that was dangerously close to breaking skin, and will leave a rather nice impression of nearly all his mate’s teeth. Khan sucks on his injury, glaring at his mate, who is grinning wickedly.

“That’ll teach ya,” Kirk declares, resuming his work.

“You can feed yourself,” the dark haired male growls, scooting away from his mate. “Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘Do not bite the hand that feed you?’”

“Do you mean literally or metaphorically?” The blond asks, glancing at his Alpha. “Cuz I totally literally just bit you.”

Khan gives Kirk his Bitch Face, which never fails to make his mate giggle like mad. The Augment groans loudly, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Oh my god,” he groans. “Do you ever take anything I do seriously?”

He is surprised when his Captain sits in his lap, hands on his shoulders. The blond smiles down at his Alpha, cupping his cheek. He strokes his gorgeously high cheekbone, his touch tender.

“I take your love for me seriously,” he says quietly.

The Alpha/Beta smiles softly, tipping his head to the side as his Omega presses his lips to his. The Captain knots his hand into the mate’s hair, his other hand curling into his Science Blue clad shoulder. Khan’s hands rest on his thigh and between his shoulder blades, fingers curling into his Command Gold shirt. Tongues, lips, and teeth are expertly used, knowing what the other likes. The Augment slides his hand up his mate’s thigh, slipping his hand under his shirt to stroke the skin on his narrow waist. The Alpha/Beta’s lips move to his Captain’s throat, nibbling on his skin.

“Noonien,” Kirk breathes, trembling slightly.

“James,” Khan murmurs against his skin.

They rest their foreheads against each other’s, Kirk’s hands on the Augment’s shoulders, Khan’s hands on the Captain’s waist. The blond slides a hand down his mate’s chest, resting it over his heart. He can feel it beat steady beneath his palm, faster than normal, but nowhere near the rabbit quick hammering of his own.

“It doesn’t feel right,” he whispers, tears pricking at the corners of his eyes. “It doesn’t feel right to have only our minds connected completely and our bodies by only a thin, sputtering thread. I can feel your emotions, but I can’t feel them. It feels, wrong.”

“I know what you mean,” the dark haired male whispers back. “It is as if I am only a fraction of the man I once was, even though this is only a normal bond.”

He wraps his arms around his Captain, holding him tight. He squeezes his waist gently, rubbing his back.

“But Leonard explained to me that it was vital for your, stability, that we share a bed and fully open our bond while we sleep, at least eight hours a day,” Khan murmurs. “It is to help keep you at peak performance to continue to command the Enterprise.”

A smirk tugs at his lips.

“I am afraid that your frail human body has become use to me superior-”

The Augment lets out a yelp when Kirk uses his speed to yank on his ear viciously, feeling as if it was about to be torn off. He rubs his ear when his mate lets go, glaring daggers at him.

“Superior my ass,” the blond mutters, rising out of his Alpha’s lap. “Who’s supposed to be Empress of Earth?”

“And who gave up the throne?” The Brit growls, his anger flaring.

The Darkness had gotten a foothold since they had partially closed the bond to prevent discovery, a small one, but it was still a victory.

Show him who is superior! It laughs, voice a horrible shrieking orchestra. You are the Alpha! You are better!

It never talked to him before, but It was gaining ground, tearing the Light with Its claws.

He was at war with himself , nearly six hundred years of combined savagery from two lifetimes against a measly seven years of… what?

He has been happy during those seven years, but there was always that nagging feeling of, wrongness.

He was not created to love or care for another being, he was created to rule, to conquer continents, to be superior in every way. On a deep, unconscious, so unconscious it was the very core his being, level, his being, his soul, shrieked and howled as it was denied time and time again.

And he will keep denying it.

But with the Darkness growing, how long could he hold out?

Kirk begins to grow worried when he can no longer hear Khan’s thoughts, or sense his feelings, an even that is becoming more and more frequent. It is still rare, but it was starting to worry him.

He wants Khan to talk about it, but if it wasn’t for their bond, he wouldn’t know how his Alpha was feeling. Alphas did not like to talk about their feelings, especially males. They kept their feelings to themselves, but they were excellent listeners. They would listen to their Omegas chatter for hours, and not just nod and tune out, but ask questions and inquire for details.

Kirk reaches out and takes his mate’s hand, squeezing lightly. Khan’s face softens, squeezing back. He flips his hand over and entangles their fingers, bringing the back of his Omega’s hand to his lips.

“I love you, Noonien,” the blond says quietly. “I will never stop loving you.”

“Nor shall I, James,” the Augment whispers.

The dark haired male’s lips linger on his mate’s hand before releasing his hand, picking his fork back up. The couple flicks their gaze to their tribbles purring in their cage at the foot of the Captain’s bed, smiles tugging at their lips. The Alpha/Beta idly pokes at his food, his mate resuming his paperwork, but keeps an eye on his Alpha. Khan plays with his food for a few more minutes, before sighing and pushing his bowl away, crossing his arms over his chest. Kirk pauses before standing, taking his mate’s hand and leading him towards the bed. He lays down on his massive bed, tugging the Augment down so his head is pillowed on his Omega’s flat belly. The blond props himself on his pillows, allowing his Alpha to curl up against him. The Captain continues his paperwork, propping his PADD on his mate’s head. The Alpha/Beta chuckles, nuzzling his Captain’s belly.

Khan looks over at the foot of the bed again where Noonien and Tiberius trill happily in their cage, snuggled closer than two people trapped in a cabin in a blizzard with no heat, trying to fuse themselves together. The dark haired male smiles and snuggles closer to his mate, letting out his own happy rumble. Kirk smiles and opens their bond, his smile widening when he hears his Alpha gasp softly. They can feel their biorhythms fall back in sync, feel what the other feels.

And right then, they were hungry.

“Let us eat, love,” Khan laughs.

“Let’s,” Kirk laughs back, smiling.

Chapter Text

Kirk loves his crew.

He would die for his crew, well, he has died for his crew. He loves being Captain of the Enterprise more than anything, except being Khan’s mate and mother of his unborn child.

But sometimes, he does not feel as if he is Captain of the Enterprise.

He feels like he is a teacher of a nightmarish class of four hundred eighty-three preschoolers.

And right now, he is a teacher. 

Four Ensigns and a Lieutenant sit before him, the Ensigns sporting various superficial, the Lieutenant, a female Operations Officer, a few bruises on her wrists from being grabbed. Two Security Officers stand on either side of the five crew members, phasers set to high stun. His two Commanders are on either side of him as he stands in the rec room, hands clasped behind his back. The Omega’s glacial blue eyes flick from crew member to crew member, unsettlingly calm. The crew members have their gazes glued to the floor, doing their best not to squirm.

Khan can feel his mate’s boiling rage through their bond, rooted to the spot with sheer terror at his Captain’s displayed calmness. When Kirk speaks, his voice is even, calm, and slightly quieter than normal, sending chills down the Augment’s spine.

“Explain to me again,” he says. “How this event occurred.”

The four Ensigns squirm under his gaze, refusing to look up. The Lieutenant has tear tracks on her face, but she too, refuses to look up. The silence is thick, lasting several minutes, far too long for anyone’s liking. When the blond speaks again, his voice is even quieter, his rage even greater.

“No one wishes to speak up?” He asks. “No one wants to explain what happened?”

Several minutes pass before he speaks again, his voice quieter, calmer, and even more even. Goosebumps spread all across Khan’s body, the hairs on the back of his neck standing on end as he fights the urge to shiver.

“Maybe no one wishes to speak up because they realize how embarrassing this is for Starfleet,” Kirk says. “How badly this reflects on your Captain. It is mind boggling how four Starfleet Officers think that it is alright to fight over their Commanding Officer as if they are horny teenagers fighting over who gets to bang a hot piece of ass. I am embarrassed to even call you four members of my crew, and that is something I do not say lightly.”

He pauses, letting the silence make his crew members squirm.

“Until we reach Earth,” he continues. “The four of you are to be sequestered to your quarters, and the very moment we are docked with Starbase 1, you will be transported down to Starfleet Headquarters, where you will face disciplinary action. This will be placed on your permanent record, and I assure you, I will file a report. Once I leave this room, your last chance to explain yourselves will leave as well. Now, do you wish to explain yourselves?”

The silence answers his question. Kirk nods to the Security Officers, turning on his heel and walks out of the room without saying a word. Both Commanders see the few tears roll down their Captain’s cheeks, their gaze flicking to each other. With only their eyes, they reach the unanimous decision that Spock will take command and Khan checks on their Captain. Both exit the room, heading in different directions to complete their tasks. The Augment picks up a brisk pace, worried about his mate.

Right now, he is only a concerned Commander worried about his Captain.

He enters his mate’s quarters, finding him face down on his bed, screaming into a pillow. Khan heads over to the bed and sits down on the edge, placing a hand on his back. He rubs soothingly, his Omega still screaming.

The dark haired male is startled when his Captain suddenly wraps his arms around his neck, burying his face into his Science Blue clad shoulder. Khan blinks a few times before wrapping his arms around the Omega in response, holding him tightly. He can feel his shirt becoming damp from his mate’s tears, but he still hold onto him.

It could be the hormones from his pregnancy, it could be his Omega nature, it could be the stress of being a Captain, some combination of the two of them, or all three that was causing Kirk to be emotional.

But Khan could not give two shits about what was causing the blond to cry.

Right now, Kirk is not Captain and Khan is not his subordinate.

Right now, Kirk needs his mate, and that is what Khan is.

The dark haired male rubs small circles up and down his Omega’s back, rocking gently. The blond digs his fingers into his Alpha’s skin, clinging to him. The Augment’s scent fills his nose, comforting, soothing, and so familiar. He presses closer to that scent, needing the comfort. The Alpha/Beta tightens his grip, pulling his mate into his lap. Kirk sits sideways in his mate’s lap, his head buried in his neck. Khan hooks a hand under the blond’s knees, his other on his back. He rests his cheek against his forehead, shifting so he can lean against the pillows. He holds his mate close, murmuring softly in Hindi.

“And we were having such a nice dinner,” the Captain hiccups, clinging to his Alpha like a blond octopus.

The dark haired male kisses his forehead, lips lingering.

“Yes we were,” the Augment replies. “And we still can, if you would like.”

“I’m not hungry,” Kirk says, closing his eyes. “Just, just hold me.”

“If that is what you wish,” the dark haired male murmurs.

“It is,” the blond replies.

“Then that is what I will do,” Khan says, cradling his mate in his arms. “And that is what you shall receive.”

Kirk shifts so his head is tucked under his Alpha’s chin, curled up on top of him. The Augment holds him tightly, fully opening their bond to synchronize their biorhythms again. Kirk can feel his heart and breathing fall back in sync with his mate’s, something that makes him smile. He can feel his mate’s tentative mind slip through their bond, hesitant and timid. He tries to listen to their baby’s heart, but he gets lost along the way. The blond smiles and mentally takes his hand, showing him the path to their child. Khan smiles as he hears their unborn child’s heart beat rapidly in his Omega’s womb, feeling his mate’s body as he feels it.

“You may not be hungry,” he chuckles. “But your body is. And you need to take your supplements.”

“Yes, mother,” Kirk groans, sitting up and moving off his mate.

Khan picks up his PADD as he mate returns to his table, continuing to read The Clan of the Cave Bear. Kirk glances over, curious about what his Alpha is reading. The Augment marks his page and returns to the beginning of the book, moving to sit beside his Omega.

“Chapter one,” he begins. “The naked child ran out of the hide-covered lean-to toward the rocky beach at the bend in the small river. It didn’t occur to her to look back. Nothing in her experience ever gave her reason to doubt the shelter and those within it would be there when she returned.”

He continues to read to his mate, his gaze flicking to the blond periodically to make sure he is eating and taking his supplements. The Omega listens with rapt attention, finishing his food and taking his supplements under the watchful eye of his Alpha. He is thankful that he has such an understanding and considerate Alpha, allowing his mate to experience the childhood he had been denied twice. Simple things, such as hugs and bedtime stories, adult stories, Kirk was never allowed, due to his upbringing as the future Empress, and his alcoholic abusive stepfather and absent mother. He never had any friends until he joined Starfleet, and that piece of his past pissed Khan off just as much as the abuse he suffered.

The Augment had to admit that his upbringing was dark, twisted, and inhumane, but as least he had his brothers and sisters to interact with. He had almost two hundred fifty fellow Augments, but only ninety-seven made it to adulthood, eighty-four of those his brothers and sisters. He was a natural leader, taking control of any situation. His siblings looked up to him, and he made damn sure to do them proud.

He was not engineered to be nurturing, kind, caring, and supportive, but that was what his mate needed.

And that is what he shall be.


Khan groans softly as his mate pulls out of his embrace, reaching to turn off his alarm. He does not want to move from their nice, cozy, very warm nest, does not want to let his mate leave his embrace, and most certainly does not want to stop being his pregnant mate’s Alpha.

But Kirk has his duties as Captain, and he has his duties as a Science Officer.

The dark haired male shucks off the sheets, goose bumps spreading across his skin from the rapid change in temperature. He swings his legs off the bed, rising to his feet in a smooth motion. He glances over his shoulder to gaze at his mate, gasping loudly.

Two long, thin, bright pink scars are on his shoulder blades, perfectly straight and parallel.

He has never seen them before, and that scares him.

Khan crosses the room, his panic flaring.

“Where the bloody hell did you get these?” He breathes, tracing the scars on his mate’s back.

“Get what?” Kirk asks, twisting his head to see.

The Alpha/Beta leads his mate to the bathroom, turning him around.

“These,” Khan says, pointing to the scars.

When the blond sees what his mate is talking about, he pales, his eyes widening. His jaw goes slack, the terror clear in his eyes.

“I, I don’t know,” he whispers. “I’ve never seen them before.”

The hair stands on the back of the Augment’s neck, turning around so his back is to the mirror. He looks over his shoulder, paling.

The same pink scars are on his back, in the exact same place.

They look roughly a month old, and they should be healing.

Khan’s stomach drops when he realizes that they are not.

The couple looks at each other, their terror clear in their eyes and through their bond.

“Do you remember…” Kirk begins.

The Alpha/Beta shakes his head, his insides clenching and unclenching.

“What does this mean?” The blond whispers.

“I do not know, love,” the dark haired male whispers back, staring at the scars. “I do not know.”


The couple enters the bridge, taking their respective places. Kirk forces the scars from his mind, focusing entirely on his duties as Captain. He throws himself into his work, knowing Khan is doing the same. He does not complain about the amount of reports or paperwork he needs to complete, earning what would be a mild look of surprise by a Vulcan. He can hear Uhura questioning his lack of protest, Hell, his whole damn bridge crew is.

“Are you feeling ill, Captain?” Spock inquires, startling the blond from his thoughts.

He blinks up at his First Officer, confused.

“Why, why are you asking?” The Omega asks, surprised.

“You keep rolling your shoulders,” Uhura says from her station. “Both you and Commander Harrison. In the exact same way, if I might add, sir.”

Kirk frowns, watching his mate turn partially to hear.

“I had not noticed, Commander,” the Captain says coolly, rising to his feet. “Perhaps you can-”

The rest of his words are cut off by an ear splitting shriek, pain racing up his spine like liquid fire as screams tear themselves past his lips, every nerve in his body howling in agony. His knees completely give out, Spock barely catching him in time to stop his head from smashing onto the floor. He tears himself out of his First Officer’s arms, moving to his hands and knees by sheer instinct alone, his shoulder blades the most painful part of his body, screams still shredding his throat raw. His senses are almost completely blocked by pain, but he can vaguely make out the sounds of his mate’s own howls of agony. Kirk can feel his skin and muscles tearing over his shoulder blades, blood pouring from his wounds. If he were not on the verge of passing out, he would have noticed that the exact source of his wounds and pain was the two scars that had appeared. The blond can feel something building under his skin, ready to burst like a supervolcano. The pain consumes him completely, blocking everything, even the bond.

He is violently thrust back into reality as the thing under his skin explodes, sucking all the air from his lungs.

He collapses onto the floor, covered in his own blood, which is quickly spreading across the once pristine white floor. His brand new wings are spread limply over the floor, covered in his blood. His breathing is harsh as he feels his skin knitting around his wing joints, every cell in his body aching and sore. His face is turned towards his mate, blinking slowly as he hears his bridge crew screaming orders around him, the loudest voice of them all is his normally stoic First Officer. The Captain feebly stretches a hand towards his mate, who is lying terrifyingly still on the floor, his blood continuing to spill. Even his dark wings are still, while Kirk’s twitch sporadically against the floor. His voice is wrecked, coughing out a single word before falling unconscious.



Kirk drags his eyes open.

All his senses are dim, hazy, and not working properly, but they are coming back slowly. His mind is slowly kicking back into gear, slowly feeling the bond come back “online.”

The blond instinctively turns to the right, seeing splotches of blue, black, and cream, recognizing his mate. He can vaguely smell his Alpha, wishing he could reach out and touch him. His fingers twitch slightly, gasping softly in pain at the simple movement.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” McCoy shouts when he attempts to sit up. “Don’t you dare try to move off this bed!”

Kirk complies, letting his eyes fall shut in sheer exhaustion. He hurts all over, and in places he didn’t even know he had. He lets his Chief Medical Officer examine him, his strength slowly returning piece by piece. He opens his eyes, finally able to see straight. He can feel the oxygen mask pinching his skin, reaching up to adjust it.

“Oh now you don’t!” McCoy spits, pinning his hand to the table. “You just suffered massive blood loss and had two fucking wings sprout from your back. “You so much as twitch, I’ll declare you unfit for duty, capiche?”

Kirk touches his friend’s mind with his own, communicating his understanding. The Beta nods, resuming his examination. The Omega closes his eyes again, letting himself drift off into a half doze. He is concerned about his mate, but he is also concerned about his unborn child. He communicates his concern with the doctor, his mate his first priority.

He can always create another child, he cannot create another Khan.

“John’s okay,” McCoy replies. “He’s just not handling the change as well as I would like.”

He can feel that Khan is wide-awake and already healed, but Maeve is faking his vitals and he is pretending to be unconscious. Kirk inquires how long he has been out, receiving an answer of four hours for the both of them.

“And the baby is fine,” the brunet adds under his breath.

The Omega’s relief is clear in his body language, his wings twitching slightly against the biobed. McCoy eyes them with annoyance, shaking his head in disbelief.

“First the bond, then the pregnancy, and now fucking wings,” he mutters, giving his Captain a hard glare. “You really can’t be a normal Omega, can you?”

‘Then that would be boring,’ Kirk thinks, his eyes shining with amusement.

He can hear Khan laughing through their bond, completely in agreement with his Omega.


Thirty minutes later, the couple walks out of the medbay with a clean bill of health, and under the strict order of rest and paperwork.

And an honest to god water shower.

Every crew member they pass stares at them, but only because of the amount of blood on them, much to the couple’s relief. They enter the Captain’s quarters, shedding their blood soaked and ripped clothes, placing them in the recycler. They step into the bathroom, thankful that the shower is large enough for the both of them and their new wings. Kirk switches the shower from sonic to water, the spray beginning to wash off the blood, the amount startling them both. The blood on their bodies comes off easily enough, but with the layers of feathers on their new appendages, it is a Hell of a lot harder to clean.

They work on cleaning their mate’s body, rotating on who is under the spray. As the blood is slowly cleaned off their feathers, they can finally see what color their wings are. Kirk’s wings are the same color as his hair, “highlights” ranging from a dark gold to a pale, almost white, blond, and shimmer like the sun when the light hits them just right. Khan’s are jet black, amethyst purple, sapphire blue, and emerald green appearing when the light is at the right angle, flashing briefly. Both their wings are incredibly soft, but in size, the Augment’s wings are massive, much larger than his mate’s. Kirk can see the sheer power in his Alpha’s wings when they move, the muscles rippling even with the smallest twitch. He reaches out and touches the Brit’s wings, stroking the damp feathers. When he pulls his hand away, his fingers are coated in blood, surprising the pair on how much is still left.

“Bloody Hell,” Khan breathes. “How much blood did we lose?”

“When I touched Bones’ mind, I think I read it was our entire blood volume,” Kirk replies, letting the water wash away the blood on his finger. “Or close to it.”

He lets out a soft squeak when the Alpha/Beta pins him to the wall, claiming his lips in a heated kiss. He can feel something hard pressing against his thigh as his mate slips his tongue into his mouth, gripping tightly.

“Wait, wait,” the blond pants, pushing the Augment away. “We promised no sex for a month.”

“James, I nearly lost you,” the dark haired male says, his voice cracking.

He rests his forehead against his Captain’s, tears running down his face as he holds him close.

“I nearly lost you,” he whispers again.

He captures his Omega’s lips, tears splashing onto his skin.

“Please,” he begs in his native tongue, his voice cracking. “Please.”

“No,” Kirk says firmly, pushing him away.

He locks eyes with him, firm and steadfast.

“Having sex will not fix this,” he says. “It will only make you feel empty. You can’t run away from this.”

He cups his mate’s cheek, stroking his skin.

“You need to come to grips with the fact that I will not be here for forever, and it is only because of my Pure Blood lineage that you will have me for as long as you will,” he says softly. “Omegas live longer than any other gender, even chimeras. As a Pure Blood, I will live three or four hundred years, maybe even half a century.”

He takes his mate’s face in his hands, his eyes watering.

“But I am human, a frail, easily damaged human,” he says quietly. “I will die at some point, whether it be by natural causes, or other methods. It is inevitable that my time will come and it is something you cannot stop.”

“My blood saved you last time,” Khan growls softly. “I will not lose you. I will make sure of that.”

“Don’t you dare,” Kirk snarls. “It is something I have accepted, as painful as it is to me. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and to know that I will never see you again is something that damn near sent me to a psych ward. You know what will happen to you after I am gone, I do not. Not a single person who is alive knows what will happen when their time comes, and even those with near death experiences have a wide range of stories on what happened. And that is not counting those who were brought back from the dead. Every culture, every religion, Hell, every living being has a different view of the afterlife, and they could be all right, all wrong, or somewhere in the middle. No one knows. Hell, there may not even be an afterlife. We may just stop existing once we past on, we don’t know.”

“An existence without you is not an existence at all,” the Augment snarls back. “It is not a life I want, nor will I let it happen.”

The Captain grits his teeth, frustrated.

“I don’t want to have my life artificially extended,” he snaps, his eyes hard. “To continue to exist in a frail, weak body, long after it was supposed to cease functioning. That is not an existence, that is Hell. And I will only grow weaker the longer I live. I don’t want to not be able to have you hold me, make love to me, or touch me without fear of damage that will only weaken my body further. You will remain virile and youthful, while I will be frail, weak, and not even a shadow of my former self. That is not something I want. That is not something I can even think about living with, that is not something I want our child to see.”

The Brit looks away, understanding his mate’s point.

“It is not something I would want either,” he says quietly.

He turns back to his mate, resting his forehead against his. They hold onto each other, letting the water run down their bodies.

“We should probably continue to clean ourselves up,” Kirk says softly, starting to feel slightly dizzy.

His head swims violently as his knees begin to feel weak, gripping his Alpha tightly. Khan holds him to his chest and lowers both of them to the ground, supporting his Omega.

“You just relax,” the Alpha/Beta murmurs softly. “I shall clean us both off.”

The blond nods, exhaustion pulling him into a light doze. The Augment purses his lips when he feels his mate’s exhaustion through their bond as if it was his own, but he does not feel the exhaustion himself. He pushes the thought from his mind for a moment, focusing on the task of cleaning the last of his mate’s blood off his wings. He can feel how sore his muscles are, but his own body is sore in a different way. The dark haired male catalogs this information for later, deciding to look into it when he is not occupied.

Once he has completed the task of cleaning the blood of his Captain’s wings, he finishes cleaning the rest of his body, checking over every millimeter of skin and wing to make sure he did not miss any. The Brit then begins to clean his own body, making sure to remove all traces of their violent experience. When the water turns from red to pink to clear, and stays clear for several minutes, Khan turns off the water and carries his mate out of the shower, carefully drying both of them off. He then carries the blond into the main room of his quarters, setting him carefully on the bed. A quick scan of the closet reveals that his own clothes are inside, causing the Augment to blink a few times in surprise. On further examination of their uniforms, he can see that their shirts have been altered, a flap on the back that allows them to slip their wings through when putting them on, as well as slits when the flap is closed that does not restrict the wide range of motion on their new appendages.

A smile tugs on the dark haired male’s lips as he dresses his mate, pulling on his own clothes while leaving their overshirts off. While completing these tasks, he realizes the Kirk is asleep and their bond is fully open, and yet, he does not feel the urge to join his Omega in his blissful slumber. The Augment is puzzled at this new development, wondering if the emergence of their wings was as the historians had concluded about mates during the first two thousand years of their modern ancestors, and the myth of the unbreakable bond. It was only a hypothesis, as the depth of the bond is not corporeal to anyone but the bonded pair, the only way to tell if someone was mated was the bite that showed an Alpha’s, and on very rare occasions, an Omega’s, claim on their mate, and the unification of their scents. Bonds did have varying strengths between mated pairs, but every bond could be broken, some easier than others. The only way to form a bond was through the claiming during the intended pair’s shared Heat, at least, until Khan and Kirk had come along.

As far as Khan knew, there is not a single record of a bond forming through skin-to-skin contact, let alone have such a deep and strong connection between mind, body, and soul.

Did the fact that their unnatural bonding mean that the myth was true, even fifteen thousand years after the last physical example had lived?

His mate stirs, trying to shift into a more comfortable position to sleep in. The Augment arranges his Omega so he can sleep without hurting his wings, a soft smile gracing his lips when he falls back into a deep slumber. He plants a soft kiss on his mate’s temple, his lips lingering.

“Sleep well, my love,” he murmurs. “For I shall be watching over you, my precious golden angel.”

He hears the door slide open, female footsteps entering the Captain’s quarters. Khan pulls away, his gaze flicking to the intruder.

“Yes, Lieutenant Uhura?” The Augment asks, slipping into his Commander persona. “Is there something you need?”

“I just came to check on the Captain, sir,” the Communications Officer says.

Khan can read her mind on his own, but somehow, that does not surprise him. He rises to his full height and turns to face Uhura completely, his wings spreading slightly on their own accord.

“I can tell you are lying to me, Lieutenant,” he says, his gaze cold. “You know who I am, and you know that I am not someone you want to provoke.”

His wings spread even more in intimidation, but the Lieutenant does not move from her position.

“You are either incredibly brave, or unbelievably foolish,” the dark haired male says, his face hard. “You know my capabilities. You know what I can do to those who I consider my enemies, and yet, you stand before me, lying to my face. So let me ask, are you brave, or foolish?”

“What I want to know is why someone who is nearly three hundred years out of his time doing on this starship getting cozy with my Captain and using a fake name,” Uhura snaps. “You only create a new identity for yourself when you plan to infiltrate an organization and destroy it, and I demand to know why are you are leading my Captain around like an animal to the slaughter. Tell me now or I will call Security.”

Khan narrows his eyes, her mind a jumble of emotions, but he can read the truth in her threat.

“You are neither brave nor foolish,” he rumbles. “You are an asinine, feeble-minded moron who is blind. Do you really think I will kill your Captain on a starship with four hundred eighty-three crew members who will die for their Commanding Officer, far away from anywhere safe and not a single way to escape if I did so? The better question is, what purpose would I have for killing the man who I would die for to save his life? What would I gain from killing the mother of my unborn child, something I have waited for for my entire existence? What reason would I have to take the life of the man who saved my own from absolute annihilation? Explain to me, what would I gain from killing your Captain?”

He watches the shock spread across the Lieutenant’s face, her lips parting in a soft “O.” The Augment can feel that his mate is awake, ready to spring into action in case things turn south. Khan turns his back on Uhura, not waiting for her answer. His gaze is soft as he reaches out and touches his Omega’s cheek, stroking gently. His wings fold against his back as he sits on the bed, still stroking his mate’s cheek.

“I would rather die than harm James in anyway,” he murmurs softly. “He is my savior, something that no one could possibly understand. What he is to me, neither words nor actions could ever begin to describe that meaning.”

He turns to the Communications Officer, still stroking his mate’s cheek.

“We are not from this reality, and I cannot begin to explain for it will take too long,” he says. “In the short version, humans can mate with each other by claiming them as their own with a bite on their necks. This bonds the pair, becoming soul mates, as it fuses their souls together, but better known as mates. Even though they are soul mates, there is a fable, a myth, a dream that every mated pair hopes to be; Perfect Mates.”

He glances down at his mate, a smile tugging on his lips.

“Perfect Mates are as the name suggests, perfect in every way for each other,” he continues. “Their bond is unbreakable, something that is not tangible to anyone but the bonded pair. The last pair of Perfect Mates was over fifteen thousand years ago in our reality, only existing for two thousand years. The only way to discern a Perfect Mate from normal mates is a simple physical feature, just one. Care to take a guess?”

Uhura’s eyes flick to the elephant in the room, which shift slightly under her gaze.

“You are correct,” Khan confirms, rising to his feet. “In fifteen thousand years, there has never been a recording of a pair of Perfect Mates emerging. Why would I kill the person who is perfect for me, let alone the person who is carrying my progeny? What would I gain from this action?”

The dark haired male tips his head slightly, daring her to answer to the question.

“You would not gain anything,” she says quietly. “You would lose everything.”

Khan nods, his wings shifting slightly behind him.

“I understand your distrust, Nyota,” he says softly. “But I am only telling you this to ease your fears.”

He crosses the distance in two quick strides, taking her hands in his.

“I need you to never utter a word of this conversation to anyone, as if it had never taken place,” he says. “You must erase your tracks on how you found out my true identity, making sure that no one will ever know that you know who I am. I am not telling you this to protect myself; I am telling you this to protect everyone else. It is not my past that I am afraid of catching up to me, it is my present that I fear more. If anyone finds out that I am here, everyone onboard will cease to exist, as if they had never been born.”

Uhura’s eyes widen at the statement, seeing the fear in his eyes.

“I am sorry to ask you this,” the Brit says softly. “But I need you to swear on your life that-”

“You have my word,” the Lieutenant says, cutting him off. “This conversation never happened.”

She stretches up to kiss his cheek, pulling away to head out of her Captain’s quarters. She pauses before the door, glancing over her shoulder.

“Tell the Captain I said congratulations,” she adds softly.

With that, the Communications Officer heads out into the hall, leaving the couple alone. Khan sits back down on the bed, gazing at the door. He does not jump when arms wrap around his neck, large golden blond wings folding around him as best they can. Soft lips press against his skin in a tender kiss, the Augment feeling the body of his mate press against his back. He reaches up and places a hand on his arm, stroking his clothed skin with his thumb.

“You didn’t need to tell her,” Kirk murmurs softly. “You outrank her. You could’ve just sent her away with an order.”

“If I had not told her, she would have kept looking,” the Alpha/Beta replies. “And that would have exposed my location, putting everyone in danger. I do not need any more blood on my hands than I already have.”

He looks down at his lap, staring at his free hand as if he could see it.

“I have already spilled too much for one lifetime,” he adds quietly.

The Omega threads his fingers between his, squeezing gently. The Brit pulls his hand away to face his mate, gently pulling him into his arms. He holds him tightly, his nose buried in his hair. The Captain holds his Alpha, rubbing his bicep tenderly.

“You are no longer that person,” the blond says quietly. “That person no longer exists.”

“That person still exists,” Khan says, pulling away.

He stands and moves to stare out the viewport, crossing his arms over his chest.

“That was the person who I was designed to be,” he says. “It was what I was built for, not this.”

He makes a wide sweeping gesture, shaking his head.

“This is not the life I was supposed to live,” he says. “I am not supposed to be, happy. I am not supposed to feel fucking guilty at all the lives I have taken. I am supposed to be the one who is superior that everyone and know it, to be the one who controls the world with an iron fist and stop the idiocy of humans. I am not supposes to have a mate who I worship the ground he walks on. He’s supposed to worship me.”

Khan snarls the last part, tightening his posture.

“If you’re so unhappy, then leave,” Kirk says quietly. “Leave and don’t ever come back.”

The Augment shakes his head, looking out the viewport.

“I cannot do that,” he says softly. “I am obligated to-”

“If that is what is making you stay,” the blond snarls. “The fact that you knocked me up and you feel guilty about doing it, then maybe I shouldn’t keep it if that is the only thing that is keeping you with me.”

Khan whips around as soon as the words leave his mate’s mouth, his entire being radiating pure horror. Kirk’s hands are slapped over his mouth, his eyes blown wide. Neither dares to breathe, their chests tight. The Captain’s wings fold around him tightly, hiding him from view. The Brit can see his Omega’s form shaking violently, quickly crossing the distance to hold him tightly. The blond clings to his mate, tears rolling down his cheeks.

“I didn’t, I didn’t mean to…” He sobs, unable to finish.

The dark haired male just holds him tightly, his own tears falling.

“Can we get off the emotional rollercoaster from Hell now?” Khan asks after a few minutes.

Kirk giggles softly, tipping his head up to watch a smile spread across his Alpha’s face. He leans into his touch as his mate softly kisses his tears away, mimicking his actions once he is done.

“It’s got to be the damn pregnancy hormones that’s causing our mood swings,” the Omega says.

“Or we could be the characters in some crazy-arse story,” the Alpha/Beta counters.

The Captain scoffs at the idea, rolling his eyes.

“Like that’s a possibility,” he says.

“You never know,” the Brit replies, smiling.

“Then the author is a dick,” Kirk mutters.

“They brought us together,” Khan murmurs.

“True, but they are still a dick,” his mate counters.

The Augment chuckles, gently pulling them down onto the bed as he moves to fit his body against his mate’s, lifting him up to wrap his wings around them.  The blond folds his wings against his back as he draws his knees towards his chest, his Alpha following with his own. The Alpha/Beta cocoons them tightly in his massive wings, large enough to cover them both. The silk-like flight feathers brush against their skin, the soft down feathers trapping heat better than anything the pair had experienced. Kirk closes his eyes and Khan rests his head against his mate’s neck, resting his hands on his flat abdomen. The Omega places his hands over his Alpha’s, threading their fingers together. The dark haired male softly kisses his mate’s skin, murmuring in Hindi.

“I love you, James,” Khan murmurs.

“I love you too, Noonien,” Kirk murmurs back.

“Sleep well, my love,” the Brit says softly. “For I shall-James?”

Khan lifts his head when his mate goes limp on him, a soft smile curling on his lips when he realizes that he is asleep. He lays back down and tightens his grip on his mate, kissing his neck softly.

“Sweet dreams, my angel,” he murmurs.

The Augment closes his eyes, quickly asleep as he follows his mate to their shared dreamscape, fingers threaded tightly together.


The couple makes loud noises of protest when the lights are turned on full strength, Kirk turning to bury his face into his mate’s shoulder as Khan shifts his top wing to cover their faces.

“Who the fuck has the balls to disturb their Captain when there isn’t a red alert?” Kirk demands from his mate’s shoulder.

“I have the balls,” McCoy says, placing his medical bag on the bed. “I need to clear you for active duty. Now sit up and shut up.”

Both let out loud grumbles, reluctantly leaving their warm nest. They sit up and let the Chief Medical Officer examine them, planning ways to kill him slowly and painfully.

“What time is it?” Khan asks, covering his mouth as he yawns widely.

“2200 hours,” the Beta replies.

The Augment blinks, his mind fuzzy as he tries to figure out how long they have been asleep.

“How long has it been since we left the medbay?” The Captain asks, covering his own yawn.

“Roughly seven-and-a-half hours,” McCoy says. “I cleared you medically at 1427 hours, and it’s now…”

He pauses and checks his communicator for the time, allowing Kirk to make the “kill” motion at his Doctor.

“I saw that,” the Doctor mutters, looking up. “And the time is 2203 hours.”

The couple looks at each other, surprised.

“But we only sleep five-and-a-half,” they murmur in unison.

“Trust me,” the Beta says. “You need the sleep. Both of you.”

He examines them thoroughly, the couple nodding off a few times. McCoy awakens them rudely, earning swears and fingers, and a few multilingual curses.

“You two are cleared for duty,” the brunet says, packing up his things. “Now, sleep.”

He stands up and heads to the door, pausing.

“And don’t wake the damn crew when you hump like bunnies,” he snaps.

He walks out the door, leaving the expectant couple blinking a few times.

“Wait, what?” Kirk asks, startled.

“Are we really that loud?” Khan asks under his breath.

The couple looks at each other before shrugging, too exhausted to put any real brainpower into it.

“Do you mind if you, um…” The blond begins, flushing slightly.

The dark haired male smiles and gently removes their clothes, the couple returning to the position they had been in before McCoy disturbed them. This time though, the couple tangles their legs together, trying to get as much skin-to-skin contact as possible. The Augment reaches up and gently touches the pendant around his neck, his mate’s hand resting over his. The Omega takes his hand and slides it down to his abdomen, where the long, pale fingers curl slightly in possession. His other hand joins the first, rubbing tenderly. Tanned fingers join pale, interweaving them tightly. Khan rests his forehead against mate’s neck, kissing his skin.

“Did you know that in Japanese sexuality, the nape of the neck is considered to be a primary erotic area?” Khan asks softly against his Omega’s skin.

“Is that why you kiss that area so much?” Kirk asks, rubbing the back of his Alpha’s hands.

“It is also the primary area where an Alpha marks their Omega,” the Augment says. “An Alpha’s eyes are drawn to that area, the same way the human males’ eyes of this reality are drawn to a woman’s breasts.”

“That explains a lot,” the Captain murmurs.

The Brit chuckles softly, nuzzling his skin. The blond hums softly, enjoying the much warmer body temperature of his mate. His higher metabolism generated more body heat, and his massive jet black wings trap that body heat, creating a nice, cozy cocoon for the couple.

“I love you, Noonien,” Kirk says softly.

“I love you too, James,” Khan replies just as soft.

They cuddle closer, lulled to sleep by the warmth. They close their eyes and fall asleep, returning to their shared dreamscape.

Chapter Text

Kirk does not know what to expect when he returns to the bridge, worst-case scenarios running through his mind as he enters the turbo lift, his wings point blank refusing to stay still. Khan is beside him, his own wings restless, but for the brief ride, they interlace their fingers, silent prayers in their thoughts.

When the turbo lift doors open, they did not plan for clapping.

Every member of his bridge crew is on their feet, clapping with wide smiles on their faces. Kirk was not expecting that, so he flushes with embarrassment, his wings folding around him to hide himself. The bridge crew laughs when Khan lightly shoves his mate out of the turbo lift, causing him to stumble. The blond glares at his mate, though his wings flap almost playfully. The Augment smiles and returns to his console, a wing stretching out to brush against his Captain’s. The Omega’s wings stretch out towards the dark haired male, but he forces them back, moving to his chair. He is thankful that his crew does not mention his little flirting with his mate, returning to their stations as their Captain folds his wings against his back so he can sit without hurting them. He can hear his crew thoughts, but when he focuses on a single mind, all of their conscious thoughts come into focus.

It never happened before, but Kirk is not surprised that his abilities are heightened with the emergence of their wings.

He is surprised when he senses his mate scanning the minds of his crew, and not using the Omega as a conduit.

He mentally shakes himself, accepting the reports he needs to sign from his yeoman. She is a pretty, slim, green eyed, blonde thing, but he is already taken, the mark on his neck proving it.

He rubs it unconsciously, thankful the high collar hides the bite. Last thing he needs is someone to see the mark and put two-and-two together, especially since one could see how violent the formation of the mark was. Khan mentally agrees, subtly pulling up his own collar to cover his mark.

The next few hours go by smoothly, allowing the bridge crew to rotate for the hour-long break for lunch at 1200 hours depending on when their half hour break was scheduled. The bridge had a specific rec room for this time slot, the bridge rec room located a floor down. When Kirk puts his meal card in, he is surprised when he receives chicken, rice, and peas, which is rather high in calories. He picks up his tray and carries it to a table, careful not to spill his glass of milk. When he sits down, Khan sits beside him, shepherds pie on his tray as well as a glass of water. Spock and Uhura sit with them as well, plomeek soup and a salad on their trays, respectively. The Vulcan gives his Captain a funny look, but Kirk ignores it. The couple eats, Khan discretely slipping his mate his supplement, which the Omega forgot to take in the morning. He manages to take it without anyone noticing, not wanting anyone to know that he is pregnant.

Though, Spock does not miss it.

He opens his mouth to speak, but Uhura slams her foot down on his, shutting him up. The blond gives his Communications Officer a grateful look, earning a smile. Khan slips his fingers between his, squeezing lightly. The Omega squeezes back, a smile tugging on his lips.

At this moment, his life is perfect.


When the crew returns to the bridge, Chekov informs them that they are six-point-two-seven hours ahead of schedule, much to his surprise. Kirk couldn’t be happier because in his reality, they had been two minutes behind schedule, and at least things were different.

“Mr. Scott, did you happen to tweak the engines during our trip?” The Captain asks, smiling.

“I did indeed, sir,” the Chief Engineer replies. “It was Commander Harrison who managed to come up with a way to make our engines forty-seven percent more efficient. I don’t know what rock he crawled out from, but if you transfer him off the Enterprise, you can bet your bleedin’ arse that I’m leaving too. That man is a bleedin’ genius!”

“Elegantly put, Mr. Scott,” Kirk laughs, shaking his head. “I can assure you that Commander Harrison is a permanent part of the Enterprise crew.”

“No disrespect, sir, but where the bleedin’ Hell did you find him?” Scott asks.

The blond flicks his gaze to his mate, whose jet black wings tremble with silent laughter.

“Heaven,” he replies quietly.

“I can honestly believe that,” the Scotsman says over the comm. “When we return to Earth, I’m buying that man a good, stiff drink.”

Khan lets out a huff of laughter, shaking his head before glancing at his Captain. He nods, turning back to his console.

“I believe the Commander shall take you up on that offer,” the Omega says.

“He’d better,” Scott mutters. “Engineering out.”

“Mr. Sulu, prepare to drop out of warp on my command,” Kirk says as he terminates the communication.

“Aye, sir,” Sulu says, preparing.

“Three, two, one, now,” the Captain orders.

The Lieutenant drops the Enterprise out of warp, the Class-M planet dubbed “Nibiru” appearing before them. Soft gasps rise up from the bridge crew, even Spock lets out a quiet breath. Kirk leans forward in the command chair, his own jaw falling slack in fake shock. His Alpha’s reaction is genuine, cursing softly as he rises, staring out the viewport in shock.

“It’s… red,” Chekov says quietly. “Sir.”

“It most certainly is,” the blond replies, leaning back into his chair. “Lieutenant, proceed to enter standard orbit around Nibiru.”

“Aye, sir,” Sulu says, activating the autopilot to place the ship in standard orbit.

The image on the viewport changes as the Enterprise automatically adjusts herself to enter standard orbit, the thrusters making minute adjustments to correct herself.

“Maneuver complete, sir,” the Helmsman says, turning to his Captain.

The Omega nods, steepling his fingers together, pressing his index fingers to his lips. He thinks, watching the starfield before him for a few minutes.

“Captain?” Spock asks, moving to stand by the blond. “Is there a problem?”

Kirk looks up, his wings fluttering softly.

“There is not, Commander,” he replies, flicking his gaze back to the viewport. “Lieutenant Uhura, give me shipwide.”

The Communications Officer blinks, nodding to her Captain. She turns back to her console, complying with his order.

“Channel open, sir,” Uhura says, turning back to the Omega.

He leans forward so the command chair can recognize his voice and separate it from the background noise, speaking with an air of authority.

“Attention, crew of the Enterprise. This is your Captain speaking,” Kirk begins, his eyes flicking to his mate. “We have just entered orbit around Nibiru roughly six hours ahead of schedule. You can thank our Chief Engineer for that. Those on the survey team shall begin at 1500 hours, Commander Spock will be in charge.”

He pauses, thinking.

“We must follow Starfleet regulations to the letter, and under no circumstance, are we to break the Prim Directive. These are our orders.”

He leans back, closing his eyes for a moment.

When he opens his eyes, even the ever-logical Vulcan First Officer can see the guilt in them.

“Commander Spock, you have the conn,” he says quietly, rising to his feet. “I, I need to be alone.”

He heads towards the turbo lift, Khan rising to his feet.

‘I said alone!’ The blond snarls, causing the Augment to sit back down.

The Omega’s emotions dominate their bond, anger the primary emotion. Guilt, terror, hurt, and grief are other emotions, but Khan is more worried about the fact that his mate lashed out, even though no one could see.

He was never violent, even mentally.

So why is he now?

The dark haired male watches with worry as his mate continues to head out of the bridge, never pausing. He turns back to his console, unable to work.

“Commander Harrison, you are relieved from duty,” the Vulcan says.

The Alpha/Beta turns to the First Officer, confused and startled.

“Sir?” Khan asks, brows furrowed.

He catches movement from behind Spock, his gaze resting on Uhura. She is jerking her thumb towards the turbo lift, mouthing words at him.

Go get him.

“Yes, sir,” Khan says, rising to his feet.

He moves quickly to the turbo lift, riding it down the deck where the Senior Officers and VIP quarters reside. His wings shiver with worry as he approaches the Captain’s quarters, entering.

Khan is slammed against the wall, his mate’s hands around his throat.

“I said alone!” He shrieks, squeezing.

The Augment’s breathing is restricted slightly, but Kirk’s Pure Omega DNA made sure that his body was built solely for speed, not strength. Khan easily pulls his Omega’s hands off his neck, holding him to his chest. The blond shrieks and howls, clawing, biting, hitting, fighting his Alpha’s grip. Khan holds on as his mate twists and writhes in his embrace, tearing his clothes and breaking skin.

“I have you,” the dark haired male whispers. “I have you.”

He lets his Omega take his anger, his frustration, out on him, knowing that he could take it. Kirk’s wings tremble violently, flapping angrily.

Finally, finally, Kirk’s knees give out, clutching onto his mate as his anger gives way to grief, sobbing uncontrollably. His wings droop as he gives up, his grief overwhelming their bond.

“I just gave them a death sentence,” he sobs. “And they don’t know.”

Things fall into place as the Brit rubs his Captain’s back soothingly, softly hushing him.

“You do not know that,” he murmurs softly.

“I do,” Kirk sobs. “I can see the outcomes, and all of them have the supervolcano exploding. I have just sent an entire sentient species to death.”

The wail that spills from his mate’s lips shatters his Alpha’s heart, cradling him close.

As a Pure Omega, Kirk valued life above all else, but they had sore spots with that topic. They were against abortion, but for a child that would have a horrible life, sired out of rape, incest, or other reasons, they would give. They were against killing, but would also give on certain issues.

But the murder of an entire sentient species, they were radically against that.

And for Kirk to have given that order…

It will destroy him.

Khan scoops up his mate and carries him to the bed, holding him close as he lays them both down. He swings a leg over his Omega’s holding him tight. His wings enfold around his mate, Kirk’s own wings limp and still. The Alpha/Beta’s clothes are ripped, blood on the edges of the cuts. His wounds have already healed, but he is more worried about the wound his Captain inflicted on himself. He rubs the blond’s back, right between his wings, trying to work out the knots. Tears still splash on the Augment’s skin, his body trembling.

The dark haired male kisses his Omega’s temple, beginning to sing softly in Hindi. Kirk recognizes it as a lullaby, but he is still too distraught to relax. Khan touches his mate soothingly, trying to relax his tense muscles, lulling him to sleep with his voice. He switches languages smoothly, singing as many lullabies he can to relax his mate. He sings in as many languages as he can, trying to get his mate to sleep.

Finally, finally, Kirk falls asleep, much to his mate’s relief. Khan makes sure that he is asleep and will not wake up before slipping out of bed, careful not to disturb his Captain. He changes clothes, glancing over his shoulder.

“I am sorry,” he whispers, closing his eyes. “But we need to come clean.”

He exits the Captain’s quarters, heading towards the conference room used for diplomatic meetings.

It also happens to be the one that has a lockdown function.

Khan slips into the room and pings the Senior Officers, making sure that it is only Kirk’s most trusted Officers. He takes a breath to steady himself, adding that it was urgent.

He takes a seat and waits, forcing his wings to be still.

The Augment is hesitant, but he knows that it is the right move. He knows that coming clean, laying all his cards out on the table, explaining everything, is going to help his mate not have a black mark on his pure soul.

Fifteen minutes after the ping is sent, the six individuals that received the message enter the room, taking their seats. Khan reaches out and enters the lockdown command on the touchpad, listening to the whir of the electronics kick in. The Brit leans back in his chair, taking a breath.

“What I am about to tell you, does not leave this room,” he says. “Once we leave this room, this conversation never happened. Any questions you have not asked, will never be answered outside this room. Once lockdown is lifted, you will return to your lives as if nothing happened. Any hint about this conversation outside of this room will have disastrous consequences. I do not mean discharge from Starfleet. That is only a minor, temporary consequence. I mean the permanent consequence. If the wrong people hear any hint of this conversation, every crewmember aboard the Enterprise will be dead shortly. Do not take this matter lightly. Because not only will the Enterprise lose her best crew, her best Captain, Earth will have lost her last chance at peace.”

He pauses, letting his words sink in.

“I think we shall begin with something simple; my name,” Khan says.


Kirk opens his eyes to the sound of his communicator beeping, sitting up to reach for it. When he opens the device, the message he reads is surprising. He does a quick scan of the room, finding his mate is gone. He slips out of bed and heads to the bridge, finding that his Senior Officers are missing.

Even Spock is missing, which is really startling.

He sits in the command chair, taking over as Commanding Officer during Beta shift, when his First Officer should be in command. He scans the minds of his crew, finding seven missing. A quick scan of the Enterprise shows that all seven communicators had been in the conference room used for diplomatic meetings, and lockdown had been initiated twenty-seven minutes ago.

“What the hell are you doing?” The blond mutters, highly concerned.

The survey team begins to bring him reports on the planet, the supervolcano on the other side of the planet. Remote viewing, probes, and samples taken from said probes were revealing interesting results. Most of the contents of the planetary survey reports went well over the Captain’s head, but he did his best to understand them, wishing that his mate and First Officer were on the bridge so they could dumb it down. He checks the status of the conference room, praying the lockdown would be deactivated soon.

The lockdown was designed to block all forms of spying, inorganic and organic. All signals were blocked once lockdown was activated, and it blocked all signals. If one were to look on the room through a monitor, it would appear as a blank space, even through mental and other sensory organs.

It was highly disconcerting to Kirk, feeling that the bond is still string, but it just, stopped. The bond was not broken, but any information from his Alpha is gone. It is completely blank, leaving a Khan shaped hole in him. It is scary to be on his own, having grown accustom to his mate’s sensory input and constant thoughts. He is scrambling to keep himself from floating away, not having realized that it was Khan holding him together.

Was he that really that damaged?

Did the Alpha he was promised to really break him so much that it takes his mate to keep him together? That he cannot stand on his own two feet?

The answer is apparently yes.


When the lockdown is finally disengaged and Kirk can read the minds of his crew, he is shocked.

With each passing second, his blood pressure rises to dangerous levels, going from shocked to angry, to pissed, to livid. As soon as Spock is on the bridge, the Omega hands over the conn then tracks his mate’s soon-to-be-dead ass down. He violently hauls him into his quarters, making sure the door is sealed before rounding on him.

“You told them? You fucking told them!?” He screeches, wings bristling with fury.

Khan’s face hardens, his eyes cold steel as his own anger floods their bond.

“I needed them to understand,” he says, his words clipped. “I needed them to understand that this decision would destroy.”

“That was not your decision to make!” Kirk shrieks, his wings snapping out.

The Augment’s wings spread in response, his stance shifting to domineering instinctively.

“You are not the only one in this relationship,” he says, his voice a low rumble. “You are not the only one this decision would affect.”

“Are you trying to control me?” The Omega snarls, fists clenched. “Because that’s the kind of shit Khan would do.”

The Alpha/Beta’s jaw clenches, his fingernails digging into his palms. His wings spreading threateningly, enraged at the suggestion.

“That is the old me,” he says, rumbling.

“Is it?” Kirk spits.

Khan’s wings snap out, crossing the distance so they are nose-to-nose. The raw fury in their scents is gagging, filling the room with its putrid smell.

“Say it,” the Brit snarls. “Say the words you so desperately want to utter.”

Kirk’s jaw clenches, hot tears stinging his eyes as he utters the phrase that no mated pair should ever say.

“We should have never been bonded!”


Kirk starts violently, drenched in a cold sweat, his heart threatening to burst from his chest. He is trembling, gasping for air as the adrenaline pumps through his blood from his nightmare. He can feel that his mate is in a similar state, his breathing harsh in his ear. His jet black wings cocoon them tighter, his embrace almost vice-like. The blond knows that he will have bruises later from his mate’s grip, but that is later.

Right now, they both need comfort.

Khan relaxes his grip so his Omega can turn in his arms, but quickly holds onto him the moment he finishes turning. The Captain buries his head into the crook of his mate’s neck, wrapping his arms around his broad chest. His own golden blond wings wrap around the Augment as much as they can, which is not much, but he tries his best.

“I know you are,” Khan breathes in Hindi. “I know you are, love.”

Kirk pushes closer, holding tighter to his Alpha. The Augment tightens his grip marginally, relaxing after a few seconds.

“Two absolute precognitions within ten days of each other?” The Captain asks, shuddering slightly. “What the fuck is wrong with our lives that we have to avoid two catastrophic events in less that two weeks?”

“I do not know, love,” the dark haired male breathes. “Maybe, we are…”

He trails off, hesitating.

“We are not compatible?” The blond asks, looking up. “That’s what you wanted to say, right? Or am I wrong?”

The Alpha/Beta licks his lips, hesitating.

“You are not wrong,” he replies softly. “But, I, I wonder how we could be Perfect Mates, and be from two completely different times? We have a nearly three hundred-year age gap, and we had two completely different upbringings. If Marcus…”

He pauses, sighing.

“If Marcus had not wanted to start a war with the Klingons, twice,” he says. “We would have never been able to meet, to bond, to have a child. It is a cruel twist of fate to have a war be the turning point in our lives that will finally bring happiness, true, honest to god happiness, to the bleak darkness that is our lives.”

“You’re kinda morbid, you know that?” Kirk mutters.

Khan chuckles and plants a kiss to the mother of his unborn child’s brow, his lips lingering.

“You know I have only had seven years of, light in my nearly six hundred years of living,” the Brit says. “Even in cryosleep, I did not have any light in my dreams. You are my Sun. You are my Light.”

He gently kisses his Captain, rubbing between his wing joints tenderly.

“My Savior,” he murmurs.

Kirk shivers at his mate’s words, arching into his touch. He kisses back, letting his Alpha lead, like always. The Augment kisses his mate tenderly, his love clear through their bond. Khan gently rolls his Omega onto his back, sitting up to pull him into his lap. Kirk wraps his legs around his mate’s waist, his arms around his neck. Their lips never break apart as Khan enfolds them in his wings, his hands between his wings and on the small of his back. Their lips work against each other, parting to tangle tongues.

“Can we, can we not have sex?” Kirk pants, pulling away. “I’m just-”

The Augment silences his mate with a kiss, telling him to shut up physically and mentally. The Captain smiles as his mate blows his mind with his fantastic kissing skills, leaving him breathless when he pulls away. He barely has time to take half a gasp before the dark haired male claims his lips, pinning him to the bed. His jet black wings spread and drape over his mate, clinging to each other. The Alpha/Beta pulls away, breathless as well.

“Was that good for you, James?” Khan asks, stroking his mate’s jaw.

The Captain makes a low noise of content, writhing slowly. He smiles at his mate seductively, his eyes half lidded.

“Maybe sex wouldn’t be so bad,” he purrs.

Khan smiles down at his Omega, tugging on his lower lip with his thumb. He kisses him softly, pulling away to dot kisses all over his face.

“Not this time, love,” he says softly in Hindi. “I have a promise to keep.”

Kirk smiles and lets his mate pepper kisses over every millimeter of his body, making sure not a single one is missed. The dark haired male ends on the skin just above his navel, his lips lingering.

“I still cannot wait to meet her,” Khan murmurs.

“Who says it’s a girl?” The blond teases.

The Alpha/Beta gives his mate a stern glare, but the smile on his lips ruins the picture.

“I hope it is a girl,” he says, nuzzling his mate’s flat abdomen, his wings creating a canopy over them. “I have always wanted a baby girl.”

“Because of all the pink?” Kirk asks playfully.

Khan chuckles, his eyes crinkling around the corners. He kisses his mate’s belly again, his wings fluttering softly. The blond threads his fingers into his Alpha’s jet black hair, massaging his scalp. He lightly tugs on his hair, earning a low rumble. The Augment folds his wings against his back, crawling up to be face-to-face.

“It looks like we are still at warp,” he murmurs, glancing out the viewport.

The starfield is streaks of light as Kirk looks out the window, the couple watching. Khan lets him sit up, the blond crawling into his lap. He wings fold against his back, pressing against his mate’s chest. The Alpha/Beta sits cross-legged, his Omega folding his legs under himself, his arms wrapping around the blond. The Augment’s wings fold around them, his cheek against his mate’s temple. They hold onto each other, not wanting to let go.

“I love you, Noonien,” Kirk breathes.

“I love you too, James,” Khan breathes back.

The dark haired male kisses his mate’s temple, gently rocking them. Kirk holds onto his Alpha, leaning back into his embrace. The Augment tightens his grip on his Omega, his wings enfold around them tighter. The warmth from Khan’s higher body temperature and his great insulating feathered appendages create a toasty warm and extremely soft cocoon around them, one that would normally put them to sleep.

But they could not be further from sleep if they tried.

Kirk shifts so his knees are tucked against his chest, Khan’s hands moving to wrap around his knees. The dark haired male nuzzles his mate’s temple, kissing his skin.

“Do you want to sleep some more?” He asks softly.

“I’ve slept enough for one day,” the Captain sighs, turning his head towards the father of his unborn child. “I don’t want to sleep anymore.”

‘I’m afraid to go back to sleep,’ Kirk thinks. ‘I’m afraid of what horrors await me if I close my eyes again.’

‘I am too, love,’ Khan thinks back.

‘Don’t let go of me,’ the blond pleads. ‘Don’t you ever let me go.’

“Never,” the Alpha/Beta breathes. “Absolutely never.”

“I don’t know what is real anymore,” Kirk whispers, his wings trying to fold around himself.

Khan spreads his wings just enough so his Omega can wrap his wings around him, the massive jet black appendages enfolding around them again.

“My love is real,” he murmurs. “My love for you is real.”

“I don’t know anymore,” the Captain says quietly.

Khan flinches as if he had been struck violently, tightening his grip. Kirk forces himself out of his Alpha’s grip, who reluctantly lets him go. The Omega walks away, standing before the viewport furthest from the bed, arms crossed over his chest. His wings are constantly shifting, refusing to look at his mate.

“How can you say that?” The Augment asks, an edge in his voice. “How can you doubt my love for you? We are Perfect Mates.”

“That doesn’t mean shit,” his mate snaps, his wings snapping out.

“What the fuck does that mean?” The Alpha/Beta snarls.

Kirk’s wings wrap tightly around himself before he forces them back, his arms tightening.

“There is something only Pure Bloods know about Perfect Mates, something that not even Pure Betas know,” the blond says quietly. “Something that is forbidden for anyone but Pure Omegas and Pure Alphas.”

He pauses, hesitating.

“Perfect Mates did not exist for the first two thousand years of our existence,” he says. “They existed for five thousand. But it is the last three thousand years that we must keep secret, we must never let out into the open.”

He tenses, his gaze fixed on the starscape.

“Have you ever wondered why there are so few Pure Alphas and Pure Omegas in the world?” Kirk asks quietly.

“It has crossed my mind,” Khan admits. “Why does it matter?”

“Because the last three thousand years of Perfect Mates is the reason why,” he says. “Because the Perfect Mates killed themselves off. Because they hated each other.”

He closes his eyes, sighing.

“They may have been perfect for each other,” he says. “But there was not love between mates. There was so few of our ancestors, not even two million in total, so anyone they mated with made them Perfect Mates. In the first two thousand years, there was love, absolute, unconditional love. But in the last three thousand years…”

He shudders, tears rolling down his cheeks.

“There was so much violence between mates, many of them had at least a quarter of their bones broken by the time they were, killed,” he says quietly. “Multiple times, and some had every bone in their body broken by their mates. We could tell because their mates had identical fractures, some not even healed properly.”

He begins to whimper, his shoulders shaking.

“Even though we are Perfect Mates,” he whimpers, his wings folding around him tightly. “Does not mean that we love each other.”

Khan is instantly on his feet, crossing the room to turn his Omega around, taking his face in his hands.

“My love for you is unconditional,” he says quietly, brushing his lips against his mate’s. “No matter what you say, no matter what you do, I will always love you. Nothing can ever make me stop loving you. Not a single damn thing in this universe will ever make me stop loving you. Nothing.”

“Not even murder?” Kirk sniffles.

Khan chuckles, wiping away his tears.

“You have a twisted mind, James,” he purrs, kissing him.

“Wonder where I get that from,” the Captain purrs back.

They kiss long and slow, their lips swollen when they finally part. Khan threads his fingers with his Captain’s, tugging him towards the bed. The blond goes willingly, allowing his mate to lead him, though he just wants to be alone.

‘No you do not,’ the Augment thinks, pulling his mate to him as they lay down. ‘This is not a time you should be left alone.’

“Okay,” the Omega says in a small, child-like voice, separating the two syllables.

The Alpha/Beta holds his mate tightly, kissing his forehead. Kirk shifts in his mate’s arms, wrapping his around his waist.

“I love you,” the blond says softly.

“I love you too,” the dark haired male replies.

Kirk closes his eyes, listening to his Alpha’s heart beat.

“Would you like me to read to you?” Khan asks.

“Yeah,” the Omega says. “I’d like that.”

“Then that is what I shall do,” the Alpha/Beta murmurs, reaching for his PADD.

Chapter Text

The couple changes things up in the morning, having breakfast so Kirk can take his supplement, and avoid the possibility of the crew finding out about their Captain’s pregnancy. When they arrive on the bridge, the crew claps for them, smiling. Kirk walks out of the turbo lift, head held high, a commanding air around him. He takes his seat in the command chair, Khan taking his own seat at his console as the rest of the bridge resumes their duties, glancing at their Captain. Spock is called away to check over last minute details with the planetary survey team, something about a faulty probe, if the blond heard correctly.

They break for lunch, the couple receiving the same meal as the precognition, Uhura joining them. Spock does not at first, but eventually joins them in the end.

“How is the survey team?” The Omega asks, taking a bite of his rice. “Something wrong with a probe, right?”

“Affirmative, Captain,” the Vulcan replies.

He then begins to explain what was wrong, Kirk’s face quickly becoming blank as the explanation goes well over his head.

“A wire was loose?” Khan asks, surprised.

The blond’s jaw goes slack, his eyes widening.

“That’s it?” He asks, slightly peeved. “That’s what was wrong?”

“In, simple terms,” Spock says.

“It sounded a Hell of a lot worse,” Kirk mutters, stabbing a piece of chicken.

“It would have taken out the entire Science section,” his Alpha explains. “So, it is as bad as it sounds.”

“Open mouth, stick in foot,” the Captain mutters, shoving the chicken in his mouth, his cheeks flush.

The First Officer quirks an eyebrow up, confusion clear on his face. He does not say anything, picking up his spoon to eat his plomeek soup. Kirk is grateful that he does not say anything, not wanting to explain the phrase. Khan and Spock begin to talk shop, which goes well over their Captain’s head. The blond listens with one ear while he eats, and one hand on his Alpha’s thigh. The Brit threads his fingers with his Omega’s, squeezing.

He may be a genius in his own right, scoring off the charts with an IQ of 231, having mind blowing high scores in all categories, and a higher-than-average score in social skills, but Khan and Spock did laps around him, and sometimes he felt as if he was moron when the Augment showed off his intelligence. Spock was naturally a genius because he was a Vulcan, but Khan had an intelligence on par with his, and Kirk felt stupid.

The Alpha/Beta flicks his gaze to his mate, concern flowing through their bond. The Captain ignores him, idly poking at his food as he pulls his hand away.

“Are you alright, sir?” Uhura asks, concerned.

“Dumbass here is making me feel like a moron,” Kirk sighs, speaking flawless Klingon as he jerks his fork towards his mate.

“Since when do you speak Klingon?” Uhura ask.

“Since he can’t,” he says, Khan frowning in confusion. “It is one of the few languages he can’t speak.”

“You do realize that he will learn Klingon quickly,” the Communications Officer says. “And is it wise to insult him?”

“He is not prone to violence, unless he thinks I am in danger,” Kirk explains. “All mates are that way. If I thought he was in danger, I would protect him with my life.”

Uhura nods, glancing at the Brit. The Omega can hear that she does not really understand, something he does not take personally. Khan tips his head slightly, his brows furrowed as his wings shift behind him.

‘What are you talking about?’ The Alpha/Beta asks, frustrated.

‘You,’ Kirk replies.

‘Explain,’ Khan all but demands.

The Captain smirks, resuming to eat. The dark haired male’s wings flare out slightly in frustration, glaring hard. The Omega’s smirk becomes a lopsided grin, even more smug at the fact his mate cannot figure it out. He finishes his milk before depositing his tray into the recycler, heading back up to the bridge. The Alpha shift replaces the Beta once they come back from lunch break, Chekov informing them that they are six-point-seven-one hours ahead of schedule. Kirk shakes his head in disbelief, comming Scott to thank him for increasing their efficiency.

And once again, he has his mate to thank as well.

They drop out of warp, complete the “Surprise! It’s red!” bit of their day, allowing Kirk to give the speech about their mission, and leave out the part about following Starfleet regulation, much to his Alpha’s relief.

“Mr. Spock, you have the conn,” the blond says, rising to his feet.

He heads back to his quarters, knowing that he has a ton of paperwork he needs to complete. He has a migraine just thinking about how much he has piled up, and it is a never-ending pile. The blond enters his quarters, already finding a massive pile of electronic reports and paperwork waiting for him. The Captain groans, pinching the bridge of his nose in an attempt to stave off his oncoming freight train of a migraine.

Kirk sits down at his table, launching himself straight into his work. It is not until Khan comes in and forcibly removes the PADD from his hands does Kirk look up from his work, his head pounding something fierce. The Brit kneels before his mate, taking his face in his large hands. He strokes the blond’s cheekbones, arctic locked with glacial.

“Are you alright, James?” The Augment asks softly. “I can barely hear your thoughts.”

“Migraines,” the Captain replies, closing his eyes as the dim lighting begins to hurt. “All Pure Omegas suffer from them, due to our abilities. Omegas suffer them to a lesser extent, and Omega chimeras even less.”

“Is there anything I can do to help relieve the pain?” Khan asks, worried.

“You already are,” Kirk says quietly. “When a Pure Omega is not mated, they’re usually put into a medically induced coma for about a week to, how to put this, purge and reboot the system.”

“So, you are a computer?” The Alpha/Beta asks, arching an eyebrow.

“A very fragile biochemical computer,” he replies, leaning into his mate’s touch. “Nobody knows why, but an Omega’s Alpha can help in ways to relieve the migraine that are different for each Omega. And yours seems to be touch.”

“By touching you, I am helping you with your migraines?” The dark haired male asks, curious. “How often do these occur?”

“Do you remember during our five-year mission that I would come down with a cold and we’d lie in bed until I got better?” The blond asks.

“Of course,” his Alpha replies. “They usually lasted between three days and a week.”

His eye widen as it clicks, his lips parting.

“Those were migraines?” He asks.

Kirk nods, smiling weakly. Khan pauses, thinking.

“You always did feel better when we were naked,” the Alpha/Beta murmurs.

He stands and tugs his Omega to the bed, gently taking off their clothes. The Captain does not resist, letting his mate manipulate his body to keep as much skin-to-skin contact as possible, his wings enfolding them tightly. Kirk’s wings move around his mate on their own accord, helping keep contact as he tucks his head under his Alpha’s chin.

“Better?” Khan asks softly.

“Much,” Kirk murmurs. “The migraine should be done within a few hours, but it’ll be Hell-and-a-half in a little bit. I don’t know why, but it seems that the duration of my migraine has been condensed. Maybe it’s because of the stronger bond?”

“That is a high possibility,” the Augment murmurs. “But we may never know.”

“It’s the only variable that has changed,” the Captain replies. “What else could it be?”

“I can think of one lasting eighty weeks,” his mate replies.

“Oh,” is all the blond can say.

Khan nuzzles his Omega’s temple, smiling. The Alpha/Beta tightens his grip marginally, relaxing after a few seconds. Kirk cuddles closer to his Alpha, enjoying the warmth. The dark haired male rubs his mate’s back soothingly as he begins to whimper, quietly ordering the lights off.

“Kill me now,” the Omega moans, shifting closer.

The Brit tightens his hold on his mate, his scent displaying his concern and helplessness at not being able to ease his mate’s pain.

After about two hours though, Khan can hear his Captain’s thoughts again, loud and crystal clear.

“I can assume that your migraine is over?” The Augment asks softly.

“Yeah,” the blond replies quietly.

Neither move from their positions, for neither want to move. They hold onto each other, enjoying the closeness.

“I love you,” the Alpha/Beta murmurs in Hindi.

“I love you too,” the Omega murmurs back.

Kirk shifts closer, digging his fingers into his mate’s skin.

“We need to get up, love,” Khan says softly, pulling his wings away. “The first planetary survey is almost finished, and the last thing we need is one of your many fine female crewmembers who would give their left breast to warm your bed for a night to see you naked.”

“Jealous?” The blond teases, grinning.

The Augment props himself on his side, smiling down at his mate.

“Why do I have any reason to be jealous?” He asks, trailing his fingers over his Omega’s cheek. “You are carrying my child, and we are Perfect Mates. The same women, and men, that were on the Enterprise during our five-year mission are onboard, and you never had them warm your bed.”

He leans down and brushes his lips against his mate’s, purring softly.

“Only I have had the privilege,” he murmurs. “Only I have been allowed to warm the bed of the legendary Captain James Tiberius Kirk of the USS Enterprise, savior of Earth and the youngest Captain in the history of Starfleet.”

“In the nearly sixty years I have been alive,” the Captain says softly, touching his Alpha’s cheek. “You are the only person who I have chosen to share my bed with.”

The Brit catches his hand and softly kisses his palm, his eyes closed. He pulls away after a gentle nip to the inside of his wrist, stimulating the scent glands there, capturing his Captain’s lips in a soft and tender kiss. When they pull away, their lips part with a soft plop, rubbing noses together, smiling softly. The dark haired male lets his mate up, allowing him to redress himself. It also allows the Alpha/Beta to admire his Omega’s nude form, his eyes taking in every detail. Kirk blushes under his mate’s gaze, dressing hurriedly while leaving his overshirt off. Khan also dresses, though he is quick and efficient as he hears the thoughts of one of the crew approach. He leaves his overshirt off as well, joining his mate at the table.

The first of many planetary survey reports comes in with a rather striking female Lieutenant, dressed in Sciences blue. Khan is quick to notice that she appears to be a Black Irish, having pale skin, jet black hair, and piercing moss green eyes, which are solely focused on him. Her long sleeved skirt accents her slender figure, which the Augment has to admit is rather attractive, though her thoughts are not.

The couple knows that the more experienced of the pair has a few harmless fetishes, the main one being his Omega in female clothing, something Kirk was more comfortable wearing because of his Omega nature, but the Lieutenant had some rather, disturbing, ones.

All involving the dark haired male.

The Captain forces a smile on his face, doing his best not to leap at her and throttle her into unconsciousness at what she wants to do to his mate.

“Thank you, Lieutenant,” he says, trying to keep the venom out of his voice. “You are dismissed.”

The dark haired woman nods, barely glancing at her Captain before heading out his quarters, allowing the blond to snarl once the doors close, livid. Khan pinches the bridge of his nose, paling slightly.

“I did not know that someone could even be turned on by those kinds of things,” he mutters, groaning. “Honestly, I will never look at a butternut squash the same way again, nor shall I ever eat one from this point forward.”

“At least, not on this ship,” Kirk comments, reaching forward to take his Alpha’s hand, squeezing gently. “Or anything in the pumpkin family.”

The Augment groans again, shaking his head.

“I do not even know how one could possibly make that fit,” he says. “The human body is not designed for that.”

“If you think about it, the same logic can be applied for an Alpha’s knot,” the blond replies. “If we weren’t in such a fuck-or-die mentality, it’s actually terrifying to the Omega on how something that big could even fit inside us, especially for an Omega male. And from what I vaguely remember from my Heats, you’re no small fish either. We could almost call it ‘Cockzilla’ or something.”

The Brit studies him intently, his brows furrowed.

“What?” The Captain asks, wary.

“You are not blushing,” he states.

“Should I be?” The Omega asks.

“Yes,” the Alpha/Beta replies.

Kirk rolls his eyes and pulls his hand away, shaking his head.

“Maybe I’m not embarrassed by sex anymore,” he suggests.

Khan raises an eyebrow and creates a few images in his head that has his mate turning a color that puts the Operations red to shame, much to his amusement.

“Obviously not,” the dark haired male observes, shaking his head. “If those images can make you turn that color, that you are still easily embarrassed by sex.”

“Th-those were pretty provocative!” The blond stammers.

“No, James,” the dark haired male sighs. “Those are actually the least provocative images in the world of sex. If I had shown you something that was much more provocative, you would have passed out from all the blood rushing to your face.”

The Omega flushes even darker, his wings folding around him to hide him from the world. His mate sighs and rises to his feet, moving to stand by his Omega. The Alpha/Beta presses a soft kiss to the top of his blond head, murmuring softly.

“I am sorry for embarrassing you, love,” he says softly.

The Captain peeks out, his flush lightening. He folds his wings back, tipping his head up to capture his Alpha/s lips.

“Let me go over the planetary survey report,” Kirk says quietly, pulling away. “Then we can, I don’t know, have an early dinner?”

Khan smiles softly, his wings fluffing up in happiness as he sits down.

“I would love that,” he says, taking his mate’s hand, squeezing gently.

Kirk smiles shyly, squeezing back. The Brit pulls his hand away and begins to work on his Captain’s paperwork, signing his name flawlessly.

“Since when can you forge my signature?” The blond asks, surprised.

“Your muscle memory is my muscle memory,” the Augment says, flicking his gaze up as he continues to sign. “I need to focus a bit, but I can sign your name and write the way you can as if it was my own handwriting. Our bond allows us to exchange information that we have learned over our lifetime, even the ones that we do not give a second thought to. It is how you can speak Hindi fluently, as well as the other languages I have learned over my life.”

He smirks slightly, finishing a signature with the same flourish his mate does.

“It is also how I can speak Klingon fluently,” he says, Kirk’s eyes widening.

“Crap,” the Captain curses softly, flushing lightly.

“‘Crap,’ indeed,” he says, giving his mate a stern look. “I do not appreciate being called, what was your turn of phrase? Oh yes, ‘Dumbass.’ That is rather insulting for someone of my intelligence, and especially when you use it when talking to your crew.”

The Omega looks away, lips pursed as he blushes lightly. The Brit reaches out and takes his mate’s hand, squeezing gently. The blond looks over, his blush darkening slightly as he smiles softly, earning a smile back. The Augment lifts his hand to his lips, kissing his knuckles softly, his eyes shining.

“I love you,” he says softly.

“I love you too,” is his mate’s automatic reply.

The dark haired male releases his Omega’s hand after placing a soft kiss on his inner wrist, continuing to work on his reports and paperwork. Kirk opens the planetary survey report and begins to read, the report stating the same thing as the one in the couple’s absolute precognition.

And it goes well over the Captain’s head, again.

“This might as well be written in, I don’t know, some language neither of us know,” Kirk mutters, scrubbing his face tiredly. “I don’t understand any of this.”

Khan pauses in his mate’s paperwork, flicking his gaze up to him. He puts down the stylus and extends a hand for the PADD, which the blond gladly hands over. The Alpha/Beta reads the report, his mind already beginning to simplify it for his mate. The Omega nods, his head cocked slightly as their bond transfers over information, able to understand the report as the Augment continues read. Not a single word is uttered until the Brit finishes reading, both sighing in relief.

“So the volcano is not in an eruptive state,” Kirk sighs, his wings relaxing and folding against his back. “Yet.”

Khan can feel the tension in his mate’s back from his wings, as well as his chest and shoulders through their bond. The Alpha/Beta stands and extends a hand, a soft smile on his face. The blond instantly understands his intentions, smiling back as he rises to his feet. He takes his Alpha’s hand, allowing him to lead him to the bed. The Omega kneels on it, allowing his mate to take his shirt off and toss it aside. The Brit places his hands on his Captain’s skin, gently skimming over his flesh. He kneels behind him, his wings fluttering.

He begins on his neck, working out the knots in his muscles. His mate groans in relief, his head falling forward. Khan makes sure his neck is loose before moving to his shoulders, thumbs digging into his knots. He only moves to another tense area once he feels that the tension in the current area is gone, working out his own tension by proxy. Kirk’s back is a mess, the Augment having to dig his thumbs into his knots so hard that his Omega has to slap his hands over his mouth to hold back his increasingly louder noises of pain.

“I know it hurts, love,” the Brit says quietly. “But it will feel better. I promise.”

Kirk whimpers, squeezing his eyes shut. The dark haired male finishes his back, pulling him to his chest as his hands slide to his front, working out the knots in his pectorals. The Alpha/Beta decides to try distracting his mate from the pain as he continues to whimper, one hand still working out the knots while the other slides across his chest, brushing against a nipple. The effect is instantaneous, the Captain slumping against his body as he gently pinches and rolls it, the nub hardening under his touch. The dark haired male switches hands to wrap up his massage, the blond collapsing onto the bed once his mate lets go of him. He moans softly, his eyes fluttering as his Alpha kneels over him, leaning down to kiss his cheek. His massive wings spread over his Omega, creating a canopy that traps his scent under them.

“Feel better?” He murmurs, brushing his lips over his mark of claim.

“Much,” the blond murmurs back, his body feeling as if it had been turned to goo.

Khan rumbles with approval, gently scrapping his teeth over his skin before carefully placing them over his bite. He applies only enough pressure to make sure his mate feels them before trailing his lips to the back of his neck, gently placing his teeth over his spine, applying the same amount of pressure as he did on his bite. One of his large hands slides down the Captain’s arm, tangling their fingers together. He squeezes lightly, his mate squeezing back. Kirk hums softly as his Alpha dots kisses across his shoulders, nuzzling his pillow.

“Thanks,” he says quietly. “I needed that.”

“I know,” the Alpha/Beta replies, nuzzling his mark again. “I could feel it.”

He moves to kiss the base of his Omega’s skull, trailing kisses down his spine to the hem of his pants, then back up, lingering between his shoulders. His free hand rubs his side gently, causing the blond to squirm as it tickles. The dark haired male chuckles, moving back up to blow against his ear, earning a soft whine from his mate. He then breathes softly against the sensory organ, earning a low, breathy moan.

“As much as I would love to continue this little game,” the Augment says quietly, giving his mark one last kiss. “You need to get up, love. Another report is begin prepared as we speak.”

The Captain groans loudly, reluctantly sitting up. He slips off the bed and begins to search for his discarded shirt, pulling it on before moving to sit at his table. He picks up where his mate left off in his paperwork, giggling softly as he kisses his cheek. Khan brings over their meals, shepherds pie for the blond, creamy pesto shrimp for himself. Kirk frowns at his Alpha’s meal, annoyed that his mate is allowed to eat the kind of food he wants.

“Leonard told me that we can share meals,” the Alpha/Beta says, placing the shepherds pie before his Omega. “But not while the possibility of someone catching us is high.”

The Omega nods, eating his dinner as another planetary survey report comes in. This time, the Captain’s First Officer brings it in personally.

“Spock?” Kirk asks, surprised. “What’s going on?”

The Vulcan has what would be considered a solemn look on his face, handing over the report. The blond takes the PADD, reading the report.

This time, he does not need it to be dumbed down.

“Oh no,” Khan breathes, his eyes widening as their bond reveals the information. “The volcano…”

The Captain swallows, nodding. He looks up, his panic clear as Spock looks between the couple, his brows furrowed slightly.

“How much time do we have?” The Augment asks.

“Five-point-six-five-two-three hours,” he breathes.

The Vulcan’s brows furrow even more, highly confused by his Captain’s and fellow Commander’s reactions. Kirk puts down the PADD, clasping his hands as he rests his elbows on the table. He rests his forehead against his hands, closing his eyes as his mind whirls, focused on the problem at hand.

‘Do you-’ Khan begins.

“Shut up,” the Omega growls, not moving a muscle. “And stay out of my head.”

The Alpha/Beta silences his thoughts, though the First Officer’s are loud and highly emotional.

“Spock, if there was ever a time to be a true Vulcan,” the Captain spits, lifting his head up to glare. “Now would be the perfect time. I can’t fucking think because your emotions are too damn strong!”

Both eyebrows shoot up in shock, his lips parting slightly.

“Captain?” The Vulcan asks.

“I will render you unconscious with a thought,” the blond threatens. “So. Shut. Up.”

The First Officer reigns in his emotions, allowing the Omega room to breathe.

“Call the Senior Staff,” Kirk orders, rising to his feet. “We have roughly five hours and forty minutes before the volcano explodes. We will spend every second we can to try and stop it from doing so.”

Chapter Text

Kirk pinches the bridge of his nose, feeling a headache coming on.

“And how, exactly, do you propose we do that?” He groans, glancing at his Transporter Chief.

The Transporter Chief, and older gentleman by the name of Lieutenant James Mackavoy, hesitates, thinking. The blond wants to bang his head against a wall, but resists. He rubs his temples, his wings shifting in agitation.

“We have spent two hours on this and no one can come up with an idea?” He groans.

His Senior Staff glances at each other, their thoughts clear.

“Lieutenant Maximillion,” he says, looking at his Geologist. “Please give us a rundown on the status of the volcano again.

“The supervolcano is situated directly above a conjoining of three continental plates, which is further destabilized by a number of proximate major earthquake faults,” she says. “A very unstable tectonic situation, and highly dangerous. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study such a unique and highly unusual geological nexus, a career maker, if I do say so.”

“The volcano, Lieutenant,” Kirk says curtly.

The Geologist clears her throat, a light blush on her cheeks.

“The volcano is in the beginning stages of an Ultra-Plinian eruption, possibly a Supervolcanic eruption,” Maxamillion says.

“Hold on,” Khan interrupts, brows furrowed. “I thought the volcano was a supervolcano.”

“A misnomer,” the Geologist explains. “A supervolcano is any volcano capable of producing a volcanic eruption with an ejecta volume greater than a thousand cubic kilometers. The volcano is actually a stratovolcano, only much larger than anything on Earth.”

“Stratovolcano?” Kirk asks, frowning.

“Also known as a composite volcano, Captain,” Spock interjects. “They are conical volcanoes built up from many layers of hardened lava, tephra, pumice, and volcanic ash. They are characterized by a steep profile and periodic explosive and effusive eruptions, although some have-”

The Omega holds up his hand, stopping his First Officer.

“Lieutenant, continue with the report on the volcano,” he says, gesturing to his Geologist.

“As I said, the volcano is in the beginning stages of a possible Ultra-Plinian eruption, currently in the active stages of Strombolian eruptions,” Maxamillion says, pulling up a diagram. “If the volcano were to go above a volcanic explosivity index, or VEI, of a three, it will begin to jostle the tectonic plates, destabilizing the area. As the VEI increases, the earthquakes will grow stronger. A VEI of a six will begin the chain reaction of earthquakes that will further destabilize the area, and will launch the volcano directly into an Ultra-Plinian eruption. Once that happens, the resulting earthquakes and eruptions will wipe out all life on this part of the planet, and its higher intelligent life. The ash cloud and aftershocks will most likely spread across the globe, the ash cloud lasting well over a hundred years.”

“Which will block out the sun, killing the flora,” Spock explains. “The-”

“I get it,” Kirk snaps. “The planet will die.”

The words hung in the air, the silence thick. The blond pinches the bridge of his nose again, wishing he had a blocker for his damn headache.

“So, if we do not do something,” he says slowly. “The planet will die. On the other hand, we are bound by the Prime Directive, which states that we must not interfere with a civilization’s development.”

He rests his elbows on the table, his lips against his interlaced fingers.

“So, how do we do both?” The Captain murmurs.

The thoughts of his Senior Staff whirl, but his mate’s are by far the most interesting.

“I, might have an idea, Captain,” Khan says slowly, hesitating. “It is possibly insane, but it, it might be feasible.”

Kirk gestures for him to continue, the Augment’s wings shifting nervously.

“We know that the mechanics of a volcanic eruption is a result from the build up of gases in the magma,” he says slowly. “Gases that result from the boiling of the magma, ones that are highly volatile. As the temperature of the magma increases, more gas is produced. The gases vesiculate and accumulate as they rise up from the magma chamber and into the magma conduit. Once they reach a certain size, they explode, the narrowness of the conduit forcing the gases and associated magma up and out of the volcano.”

He pauses, licking his lips.

“What if we, stopped the build up of gases?” He asks. “By stopping the boiling of the magma?”

“How do you stop the boiling of 1600 °C fluid substance?” The Omega asks.

Khan hesitates, his wings shifting.

“Temperature is based on the vibrations of a substance’s atoms,” his mate says slowly. “The faster the vibrations, the higher temperature. What if we were to, stop the vibrations, or slow them down?”

“Commander, are you suggesting we create a counterthermal Rankine wave device?” Spock asks, his eyebrow rising.

The Alpha/Beta hesitates, his wings shifting slightly more violent.

“I, I, yeah?” he says quietly, his cheeks flushing before the words rapidly tumble out of his mouth. “But thermodynamics is not my field of expertise, so I do not know if my theory is even possible, or even correct. I-”

“The Commander is correct,” the Vulcan interrupts, turning to his Captain. “I estimate that in approximately forty-five-point-seven-two minutes, I will have the device created.”

“But Keptin,” Chekov pipes up. “How will we deliver the device without breaking the Prime Directive.”

“Drop it in the volcano,” Sulu says.

Everyone turns to look at him, stunned.

“A shuttlecraft is small enough to hide in the ash cloud,” the Helmsman explains. “We have a thermal protection exosuit available, tested to withstand 3000 °C. What if someone were to place the device inside the volcano, with a cable lift?”

“The problem with that theory is the shuttle is not capable of handling the stress of atmospheric entry,” Scott argues. “You’ll be ripped apart the moment you exceed the maximum number of G’s they can handle, which is only three or four when reentry can be anywhere upwards of five, depending on the atmosphere. And this one will create eight.”

“Then we don’t enter the atmosphere with the shuttle,” Sulu replies calmly. “We enter with the Enterprise.”

Everyone is on their feet, shouting, telling the Helmsman he is insane.

“Sit down!” Kirk roars, his wings snapping out as he shoots to his feet.

His crew slowly sits down, their thoughts whirling. The Captain slowly lowers himself back into his chair, forcing his wings back. He turns to his Helmsman, calm.

“And if we enter with the Enterprise,” he says. “She will be seen by the natives, breaking the Prime Directive.”

“Not if we hide her, sir,” the Lieutenant replies.

“How?” Scott demands. “It’s not like we can hide her in a cave or something. She’s too large.”

“But what natural feature is even larger than a starship?” Sulu asks. “One that covers the entire planet below?”

Everyone thinks, minds working furiously.

But it is Uhura who breaks the silence.

“The ocean,” she says quietly. “We can hide the Enterprise at the bottom of the ocean.”

“Hold on a sec!” The Chief Engineer shouts. “We are not designed to handle seawater!”

“But we are air tight, are we not, Mr. Scott?” The Omega asks.

“Technically,” the Scotsman replies. “But we designed to handle the vacuum of space, not the corrosiveness of salt water!”

“But it is feasible, correct?” Kirk asks.

The Chief Engineer hesitates, but nods.

“Then it is settled,” the blond says, rising.

“Not quite, Captain,” Khan interjects.

Kirk sits back down, clasping his hands and resting his elbows on the table, leaning forward slightly.

“What is the problem with this plan, Commander?” His Captain asks.

“Remote viewing has revealed that the indigenous life-forms, or natives, have created a structure at the base of the volcano,” the Augment begins. “And in the same remote viewing session, it was revealed to the science team that this, tribe, were inside the structure, congregated in a similar manner to the way our own species have done throughout our history for religious prayer. I have hypothesized that this structure is a temple to which the tribe is worshipping in to appease the higher beings that the believe control every aspect of their lives, to which they will most likely not move from. When the volcano erupts, the temple will more than likely be destroyed, wiping out the only species on the planet that has evolved to be self aware.”

“What do you propose to remedy this situation?” The blond asks, leaning back into his chair.

“At this stage of sociocultural development,” the dark haired male says. “The species will believe in a higher power to explain phenomena in their lives that they do not understand, such as gods. In that same breath, they will also believe in an item that represents their higher power, or is the word of said power.”

“So, an idol,” the Omega says.

“Correct, sir,” the Brit confirms. “This idol will reside in a structure or place that is sacred to the beings who believe in the power that it represents. With that said, the beings will do everything to protect that object or place from those who wish to defy their gods. The one the natives happen to be praying to is small enough to be carried.”

Kirk’s eyes widen when he realizes that his mate is suggesting what he had suggested in their reality, without using his memories. He sits up straight, highly impressed.

“Commander, are you suggesting, what I think you are suggesting?” He asks slowly.

Puzzled looks dart across the faces of his Senior Officers, turning to look at the Alpha/Beta. A small smile tugs on the Augment’s lips, his eyes glinting mischievously.

“If you mean defile a primitive civilization’s most holy place by stealing their object of worship to lure them away from their imminent destruction,” Khan says, smiling. “Then, yes, that is exactly what I am suggesting.”

“How?” The Captain asks, leaning forward.

“While the shuttle takes the crew to the volcano, they can drop a two man team on a beach near the temple who can steal the idol while in disguise,” his mate explains. “That team can then be picked up once the device has been placed, at a pre-determined location.”

The Omega nods, leaning back.

“Then who will be on this mission?” He asks.

“Captain, the odds are higher for success if I were to place the device, as I will be creating it,” Spock says. “I am better equipped to handle any problems that may occur with the device, though it is highly improbable.”

Kirk lets a soft huff of laughter, shaking his head.

“Sir, I volunteer myself to pilot the shuttle,” Sulu offers, his Captain nodding in response.

“Captain, I am going as well,” Uhura says, her tone clearly saying that she will not take “No” for an answer.

“Of course, Lieutenant,” the Omega replies.

“Captain, I also volunteer myself for this mission,” Khan says, his wings shivering slightly. “I would be best suited for the ground mission.”

“Great,” McCoy mutters, groaning loudly. “Which means I have to go to make sure that you two don’t kill yourselves.”

Kirk blinks, not expecting that response.

“Do you really think you won’t go with Commander Harrison?” The Doctor growls. “You two are joined at the hip. Front wise.”

The Omega’s face turns bright red, his wings instinctively folding around him. The Alpha/Beta face also heats up, scratching the back of his head as he looks away, refusing to make eye contact with anyone.

“Captain, a blind man could see that you two are in love,” Scott chuckles, shaking his head. “You may have been trying to be discrete, but the communicators we’re all carrying sort of gave it away. That and the sensors that track life-forms onboard the ship at all times.”

The couple flushes even darker, wishing the ground would swallow them whole.

“Keptin, it is nothing to be ashamed of,” Chekov pipes up. “We can all see that you are much happier with Commander Harrison around, and we all agreed to keep quite, even though Starfleet regulations say otherwise.”

The blond’s wings part slightly, peeking at his First Officer.

“Even you?” He asks quietly.

“The repercussions of revealing your relationship with Commander Harrison to Starfleet Command would not be beneficial for the crew of the Enterprise.”

Kirk smiles and lets his wings fold back, his blush lightening.

“So, we have a plan?” The Captain asks, earning nods from his crew. “Then, you are dismissed.”

Chairs scrape across the floor as the Enterprise Senior Staff stands, exiting the conference room, Kirk leaving last. He heads back to his room, finding that his mate is already there, working on his paperwork at the table. The Omega smiles and walks over to his Alpha, standing behind him. His mate tips his head back, a smile curling on his lips as his Omega takes his cheeks in his hands. The blond leans down and captures his mate’s lips, stroking his high cheekbones. The dark haired male chuckles quietly, reaching back to tangle his fingers in his mate’s golden blond hair as they kiss, toying with the stands. His Omega hums softly, stroking his cheeks tenderly, their bond thrumming.

Khan suddenly rises and scoops his mate, spinning him around gently. The blond laughs with joy, his arms locking around his mate’s neck as his Alpha laughs as well, his baritone laugh soothing a familiar. He carries his Omega to the bed, lowering the mother of his unborn child carefully on top of the covers, his wings vibrating. He kneels over him, their faces split in two by smiles. The Alpha/Beta’s wings create a canopy over them, their scent trapped underneath them. The blond cradles his Alpha’s jaw in his hands, tracing his cheekbones with his thumbs. The Brit closes his eyes, leaning into the touch as he rumbles softly. The noise is one of content, a deep, baritone purr much like the ones the pair of tribbles in their cage at the foot of the bed are making.

“That could’ve gone a lot worse,” Kirk says softly, pulling his mate down for a kiss.

“It certainly could have,” Khan murmurs, kissing back. “But it did not. Looks like things are finally looking up for us.”

He slides his hand down to his mate’s abdomen, smiling softly. He crawls down his body, lifting up his Omega’s shirts to kiss his flat belly, wings fluttering. The Captain hums softly, playing with the father of his unborn child’s hair, toying with the strands. The dark haired male smiles and hums back, the blond giggling as it tickles him.

“Is it too early for baby names?” Kirk asks softly, closing his eyes as he leans back into his pillows.

“You are only thirteen weeks, two days pregnant,” Khan murmurs against his skin. “It is still far too early to choose names. I would recommend that we wait until you are twenty weeks, or even thirty before we choose.”

“You’re right,” the blond sighs, continuing to play with his hair. “It’s still too early.”

The Alpha/Beta smiles, kissing his Omega’s abdomen one last time before crawling back up to his lips, capturing them gently. The Captain kisses back, humming softly.

“I love you,” the Omega murmurs against his mate’s lips.

“I love you too,” his Alpha murmurs back, smiling.

They kiss softly, holding onto each other as they draw the moment out as long as they can. They only part when they need air, taking just enough so their heads stop spinning before kissing again.

“It’s just too bad that we’ve decided to not have sex for a month,” Kirk sighs as his mate nibbles on his neck, tipping his head to the side. “I kinda miss it.”

“I know you do,” Khan murmurs, moving to the junction of his neck and shoulder. “Your dreams say so rather explicitly.”

The Augment chuckles when he feels his mate flush heavily, heat rising off his skin. His lips slide to his bite, carefully placing his teeth exactly over the scar. He applies a small amount of pressure, causing the Captain’s breath to hitch as it brings up memories of claiming each other. The Brit’s hand slides under his mate’s shirts, gliding over his skin to rest over his heart.

“Oh for the love of…!”

The couple sighs and looks at the Beta, scowling something fierce.

“What is it, Bones?” Kirk sighs, sitting up as the dark haired male removes his hand from under his shirt.

“Other than the fact that I got more than I bargained for,” McCoy mutters, pulling out his PADD. “I found a way to allow you two to retract your wings.”

The couple turns to him, waiting.

“You two have a nerve bundle located just to the side of your scapula’s medial border, deep within the rhomboideus major muscle,” the Doctor explains, showing the couple a diagram as he stands before them. “The nerve bundle is connected to the tissue surrounding the joint of your wings in such a way that I hypothesize that when stimulated, it can retract your wings. Try rolling your shoulders like this.”

He then demonstrates the movement, pushing his chest out while forcing his shoulders back, his elbows going behind him and towards his spine. The couple glances at each other and mimic the movement, gasping when they feel the skin around their wings split, the appendages quickly pulled back into their body. Kirk reaches behind to feel, but Khan’s hand is already there, tracing the long, pink scar that had been visible before their wings emerged.

“Roll your shoulders the same way, and they should reemerge,” McCoy says, turning away. “And don’t wake up the damn crew.”

He does not see the finger gestured in his direction from his Captain as his back is turned, the door closing behind him. The expectant couple rolls their shoulders again, the scars splitting open as their wings spread once more. Not a single drop of blood was shed at either moment, their wings emerging in the exact state they had entered their bodies. The pair rests their foreheads together, their wings folding around each other. The couple laughs when their stomachs growl at the same time, moving to sit back down at the table with their now cold food. Khan has the replicator reheat their meals, placing his Omega’s meal before him while stealing a kiss. Kirk hums softly, giggling when his Alpha’s fingers brush against his ribs, squirming. The Augment rumbles and repeats the action, earning a louder fit of giggles.

“Don’t!” The Captain giggles as his mate decides to tickle him, tears biting at his eyes. “Please don’t!”

The Alpha/Beta grins and picks up his Omega, carrying him to the bed despite him wiggling like an eel in his arms. He places him on the bed and proceeds to tickle him, grinning as his mate squeals and giggles loudly, tears rolling down his face. His wings are flapping wildly, almost taking out his Alpha.

“Stop! Stop! Stop!” Kirk shouts, thrashing.

Khan releases his mate, grinning as they catch their breath. The blond sits up and smiles, his face wet from his tears as he leans in to kiss his mate. The Brit smiles and kisses back, framing his face with his large hands as he tips his head to the side. They kiss softly, pulling away to rest their foreheads together.

“What have I ever done to deserve you?” The dark haired male asks, his lips curled in a soft smile. “What have I ever done to deserve the most perfect being in existence?”

“I don’t know,” the blond replies, smiling as well. “Though if you keep tickling me, you won’t have me for long.”

The Augment smiles and nods, kissing the tip of his Omega’s nose softly.

“Would you care to finish dinner?” He asks softly, pulling away to gaze into his mate’s glacial blue eyes. “It might still be warm.”

“I would love to,” the Captain says softly, smiling. “Though you might need to heat it up again.”

Khan smiles and slides off the bed, kneeling before his mate as he takes his hand, kissing his knuckles softly.

“It is my only desire to serve you, Empress,” the Alpha/Beta says softly against his Omega’s skin. “It is my dream to serve you, to wait on you hand and-”

He lets out a squeak as he is yanked onto the bed, pinned to it by his mate’s lighter body, lips crushed against his. He is stiff for a few seconds before giving into his Omega’s demands, wrapping his arms around him. The blond grips the fabric of his shirts in his hands, his entire being radiating dominance as he kisses his Alpha hungrily. The Augment lets his mate lead, pushing him away when they cannot see, let alone think straight. They take several gulps of air before attacking each other’s mouths again, the dark haired male quickly pinning his mate to the other end of the bed while keeping their lips pressed together, his massive wings spreading. The giant feathered appendages create a canopy over them briefly before the Brit pulls his Omega into his lap, wrapping his wings tightly around him as he holds him close. They pull away to catch their breath, their lips swollen from their activity as they rest their foreheads against each other’s.

“Why can’t the month be over now?” Kirk whines, toying with the back of his Alpha’s hair.

Khan chuckles softly, nuzzling his mate’s cheeks.

“If that is what you desire so much, my love,” the Alpha/Beta replies, his lips curled slightly. “Then we can call this the end of the month. Is that what you desire the most?”

The Captain opens his mouth to speak, but his body decides to state his need rather loudly, as does his mate’s.

“I guess that answers my question,” the Augment sighs, releasing his mate.

The couple heads back over to the table and begins to eat their dinner, working slowly through the blond’s paperwork. The Omega sighs when his communicator goes off, flipping the device open to read the message.

“Spock finished the device faster than he expected,” he says, closing the communicator. “They need me to oversee the positioning of the Enterprise, and check over a few last minute details.”

Kirk exhales through his nose and retracts his wings, changing his shirts to unaltered ones. Khan copies his actions, giving one longing look at their dinners before following his Captain up to the bridge. They take their positions, receiving strange looks from the crew when they notice their wings are missing.

“Mr. Sulu, are we ready for your insane plan?” The Captain asks, earning a huff of laughter from his Helmsman.

“I believe so, sir,” Sulu says, a barely there smile on his face. “I think it is insane myself, Captain, but we are ready.”

“Mr. Scott, is Engineering prepared?” The Omega asks, leaning forward.

“Ready as we’ll ever be,” Scott replies. “I still don’t like this plan, Captain.”

“You have made that very clear, Mr. Scott,” Kirk says, closing the link. “Mr. Sulu, begin maneuvering us into the ocean.”

“Aye, sir,” Sulu says, breaking out of standard orbit.

Chekov plots the course to a part of the ocean near the temple that is deep enough to hide the Enterprise, entering the atmosphere at a high angle far enough away so the giant fireball they will become on reentry will not be seen. They enter the ocean at a low angle, the Enterprise’s Navigator and Helmsman working in perfect harmony to maneuver her massive bulk through the water.

“Maneuver complete, Captain,” the Helmsman says, turning to the blond.

Sulu blinks in surprise, startled.

“Your wings…” He breathes.

Chekov turns, his eyes blown wide when he sees that his Captain’s wings are indeed gone.

“I can retract them,” Kirk states simply, giving his two Officers a look as he rises. “Mr. Chekov, you have the conn.”

“Yes, Keptin,” the Ensign says slowly, taking the chair once his Captain leaves the bridge.

Those assigned to the mission head down to the shuttlebay, not before changing into the appropriate clothing, advanced divesuits underneath either native kaftans or flight suits. They all pick up goggles with attached recycling breathers, Khan storing a phaser next to his goggles. The couple casts a longing glance at their food before heading down to the hangar, fingers brushing against each other. They find the rest of the crew waiting for them, causing Kirk’s cheeks to heat up as he ducks into the shuttle, slipping into the safety harness. The Augment slips in beside him, glancing at his mate before glancing at Vulcan’s lap. The silver metallic case gleams in the light of the shuttle, the whole reason for this mission. His arctic gaze flicks to the Doctor beside the First Officer, then at the Helmsman and the Communications Officer in the front of the shuttle. The Alpha/Beta slips his hand into his mate’s, paler than normal.

“Are you alright, Commander?” Spock asks, his head cocked slightly. “You appear to suffering from a reduced amount of oxyhaemoglobin to your skin.”

“If you mean that I am pale, Commander,” Khan says quietly. “It is because I suffer from a slightly case of aviophobia.”

“I know how that feels,” McCoy mutters, looking pale as well.

Spock flicks his gaze to the Beta, leaning away slightly from him as he shifts to move as far as the restrains allow him. Once the shuttle door closes, Sulu expertly pilots the craft out of the shuttlebay, the shield keeping the seawater out. Kirk looks out the front viewport at the alien ocean, the whole interior painted blue. Strange aquatic creatures darts out of the way of the shuttle, the Captain’s lips parted in awe.

“I think I may be sick,” his mate mutters, looking a little green.

‘I thought you were superior?’ The Omega asks, worried.

‘They did not account for flying machines in my genetic code,’ the Alpha/Beta thinks, looking much greener than before.

Something is tossed into Khan’s lap, who instantly recognizes it as an airsick bag. He opens it up rapidly and empties his stomach contents into it, much to his Omega’s horror.

“Are you okay?” The blond asks, highly concerned.

“I am fine, it-”

The Augment is cut off by a violent retch, clearly not fine at all. Uhura turns around, startled by the sound.

“That’s not a minor case of aviophobia,” McCoy mutters, watching the Brit carefully.

“There’s an incinerator to your right,” the Communications Officer says, turning back around. “As well as more bags, just in case.”

“Trust me when I say there is nothing left,” the dark haired male mutters, sealing the bag and dropping it in the incinerator.

“Grab a bag, Commander,” Kirk says. “That’s an order.”

His Alpha complies, but thankfully, does not become sick again. Sulu pilots the shuttle to the surface, flying low to the beach drop-off point. Once they reach the beach, the ground team exits the shuttle, all but one wrapping their faces up to disguise themselves. The blond glances at his mate, worried as he rests his hands on his knees, groaning and moaning quietly.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” He asks, concern coloring his voice.

Khan holds up a finger before proceeding to heave onto the pristine white sand, his Omega’s worry spiking.

“An Augment getting airsick,” McCoy mutters, shaking his head. “That’s a new one.”

“They did not account for flying in my genes as I was suppose to rule India, where the Eugenics program was located,” the Alpha/Beta groans. “So the aviophobia is genuine.”

He groans louder, gagging slightly.

“I’ll prescribe you some Alprazolam when we return to the Enterprise,” the Beta says. “Meanwhile, we should get going.”

“Two minutes,” the Brit says. “Or we will be stopping every thirty seconds. I need to calm my stomach down before we continue.”

“We can spare two minutes,” the Omega says.

Only forty-seven seconds later, Khan wraps his face up and nods, the group heading towards the temple. The Captain glances at his mate, concerned. The Augment gently takes his Omega’s hand, squeezing reassuringly. They drop their hands, picking up the pace through the Nibirian forest as the volcano rumbles threateningly, the ground quivering beneath their feet. They make good time, the trio pausing maybe one or two miles away from the temple.

“Bones, you might want to wait here while Noonien and I go and grab the scroll,” Kirk says.

“Yeah, yeah, I get it,” the Doctor mutters. “I don’t have the stamina to keep up.”

He waves them off, the couple nodding in reply. The head towards the temple, moving at a fast jog that was on the border of a sprint, knowing that both could keep it up for awhile. They stop at the edge of a massive clearing, multiple pathways leading to the temple, surrounded by water. Khan kneels beside the water, pulling down his mask as he glances around. He cups his hands, scooping up water to clean his mouth out. He swishes and swallows, taking another handful to drink. He then rises, walking over to his Omega before pulling down his mask to kiss him. Kirk grips his mate’s biceps, leaning into his embrace. Both can feel the phantom movement of their wings wrapping around each other, even though they are retracted.

“What was that for?” The Captain asks when they part.

“Luck,” the Augment says softly, smiling. “And because I have always wanted to kiss you on an exoplanet.”

“You’ve done that already,” the blond states.

“Not in this reality,” the dark haired male smiles.

“Again,” Kirk demands.

Khan chuckles and kisses his Omega again, lingering.

“That is the last one,” he murmurs. “We have to lure the natives away.”

His head suddenly snaps up, freezing for a split second before quickly hauling his mate behind a nearby boulder, pinning him to the stone.

“Don’t move,” he breathes. “Don’t speak. Fuck, don’t make a fucking sound.”

Kirk’s eyes widen when his mate speaks, knowing that they are in deep shit.

Arctic is locked with glacial, terror in both.

For less then fifteen feet away, a pair of Nibirans, armed with primitive spears, emerge from the forest.

Looking for them.

Chapter Text

Kirk had never been so terrified in his life.

His heart will either break his ribs wide open and land on the ground, or he will vomit it, and still have it land on the ground. His fingers curl into the red earth, tearing the grass. He trembles, almost quaking as bad as the ground beneath him. His breathing is rabbit quick, his eyes blown wide.

The man kneeling over him, shielding him with his body, is in an identical state, their eyes locked. Their faces are mere centimeters apart, but it feels as if it is light years to the pair. Kirk’s knees are jammed against his chest as his mate is pressed tightly against his body, allowing the blond to feel every feature, every hard edge of the boulder against his back. A particularly sharp ridge is digging into his scapula, nearly breaking skin, but he will not complain, not say a word, not utter a sound.

His life depends on it.

Both their lives depend on it.

The couple’s minds are focused on the two Nibirans’ thoughts, waiting for the inevitable.

Waiting to be killed.

The natives do not move, looking around for the intruders. The couple they are looking, less than fifteen feet, is praying furiously that they are not found, knowing full well that the two members of the primitive tribal species will kill them if they do.

Or offer them up to their gods as tribute to appease their anger, which will be excruciating when they do so.

‘George Isaac or Rani Sarina,’ Khan mouths, saying the first thing off the top of his head. ‘Kirk-Singh.’

Kirk blinks thrice rapidly, completely in agreement with his mate. The Augment forces himself not to curl his fingers into the rock, crumbling it to dust and give away their position.

‘I love you,’ Kirk mouths. ‘I love you so much.’

‘I love you too,’ Khan mouths back. ‘I love you more than you can ever know.’

They want to hold onto each other, but they cannot.

Finally, finally, the natives head to the temple, the couple collapsing in relief,

“Thank the gods,” the Brit breathes, closing his eyes.

“Gods probably had nothing to do with it,” the Captain mutters, trying to get up.

Khan helps his mate to his feet, both pulling their masks back up to hide their faces once again. The couple heads to the temple, the volcano rumbling loudly, a few landslides thundering down its slopes. The ground is shaking beneath their feet, the serpentine smoke rising out of the monstrosity, and if Kirk had to guess, it went all the way out to the ocean.

The temple is massive by anyone’s standards, made out of red hand-hewn stone, and the blond is thoroughly impressed by how well built it is. The expectant couple sneaks to the entrance, standing just to the side. They peer in, counting at least thirty Nibirans inside. Kirk can tell that they are far muscular than the last time, which means the natives are going to be faster as well. Khan had seen what the Nibirans looked like through his mate’s memories, but to actually see them with his own eyes, he is startled.

Their skin is white, but it resembles cracked and splitting clay at the bottom of a dried lakebed, not the smooth expanse of flesh of the humans they so closely resembled. Bright yellow cowls and loincloths cover their otherwise bare bodies, primitive, simple symbols and lines painted in black vegetable dye, which the Augment wonders where they even found black plants, ritually mark their skin, different for each Nibiran.

The couple spots what has to be the high priest, dressed in a long yellow robe, a staff in his hand as he kneel before their idol, leading his fellows in prayer. The interlopers share a look, the tension running high through their bond.

A sudden tremor shakes the ground, the Omega clinging to his mate to keep his balance. The flying creatures native to Nibiru let out distressed screeches, taking to the air. The pair sinks to their knees, the temple trembling behind them. The volcano coughs violently, the Nibirans’ chants rising to try and appease their gods. The tremor continues, violent and strong. Kirk digs his fingers into his Alpha’s shoulders, feeling the rough cloth chafe his palms. Khan holds his Omega tightly, his own terror flooding their bond.

The tremor finally stops after what feels like hours, the couple clings to one another for just a few extra seconds. They part reluctantly, rising to their feet.

“Wish me luck,” Kirk whispers, peering into the temple.

He takes several steadying breaths, then bolts into the temple, snatches the scroll, and then proceeds to run like a bat out of Hell. Khan swears loudly and chases after his mate, pushing himself to his limit. The Nibirans follow them, screaming and yelling in fury. Their yells form a nightmarish cacophony, one that sends the hairs on the backs of the expectant couple’s necks on end.

“Fuck fuck fuck!” Kirk swears, glancing behind him. “They shouldn’t be this fucking fast!”

“You mean-!?” Khan shouts, panicked.

The masks they are wearing are too thick to allow them to take in the high oxygen demand their bodies need, whipping them off to take in a desperate lungful of alien air, thankful that the atmosphere has a higher oxygen content. Nibiru’s atmosphere has a thirty-two-point-five-one percent oxygen content compared to Earth’s twenty-point-nine-five percent, allowing the couple to meet their oxygen demands faster with each breath, creating more energy, but with severe consequences.

They both know that with the higher oxygen content in the air and their increasing energy demands, their bodies do not know how to regulate the high amount of oxygen entering their bodies. They know that it will metabolize glucose faster, creating more ATP, giving their bodies more energy to use. That is exactly what they need short term, but long term, they are building up lactic acid faster than they normally would.

They will run out of steam long before the natives chasing them will.

Primitive spears are thrown at the couple, dodging them as they suck desperate lungful after lungful of air. Both know that the weapons will kill the normal human as sure as any phaser, severing their bond violently.

And both know that it will drive his mate mad with grief, and in all likelihood, cause him to take his own life, or it will kill him within ten minutes. Their bond is unbreakable, no exception.

Their bond is so strong that neither can function without the other, becoming ill at the same time is just one example. They are one being with two bodies, and even then they are still one. They need each other more than water and oxygen, something they cannot explain to those who cannot bond. And if one were to die suddenly, there would be nothing to hold the other together. Their mind would shatter, any rational though destroyed upon death of their mate, and only one of four possible outcomes would occur. They would either take their own life, or their body would self-destruct and cease functioning within ten minutes.

The other two possibilities were the most frightening.  

All higher brain function would cease, trapping them in an endless loop of their mate’s death, symbolized by the irises turning a lifeless gray. They were mindless, reacting by only their bodies natural reflexes, and nothing else. They were nothing but human shells, unable to react, unable to care for themselves.

The last possibility was the most terrifying of all.

The surviving mate would become mad with grief, driven insane without their other half. They would be given superhuman strength and speed, regenerative abilities, and an insatiable hunger.

For human flesh.

They could only be killed by the blood of their mate on a silver dagger, stabbed directly through the heart. Many died to do so, many more died while it was still alive. Though the number of cases that occurred through time was under thirty, the last one almost two hundred years ago, the body count in each case was over two thousand, and sometimes much higher. The strength and speed of the being was far greater than the Purest Omega and Alpha that had been born to this day, and they were near perfect hunters.

The word for these beings struck fear at the core of every human, a monster that was as real as they were, and could become real again.

Khan panics when Kirk stumbles, but he recovers almost instantaneously. He glances behind him as the high Nibiran priest emits a chilling howl, shaking his weapon as he urged on his fellows.

“How does he run in that?” The Augment mutters.

“Just keep running!” The Captain screams.

The dark haired male takes one last look at their pursuers, noting that they were decidedly humanoid, but their rounded facial features, ritually marked clay-colored skin, and black pupilless eyes marked them as genetically and evolutionarily different from them. Kirk shoots him a glare, knowing full well that they were genetically and evolutionarily different from the humans that vastly outnumbered them. They fight to lengthen their stride, only Pure Omega speed, Augmented genes, and adrenaline are allowing them to keep the distance between them and the angry mob, and even increase the gap further. The Nibirans still continue to chase after the objects of their fury with a single mindedness that would be fascinating, if their lives were not in danger. The couple knew that if they were caught in possession of their idol, and it was a very tiny “if,” the Nibirans would show them no mercy. Both of them would most likely be dead, one definitely dead, before they could explain that their intentions are wholly benign, to save their lives.

They had to keep running, and if all went according to the insane plan created in the nice and safe Enterprise, it would not be much longer.

At least, it should not be much longer. Their legs are beginning to turn to rubber while their lungs threaten imminent surrender, and not even Khan’s Augmented genes will be able to save their asses. The branches and tendrils of the red Nibiran forest whip at them, every fraction of second they slowed them down allowed the furious Nibirans to keep and close the distance. A foraging mother and child stare at them with wide eyes as they bolt past, the child dropping their basket to hide behind their mother. Khan leaps over a fallen branch, ducking as spears are thrown. One passes a little to close for Kirk’s liking, nearly clipping the blond in the head. He could hear the sound of the weapon whoosh by his ear, feel his mate’s terror through their bond. Sitting on a red branch, a creature that looks like a yellow anemone draws its tentacles back into its sack-like body as they speed by, but only Kirk sees it.

“What the Hell was that?” Kirk asks.

“What the Hell was what?” Khan asks, ducking under a spear.

“Never mind,” his mate gasps. “How much longer until we reach Bones?”

“No clue,” the Augment pants.

They slide down a slope blanketed in red foliage, leap over a stream, and run into a small clearing, where they come face-to-face with a massive fanged quadruped. Kirk screams as it rears up, Khan whipping his phaser out from an inner pocket in response to the threat towards his mate. Before the animal’s paws could come down on his Omega, the Augment hits the quadruped with a full stunning blast, neutralizing the threat. It promptly collapsed into a massive pile of legs and fur, revealing McCoy standing behind it. He fumbles for his wrappings, revealing his contorted face, but no more so than usual.

“Dammit, man!” The Beta sputters. “That was our ride! You just stunned our ride! Again!”

“That was him!” The Omega screeches, pointing a finger at the gaping Alpha/Beta.

The couple whips around as a howl pierces the air from the furious Nibirans, hair standing on end.

“Run!” Khan bellows.

The couple continues their flight, McCoy right behind them. The babble and screams of the pursuing mob of enrage Nibirans rises above every sound except the dangerously deepening growl of the looming volcano. The Doctor does not have the speed of his Captain, or the stamina of his mate, so he slows them down considerably.

Luckily for the trio, Khan and Kirk’s leg of the run had given them rather large headway.

Unfortunately, they do not seem to be out of the Nibirans’ throwing range.

“Where the Hell are they getting all these spears!?” Kirk screams as more fly overhead.

McCoy ducks as a spear whistles over his head, impaling into a tree just to his left.

“Is that it!?” The brunet shouts leaping over a fallen tree.

“Yes!” Kirk gasps, each lungful of alien air demanding an increasingly painful effort.

As he glances over his shoulder, he can see that the lead Nibirans are closing the gap between them faster than he would like. He reaches into his kaftan with his free hand, drawing out his communicator. He snaps the instrument open, gasping as he speaks.

“Kirk to Shuttle One: Locals are out of the immediate kill zone!” The blond gasps. “I’ve… I’ve given them something else to focus on! You’re clear to proceed as we discussed! I repeat, you’re clear to proceed. Operation’s a go now!”

He lowers his communicator, glancing to his left at his Chief Medical Officer.

“You know, for someone whose expertise resides in what is essentially a sedentary profession, you move pretty good,” the Omega pants, a spear brushing past his sleeve as he speaks, creating a small rip in the cloth.

The forest’s tendrils whip at them, costing them precious fractions of seconds. More spears rain down on them, as well as rocks. A quick look over the couple’s shoulders informs them that streams of bright red-orange ultramafic lava pour down the dark basaltic flanks, the lava having the same viscosity as water.

The Beta’s gasping reply is as dry as the Enterprise’s Chief Engineer’s favorite gin, something that makes the couple laugh.

“Being chased by howling homicidal indigenes has a way of enhancing one’s sprinting ability,” he gasps, his tone darkening. “Of course, if your mate hadn’t shot our ride…”

Kirk suddenly stumbles and falls, Khan sliding to a stop to turn and bolt back to his mate. He grabs him by the scruff of his neck, hauling him to his feet as he snatches up the dropped scroll in one smooth motion.

“Gogogo!” The Alpha/Beta roars, shoving him forward.

The Captain sprints ahead, his Alpha right behind him. McCoy had not stopped running, the couple catching up to him quickly. Their hearts are pounding in their chest, their terror flooding their bond.

“Jim!” The Beta shouts, glancing behind him. “Are you okay!?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” the blond pants.

“Copy that, Captain!”  The Helmsman shouts through his Captain’s communicator.

Kirk glances over at his mate, knowing that there was no one he would rather have by his side.

He had to admit, when he first saw Khan in the jumpship at the Daystrom Conference room, when they locked eyes, the Augment took his breath away. His ethereal beauty, pale skin, arctic blue eyes, high cheekbones, sharp angular features, everything about his appearance made his knees weak, threatening to give way at the sight. There had been a pause in the firing, the dark haired male’s eyes widening just a fraction when he got a good look at the Omega, his lips parting only slightly.

His restricted affect morphed into something Kirk could call awe and longing, sparks flying between them.

But that was gone in a second, the emotionless mask slipped back on “John Harrison’s” face.

But only they knew how much the Captain’s appearance had shaken him, how much he wanted to take him away from the danger and live their lives out in “Paradise.”

When they had met on Qo’noS, when they finally got a wiff of each other scents, “John’s” thoughts had scattered to the wind, as did Kirk’s.

But anger swept over the blond, fury at what he had done to his mentor, the only person he had considered as a father, punching the traitor in the face.

And that was when it happened.

The threads of their minds entangled, interweaving so tightly together that they became one. Kirk’s knees had given way, his new mate, Khan Noonien Singh, catching him and carefully lowering them to the ground. They stared into each other eyes, the Brit’s knuckles brushing against his new, his first, Omega’s, cheek, love radiating through their forming bond.

“How?” Kirk had breathed. “How did we form a bond?”

“I do not know,” his Alpha had replied.

The next thing the Omega remembers is sitting in Khan’s lap, both of them naked and covered in sweat. The Augment had been knotted inside him, clinging to each other, their teeth sunk deep into their mate’s skin, claiming them as their own. They were shaking and shuddering, fingers gripping tight enough to leave bruises. When they had removed their teeth, Khan had gently licked the wound, cleaning up the blood.

Their bond had sealed when they marked each other, tying them in ways they could not even begin to understand at the moment, still too high on their orgasms to think straight. They felt safe in each other’s embrace, feeling as if they had finally found their home. Khan had been rough and brutal at first, as Kirk had been, both driven mad with lust at being bonded, but unclaimed. But afterwards, the Augment had shown the Captain a gentleness that neither knew could come from the dark haired male, but was appreciated by both.

“Tree!” Khan bellows.

Kirk ducks just in time to avoid being clotheslined by a branch, thankful that his mate is watching his back.

“Captain, did any of the representatives of the indigenous intelligence see you?” Spock asks over the comm. “At the risk of repeating the obvious and despite difficulties inherent in our current effort, I must repeat that the Prime Directive clearly states that there can be no perceived external interference with the internal development of an alien civiliza-”

“No, Mr. Spock, they did not,” Kirk snaps into his communicator. “I know what it says! I might have missed a few details here and there in certain classes…” McCoy snickers sarcastically next to him. “…But I didn’t miss that one! We’re not supposed to be here at all! It’s because of the Prime Directive that we’re having to do this the hard way! Now, drop off your super ice cube, and let’s get the Hell out of here! Kirk out!”

The trio continues to run, the bellowing native throng closing the distance as the humans tire and slow. Khan glances at his mate, knowing that there was no one who he would rather be by their side at the moment. He had found the blond attractive, even through photos in Starfleet’s records. He had read that he was a Pure Omega, something that had peaked his interest, but that moment on the jumpship, when he saw him with his own eyes, he had been shaken to his core on just how beautiful he was.

He had always been attracted to females, did not matter which primary gender they were, but he never gave an Omega male a second glance.

Until Kirk.

Pictures did not do him justice, nothing did him justice until he laid his eyes on him. He had been breathtaking, he is, breathtaking, and it went against the Alpha/Beta’s very nature, but he wanted nothing more than to submit to the Omega, to be given permission to be his mate.

But he had a job to do, as much as he wanted to forget it and whisk Kirk away to somewhere safe, away from everything.

“Captain,” Sulu says over the communicator. “We’re pulling out while we still can. Even so, I don’t know if we’ll be able to make it back to the designated drop location for the ship. I’m ditching the shuttle. You’ve got to make it to the Enterprise on your own.”

“Wonderful,” Kirk groans.

He snaps the communicator closed, gasping.

“They’re trying to kill us!” McCoy shouts, ducking. “They’re trying to kill us, Jim!”

“No shit!” Khan snarls, glancing over his shoulder. “They might even be able to kill me!”

Kirk continues to run, right past the way to the pick up beach.

“Shit!” McCoy swears. “We’re not gonna make it to the beach are we!?”

“Fuck no!” Kirk shouts back. “Noonien, you need-”

Khan barely slows to a stop, draping the parchment over a nearby tree branch. As he lets go, the scroll unfurls all the way to the ground, letting him see what was on it. He only catches a glimpse, but he does not take the time to examine it further. The Augment grunts as a spear grazes his bicep, slicing into skin and ripping muscle, but it is a shallow wound, one that will heal in under a minute. He flicks his gaze backwards, seeing that nearly all the Nibirans had stopped to pray to their scroll, but a small group is determined to take revenge on the interlopers. The howling native throng was nearly on top of them, and the Alpha/Beta knew that a flung knife, a spear, or a stone would bring down the fragile humans at this distance.

There is not a lot of red forest left before them, and all three knew what they had to do.

With a sudden burst of adrenaline, they race ahead, the forest giving way to a sheer cliff, too high for them to survive if it had been anything but water underneath.

They just head to enter at the right angle or it would be the same as hitting a solid surface.

Without breaking stride, the trio hurled themselves over the edge, angling their bodies to enter the water so they can slip under safely, arms crossed over their chests tightly. If they had not, their arms would be wrenched out of their sockets, but more than likely, completely torn off.

When they hit the water, pain explodes in Kirk’s arm, but he realizes that it is Khan who is injured.

The Captain tears off his kaftan, slipping on his goggles and rebreather, swimming to his mate using the jets on his advanced diveskin. He helps his Alpha put on his goggles after tearing off his kaftan, recognizing that Khan’s shoulder is dislocated. With only thirty minutes of air on the emergency devices, a quick calculation shows that they will have enough time to make it to the Enterprise, even with the Augment injured.

With an arm wrapped around the father of his unborn child’s waist, the blond helps him swim to the Enterprise. Though the water is slightly saltier than Earth’s oceans, it is unpolluted and crystal clear. The landscape is beautiful, brightly hued local aquatic life-forms swim past and around them, sometimes in large groups, or as large, multi-finned predators. The latter flashes an impressive set of cutlery, sometimes multiple sets, when they approach for a closer look. They circle the trio of swimmers a few times, but sinuously twist away, having decided that the humans did not conform to anything recognizable as their natural prey. McCoy is thankful that they do not come any closer, as are the couple.

The vegetation is just a brightly colored as the life-forms, and just as diverse.

They know the location of the ship, but it takes them awhile to orient themselves in their unfamiliar surroundings. Despite the couple being able to read the minds of their crew, the sheer number of other minds around them crowd out the four hundred eighty-three of the crew of the Enterprise, even though the other minds are nothing that they recognize. The trio would communicate through the link of their minds, one that Kirk created, but only temporary. The bulk of the USS Enterprise appears before them, her massive, familiar shape comforting to the trio. She is huge and foreign to Nibiru, looming before them like a great shining inhabitant of the deep. Schools of alien water dwellers flash and dart around her, glowing softly through the clear depths.

Kirk almost wishes he was an artist so he can paint his beautiful girl, his mate promising to complete his wish. Khan is an amazing painter, his perfect memory able to bring detail into his paintings of the planets they visited that even Spock missed. Even his nudes of his mate had exquisite detail.

‘Didn’t need to hear that!’ McCoy screams mentally as they swim to the small personnel airlock.

The doors slide open, the trio entering and grabbing the bars overhead as the doors closes, the water draining quickly. Even though it was designed to deal with the airlessness of space and not an influx of seawater, it serves its purpose, though it will piss off the Operations crew members who have to clean up the mess when they leave. The Science labs will be doing cartwheels when the few unlucky ocean dwellers flopping on the floor who got caught into the trio’s entrance find their way to them, rather enjoying the opportunity to examine alien life-forms.

The two uninjured Officers remove their goggles and inhalers, the Captain instantly by his mate’s side as he collapses, clutching his shoulder. Kirk removes his goggles and inhaler, touching his cheek tenderly. The blond touches his shoulder lightly, jerking his hand back when Khan lets out an uncharacteristically loud scream of pain, sobbing uncontrollably. The Doctor is kneeling next to his Captain, fear and concern prominent on his face.

The inner portal cycles open, Kirk glancing over his shoulder as the disgruntled figure of his Chief Engineer is revealed.

“D’you lot ‘ave any idea how ridiculous it is to hide a starship on the bottom of a bleedin’ ocean?” He spits. “Just so the locals-”

“Get me Medical now!” McCoy roars, startling Kirk and Scott.

He turns back to his patient, rapid and unpleasant emotions flicking across his face. He begins to examine the Augment’s shoulder physically, the dark haired male shrieking and howling in agony.

“His arm was nearly torn off when we hit the water,” the Beta explains rapidly. “This isn’t a simple dislocation, the ligaments that connect the bones of his humerus, scapula, and clavicle together are completely severed, which is why his humerus head is no longer in his socket. The muscles were also torn, and the bursa that keeps his bones, his muscles, and tendons around his joints from rubbing have burst, but that’s only part of the problem. His humerus, scapula, and clavicle are fractured, and more than likely, broken or shattered. I’m more worried about the nerve damage and broken blood vessels, and if I don’t get him into surgery soon, he may lose the arm.”

‘Even if he is an Augment,’ McCoy adds mentally.

Kirk’s heart clenches as he realizes the Doctor is not softening the blow, and that he speaks the absolute truth.

He looks down at his mate, his own tears falling as his heart breaks.

There is nothing he can do to ease his Alpha’s pain.

Chapter Text

The Medical Staff arrives quickly, Maeve leading the team. She is instantly kneeling beside her brother, scanning him with a tricorder. She is pale as her brother continues to whimper and cry softly, paling even further as the tricorder confirms her fears. She whips around and begins to bark orders at the crew members behind her, who quickly scramble to comply. They take the backboard and place it next to the whimpering Augment, carefully lifting him onto it. The straps automatically wrap around his body to hold him in place onto the board, gently maneuvering him so he is flat on his back before tightening to keep the Brit immobile. The staff lift him off the floor by the handles on the board, allowing Kirk to see that his Alpha is pale, his face scrunched up in pain. Maeve leads the team out of the airlock, the Medical Staff quickly heading to the medbay without a backwards glance. The blond rises to his feet to follow, but McCoy claps him on the shoulder, shaking his head.

“She’s got this,” he says.

Translation: She won’t fuck up like a human will.

A flicker of worry crosses the Captain’s face, but he nods and turns to his Chief Engineer.

“Did the shuttle team make it back safely?” The Omega asks.

Scott hesitates, the Captain’s worry spiking.

“Mr. Scott, where’s Spock?” He demands.

“Still in the volcano, sir,” he replies, his face etched with worry. “We picked up Uhura and Sulu not long ago, and they say that’s where they left ‘im.”

“Left him?” Kirk whispers, eyes wide.

“Sulu sais he was losing the shuttle and they had no choice but to pull back,” the Scotsman rushes to explain. “Apparently they were in the process of dropping him when… the life cable broke.”

“Broke…” The blond breathes, his voice strangled.

He was going to lose both his Commanders, one a man who considers to be a good friend and trusted Officer, the other the father of the child he carries in his womb and his mate, his Perfect Mate.

It was too much.

Kirk sways dangerously, the brunet catching him before he hits the ground, releasing calming pheromones to soothe away his Captain’s stress.

“Do you smell oranges?” Scott asks, frowning.

The Omega is instantly on his feet, fighting to extricate himself from the diveskin. He snarls as the smooth, but scaled material slips and slides in his fingers, still wet from the ocean. Tears are threatening to spill down his cheeks, his emotions running rampant. The Doctor is instantly helping his friend out of the diveskin, his panic noxious.

‘I’m right behind you,’ McCoy thinks. ‘Just like last time.’

Translation: I’ll be producing pheromones to keep you calm and hope nobody mentions the oranges.

Kirk gives him an immeasurably grateful look, racing out of the airlock. His Yeoman is standing just to the side, his Command gold shirt in her hands. He gives her a nod of thanks, yanking it over his head once he finds which way is the front. He sees that there are no wing slits in the back, so as long as he does not roll his shoulders, he will be fine.

The blond races to the bridge, attempting collecting himself so he can slip back into his Captain-ly persona. His hands are shaking, clenching his fists to try to make them stop. He takes gulps of air, trying to calm his nerves.

A hand slips into his, turning the blond around so he can see that it is his Chief Medical Officer. McCoy pulls him into a tight hug, his scent mimicking Khan’s to the best of the Beta’s ability. Kirk hugs back, fighting to keep tears at bay.

“Keep it together,” the Beta murmurs in his ear. “You can collapse after this is over.”

He pulls away, his hands on his Captain’s shoulders.

“Keep it together,” he repeats.

The Omega nods, gathering his composure before stepping into the turbolift, his friend by his side. As soon as he steps off, Chekov’s usual “Keptin on the bridge!” greets him, the Ensign vacating his chair.

“Thank you, Mr. Chekov,” the Captain says, taking command as easily as he does his chair.

The Ensign gratefully returns to his Navigator’s station as Kirk turns to Communications, unsurprised that Uhura is there. He can tell that she is shaken, both through her thoughts and her smell, but she is holding it together.

“Lieutenant, do we have a channel open to Mr. Spock?” The blond asks. “Any channel, however limited.”

“Extreme heat distortion is interfering with his equipment,” she says, her voice taut. “But we’ve still got contact. I’ll push it as much as we have to.”

The Omega nods, turning to the viewscreen as he leans forward.

“Spock… report!” He shouts into the mic.

“I have activated the device, Captain,” the Vulcan states, his voice distorted by static. “When the countdown is complete, the consequent geochemical reaction should render the volcano inert, thereby eliminating the volatile tectonic trigger that our calculations indicated would set off catastrophic seismic disturbances throughout the crust of Nibiru.”

“Yeah, and that’s gonna render him inert,” McCoy mutters right on cue.

Kirk growls an extremely vulgar insult in Klingon, one that had Uhura staring at him.

“Can we use our transporters to pull him out yet?” The Captain asks his Helmsman, glad he is back at his station.

Sulu shakes his head, his thoughts racing.

“Negative, Captain,” he says. “No more than we could use them from the start, when it was decided to carry out the operation utilizing one of our shuttlecraft. The unstable nature of the magnetic and other fields within the throat of the volcano are such that the usual immutable transporter reach and positioning systematics could be knocked off by as much as several millimeters, which, of course, would be fatal to anyone traveling via beam. I regret to say that the situation has not changed. If anything, it has grown worse.”

“A Mr. Spock retrieved several millimeters out of proper entanglement would not be a Mr. Spock as we know him, Keptin,” Chekov chimes in unnecessarily. “Or likely one who would appear alive.”

“Thank you, Mr. Chekov,” Kirk says, snapping a little harder than he intended.

“Medbay to bridge,” Maeve says. “Commander Harrison is currently in surgery and is doing well.”

“Thank you, Doctor,” the blond says in relief.

He slumps slightly in his chair, thinking.

“There has to be a work-around, Mr. Chekov,” he says. “Something we can do to make it function effectively. We need to beam Spock back onto the ship. If there’s no perfect way to do it, then give me the next best way.”

Chekov’s face lights up at the challenge, something that nearly makes Kirk laugh out loud. He listens to his Navigator’s thoughts whirl around inside his mind, colliding and reforming even as he ventured some of them aloud.

“Maybe if we could manage a direct line of sight?” He muses. “One as close as possible. If we could get right above him, the interference would not be eliminated, but it would be greatly minimized. There’s no guarantee it would work, Keptin, but it’s the best option I can think of.”

“Hold position above an active volcano on the verge of a cataclysmic explosion?” Scott asks, eyes wide. “Sir, this ships is designed to hold a position in interstellar space, or in orbit. It was not built to cope with radical in-atmospheric distortions. She maneuvers better at warp speed than on thruster power.”

“Seems to be doing okay right now, Mr. Scott,” Kirk says, smiling thinly.

The Chief Engineer lets out a noise that sounds like a “hmpf,” not backing down as he continues.

“Because the surroundin’ atmosphere is relatively stable, sir,” Scott continues. “I am willing to predict that if we are hoverin’ directly above the volcano and it blows, conditions will be more than slightly altered, and not for the better.”

“I believe Mr. Scott is correct, sir,” Sulu adds without looking up from his station. “If we were to be caught in a sufficiently violent eruption, I don’t think I could maintain altitude. Especially taking into account how close we would be to the surface. There would be essentially no room in which to attempt emergency maneuvering.”

The Captain is scrambling to find a solution, even though he has been in this position before, he cannot remember for the life of him what he did the first time. He wracks his brain furiously, trying to find an option that did not end in someone dying.

Spock’s voice over the comm interrupts his thoughts, sending them scattering. The distortion fractures the message, but thankfully, Kirk could tell that it is his First Officer, but for once, there is a great deal of annoyance displayed in the voice. The Omega listens to him speak, deciding that exasperation is a better word.

“That is unacceptable, Mr. Chekov,” the Vulcan states. “In the course of our approach, the shuttle we employed was concealed within the ash cloud and subsequently within the volcano itself, but the Enterprise is too large to employ such methods. If utilized in a rescue effort, it would be invariably revealed to the indigenous species.”

McCoy mutters something about the Prime Directive, but Kirk’s head is spinning. His hand instinctively goes to the necklace hidden under his shirts, feeling the metal press against his skin.

Almost instantaneously, he is grounded, his head clear and he remembers.

He just has to act exactly as he did before.

“Spock, nobody knows the rules better than you,” he says, trying a more logical approach. “So you know that depending on the circumstances, there has to be variance allowed. There must be some exception to-”

“There are none, Captain,” his First Officer says, cutting him off. “Not in this instance. Revealing the superior technology represented by the Enterprise would constitute an action that unequivocally violates the Prime Directive.”

The Omega knows this already, but he still has to play his part.

“Spock, we’re talking about your life!” Kirk practically shouts, shooting to his feet as his wings snap out.

He does not take the time to analyze how his wings emerged without him rolling his shoulders, or that his shirt is ruined. He listens to his Science Officer speak, knowing what he was going to say.

“The rule cannot be broken under any circumsttssssss…”

The communication link fizzles and dies out, much to the horror of the bridge crew.

“Spock!” The Captain shouts, whirling to his Chief Communications Officer. “Try to get him back online.”

Uhura instantly turns to her station, desperately trying to get the First Officer’s link reestablished.

Kirk knows she will not, but when she turns and shakes her head once, slowly, his wings droop as the loss hits him. Silence descends on the bridge, almost no one daring to breathe.

“Ninety seconds until detonation, sir,” Chekov says uncomfortably.

The blond stares into Nibiru’s ocean, pausing just long enough.

“If Spock was here, and I was down there, what would he do?” He asks quietly.

No one speaks up, but the same thought crosses everyone’s mind.

Only McCoy says it out loud.

“He’d let you die,” he says bluntly. ‘So don’t let him.’

Kirk agrees vehemently.

“Get us within transporter range,” the Captain orders, straightening. “And beam him the Hell out.”

The Omega’s tone is one that no one dares to defy, the Enterprise rising out of the ocean, passing over the Nibirans that had followed them to the edge of the cliff.

Suddenly, Kirk’s head reels and he crumples to the floor in a tangle of limbs and feathers, unconscious before he hits the ground.


When he finally comes to, Kirk cannot move a single muscle in his body, struggling to breathe. He can feel that he is on his side, but that is about it. His head is filled with cotton, his mouth and throat like sandpaper, and he hurts. Each raspy inhale is agony, and each exhale is torture. He cannot think straight, it hurts to think, but right now, he wants Khan.

He needs Khan.

Everything is an uphill battle, his chest is hurting from his heart beating, but he keeps fighting for every single breath of air, fervently wishing for his mate.

Something pricks him in the side of his neck, and he quickly fades away to nothing.



Kirk turns to see Noonien waving to him, a ball in his hands.

“Play with us!” He shouts, beaming widely.

Kirk runs as fast as he can on his short two year old legs, squealing when Noonien picks him up by the waist and holds him in the air above him.

“I’m fwying!” Kirk giggles. “I’m fwying!”

Noonien throws him the air, Kirk squealing in delight. Noonien catches him every time before putting him down and smiling at him, running towards the tall grass behind him, just as his brothers and sisters do. Kirk follows them, giggling at the shouts and laughter in front of him. They become faint, and soon he hears nothing, leaving him alone in the tall grass.

“Noonien?” Kirk asks, whimpering.

There is no response, no other sound than the whisper of the tall grass.

“Noonien?” He calls out again, tears rolling down his cheeks.

A hand is placed on his shoulder, and he turns around, glad that Noonien came back.

He pees himself when he sees that it is not Noonien.

“Hello, Omega whore,” the Bad Man says.

Kirk screams and tries to run away, but the Bad Man yanks his back, shoving him to the ground. His pants come off and something pushes inside him, Kirk screaming louder in pain. The thing moves inside him, the Bad Man making funny noises behind him.

Kirk is no longer two anymore, he is twenty-six, so he fights with every fiber of his being to get the Alpha off him. The Alpha laughs and shoves deeper into him, tearing his inside as he fucks him dry. The Omega howls in agony, fingers curling into the dirt as he tries to buck his rapist off. That only gets him a mouthful of dirt and the Alpha continues rape him, grunting loudly.

He is being split in two, he can feel his insides tearing as the Alpha’s dick continues to pound into him mercilessly.

The Alpha suddenly grabs a fistful of hair and yanks his head back, the Captain letting out a shriek of agony. His rapist sinks his teeth into his neck, drawing blood before hissing in his ear.

“Say my name, whore,” he snarls.

Kirk refuses, until the Alpha yanks his head back so hard, he is afraid his spine will snap.

“Marcus!” He shrieks. “Alexander Marcus!”

“And who do you belong to?” Marcus hisses in his ear.

“You, Master,” the blond sobs. “I belong to you.”

“Good, whore,” the Alpha hisses, shoving his face back into the dirt.

He slams into the Captain harder, Kirk sobbing uncontrollably. Marcus gives one last brutal thrust before roaring in his ear, filling his ruined channel with come. The blond screams, not wanting to have his rapist’s internal mark of claim. The Alpha yanks out and grabs his hair, forcing him to face his rapist. Marcus spits in his face and then drops him, not before giving one last kick to the ribs.

“Filthy Omega whore,” he snarls.

He walks away, leaving him alone in the grass once more. Kirk just lays there, his eyes squeezed tightly closed, tears rolling down his cheeks.


Kirk’s head snaps up, staring into the face of his Alpha, but it is not him.

Khan is sneering at him with utter disgust, his eyes burning with hatred.

“Whore,” he snarls again. “You let another Alpha fuck you, Omega whore.”

“No, I-”

Kirk never finishes his sentence as a scream tears from his lips when the Augment slams his foot on his hand, crushing his bones to dust. He looks up and sees his mate’s boot coming down on his head and-


Kirk bolts out of bed, screaming at the top of his lungs. He clutches the sheets before scrambling out of bed, barely making it to the toilet before he heaves violently. He cannot stop throwing up, his stomach twisting itself into knots when nothing comes up, but he is still violently ill. Tears are streaming down his face as his stomach churns violently, still coughing as he retches.

His stomach settles down, but he is shaking so bad he cannot see straight. He manages to flush to the toilet, but he cannot go anywhere, so he curls up in the fetal position on the floor, not bothering to wipe the sick off his face. His wings shake along with the rest of his body, freezing and boiling at the same time.

He does not want to be alone, but he cannot move off the floor, too terrified of what may lay beyond the walls of the bathroom. He can hear the minds of his crew, sobbing when he realizes that no one heard him scream due to the privacy seal. He instantly seeks out his mate, but he is unconscious, recoiling into himself when he realizes he cannot wake up him.

He curls up tighter, crying silently.

He is completely alone.


His Light is hurting.

His angel needs him.

Khan claws his way to consciousness, fighting the drugs in his system. Of all the battles he has fought, this is the hardest one. The Darkness is holding him back, wrapping Its tendrils around him, entangling him tightly.

And that is on top of the sedatives.

He manages to open his eyes, still fighting the pull of nothingness, when his mate’s feelings hit him like a brick wall. He is knock sober, bolting upright. The Augment’s shoulder burns, but he shoves it to the back of his mind, tearing out of the medbay to race towards his mate. He bolts into his Captain’s quarters, staggering slightly as the stench of sick, fear, and urine hits him hard. He shakes himself and cautiously moves to the bathroom, kneeling in the doorway as his heart breaks at the sight before him.

Kirk is curled up on the bathroom floor, shaking as tears roll down his cheeks. His wings look dull, his skin gray and sweaty. Khan reaches out and touches his mate, his skin cold and clammy. The blond’s eyes open, his glacial blue orbs dull as he flicks his gaze towards his Alpha. Khan can feel his terror and fear, but he does not know why. The Omega’s mind is sealed off from him, clamped tighter than a steel trap, refusing to let his mate know what terrified him. The Augment stands and wets a washcloth, wiping the sick off his mate’s face. The Omega watches him, not objecting to the contact, but also not consenting.

The Alpha/Beta washes the cloth, soaking it in cool water before dabbing at his mate’s sweaty forehead, glad that he has stopped shaking. He wipes down the Captain’s body, but when he nears his genitals, Kirk flinches as if struck. Khan pauses, his lips in a thin line as worry crosses his face, but his emotions are dwarfed by his Omega’s. The blond does not explain, so the dark haired male continues to clean his body, giving his genitals a wide berth. Periodically, he stands and wrings the cloth out, soaking it in cool water once again before continuing.

Once he is done, he rises, but the Omega snatches his wrist, his grip vice-like. The Augment kneels again, understanding what his mate wants. His hand with the washcloth pauses over the area he missed, arctic meeting glacial. Kirk nods, trembling slightly. The Brit is gently as he cleans the areas he missed, gently maneuvering his mate to make sure he does not miss a single millimeter of skin. He rises again, placing the washcloth on the sink as he grabs a towel, carefully drying his mate.

Once that task is complete, he rises and turns to the bedroom, taking one step forward before hands snatch his ankles. The Augment turns back to his mate, kneeling as he gently touches his Omega’s cheek.

“I will be in the next room, love,” he says softly, pressing a tender kiss to his forehead. “I am not going anywhere. I promise you.”

Kirk clenches his shirt, trembling, his fear pouring off him in waves. Khan’s heart crumbles to dust, an idea forming in his mind.

Though his shoulder screams in agony, the Alpha/Beta removes his undershirt and bundles in a ball, placing it before his mate. The Omega snatches up the ball and buries his nose in it, inhaling his Alpha’s scent.

Not wanting to leave his terrified mate alone for too long, the dark haired male works quickly to deal with the soiled sheets, thanking the gods that Starfleet issued mattresses on starships can be destroyed and replaced in less than thirty seconds, complete with brand new clean sheets. He returns to the bathroom and carefully picks up his Omega, ignoring his shoulder’s violent protests at the action. The Captain is still clutching his shirt, though, when his Alpha picks him up, he releases the piece of cloth and clings to him instead, deciding that the source of the scent is better than something that only has traces of it.

“I have you, baby boy,” Khan breathes, using the term of endearment to describe their age gap. “I have you.”

That term of endearment is rarely used, and only in special circumstances.

This, is a special circumstance.

The Brit places his Omega on the bed, only pausing to take off his clothes and spread his wings, before crawling onto the bed. He pulls his mate to his chest, throwing a leg over his mate’s and slipping it between to hold him closer. His massive wings wrap around them, creating a cocoon of warmth and comfort, their scents trapped inside. Khan rubs his mate’s back soothingly, their foreheads resting against each other.

“I do not want you to be like this,” the Alpha/Beta murmurs softly. “Please, tell me what terrifies you so much, my love.”

Kirk shakes his head, trembling. The Augment drops the subject, wishing he knew how to ease his Omega’s fear. He continues to soothe his mate through touch, wishing he could do something more. The Captain cuddles closer, trying to get as much skin-to-skin contact as possible. The Alpha/Beta cannot hear his mate’s thoughts, but he does not try to force his mind past the barrier his Omega put up. He knows that he will hurt himself if he tries, knowing that his mate is far too powerful to even attempt to break through. Khan holds the blond tighter, pulling away so he can turn his mate onto his other side, manipulating his body so the Augment can cover every square millimeter of him with his.

Kirk relaxes when he knows that no one but his Alpha can see him, cocooned completely in his embrace. He wishes he could see his mate’s face, but he knows it would be hard to conceal him from the world.

“I dreamed about my Alpha,” he says quietly.

The dark haired male instantly knows that he is not referring to the Alpha he is bonded with, but the Alpha he was promised to. He wants to know their name, so he can track them down and kill them, but he will not ask.

“Marcus,” Kirk whispers.

Khan’s world shatters.

The pieces turn to dust as his Omega fully opens his side of the bond, startled by the fact that it was never fully opened in the first place. He can completely see his mate’s past, unfiltered, and he realizes why his mate never fully opened their bond in the seven years they have been bonded.

The things Marcus did to his mate Khan would never do to his worst enemies, no matter what they did.

And that was before he began his Heats.

Once Kirk’s Heats began at the age of twelve, the things the Pure Alpha did made the Augment’s stomach churn violently. He never took the Omega during his pyresus, the scientifically correct term, something Khan is grateful for, but after them…

The Alpha/Beta bolts off the bed and into the bathroom, violently ill as the images keep coming.

His last act, the one where he caught him after giving up the throne, Khan was sure that all his internal organs would make an appearance.

When his stomach finally settles and nothing else makes a guest appearance, he flushes the toilet and cleans out his mouth to remove any traces of the violent upheaval of his stomach. After brushing, he uses mouthwash, but heavily diluted with water before even putting it anywhere near his mouth. They both know that alcohol has long since been used in mouthwash, but for whatever reason, Kirk still gets buzzed from being around it. The Augment returns to the bedroom, finding his mate sitting on the bed, his knees tucked under his chin and his wings splayed out behind him.

“There is, something at only three people know about my past, including myself,” the blond says quietly, looking down at his feet. “Something I feel you need to know.”

The dark haired male sits on the end of the bed cross-legged, his elbows on his thighs as he faces his mate, waiting. Kirk swallows thickly, tears pricking at the corners of his eyes.

“This isn’t,” he begins, barely audible. “This isn’t my first pregnancy.”

Khan’s heart clenches, but allows his mate to continue.

“Two months after I joined Starfleet, roughly three months after I fled the palace,” he continues. “I missed my Heat. I immediately went to Pike and told him that I had missed my Heat, even though I had never been knotted. I told him that I would rather die then spend another day pregnant, sobbing uncontrollably in his office as I clutched his uniform, and he said something I did not expect. ‘Give me two days and I will make this go away.’”

He pauses swallowing.

“I gave him two day, even though I did not want to, but he called me back to his office and told me that he had everything prepared to terminate the pregnancy. Including a Doctor who would make sure this event never happened,” he says.

The Omega wets his lips, quivering slightly.

“I thought he was going to take me to a back alley, and he did, but it was the back alley behind Starfleet Medical,” he continues. “The Doctor met us there and led us to a procedure room, making sure no one saw us. He did the procedure and asked if I wanted a paternity test. I said yes, but to only run one DNA sample.”

“Marcus’,” Khan breathed.

Kirk nods, confirming his Alpha’s worst fears.

“The test was a perfect match, which baffled both Pike and the Doctor, as the latter found no evidence of having my internal vagina penetrated,” the blond says quietly. “But he did not look into the matter, destroying all traces of our meeting, leading us out the back after giving Pike instructions on how to take care of me for the next few days.”

He tightens his grip on his knees, swallowing thickly.

“And that’s it,” he says. “That’s all she wrote.”

The silence between them is thick, and after several minutes, the Brit speaks, but it is not what the Omega expected.

“You are wrong,” he says firmly.

Kirk looks up, his lips parting to reply, but the words die in his throat the instant his Alpha steals his breath away. He slides a hand to his abdomen, fingers curling in possession, only pulling away when their heads are spinning.

“Nothing he did to you was your first,” the Augment murmurs, resting their foreheads together, lips brushing with every syllable.

“Because I couldn’t consent?” The blond asks. “Because I didn’t want it?”

“Yes, and no, to both,” the dark haired male replies.

He cups his mate’s cheek, his next words so tender, the Captain’s heart aches.

“Because it was not with someone you loved, someone you wanted,” he breathes. “Because it was not with someone who wanted you, who loved you, just as much as you love them.”

The gravity of the Alpha/Beta’s words take his breath way, but the Omega still says it out loud.

“I was your first,” he whispers.

His mate’s response comes out as a choked sob, holding his face in his hands as he claims his lips.

Kirk is pushed onto the bed, his wings folded against his back as his Alpha lowers his body on top of his, tangling their fingers. The dark haired male settles between his Omega’s legs, their lips working against each other. His wings drape over them, creating a warm space filled with their scent. The blond gently runs a foot up the outside of his mate’s leg, even managing to run his heel up to the small of his mate’s back.

“In all the years we have been bonded,” Khan purrs softly, pulling away to smile at his Omega, highly pleased. “I have never known you to be this flexible.”

Kirk smiles shyly, a light blush on his cheeks as his gaze flicks away from his Alpha, then back to him.

“I’ve never had a reason to be,” he says quietly, earning a soft kiss.

The Augment catches the leg, running his hand up his mate’s baby smooth skin. Besides the hair on his head and his groin, he did not have any “typical” male body hair. The short hair that covers everyone’s body is nearly white and baby fine, making his skin feel as if it was hairless.

And his skin is ridiculously soft.

Khan loves to touch his Omega’s skin, occasionally in a sexual way, but a warm feeling always curls pleasantly in his abdomen knowing that he is the first and the only one who has been given permission to know every millimeter of it, and will be the only one with that permission.

The Captain lets out a low hum, enjoying the feel of the Brit’s hands on his skin. The Augment places a soft kiss on his mate’s hip before nuzzling his belly tenderly, rumbling softly. He pillows his cheek on his abdomen, hands on his hips, as he slips through the bond to hear the heartbeat of their unborn child.

“Mine,” the dark haired male breathes softly.

“Yours,” the blond breathes back, tangling his fingers into his hair.

“Yours,” the Alpha/Beta murmurs.

“Mine,” the Omega whispers.

The Augment gently presses kisses to his mate’s belly, his lips lingering.

“Ours,” he breathes.

Kirk cannot deny that statement.

Khan pulls away and crawls back up to his Omega’s lips, kissing him softly. The Captain hums with approval, rolling onto his side so he can tuck his head under his Alpha’s chin.

“Dammit man!” McCoy sputters from the doorway. “I didn’t clear you to leave!”

The Brit does not move a single muscle as he mutters, “Mate trumps self.”

“That doesn’t mean-”

“Bones, shut up,” the Captain growls. “I wanted him. Rather, I was in dire need of him.”

The Beta lets out a string of curses, stalking towards the couple to examine the dark haired male’s shoulder. The Alpha/Beta growls softly, but allows the examination, much to his displeasure. The Omega makes a soft cooing sound, nuzzling his neck lovingly. He makes the sound again, tender and soft, an attempt to soothe his mate. Khan rumbles softly, nuzzling the top of the blond’s head affectionately in response.

“Your shoulder may be healing,” the Doctor mutters, putting his instruments away. “But that doesn’t mean you can exert yourself.”

He mutters an insult questioning the dark haired male’s parentage before stalking out of his Captain’s quarters, allowing the Augment to growl out an insult that has his mate letting out a huff of laughter.

“You shouldn’t insult Bones,” Kirk says, smiling into his mate’s skin. “He’s the only one who can deliver our child.”

“That does not mean I will let him insult me,” Khan rumbles, glaring at the door.

The blond stretches up to kiss the tip of his Alpha’s nose, humming softly. The Brit smiles and captures his Omega’s lips, wrapping his arms around him.

“I love you, James,” Khan says softly.

“I love you too, Noonien,” Kirk murmurs.

They hold onto each other, wings folded around them. The Captain is suddenly on his back, the Augment kneeling over him, a wide smile on his face.

“How am I so lucky?” He murmurs, stroking his cheek. “I do not know what I have done in my life to deserve the most perfect being to ever exist.”

“I am not perfect,” the blond says quietly, looking away as a light blush reappears on his cheeks. “Not-”

His breath is stolen by the dark haired male, his mind wiped clear.

“You are perfect,” the Alpha/Beta says quietly, skimming the tip of his nose over his mate’s flushed cheeks.

He pulls away, gazing down at his mate, his arctic blue eyes soft as he speaks.

“You are perfect,” he says. “Your flaws are what make you perfect, what make you strong. Stronger than you can imagine. Stronger than you will ever know.”

The Augment smiles, brushing his knuckles against his Omega’s cheek, his eyes shining.

“With all that you have been through, you have survived,” he says softly. “You have learned from your experiences and you have grown. You may bear the weight of the world on your shoulders, but you have me to share the burden.”

His smile widens, kissing the tip of his Captain’s nose.

“You are the most beautiful creature to ever exist,” he breathes.

“I don’t know about that,” the Captain says quietly. “I think I might lose that title in about sixty-six weeks.”

“Sixty-six weeks, four days,” Khan smiles. “I can do the hours if you would like.”

“You probably have the seconds figured out,” Kirk laughs.

“Of course,” his mate chuckles. “Your body’s biorhythms are better than any clock ever created.”

He crawls down his mate’s body, taking his hips in his large hands as he kisses his belly tenderly.

“After exactly eighty weeks from Stardate 2258.314, at precisely 0416 hours,” he murmurs. “You will go into labour.”

“What? You don’t know when our child will be born?” The blond teases.

“I said your biorhythms are clockwork,” the Augment snorts. “If they receive your stubbornness, you will be in a labour for over thirty-six hours.”

“Please don’t jinx us,” he groans, hands over his face.

“I do not want to,” the Alpha/Beta says quietly, looking up. “That was not my intention.”

The Captain peeks through his fingers before lowering his hands, his face slightly flush.

“I know,” he says softly, tangling his fingers into his mate’s silky jet black hair. “I know.”

The Brit lowers his lips to his Omega’s belly, murmuring softly in Hindi.

“I cannot wait to meet them,” he murmurs.

“Nor can I,” the blond breathes.

Chapter Text

“The Admiral wants you.”

Khan flicks his gaze over his shoulder, pausing at his workstation.

He is still ungodly sore from his mate’s Heat, his neck still throbbing from being claimed, even though his Heat ended two days ago.

“Now,” the Section 31 Officer says.

The Augment saves his work and shuts down his terminals, following the Officer through the Io facility, dread coiling in his gut.

Had they found out about James?

Or worse, had they found out about Maeve?

The Brit clamps down on his emotions, keeping his body language and face neutral.

At least, he hoped it was neutral.

And he prays that his blockers still work and keep his scent his scent.

He is led to Marcus’ office, gestured into the room. The dark haired male is surprised when the Officer stays outside the room, his insides clenching. The doors slide shut behind him with a soft hiss, the light from the hallway vanishing. The reflection of sunlight from Jupiter’s atmosphere fills the room, a shadow on the far wall cast by Marcus. Khan stands near the doorway waiting for the inevitable.

The silence is tense and thick, lasting for too long to be reassuring.

“Have a seat,” the Fleet Admiral says finally.

Like the predator he was born to be, the Augment gracefully glides to one of the two chairs before the Admiral’s massive desk, taking a seat and waits for Hell to rain down on his head. Several minutes pass before Marcus turns and sits, his gaze intense.

“I have an assignment for you,” he says. “One that has a higher priority than the construction of the Vengeance.”

Khan’s eyebrows shoot up, stunned.

As far as he knew, nothing could have a higher priority than the Vengeance.

What could be so important?

“In under twenty-three hours,” he says. “You will return to Earth with two newborns in your care.”

Now the Brit is really floored.

Newborns? What the fuck was going on?

“You will raise them in housing we have set aside, and you will work on the Vengeance,” the Admiral says. “You are dismissed.”

The Augment blinks before rising, heading out of Marcus’ office. He is led back to his workstation, allowing him to try and figure out what happened.

Where the Hell did two newborns come from?

And why him?


Twenty-two hours and thirty-seven minutes later, Khan is called away from his station and led to a section of the Io Facility he had never known about. Several biological locks are opened before he is led in, and now he knows why.

Section 31 was cloning.

And he was the donor.

Two artificial wombs are in the center of a swarm of scientists, each having a fetus inside, at full term. From what he could glimpse off the PADDs the scientists were scribbling furiously on, the two newborns have his DNA, but they are Pure Bloods, not a chimera like him. One is a Pure Beta, the other is a Pure Alpha.

A scientist shoos him into a corner, ordering him to stay out of their way. Khan leans against the wall, arms crossed over his chest.

He had only been awoken thirty days ago, as the Stardate is 2258.75, and he had been revived 2258.45. James’ Heat was only three days ago, but he could not wrap his head on how two fetuses could be brought to term in only a month.

The Alpha/Beta is pulled out of his thoughts when the scientists begin to babble excitedly, the wombs contracting. Someone calls for Marcus, alerting him that their “projects” were about to be born. The Augment watches as the scientists flock to the wombs and examine them, their excitement noxious.

Khan nearly sneers in disgust, but keeps his face neutral, though, he does settle for sending any scientist who gets to close to him scurrying away with a glare. The Admiral enters the room, looking quite pleased with himself. His Pure Alpha scent is making the Augment wish the scientists who created him had completely removed his gag reflex and not given him the ability to suppress it, and at that moment, that ability is doing jack shit. The dark haired male coughs discretely, when he really wants to ruin the Pure Alpha’s brand new shoes.

He turns back to the wombs, watching them as they continue to contract. It is maybe five more minutes later when a scientist calls the Brit over to the center of the room, giving him an unobstructed view of the births. The newborns are small, with misshapen heads too large for their bodies. They are screaming at the top of their lungs as the cords are cut, and then it is a flurry of activity that Khan barely remembers until he finds himself on a shuttle just leaving the Io Facility. He feels a weight in his arms and looks down, finding one of the newborns swaddled in a blanket cradled in them, asleep. A glance to his right shows that the other is in a baby carrier, also asleep.

The Augment leans against the seat in the back of the shuttle, closing his eyes as he tips his head back.

“How the fuck did this happen to me?” He asks himself quietly.


The shuttle back to Earth is maybe three hours, and Khan can already tell that the newborns are bigger. It takes an additional three to reach the house set aside for him, and the two under his care, and by then, the newborns look about two weeks old, not six hours.

The Augment has to admit, the house is almost a prefect replica of the one he had pictured in his mind to the raise the child, or children, of James and himself. The house is done in whites and creams with a splash of robin’s egg blue, the furniture matching the scheme. A PADD on the table has all the information on the house, as well as a mobile link to his workstation on the Io Facility.

The newborn, infant, Khan mentally corrects, in his arms begins to whimper softly, squirming. The dark haired male instantly knows that he is hungry, and a quick look at the PADD informs him that the replicator can produce a bottle of artificial breast milk at the perfect temperature. He requests the item and sits down in a chair at the table, bringing the nipple to the infant’s mouth. He happily accepts the artificial nipple, sucking eagerly.

Khan always wanted children, but this felt, wrong. He cannot put his finger on it, but something is wrong with this situation. It frustrates him that he cannot put his nagging feeling into words, but he shoves it aside so he can take care of the two infants that are his charges.

He looks down at the infant in his arms, watching him drink his fill. The Brit chuckles when he watches the infant’s mouth fall slack, sleeping soundly. His other charge lets out a high-pitched wail, but that is the only sound he makes. Khan refills the bottle and switches infants, but any attempts to try and feed the hungry infant prove futile. He lets out a soft growl, wondering how a hungry infant could refuse to eat.

The infant finally takes the nipple and begins to eat, much to the Augment’s relief. He tips his head back, closing his eyes. Then he opens them, looking down at the two infants, sighing through his nose.

He is Khan Noonien Singh, former ruler of a quarter of the Earth, feared across the globe.

Now, he is just a glorified babysitter.

Of his clones.

The dark haired male wishes he could tell his mate, but that would mean opening their bond and revealing his secret. He needs to keep James safe, and that must be for another year. But with his Heats every three months, Khan had to be very careful to make sure they are not discovered.

Last thing he needs is his mate in harms way.


Once the infant is done feeding, the Alpha/Beta carries the twins up to their nursery, surprised that it has glow-in-the-dark stars on the walls. A mobile of the solar storm is above each crib, the walls painted a soft blue. The Augment lowers the infants into a crib, taking a moment to watch them sleep.

With the house plan memorized, Khan heads down to what was labeled “Study,” finding the room to be a large study, but with multiple terminals. He sees that one terminal is feeds from security cameras that cover every inch of the house, as well as the backyard, sides, and front. There is one on the damn roof, much to Khan’s amusement. The other terminals are his workstations, but there is also an early twenty-first century desk in the study, as well as shelves filled wall-to-wall with books. A quick scan of the titles show that there is at least one book in each classification of the mid twenty-first century Library of Congress classification, around 2073 AD, when the Library of Congress became Earth’s largest library.

The dark haired male choses to ignore the books in the study in favor of working at his terminals, continuing to work on the Vengeance, even though he is no longer in the Io Facility. He absentmindedly touches the mark on his neck, his skin still tender to the touch. He is thankful that Starfleet uniforms have a high collar, able to hide the bite on the junction of his neck and shoulder, as well as the dark bruise on his skin. It is sore, but it is a good sore, the kind that Khan does not want to fade away. His mark tingles slightly under his touch, feeling the newly formed bond still thrum as it works on solidifying their connection.

Khan’s ears pick up the faint sounds of the twins stirring, but the built-in baby monitor in his terminal amplify the sounds, allowing him to hear the tiny differences between the infants. The Augment pauses in his work, letting out a soft sigh when they fall back asleep. He chides himself, wondering how the Mighty Khan, conqueror of a quarter of the Earth, could be intimidated by two newborns.

The Brit curses under his breath when the twins begin to wail at the top of their lungs, pinching the bridge of his nose as he rises.

“How the fuck did this happen to me?” He mutters, climbing the stairs.


Khan realizes why something is off with the twins.

Every twelve hours after their birth, they age one month.

At only thirteen hours old, the twins can lift their heads and stare at faces, well, face, but they can also follow objects, make oohs and ahs, as well as laugh, and hold their heads at a forty-five degree angle. Even if they were actually a month old, they are doing things far beyond what a baby that age could do.

At least, one would do.

The twins had completely different personalities, the Pure Beta was a happy baby, smiling, laughing, and wailing at the top of his lungs when he is not being held. The Pure Alpha is stubborn and a loner, crying when he is held, refusing to feed, and a pain in the ass. Their files only have scientific data, no names, nothing but numbers. The Augment could not call them by their project names, so he tried to come up with names for them.

He is currently carrying the Beta on his hip as he stirs a pot of curry on the stove, still trying to come up with names. The Alpha/Beta glances down at the infant, his lips pursed.

“Sam?” He asks.

The Beta just blinks up at him.








That earns a smile.


The Beta squeals and giggles, clearly happy with the name. Khan laughs, shifting his newly names infant on his hip.

“John Benedict Singh?” The Augment asks.

The squeals turn louder, the giggles manic. The Brit laughs, stirring the curry.

“John Benedict Singh it is,” the dark haired male chuckles.

John giggles, his laughter infectious. Khan smiles, shaking his head as he turns off the stove, plating the rice and curry before replicating a bottle of breast milk for the Beta. He sits down and feeds himself, bringing the nipple to John’s mouth. He happily sucks his meal down, the Augment keeping one ear out for the Alpha, knowing that he will make a sound once and then nothing for a while.

“What should we call your brother?” The Alpha/Beta muses, keeping John supported.

The Beta stares up at him with wide arctic blue eyes, and Khan notes that there are flecks of green in them.

Then the name hits him.

“Naki,” he murmurs, John letting out a grunt of agreement. “Just Naki.”

John finishes the bottle and lets out a burp, which sends him giggling. The Brit raises an eyebrow, causing a fresh set of giggles to fill the kitchen. The dark haired male smiles and shakes his head, hearing Naki let out a wail before falling silent.

“Looks like your brother is up,” he says to the Beta. “Let us go see if he is hungry.”

John just blinks at him.


Twenty-four hours after birth, John is rather vocal at his caregiver, able to hold his head steady, and follow Khan’s movements with his head. He still wails when he is not held, but he is progressing rapidly. Naki is as well, but wants as little human contact as possible. The Augment can easily work on the Vengeance while caring for twins, as only one needs to be in his sight at all times.

He is currently at his terminals, John in his lap, held secure by a “leg bar,” as the Brit has his ankle on his other thigh. The infant is happily emphasizing his excitement at being in his caregiver’s lap, gurgling and cooing loudly. The dark haired male’s fingers fly over the screens, working furiously. He reaches over for his tea, sipping it slowly as his other hand continues to dance over the terminals. John continues to talk, though the Alpha/Beta is only half listening. He has his other ear listening for Naki, making sure he can hear the sound he will make.


Khan’s eyes open, staring at the far wall over his mate’s head. His wings are folded tightly around them, unsure why he is awake. Kirk twitches in his arms, muttering something under his breath, clearly agitated. The Alpha/Beta rubs his belly tenderly, murmuring softly against his neck. The blond settles and stills, deep asleep.

Now Khan was rather confused.

He knew that their new bond gave them a bit more independence, but did being Perfect Mates allow them to live separate lives?

The Omega stirs in his arms, scattering his thoughts to the wind as he turns his head to glance at his mate, still very much asleep.

“Can’t sleep?” He asks softly.

“Yeah,” the dark haired male says quietly.

“Bad dream?” The Captain asks.

“Sort of,” is the Augment’s reply.

“Would you like to talk about it?”


Khan hesitates, debating. Kirk turns around, sitting up. The Brit sits up as well, still debating.

“Noonien?” The Omega asks, worried.

“Iwascloned,” the dark haired male says in one breath.

The blond blinks, confused.

“Back on Valentine’s day,” the Alpha/Beta begins. “When you asked me about other Augments, I had said that I did not wish to talk about it. Do you remember?”

“Yeah?” The Captain asks hesitantly.

Khan licks his lips, hesitating.

“There are, there are two more Augments,” he says. “Ones that were not cryogenically frozen with the rest of my family.”

Kirk’s eyes widen, his lips parting. The dark haired male swallows thickly, looking away. The silence is tense and thick before the Captain speaks.

“You, you were cloned?” He asks quietly.

The Alpha/Beta nods, refusing to look at him. The silence continues for several minutes before the Omega takes his mate’s face in his hands, resting his forehead against his Alpha’s.

“Are you still the same fearless Brit who is drop dead terrified of giant spiders?” The blond asks.

“Prodigious araneae,” the dark haired male corrects.

“Whatever,” the Captain snorts.

He maneuvers his mate down onto the bed so his head in on the pillows, lying down on top of him. Khan wraps his arms and wings around his Omega, holding him close.

“But are you?” Kirk asks quietly.

“Yes,” his mate murmurs softly.


“This is wrong.”

I look at me brother, his arctic blue eyes with emerald flecks mimicking his fearful expression.

“We should not be doing this,” he says. “This is not what Ni Ni would-”

“Fuck him,” I snarl, causing my brother to take a step back. “He left us for that Omega whore.”

“But Omegas are life givers,” he protests. “If Omegas did not exist, none of the-”

I strike him across the face, sending him crashing to the ground. I’m instantly on him gripping his shirt as I hoist him off the ground, our noses mere millimeters apart.

“He left when we were only a hundred and fifty days old,” I hiss. “He. Left. Us.”

“But we were physically twenty-five,” he says quietly. “We could-”

I smash his head against the ground, bringing him back up with a violent jerk.

“That’s not was he was supposed to do,” I snarl. “Are you going to deny the fact that he abandoned us?”

My brother hesitates, his conflict clear.

“Are you!?” I roar.

My brother flinches, whimpering softly in fear. I snarl and drop him, stalking away to the other side of the isolated loft. I growl and snarl, pacing furiously. I pause glancing at me twin. He’s struggling to get to his feet, scrubbing at his face in an attempt to wipe his tears away.

He was always the more emotional one of us, as well as the social one. He was happier in a group when we were with one, as well as happier to follow the rules. He’s the extrovert, the light.

He worshipped the ground The Traitor walked on, even after he abandoned us. I can still remember him following our caregiver around the moment he began to crawl, always within his sight. He always wanted to show off to him, to earn his praise.

My twin stands, touching the back of his head with a grimace. His fingers come away bloody, but I take his hand in mine, licking his fingers clean. I pull away and knot my fingers in his hair, feeling the dried blood crunch under my grip. He tries to turn his head away, but I tighten my grip, keeping him from moving. I press my lips to his, feeling him tremble. I push him back towards our shared bed, lowering him down gently. I swallow my twin’s protests, feeling the tears roll down his cheeks.

“Gonna make you feel so good,” I breathe against his lips.

I undo his pants with one hand, hearing him whimper as I reach in to grab him. He tries to jerk out of my grasp, but I hold him down, murmuring softly in his ear. He softly cries out as I wrap around him, drawing him out to admire his beauty. He throws an arm over his face, trying to hide, but I pull it away to kiss his tears. He’s already wet as I begin to stroke him, thumbing the tip to smear moisture over the sensitive glans. His cries turn to whimpers, his cheeks flush.

“Feels so good, doesn’t it?” I murmur.

My twin doesn’t respond, clearly too lost in the pleasure to reply. I kiss his cheek as he continues to grow slicker, stiff and throbbing in my grip. He trembles under my touch, his cheeks flush with arousal. His fingers are curled into the sheets, threatening to tear under them. His whimpers are louder, more insistent as his still hips finally begin to rock up with each stroke.

“Good boy,” I breathe into my twin’s ear, picking up the pace.


My screams rattle inside my head as my hips start to move in time with Naki’s strokes, wanting nothing more than to claw his eyes out and strangle him with is own intestines.

But he is a Pure Alpha, an Augmented Pure Alpha, while I am only a Pure Beta, even though I am Augmented just as he is.

I may be far smarter than he will ever be, he is stronger, and a Hell of a faster. He follows his instincts, more in-tuned with the primal part of his brain then I am, Noonien, or any person with a primary and secondary gender.

Except Marcus.

I am not sure about that anymore.

He cares deeply about my wellbeing, wanting to protect me, but by protecting me, he hurts me far worse than any other person could.

When Noonien had “abandoned” us, he had given me explicit instructions on how to escape Marcus’ clutches, as well as Naki’s. He noticed the unhealthy attachment my twin had made to me long before I did, but I quickly picked up on it.

Just a second too late.

He had been crying, we were at the physical age of six, a detail stuck forever in my mind, when I asked him what was wrong. We had been in our toy room when he said that nobody loved him, so I replied that I did.

And that was when the floodgates of Hell opened.

“Bare my mark then,” he had said.

He had slammed me to the ground and sunk his teeth into my neck, the way an Alpha would claim and Omega, and the damn thing had scarred and became a bite. Noonien had panicked, explaining to me to stay in his sight at all times.

I whimper as Naki twists his hand over my head, smearing moisture all over the tip. I squirm as my hips continue to rock, releasing my hands to throw my arms over my eyes. My twin tears them away, capturing my lips. He forces his tongue into my mouth, his slick hand slipping into my boxers past my testes to plunge a finger inside me. I cry out before slapping a hand over my mouth, tears rolling down my cheeks. Naki pulls my hand off my mouth, brushing his lips against mine.

“I want to hear you,” he murmurs, thrusting his finger in and out.

I keep my lips pressed tightly together until my twin curls his finger, brushing against my prostate. I cry out, my hips rocking into his thrusts. He slips his second finger inside me, murmuring, into my ear. Tears roll down my cheeks as I turn my face away, wanting to be anywhere but here.

“Beautiful,” Naki whispers, kissing my cheek. “Now take off your clothes.”

I shake my head violently, choking as my twin clamps his hand around my throat. He squeezes tightly, cutting off my air as he lowers his face millimeters from mine.

“That wasn’t something you can say no to,” he snarls, his eyes flashing cold steel.

I could see the tiny flecks of blood in his irises, only visible up close. My world is narrowing to pinpoints when he finally lets go, sucking in a lungful of air that makes my head spin, coughing violently.

“Strip,” he orders.

I nod, sitting up once my world has stopped being a nightmarish carousel. I slowly lift my shirt off, trembling as I remove the rest of my clothes. Naki eyes me as if he were starving and I was a feast, shivering at how accurate the description is. My twin removes his own clothes, crawling over me to capture my lips.

“We’re going to have so much fun,” he purrs.

Please kill me.


Khan reluctantly releases his mate from his embrace as his alarm goes off, groaning softly. He stretches his jet black wings, wincing at the soreness of his shoulder. Kirk flashes a quick glance at him, his lips pursed with worry.

“I am fine, love,” the Augment says softly. “The damage will heal.”

“I’m more worried about my crew noticing that you are almost healed,” the blond replies. “Gossip travels faster than warp, especially on a starship, especially when it involves the Captain, and the head of the gossip chain is Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu.”

“Only your Senior Officers know about our relationship,” the dark haired male replies, standing.

“Have you read the minds of my crew?” The Omega asks incredulously. “The whole goddamn ship knows!”

“I have, but only three crew members know the true extent of our relationship,” the Alpha/Beta says softly, crossing the room.

He takes his mate’s face in his large hands, kissing him softly. Kirk hums softly, his fingers curling around Khan’s biceps. Lips move in unison as they kiss, pulling away just enough to catch their breath.

“I love you,” the Augment says softly.

“I love you too,” the Captain replies quietly.

The expectant couple rests their foreheads together, savoring their moment.

“You know what the one thing I am not looking forward to is?” The blond asks softly.

“Commander Spock?” The dark haired male asks, though he knows the answer.

“Love how you can read my mind,” Kirk whispers, kissing his Alpha softly.

Khan hums softly in approval, kissing back as his thumbs stroke his mate’s cheeks. His massive jet black wings enfold around them, separating them from the rest of the world. The Brit’s hands slide down his Omega’s neck, down his chest, past his waist, to his hips, pulling them flush against his. The Captain squeaks softly before a soft moan spills past his lips, tangling his fingers into his mate’s wild bedhead.

“Wait, wait,” he pants, pushing his Alpha away. “If we do this, we’ll be late, and we’ll be breaking our promise.”

“So we will be late,” the Augment purrs, kissing him again.

Kirk makes a soft noise of protest, but any other sound he makes is swallowed by his mate, pushing him against the wall as his wings enfolded around them tighter. The Omega instinctively wraps his legs around Alpha’s waist, wrapping his arms around his neck as he clings for dear life. The Alpha/Beta rocks his hips against his mate’s, panting softly. The kisses steal the blond’s breath away, digging his nails into his mate’s pale skin.

Khan all but snarls when the Captain’s communicator goes off, reluctantly releasing his prisoner as he folds his wings against his back. His massive wings bristle slightly in frustration, heading into the bathroom to make himself presentable to the crew. The dark haired male half listens to the conversation in the next room, and judging by the tone of his mate’s voice and the feelings through their bond, he is not pleased with the topic of discussion. The Augment turns slightly to listen, only catching the tail end of the conversation before his Omega snaps the communicator closed.

“…and that’s final,” he growls.

“Spock?” The Brit inquires, wincing as his mate slams the device down the table.

“Who else?” He snarls, sitting on the bed with his arms crossed over his chest.

Khan is still thankful that their evolved bond allows him to feel his mate’s emotions as if they were his own, but not have to express them. He moves to the bed and kneels behind his Captain, folding his wings around them.

“You knew this moment would come,” he says softly, embracing the blond. “You knew you would have to deal with this at some point.”

“Yeah, well I didn’t want it to be now,” Kirk sighs, leaning into his Alpha’s touch.

“The sooner you deal with it, the faster it will go away,” his mate reminds him, kissing his neck. “But you know this already, love.”

“Doesn’t mean I want to,” the Omega mutters, letting out a quick exhale through his nose.

“We are only two days from Earth, love,” Khan reminds him, murmuring against his skin. “Less than that with our highly efficient engines.”

“How did you do that, exactly?” Kirk inquires, curious.

“You do know how warp propulsion works, correct?” The Augment asks.

“It’s why we have nacelles, dilithium crystals, and matter/antimatter reactions, right?” The Captain asks.

“That is only the equipment that allows warp propulsion,” the dark haired male chuckles.

“I’m not and Engineer,” the blond growls. “Sue me.”

“The matter/antimatter reaction creates high energy warp plasma, controlled by dilithium crystals,” the Alpha/Beta explains. “Without the dilithium crystals, the reaction cannot be controlled and would create an explosion with a massive blast radius.”

The Omega winces slightly at the thought, disturbed by the massive number of lives lost.

“This plasma is then channeled to the ship’s nacelles where it passes through the warp coils, creating a warp field around the ship,” he continues. “This warp field create a warp bubble around the ship, where space is not distorted, even though the ship is moving at sublight speeds, the bubble itself pushes through space faster than light can.”

“Wait, what?” Kirk asks, looking over his shoulder. “You lost me.”

Khan chuckles softly, kissing his mate’s cheek.

“The nacelles on a starship generate a series of nested warp fields around the ship, creating the warp bubble,” he explains. “The amount of distortion to the fabric of space is controlled by the distance of the nacelle, which is where we come to warp factors. The shape of the warp fields is controlled from the front to the back of the nacelle by altering the frequency at which the plasma I was telling you earlier is sent through the warp coils of each nacelle. The more the warp fields press against each other, the more they distort the fabric of space around the ship, thus the faster the ship will travel.”

“But how do we maneuver at warp speed?” The Captain asks.

“The reason starships have two nacelles is so the shape of the field can be varied asymmetrically, thus allowing the ship to maneuver at warp speed,” the Augment finishes.

“I still don’t know how you made my ship move faster,” the blond mutters.

“I increased the efficiency of the entire warp propulsion reaction in the same way I made the Vengeance faster,” the dark haired male replies kissing his Omega’s cheek. “Now get dressed, we have a very busy day before us, and do not roll your eyes at me.”

“Fuck,” Kirk grumbles. “Can I at least have a kiss?”

Khan presses a kiss to the very tip of his Captain’s nose, one on each of his eyelids, his cheeks, just beneath where his jaw and neck meet, before placing one on his lips.

“Now, stop stalling and get dressed before I shove your naked arse out into the hallway,” the Brit orders, tapping his nose lightly.

“You wouldn’t,” the Omega says, narrowing his eyes.

“Try me,” is his Alpha’s cheeky reply.

The couple stares at each other before the younger of the pair throws his hands up in surrender.

“I can’t win, can I?” He groans, rising to his feet.

“Not a chance in Hell,” the Alpha/Beta replies.


I struggle to breathe as Naki keeps a hand firmly placed between my shoulder blades, forcing my upper body against the mattress. My knees are spread wide over his lap, my arse up in the air like some filthy whore. His other hand is gripping my wrist tightly, forcing my arm behind my back. His hips are brutal, rocking into me with so much force that I am nearly sent flying into the headboard, even with his hold on me. He is bent over me, grunting like some animal in heat, the bedframe rattling dangerously.

I keep praying that he will rape my to death, but I heal too fast to have any lasting damage. I hope that he will go too far and snap my neck in anger, but he always restrains himself before going off the deep end. Escape has always been on my mind, but with the fucking tracker molecularly bonded to me, it is impossible. Killing him in his sleep seemed like my only option, but the torture he inflicted on me for two straight weeks when I had attempted to do so completely closed that avenue down.

He had to restrain me for I had gone temporarily insane for three days after his punishment.

Taking my own life was out of the question for my self preservation instinct kicks in when I attempt to do so, and the only way to stay dead is decapitation.

Not an easy thing to do solo.

I whimper as Naki tightens his grip on my wrist, feeling my bone fracture under his grip. Tears roll down my cheeks as he thickens further, stilling as he leaves his mark of claim inside me, though another part does not. My insides are shrieking in protest at how much of his seed is inside me, having gone for nearly eighteen hours straight with no refractory period and him never pulling out. My abdomen is distended enough that someone would have to be blind in order to not mistake me having a small baby bump. I nearly wail when I see him pick up the plug, moving fast enough that nothing spills out.

It should not be physically possible to do what he does to me, but I cannot even count on my hands the number of times Naki has done it.

My twin presses his chest against my back, mouthing my mark gently.

“Beautiful, darling,” he murmurs softly. “So beautiful.”

Someone kill me.


Khan nearly trips over a discarded boot when he enters his mate’s quarters, the lights completely turned off. He can vaguely make out the shape of his mate sprawled across his bed, out cold. The Augment smiles softly and removes his clothing, crawling into bed with his mate. He maneuvers the dead weight that is the mother of his unborn child, holding him in his arms.

“Sleep well, my love,” he murmurs softly. “For I shall be watching over you.”

The Brit presses a soft kiss to his Omega’s temple, tightening his wings around them as he settles down to sleep. He closes his eyes, and drifts off into blissful slumber.


Kill him!

I stare at the tiny vial in my hand, containing just one-tenth of a gram of pure abrin in powder form, far more than I will ever need. I know Naki’s bodyweight, and I only need seven-tenths of a milligram to be lethal. It is far more toxic than ricin, and still one of the most lethal poisons to humans even in this day and age. No antidote has been created, but the toxicity has been amplified to be even more deadly, killing in less than twenty-four hours and not three days. The yellowish-white powder looks innocent enough, but it was Hell-and-a-half to obtain it.

I grip the vial tightly, wondering if it was worth it.

I had hacked into Section 31’s servers, searching for anything on the limitation of Augments, anything that would help me break Naki’s hold on me.

What I had found was startling.

It was a massive medical file under the highest security possible, tucked away in the servers and split into a million pieces. It was random strings of code hidden in all the data that only Section 31 had access to, and compiling it together would have taken decades without the passcode, even with an army of supercomputers.

Child’s play.

A few lines of code later, I had the entire file at my fingertips with only a single bit as the title.

I had opened the file, and realized why.

Subject 0.

Noonien had been Subject 0.

The data in the file contained a year’s work of research, and the scientists had been through.

Very through.

And it was not from this reality.

Noonien had come from a different reality.

“What the fuck is taking so long?” Naki snarls from the main room.

I flinch at his voice, dropping the vial in my pocket as I pick up our meals, heading to the table. I place the food before my twin, taking my seat. I flinch at his gaze, dropping mine to my plate. I poke at my curry, pushing it around my plate. My gaze flicks to my twin, watching him eat his red meat.

We are clones from the same DNA sample, but we could not be any more different.

I glance at the terminal Naki is working on, wincing as I see him examining the patient file of a Lucille Harewood, daughter of the Section 31 Officer Thomas Harewood. The Officer works to the Section 31 facility beneath the Kelvin Memorial Archive, where his real goal was.

The portable transwarp beaming device.

I flick my gaze to the bulky Starfleet ring made of dull slivery metal on the table, knowing its exact purpose.

I could not stand by and let this happen.

I could not let Naki kill innocent lives.

I had no choice.

I had to make sure Noonien’s mate lived, and I had to keep Naki from going too far.

The vial felt as if it was being pulled to the Earth’s core with the gravity of a black hole.

Chapter Text

“Wait,” Khan says softly, stopping his mate from opening his apartment door.

Kirk turns to his Alpha, squeaking when he is picked up bridal style. He clings to the dark haired male’s neck, flushing furiously. The Augment carries his Omega easily, opening the apartment door.

“I will never drop you,” he murmurs, activating the privacy seal.

“I know,” the blond says quietly.

Their personal affects were sent ahead, Noonien and Tiberius happily purring in their cage. The Alpha/Beta carries his mate to the bed, gently lowering him down onto the sheets. The Captain crawls back onto the pillows as his mate crawls over him, the Brit rolling his shoulders to spread his wings. He creates a canopy over them, lowering his lips to his Omega’s. They kiss softly, their touch tender on their mate’s body. The dark haired male pulls away and rubs his nose against the blond’s, smiling softly.

“I love you,” Khan murmurs softly.

“I love you too,” Kirk murmurs back.

The Augment gently places one hand on his Omega’s flat abdomen, rubbing tenderly.

“Just one day shy of fourteen weeks,” the expectant father murmurs. “I still do not know how I ever became so lucky.”

“Because and angel punched you in the face,” the mother replies.

“More of a right hook,” the Augment corrects.

Kirk smiles softly, his cheeks still slightly flushed. Khan gently traces his mate’s blush with his lips, nibbling on his heated skin. He hums softly, his hand sliding to the blond’s hip to stroke his feminine-like hipbone. The Brit slides his lips to his mate’s pulse point, mouthing gently at his skin as his hand slips under his shirt to stroke the Captain’s narrow waist. The blond hums, pleased by the attention he is receiving.

He shoves his mate off the bed when he nips at his skin, squawking as he falls off in a tangle of limbs and feathers. Khan glares at his Omega, slightly peeved at his reaction.

“You bit me harder than you intended,” Kirk snaps, slipping off the bed.

He heads to the front half of the apartment to find something to nibble on, leaving his mate on the floor. The Augment peels himself off the carpet, following the Omega into the kitchen. He leans in the doorway, watching his mate pull out a banana. The dark haired male grins as the blond peels it completely, tossing the peel. The Captain begins to eat it sideways, much to the Alpha/Beta’s amusement. He chuckles softly, causing his mate to frown.

“What?” He asks.

“You are so innocent,” his Alpha replies. “It is adorable.”

Kirk flushes darkly, staring at the floor.

“It’s how good Omegas eat bananas,” he says quietly.

“And who says you are a good Omega?” Khan asks, his voice a deep, sensual rumble.

The blond squeaks as his mate stalks towards him like the predator he was born to be, pinning him to the counter. The Augment carefully extracts the fruit from his mate’s hand to avoid a mess, smiling wickedly at him. He leans so their noses are brushing, allowing them to feel each other’s breaths on their skin.

“And how can you be good when you chose me as your mate?” He purrs. “I am the epitome of a ‘bad boy,’ and yet, someone as innocent as you chose me. Tell me how that makes you good?”

The blond trembles slightly as his Alpha raises his hand and takes his chin in his hand, stroking his lower lip as he smiles predatorily.

“How does the lamb, the most innocent lamb to ever exist, seduce the lion?” The Brit rumbles. “How does the innocent maiden capture the heart of the king with far more experience?”

The dark haired male tugs his Omega’s lip down, gently biting his lip. Kirk shoves him away and races into the bedroom, locking the bathroom door behind him. Khan blinks a few times, guilt freezing his insides as he realized what he had done.

He caused his mate to flashback to the abuse he suffered at the hands of the one who was suppose to protect him, and judging by the fact that the Captain shut off their bond, the Augment triggered a bad one.

The Alpha/Beta’s wings droop as he sits on the floor, spreading limply on the tile. His head thumps against the cabinet, tears streaming down his face.

“God forgive me,” he pleads in Hindi. “Please forgive me.”

He rests his forehead on his knees, arms wrapped around his legs.

“Forgive me,” he whispers.


I sit on the shower floor, the water running down my body from the showerhead as I hold my wrist under the spray, watching as my life is drained with each beat of my heart. The razor blade in my other hand has my blood on it, red curling in the water. As the wound heals, I slice it open again, deep enough to score my bones. The blood pours out of my wound, adding three more slashes down my arm, parallel to my first. They go just as deep as the first cut, cutting my bones. They heal in minutes, my skin unmarred, as it always is.

I slice down my arm parallel to my radius and ulna, as deep as I can go with the small blade. My blood gushes out of the wound, something that would kill a normal human quickly and painfully, but only causes the water to turn to blood. The wound heals as always, the pink scar fading in the seconds.

I found that the act of cutting did not help me, it was watching my blood be expelled from my body in copious amounts that made me feel better. It is knowing that my life was going down the drain that made my feel better. It did hurt when I cut myself, and I did feel dizzy at the blood loss, but I always recovered.

I part my legs to slice my inner thigh, severing my femoral artery. I watch the blood spurt from my wound, but it heals like the others.

I tip my head back, my tears mixing with the water. Soft sobs spill past my lips, but I make sure that Naki cannot hear me, stifling them. I do not need my twin to come in and “make me feel better.” That is the last thing I need.

“Please kill me,” I whisper.


Khan knocks on the bathroom door, worried.

“James?” He asks softly. “Are you alright, love?”

He is greeted be silence, even through their bond.

“James, please talk to me,” he pleads, tears rolling down his face. “I am worried about you.”

Silence still talks to him, the Augment’s heart sinking.

“O-okay,” he says softly.

The dark haired male turns and begins to walk away, but pauses and turns back, placing a hand on the door.

“I’m sorry,” he says softly.

He turns away again, but the lock disengages behind him. The Alpha/Beta turns back, watching his Omega scrub at his red eyes as he emerges from the bathroom. His wings are folded against his back as he steps out, glancing up at his Alpha.

“You didn’t know,” he says softly. “So I don’t blame you at all.”

The blond stretches up and plants a soft kiss on his lips, pulling away quickly. He rests his forehead against the Brit’s, digging his fingers into his muscular biceps.

“I am still sorry,” the dark haired male murmurs.

“I know you are,” his mate murmurs back.

They hold onto each other, wings folding around them, trapping their scents.

“Fucking author,” Kirk mutters after a few minutes.

Khan chuckles, kissing his Captain’s forehead.

“Just let it go, love,” he murmurs.

“I’ll try,” his mate sighs.

“That is all I ask for,” the Brit replies.


“It’s almost time, dear brother,” Naki purrs as he strokes my cheek.

My back is to him as he leans over me, kissing my cheek gently. I stare at the wall as we lay on our shared bed, my twin’s hand running up and down my side.

“In just a few short hours, our plan shall begin,” he purrs in my ear, licking the shell.

I shiver involuntarily, Naki taking that as I sign that I wanted to continue. He licks the vulnerable skin behind my ear, his hand sliding over my hip to squeeze my crotch. I want to protest, but I have learned that by rejecting Naki’s “acts of affection,” the punishment will be far worse than allowing him to continue.

I squeeze my eyes shut as his hand undoes the button on my pants, opening my fly. He slips his hand underneath the waistband of my boxers, wrapping his fingers around me. I quickly swell under his touch, much to his delight and my despair. Naki slowly pumps his hand up and down my length, moisture spilling from the tip. He spreads the fluid down my entire length, his hand easily gliding across my hardened flesh. He purrs in my ear, moving his hand faster over me.

Was my life ever mine at all?


Kirk knew he was dreaming.

There was not a doubt in his mind that this was not real.

The blond trembles as he moves to his elbows and knees, spreading his legs to display himself to the world.

Or more accurately, the three males behind him.

His natural lubrication is spilling out of him, running down his thighs and soaking the sheets. He whimpers as the males murmur behind him, his mate’s wings shifting as well. The bed dips slightly as one of the males crawls onto it, his mate’s wings brushing against his back. The Captain’s own wings are sheathed, allowing his Alpha to run his large hands up and down his back. He presses his chest against his Omega’s back, kissing the back of his neck.

“So beautiful,” he murmurs against his skin.

Khan trails kisses down his spine, kissing the skin over each vertebra before planting one on the tip of his coccyx. Kirk is leaking as his mate breathes over his winking anus, causing him to shiver. The Alpha/Beta trails his fingers over the Captain’s slick thighs before taking his mate’s cheeks in his hands, his thumbs on either side of his anus. He pulls his Omega’s cheeks apart, breathing over the loose knot of muscle before plunging his tongue inside without warning. The blond cries out as the frigid tongue worms inside his overheated body, his body temperature at 42°C, or 107.6°F, while Khan’s is 32°C, or 90°F.

Kirk knows that his temperature increases as a side effect of an Omega’s Heat, while an Alpha’s lowers to counteract the increase in an Omega’s temperature. The difference in body temperature was a physical reaction that had mind blowing effects; the first being that an Omega’s body became oversensitive, the second being that an Alpha’s touch was enough to bring some Omegas over the edge so hard that they blacked out.

The Omega whines as the tongue pulls out, a finger slipping inside his loosened body. The digit is just as cold as the rest of the Augment, spreading ice as it thrusts slowly inside. Kirk pushes back to keep the finger inside him, but Khan holds his hips still as he continues his glacial pace.

“Don’t move or you’ll be forced to use one of your toys,” the Brit says, his voice rough.

The Captain whines but complies, his body trembling. The Augment continues to move his finger inside before pulling out, two pushing inside his mate. Kirk is panting as the finger thrust faster, twisting and scissoring inside him. He cries out as they brush over his prostate, thrusting back to have them hit the spot again.

“What did I say?” His Alpha growls, pulling his fingers out.

“Please, no. I’ll be good. I promise, Please, don’t stop. Don’t stop,” Kirk all but sobs, clenching empty air.

Khan chuckles and slips three fingers inside, thrusting faster, but avoiding the spot the blond desperately wants to have touched. He whimpers as a fourth is added, still thrusting inside him.

“God, he’s leaking,” one of the males say, the Pure Alpha.

Kirk can feel his fluids pouring down his thighs as his Alpha pulls his hand out partially, folding his thumb against his palm. The Omega forces his body to relax as the widest part of his hand breeches him, crying out as he closes around his wrist. The Augment moves his hand inside, wiggling his fingers occasionally in such a way that have his mate sobbing. The dark haired male pats his hip gently as he searches for his true goal inside his mate, brushing over the knot of muscle. Kirk cries out as his Alpha’s fingers tease his internal vaginal sphincter, his trembling increasing. He is drenched in sweat, his breathing ragged as he rests his forehead on his folded arms, trying to relax his body.

The Alpha/Beta pushes a finger past the sphincter and into his internal vagina, wiggling it around in the fluid-filled channel.

“God, he’s tight,” the Augment rumbles as he informs the other males, thrusting.

The blond whimpers as a second finger is pushed in, feeling the fluid rush out of him. He knows that the image of him currently is beyond pornographic, but he is too far gone to care about his appearance, panting as his mate stretches him. A third finger is slipped in, his body beginning to protest at the stretch. Kirk grips the sheets as his Alpha slips in a fourth finger, his body protests becoming his own. He whimpers softly as his mate thrusts his finger inside his internal vagina before folding his thumb against his palm, pushing in once again. Kirk cries out loudly as the hand sinks inside him, his body clamping down at the intrusion.

“It’s okay, baby boy,” Khan murmurs softly as he strokes his hip. “It’s okay. Just relax.”

Bit by bit, the Captain’s body relaxes, allowing the dark haired male to move inside him. The blond moans at the feeling of the freezing hand so deep inside him, unable to stop his hips from moving in time. The Brit murmurs softly before holding his hips still, stilling his hand inside him as well.

“Are you ready to continue?” The Augment asks softly.

Kirk hesitates, thinking, before giving his reply.

“You heard him,” the Alpha/Beta chuckles, shifting slightly.

The bed dips as the Pure Alpha moves to sit beside Khan, teasing the Omega’s stretched entrance.

“Gorgeous,” he breathes before slipping a finger inside.

The Captain’s breath hitches at the intrusion, his body freezing.

“Are you alright, love?” The Alpha/Beta asks worriedly.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine,” Kirk pants. “He’s just, colder than I thought he would be. No, no, no, don’t pull out.”

The Pure Alpha pauses, waiting.

“Feels, feels good,” the Omega says quietly. “Keep going. Keep going.”

The Pure Alpha pushes his finger all the way in, the two Alphas holding the blond’s hips as his legs threaten to give way. Khan rocks his hand gently as the Pure Alpha stretches him, slipping in another finger. The third male, the Pure Beta, kneels beside the Captain’s head, stroking the two scars on his shoulder blades.

“He’s beautiful, isn’t he?” The Pure Beta murmurs, his large hands roaming his sweaty back.

“He is,” the Augment chuckles, still rocking.

The Pure Alpha slips a third finger inside, Kirk moaning at the stretch. His body is producing lube like mad, soaking the sheets even more, but allows a smooth glide for the two Alphas. The Pure Beta’s hands roam over every inch of skin he can reach, murmuring softly. The Omega moans louder as the Pure Alpha slips a fourth finger inside, his body beginning to protest quite loudly. The Alpha/Beta’s wings gently brush against his mate’s skin, his hand thumbing his hipbone.

“Just one more, love,” Khan murmurs. “And then you’re halfway done.”

Kirk groans loudly at that statement, gripping the sheets tighter. The Pure Alpha folds his thumb against his palm, pushing his hand in.

“Ohgodohgodohgod,” the blond gasps as the widest part of the Pure Alpha’s hand pushes against him.

He nearly screams as his whole hand pushes in him, closing around his wrist. The Pure Alpha grunts, cursing softly.

“He’s still so fucking tight,” he groans, wiggling his fingers.

Kirk whimpers at the movement as the two Alphas begin to rock inside him, his entire body shaking. The Pure Alpha moves his hand towards his vaginal sphincter, already stretched so wide.

“Wait, wait,” the Captain gasps, his trembling increasing. “Give me a minute.”

The two Alphas stroke his hips as the Pure Beta gently massages his skin, all three murmuring softly.

“I’m good,” the blond pants after a few minutes.

His breath hitches as the Pure Alpha traces his sphincter, the muscle already protesting at the stretch of his mate’s hand. He swears softly as he tries to push in, the muscle clamping tightly around the Alpha/Beta’s wrist.

“Just relax, baby boy,” the Augment says softly. “It’ll be over soon.”

The Omega slowly relaxes, allowing the Pure Alpha to slip a digit past the sphincter. The Captain screams at the intrusion, his muscles protesting.

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” He screams.

The Pure Alpha works to fit inside the blond’s internal vagina, sinking his hand inside to his wrist the tipping point. Kirk screams as his sphincter clamps around the two Alphas’ wrists, his entire body clamping down as he is shoved off the cliff, his orgasm so strong that his vision is reduced to pinpoints. He collapses onto the bed, shaking hard. The three males are stroking his skin, the two Alphas keeping their hands still to prevent overstimulation. The Captain’s body is preventing their hands from leaving, knowing full well that they could, but not without literally tearing him open. Khan’s wings brush against his back, murmuring softly. The blond gasps for air as he struggles to come down from his high, trembling.

“Beautiful, baby boy,” the Alpha/Beta murmurs, stroking his skin.

Kirk gives a shaky smiles before falling limp, too exhausted to put any effort in except to remember how to breathe. He feels obscene with the Alphas’ arms so deep inside him, spreading him wide open. He does his best to relax, which is not hard, knowing that they would be here for a while.

It is maybe twenty minutes later when his body relaxes enough to allow the Alphas to remove their hands, gasping at the slick rush. He knows he is gaping and obscene, feeling his lubrication gush out of him. His body begins to overheat, whimper pathetically. Three sets of hands manipulate him so the Pure Alpha can slide under him, pulling him to his chest. He easily angles himself and slides into Kirk’s vagina, causing the blond to moan as he finally gets what his body so desperately craved.

He can feel the Pure Alpha’s knot pushing against him, so wide open that he could easily accept him.

But that is not the goal.

The Pure Alpha begins to move inside him, ice spreading through his burning body. The Omega whimpers at finally being filled, the flames that boiled beneath his skin, consuming him from the inside out, are finally beginning to diminish, letting himself be pushed up by the Pure Alpha as his chin is tipped up by the Pure Beta. He smears his pre-seminal fluid over the Captain’s lips before pushing past them, stilling when just the head is in. Kirk sucks at the head, the Pure Beta groaning at the feeling. He slowly pushes in, thrusting slowly. The blond has to relax his jaw to allow the Pure Beta in, his cheeks hurting at how wide his mouth his stretched. When he nudges against the back of his mouth, he stops, beginning to thrust. The Captain swallows awkwardly around the penis in his mouth, pre-ejaculate and saliva dribbling out of the corners of his mouth.

Khan presses his chest to his Omega’s back, kissing his neck gently. He angles himself and sides home, joining the Pure Alpha inside. The blond moans at the feeling, choking when the Pure Beta pushes in too far.

“Idiot!” The Augment snarls, glaring at the Pure Beta.

“Sorry,” the Pure Beta murmurs, pulling out so only the head is in.

He slowly begins to push inward, thrusting slowly. The three males begin to thrust at different speeds, until Kirk realizes that they are only slightly different. They sometimes fall in sync, but only briefly, or are at completely different rhythms. It keeps the Omega on edge, something he is grateful for. The Pure Beta begins to inch towards the back of his mouth, allowing the Captain to relax as he pushes into his throat.

He has tried deep throating with Khan maybe once or twice, okay, four, but he usually panicked when he pushed into his throat. The Brit would immediately back off, calm his mate down, and then move onto an activity that did not involve something larger than his tongue in his Omega’s mouth.

All three males continue at their separate paces, the two Alphas holding Kirk up as he slowly loses strength in his arms and legs. The blond can feel the Alphas’ knots pressing against him, whimpering at the thought of having them both in. The three males gently stroke and caress his skin, murmuring softly. The Pure Beta groans as the Omega’s lips touch his pelvis, keeping his pace.

Kirk does not know how long they have been going at it, but he is quickly starting to lose his patience at being denied release. He communicates his displeasure by scraping his teeth a little harder than necessary on the penis in his mouth, while simultaneously clamping down on the two inside him. He gets exactly what he wants, the three males grunting as they thrust harder, sending frissons of pleasure up and down the Omega’s spine. He moans softly, repeating the action to sate his needs.

“I think we’ve denied ourselves long enough,” Khan rumbles.

They set a brutal pace that would have the blond screaming if it were not for his mouthful, his eyes rolling into the back of his head. Tears stream down his face as the pleasure coursing through his body climbs to impossible levels, every cell in his body tingling. The three males grunt loudly as they thrust, drawing ever closer to the edge.

With one last brutal thrust, the Alphas shove their knots into the Omega, his body clamping down on them in response. The Pure Beta shoves himself as deep as he can into the blond’s throat, all three roaring as they orgasm. Kirk has to be lightly restrained as his orgasm takes control, shaking so much that he cannot see straight. The Pure Beta pulls out quickly and spills the rest of his seed on the Captain’s face, pumping to milk it as long as he can.

The Omega collapses into an extremely satisfied puddle of goo, boneless not even beginning to cover how limp he is. The three males begin to lick his face clean, murmuring soft words of praise.

“Hello, Omega whore.”

Kirk’s eyes snap open as hands clamp around his throat, completely cutting off his air. He claws at the hands, choking as he thrashes, his wings beating violently. His legs scrabble for purchase on the bed as he claws at every inch of skin he can reach, digging hard into his attacker’s flesh.

The blond is clawing at Khan’s face, a murderous smile on his lips. Blood flecked arctic irises gleam down at him, practically glowing in the darkness. His pale skin and blindingly white teeth are a sore thumb in the pitch blackness of the apartment, his entire being seeming to glow with an inner light.

Kirk’s vision is narrowing as he is denied air, desperately trying to get his mate off of him. He can see that he is not doing any damage, Khan not budging an inch. He clings to the hands tightly, trying to peel them off his throat, but to no avail. His mate only squeezes tighter, his laughter chilling.


Kirk thrashes against his hold, his hands breaking free to gouge at his attacker’s skin. He can feel hot liquid splashing onto his skin as his nails scratch something hard, screaming at the top of his lungs. His attacker tries to grab his hands and pin them to the mattress, but the blond wriggles out of their grasp, falling off the bed. He scrambles to his feet and bolts towards the door, but they snatch him by the waist and hoist him off his feet.

Kirk thrashes, his wings churning violently. He continues to scream, clawing at his attacker’s arms. They stumble and fall, the Captain leaping towards the door, but they grab him by the ankle, yanking his feet out from under him. The blond claws at the floor as they haul him backwards, flipping him onto his back. They pin his wrists to the floor, but Kirk slips out of their grasp. He tries to scramble away, his attacker one step ahead of him as they tackle him to the floor, using their full body weight to pin him.

The Omega thrashes and screams, clawing at the floor again. They flip him over and pin his hands above him with one hand, clamping their knees on either side of his thighs. They are shouting at him, but Kirk does not bother listening, focusing only on escaping. He slams a knee into their groin, gaining the upper hand as he flips them over, clawing and gouging and hitting as hard as he can. His hands become slick and he stops once his attacker is still.

Kirk is breathing hard, shaking. He can finally see who is his attacker, and his universe shatters.

Khan is still beneath him, his body covered in bruises, blood, scratches, and gashes. His wings are bent at awkward angles, still beside his body. Kirk can see that some of his bones are broken, and see that some of his gashes have slivers of white in them. His limbs are at awkward angles, his head turned to the side.

His eyes are wide open, unfocused, unblinking.

His lips are parted slightly, and when the blond places a trembling hand before them, he does not feel any movement of air. He places a hand over his pulse, feeling nothing. Kirk raises his hands, covered in his mate’s blood. He turns them over, seeing his Alpha’s tissue under his nails.

He sees movement out of the corner of his eye, turning his head to look.

His feathers are beginning to fall off, crumbling to dust before they hit the ground. More fall off, his wings gone in under four minutes. He shakily turns to his mate, watching as the last of his massive jet black wings vanish. The Omega looks down at his hands, trembling.

A hand is placed on his shoulder, the blond turning to look.

Khan smiles down at him, his blood flecked arctic irises glinting maliciously.

Kirk blinks as Khan snaps his fingers in front of his face, the Augment’s features marred with a frown.

“You alright, love?” He asks worriedly. “You just stopped talking and your eyes sort of, glazed over.”

The Omega looks around, finding that they are having dinner. He can feel that he messed himself, but he raises his hands, staring at them.

“James?” The Alpha/Beta asks worriedly, concern clear in his voice. “Are you alright?”

His arctic eyes widen when he smells it, taking his mate’s hand.

“James?” He asks, voice shaking.

He takes both his hands in his large pale ones, squeezing.

“Please, look at me,” he begs.

Kirk keeps staring at his hands, his dead mate’s blood still on them.

Chapter Text

Kirk sits on the bed, his skin slightly damp from the shower. He continues to stare at his hands, still not having spoken a word. He can vaguely hear his mate talking in the next room, but he does not bother to listen. The blood is still on his hands, his tissue under his nails. The blond feels nothing, not even through their bond.

His mate is dead, so why is it still intact?

If his mate is dead, then the person taking care of him is not his mate.

But he does not care, he killed his mate with his own hands.

He does not deserve to live.

The false Khan kneels before him, enveloping his blood cover hands with his.

“James, please,” he begs. “Look at me.”

Kirk does not lift his head, nor does he move. The false Khan takes the blond’s face in his hands, tipping his head so they can lock eyes. His false mate strokes his cheekbones, worry in his arctic eyes.

“Please,” he whispers.

The Captain says nothing.

The dark haired male rests his forehead against the Omega’s, tears pouring down his cheeks.

Why does he care?

He has no reason to keep up the charade, for he is not Noonien.

The door alerts them that there is someone waiting in the hallway, the false Khan leaving the blond alone. Kirk continues to stare at his bloody hands. McCoy kneels in front of him, the Omega lifting his head to look at the Doctor. His gaze flicks to the dark haired male, then back to the Beta.

“Why is he still here?” He asks.

McCoy frowns, looking at the false Khan.

“Khan’s your mate,” he begins. “He’s wor-”

“That is not Noonien,” he says forcefully.

He looks down at his hands, his mate’s blood still on them.

“Noonien is dead,” he says quietly. “I killed him.”

There is silence before the Doctor speaks.

“Jim, I can assure you,” the brunet says reassuringly. “Khan is very much al-”

“I killed him!” Kirk screams, bolting to his feet. “Can’t you see!? His blood is still on my hands!”

The blond clenches his fists, shaking as tears pour down his cheeks.

“I killed him,” he repeats quietly. “I took my Alpha’s life.”

He sits down on the bed, staring at his hands, shaking.

“I killed Noonien,” he whispers.

There is shifting and the false Khan kneels before him, a knife in his hands. He wraps the Omega’s hand around the handle, his hand wrapped over his, angling the blade over his heart so it will slide between his ribs. He plunges the knife into his heart and pulls it out, taking Kirk’s other hand and placing his index and middle fingers over his pulse. The Captain’s eyes widen as he feels it beat steady and strong beneath his fingers, not as if he had just been stabbed in the heart.

He blinks and the blood is gone from his hands, his tears spilling faster down his cheeks.

“No-Noonien?” He asks shakily.

The Alpha/Beta places the knife on the floor, holding his Omega’s face in his hands.

“It is me, baby boy,” he says softly. “I am not leaving you.”

Kirk slips off the bed and collapses into his Alpha’s arms, sobbing uncontrollably. Khan holds him tightly, folding his wings around him.

“I am not leaving you,” he murmurs softly.


Khan covers his mouth with a shaky hand, all the color drained from his face.

“I’ve, I’ve never heard of such a thing,” Maeve says quietly, shaking her head. “Have you?”

McCoy hesitates, the color also gone from his face.

“You have, haven’t you?” Kirk asks quietly.

The Doctor nods, leaning back into his chair.

“In our entire history, there are maybe twenty documented cases,” he begins. “The name is not something pleasant, nor is it accurate in describing the event.”

“What is it?” Khan asks.

“Multidimensional intent occurrence,” the brunet says. “The event only occurs in Pure Omegas, and involves many levels of dreams, as well as hallucinations once awake. It always has a level with a ‘strong intent’ from someone, but other than that, we do not know what it is.”

“What do you mean by ‘strong intent?’” The blond asks, looking down at his clean hands.

“The cases all say that there was someone in their dreams who had a strong intent towards them, but that’s it,” McCoy says.

“Are they harmless?” Kirk asks.

“For all intents and purposes, absolutely,” the Doctor replies. “They’re just terrifyingly vivid, and once awake, the Omega can become violent from their hallucinations.”

“But how do you know that I am awake?” The Captain asks, glancing at his mate as he slides his fingers between his.

“Khan, he spaced out for a few seconds and then came back dazed, correct?” The Beta asks.

The Augment nods, squeezing.

“Then you’re awake,” he says. “And how did you know that the knife trick would work?”

“I did not,” the Alpha/Beta replies, shaking his head. “Nor did I know if it would only make things worse.”

“So you stabbed yourself and prayed on dumb luck?” Maeve asks, surprised.

“If our places were reversed,” the Brit says softly, glancing at his Omega. “It is what would have worked for me.”

The blond squeezes his Alpha’s hand, his lips twitching.

“But what does it mean?” The Captain asks. “If it has only twenty documented cases, it must mean something, right?”

McCoy shakes his head, exhaling.

“We don’t know,” he says, looking away. “It might mean everything, or it could mean nothing. We don’t know.”

The expectant couple grips hands, flicking their eyes to each other.

“So, it could be a prophecy, or just a nightmare,” Kirk says quietly. “Or both.”

The Doctor nods, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Or both,” he echoes.


I lie perfectly still as Naki stirs behind me, only to roll over so his back is to mine. I wait until I am absolutely sure that he will not wake up before carefully slipping out of bed, moving slowly and cautiously. I dress silently, keeping my gaze on my twin. I pull on my gray overcoat, the one with the high collar and closes by wrapping the top flap over my body, and silently slip out of the loft, heading into the very early morning hours of London. A quick glance at my watch reveals that it is 0119 hours, just under four hours until I need to return to the loft, and pray that Naki does not wake up and find me gone.

I inhale the air, and even with the pollution, I enjoy my small sliver of freedom. I hardly ever sleep, too afraid of what my twin might do if I were vulnerable, and it allows me to keep track of Naki’s sleep patterns.

I do not escape often, but only when I am absolutely certain I can have a few hours of freedom do I try.

It has been almost three weeks since my last outing, for it was too dangerous to do so, but it was well worth the wait.

I head to a small twenty-four hour diner, one that is large enough that I cannot be remembered if asked about. I slip into the diner, choosing to sit in a booth with as much privacy as the open seating restaurant can offer. I gaze out the window, watching the London skyline.

“What can I get you, love?” The waitress asks, a wide smile on her face.

“Just a cup of Earl gray,” I reply, giving her a weak smile.

“You don’t want anything to eat?” She asks, surprised.

“Thank you, but no,” I say, really wishing she would go away.

The waitress nods, scribbling my order down before walking away. I exhale softly, returning my gaze to the window. I rest my chin on my knuckles, exhaling again.

So this was my life.

It was absolutely pitiful.

But it was my life.

And I had to accept that.

But had I?


Khan watches his mate like a hawk, something the blond is grateful for, and pisses him off. Kirk communicates his displeasure with glares and a few growls, much to his Alpha’s amusement, and annoyance.

‘It is for your own good,’ he thinks, his massive wings shifting slightly. ‘You gave me quite a scare.’

‘But do you have to follow me to the bathroom?’ Kirk thinks back.

‘I stay outside,’ the Alpha/Beta snaps.

‘That’s not the point!’ His mate growls. ‘I have no privacy!’

“I could not hear your thoughts,” the Augment says softly in Hindi. “That was the first time I could not feel you without you intentionally closing our bond.”

The Captain’s wings shift behind his back, looking away.

“I sometimes, I’m sometimes unable to hear your thoughts,” he says quietly. “And you don’t close our bond.”

“When was the last time?” Khan asks.

“After I bit your hand when you tried to feed me on the Enterprise,” Kirk replies. “No, wait, after your comment of, ‘I am afraid that your frail human body has become use to my superior,’ and then I yanked your ear.”

The Darkness flares at the comment, livid.

The blond can no longer feel his mate as he watched his demeanor shift, swallowing when he realizes that it is the old Khan. He takes a step back as the Augment rises, his eyes cold and hard as steel. He moves forward as the Omega continues to back up, closing the distance as he snatches his mate’s wrist. He grips it tightly, hard enough to bruise.

“You’re, you’re hurting me!” Kirk whimpers, crying out as Khan tightens his grip. “Noonien! Noonien, stop!”

The blond whimpers when he sees a malicious smirk curl on his lips, sobbing as his arm is yanked behind his back. The dark haired male is standing behind him, his other hand wrapped lightly around his throat.

“I don’t appreciate being disrespected by some Omega whor-”

Khan is violently thrown backwards as Kirk mentally hurls him away, smashing the glass table in the living room. The blond quickly backs himself into the kitchen, throwing up a barrier that completely surrounds the area, going through the walls and floor. He clutches his wrist, breathing hard and trembling. He watches as his Alpha stirs on the floor, clutching his head he sits up. The Augment pulls his hand away, finding blood. He struggles to rise completely, but he does so, stumbling slightly. He turns to his mate, who flinches at his gaze.

“What, what happened?” He asks, his voice small.

The Captain swallows, his wings shifting violently.

“The, the old Khan came out,” he says quietly, gripping his wrist.

The Brit’s eyes fall to the injury, his eyes quickly becoming almost comically wide. He backs up, turning to bolt.

“Don’t!” Kirk shouts. “Don’t leave me!”

The blond does not know if he said it in English or some other language, but Khan stops, shaking.

“Why?” The dark haired male asks through clenched teeth. “Why should I stay? I hurt you. What reason do I have?”

“You don’t,” the Omega says. “But I need you. We, need you.”

The Augment looks at his mate out of the corner of his eye, his conflict clear, especially through their bond.

“Please,” the Captain whispers.

The Alpha/Beta hesitates, but turns and sits by the edge of the barrier, looking away. One long leg is stretched out before him, the other bent so he can rest his elbow on his knee. The blond sits on the other side, his injured arm clutched against his chest as he plants his feet flat on the floor, leaning against the wall. Neither want to break the silence, mentally or verbally, the tension palatable. The Brit’s hand inches towards the barrier, pressing the tip of his middle finger against it. The Captain can feel the touch, his gaze flicking to the hand.

“What is happening to us?” Khan asks quietly.

“I, I don’t know,” Kirk replies quietly.

His injured hand touches his pendant, feeling the ridges on the necklace. His other hand slides to his flat abdomen, curling his fingers slightly. The blond looks down before closing his eyes, exhaling softly.

“God, how will we be parents?” The Captain asks softly.

The Augment chuckles quietly, shaking his head.

“We will, somehow,” he replies.

“Yeah,” his Omega says softly.


I finish my tea and leave a tip, paying the cashier with the few credits I stole from my twin. I glance at the chrono on the wall, finding that the time to be 0347 hours. I wince slightly, knowing I pushed my luck staying out so long, dramatically increasing my chances of being caught.

I head back to the loft, picking up my pace as I silently pray to whatever deity that might be looking over me for protection. Once I enter the building though, I take my time, moving silently. I silently open the door, closing it the same way as well.

I am suddenly yanked backwards, thrown onto the bed. Naki is instantly on my chest, his thumbs crushing my throat. I thrash and claw, gasping for air. I fight his hold, but he digs his thumbs in harder, snarling.

“I should kill you,” he snarls.

Only one thing comes to mind for those words.

“Do it,” I gasp. “Do it. Kill me.”

I cling to his hands, gasping for air.

“Kill me,” I rasp.

His grip loosens slightly, but I am flipped over onto my stomach, my pants yanked down. I clap a hand over my mouth as Naki brutally thrusts into me, setting a savage and merciless pace. I keep my hand over my mouth as tears pour down my cheeks, my fist clenching the sheets. My twin is making animalistic noises over me, raping my hard enough that my bones rattle. I can feel the blood pouring down my thighs as he continues, my eyes squeezed closed as tight as I can.

Naki roars as he orgasms inside me, feeling his hot seed fill me. He yanks out, leaving me to collapse on the bed, shaking as I continue to sob silently. He walks away moving to his console. My breathing is harsh and rapid, my hand still over my mouth. I can feel myself leaking, both blood and semen, my fist clenching the sheet tighter.

Please, have mercy on me.

Kill me.


Khan turns his head to look at his mate as his head bobs, jerking up as tries to stay awake. It continues for several minutes before the blond falls to the side, his head landing on his Alpha’s shoulder. The Augment watches as his Omega sleeps, conflicted.

“I love you,” he says softly.

He gently carries his sleeping mate to their bed, placing him on it. The dark haired male kisses his temple before gently picking up his injured hand, kissing it softly.

“I am sorry,” he whispers. “But I cannot stay.”

He rises to his feet, giving one last longing look at the mother of his unborn child before sheathing his wings, changing into an unaltered shirt. He moves to slip his knife in his boot, hesitating. The Brit looks at the sleeping figure on the bed, moving to place it on the bedside table, pressing another kiss to his Omega’s temple.

“Please forgive me,” he whispers, tears rolling down his cheeks.

He rises again, heading out of the bedroom. He slips on his greatcoat, glancing at the bedroom one last time before stepping out into the hallway.

Khan makes it a grand total of five steps before his knees give way, his arms wrapped around himself as he sobs quietly.

He cannot leave.

He cannot abandon his mate and unborn child.

He hurts.

His heart is breaking.

The Darkness curls and coils unpleasantly inside him, silent for once. But he thinks It agrees with him.

The Alpha/Beta stands and returns to his Captain’s apartment, shedding his coat and toeing off his boots. He peels off his shirt and spreads his wings, moving back into the bedroom. He lays down on the bed, pulling his Omega to his chest as he folds his wings around him tightly.

He does not want to let his mate go, nor shall he.

He nuzzles his mate’s temple, kissing his skin softly.

“I promise you,” he murmurs. “I will not attempt to leave you again.”

He closes his eyes and falls asleep, joining his mate in their shared dreamscape.


I look out the window of the hovercar as my twin drives through the streets of London, not trusting the autopilot of the car. Even though the guidestrips in the surface would prevent any driver error, he trusts technology as much as he knows about how it works, which is very little. My hands are folded in my lap, the cuffs riding the bruises that encircle my wrists. They are fresh, almost jet black in color, and they hurt.

I tug on my sleeves, wincing slightly.

“I found the tattoo pattern,” Naki says.

I flinch, waiting.

“Where would you put it?” He asks.

I swallow thickly before replying.

“Dead center of my back,” I say quietly.

“How big would it be?” My twin asks.

“Each dot would only be a millimeter in size,” I say.

“Each dot?” Naki asks.

I hesitate, swallowing as my mind races to figure out why he is suddenly showing concern for me.

“The tattoo pattern is made up of dots that follow a simple growth pattern,” I say quietly, staring at my lap. “Each dot is actually a square only a millimeter in size, and the growth pattern has only one rule; each new generation must only touch one side of the pervious generation.”

My twin nods, flicking his gaze to me, then at the road. I wait for Hell to be unleashed upon my head, but he speaks calmly, as if he is not seething with fury.

“How would you place it there?” He asks.

I hesitate again, fearing what would happen if I did not answer his questions.

“I have been working on a dye that is composed of nanites,” I begin quietly. “Placed subcutaneously, the dye would self-replicate to create the tattoo, where the nanites would explode, releasing the dye upon destruction. Each new generation would only release their dye once the pervious generation is destroyed, creating a border to control where the dye is released. Each generation would be a different color, unique to that generation.”

“When would the dye stop growing?” Naki asks.

“When the nanites run out of canvas,” I say quietly.

“When your entire body is covered?” My twin asks.

I flinch, tensing as I swallow, tears pricking at my eyes in fear.

“Yes,” I say quietly.

Naki is silent as we leave the sprawling urban landscape for the country, lush and vibrant. The sky is cloudy, a dark, ominous shadow in the distance. I can see flashes of lightning in the clouds as I stare out my side window, noting how it mirrors my twin’s mood. The suburban outskirts of London surround us, slowly giving way to the beautiful English countryside. I had never been this far away from London before, remaining within at most three blocks from the loft on my outings, moving in to the space not long after Noonien “left us.” I had never returned to the house we grew up in, for it was too far away to reach during my outings, also because I am too afraid that Naki would consider it fleeing and punish me for it. I can still remember playing in the backyard when I was little, however briefly, helping Noonien in the garden, climbing the old oak tree to the very top so I could see as far as I could, examining the insects, watching, and feeding, the wild birds, things one would do during a “normal” childhood. My twin would just watch me from inside, but he never did the same things I did.

I am pulled out of my thoughts as it begins to mist, falling gently and softly. It slowly begins to rain harder, but it does not last for long. I just hope it means something.

I gasp when my twin takes my hand out of my lap, placing it on the divider. He entwines our fingers, our palms touching. He squeezes lightly, but I squeeze back, too terrified of what will happen if I do not. I glance at him, waiting for my twin to snap and attack me. He flicks his gaze to me, a smile tugging on his lips.

Is my twin, blushing?

He is.

I look away, my cheeks heating up in response.

Fuck fuck fuck!

What the fuck is wrong with me!?

I have no love for him, not even as a sibling.

Why the fuck am I blushing!?

My fist curls in my lap, swallowing. Naki brings my hand to his lips, kissing the back of my hand. He releases it, placing his own on the steering wheel. I clench my fists in my lap, forcing myself to look away.

“I love you,” Naki says softly.

All the blood drains from my body and onto the earth, my stomach churning violently.

“I love you too,” I say quietly.

I am almost sick just saying those words, fighting to not tremble. I have to fight to keep my tears at bay, terrified of what Naki’s definition of “love” is.

Please, kill me.


I’m not a fool.

I can smell John’s terror, a cloying cloud that’s been around him since the day I “claimed” him.

It’s the day my soul died.

I pray that he can understand that my words are genuine, that it kills me every time I defile him.

I swallow, flicking my gaze to him.

I need to tell him.

He needs to know.

No, he must know.

I take John’s hand, placing it on the divider again. I’m trembling, my twin’s scent displaying his shock.

“John, shut up and listen,” I say. “I, I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to do any of this. None of this has been my plan, I’ve never wanted to hurt you, not once in my life. It, it kills me on what I’ve been forced to do to you, but I do it to keep you safe.”

Tears are pouring down my cheeks, my twin’s shock increasing.

“The same way they manipulated Noonien, they’ve manipulated me,” I say. “If I don’t do what they say, they’ll take you away, and take you apart cell by cell. And that’s only the beginning of what they’ll do to you if I don’t follow their instructions to the letter. Please, you must believe me. You must believe me that it destroys me every time I…”

I let out a choked sob, gripping tightly.

“Please,” I whisper. “Please.”

I wait for John’s reply, terrified.

My twin squeezes my hand, causing me to look at him. His own cheeks are damp, his eyes are watering. I squeeze back, hiccupping softly.

“This is the first time I have been able to smell you,” he says quietly. “Since we were children, I have not been able to smell you. Not since…”

I nod, turning my gaze to the road.

“Not since Marcus visited us,” I say quietly. “One week before I claimed you. When we were one day shy of being physically five.”

“He made you do this?” John asks.

I shake my head, trembling slightly.

“No, Marcus is following someone else’s orders,” I reply. “Not even he knows who they are, they only go by a name: Sylar. Other than that name, nothing’s known about them, not even species or gender. No voice communications, text only. But Sylar’s controlling everything, and they’re making me do this.”

“Does Marcus wish to not comply?” My twin asks.

I laugh, the sound cold and harsh.

“God no,” I say. “He enjoys it. It’s exactly what he wants, and he’s getting it.”

“Oh,” John says quietly.

We continue to drive towards our destination, silent.

“What do you want?” My twin asks, curious.

I glance at him, flicking my gaze away quickly.

“For you to have never known me,” I say softly.

John flinches slightly, looking away.

“Why?” He asks. “Why do you never want me to know you?”

“Because I’ve hurt you,” I whisper, tears falling down my cheeks again. “I’ve hurt you for nearly all our lives. Why’s it wrong for my to want the only person who I’ve ever truly loved to lead a normal life? To not have the person who’s damaged them in their life? Is that so wrong?”

“You are my brother, my twin,” John says. “Why-”

“I’m not,” I snap, pulling my hand away. “I’m your abuser, your captor. Your rapist. I’m not your brother, your twin. I’m not your sibling. I’m not someone who you should feel anything but hatred and murderous intent for. That’s the only thing you should feel towards me.”

We’re silent for a long period of time, heading deeper into the countryside.

“Pull over,” John says.


“For fuck’s sake, pull the damn car over!” He shouts.

I comply, stopping on the narrow shoulder. I turn to him, but my twin’s quickly in my lap, his lips crushed against mine. The kiss is hard and demanding, and when he pulls away, we’re both breathing hard. I can smell his arousal, feel his body tremble against mine. He places his hands on my shoulders, mine falling to his hips. Our foreheads rest against each other, our breaths filling the space between us.

“We, we shouldn’t be doing this,” I says, panting slightly. “This, this is wrong.”

“We are way past wrong,” he murmurs, knotting his fingers in my hair as he crushes his mouth against mine again.

It quickly becomes apparent that we’re both completely clueless and inexperienced at this, but that doesn’t mean we don’t try our damnedest to get it right. We’re both a mess when we part, breathing heavy.

“We need to get going if we’re gonna make it to our destination at the right time,” I pant. “I can make up the lost time, but only if we leave now.”

“Okay,” Johan says softly.

He doesn’t move from my lap, playing with my hair.

“I need you to move,” I whisper.

“Judging by what I feel, I do not think you want me to,” he murmurs, smiling as he rolls his hips slightly.

I hiss at the friction, fighting the urge to just fuck him right here and now.

“I don’t want you to, but I need you to,” I reply, groaning as he rolls his hips again. “For fuck’s sake, please get out of my lap before I do something we’ll both regret.”

He lets out a soft whine of reluctance, but gets out of my lap and back into his seat, “hot mess” not even beginning to cover his appearance. I wolf whistle at him, grinning mischievously. My twin blushes lightly, smiling shyly. I pull back onto the road as John fixes his appearance, watching me out of the corner of his eye.

“So, what made you want to jump my bones?” I ask, straightening myself as best I can with one hand.

Who’s the goddamn moron that decided guidestrips should only be in the city?

“I, I do not know,” John says softly. “Your honesty, I guess.”

“Note to self, honesty equals turn on,” I grin.

My twin blushes, smiling.

“I guess,” he replies quietly.

I take his hand and kiss his palm, smiling.

“Do we really have to do this?” John asks quietly.

“Unfortunately, yes,” I reply. “Sylar’s made it clear that this is my task, and I’ve got more unpleasant ones to do if I want to keep you safe. As much as it pains me to do so, I value your safety above all else. I don’t want you to be destroyed and rebuilt, only to be destroyed again.”

“Cell by cell,” my twin says quietly.

I nod, releasing his hand. We continue driving, our gazes flicking to each other.

“We’ve got one seriously fucked up sibling relationship, don’t we?” I ask.

“We cannot call our origins and upbringing normal, now can we?” My twin asks, smiling. “We were never normal to begin with, so how can we know if this relationship is normal for those in our position?”

“Fucking Beta logic,” I curse.

“Fucking Pure Beta logic,” John corrects, grinning.

I groan and shake my head, but a smile is on my face.

“Smartass,” I tease.

“Dumbass,” he teases back.

“Bitch,” I jab.

“Jerk,” he jabs right back.

I chuckle, shaking my head. John chuckles as well, looking out the window.

“How much longer is the drive?” My twin asks softly after a little bit.

“We’ve been driving for just under an hour, so we’ve got maybe thirty minutes to go,” I reply.

“So, this place is a little bit out of the way,” John comments.

“It’s the best hospital the Harewoods could afford for their daughter,” I say. “The hospital was originally a sixteenth century Victorian mansion built by some beached whale of an aristocrat, and the thing is fucking massive. The grounds are huge, and many extensive modern additions have been added, but you can’t tell the difference.”

My twin nods, looking out the window.

“When we return home, will you…” He begins.

He shifts slightly, moving in such a way that is all too familiar to me, and that’s because I’m trying to not move that way.

“No,” I say firmly, shaking my head. “No, I won’t do that to you. I won’t have sex with you.”

“Then don’t have sex with me,” John says firmly.

I flick my gaze over to him at the use of the contraction, studying him.

His fists are clenches in his lap, his body trembling. He’s staring out the front window, but from what I can see, his pupils have nearly swallowed his irises. I can smell his arousal, the scent still not going away.

“Then what do suggest I do then?” I ask quietly.

My twin flicks his gaze to me, a burning need in his eyes.

“Make love to me,” he says quietly.

I shake my head, baffled at his sudden change in personality.

“It’s not that simple,” I murmur.

“It is that simple,” he replies.

I glance at him, watching him. He’s staring at his lap, quivering. I purse my lips, thinking.

“And how do suggest I do that?” I ask, curious, and slightly disturbed at my twin’s reactions.

This wasn’t like him.

I could only compare his reactions to the month after we were created for untainted results, before Marcus had given me my assignment. During the nearly five months after our creation to the day Noonien left gave me a wider data pool, but after the visit, it’s tainted.

And with all that evidence, I could say with absolute certainty that this is abso-fucking-lutely not normal for him.

“You care about me, do you not?” John asks, returning his gaze to the window.

“I do, with every fiber of my being,” I reply.

“And do you not love me?” He inquires.

“I do,” I reply, watching as rain splatters the window.

“Then show me,” my twin says simply.

I purse my lips again, thinking about his logic.

John may be a Hell of a lot smarter than me, but that doesn’t mean I’m a complete moron. I know how technology works, I’ve even got a slightly advanced grasp of physics beyond the Standard Model and have ideas on how to solve the Grand Unification Theory. I just prefer to be hands-on and do it myself, more comfortable with the physical and tactile part of reality than the hypothetical aspect.

Knowing my twin, he’s already solved all the unsolved problems of the universe and is keeping them to himself.

And that’s exactly what he is: logical.

He’s almost Vulcan-like when it comes to problems, but he’s also emotional.

And this logic is pure emotion.

It’s simple enough in theory, but a Hell of a lot more complex to apply it in reality.

“We’ll see,” I say quietly.

John just nods, looking out the passenger window.

What the fuck is wrong with him?


Khan is instantly awake when he feels his mate slip out of his arms, sitting up.

“Relax, Noonien,” Kirk says, smiling softly. “I’m just using the bathroom.”

The blond turns and flicks on the bathroom light, closing the door behind him. The Augment props himself on his elbow, lying partially on his side as he watches the bathroom door. His wings move to fold against his back, shifting slightly. The Omega is quickly out of the bathroom, crawling to lie down on the bed.

A glint of steel catches his eye, causing him to pause. He reaches over and picks it up, examining the blade.

He has seen this blade every day for nearly seven years, as much a part of Khan as a limb or his personality.

“You were going to leave,” he says quietly.

The Brit flinches, looking away.

“You were going to leave you knife behind,” he continues.

“It is just a knife, James,” his Alpha says quietly.

“It’s not,” the Captain says firmly.

The dark haired male looks at his Omega, his brows furrowed.

“This knife has been on your person for over half a millennia,” he says softly. “This is a part of you, as much as your hand or mind is.”

He presses a soft kiss to the tip of his mate’s nose before capturing his lips. The kiss is slow and tender, lips parting with an audible plop.

“You see far too much into things, James,” Khan sighs, a smile tugging on his lips.

“But am I wrong?” Kirk asks, smiling.

The Alpha/Beta smiles, shaking his head.

“You are not,” he murmurs softly.

“Then let’s go back to bed,” his mate murmurs.

“Gladly,” his Alpha replies.


I pull onto the turnoff through the trees, the sign passing by reading “Royal Children’s Hospital.”

“How old is the child?” John asks.

“Eight,” I reply. “She won’t live to see her next birthday.”

“Do you want to save the child?” My twin asks.

“I’m not a monster,” I snort, shaking my head. “I do want to save her, but not at the cost of her father’s life.”

John nods, still looking out the window.

“Do you know her name?” He asks.

“Like I said, I’m not a monster,” I say. “But it’s Lucille.”

My twin nods again, gazing at his lap. I pull into the underground parking structure, quickly finding a spot. I park and turn off the car, leaning back into my seat.

“We’re a few minutes early,” I state, closing my eyes. “Timing is everything, as Sylar’s informed me.”

I take a deep breath, centering myself before cracking an eyes open to glance at my passenger.

“You don’t have to do this,” I say quietly. “You can stay in the car, keep your nose clean. You don’t have to fall down the rabbit hole with me and land in a great big steaming pile of shit.”

John takes my hand, squeezing it.

“You are my twin, my brother, my sibling,” he says softly. “My lover. I would follow you to the edge of the universe.”

He smiles softly, earning a smile back.

“Say, how early are we?” He asks.

“About twenty minutes,” I reply. “Why?”

He climbs into my lap, straddling my thighs. His hands are threaded in my hair, his lips brushing against mine as I place my hands on his hips.

“Let us see how long we can hold our breaths,” he purrs before claiming my lips.

Chapter Text

I run my hands up from my twin’s knees to his hips, sliding up his back to the nape of his neck, then back down. Our lips work against each other, my twin’s hands toying with my hair. His jacket’s open, allowing me to slide my hands to the hem of his shirt and slip my fingers under. I stroke the skin on his waist, small circles that are slow and gentle. My hands slide up to his ribs, pushing his shirt up as well. I can feel his muscles ripple under my touch, his figure svelte compared to my robust Alpha body, accented even more by being a Pure Blood.

My twin, my lover, pulls away, both of us breathing hard.

“I love you,” John whispers.

“I love you too,” I reply.

He rests his forehead against mine, framing my face with his hands. He strokes my cheekbones, pressing a soft kiss to my lips.

A sudden rumble of thunder reaches us, even in the underground parking structure. We look up, surprised. We look back at each other, then up at the ceiling. Another roll rumbles through, stronger than the first one, confusing us both. Our gazes lock, the same thought crossing our minds.

What the fuck is going on?


The expectant couple jerks awake at the sudden clap of thunder, sitting up. An unexpected and powerful storm is rolling through, rattling the windows with powerful claps of thunder directly after blinding flashes of lightning. Khan’s wings wrap around his mate at the perceived threat to his Omega and unborn child, holding them close. The massive jet black feathered appendages enfold around them tightly, the blond resting his cheek against his Alpha’s pale chest. The Omega nuzzles his mate’s skin, lifting his gaze to look up at the Augment. The dark haired male looks down at him, brushing his cheek against his mate’s temple. He kisses his hairline, resting his cheek on the top of his head.

The storm grows even stronger with each passing minute, the thunder nearly deafening. Khan shields their faces with his wings, holding his Omega tighter. Kirk whimpers at a lightning strike that hits close to them, pressing closer to his mate’s warm body. The Brit strokes his Captain’s skin, murmuring softly. The storm takes a long time to dissipate, but it does eventually. The couple parts and moves to stand in front of the windows, looking out. The Captain places his hand on the smudge-resistant glass, staring at San Francisco. The Augment places his hand over his Omega’s, his fingers naturally falling into the spaces between his mate’s. They flick their gazes to one another, then back to the skyline.

“This storm should not have occurred,” Khan says softly. “I saw the weather report, stating that the conditions were improper to create a storm, let alone one this size for the next week.”

“I saw it too,” Kirk says softly.

“Is it possible that an Omega could have, psychically created this atmospheric disturbance?” The Alpha/Beta asks.

“Not a chance,” the Omega says. “Atmospheric phenomena are incredibly complex and require a massive amount of energy to power. I could only create dust devils, and even that is incredibly taxing. But…”

“But what?” The dark haired male asks.

“No, it’s not possible,” Kirk murmurs.

“What is not possible?” Khan asks.

The blond exhales through his nose, refusing to look at his Alpha. He begins to tremble, his terror clear through their bond.

“James?” The Brit asks, turning to face his Omega completely. “Are you alright? What is scaring you so much?”

“A conduit,” his mate whispers.

“A conduit?” The Alpha/Beta asks. “What is that?”

“A being that has been exterminated since before eighth century BCE,” Kirk says quietly. “The Council deemed them too dangerous to exist, and I agree.”

“Wait, The Council, made up of Pure Omegas, killed off an entire species?” Khan asks, startled.

“They are not a species,” the Captain snarls. “They are demons. Beings who do not have a gender or form, and yet are human. They do not care for life, and only want to cause chaos, destruction, and death. Their abilities allowed them to sink continents on a whim, and they were not bound by any laws of the universe, known or unknown. They destroyed worlds, but were forced to return to Earth for reasons unknown.”

“Did you at least try to reason and communicate with them?” The Brit asks.

“Since the beginning of our species, we have attempted to do so,” the blond says. “But they would not listen. They destroyed things just because they could, and they enjoyed it. There were maybe thirty conduits in existence, and it was not until the eleventh century BCE that our ancestors captured and successfully killed one. Then they proceeded to kill the others, the last one remaining in hiding until the ninth century BCE, until it was caught and killed.”

“Did they wish to do any good?” The dark haired male asks.

Kirk moves away from the window, wrapping his arms around himself as he sits on the bed. He is trembling, tears rolling down his cheeks.

“No,” Kirk whispers, shaking. “The conduits took a specific, interest, in Pure Omegas, especially about sex with them.”

Khan sits on the bed, his hand on his mate’s knee.

“They raped them,” he says quietly.

“To death,” his mate adds.

The Augment pulls his Omega into his lap, holding him tightly.

“They have been dead for over three millennia,” he says softly. “They cannot still be alive.”

“It’s the fear that keeps every Pure Omega up at night,” the Captain says quietly. “Because we don’t know if we got them all.”

The Alpha/Beta kisses his mate’s forehead, holding him tightly.

“I am sure that they are all gone,” the dark haired male says.

“God I hope so,” the Omega whimpers.


I stare out the ancient glass windows of the hospital, watching the rain pelt them. My twin stands beside me, his arms crossed over his chest. His arctic eyes flecked with emerald are flicking through emotions rapidly, his scent shifting.

“This isn’t a normal storm,” I say quietly, glancing at him. “This wasn’t what I was told that would happen.”

I glance at the chrono, biting my lip.

“They’re late,” I murmur. “Sylar’s not gonna be happy.”

John tenses, tightening his stance.

“John? Are you okay?” I ask quietly.

I place my hand on his arm, trying to look as if it’s only concern for my brother, not my mate, my lover.

“What’s wrong?” I ask softly.

John swallows, squaring his shoulders.

“I hacked into Section 31’s computer,” my twin says. “There is a file from another reality, the one where humans have a primary and secondary gender, like us, like Noonien.”

I nod, encouraging him to continue.

“It has all the data about that reality, as far as I can tell,” he continues. “And mentions something that terrifies me.”

“What is it?” I ask.

“Conduits,” he says quietly. “Demons without gender or form, but are human. They only want to cause chaos, destruction, and death, and kill just because they can. They took a special interest in Pure Omegas and sex, and…”

He pauses, swallowing.

“Pure Betas as well,” John says. “Conduits would rape them to death. These demons could destroy continents on a whim, and destroyed worlds. They did not follow any laws of the universe, known or unknown. But they did return to Earth.”

He shudders, a few tears rolling down his cheeks.

“They were more powerful than any Omega ever was or ever could be,” he continues. “They existed until the ninth century BCE, when the last one was killed. Maybe thirty existed, but they were not sure.”

He looks away, a few more tears rolling down my twin’s cheeks.

“I, I do not wish to talk about it anymore,” he says quietly.

I place my hand on his shoulder, squeezing. I press a kiss to his temple, murmuring softly.

“Then don’t,” I say softly. “Don’t do anything you don’t want to.”

John leans into my touch, sighing softly. I place my hand on his back, rubbing gently. I kiss his cheek, keeping an eye out on those in the hospital. Once I deem it safe, I kiss his lips, but only briefly. John hums softly, resting his head on my shoulder. I wrap my arms around his shoulders, rubbing his arm.

“I love you,” I say softly.

“I love you too,” he replies.

We stare out the window, watching the storm roll through.

“Even though you’re not an Omega,” I say after a few minutes. “I consider you my mate. Do you?”

John looks up, smiling.

“I do,” he replies. “My Alpha.”

The words send warm tingles down my spine, my smile widening. I kiss his temple, murmuring again.

“Do you know when the Harewoods will be arriving?” My twin asks, looking back out the window.

“I don’t, in all honesty,” I reply, looking out as well. “My instructions never mentioned a storm passing through.”

John nods, leaning into my embrace. I watch the reactions of the others, making sure that we’re not acting as if we’re more than very close siblings.

Discretion is key, as my instructions had stated. Along with threats to the welfare of my mate.

A smile tugs on my lips at the thought, the term sounding, right, to me. As it was exactly what we’re suppose to be. My twin glances up at me, curious, most likely about what I was thinking at the moment. I shake my head, causing John to frown.

“You don’t get to know everything I’m thinking about,” I murmur softly, kissing his forehead. “Some things are best left as a mystery.”

“How come?” He asks.

“A way to get to know each other,” I reply. “Why should we reveal everything about ourselves so quickly?”

My mate nods, a smile on his lips. He rests his head on my shoulder again, his scent displaying his comfort and ease. I smile softly, my hand moving to wrap around his waist. I rub his side, relaxing.

A loud clap of thunder startles us both, a few children crying in fright. Another blinding strike of lightning is followed by a roar of thunder, more frightened cries going up from the patients. My twin and I lock eyes, emotions flicking through his. The storm grows stronger around us, the wind howling around the hospital. The children are crying, personnel and visitors doing their best to soothe them.

“We should help,” John says softly.

I nod and we part, moving to help the terrified young ones. I quickly find that my voice is extremely soothing to young ones, for some odd reason. I can easily soothe them with a few sentences and calming words, much to the amazement of visitors, parents, staff, and myself.

I’m not a monster, no matter what I was created for, or what I’ve been forced to do. I know next to nothing on how to care for children, having only been one for maybe four months, when I became physically eighteen. I can’t even begin to consider my upbringing anywhere close to normal, so I don’t have an idea on what a childhood is like.

I move into a room, a child whimpering in fear. She’s curled up under the sheets, terrified and trembling. I move to stand beside her bed, gently shushing her as I kneel.

“It’s okay, little one,” I say softly. “There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

“I want Momma,” she whimpers.

“Where’s Momma?” I ask softly.

“I don’t know,” she whimpers.

“Do you have a Papa?” I ask.

“He’s with Momma,” she says.

“Where did they go?” I ask.

“I don’t know,” she says.

Another blast of thunder rattles the hospital, the child crying. I shush her softly, gently touching her covered body. The child bolts out of bed, clinging to me. I blink before wrapping my arms around her, holding her close. She can’t be more than six, small and frail. She sobs into my shoulder, her small frame shaking. She’s too thin and weak, her grip barely wrinkling my clothes. Her scent displays her terror, one that is around everyone here. She has only one gender, but even humans’ scents can display their emotions, as flat as they are.

“Can you tell me your name?” I ask.

“Jasmine,” she whimpers.

“Jasmine,” I say softly. “My name’s Naki.”

My head snaps up as the power goes out, the entire hospital falling dark. Jasmine begins to cry, clinging tighter. I hold her tighter as I rise, moving to look out into the hallway. The staff is passing out emergency supplies, terror clear in their scents. I pull out my encoded communicator, the one I receive Sylar’s instructions on. I hesitate on sending a message to them, but I do, quickly reporting that the entire plan is falling apart. I give a quick outline of what’s happening before closing the device, accepting the emergency supplies handed to me.

“I want Momma,” Jasmine whimpers.

“I know, little one,” I say quietly. “I know.”


The pair of humans that race towards us can only be the child’s parents, their eyes wide.

“Momma!” The child cries.

I quickly hand the child over, nodding to the father as I exit the room. I move to the other rooms, helping as much as I can. My communicator beeps, a coded message coming through.

Help as much as you can. Plan has been altered. Do not fail.

The message is surprising, not expecting that answer. I send a quick, one word reply.



“Where the bloody Hell do you keep your emergency supplies?” Khan asks, searching the front half of the apartment. “Or do you have any at all?”

He turns to find his mate holding up a large container of emergency supplies, an eyebrow raised.

“Can you not see in the dark?” Kirk asks.

“I can see just fine,” his Alpha snaps. “I am a pentachromat, and I have twenty-five times the number of photoreceptor cells in my eyes than humans. And those cells are far more sensitive than a non-Augment’s will ever be.”

“Wait, you’re a what?” The blond asks, blinking.

“You did not know?” The Augment asks, head tipped slightly.

“Know what?” The Omega asks. “That you can use very large words that I have no idea what they mean? That I knew.”

“No,” the dark haired male says, shaking his head. “That I am physically different from you.”

“Um, Omega?” The Captain replies. “Part of the job description? But I still don’t see how that’s relevant.”

“Humans are trichromats, meaning that they have three color sensitive photoreceptors, red, green, and blue,” the Brit explains. “While I have five.”

“You’re talking about rods and cones, right?” His mate asks.

“Correct,” the Alpha/Beta replies, a soft smile on his face.

“Huh,” Kirk says. “Didn’t know that. So you see the world differently?”

“I do,” Khan says.

“How so?” The Captain asks.

“It is, hard to explain,” the Augment replies, hesitating. “I can see far more colors than a normal human can, but I am starting to think that I may have more than five different cone cells. It is, possible, that some may have mutated to respond to different wavelengths of light.”

“Does that mean you’re highly sensitive to light?” The blond asks.

“No,” his mate replies.

“Then can I activate a damn glowstick before I break my neck?” Kirk asks.

The Alpha/Beta laughs, shaking his head.

“Of course, love,” he replies. “But how did you find the supplies in the first place?”

“On my hands and knees,” his Omega explains, pulling out and breaking an emergency glowstick.

The brilliant yellow-green light illuminates the room when the Captain shakes it, casting eerie shadows in the apartment.

“Anyone up for shadow puppets?” He asks, grinning.

The Brit gives him Bitch Face, causing his Omega to giggle. He groans softly, shaking his head.

“Do you ever take me seriously?” He asks.

Kirk stretches up and kisses his Alpha’s lips, lingering.

“Not when you make that face,” he murmurs. “I can never take you seriously when you make that face.”

“Really,” Khan murmurs, smiling as he takes his mate’s hips in his hands. “Only when I make that face?”

“Only,” the Captain replies, locking his wrists behind his mate’s neck.

The dark haired male purrs softly, rolling their hips together. The Omega slides a hand into his hair, tangling his fingers in the silk-like strands as they bring their lips together. The Augment folds his wings around them, creating their own private little universe. Their lips part as they kiss, Kirk pulling his Alpha’s mouth back to his before he finishes taking his breath, pressing their lips harder against each other’s. The blond laughs as his mate hoists him onto his hips, carrying him to the bedroom.

“I will be right back,” the Alpha/Beta says softly after placing his Omega on the bed.

“Wait,” the Captain says, grabbing his wrist. “I don’t think we’ve done it in the dark before. Not like this at least.”

Khan moves back onto the bed, cupping his Omega’s cheek. He strokes his cheekbone, smiling softly.

“How much time do you think we have?” Kirk asks.

The Brit smiles softly, kissing his mate’s lips.

“Plenty of time, if that is what you are asking,” he replies.

“I am,” the Omega replies, smiling.

“Are you sure that this is what you want to do?” The dark haired male asks, curious. “There are, far more fun and aerobic ways of passing the time.”

“Hey,” the blond says, tapping his nose. “We promised not for a month. I’m holding you to that.”

The Augment smiles and shakes his head, chuckling softly.

“As you wish, my love,” he says softly, kissing his Captain’s lips. “I just need to grab my kit and a few supplies.”

“Okay,” his mate says softly, smiling.

Khan rises off the bed, moving to the dresser holding his clothes. He pulls out a drawer, pulling out a rather sizeable hard cased container. He returns to the bed, placing it down before grabbing a few disinfecting supplies from the bathroom. The Brit kneels on the bed and undoes the latches, revealing many rows and layers of acupuncture needles.

“God, I’m always afraid that it will hurt,” Kirk whimpers softly, propping himself on his elbows. “Will it?”

“The needles are very thin, so thin that they break easily,” the Augment explains, pulling out a layer. “They are far superior compared to the ones I had back in my time, thinner, sharper, and designed to hurt less.”

“You said they break easily,” the Omega whimpers.

“Only for those who do not have a steady and practiced hand,” his Alpha replies. “In all my years, no one has ever been hurt when I apply the needles, even with the thicker, blunter, and more painful ones. Pain still occurred with those who had been doing the art for most of their lives, even if it was just a light pinch.”

“No pinch?” The Captain asks hopefully.

“Have you ever experienced pain while I was doing this?” The dark haired male asks, smiling softly.

Kirk shakes his head, flopping onto the bed in relief, causing his mate to chuckle softly. He feels along his mate’s body, tracing unseen paths that only he knows. The Augment applies pressure on a few spots, his eyes closed as he feels. He opens his eyes, disinfecting a few needles.

The door rings, causing the couple to groan. Khan pulls on a pair of boxers, heading to the front door.

“Maeve? Leonard?” The dark haired male asks, startled. “What, what are you doing here?”

“He’s a mother hen!” The blond shouts from the bedroom.

“Shut up!” McCoy shouts back! “You freak out every time it rains!”

Kirk lets loose a few highly creative swears in a multitude of languages causing those who can understand him to laugh.

“You two should come in before somebody pokes their head out,” the Brit says, his wings fluttering in emphasis as he shakes his head.

The couple comes inside, their own emergency supplies in hand. They move to the couch, looking around in confusions.

“Where’s the table?” McCoy asks, looking at where it had once been.

Maeve kneels down, touching a dark spot on the floor.

“Blood,” she says quietly.

She licks her fingers, eyes wide. The Omega comes out of the bedroom, his own boxers on. The Beta sucks in air and snatches his Captain’s wrist, causing him to flinch. The bruise around his wrist is clearly defined and nearly black in color, and clearly the handprint of the only other person in the apartment. The Doctor’s gaze is murderous as he turns to the Alpha/Beta, suddenly launching himself at him. He slams his fist into the dark haired male’s jaw, sending him sprawling.

“You bastard!” He roars.

“Bones! Stop!” Kirk shouts. “It wasn’t him!”

“The Hell it was!” The brunet snarls. “He’s the only other person in the apartment!”

“I am not,” Khan says, touching his cheek. “The Old Khan is still alive.”

The redhead swears, falling to her knees. Her hand is over her mouth, her eyes wide.

“Is that who takes over when I can no longer hear your thoughts?” The blond asks.

The Brit nods, rising to his feet. He moves to stand in front of his mate, taking his hand gently between his, bringing it to his lips.

“I don’t understand,” the Beta growls.

“You don’t want to,” Kirk says quietly.

The Augment gently touches his Omega’s wrist, stroking the bruised skin. Both can smell McCoy’s distrust, but they know that the Alpha/Beta will not consciously hurt his mate. The dark haired male presses a soft kiss to his mate’s temple, his lips lingering.

“So, he really is alive,” Maeve says quietly.

“Unfortunately,” the Brit says softly.

“Someone please explain,” McCoy demands.

“When I bonded with James, my personality split,” Khan says quietly. “The person I was before became an entity called The Darkness, but It was only eclipsed by the person I am now when I am bonded. It, It is growing stronger.”

He frames Kirk’s face in his large hands, tears rolling down their faces.

“Today is the first day It took control,” he whispers. “I, I was no longer in control of my own body. I, I was conscious the entire time, but I could not do anything to stop It.”

He whimpers softly, trembling.

“I have never been so terrified in my life,” the Augment whimpers. “It was going to kill James. If he had not thrown my body away and rendered It unconscious and allowed me to regain control, It would have.”

“I why wasn’t I told earlier?” The Doctor spits.

“I told Maeve what was going on with me in our reality,” the Alpha/Beta says quietly. “We had done a few therapy sessions during our five-year mission, but she deemed it too dangerous to allow It to have even the smallest bit of control. She helped me put barriers to keep It controlled, to keep It locked away. But It is tearing them down. I, I do not know if rendering myself unconscious will stop It next time.”

“How do we stop It?” The brunet asks.

“We can’t,” the Pure Beta says quietly.

“I think, I think I can,” Kirk says quietly.

“No! Absolutely not!” Khan shouts. “I will not let you do that!”

“Do what?” McCoy asks.

“Slip into his mind and put the barriers back up,” the blond says. “I know the psyche of humans better than any person alive, and I have the most powerful mental abilities in the reality, or possibly any.”

“This, thing, is not human!” His mate protests.

“But It was once you, was It not?” The Omega asks.

“Yes, but I agree with Noonien,” Maeve says, shaking her head. “It’s too dangerous.”

“You are just as strong as Noonien, Maeve,” the Captain says. “And Bones can hypo him into unconsciousness. You do have your kit, right?”

“I do,” the Doctor says.

Kirk nods, turning to his mate.

“Please, let me help you,” he pleads, taking the dark haired male’s hands in his. “Please.”

Khan’s conflict is clear, hesitating before nodding slowly.

“I need you to promise me something,” he says quietly, taking his Omega’s face in his hands. “If you feel that you are in danger, no matter how small, you stop and flee. I do not want to see you, or the baby hurt. And if It does…”

“I won’t stop from leaving,” the blond says quietly. “But will you at least help support me and the baby? And be there for the birth?”

“You need not have asked,” the Brit says softly. “I will do anything and everything to help my family, without hesitation. Just promise me, you will not go after me, and our child cannot know me. Promise?”

Kirk sniffles softly, tears falling down his face.

“Yeah,” he says quietly.

The Alpha/Beta leans in, pressing his lips to his Omega’s face. Tears fall down their cheeks, clinging to each other.

“Let’s get this over with,” Maeve says quietly.

The three males nods, heading into the bedroom, the couple gripping each other’s hands tightly.


I head down into the generator room, following my mate’s scent to the main generator. Johns got a glowstick in his mouth as he examines and fiddles with the wires, wiping at his forehead occasionally.

“You okay?” I ask softly, kneeling beside him.

He jerks his hands back, covering his eyes as sparks fly, turning away. He coughs, waving the smoke away.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine,” he pants, pulling the glowstick out of his mouth. “Though I’m not so sure about this generator.”

He begins to explain what’s wrong with it, but I hold up my hand, stopping him.

“You don’t need to explain,” I say, brushing his wild hair out of his eyes and back to kiss his forehead. “It goes well over my head anyways.”

John hums softly under my touch, tipping his head up to peck my lips. I look behind me to make sure we’re alone before taking his face in my hands, ravishing his mouth with my own. My mate squeaks softly before moaning, gripping my shoulders tightly as I plunder his mouth with my tongue. He tastes better than anything I’ve experienced in my nearly-year-long existence, which isn’t saying much, but he’s definitely the most succulent of treats. I can’t pick out the individual flavors, but the combination is almost orgasm inducing.

I pull away, but John yanks me down, pulling me on top of him. I smile down at him, kissing him again, sweeter and gentler this time. He threads his fingers into my hair, gripping gently. I really pull away this time, rubbing noses gently as we smile.

“I love you,” he says softly.

“I love you too,” I reply, kissing him softly.

I rise to my feet, helping him sit up before heading back up to the main floor. I help out moving the ancient back up generators to power the more critical patients, the less critical being moved into as little space as possible. The scent of terror and confusion is gagging, causing me to cough. The generators are quickly divided among the patients, some supplying two or more. I know I can easily heft the massive device off the floor as if it is a feather, but I fake weakness to be discrete.

The storm rages outside as preparations are strategically placed and divided, allowing everyone to hunker down. An inquiry about electrical engineering is passed by word of mouth, a few visitors heading down to the basement to most likely help my mate out. It’s maybe an hour later before my twin and company leave the basement, talking to the head of the hospital. He then heads towards me, looking grim.

“Some of the components have fused together and we cannot find any replacement parts,” John says, running a hand through his hair. “It is going to be maybe two days before the parts arrive to fix the generator.”

He shakes his head, glancing at the others in the hospital.

“I need to do a quick examination of the back up generators to make sure that they can last that long,” my mate says. “I shall be right back.”

He places a hand on my shoulder, squeezing lightly before walking away. I follow him with my eyes before sighing, leaning against the wall. I sit down on the floor and stretch one leg out, bending the other so I can rest my elbow on it. I tip my head back, closing my eyes as I wait for my twin to return. The storm doesn’t seem as if it’s going to die anytime soon, no matter how much the adults promise to frightened children. I crack an eye open as I hear John’s footsteps approach, a PADD in hand.

“Where’d you get that?” I ask, opening the other eye to watch him sit down beside me.

“I pickpocketed the keys from you to pick up a few supplies from the car,” he replies, holding them up. “I am surprised that you did not notice.”

My hand flies to my pocket, finding that my keys have indeed been taken off my person. My twin smirks as I snatch the keys back, glaring at him. He simply chuckles and shakes his head, bending his knees so he can prop his PADD on them. I watch him for a little bit before deciding that whatever he’s doing is well over my head, closing my eyes once again.

“Here,” he says, dropping something heavy into my lap.

I look down to see that it’s a large sized tote bag, one that I recognize instantly. I blush heavily, embarrassed that John knows about this, little passion of mine.

“It is okay, Naki,” he says softly. “I do not judge you. I have, I have actually seen some of your work. It is, beautiful.”

I smile shyly, opening the tote bag to find the activity I did secretly, as well as all the supplies.

Needlepoint’s always been considered a woman’s craft, but somehow, I found myself drawn to it. I had rejected the desire, knowing that a Pure Alpha would never be seen doing it, but I eventually gave into it. I completed it in secret, mortified at the thought of anyone finding out, but to hear my mate praise my work…

A warm, pleasant feeling coils inside me as I pull out my embroidery hoop, my needle already pinned to the cloth. I glance at my twin, the feeling spreading through my body the longer I look at him. I smile and begin my work, my hand practiced and steady. I can feel John’s gaze on me occasionally, just a glance, but I can feel that there’s more than just sibling affection in it.

“Careful, John,” I murmur. “We don’t want to get caught, now do we?”

My mate blushes lightly, looking away. Silence passes between us, alone for most of the time. Almost everyone else is with the kids, allowing us some privacy. My twin scoots closer to me, pressing his side against mine. His hand slips between us, moving to stroke my side. I flick my gaze up to watch the hall, making sure that no one’s around as he slowly inches his hand towards my lap. He begins to rub the inside of my right thigh, the one closest to him, stroking along my length. My breathing deepens as he continues to rub, feeling my heart rate pick up the longer he strokes.

My pants are starting to become tight, his touch becoming lighter, electrifying against my sensitive skin. I swallow thickly, my heart hammering in my chest. My mate focuses his attention on the head, teasing gently. I glance over at him, finding him in the same state. His nearly black eyes lock with mine, the same thought crossing our minds.

Calmly, we pack up our things and rise, heading towards an emptier wing of the hospital. My twin’s trembling, his scent so strong I swear humans could smell it. We pass by a janitor’s closet, pausing so I can make sure the hallway is clear. I hold the door open so my mate can slip in, checking the hallway before closing the door. I put my things down quickly as his scent displays not only his arousal, but terror, fear, and hesitation. I turn to John, watching him stand in the middle of the small space, stiff and shaking.

“Hey, it’s alright,” I says softly, taking a step forward.

My twin steps back, his terror spiking. I step back, giving him more room to maneuver.

“We don’t have to do this,” I say softly. “We can walk out of this closet and I won’t think any less of you. Just say the word and we’ll go.”

John shakes his head, trembling.

“Then take your time,” I say. “Don’t rush thing. Go at the pace you’re comfortable with. Don’t worry about me, only think of you. Okay?”

My mate nods, swallowing. He closes his eyes, taking deep breaths. He takes a step forward, but I gently push him away.

“You’re thinking about me,” I say softly, trying to get him to understand. “Don’t think about me, think about you, and only you.”

John nods, backing away. He takes deep breaths, calming his frayed nerves. He shakily extends a hand, my own reaching out to brush fingertips with him. He shies away, extending his hand back out to touch mine again. He steps forward, sliding his hand over my palm. His skin is baby smooth, and amazingly soft. My twin begins to physically examine my hand with his fingertips, manipulating the appendage to touch it. He traces the lines of my palm, feeling my muscles and joints. His touch is gentle and soft, curious. His fingertips brush over my skin, my fingers, exploring my hand.

“Your skin is soft,” I murmur smiling.

My mate smiles shyly, continuing to touch my skin. His hand slides up my arm, tracing my muscles. He rests his hand on my shoulder, sliding up my neck to cup my cheek. He traces my cheekbone, leaning in to press his lips against mine. It’s a simple touch of closed lips, lingering before he pulls away.

“You would not think any less of me?” John asks softly.

I take his face in my hands, kissing him softly.

“I wouldn’t, love,” I say quietly.

He rests his forehead against mine, holding me as I hold him.

“Thank you,” he murmurs.

“I will never hurt you again,” I promise quietly.

“I know,” is his quiet reply.


“This is a bad idea,” McCoy mutters as the expectant couple takes their places.

Kirk kneels on the bed as his mate rests his head in his lap, the two Betas sitting beside them. The couple’s wings are sheathed to prevent injury, though both can feel the phantom movements of their shifting wings. Maeve is sitting to the couple’s left, a knife in her hand while her mate is on the right, an army of hypos within reach.

“You’ve said that already,” the blond mutters, glaring at his Chief Medical Officer. “But we’ve run out of options. And no, I will not let him be locked away or his brain dissected.”

Khan glares at the Beta, annoyed.

“Oi! Put your head back!” The Captain orders.

The Augment grunts, returning his head so he is staring straight up at the ceiling. He closes his eyes, focusing on his breathing.

“Hold on a sec,” the Omega says.

The Brit opens his eyes to see his mate undo his necklace, slipping it off his neck before redoing the clasp. He places the pendant in his Alpha’s hand, closing his fingers around it.

“If you start to lose yourself…” He murmurs.

The Alpha/Beta nods, closing his eyes again. Kirk hovers his index and middle fingers over the dark haired male’s temple, closing his eyes as he slows his breathing. The Betas keep watch, making sure that the Omega is safe.

Suddenly, Khan’s eyes snap open, his gaze murderous.

Chapter Text

Khan rumbles threateningly, his hands twitching.

“Wait,” Kirk orders when the Betas move. “I’ve got him paralyzed. You two so much as jostle him a millimeter and he’s free.”

McCoy and Maeve back off, hypo and knife in a vice grip. The blond is concentrating, his eyes flicking back and forth under closed eyelids. The Augment rumbles again, his teeth barred.

“Get the fuck out of my head, human,” he snarls, startling his sister.

“That’s his old voice,” she whispers.

The dark haired male snarls again, his hands twitching more with each second.

“Jim,” the brunet warns.

“I go any faster and I’ll injure him,” the blond snaps, his eyes still closed.

The Alpha/Beta’s fingers are flexing, curling further and further with each passing second.

“Jim,” McCoy warns again.

“I know, I know, don’t fucking rush me,” the Captain says quickly, fully understanding the urgency.

The Brit is beginning to touch his fingers to his palms, his hands starting to clench. Sweat is beading at the Omega’s brow, his breathing picking up.

“Get out of my head,” Khan rumbles.

Kirk’s eyes open, staring him down.

“It was never yours to begin with,” he replies coldly.

The dark haired male snarls, his hand shooting up to crush the Captain’s throat, but he becomes limp, almost boneless, deathly still. The Omega’s hands drop, panting heavily. Everyone is waiting, praying.

“You can stop praying,” the Alpha/Beta mutters, cracking his eyes open.

The blond exhales in relief when he can hear his mate’s thoughts, touching his cheek. Khan smiles up at him, placing his hand over his Omega’s as he nuzzles into his palm.

“Can I go home now?” McCoy asks, clearly itching to leave.

“You both can,” Kirk says, exhausted.

The Betas quickly pack up and leave, allowing the Captain to collapse in exhaustion in his mate’s arms. The Alpha/Beta maneuvers his body so he is cocooned by his Alpha, wings folded tightly around them as the blond teeters on the cusp of sleep. The Brit kisses his mate’s neck, murmuring softly.

“Sleep well, my beloved,” he says quietly.

The Omega is out cold in less than two seconds, his body limp in his mate’s arm. Khan can no longer feel The Darkness inside him, but he is still cautious.

The cage must never be opened.


“What are we looking for again?” I ask, using my flashlight to search a section of the massive storage area.

“Large containers with ‘Meal, Ready-to-Eat’ on the side,” the maintenance worker says, looking around. “Or ‘Unitized Group Ration.’”

“Mm-hmm,” I say, sweeping the area. “And when did you last see them?”

“I know they’re here,” he says.

I continue to look, my eye caught by a flash of metal. I move in closer to examine it further, shifting a few boxes aside.

“Found them!” I shout. “And you didn’t say that they’re eight cubic meters in size!”

“I’d forgotten how big they were,” the maintenance worker mutters.

“But how do we get them out of the basement?” I ask.

“By the armful,” he replies.

“Great,” I mutter. “How about I go grab others to help with the task?”

“Sounds good,” he replies.

I nod, heading up to the main floor to recruit a dozen visitors to help with the task. We move the contents, tan packages, up to what would be the cafeteria, stacking them in an ordered pile. The entire container holds enough meals for the entire hospital for a day, if they only ate two meals. And there are five more containers.

“What are these?” I ask, examining a package.

All the packages weigh between half-a-kilo to a kilo, but they all look the same.

“Field rations,” the maintenance worker says. “Instant meals. Taste like shit, but provide the calories we need.”

I nod, watching the staff pass them out. John’s helping out, but a nurse shoos him away, shoving two packages into his hands. He heads towards me, shrugging as we head towards the room where our cots had been set up.

The parents and family members had been set up near the children, while those who weren’t blood related were set up further away. My twin and I had been given a room to ourselves, as it’s small and we only have each other. It had been a private room, but could only fit a single bed, three chairs, a dresser, and a bedside table. It does have a private bathroom, but with the power out, none of the plumbing is working. We sit down on our respective cots, all the furniture having been taken away, facing each other.

“This was not part of the plan, was it?” My mate asks, looking at his lap.

“Not at all,” I reply.

I look down at my package, reading the label. I glance at him when my twin sits down beside me, placing his hand over mine. I look up as John cups my cheek, stroking my cheekbone. We lock eyes, our scents shifting. I lean in the same time he does, our lips meeting in the middle. The kiss is chaste until my mate traces the seam of my lips with his tongue, opening my mouth to meet his. Things quickly become heated as our tongues tangle, more clashing and battling than a sensual waltz. I gently pull him into my lap, wrapping my arms around her slender waist as he tangles his fingers into my hair, gripping tightly.

He’s making these soft needy sounds that’s got me devouring them greedily, eager to hear more. I easily dominate the kiss, shifting John in my lap so I can rock my hips against him, earning high pitched, softly uttered whimpers at the action. I grin against his mouth, repeating the action a little harder to earn slightly louder whimpers. I continue to rock my hips, my mate clinging onto me for dear life. I release one hand to slide between us, undoing our belts and flies so I can pull us both out. I wrap my hand around us both, pumping slowly as we become slicker.

“Wait, wait,” John pants, pulling away.

I still my hand, waiting.

“I, I want to suck you-”


“-While you suck me,” he finishes.

His cheeks are bright red as he stares at a spot over my head, trembling. I smile and kiss his throat, murmuring softly.

“God, you’re hot,” I rumble softly.

He squeaks when I move quickly into position, moaning softly as I take him in my mouth. I grin and bob my head, hollowing my cheeks as I suck. My mate tentatively licks me, shying away from the taste. I pull away and glance down at him, watching as he licks me again before taking my head in his mouth. I grin again and swallow him down, bobbing eagerly. He’s hard and throbbing, his hips rocking slightly as I suck him. John’s timid and slow, but he’s definitely using his tongue creatively.

I swallow him down completely, just to see how he would react, earning a muffled cry. I nearly choke as he swallows me down, his throat muscles contracting in a way that has my eyes rolling into the back of my head. I mimic his actions, earning a low moan that makes me respond in kind. My mate becomes bolder, bobbing his head and sucking eagerly. I follow his lead, wrapping my hand around the base to pump whatever I don’t have in my mouth. John mirrors me, pulling back to tease the frenulum before tonguing the slit.

“You keep doing that…” I rumble before mimicking him.

My twin grins around me, moaning as I take him deeper. He pulls off, panting as his hips continue to rock. He wraps his hand around me and pumps in time with my hips, licking with broad flat strokes. I pull back so just the head is in, teasing the foreskin with lips and tongue.

I grunt in surprise as he comes in my mouth, crying out softly. I swallow him down, letting out my own muffled cry as I come. I hear him squeak in surprise as I blow my load onto his face before he wraps his mouth around me, swallowing the rest down. I let him fall out of my mouth once I’m sure he’s dry, sitting up so I can pull my twin up and examine him. I catch his hand as he tries to wipe my come off his face, the white streaks standing out against his reddened skin. I turn his head side-to-side, examining his face.

“God, you’re beautiful, baby boy,” I murmur.

John trembles under my praise, whimpering softly. I lean in and lick a stripe of come off his cheek, tasting myself. I tip my head side-to-side, pleased by the taste of my mate mingling with my own. I lick again, my twin whimpering once more.

“Please,” he whispers.

I smile and clean his face, my mate trembling. I lick him clean, holding the last bit of come in my mouth when I kiss him, pushing it into his. He moans softly, kissing me back.

“Nothing we can do is dirty, baby boy,” I murmur against his mouth. “Nothing.”

John pulls away, looking me in the eyes.

“Really?” He asks, breathless.

“Of course,” I reply, smiling. “What would make you think otherwise?”

“I, I do not know,” He says softly.

I smile and stand, allowing me to straightening myself and put myself back into my pants. My twin does the same, his cheeks slightly flushed. I sit back down, picking up my discarded package to read it again. I look up as the storm continues to rage, my mate’s hand resting on mine.

“It should have died down by now,” he says quietly.

“That doesn’t mean it will,” I reply.


Khan lies on his stomach as he watches Tiberius wander around the bedroom, his chin on his stacked hands, his wings sheathed. Noonien is right behind its mate, trilling cautiously. Kirk is lying in front of the doorway to the other half of the apartment, also on his stomach and wings sheathed. Several everyday objects are scattered across the floor, from socks to shirts, a boot, but nothing that would harm the tribbles. Tiberius purrs curiously, eagerly exploring its “playground.” The one thing the couple has found highly amusing is that the antique Earth-shaped stress ball that the blond had gotten his mate as a gag gift is the tiny tribble’s new favorite toy, pushing it around and chasing it. It spent the better part of fifteen minutes playing with it, climbing on top of it only to fall and have the ball land harmlessly on top of it.

Noonien had not been pleased by the little incident.

The tiny gold tribble wanders back to the stress ball, nudging it again. The jet black tribble trills angrily, herding its mate away from “danger.” Tiberius trills sadly, almost piteously, attempting to move back to its toy. Once again, Noonien herds it away to the sock nest it made, blockading its mate. The gold tribble deflates, purring piteously. The massive tribble almost seems to pause, thinking, before moving back to the stress ball and rolling it to its mate.

The couple laughs as Tiberius instantly perks up, racing to the ball to roll it around. It rolls it to its mate, who nudges it cautiously before rolling it. Noonien trills with delight, the two tribbles happily playing with their new toy, trilling happily. Arctic meets glacial, both sparkling. They smile at each other, a light blush on their cheeks. Khan laughs as Tiberius bumps the ball into the face of its namesake, trilling loudly. Kirk rolls the ball away, the tribble chasing it excitedly. It pushes back, trilling again.

“I think it wants to play,” the Augment chuckles.

“I think so,” the blond laughs.

He rolls the ball to the tribble, laughing. Khan smiles as Noonien moves to him, rubbing against his face. It trills happily, but both are watching their mates. Tiberius nuzzles against the Captain’s cheek before moving to its mate, purring. Kirk rises and moves to lie beside his mate, pressing against his side.

“I love you, Noonien,” the Omega says softly.

“I love you too, James,” his Alpha replies in kind.

The Brit kisses his mate’s cheek, earning a soft hum in response. He nuzzles his cheek affectionately, chuckling.

“How much longer do you think we will be without power?” The Alpha/Beta asks, looking out the window.

“I don’t know,” the blond says quietly. “This is the longest I’ve been without power in this reality.”

The Augment nods, turning to his mate.

“Have you ever wondered what determines if a mated pair is compatible?” Khan asks, resting his cheek on his hands. “What makes a pair Perfect Mates?”

Kirk opens his mouth to speak, but the power kicks in, causing them to look up. They look at each other, then at the lights.

“Huh,” they say in unison.

The Captain looks at the chrono, blinking a few times.

“Happy two hundred eighty-ninth birthday, Noonien,” he says softly.

“Five hundred eighty fourth,” the Brit corrects, a soft smile on his face. “You forgot that I was two hundred ninety-five when we were forced from our reality, as you were thirty-two.”

“Don’t remind me,” the Omega mutters, sitting up.

The Augment sits up as well, the two tribbles climbing into his lap. He strokes their fur, the pair trilling happily.

“James,” he says softly. “I do not care that you are fifty-eight, for it is only a number. Just as five hundred eighty-four is only a number.”

He reaches out and cups his Captain’s cheek, stroking gently.

“Age is only a number,” he continues. “Do not count our time together in years, count it in moments.”

The blond smiles, a few tears rolling down his cheeks.

“You have accepted that our time shall end,” he says softly. “As much as it pains you to do so.”

“As much as it pains me,” his Alpha echoes. “But three or four hundred years is more than all human shall have.”

“Or half a century,” Kirk replies. “My bloodline’s life expectancy has been increasing, slowly, but it has been increasing.”

Khan nods, a few tears in his eyes. They rest their foreheads together, smiling. The tribbles purr loudly in the dark haired male’s lap, oblivious to the world. The couple looks up, gazing into each other’s eyes. Khan strokes his Omega’s cheek unable to look away. He does so reluctantly, putting the tribbles back into their cage before returning to his mate. He spreads his wings, extending his hand with a soft smile on his face. The blond takes his Alpha’s hand, letting him pull him to his feet. He spreads his wings as well, letting his mate wrap his arms around him, his wings enfolding them in their own private little universe.

The Captain tips his head up, their noses brushing against each other and skimming across their cheeks. The Alpha/Beta’s hands slide up his mate’s sides to frame his face, his lips ghosting over his Captain’s. He presses a feather light kiss to his lips, pulling away at the perfect moment so that is just enough, but nowhere near as well. Kirk chases after his lips, whining softly. Khan cannot deny his Omega, kissing him again. The blond grips his Alpha’s biceps, his nails digging into his skin. Their lips part, tongues tangling. The dark haired male’s hands slide into his hair to hold his head steady as his other hand moves to the small of his Omega’s back, holding him close.

They pull away, breathing hard as they rest their foreheads together. Kirk pulls away, tugging on his mate’s hand as he crawls backwards onto the bed. Khan follows him on his hands and knees, his wings fluttering against his back. He kneels over his Omega, their eyes locked. He cups the blond’s cheek, stroking his skin. His hand trails down to rest over his heart, feeling it beat beneath his palm. The Captain places his hand over his mate’s heart, also feeling it beat beneath his palm. Their hearts beat steadily and rhythmically, completely in harmony.

The Augment pulls his hand away to lower his body onto the Omega’s, their lips brushing. The kiss is slow and sweet, fingers tangling.

“I love you, James,” Khan says quietly.

“I love you too, Noonien,” is Kirk’s automatic reply.

They kiss softly, needing to say nothing more.


I look up from my needlework, frowning.

Something’s different, but I couldn’t place my finger on what it is. I place my needle into the fabric, putting it on my cot as I rise, my frown deepening. John looks up from his PADD, his scent displaying his confusion. I move to the door, peering into the hall. I look around, baffled on what the fuck is different. My twin stands beside me, looking around.

“It is, quiet,” he says softly.

I notice instantly that it is, now that he said it. I move to the window, looking out at the grounds. I find that the storm has passed over us, moving away slowly. The sky’s still gray and depressing, but at least Mother Nature’s PMS is gone. John moves to my side, slipping his hand into mine. I look down at him as he looks up, his gaze soft. I bring his hand to my lips, kissing his knuckles softly. My mate blushes lightly, closing his eyes as I kiss between his brows.

We’re twins, clones more accurately, born from the same DNA sample, but I’m slightly taller than my Pure Beta counterpart. I guess it’s because of my Pure Alpha DNA, but I’m not sure. I kinda like it, I guess. And judging by John’s scent, he really likes it.

I kiss his eyelids, the tip of his nose, skimming his cheekbones, before pressing my lips against his. He hums softly, leaning into the kiss. Our lips part with a soft plop, resting out foreheads together. I rub noses with him, earning a soft, pleased hum.

“I love you, John,” I say softly.

“I love you too, Naki,” my mate replies softly.

We hold onto each other, enjoying the moment.

“I have a question,” John says softly.

“Shoot,” I reply.

“In the threads you use, do you see color variations between them, even though they are suppose to be one color?” He asks.

I pull away, looking at him with surprise.

“You see it too?” I ask, eyebrows raised. “I thought I’m the only one!”

My twin smiles softly, shaking his head. He stretches up and captures my lips, kissing me tenderly. I frame his face with my hands, tipping my head to the side to deepen the kiss. Our lips part as the kiss becomes heated, my mate gripping my biceps to ground himself.

We’re definitely getting better at this kissing thing, even though he’s my twin. But social norms can go fuck themselves. After all, we aged to thirty-seven years in two hundred twenty-two days. I think aging nearly four decades in only seven months and eight days gives us the right to shit on what society considers “normal,” and I’m rather enjoying it.

I push my mate against the wall, pinning him with my body. I slip a leg between his, pressing my thigh against his crotch. He moans softly, tightening his grip on me. He begins to rock against my thigh, his hands inching towards my fly. I pull away, earning a desperate whine from him. He chases after me, but I hold out a hand, stopping him.

“Not yet, baby boy,” I promise. “I’m gonna need a bed and sound proofing for the things I’m gonna do to you.”

John’s eyes get huge, his irises gone as he shudders, his knees giving way. I catch him just in time, my twin clinging to me.

“You promise?” He asks quietly, looking up at me with sheer need.

I smile down at him, stroking his cheek.

“I promise,” I say softly.

My mate smiles up at me, stretching up to kiss me. I kiss back, grinning. We pull away, rising to our feet as we straighten ourselves. We look up as the power kicks in, surprised.

“I thought you said the generator was broken,” I say, looking at my twin.

“It was,” he replies, looking back. “This should not be possible.”

My communicator beeps, a message coming through.

Plan is unchanged.

I close the device, sighing.

“John,” I say softly. “I need you to obey me and not question my order. Take our things, go to the car, and stay there.”

John opens his mouth to speak, but I clamp my hand over it, silencing him.

“I’m not letting you follow me into this shit pile,” I growl. “You’re not gonna get your hands dirty from my actions. I won’t let you have a black mark on your soul from me. I won’t let you take the fall for any part of this.”

I lower my hand to cup his cheek, stroking his cheekbone.

“I love you far too much to let you take part in this,” I say softly. “So please, stay in the car.”

My mate looks at me, his gaze soft before hardening.

“No,” he says firmly. “I will not let you go through this alone.”

“John-” I begin.

My twin clamps his hand over my mouth, his eyes steely.

“I am your mate,” he says firmly. “If you are doing this, then I am following you into this shit pile, whether you like it or not.”

I blink at him, surprised. Then I frown something fierce, pulling his hand away.

“I don’t care if you’re my mate or not,” I snap. “I won’t let you-”

My twin steals my breath away with a mind blowing kiss, leaving me dizzy with want. When he pulls away, it takes me a few seconds to reorient myself, blinking at him.

“This is not up for debate,” he says firmly.

I blink at him again before grinning, returning the favor with a mind blowing kiss of my own. John clings to me as his knees go weak, moaning softly against my mouth. I knot my fingers into his hair as I place my hand on the small of his back, holding him close.

“I didn’t know you could be so damn bossy,” I murmur against his mouth. “That’s kinda hot.”

My mate makes a soft squeak of embarrassment, his cheeks heating up in response.

“God, the things I’m gonna do to you when I get a real bed,” I purr, claiming his lips again.

My twin moans again, his grip tightening. I can feel him against me, hard and throbbing, causing me to grin. I continue to drive him insane with only my mouth, earning soft whimpers and whines. I pull away, both of us breathless.

“You better make me scream,” John demands.

I blink rapidly in surprise before grinning wolfishly, claiming his mouth in a hard and demanding kiss.

“That, I can promise,” I purr, causing my mate to shiver.

He whimpers softly, kissing me briefly. We pull away and straighten ourselves, my twin picking up our things to carry them back to the car after I hand him the keys. I sit down on my cot and wait, John returning quickly. We fix each other so we look formidable, walking side-by-side towards the room where the Harewoods would be. I pause briefly, turning to head towards the old stone deck where Thomas Harewood had fled to. My mate turns with me without pause, matching my stride perfectly. His scent displays his terror, but his exterior’s collected and neutral, extruding an air of unshakable confidence.

Fuck, that’s hot.

I mentally shake myself, thinking about anything but my baby brother underneath me, screaming himself hoarse as I split him open with my dick.

Yep, that’s definitely working.

I think about Marcus in fishnets, which totally quiets my dick down, allowing me to focus on my task. We approach the deck, Harewood the only one there. I give one last look at my twin before approaching the grief-stricken father, stopping at the perfect distance.

“We can save her,” we say in unison, our voices soft, but confident.

Harewood starts slightly, turning towards us, clearly uncomfortable, but other emotions flash across his face.

“What did you say?” He asks, his eyes wide.

“Your daughter,” we say. “We can save her.”

He stares at us, startled, but intrigued.


“Who are you…?” He asks, trialing off.

My lips are tugged upward slightly, and I know John’s are as well.

Thomas Harewood has no idea what’s about to happen to him.

I’m a monster.

Chapter Text

“What do you want to do?”

Khan opens his eyes, lifting his head up from his mate’s abdomen, his brows furrowed in confusion.

“Pardon?” He asks, rather enjoying listening to his unborn child’s heart beat.

Kirk smiles as if it is the most obvious thing in the world, toying with the Brit’s jet black hair.

“For your birthday,” he says softly. “What do you want to do to celebrate it?”

The Augment makes a face as if he had just been ordered to eat his own waste, sitting up and moving off the bed. He stands in front of the window, arms crossed over his chest as his wings shift in agitation.

“There is a reason why I did not tell you the date in the first place,” he says quietly, his voice hard. “It is not something that should be celebrated, least of all by the mother of my unborn child.”

“Tough shit,” the blond snaps. “Once our son or daughter is born and when they are old enough, they’ll want to make you cards and presents, and celebrate having another year with their father. They’ll want to celebrate the anniversary of their birth as a way of showing how thankful they are to have been born, to have loving parents who brought them into this world, and you can show them by giving gifts once a year, as every other family does.”

“We will celebrate their birthday, but we will not celebrate mine,” the dark haired male states adamantly.

“Khan Noonien Singh, I will tie you to the bed and force feed you cake if it comes down to it,” the Omega growls.

The Alpha/Beta groans, running a hand through his hair.

“I will not win this one at all, correct?” He asks, exhaling.

“Yep,” his mate replies, popping his “P.”

The Augment groans loudly, pinching his nose.

“Sometimes I question my sanity,” he mutters.

He looks up as hands frame his face, lips pressed against his. The couple kisses softly, lips lingering.

“If you questioned your sanity,” the Captain says softly against his lips. “You would not have the most beautiful Omega as your mate and expecting your first child, both of which you have been waiting for for nearly six centuries. You should celebrate your birthday as a way of thanking the universe for rewarding your patience, and not see it as another year closer to losing what you so desperately wanted more than anything.”

“And no I am beginning to wonder why I ever doubted myself in the first place,” the Brit murmurs softly, smiling as he folds his wings around them. “Or you.”

“Because you’re an Alpha and thick skulled,” the Omega replies, smiling back. “And you’re an Augment, so that doesn’t help.”

“And being an Omega makes you so rational and level-headed?” The Alpha/Beta teases.

“Touché,” Kirk grins.

Khan smiles, his eyes crinkling around the corners as he gently kisses his mate. He threads his long pale fingers into his golden blond hair, cradling his skull gently in his large hands. The Captain hums softly, leaning into the kiss as he wraps his arms around his mate’s waist. They kiss long and slow, savoring the moment. They pull apart, breathing hard and lips swollen.

“So, what does one do to celebrate the five hundred eighty-fourth anniversary of someone’s birth?” The Augment asks, resting his forehead against his mate’s.

“I don’t know how to celebrate that,” the blond replies, leaning into his touch. “But Uhura did tell me how to celebrate a significant other’s birthday no matter what year they turn.”

“And how shall you do that?” The Alpha/Beta asks, smiling softly.

“Take them out to an expensive, romantic restaurant,” the Omega says, smiling back. “Treat them like royalty, share a dessert, or go back to their dwelling and have a different kind of dessert.”

Khan smiles and kisses the tip of his Omega’s nose, chuckling.

“And what if I want my dessert now?” He rumbles, taking the blond’s hips in his hands. “What if I do not want to wait until the end?”

He rocks his hips against his mate’s, slow and sensual. The Augment is rumbling softly, a smile tugging on his lips. Kirk locks his wrists behind his Alpha’s neck, his cheeks flush as he moves with him.

“Haven’t you ever been told to eat your veggies before you get dessert?” He asks quietly.

“I have not,” the dark haired male replies, brushing their lips together. “But are you really going to deny me on my-”

He opens his eyes, blinking when he no longer feels his Omega in his arms. The Brit looks around to find his mate on the other side of the room, arms crossed over his chest, scowling.

“You’ll just have to wait, just like everyone else,” he states.

Khan groans again, shaking his head.

“Why do I keep fighting a losing battle?” He asks, pinching the bridge of his nose.

He looks up as Kirk kisses his cheek, smiling.

“Because you love me,” he says softly.

“That I do,” the Alpha/Beta replies softly, kissing him back.

They kiss until they are both dizzy from lack of air, pulling away to catch their breath.

“You still haven’t told me what you want to do,” the Omega pants.

“Dinner sounds lovely,” the Augment replies, breathless as well.

“Dinner it is,” the Captain confirms.


Guilt sits in my stomach like a lead weight as John and I enter the underground parking structure, each step becoming heavier as we approach the car. I hesitate near it, my twin turning to me. He extends his hand and I instantly drop the keys into his palm, climbing into the passenger seat. I stare out the side window as he pulls out of the structure, driving back to the loft. I don’t say a word during the drive, fighting to keep my tears at bay. My mate doesn’t say a word either, which I’m thankful for. Things are a blur until I blink and find myself in bed, John curled around me. His arms are wrapped around my waist, my back flush with his chest.

I place my hand over his, threading our fingers together. He kisses the back of my neck, murmuring softly. I press into his embrace, enjoying the contact. His hand slips under my shirt to stroke my abs, his touch tender. I close my eyes, trying to relax into his embrace.

I can’t.

I slip out of his grasp and sit in the chair at the table, holding my face in my hands. Tears roll down my cheeks, sniffing quietly.


John lifts my face up to him, holding it between his hands. He strokes my cheekbones, his own face wet. He rests his forehead against mine, still stroking my skin.

“Do not let yourself shoulder this burden alone,” he says softly. “I am a part of this too, you know.”

“You shouldn’t be,” I reply. “You shouldn’t be part of this.”

“But I am,” he says. “And we cannot go back.”

He presses his lips against mine, but I pull away, refusing to look at him. My mate tries to turn my head back, but I push him away, rising to my feet.

“Don’t,” John snaps, snatching my wrist. “Don’t push me away. Not when you need me the most.”

“What the fuck has gotten into you?” I growl, yanking my wrist away as I turn to face him. “I’ve been abusing and defiling you for most of your fucking life and suddenly you decide to care about me? Has your brain short-circuited or some shit like that?”

My twin’s face hardens, his eyes flashing.

“Why can’t you accept that I care about you?” He snarls. “Is that so hard to believe?”

“It is when you love your rapist!” I spit, furious. “It wasn’t until today when I finally said something nice or did something that wasn’t an attempt to degrade or break you! For almost a year, I’ve been raping and beating you into submission!”

“Because you were forced to!” John shouts, fists curled. “You didn’t want to do that to me!”

“Only because I told you today!” I shout back. “You didn’t fucking know until now! And you shouldn’t have any reason to believe me because I could be lying to you to-”

John slams his mouth against mine, his lips hard and brutal. He’s clawing at me, snarling and growling. I snarl back, tearing at his clothes. We’re vicious and brutal, and more than once do I taste blood. My hands are becoming slick as I tear my twin’s clothes to shreds, not caring about blood being spilt. John’s apparently not caring either, raking his nails hard enough to draw blood. I snarl and herd him to the bed, practically throwing him on top of it so I can pin him down. He grabs a chunk of my hair and yanks my head to the side, sinking his teeth into my neck.

I snap.

I barely remember flipping him onto his stomach before it becomes a blur, unable to define anything clearly. When I’m finally able to think straight, I’ve got my teeth clamped over the back of my mate’s neck, biting deep into his flesh. Blood fills my mouth as John shakes under me, breathing harsh as he struggles to remain on his hands and knees. I have one hand wrapped around his waist, the other pressed deep into the mattress as I hold him up. I remove my mouth and lick the bite, moving to pull out.

John groans loudly when I do so, collapsing onto the bed in a boneless heap. I give him a once over, finding that any injuries are healing, so I’m not really concerned, but the sheets are ruined. I growl in frustration, causing my twin to chuckle.

“What’s so funny?” I ask, eyeing him intently.

“The fact that you seem to be more worried about the sheets being ruined than you are about the fact that you may have re-traumatized your mate,” he replies, moving to prop himself on his elbows.

“And did I?” I ask, worried about the fact that he brought it up.

My mate shakes his head, wincing as he attempts to sit up. He quickly lies back down, trying to find a comfortable position.

“You okay?” I ask, worried.

“I will heal, Naki,” John assures me, his voice soft. “It was just a lot of emotions put into a single moment.”

“But I still hurt you,” I say quietly.



“Shut up.”

I chuckle, kissing my twin’s forehead. He hums softly, smiling. I pull away and nuzzle his sharp cheekbones, my fifth favorite feature. My first was his mind, followed by his eyes, his smile, and then his laugh.

“What are you thinking about?” John asks, pillowing his cheek on his folded arms.

“You,” I reply, leaning back onto the propped pillows.

“What about me?” My mate asks, smiling.

I just smile back, causing him to frown. He opens his mouth to speak, but I press a finger to his lips, silencing him. My twin nods, kissing my finger. I chuckle again, planting a kiss on top of his wild hair. He hums softly, closing his eyes. I look out the window, the sky still light, but overcast.

“So, we have until tomorrow, correct?” John asks, causing me to turn to him.

“Yeah,” I say softly. “I’ve still got to draw the blood and alter it so Lucille can receive it without any harmful effects. She doesn’t have the extra thirty-seven chromosomes we have, so I don’t want to cause any harm by introducing DNA she doesn’t have.”

“You really are not a monster,” my mate murmurs.

I glare at him, growling in annoyance. John cracks an eye open to look at me, rolling it as he exhales loudly. He turns his head so his chin is on his hands, thinking.

“Do you think we will live to see our first birthday?” He asks softly.

I look away, drawing my knees to my chest as I wrap my arms around them. I don’t answer his question, afraid to speak. My mate doesn’t speak either, also afraid, I guess. The silence is thick and tense, lasting awhile before John sits up, stretching. His joints crack as he stretches out his entire body, and gives me a show on just how flexible he is. I whistle and grin, causing my mate to blush lightly, smiling shyly. I take his chin in my thumb and index, making him look me in the eyes. We stare into each other’s eyes, unable to look away.

“Do you love me?” I ask softly.

“Of course,” he says quietly. “Do you love me?”

“Without a doubt,” I reply.

He takes my face in his hands and kisses me, slow and gentle.

“Care to join me in the shower?” He murmurs against my lips.

I grin, scooping him up and carrying him into the bathroom, my mate laughing along the way.


“Get dressed,” Kirk says, throwing his Alpha’s only non-dark outfit at him. “We’re going out.”

Khan removes his gray suit and white dress shirt off his face, glaring at his mate from his position on the bed.

“It is barely seven in the morning,” he replies, frowning. “I thought we were going to dinner, or am I wrong?”

“You’re not and we are,” the Omega replies, smiling. “But I also need you to pack a variety of outfits for a few different variables.”

“As in…?” The Augment trails off.

“Bad weather, city, countryside, things of that nature,” the blond replies, pulling out his own clothes. “And don’t you fucking dare try to read my mind, unless you want to be in a puddle of your own drool on the floor.”

The Alpha/Beta scowls, crossing his arms over his chest.

“And if you don’t move, I will turn you into a drooling mess anyways,” the Captain threatens.

Khan’s scowl deepens, but he moves off the bed and begins to pack.

“And no altered clothes,” Kirk adds. “We’ll have to keep our wings sheathed the entire time.”

“You know I really hate surprises,” the Augment mutters, shoving clothes into his bag.

“You didn’t seem to mind the surprise I sprung on you two weeks ago,” the blond counters, his eyes flicking to his Alpha as a hand rests on his flat abdomen. “You reacted the exact opposite of hate, if my memory serves me.”

“That was something I wanted,” the Brit snaps, his wings shifting against his back. “I never wanted to celebrate the anniversary of my birth.”

“Fire, you stay here, and I’ll go enjoy the surprise,” Kirk states, still packing. “Have fun pouting alone.”

Khan glares at his mate, but resumes to shove clothes into his bag.

“Who would have thought that a five hundred-eighty four year old Augment can throw a temper tantrum worse than a two year old,” the blond observes dryly.

“I’m not throwing a temper tantrum!” The Augment growls.

“Case in point,” the Captain says.

Khan gives his Omega a look that is nothing short of murderous, causing him to snort.

“Fine, have it your way,” he snaps, resuming to pack. “I can live with leaving your ass here on your birthday. I hear Bora Bora is nice this time of year, not that that’s where your surprise is.”

“You are not serious,” the Alpha/Beta growls, narrowing his eyes.

“Can I lie to you?” The Omega growls back.

The Augment looks away, uncomfortable. Kirk’s face softens as he touches his Alpha’s cheek, stroking his skin.

“I’m sorry,” he apologizes. “That was rather nasty of me to do that.”

Khan places his hand over his Omega’s stroking his skin. He turns his head and presses a soft kiss to his palm, nuzzling the inside of his wrist. He inhales his mate’s scent, breathing out softly. He kisses the sensitive and fragile skin there, his touch feather light. It is electrifying, the blond’s breathing deepening as his pupils dilate, his pulse racing. The Augment kisses up his arm, lingering on the skin of his inner elbow, moving up his bicep to his shoulder, his hands moving to rest on his mate’s prominent hipbones. He kisses along his collarbone, placing his teeth over his mark of claim exactly before trialing kisses up his neck right over his jugular, under the junction of his jaw and neck, along his baby smooth jaw line, up beside his ear, across his cheekbone, but the Captain captures his lips, impatient. The dark haired male chuckles, kissing back as his Omega’s arms wrap around his neck. His wings fold around them, keeping them pressed tightly against each other’s bodies, soft curves molding perfectly with hard angles. The Alpha/Beta’s hands slide to cup the back of his Captain’s head and rest in the small of his back, tipping his head to the side as their lips part, tongues becoming involved. The Omega tangles his fingers into his Alpha’s wild silken hair, his grip light as the Brit’s massive wings fold around them even tighter.

They part briefly to catch their breaths, the dark haired male sinking to his knees as he takes his mate’s hips in his large hands, pressing his lips to the skin just above his navel. His massive wings fold around them as he murmurs softly in Hindi to his unborn child, his mate gently playing with his hair, a soft smile on his face.

“Now pack,” Kirk orders, smiling.

Khan exhales through his nose as he reluctantly pulls away, giving one last kiss to his mate’s abdomen before rising to his feet, his Omega resuming to pack. The Brit gives one last longing look at his mate before packing as well, though he cannot stop looking at him. The blond smiles shyly, blushing lightly. The Alpha/Beta reaches out and takes his mate’s hand, squeezing lightly as he brushing a wing against the blond’s. The Omega squeezes back, turning to his Alpha. The Augment turns to face him as well, wrapping his arms around his slender waist as he leans in. The Captain leans in at the same time, their lips brushing. They kiss softly, lips working slowly. The blond locks his wrists behind his Alpha’s neck, whose massive jet black wings enclose them in their own private universe, encompassed by ebony, emerald, sapphire, amethyst, and sunlight. Their lips part, deepening the kiss as they still kiss slowly, heads tipping slightly. They part when they need air, resting their foreheads together.

“I love you, James,” the Brit murmurs in Hindi.

“I love you too, Noonien,” the Captain replies.

The dark haired male falls to his knees once more, taking his mate’s hips in his large hands as he presses his lips to the skin above his navel. He strokes his skin, murmuring softly in Hindi. The Omega threads his fingers into his mate’s silky jet black hair, toying with the strands as his wings fold around them. He smiles softly as his Alpha murmurs to their unborn child, feeling his lips curl against his skin. The Augment tips his head up and smiles at his Omega, his eyes crinkling around the corners.

“We need to get going,” Kirk says softly, still toying with his hair. “Your surprise is kind of time sensitive.”

“Can you give me a hint?” Khan asks as he rises to his feet. “Something, anything to ease my fears. Where are we going?”

The Captain just smiles, his mind closed off from his Alpha. The Brit scowls, shaking his head as he stuffs a pair of boxers into his bag.

“You still have the Union Jack boxers I gave you?” The Omega asks, surprised.

“Should I have not kept them?” The dark haired male asks, raising an eyebrow.

“You should, but I didn’t think you would,” is his mate’s reply.

The Augment leans in and presses a kiss to his forehead, his lips curled slightly.

“I have kept everything you have ever given me,” he murmurs. “In our reality, and in this one.”

“Everything?” The Captain asks, tipping his head up as he closes his eyes.

“Everything,” the Brit replies, kissing him gently.

The blond hums softly before pulling away, lightly pinching his mate’s hip.

“We seriously need to hurry up,” Kirk urges. “I’m not kidding about being in a time crunch.”

“Do we have dinner reservations on the other side of the planet?” Khan asks jokingly.

The Captain bites his lip, hesitating. The Alpha/Beta’s jaw drops in shock, gaping at his mate as he ducks into the bathroom to grab his toiletries.

“Close your jaw and pack,” the blond snaps, his urgency clear.

The Brit closes his mouth with a click, hurrying his packing. Once they have finished packing, the couple sheathes their wings and dresses, Khan in his gray suit while Kirk dresses in his navy one, both wearing white dress shirts. The Augment folds his trench coat over his arm, picking up his bag to follow his Omega out the door.

“Shuttle or transporter?” He asks, falling in stride.

“Transporter,” his mate replies, glancing at his communicator.

“When is our reservation?” The dark haired male asks.

“Fifteen minutes ago,” the Captain replies, breaking into a run when they exit the building.


John hums as his mate works his hands up and down his body, his lips curled in a smile. Naki is smiling as well as he works his twin’s hamstrings, his touch tender, but firm. He pulls his hands away, picking up the bottle of massage oil and flicking the cap open. He drizzles the oil onto his mate’s body, closing the bottle. He places his hands back onto the Pure Beta’s body, continuing his task.

“Feels good,” John murmurs, pillowing his cheek on his folded hands. “Where did you learn to do this?”

The Pure Alpha just chuckles, continuing to massage his mate’s body. The Pure Beta exhales softly, closing his eyes as he melts into his twin’s touch. He hums and purrs softly, causing his mate to chuckle again.

“You’re enjoying this very much, aren’t you?” Naki rumbles, leaning down to kiss his twin’s pale skin.

“I think my highly pleased noises are a giveaway,” John purrs, humming again. “Oh, little harder. Right there. Oh, god yes.”

“Needy little thing, aren’t you?” The Pure Alpha rumbles.

“You have no idea,” his twin replies, humming once more. “Keep doing this and I may never leave.”

Naki rumbles in approval, moving up his mate’s legs to skim over the curve of his rear, settling on his lower back. John whines softly in disappointment before groaning as his twin begins to work his back, his head falling down onto his hands.

“Oh my god,” he moans. “Little to the left. Little more. Little har-”

He moans loudly, shuddering under the Pure Alpha’s hands. His mate grins and continues his task, earning moans and softly uttered curses from the man beneath him. He continues to work up his mate’s body, turning him loose and relaxed under his touch. John continues to make pleased noises, much to his twin’s delight. Naki’s grin becomes wider with each passing minute, continuing to coat his mate’s body with oil as he massages his body. He moves up to his twin’s upper back, earning louder moans. He takes his hands away as they begin to cramp, earning a loud growl from the Pure Beta.

“Put your hands back,” he growls, turning to face his mate. “Put your fucking hands back now!”

Naki just shakes his head, chuckling.

“So bossy,” he teases, pushing his twin back down.

He pours more oil onto his body, continuing his massage. The Pure Alpha works down his mate’s arms, massaging his hands before working on his shoulders and neck. John hums with approval, his toes curling into the bed.

“Roll over,” the Pure Alpha murmurs softly.

His mate complies, his eyes half lidded as he sensually writhes on the bed, purring softly. Naki looks him up and down, focusing on his mouth after a few passes. He claims his twin’s mouth, pulling away to focus on his mark on his neck. The Pure Beta hums, sliding his fingers into his twin’s hair. He gasps softly as his slick fingers tease him, slipping in without any resistance. He crooks them, brushing over the small bump inside him. John’s hips jerk in response, a low moan spilling from his lips. The Pure Alpha purrs, brushing his fingers over the spot again.

“Please,” John begs softly. “Please.”

Naki removes his fingers to coat them in oil, slipping three inside his mate. The Pure Beta winces slightly at the intrusion, but lets his twin stretch him out, rocking against his fingers.

“Easy, baby boy,” the Pure Alpha breathes. “Let me do all the work.”

John nods, stilling his hips as his mate works him open. Naki pulls his fingers out and sits up, pulling his twin to his lap. The Pure Beta wraps his legs around his mate’s waist as he locks his wrists behind his back, resting his forehead against his twin’s. The Pure Alpha shifts so he can sheath himself inside his mate, threading his fingers into his jet black hair as the other rests on the small of his back, kissing him softly.

He begins to move slowly, their breathing deepening. John tightens his grip, tipping his head to the side as his twin mouths at his neck.

“So beautiful,” he breathes against his skin. “And you’re all mine.”

“You’re mine too,” the Pure Beta pants, his nails digging into his mate’s skin.

“Without a doubt,” Naki murmurs.


“Welcome to the Fio Country Kitchen and Bar,” the hostess says. “Do you have a reservation?”

“I do,” Kirk replies, pulling out a slip of e-paper.

He hands the reservation number to the hostess, watching her punch the number into the system, waiting for it to validate. She nods as it does, a wide smile on her face.

“Please, follow me,” she says, picking up two e-menus as she leads them out onto the patio.

The couple follows, Khan placing his hand on the small of his mate’s back, both scanning the minds around them as a precaution. When they arrive at their table, the Augment pulls out a chair for his Omega, who blushes lightly at the action. The blond sits down in the offered chair, smiling up at his Alpha. The hostess cannot keep the smile off her face as the dark haired male sits in the opposite chair, extending the menus to the couple.

“Your waitress will be with you shortly,” the hostess says, smiling.

The couple smiles and nods their thanks, turning to look over the menu.

“And they say chivalry is dead,” the Captain muses, flicking his gaze up. “At least in this century.”

The Alpha/Beta chuckles softly, looking at the towering skyscrapers above them.

“New Delhi, the city of my birth,” he murmurs to himself before turning to his mate. “God, the last time I was here was…”

He pauses, writing in the air as he quickly does the math.

“Noonien,” the blond says softly, placing a hand over his mate’s. “That’s the past. That’s the old Khan, not the one before me. Leave the past alone, let the person you were go, and accept the one you want to be.”

The Brit smiles softly, his eyes crinkling around the corners as he flips his hand over, allowing them to hold hands. The Augment strokes his wrist, stimulating the two scent glands there, the Omega responding in kind. Khan smiles softly again, his cheeks lightly flushed as he rubs his wrist. Kirk smiles back shyly, his gaze flicking back and forth, unable to lock eyes with his mate. The dark haired male brings his mate’s hand to his lips, kissing his knuckles softly. His arctic blue eyes are locked with his Omega’s glacial blue ones, holding his gaze.

“Du ma t’nash-veh khaf-spol,” he says softly in Vulcan. “You have my heart. You have had my heart since the moment we locked eyes in our reality.”

The blond inhales sharply, his eyes blown wide.

“It became clear to me at that moment that my heart was never mine to begin with,” he continues. “Even before you were born, before I knew what it felt like to be in love or be loves, it was yours. It has always been yours, and even after you are gone, it will be yours, forever.”

“Noonien,” the Captain says softly, tears welling up in his eyes. “I…”

He swallows his lower lips trembling.

“Iwantthedeathrebirthritual,” he says in one breath.

“Pardon?” Khan asks, pulling his lips away partly.

“I want the Death-Rebirth ritual,” Kirk replies, tears falling down his cheeks. “As soon as this is done, I want to complete it, one that rivals the size of every Empresses’ before me, and that will ever occur. One that is fit for the unification of the former ruler of a quarter of the Earth and the Empress of Earth, ruler of all of humanity, the first pair of Perfect Mates in twelve thousand years, loving Perfect Mates in fifteen thousand. I want it all. I want it to be something that will be remembered for many millennia.”

The Augment’s face is split in two by his smile, tears rolling down his cheeks.

“Of course,” he says softly, slipping into his native tongue due to sheer emotion. “Of course. Anything you want. Everything you want.”

He kisses his palm, tears streaming down both their faces.

“Anything you want,” he repeats into his fiancée’s palm.

Chapter Text

Kirk pulls his hand away to dab at his eyes with his sleeve, giggling softly.

“I can’t believe I just did that,” he giggles. “I can’t believe I just asked you to complete the Death-Rebirth ritual with me.”

“Believe it, baby boy,” Khan smiles dabbing at his eyes. “What is baffling to me is that I am going to see you in a black, then white dress. God, every woman and feminine man will be seething with jealousy.”

“You know I’ve always wanted to complete the Death-Rebirth ritual?” The blond says, looking over the menu. “I’ve always wanted to wear the black, then white dress for my Alpha, but I’d always thought I would be a virgin and unbonded. But at least my Alpha is my Perfect Mate, something I did not expect.”

He smiles softly at the father of his unborn child, his eyes still wet. The Augment smiles back, dabbing at his eyes.

“Who would have thought that the day I hated the most would be the happiest one in my life,” he says softly, unable to stop smiling.

“So far,” the Omega adds, also unable to stop smiling. “I can think of two days in our future that will be even happier.”

The Brit nods, looking down at the menu.

“Happy birthday, Noonien,” Kirk says softly.

“Indeed it is,” Khan replies, reaching out to take his mate’s hand.

The Captain extends his hand, the couple holding onto each other as their bond thrums with elation.


John groans loudly as his twin’s encrypted communicator goes off, yanking a pillow over his head.

“Tell them to fuck off,” he says, muffled by the pillow. “Go find someone else’s life to fuck with.”

Naki shoots his mate a look as he climbs out of bed, moving to the table to flip open the communicator.

“The fuck…” He breathes, staring down at the device in shock.

The Pure Beta removes the pillow from his head so he can look at his mate, turning so he faces him while sitting cross-legged.

“Something wrong?” He asks softly, tipping his head slightly.

“You bet your fucking arse that something’s wrong,” the Pure Alpha swears, closing the communicator as he looks at his twin. “We’re delayed a day.”

He runs a hand through his hair as he puts the device down, tugging on the back of his skull.

“And they have never done this before?” John asks, studying his twin.

“They’re anal about keeping on schedule,” Naki replies, his scent erratic. “So no, they’ve never done this before.”

He sits down in the chair, holding his face in his hands.

“It’s a test,” he says suddenly, shooting to his feet. “It’s a test to see if I’ll remain loyal to the plan.”

“Naki…” His mate says softly.

The Pure Alpha paces, muttering under his breath.

“Naki!” The Pure Beta roars, catching his twin off-guard.

Naki blinks at him, a little startled.

“This is not a test,” John says firmly. “From what limited information you have given me, Sylar is not someone, or something, to test someone. We do not have the full story, only our portion, so it is more than likely that something we do not know about is causing this delay. From that information, I can deduce that you, we, are an integral part of their plan. If they did decide to test you, they have a fifty-fifty chance of their plan backfiring before it even begins. And why would they take that risk if they have been planning it since the moment Noonien had his DNA taken?”

The Pure Alpha hesitates, thinking.

“You’re right,” he sighs, shaking his head. “It’s too big of a risk.”

He sits down on the bed, kissing his mate’s forehead.

“This is why you’re the smart one,” he murmurs, causing his twin to giggle.

“I cannot deny that,” the Pure Beta replies, nuzzling his mate’s cheek.

Naki rumbles softly in approval, capturing his twin’s lips in a gentle kiss. John hums softly, eagerly kissing back. The Pure Alpha gently pushes his mate down onto the bed, kneeling over him as they continue to kiss. He pulls away so he can trail kisses down his twin’s neck, mouthing at his mark. The Pure Beta exhales softly through his nose as he turns his head away, allowing his mate easier access. Naki rumbles again, moving down his mate’s body to gently lick a nipple, earning a soft moan. He teases the nipple until it is a hard nub, taking it between his teeth to gently roll it, earning a louder moan. The Pure Alpha bites the nub gently, a soft gasp spilling from his twin’s lips before followed by a moan as he sucks lightly.

John’s fingers slide into his twin’s hair, tangling into the wild silk-like locks, just to have something to hold onto. He lightly scratches his scalp, earning a low rumble from his mate. Naki lifts his head up, his eyes burning with lust as he crawls back up to his twin’s, mouth, claiming his lips.

“There’s something I want to do to you, John,” the Pure Alpha says when he pulls away. “Do you trust me?”

His mate smiles softly and nods, his cheeks flush, accenting his sharp cheekbones.

“Then on your hands and knees, baby boy,” Naki says softly.

The Pure Beta complies, looking over shoulder curiously before crying out as his twin licks him. His arms collapse under him, gasping as his mate teases him with the tip of his tongue before wrapping his lips around him, driving more cries from his mate as he sucks. Naki grins as his twin is reduced to monosyllables and wordless sounds, continuing to lick his mate. John lets out a wail when his twin works his tongue inside him, gripping the sheets tightly as he rocks against the intrusion. The Pure Alpha is more than happy to let his twin work himself on his tongue, but he has another plan.

Naki removes his tongue, earning a loud sob from the Pure Beta, but he quickly flips him onto his back, hoisting his knees over his shoulder before plunging his tongue back inside. The new position gives him the perfect view to watch his mate lose his mind, thrashing his head side-to-side as he continues to scream himself hoarse, much to his delight. John’s thighs are quaking, his toes curled as he digs his heels into his twin’s back, trying to get his mate’s tongue deeper. The Pure Alpha smirks and mashes his face deeper into his twin’s rear, high pitched wails issuing from his mouth as he gets exactly what he wants.

He throws his head back, screaming his mate’s name as he peaks, spilling all over himself without a hand on him. Naki lowers the Pure Beta’s trembling body onto the bed, pumping himself three times before spilling over his mate, shuddering. He collapses next to him, breathing harshly as his heart pounds in his chest. The pair catches their breath quickly, looking at each other before giggling manically.

“Oh my god,” John laughs, propping himself on his elbows. “That was fucking fantastic!”

“It was,” Naki chuckles, sitting up. “And you were so beautiful, coming without a hand on you.”

The Pure Beta blushes, smiling shyly. His twin leans in and captures his lips, kissing him softly. The kiss is gentle and tender, lingering before pulling away to catch their breath.

“I love you, Naki,” John says softly.

“I love you too, John,” Naki says quietly, cupping his twin’s cheek.

They rest their foreheads together, smiling softly.

“C’mon,” the Pure Alpha says, rising to his feet as he extends his hand. “You’re covered in spunk.”

The Pure Beta smiles, taking his mate’s hand.


“What do you wish to order?” Khan asks, flicking his gaze up to his mate.

Kirk looks up, his lips pursed as he thinks.

“I don’t know,” he replies, looking back down at the menu. “I’m still debating on the antipasti.”

“What does the baby want?” The Augment asks.

“Fritto misto di mare,” the blond replies immediately.

“See?” The Brit laughs, his eyes crinkling around the corners as he smiles. “The baby knows what they want.”

The Captain smiles back, his eyes shining.

“So, that’s what I want,” he says. “What do you want?”

“Camberi al vino Bianco,” the Alpha/Beta replies, his eyes twinkling. “Unfortunately, it contains white wine, so you cannot eat it.”

“And for the soup?” The Omega asks.

Khan purses his lips, looking over the menu.

“Zuppa di pamodri e’ basilica,” he says.

“I’ll second that,” his mate replies.

The dark haired male chuckles, shaking his head.

“What’s so funny?” Kirk asks, his brows furrowed slightly.

“Everything,” his Alpha replies, extending his hand.

The blond takes it, rubbing his wrist.

“You’ll have to be a little more specific,” the Captain says, smiling. “Everything is a little broad.”

“Being in the city of my birth and celebrating it,” he says softly. “And being engaged to the mother of my unborn child, who is my Perfect Mate, my Savior, my golden angel, my reason for living. And…”

He smiles, lifting his mate’s hand to kiss his knuckles.

“That I would have something I so desperately wanted without knowing that it was what I wanted,” he continues.

A few tears roll down his cheeks as his lips curl against his Omega’s skin, their bond thrumming.

“That I would be happy,” he finishes.

Kirk’s eyes water, tears rolling down his cheeks.

“Noonien,” he says softly, his lower lips trembling. “If anyone deserves to be happy, it’s you.”

“Us,” Khan breathes, kissing his knuckles again.

“Hello, my name is Avanti,” a beautiful Indian woman says, smiling as she steps up to the table. “And I shall be your waitress for this evening. Are you ready to order?”

“Can we have a few more minutes?” The Alpha/Beta asks, lowering his mate’s hand to the table.

“Absolutely,” Avanti replies, smiling. “Do you know what you would like to drink?”

“Just water for now,” the Brit says, flashing a smile.

“Coming right up,” she says, walking away.

The Augment stares after her, waiting for a beat. He smiles when she glances over her shoulder at their joined hands, shaking his head.

“So, you heard them too,” the blond says softly, smiling.

“Her thoughts were rather loud,” his Alpha replies, smiling back. “But she changed her mind once she saw that we only have eyes for each other.”

The Captain lowers his gaze, a light blush on his cheeks as he smiles shyly. The dark haired male brings his Omega’s knuckles to his lips, kissing his skin softly. His lips linger before lowering his hand, picking the e-menu back up. He flicks his gaze up to his mate, his lips curling softly.

“This really is wonderful, James,” Khan says softly. “You have outdone yourself.”

“Not yet,” Kirk replies, his blush deepening. “Wait until we get to the hotel.”

The Augment’s eyebrows shoot up before a smirk crosses his face, his arctic eyes glittering with mischief.

“Then I cannot wait,” he rumbles softly.


Naki indulges himself as he watches his mate doze on their shared bed, his body spread out over the sheets in a lazy, but graceful way. The Pure Alpha turns back to the terminal working furiously on sequencing his DNA in the small blood sample he provided, allowing it to identify the largest thirty-seven chromosomes in his genetic code and isolate it from the smallest twenty-three. He frowns when the computer only identifies the smallest twenty-three chromosomes, the exact opposite of what he wanted the machine to do.

“Tell the computer to analyze an unknown blood sample, not a human one,” John murmurs from the bed. “As far as every machine in the universe is concerned, humans only have only twenty-three chromosomes and two genders. Unless it happens to be the machines that belong to Section 31, which it is not.”

His mate shoots him a grateful look, pricking his finger one more time to retry his task. He changes the settings on the terminal, activating the program.

“Now I’ve got about an hour-and-a-half to kill,” he sighs, rising to his feet.

The Pure Alpha flops gracelessly next to his mate, staring at the ceiling. He exhales loudly through his nose, glancing at his twin out of the corner of his eye.

“No,” the Pure Beta says firmly, not moving an inch.

“You don’t even know what I’m gonna ask,” his twin whines, pouting.

“You want sex, and I am telling you no,” John says, cracking an eye open. “You have had enough.”

Naki whines loudly, rolling onto his side so he faces his mate.

“But I wanna make you feel so good,” he says, his voice dropping an octave. “Drug you out on so much pleasure that you don’t know your own name. Keep you coming and coming until you can’t come anymore. Fill you up so much that you’re swollen with my come, so full that you might bur-”

He lets out a yelp when he is shoved violently off the bed, landing with a hard thud. He is dazed for a few seconds before shaking it off, rumbling threateningly.

“What the fuck was that for?” He growls, rising to his feet.

His twin had rolled onto his side so his back was to him, glancing over his shoulder as he huffs in annoyance.

“Just because you want to does not mean I want to,” is his terse reply, turning his head away. “You are not the only one who has needs.”

“And what do you need?” The Pure Alpha asks, scowling.

“That our relationship is not just about sex,” his mate says quietly. “That we can do something other than intercourse. That we can be physical, but not intimate.”

Naki’s face softens as he puts two-and-two together, climbing onto the bed to pull his twin flush against his body, curling around him protectively. He kisses the nape of his mate’s neck, holding him tight. John relaxes into his touch, pressing back into his embrace. His scent displays how at ease he is, his body loose and relax.

“Sorry I didn’t think about your needs before mine,” the Pure Alpha murmurs against his mate’s skin.

“That is alright,” his twin replies softly. “We are still learning.”

“That we are,” his mate replies, kissing his neck again.

He tightens his grip marginally, the twins content to doze in each other’s embrace.


Khan stares out the window of the taxi, mentally comparing the New Delhi around him to the one from his past, still startled by all the changes in just over twenty-six decades. He can clearly remember the last time he saw the city of his birth, after his sibling, Bernard Maltuvis, attacked him to gain control of his empire. He had been on the governing council, ruling the Pacific islands, Australia, and New Zealand, his empire of Maltuvisland, an uncreative name the Augment had thought at the time, from the moment he and his siblings took over Earth. But Maltuvis, as well as his other siblings, had become greedy, attacking each other for more land. His sibling had attacked his empire with plans to kill him, claiming that he had grown weak.

He can clearly remember the date, May 17th, 1996, remember every moment of his fight with his brother, his declaration that they were dying. He remembers his other sibling, John Ericssen, his former ally, informing him that the Chinese had developed a bioweapon designed to their genetic code, the resistance spreading the weapon that forced he and his family to flee to Australia and board the SS Botany Bay. He can remember the pain of only eighty-five of his siblings surviving, barely hanging onto life as he sealed them in their cryotubes, unsure that any would survive a few more minutes, let alone nearly two centuries. He can vividly remember the boiling cold as his tube activated, but he cannot remember what his last thought was before he was locked into cryosleep. Hazy images from his time in cryostatis floated randomly throughout the day, when he was awake or not, snippets of his dreams too short to comprehend, but the feelings from those snippets painted and unpleasant picture.

The Alpha/Beta feels a hand slip into his, a warm body pressing against his side. He turns and nuzzles the top of his mate’s golden blond head, his scent grounding him to the present and out of his twisted memories. He can feel his Omega’s worry and concern through their bond, knowing that he felt and saw everything, even when his Alpha did not want him to. The moment the Augment bonded with his mate the first time, he had sworn to protect his innocence with every ounce of his being, even from himself. He wanted, no, he needed to shield his mate from the things that had been done to him, and the things he had done to others.

Kirk pinches his Alpha’s side lightly, growling softly.

Khan knows that his Omega is not as innocent as he seems, his past twisted and dark, but he was innocent. He radiated purity, an innocence that was child-like to some extent, but was mature beyond his years. He had so many different facets to his personality that it left the Brit dizzy on how fast it shifted, but he knew that it was due to his genders, and his past.

They had been damaged, broken, barely holding the pieces of themselves when they had met, a simple touch of skin, a punch, tying them together so tightly that neither knew where one began and the other ended. Their scattered pieces had been sewn together by each other, but their own pieces had been woven into the fabric of each other. When the incisions had healed, the pieces had blended, two becoming one. They had not believed in fate, or destiny, not until they had bonded. They had been thrown headlong into each other, but the outcome was something not even a precognition could see.

It was cliché and sappy, love healing all wounds, but it was the absolute truth. Love healed their wounds, put them back on their feet, made everything better. They had been made whole, the sun finally shining through the black clouds, and were finally happy.

Nothing will ever make them think of losing what they have now.

Khan squeezes his mate’s hand before letting go, slipping his arm around his slender waist, holding him tight. He kisses his temple, murmuring softly. Kirk presses against his side, resting his head on his Alpha’s shoulder as he closes his eyes, exhaling softly through his nose as his mate rests his cheek on top of his head.

They are silent, mentally and physically, the rest of the ride to the hotel, the Augment tipping their driver before extending his arm. The Captain smiles softly, taking his arm as they walk into the hotel. They head up to their room, lavish, but not the most expensive one in the building, but the built-in privacy seal was the reason for the room. Kirk sits on the bed and pats beside him, his cheeks flush as he squirms. Khan decides to humor his mate, sitting beside him as he crosses his legs, waiting patiently. The blond squirms almost violently before launching himself at the head of the bed, yanking a pillow over his head to hide his burning face. The Brit chuckles softly and lies next to his mate, chin propped on his hand.

“James, were you trying to be seductive?” The Alpha/Beta asks softly, amused.

His Omega squeaks loudly, his blush spreading further. The dark haired male smiles softly, placing a hand between his mate’s shoulder blades, rubbing small, tender circles.

“James,” his Alpha says softly. “You do not have to attempt to be seductive for you are seductive. You are my mate, the mother of my unborn child, my savior. I only have eyes for you, and I will only have eyes for you. Have you not noticed how both men and women’s eyes follow you, and those of non-human species who find human’s attractive? You are of both genders, but neither are dominant. You look like a man, but you move like a woman. You appeal to nearly all sexual orientations, but you are the only one I have ever loved, and will ever love. What more do you need to feel attractive?”

Kirk lifts the pillow up enough that he can peek out, his face still bright red. Khan lowers his face so their eyes are level, arctic locked with glacial. He reaches out and touches his Omega’s cheek, stroking his heated skin. The Captain slowly uncovers his face, but his blush does not fade. The Augment leans in and captures his mate’s lips, kissing him softly. The blond kisses back, lips slowly working against each other. The Alpha/Beta gently rolls his mate onto his back as he carefully lowers his weight onto his body, their lips never parting. The Brit settles between his Captain’s legs, entangling their fingers together.

They part just long enough to catch their breath before kissing again, lips parting to deepen the kiss. The Omega slides one hand into his mate’s hair while the other slides to his back, gripping the fabric of his jacket. The dark haired male begins to gently rock his hips against his Omega’s, earning soft whimpers. Kirk draws his knees up to get better leverage, moving with his Alpha.

Khan pulls away, sitting up so he can take off his jacket, his eyes locked with his mate’s. The removal of his jacket is slow and sensual, tossing it aside before leaning down to kiss his mate again. He gently pushes at his Omega’s jacket, Kirk arching off the bed so his mate can take it off, tossing it aside so they can find it later. They kiss once more, a little more intimate this time. The Augment sits up again, his hands moving to the collar of dress shirt. His nimble fingers slowly undo the buttons, revealing the white undershirt instead of the pale skin the blond desperately wanted to see. The shirt is tossed haphazardly aside before the Brit takes the hem of his t-shirt and slowly lifts it off, once again, tossing it somewhere in the room.

The Captain raises his hands, gently skimming over the pale, muscular body of his Alpha. The dark haired male places his hands on either side of his mate’s head, watching his hands roam over his skin. Like his Omega, the Augment lacked the typical male body hair, except that he did have to shave. The blond’s hands slide into his hair, gently tugging him down for a kiss. The Alpha/Beta complies, tilting his head slightly for an even more intimate kiss. He sides his lips down to his Omega’s pulse point, counting the beats against his tongue. A pointless act, as he can feel his heart hammering in his chest in perfect time with hi mate’s, but the sheer trust his mate puts into his hands at having his teeth so close to a major blood vessel is the real reason why he does it. He gently scrapes his teeth across his skin, hearing as well as feeling his Omega’s breath hitch before moving onto the skin of his collarbone.

Khan’s nimble fingers toy with the top button of his mate’s shirt, teasing the skin beneath. With one hand, he begins to undo his Captain’s buttons, sliding his hand underneath his white t-shirt. Kirk’s breathing deepens as the Augment slides his hand over his skin, tipping his head back as his lips part slightly. The Alpha/Beta pulls away, pushing his unbuttoned shirt off his shoulders. The blond sits up to help with the removal of his clothes, discarded as the rest of their clothes had been. The couple removes their shoes and socks, throwing them somewhere in the room. The Brit lowers his mate back down on the bed, kissing him while using his tongue, lips, and teeth. The Captain kisses his back while his Alpha’s deft hands undo their belts, removing both their pants and underwear without breaking contact.

Kirk hums softly when he feels his Alpha’s nude body fit against his, his weight pinning him to the bed. His hands slide to his back, tracing the long, raised scars on his shoulder blades, feeling the muscles ripple beneath his palms. Khan begins to gently rock against his mate, groaning at the skin-to-skin contact as he moves. The Captain whimpers softly, digging his short nails into his mate’s pale skin. The dark haired male pulls away, pecking his Omega’s lips before slipping off the bed to search for his bag. He rifles through the contents, cursing loudly when he comes up empty handed. He quickly searches his mate’s bag, swearing when his search proves futile.

“Nothing?” Kirk asks, a soft whine in his voice.

“Unfortunately not, love,” Khan sighs, running a hand through his nearly perfect hair. “Not even the type of lotion we use as a last resort. And I highly doubt that the hotel has the right kind, let alone enough in the complimentary bottles. And no, I am not using shampoo or conditioner.”

The Omega lets out his own string of curses, rolling over to yank a pillow over his face. The Augment climbs onto the bed beside his mate, a quick glance showing that he was also flaccid. The Brit gently pulls his Omega to his chest, curling around him.

“God hates us,” the Captain mutters, scowling.

The Alpha/Beta chuckles softly, nuzzling his mate’s neck.

“God had nothing to do with it,” he says softly, smiling. “We did promise not to have sex for a month, and it has been only ten days.”

“Has it really?” The blond asks, turning his head to look. “It feels as if it has been longer.”

“It may be to you, but a month is nothing compared to how long I have been waiting,” the dark haired male says softly. “Five hundred eighty-four years of living for almost seven years of happiness, the odds were not in my favor.”

“But you have me,” Kirk says softly, bringing his mate’s wrist to his lips. “You have us.”

“I do,” Khan says quietly, kissing his Omega’s skin. “And that is something I will never let go.”

“I hope not,” his mate murmurs, kissing his wrist again.

The Brit smiles against his skin, tightening his grip. The Captain tips his head forward, his Alpha resting his forehead against his neck.

“Did you manage to obtain the pills?” The Alpha/Beta asks. “The ones to fix the time difference?”

“Crap,” the blond swears, slipping out of his arms.

He moves to the table where the room’s coffee pot is, a black jewelry box-like container resting there. He punches in a combination on the keypad, the box spitting out two round white pills. The Omega carries the pills back to the bed, handing one to his mate.

“Just to give you a heads up,” he says. “Once we take these, we’ll fall asleep within a few minutes, which is why they recommend taking them at night.”

The Augment nods, taking the pills at the same time his mate does. They maneuver back to their standard sleeping position, asleep within two minutes.

Chapter Text


Naki looks up from his roses bushes as his niece runs towards him, a paper clutched in her hand. He wipes his hands on his jeans, rising to his feet. The seven year-old girl runs to him, faster than any seven year-old is capable of, he face split in two by a wide smile.

“Nana! Nana!” She shouts, clearing the white picket fence in a single bound. “Look what I did!”

“Watch out for my portulacas!” The Pure Alpha shouts, watching his niece clear the five-foot wide bed and leap into John’s outstretched arms.

The little girl giggles, extending the paper to her uncle. Naki takes it and looks at it, smiling.

“I see we have a new theory on warp propulsion,” he says, reading over the equations written in very tiny handwriting in colored pencil. “And what was the reason for this?”

“The teacher wouldn’t let me play with my PADD,” she says sadly. “And I need to finish my equations of The Grand Unified Theory to complete my Theory of Everything!”

“So, you were bored,” John translates.

“Isn’t that what I said?” His niece asks.

The Alpha shakes his head, chuckling.

“C’mon,” he says. “Let’s go show your parents.”

John carries their niece inside the picturesque house done in whites and creams, modern, but still a homage to her father’s time. The Pure Beta places the seven year-old on the floor of the entryway, watching her race away to her parents. The twins smile at each other, following their niece into the living room where her father was reading. Khan has his daughter in his lap, beaming like the proud parent he is at his child’s work, his mate nowhere in sight.

“Is Mama still sleeping?” The little girl asks, looking up at her father with her glacial blue eyes.

“Mama is not sleeping,” her mother replies, descending the stairs. “He is right here, Rani.”

“Mama!” Rani cries, racing to her mother.

Kirk smiles and scoops up his daughter, carrying her on his hip.

“Did we have fun at school today?” The Omega asks, smiling.

“Mr. Knopp wouldn’t let me play with my PADD,” the little girl says sadly.

“Did you insult him?” The blond asks.

“You told me that princesses are regal and polite, even when they are pissed off,” Rani says. “And that we must respect our teachers and elders, even though we have royal blood.”

“That’s my girl,” the Captain says softly, smiling.

He kisses his daughter’s cheek, who giggles and squirms in his arms, wanting to be put down. Kirk does so and watches her race off into the kitchen, rubbing his wrists carefully. Khan stands and takes one wrist in his hand, bringing the dark bruise circling his wrist to his lips, kissing gently. The blond looks up at his mate, his gaze soft. The Augment holds his gaze for a few seconds before closing his eyes, nuzzling his bruised skin.

“Mama, am I going to have a baby brother?” Rani asks, her large glacial blue eyes wide.

“Why do you ask?” The Omega inquires, turning to face his daughter.

“You’re only bruised after the three days you’re fertile,” the little girl says. “Does that mean I’m gonna have a baby brother?”

Instead of acting as every normal parent would about their child knowing what “fertile” means, the couple just smiles, their eyes shining.

“We’ll just have to wait and see,” Kirk says, shaking his head.

Rani pouts, but ducks back into the kitchen to make herself an afterschool snack.

“Were you that light naturally?” The Captain asks, turning to his mate.

“If you mean when I was Sikh, no,” Khan replies, shaking his head. “I was a few shades darker than what she was at birth, but I was relatively fair compared to my siblings.”

“Now you blind people with your white arse,” Naki snickers, grunting when his twin slams his elbow into his side.

“We do too,” the Pure Beta retorts, glaring. “We are clones of him.”

“Shut up,” the Pure Alpha snaps, glaring back.

“I will go get the yard stick and beat you two over the head with it,” the Omega growls, hands on his hips.

“What are you, my mother?” Naki snaps.

Kirk glares hard at the Pure Alpha, tapping his foot slowly. Naki quickly backs down, staring at the floor as he mumbles an apology. The blond does stop tapping his foot, but he does not stop glaring. The Pure Alpha flushes lightly, deciding that the floor is far more interesting than he had previously thought.

“Hey, Mom?” Rani asks, poking her head back out. “I would really like to have Nana in one piece so I can toss him around later.”

The adults laugh and smile, the situation diffused by one child’s wishes. The Captain walks over to his daughter and picks her up, kissing her forehead gently.

“C’mon, let’s see about whipping up something for us as a snack,” the blond says, earning a loud cheer from the little girl.

Khan watches his mate and child head into the kitchen, a soft smile on his face.

“Oh grow up,” he snaps when he sees his Pure Alpha clone making a face, hurling a pillow at him.

“Take it outside!” Kirk roars from the kitchen as the three Augments begin to grapple.

The Omega watches the triplets brawl in the backyard, shaking his head as he sighs.

“Men,” he sighs. “Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.”

Rani just stares at her mother with confusion, her glacial blue eyes wide.

“You’ll understand when you get older,” Kirk says, patting the top of his daughter’s jet black head.


Naki blinks as her stares up at the ceiling, his mate’s head on his chest. He looks around with confusion, wondering why he is awake.

And why he cannot remember if he had dreamed or not.

John stirs, opening his eyes as he sits up, stretching. He yawns widely, blinking as he tries to wake up. He squeaks when his twin yanks him down, capturing his lips in a tender kiss. The Pure Beta hums softly, smiling when they part.

“What time is it?” Naki asks, sitting up.

“2147 hours,” his mate replies.

“English, please,” the Pure Alpha groans.

“9:47 PM,” John says.

Naki curses softly, flopping down on the bed.

“We’ve slept most of the day away,” he groans, running a hand down his face.

“We have barely slept for six hours,” the Pure Beta says, slipping out of bed to pad naked to the toilet. “That is not most of the day.”

“It is for us!” His twin replies, throwing off the sheets as he swings his legs over the edge. “I don’t think I’ll have enough time to draw, sequence, and fix the blood sample.”

John emerges from the bathroom, rolling his head side-to-side as he thinks. Naki moves to the terminal and checks the status, finding that the program had completed and gave him the twenty-three chromosomal DNA blood sample.

“Now I know I won’t have enough time,” the Pure Alpha groans, his head thumping against the table.

“Yes, you do,” his twin states, placing his hand on his shoulder. “As long as I am at the wheel.”

Naki looks up, confused. John smiles down at his mate, kissing him softly.

“I have a plan,” the Pure Beta murmurs, smiling. “I just need a few supplies.”


The cashier eyes Naki as he rings up his order, much to the Pure Alpha’s annoyance and embarrassment. He pays the clerk and picks up his four grocery bags worth of takeout, quickly fleeing the restaurant. The late February chill nips at his exposed skin, his eyes watering as the wind blows in them. He carries the food back to the loft, growling and cursing as the wind decides to blow harder. He stomps up to the loft, dropping the food onto the counter as he glares at his twin.

“I hate you,” he mutters, leaving a trail of clothes as he ducks into the shower.

He takes his time, enjoying the hot water heating up his cold skin. When he does emerge, John has already begun to work on the takeout, one box open before him.

“Seriously?” The Pure Alpha growls, annoyed. “A salad? I went out for a fucking salad?”

“Not just a salad,” his mate replies. “Now get your arse over here and give me a blood sample.”

Naki growls and throws himself into a chair, shoving up his sleeve. John smacks him upside the head as he hooks his twin up to the extractor, drawing twice the amount of blood he needs.

“Keep sulking and you will never get sex again,” the Pure Beta states.

His mate instantly perks up, as does another part of his anatomy.

“Slow down, cowboy,” John laughs, shaking his head. “You may have bought me dinner, but you have not convinced me that you can give me what I want. Just wait a little bit, alright?”

Naki pouts, but nods, much to his twin’s amusement. He presses a soft kiss to his temple, smiling.

“Later,” the Pure Beta murmurs. “I promise.”


Kirk slowly opens his eyes, groggy and aching. He struggles to sit up, his upper body in agony. He moves off the bed and stands in a spot in the room that will allow him to stretch his wings out completely, groaning as he cannot do so. He wings have cramped so much that he can barely stretch them halfway, whimpering softly. He slowly works his muscles loose, moving them in ways that he would not normally do so. He spreads them further and further until he can spread them completely. He sighs and folds them against his back, smiling as he feels his mate’s gaze on him.

He moves to the table and begins to brew coffee, hearing his mate move around the room. He feels his Alpha’s wings spread and stretch, working out his own cramps. The blond smiles as his mate wraps his arms around his slender waist, nuzzling his temple.

“Good morning, love,” Khan says softly, smiling. “Did you sleep well?”

“You know the answer,” Kirk says softly, his wings fluttering slightly.

The Augment exhales through his nose, closing his eyes.

“I was afraid you would say that,” he says softly, tightening his grip.

The Captain nods, placing his hands over his Alpha’s. The coffee pot burbles and bubbles as it brews, ignored for the most part.

“What did you dream about?” The Alpha/Beta asks quietly, though he knows the answer.

“I, I did not exist,” the blond replies, his voice quiet. “I was alive, but nobody saw me. They walked right through me, as if I wasn’t even there.”

The dark haired male holds his mate tighter, knowing what comes next.

“Even you didn’t see me,” he finishes, his words barely audible.

The silence is tense and thick, before the Brit breaks it.

“I had the same dream,” he says quietly.

The Omega squeezes his hands, their bond displaying his sympathy. Kirk’s communicator goes off, causing the couple to part so he can retrieve it.

“Admiral Pike wants to meet with me at 1100 hours,” he says, reading the message. “It’s 0717 hours here, which means it’s…”

He trails off, frowning as he thinks.

“1747 hours at Starfleet HQ,” Khan informs his mate. “Which means we have roughly seventeen hours until your meeting, for it is still Stardate 2259.55 there.”

“This is why you’re the Beta,” the blond says, smiling.

The Augment chuckles softly, shaking his head.

“I suppose you had a plan for our day?” He asks, changing subjects.

“Yeah, I figured we could go see your palace,” his mate replies, putting his communicator down.

“It is still around?” The Brit asks, surprised. “I thought they would have torn it down long ago.”

“You may have been a dictator, but you did bring peace to your empire,” the Captain says, moving to the beeping coffee pot. “People just don’t like to be told what to do. Every person with authority over someone else is not liked at one point or another, from parents to emperors, and everything in between.”

“Speaking from personal experience?” Khan teases, earning a soft snort from his Omega.

“I was never officially Empress of Earth,” Kirk replies, glaring. “I gave up the throne three years before I would have automatically claimed it, whether I was ready or not.”

He looks away, his past threatening to break open the cage he had carefully locked it away in. The dark haired male gently pulls his mate to him, enfolding him tightly in his embrace. The Omega buries his face into his mate’s pale, muscular chest, tears stinging the corners of his eyes. The Augment rubs his mate’s back soothingly, rocking subtly.

“This was supposed to be a happy day,” the blond sniffs, clinging to his Alpha.

“The day is not over yet, love,” the Alpha/Beta murmurs. “We still have several hours before the day is over, as the day is not over until it is no longer that day anywhere on Earth.”

The Captain smiles, looking up at his mate, his glacial blue eyes soft.

“You always know just what to say,” he says softly, tears in his eyes. “Is there a secret or something?”

“All Alphas come with a built-in manual, handbook, guidebook, and rulebook, filled with every situation possible,” his mate replies, smiling. “Even the ones precognitions cannot see.”

Kirk laughs, a true, honest-to-god laugh, shaking his head.

“Smartass,” he says, a few tears of joy leaking from his eyes.

Khan smiles and gently captures his Omega’s lips, kissing him softly. The blond kisses back, their bond thrumming softly. When they part, they are breathless, lips swollen.

“We should get going,” the Omega pants, gripping his Alpha tightly.

“Coffee first,” the Alpha/Beta says softly.

“Done,” his mate replies.


After several cups of coffee, sheathing their wings, and dressing, the couple takes a cab out of New Delhi and up to the Punjab region, where Khan’s palace had been built. The Augment is a little nervous, knowing that his mate would see something from before his Time of Light, when he was roughly the same age his mate is now.

Back when he was a savage.

Kirk slips his hand into his mate’s, squeezing gently. The Alpha/Beta looks down at his mate, his gaze soft as he gently kisses his temple, murmuring softly.

“Are you sure this is when you want to go?” The driver asks, glancing at the couple in his rearview mirror.

“Pardon?” The Brit asks, slightly confused.

“To Khan Noonien Singh’s palace,” the driver says, looking back at the road. “Not very romantic for a couple who only has eyes for each other. I know a better place, much more romantic.”

“Thank you for the offer, but we are content with our current destination,” the dark haired male says, leaning back into this seat. “It is, a piece of my history.”

“One of your ancestors then has some tie to it?” The driver asks, curious.

“You, could stay that,” Khan replies.

“Can you tell us about some of its history?” Kirk asks, a long string of mental curses hurled at him. “And maybe its creator?”

The Augment gives his mate a rather epic Bitch Face, the mental curses becoming more graphic and creative.

“Sure I can,” the driver says, unable to keep the glee out of his voice. “What do you want to know about first; the palace, or its creator?”

“Its creator,” the Omega says, smiling.

“Good call,” the driver says. “I’m actually a bit of a history buff and one of the leading experts about the life of Khan Noonien Singh. I just drive my cab to pay off my bills.”

“Fuck me,” the Augment in question swears in Klingon under his breath.

“Did your partner say something?” The driver asks, glancing in his mirror.

“No, he did not,” the Captain lies, pinching his mate’s hip hard.

Khan rumbles quietly, shooting his Omega a dirty look. Kirk ignores it though, eager to hear about his mate’s past from an outside source.

“What can you tell me about him?” The blond asks, leaning forward slightly.

“As everyone knows, Khan Noonien Singh is a genetically engineered human known as an Augment,” the driver begins. “What they don’t know was that the Augments were not genetically engineered from test tubes, but had their DNA rewritten through the injection of a sequenced blood sample. And that they were orphans taken off the streets, children without names or parents.”

“Wait, you said ‘is’ when referring to Khan,” the Captain says. “You believe he is still alive?”

“Believe it?” The driver snorts, shaking his head. “A man as smart as him would find a way to somehow survive, no matter what. So, yes, I believe he is still alive, somewhere. Will he look like what he did three centuries ago? Not a chance. But, yeah, he’s still alive.”

The dark haired male fights to not roll his eyes, choosing to stare out the window and pout like a spoiled child as he attempts to ignore his mate.

“Why were orphans chosen to be Augments? Would it not be easier to start from scratch?” The Omega asks, ignoring his sulking his Alpha.

“I believe the leader of the Eugenics program said something along the lines of, ‘We’re genetic engineers, not farmers,’” the driver says. “Orphans wouldn’t be missed, and they could be, ‘reprogrammed,’ physically and mentally, because they were ‘rescued’ from poverty. And they were expendable. There would always be more.”

“So, Khan was an orphan?” Kirk asks, fighting to not look at his mate. “And ‘reprogrammed’ for what?”

“Back in January of 1972, the leader of the Eugenics program, a man by the name of Dr. Heisen proposed to a bunch of possible private investors in New York City that he needed money to create soldiers, bred specifically to fight and obey orders,” the driver says.

“Wasn’t Khan’s birthday yesterday?” The blond asks. “His two hundred eighty-ninth, as he was born in 1970?”

“Yes, and no,” the driver replies. “He was actually fifteen when he was taken off the streets, born with only one leg. 1970 was when he was abducted into the Eugenics program, when he was ‘born.’ And how did you know that it was his two hundred eighty-ninth?”

“Bit of a fascination with him,” the Captain replies, slipping his hand into his mate’s, squeezing gently.

Khan flicks his gaze to his mate, squeezing back. The Augment pulls his hand away and wraps his arm around his Omega’s slender waist, holding him tight against him. The blond leans against his mate, his head on his shoulder, his body pressed tight against his Alpha’s.

“Did you guys have breakfast?” The driver asks, flicking his gaze back to the couple.

“No, we did not,” the Omega replies, cuddling closer to his mate.

“I know a great little place that’s open right now,” the driver says, smiling. “That’s nearby if you’d like it.”

“That’s really nice, Mr…” Kirk trails off.

“Sibahl,” the driver says. “Sibahl Aaron.”

“Mr. Aaron,” the Omega says, smiling. “That’s really nice, but you don’t have to do that for us. We’re fine, honestly.”

“Nonsense,” Sibahl replies, waving dismissively. “It’s the last stop before the road to the palace. It’s just a little bit out of the way, but it’s well worth the drive.”

The blond glances at the Alpha/Beta, the two mentally debating on whether to go or not.

“If you insist,” the Augment says, nodding.

Sibahl grins and heads toward the restaurant, the couple threading their fingers together.


John curses softly, running a hand down his face at the results from the terminal. His twin glances over, worry in his blood flecked arctic irises.

“You okay?” Naki asks, rising to his feet.

“The sample only gave me an eighth of the amount we need,” the Pure Beta sighs, leaning back in his chair as he stretches his arms over his head. “I will need more blood than I had anticipated.”

“Take as much as you need,” his twin says, rolling up his sleeve.

“I will only take twice the amount of blood we need to procure each time,” John says, preparing the extractor. “It only takes me about forty-five minutes to complete each sample, so I should be done in less than six hours, if my math is correct.”

“When is your math not correct?” Naki asks, raising an eyebrow.

“You would be surprised,” his twin replies, slipping the needle into the Pure Alpha’s skin.

Naki flinches slightly, but remains still as his mate draws his blood, watching him carefully. John removes the needle, the extractor automatically sealing the wound as it leaves his flesh. The Pure Beta leans down and brings his mate’s arm up, kissing his unmarred skin. The Pure Alpha’s fingers slip under his twin’s collar, tracing his mark. John closes his eyes, feeling his mate’s finger brush over his skin.

When he opens his eyes, his pupils have swallowed his irises, his pulse racing.

The Pure Beta climbs into his twin’s lap, taking his face in his hands as he leans in to kiss him. Naki picks up his mate and carries him to the bed, placing him on the sheets. John crawls backwards so his head is on the pillows, his twin following him. He leans down and kisses him, lowering his body onto his. The Pure Alpha slides his hands down his mate’s sides, slipping his fingers under his shirt. He strokes his waist, pushing his shirt up so he can lower his mouth to his twin’s chest. The Pure Beta’s breathing deepens, his pulse racing.

“Wait,” John gasps, pushing him off. “I need to finish.”

Naki pushes him down, claiming his lips. The Pure Beta can feel the kiss all the way down to his toes, moaning softly. When the Pure Alpha pulls away, his mate rolls them over, squeaking when they fall off the bed. The twins stare at each other before laughing, kissing softly.

“Well, that was a mood killer,” Naki laughs, helping his twin up. “I guess we will have to try another time.”

John smiles softly, kissing the Pure Alpha’s cheek.

“Absolutely,” he smiles.


“That looks… interesting,” Kirk comments upon seeing his mate’s palace.

Khan winces, scratching the back of his head as he looks away.

“Is it really that bad?” The Augment asks, a light blush on his cheeks.

“You have to take into account that, yeah, it’s really that bad,” the Omega says bluntly.

The Brit groans, running a hand down his face.

“I should have never let you come here,” he groans, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“You have to also take into account that were only twenty-two when you began construction,” the blond says, a thin smile on his face. “You were also a very different person then. But yeah, it’s a bit of an eyesore.”

“I did not tell you about my life before I became an Augment because I barely remember it,” the Alpha/Beta explains. “It is a distant memory and something I do not wish to remember.”

He sighs and shakes his head, looking away from his palace. Kirk slips his hand into his mate’s, squeezing gently. Khan looks down at him, squeezing back.

“It still is not that pleasant to look at,” the Captain says.

The dark haired male gives him Bitch Face, the Omega stifling his giggles at the look. The Augment shakes his head, tugging on their joined hands. The couple heads to the palace, forgoing the guided tour as the Brit knows the layout better than anyone alive today. He shows his fiancée around, both ecstatic at the term, giving some history on each room. The one he desperately avoids is the one that brings him the most shame, the one that brings up memories he has tried to suppress.

“Show me,” Kirk whispers.

Khan looks away, but leads his mate to the only room that has a completely different purpose than the rest of them. The interior has changed, but the people trying to preserve the palace have kept true to its original look.

The Augment cannot stop the memories involving the room from surfacing, looking away as his insides clench. The Captain pulls away, seeing his Alpha’s memories as vividly as the day they were created, looking around.

“It’s weird,” he says softly. “I can feel… I don’t know how to describe what I’m feeling, but it’s as if the palace is speaking to me, if that makes any sense.”

He closes his eyes, tipping his head back.

“I can, I can feel what transpired within these walls,” he says quietly. “All the emotions that happened, positive and negative, but I feel repressed grief and sorrow. You grief and sorrow.”

He looks back at his Alpha, emotions flicking across his eyes.

“It is covered by your other emotions,” he says. “But it is there. You just may not have felt them completely. You…”

He closes his eyes, focusing.

“You missed me,” he says softly. “Even though I never consciously crossed your thoughts.”

The Omega turns to face his Alpha, walking towards him. He takes his face in his hands, wiping away his tears with his thumbs. He stretches up and kisses his mate’s lips, his own tears falling. The Alpha/Beta slides his hands to the small of his mate’s back and between his shoulder blades, holding him close. When they part, they rest their foreheads together, holding onto each other.

“Noonien?” Kirk asks softly.

“Yes, love?” Khan asks quietly.

“If you ever try to do to me what you did to the women of your harem,” the blond threatens, giving the Brit a look that he never wants to see again.

The Augment pales, nodding as he trembles. The Captain nods back, smiling softly as his kisses his fiancé’s cheek.

“C’mon,” he says softly. “We’ve spent enough time dwelling in the past.”

The dark haired male blinks at the abrupt change in his Omega, slightly startled. The blond smiles again and takes his Alpha’s hand, leading him out of the room.

“Where are we going?” The Alpha/Beta asks, letting his mate lead him.

“Home,” he replies softly.


Naki looks up from his PADD as his twin curses loudly, and not very well either. The Pure Alpha raises an eyebrow, placing the PADD on the bed as he slides off, heading towards his mate. He stands behind him, wrapping his arms around his twin’s neck and shoulders, kissing his cheek.

“Relax, love,” he murmurs softly against his skin. “Take a quick break and then come back to it. You are thinking so hard that my brain is starting to hurt.”

“I cannot,” John sighs, gently shrugging off his mate. “If I do not finish this, Sylar will be unhappy, and we do not want that, now do we?”

Naki shakes his head, exhaling through his nose.

“Is there anything I can do?” The Pure Alpha asks, concerned. “Anything to help ease your burden?”

The Pure Beta shakes his head, sighing softly.

“Unfortunately, no,” he says quietly. “You cannot help me. Though, I wish you could.”

He looks up, his emerald flecked eyes sad. Naki leans in and rests his forehead against his twin’s, their noses brushing. The Pure Alpha cups his mate’s cheek, stroking his cheekbone.

“Are you sure?” He asks quietly, skimming his nose over his twin’s cheekbones.

“Yeah,” John replies quietly.

Naki leans in and brushes his lips over his twin’s, kissing him softly. They kiss softly, a simple press of lips, but it is not chaste. Their lips part with a soft plop, rubbing noses.

“I have to keep working,” the Pure Beta says softly. “I am sorry, but you have to leave me alone.”

He stretches up and pecks his mate’s lips, lingering slightly. The Pure Alpha nods, kissing his twin’s forehead.

“Alright, love,” he says softly. “I shall leave you alone. As much as I do not want to.”

He kisses his forehead one last time, pulling away reluctantly. He moves back to the bed, picking up his PADD as he lies back down. His blood flecked arctic irises are on his twin, watching him carefully. John continues to work on their project, but Naki’s mind wanders, thinking about their trip to the children’s hospital. He still cannot wrap his head around the sudden personality change of his twin, just because he told the truth. He does not understand why his twin would suddenly fall in love with him, his rapist, abuser, and just forget about everything he had done to him.

But he has been in love with him for as long as he can remember, and it destroyed him to do what he had been forced to do to his mate.

And he will stay in love with him, as long as they both shall live, which should not be for much longer.

John pauses, turning to look at his mate, confusion clear across his face.

“Did you say something?” He asks, his brows furrowed.

“No,” Naki replies, also confused. “I did not.”

The Pure Beta’s confusion deepens, looking at the floor.

“I could have sworn…” He says quietly.

He shakes his head, running a hand down his face.

“I am losing it,” he mutters, pinching the bridge of his nose. “I am losing my mind.”

The Pure Alpha tips his head to the side, frowning.

“What did you think I said?” He asks.

John looks up, hesitating.

“It, it does not matter,” he says quietly, turning back to his terminal. “Just forget I said anything.”

Naki frowns, sitting up straighter. He tips his head to the side, his frown deepening as he watches his twin. He puts his PADD down, sitting cross-legged so he can rest his elbows on his knees, leaning forward. He studies his mate carefully, trying to figure him out.

What did he think he said?


Khan places their bags down in their bedroom, taking his shirt off so they can spread his wings. He can feel his mate’s wings spread as well, feels his arms wrap around him, his bare chest pressed against his back.

“Did you have fun at least?” Kirk asks softly, nuzzling his Alpha’s skin.

“I did, love,” the Alpha/Beta replies, turning around to face his mate.

He pulls him into a tender embrace, kissing him softly. The blond giggles as his Alpha picks him up, carrying him to the bed. The Augment gently lowers his Omega to the bed, carefully applying his weight onto his body.

“I will actually be looking forward to my next birthday,” the dark haired male admits, nuzzling his mate’s cheeks. “And I am regretting not telling you sooner.”

The Captain threads his fingers into his Alpha’s hair, pulling him down for a kiss. Khan settles between his mate’s legs, kissing back eagerly.

“So,” he says, his voice a low rumble as he pulls away. “Is sex still on the menu?”

Kirk gives him a look that makes the Brit smile, shaking his head as he chuckles.

“I will take that as a no,” he says, sitting up. “And in that case, I will take a shower. Feel free to join me.”

The Augment sheds the rest of his clothes and moves into the bathroom, the sound of the shower running floating out from the door. The blond props himself on his elbows, looking into the bathroom as he debates with himself, deciding to stay in the bedroom. He lies back down on the bed, closing his eyes as he feels his mate slip through their bond so he can listen to their unborn child’s heart beat, a smile tugging on his lips. The Omega places his hand on his flat abdomen, feeling their child grow inside him.

‘I love you,’ Kirk thinks.

“I love you too,’ Khan thinks back.


John stretches his arms over his head, feeling his spine crack as he does so, groaning in relief. He glances over at his twin, watching him doze slightly. He has just finished the fourth blood sample, and a quick glance at the chrono reveals that it is nearly one in the morning. He needs the fifth sample, but he indulges himself as he watches his mate sleep, enjoying the moment. His mind wanders to the trip to the children’s hospital, when his twin told him the truth. He knows that his personality changed at that moment, he could tell by Naki’s reactions, but he does not feel any different.

The Pure Beta’s fingers reach up and brush against the only scar on his body, feeling the indentations of his twin’s teeth in his skin. He has seen the mark many times, looking in the mirror to view it better. It is very pale and very deep, but it is also jagged, as if he had torn away while being bitten. And he had. There are clear indentations of Naki’s teeth, clear enough that a dental mold could be made and matched.

The Pure Alpha stirs, shifting on the bed, but does not wake up. John smiles softly, rising to his feet. He crosses over to the bed, kneeling next to his twin on the bed as he leans down to kiss him. He presses his lips softly against his mate’s, squeaking when he is suddenly on his back, his twin kneeling above him. A light blush is on his cheeks as Naki grins down at him, his eyes gleaming wickedly.

“You cannot escape me this time,” the Pure Alpha grins. “You are mine.”

John shudders as Naki leans down, pressing his lips to his pulse point, feeling it race beneath his lips. He purrs softly, mouthing at his skin.

“Just let me know if you want to stop,” the Pure Alpha murmurs, breathing in his scent. “Do you want to?”

The Pure Beta moans as his mate’s other hand gently cups him between his legs, kneading carefully. His back arches slightly, pushing his hips into his hand while grinding against it, gasping softly.

“Feels, feels good,” he pants. “Don’t stop.”

“Don’t plan on it,” Naki growls, his voice rough. “But were are in a bit of time crunch so…”

John growls as he removes his hand, but his eyes fall shut, his breathing deepening as his twin continues to kiss his neck, his hand sliding up under his shirt to tweak his nipples, his pulse racing.

“Do you want to stop?” Naki asks, lifting his head to look into his mate’s eyes.

“No,” John gasps, yanking him down for a kiss.

Chapter Text

Khan feels his mate peel off his clothes, smiling as he steps into the shower with him. The Alpha/Beta turns and holds his Omega close, kissing him heavily. Kirk locks his wrists behind his neck, pressing his body close to his Alpha’s. The Augment’s large hands slide to cup the back of his mate’s head and rest on the small of his back, fingers curling into his skin. The blond’s short nails dig into his mate’s skin, loving the way his soft curves mold into his Alpha’s hard angles. The dark haired male rumbles softly in approval, tilting his head to deepen the kiss. The Brit back the Captain up against the wall, keeping him there with just his body. The water pours down their bodies, rolling off their wings without soaking the feathers underneath.

When they part, they are breathing hard, lips swollen from kissing. Khan’s hands slide to his Omega’s hips, stroking his prominent hipbones with his thumbs. He rests his forehead against his mate’s, smiling softly. Kirk slides his hands to frame his Alpha’s face, stroking his cheekbones.

“Do you want to…” The Augment asks softly, rubbing noses with his mate.

His fiancée thinks about it for a little bit before nodding, gasping softly when his Alpha kisses him heavily. He clings to his biceps, gripping tightly as his fiancé rocks against him, tongues tangling. The Alpha/Beta’s hands stroke his mate’s waist before one slides between his legs, reaching back to tease him gently. Kirk’s head thumps against the shower wall, panting as his mate continues to tease him. Khan removes his hand and turns off the water, reaching towards the bottle of lube they keep in the shower. He pours the contents into his hand, slicking himself up as his Captain turns around, glancing over his shoulder as he widens his stance. The Brit moves closer to his mate, slipping into the Omega.

The blond’s eyes roll into the back of his head, shuddering slightly as the Augment slides deep within him. He gasps as his Alpha fully sheathes himself inside him, hearing him softly grunt behind him. The dark haired male braces himself up against the shower wall, gently rocking upward into his Omega. They are both breathing heavily, Kirk’s breath hitching with every thrust upward. Khan tangles their fingers together, his own breathing harsh.

Only soft, shuddering exhales give away their peaks, slumping forward slightly. They are still breathing harshly, the Brit gripping his mate’s hands tightly.

“Never again shall we go that long,” the Alpha/Beta breathes, kissing his mate’s skin.

“Yeah,” the Captain agrees quietly.


Khan exhales softly through his nose as he gazes up at the ceiling, running a hand up and down his fiancée’s spine. Kirk has his head pillowed over his Alpha’s heart, cuddled up against his side, an arm around his waist. They are still slightly damp from their shower, but they are clean from head to toe. The Omega cuddles closer to his mate, enjoying his warmth that keeps away the February chill. The Augment tightens his grip on his mate slightly before relaxing, exhaling softly once again.

“Noonien?” The blond asks quietly.

“Yes, love?” The dark haired male asks in response.

“Promise me that you’ll still be here after I return from my meeting with Pike,” he says quietly, cuddling even closer to his fiancé’s side.

The Alpha/Beta hesitates, too long to be a good thing. The Omega sits up, looking down at his mate as worry spikes through their bond, his wings shifting.

“You will be here, right?” He asks, his voice wavering slightly.

The Brit looks away, refusing to make eye contact.

“Noonien?” The Captain asks, suddenly afraid.

“I do not know if I can keep that promise,” his fiancé says quietly, barely audible.

He sits up and moves to the window, looking out at the setting sun.

“Please, don’t kill Marcus,” Kirk begs, tears stinging his eyes. “I know it hurts to know that-”

“I’m not going to kill the bastard,” Khan snaps, his voice harsh. “Even though I want to inflict everything that he did to you twice over on his pathetic body.”

He exhales loudly, pinching the bridge of his nose. Silence descends upon the room, the Omega’s wings shifting almost violently against his back. It goes on for far too long for the Captain’s comfort, worrying his lower lip to the point of almost breaking skin.

“I just,” the Augment begins quietly. “I just feel as if I need to be somewhere to, how to put this…”

He pauses, thinking.

“I do not know how, or why,” he continues, his wings shifting slightly. “But I feel as if I am, I am being drawn to somewhere, and it is growing stronger.”

The dark haired male looks up, gazing out at the cityscape that stretches out before him. Silence descends again, this time though, it is not uncomfortable. The blond draws his knees to his chest, resting his chin on them as he waits for his Alpha to speak again.

“I need to be somewhere, wherever that is,” the Alpha/Beta says quietly. “And I need to be there soon.”

“You feel as if our history will repeat itself,” Kirk says quietly.

Khan turns to look over his shoulder, hesitating, but nods once.

“I do, James,” he replies, looking out once again. “But I feel as if it is more complex than before, and that there are more pieces in play.”

He turns to his fiancée, crossing the short distance to sit beside him, his emotions flickering through their bond.

“James,” he begins softly. “I need you to promise me that you will stay safe- Let me finish.”

The Omega closes his mouth, waiting. The Augment breathes shakily, his wings shifting.

“James,” he repeats. “I need you to stay safe, even when I am around. At any moment, the barriers you put up could break, and I am not sure that It could be stopped again. This time, I feel as if there is, something waiting in the shadows, something we have never come across before. There is, there is something just beyond my senses that I cannot, but I know that it is there.”

He pauses, trembling.

“Can you sense it?” He asks quietly. “Can you sense that something is different? Not just from our reality, but from a week ago, a day ago. There is something there, and I do not have a good feeling about it.”

The Captain looks down, but nods, his own feelings of dread joining his mate’s.

“We are in far greater danger than before,” the Alpha/Beta says quietly. “And I do not think we will be safe until whatever is occurring has passed…”

“…But one of us may no longer be here,” the Omega finishes quietly. “Or both.”

The dark haired male nods solemnly, looking away.

“Or both,” he echoes.

The couple sits in silence, the tension palatable. Kirk threads his fingers between his fiancé’s, unfolding himself so he can sit in his lap, head buried in the crook of his neck. Khan folds his wings around his Omega, holding him tight. The blond clings to his mate, tucking his legs under him.

“Don’t ever let me go,” the Captain says quietly, his voice small and child-like.

The Augment kisses the top of his fiancée’s golden blond head, murmuring softly in Hindi.

“Never,” he promises.


Naki kneels beside his mate, gently wafting the freshly brewed cup of coffee towards his snoring, drooling twin. John awakes with a jerk, blinking a few times before wiping the drool off his face with his sleeve, his gaze unfocused. The Pure Alpha extends the coffee cup, his mate blinking in a way that he automatically knows is “Thank you.” John downs the cup in one swallow, choking violently when the taste hits his tongue.

“What the fuck was that shit?” He chokes, coughing. “That was not coffee. Are you trying to poison me?”

“Are you awake?” His twin asks.

“Yes, but-” The Pure Beta begins.

“Then it did its job,” Naki replies, taking the mug out of his hand. “And did I wear you out that much, so much so that you drooled? I am surprised that you can speak after all the screaming, as well as the fact that no one else heard. You do have quite the set of lungs, you know.”

He grins as John squeaks and turns a brilliant shade of red, refusing to lift his gaze from the floor. The Pure Alpha heads back into the kitchen to wash the mug, picking up a bite to eat from the open takeout box, quietly spitting out the tofu burger. He hears his twin work on the second-to-last blood sample, almost finished. Naki smiles softly as his body still thrums from their “little” session, still highly sensitive. The Pure Alpha looks up, watching his mate work.

“I need the last blood sample,” the Pure Beta says, turning around. “Mind becoming a pincushion one last time? And then you may have me anyway you want.”

“You really do not want to promise me that,” his twin purrs, a low rumble in his chest. “You will regret saying that to me.”

John just smiles, his eyes shining. Naki’s eyebrows shoot up in shock before grinning wickedly, his eyes glinting. He moves to the chair beside his twin, rolling up his sleeve as he extends his arm. The Pure Beta uses the extractor one last time, his touch gentle as he draws his twin’s blood, fingers brushing over his skin. Emerald meets blood, and both swear that there is a little more there than before. Arctic still dominates, but the flecks are just slightly more noticeable than before.

John finishes drawing the blood, tracing his fingers over where the extractor had been. He lingers over his twin’s skin before turning back to the terminal, beginning to work on the eighth and final blood sample. Naki watches him, his gaze tender as he observes his mate. The Pure Beta flicks his gaze up to his twin, a light blush on his cheeks. His mate leans in and gently kisses him, his lips lingering. They pull away, rubbing noses.

“I have to get back to work,” John says softly, their foreheads resting against each other. “Even though I do not want to.”

“Just a bit longer, love,” Naki says softly, cupping his cheek. “Then we are finished.”

“For now,” the Pure Beta says quietly.

His mate nods, exhaling softly.

“For now,” he echoes quietly.


Kirk exhales softly through his nose as his Alpha kisses down his spine, his hands stroking his slender waist. His golden blond wings are folded against his back, forcing them to keep still so he does not smack his mate in the face. Khan chuckles softly, his Omega shivering under his lips. He continues to kiss down his spine, lips ghosting over his fiancée’s skin. The blond pillows his head on his hands, an actual pillow propping them up. The Augment’s wings are spread slightly, draped over his mate like a canopy. His lips brush over the curve of his rear, but do not move any farther southward, trailing back up his Omega’s spine. He lavishes attention on the nape of the Captain’s neck, scraping his teeth over the knob that is part of his seventh cervical vertebra before gently clamping them over it.

Kirk knows that it is an Alpha’s instinct to be drawn to the back of the neck, as most Alpha’s mark their Omegas there, but he is marked at the junction of his neck and shoulder, as is his mate. And there are other areas he would like him to focus on.

Khan quickly moves his attention to his mark of claim, teasing the area with his tongue, lips, and teeth. The Captain hums softly in approval, enjoying the attention he is receiving. His Alpha rumbles as well, moving his lips up his neck to below his ear, kissing softly. The Omega shivers slightly, his breathing deepening as his fiancé teases the skin near his ear.

“I did promise to teach you how to dominate me,” the Alpha/Beta says softly against his mate’s skin. “Would you like me to show you how?”

The blond nods, gasping when he finds himself on top of his mate, sitting up. The dark haired male runs his hands up and down his fiancée’s sides, stroking his skin gently. He takes his hips in his large hands, gently moving them over his. Kirk moves with him, letting his mate control his movements, shivering as he rubs over his fully engorged mate. The Omega places his hands on his Alpha’s pale chest, feeling the muscles ripple under his touch. The Augment lets go of his Omega’s hips, letting him take control. The blond is hesitant, but he continues to move, growing bolder. He begins to whimper softly, grinding against his mate as he slips between his cheeks, rutting harder. Khan watches for a few seconds before reaching for the bottle of lube on the bedside table, handing it to his fiancée. The Captain flushes slightly, but does not hesitate in slicking up his Alpha, his gaze burning with need. Once the bottle is back on the table, the Brit grips the base as his mate lines up, his wings fluttering softly as he smears lube between his cheeks.

The Omega looks down at his fiancé, taking a breath before lowing himself onto him, placing his hands on his chest. He does his best to relax as the pressure builds, throwing his head back when his mate slips inside, gasping loudly. He shudders at the feeling, his breathing unsteady as he curses softly, trembling slightly. He continues to lower himself down, moaning softly once his hips are flush with his Alpha’s, his trembling increasing. The dark haired male shivers as his mate clenches around him, tighter than normal, which is not saying much.

“Were you always this fucking big?” Kirk pants, his breathing unsteady.

He whimpers loudly as his mate shifts slightly, adjusting slower than he would like. Khan takes his Omega’s hips in his hands, waiting. The blond nods, his breath hitching as he lifts himself up with his fiancé’s help, slowly lowered back down. The Augment rocks his mate’s hips, causing him to gasp softly. The Captain begins to pick up the pace, soon moving without his Alpha’s help. He is letting gravity do most of the work, gasping as he rolls his hips in such away that sends sparks down his spine. The Alpha/Beta tangles their fingers together as his Captain sits up, straightening his spine as he tips his head back. His arctic eyes rake over his form, watching him move rapidly.

“More, please, more,” the Omega begs, tears in his eyes as he locks gazes.

His fiancé’s eyes flash, quickly flipping them over before setting a rapid pace that has the bed frame shaking. Kirk nearly screams, his back arching as he clings to his fiancé, drawing blood as he claws at his back. He cannot stop the noises from spilling past his lips, trembling violently as he pulls his mate closer, tears streaming down his face.

“Do you trust me?” Khan growls in his ear, fingers gripping tight enough to almost bruise.

“Yes,” his Omega sobs, nails breaking skin. “Fuck, Noonien!”

The Augment picks up the pace, his mate’s cries growing louder as he draws closer, clinging even tighter. The blond wails as he stops moving, desperately trying to get him to move as he feels his orgasm fade away. The Alpha/Beta captures his lips in a gentle kiss, jerking back as his fiancée bites his tongue hard enough to draw blood, the Omega snarling beneath him. He gasps loudly as he finds himself on his back, the Captain moving rapidly over him, gasping as he bounces. His Alpha rumbles threateningly before pining him to the bed, holding his wrists down next his head. Kirk immediately begins to fight, thrashing violently as he struggles to break free, tears streaming down his face.

“Stop moving,” Khan orders, his voice a low growl.

His mate freezes instantly, so still that he is unsure if he is breathing. Tears continue to stream down his face, curling in on himself as he trembles, trying to make himself a smaller target.

“Please, don’t hurt me,” he whimpers. “I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t hurt me. Please, Master. Don’t hurt me. Please.”

The Augment jerks away, scrambling backwards as he puts as much distance as he can between them. A hand covers his mouth, tears pouring down his cheeks as he stumbles, catching himself as he falls. He suddenly cannot draw any air into his lungs, his heart threatening to burst from his chest, trembling.

“No-Noonien?” The blond whimpers, sitting up slowly.

His eyes land on his fiancé, trembling slightly as he slips off the bed.

“Don’t!” The dark haired male shouts, shooting to his feet as he moves backwards. “Don’t come any closer.”

The Omega whimpers, wrapping his arms around himself as his wings fold around him tightly, sinking to his knees as he trembles. The most pathetic sounds spill past his lips, soft panicked trills rising up from behind the golden blond wings.

The Brit knows that sound anywhere. It is his Omega’s cry of distress, often occurring during his Heats when he cannot find him anywhere after waking up, a sound that sends his Alpha instincts into overdrive.

Khan is instantly pulling his mate into his embrace, folding his wings around him as he holds him tightly, quietly shushing his trilling mate. Kirk clings, tears pouring down his face, his trills becoming soft sobs as he is soothed, burying his head into his chest. The Augment gently picks up his Captain, carrying him to the bed so he can curl around him, his wings folding around them tightly. The blond places his hands over his mate’s as they rest on his flat abdomen, threading their fingers together.

“I love you, James,” the Alpha/Beta says softly, nuzzling his neck.

“I love you too, Noonien,” his fiancée replies, closing his eyes.

The Omega cuddles closer to the dark haired male, feeling his grip tighten around him.

“You know this reality does not have anything we need for the Death-Rebirth ritual, right?” Kirk asks, playing with his mate’s fingers that are rubbing his still flat abdomen. “Especially not the cloth, or those capable of creating the outfits we need. And definitely not the dress.”

“And who did not think of this before they proposed?” Khan asks, amusement coloring his voice as he smiles against his skin, glad for the distraction.

“Shut up,” his Omega snaps, but his voice is shaky, lacking any real bite.

The Augment tightens his grip, murmuring softly as he kisses his skin.

“We will find a way to make it happen,” he says softly. “More accurately, I will find a way to make your dream a reality. All I want is for you to be happy.”

“And what if I’m happy right now?” The Captain asks, glancing over his shoulder. “What if I have everything I want and more than I’ll ever desire for the rest of my life?”

“And that would be?” The Brit asks, brows furrowed in confusion as a small sliver of worry slips in.

“You,” the blond says softly, smiling.

The dark haired male sits up, gazing down at the face of the mother of his unborn child with a hint of bemusement on his face, his gaze soft. His mate rolls over onto his back, smiling up at him.

“You have given me everything I have ever wanted, and what I didn’t even know I wanted,” he explains. “And more than I could ever wish for. And I have given you to two things you desire most: An Omega who will do anything and everything for you, and a family.”

He places his hand over his Alpha’s, guiding his mate through their bond to listen to the tiny heart beat in his womb. His other hand cups the father of his unborn child’s cheek, stroking away his tears.

“Do you really think that everything would be sunshine and rainbows?” He asks softly.

The Alpha/Beta nuzzles his palm gently, kissing softly.

“Two weeks ago, I learned that I was going to be a father,” Khan breathes, resting his forehead against his Omega’s. “Now I am going to be both a father and a husband, with my Perfect Mate by my side. Did I think that I would not have to fight tooth and nail to be where I am: No. I knew that I would have to fight to my last breath to have everything I desire from the universe. I require nothing more.”

He leans down and presses his lips to his Captain’s, kissing him softly. It is a press of closed lips, sweet and tender, and filled to the brim with love. Kirk’s fingers tangle into his mate’s wild hair, gripping the jet black silk-like strands gently. Khan slips between his legs as their lips work against each other, lips parting. Tongues tangle as the Augment slips a hand to the small of his mate’s back, pressing his body closer as he tips his head to the side, deepening the kiss. The Omega hums softly, wrapping his arms around his neck as he runs a foot up the outside of his mate’s leg, trailing up to the small of his back before moving back down. The Alpha/Beta rumbles with approval, gently pulling his fiancée up with him so he is in his lap, lips never parting. He is kneeling on their bed, hands between his shoulder blades and on the small of his back, his massive jet black wings folding around them over top of smaller golden blond ones. Their lips still work against each other, the blond toying with his fiancé’s wild hair, lightly scratching his scalp. The Brit rumbles softly, shifting his Omega higher into his lap so he is slotted between his cheeks. The couple parts, breathing heavily, cheeks flush and lips swollen as they rest their foreheads against each other, their scents mingling.

“Yes,” Kirk breathes after a little bit.

His breath hitches as Khan slips inside, his nails digging into his pale skin. He wraps his legs around his waist, holding on tight as his mate’s large hands grip his hips, shifting slightly so he can move without harming him. The Augment moves slowly, taking control as his Captain submits to him completely, feeling his lips press against his ear.

“Only you,” he breathes.

The Alpha/Beta feels a few tears roll down his cheeks at the words, knowing that any meanings he can come up with them as answer will barely scratch the surface of what his fiancée means. The blond kisses his cheek, kissing away his tears as his Alpha continues to move, tipping his head up to rub noses with him. The Brit smiles softly, his smile fading when he sees that his Omega’s glacial blue eyes are open, holding his gaze. His arctic eyes are wide, his shock clear at the fact that his mate’s are open, during sex no less.

“Only you,” Kirk repeats, stroking his mate’s razor sharp cheekbones. “Only you.”

He leans in and presses their lips together, their eyes open as they kiss. They part with a soft plop, eyes locked as they continue to move, enclosed in a gold and black feathered cocoon. Khan feels his mate tighten his grip so he can cup his cheek, his pale skin a startling contrast to his Omega’s. He cups the back of his head, tangling his long fingers into his golden blond hair, holding his head steady as they kiss. Their eyes fall shut as they die a little death, shivering slightly as they tighten their grip, holding onto one another. The Augment moves so he is sitting cross-legged on the bed, his fiancée sitting his lap, toying with his hair.

“I love you, Noonien,” the Omega says softly.

“I love you too, James,” the Alpha/Beta replies softly.

He nuzzles his mate’s face with the tip of his nose, smiling softly as his eyes crinkle around the corners.

“Only you,” he says softly, his Captain giggling quietly.

“That’s my line,” he murmurs, kissing him softly.

They rub noses, smiling softly as they hold onto each other.

“We need to take the pill one last time so our bodies are adjusted,” Kirk says, his mate nodding.

The Alpha/Beta reluctantly lets his mate go, watching the Omega head into his kitchen to replicate the two pills they need. The Augment waits for his mate to return, the two pills in hand as he crawls back onto the bed. The blond hands one to his Alpha before they return to their usual sleeping positions, swallowing the pills.

“Good night, James,” Khan says softly.

“Good night, Noonien,” Kirk replies softly.

They settle in for the night, asleep in less than two minutes.


“It’s done,” John groans, struggling to get out of his chair.

His mate picks him up and carries him the short distance to the bed, placing him down gently. The Pure Beta’s hair is loose and wild while his twin’s is perfect, the former having run his fingers through his hair so much that the gel has become useless. Naki sniffs his mate’s collar, grimacing at his smell.

“You need a shower,” the Pure Alpha states, standing.

“Too tired,” John mutters, burying his head into his pillow. “Just let me sleep.”

“How about one of those long soaks in the tub with one of the startling amount of bubble bath bottles you have collected?” Naki asks. “While I hold you in my arms and lather up your-”

“And I’m up,” the Pure Beta says, wincing as he does so.”

His mate extends his hand, but John reaches out with both of his, pouting like a child. The Pure Alpha laughs and picks up his twin, carrying him to the bathroom. The antique claw foot tub is out of place in the loft, but it is large, large enough to fit two fully-grown clones, and submerge them up to their chests. Naki places his mate on the floor, turning the faucets on so the tub fills at the perfect temperature.

“Which one do you want?” He asks, turning to his twin.

The Pure Beta tips his head side-to-side, thinking.

He then smiles, his eyes shining.

“Loveswept,” he says softly.

The Pure Alpha nods, picking out the bottle with the name. He opens it and sniffs, closing his eyes as he smells bergamot, blue violet, lotus blossom, pink jasmine, purple passion fruit, creamy amber, white cedar wood, and the scent of his mate’s skin. It was not his scent, but his skin’s scent. Naki smiles and pours a bit into the rising water, the scent filling the bathroom.

“Smells good,” the Pure Alpha hums, smiling at his twin. “Almost as good as you.”

John flushes slightly, smiling shyly. The bubbles fill the bath, and once it is deep enough, Naki turns off the water and strips, climbing into the bath. His mate strips as well, climbing in and settling between his thighs, his twin wrapping his arms around his shoulders. The Pure Beta smiles and hums, leaning back into his twin’s embrace. He rests his forehead in the crook of his mate’s neck, humming softly again.

“I love you, John,” Naki says softly.

“I love you too, Naki,” John replies softly.

The Pure Beta exhales through his nose, closing his eyes.

“Six hours and sixteen time the amount we need, but we finally have our blood vial,” he says quietly, cuddling closer. “We need to send it out soon so the rest of the plan falls into place.”

“Just relax, baby boy,” his mate says softly, tightening his grip slightly. “You have earned it.”

John nods and relaxes into his twin’s embrace, slipping into a light doze. Naki gently kisses his cheek, murmuring softly against his skin.

“Rest now, baby boy,” he murmurs, settling against the tub. “For I shall be watching over you.”

The Pure Alpha rests his cheek against his mate’s forehead, holding him close.

“I will not let anything happen to you,” he breathes. “I promise.”


The twins share a look over the rectangular box of polished wood, their hair still damp from their bath. They are dressed identically, fingers threaded on the table. Before them is the vial of blood and the ring, ready to finish this part of their task.

But they are hesitant to do so.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Naki asks softly, worry and concern in his voice and scent. “Are you sure you want to follow me down this path? You still have a chance to back out, to keep your nose clean, but if you do this, you cannot go back.”

John squeezes his twin’s hand, nodding.

“I know, and I am,” he says softly.

The Pure Alpha nods, parting his hands to pick up the blood vial as his mate picks up the ring. They share one last look before slipping them into the box, closing the lid.

“We cannot go back,” the Pure Beta says quietly, lifting his gaze to his twin’s. “We have crossed the point of no return.”

Naki nods, taking his mate’s hand.

“We cannot go back,” he echoes.


Kirk groans loudly as his communicator goes off, cursing loudly as he reaches over for the infernal device. His Alpha curses as well, pulling his pillow over his head as the blond flips it open, reading the message.

“My meeting with Pike has been moved to 0700 hours,” he groans, closing the communicator and placing in to the bedside table. “And it’s 0347 hours.”

Khan curses creatively in a multitude of languages, his mate flopping back onto the bed. The Captain cuddles closer to his fiancé, enjoying the warmth. The Augment wraps his arms around him, holding him close. They lay there for a bit before sighing softly, sitting up.

“I hate it when we’re woken up early,” the Omega groans, his Alpha grunting in agreement.

Kirk moves to slide off the bed, but his mate has a different plan. The blond squeaks loudly as the Alpha/Beta pulls him into his lap, folding his wings around them. He wraps his arms around his Omega, holding him tightly as he nuzzles the top of his head.

“Noonien!” The Captain squeaks, flushing as his Alpha’s large hands roam over his chest.

The dark haired male rumbles as his fiancée shivers under his touch, brushing the tips of his fingers over his mate’s skin, applying barely any pressure. He can feel his breathing deepen and his heart race in response to his actions, feeling the ghost of his own touch on his skin. He breathes on his Omega’s ear, feeling him shiver in his lap. The Brit smiles and gently licks the shell of the blond’s ear, a soft cry spilling past his fiancée’s lips. Khan rumbles with approval, his hands siding down his mate’s chest to-

The Augment suddenly finds himself on his back, unable to move off the bed by a crushing weight on his body.

“Not funny,” he growls, unable to the fight the telepathic hold the Omega has on him.

“Wasn’t suppose to be,” Kirk replies, glaring at his Alpha. “It’s too early in the fucking morning for this.”

Khan just grunts, sitting up when his mate releases his hold on him. He glares at him in annoyance, his expression softening when his fiancée climbs into his lap, leaning in to kiss him gently. The Brit wraps his arms around his slender waist, holding him close as he folds his massive jet black wings over top of his mate’s smaller golden blond ones. The blond wraps his arms around his mate’s neck, tipping his head to the side to deepen the kiss. He does not resist as the father of the child growing inside him gently pushes him down onto the bed, keeping their lips pressed against each other as he slides a hand down his arm, tangling their fingers together. He trails soft kisses down his neck to his mark of claim, lining his teeth up with the impressions, gripping gently as he squeezes their hands. He sucks lightly, careful to not leave a mark on his skin, scraping his teeth over his skin. The dark haired male tips his head to the side, gently clamping his teeth over his mate’s throat, counting the beats of his Omega’s racing heart against his tongue. He removes his mouth from his throat, capturing his lips in a tender kiss as he pulls his mate back into his lap, cupping the back of his head as his other hand rests on the small of his back, the mother of his unborn child wrapping his arms around his pale neck. Their lips part with a soft lip, chuckling as they rub noses.

“Good morning, Noonien,” the Omega says softly.

“Good morning, James,” the Alpha/Beta replies. “Coffee?”

“God yes,” his fiancée moans.

The couple parts and moves to the front half of the apartment, slowly raising the light so the normal human can see just fine at a minimum light level. They begin to prepare breakfast, the Augment cooking their meals as the Captain brews the coffee, their wings brushing against each other. The dark haired male flicks his gaze to his mate occasionally, a smile on his lips as his arctic blue eyes shine. The blond flicks his gaze to his Alpha, his glacial blue eyes meeting his mates. They smile softly, a light blush on their cheeks. They stretch their wings, brushing against each other.

“I love you,” Khan says softly.

“I love you too,” Kirk replies.

They finish making breakfast, the Brit plating the food as his fiancée pours and prepares their coffee, knowing just they way his mate likes it. The Augment suddenly begins to laugh, an honest, joyous sound, and the Omega does not have a clue why.

“Mind cluing me in?” He asks, giving his mate a look.

“I would have never thought in my life that I would behave so, boring and-”

His head snaps to the side as his mate strikes him hard across the face, his palm stinging in response. He touches his stinging cheek, turning his gaze to the blond before him. The dark haired male narrows his eyes as his mate gives him a look of hatred, tears streaming down his face.

“How can you say that?” His Omega hisses, his wings flaring. “How can you call our life boring? We’re engaged, and expecting. Do you not want this life? Do you not want me?”

The Alpha/Beta feels something snap inside him, and before he knows it, they are screaming at each other, switching between languages rapidly, sometimes not even speaking the same one. They are making wide, violent, and wild gestures, their wings shifting and flaring violently behind them as they continue to scream, but he is unsure what he is saying exactly. Hot tears steam down his Captain’s face, his young and beautiful face contorted in rage as his eyes flash dangerously, loose objects rattling around the apartment.

The sound of skin-on-skin echoes in the apartment, a soft cry rising up from the blow. Kirk holds his cheek as he grips the counter top, looking up at his Alpha with a look of pure terror, trembling. Khan’s hand strings from striking his mate, all the color drained from his body as his chest constricts tightly, unable to take in any air. He can only watch in horror as a bruise begins to his form, the skin beginning to swell.

“James, I-” The Augment begins, reaching out.

The blond is on the other side of the room, loose objects rustling at how fast he had moved, his other arm wrapped protectively around his abdomen. He stares at his fiancé, his breathing harsh and rapid.

“Get out,” he whispers, his voice strangled. “Take your stuff and get out. And don’t come back.”

“James,” the Brit says quietly.

His breakfast is hurled at his head, ducking to avoid being struck violently.

“Get out!” The Omega shrieks, his wings flaring out. “Get the fuck out! Get the fuck out of my apartment and out of my life!”

The Alpha/Beta’s wings fall limp, tears streaming down his face as he backs up, shaking his head.

“James, please,” he pleads.

He ducks as his mate’s set of kitchen knives go flying at his head, embedding themselves in the wall to the hilt. He stares at them before backing into the bedroom as they are mentally pulled out of the wall, all floating at him. He sheathes his wings and begins to pack, his Omega sliding down the wall, arms wrapped tightly around his body. His wings fold around him as tears stream down his face, his body shaking with silent sobs. His mate slips on his coat and boots, casting a longing look at his crying Captain, opening his mouth to speak. He closes it, tears streaming down his face as he picks up his things and exits the apartment, his mate beginning to sob loudly.

Every word his Alpha had screamed at him cut to his bones, salt poured into the wounds. He had promised to never lay a finger on him, but he had just struck him across the face, while he is pregnant with his child no less. How can he trust him around his child if he broke his promise about never harming him? His Perfect Mate?

He can feel his mate’s grief howl through their bond, but he closes his end, refusing to listen.

He does not deserve his ear.

His cheek throbs, his skin swelling and turning an ugly shade of purple. The only person who had ever laid a finger on him in anger was Marcus, but his mate loved him to a fault, promising to never harm him.

“And I never will.”

The Captain shoots to his feet, shrieking at the sudden noise. His fiancé sheds his clothes, his wings flaring out as he stares him down.

“I thought I told you to get out,” Kirk snarls, his wings flaring out. “I thought I told you to never come back. Why the fuck are you here?”

“Because I will never leave you,” Khan growls, his fists clenched. “I cannot leave either of you. I love you far too much to do so.”

“Then why the fuck did you do this!?” His Omega shrieks, gesturing to his bruise. “That is not any act of love I know about!”

“I do not know why I did that,” the Alpha/Beta replies, a low rumble in his throat. “I would never strike you. You know this.”

“You just did,” the Captain snarls. “You broke your promise. You lied.”

His fiancé flinches, looking away.

“The engagement is off,” the Omega snarls, tears streaming down his face. “Get the fuck out of my life. And don’t even think about trying to come to the birth, because they’re won’t be one.”

The Augment narrows his eyes, his lips pulling back.

“What do you mean, ‘There will not be one?’” He rumbles.

“I’m not keeping it,” his fiancée snarls. “I’m not going to be an incubator for this, thing, inside me! It’s part you, and you haven’t changed at all. So I know it’s going to grow up with your temper, and it’ll probably start beating the shit out of me like you will!”

He takes a step forward as the dark haired male takes a step back, hands flying up defensively.

“James,” he says quietly, eyes wide.

“Don’t you fucking ‘James’ me!” Kirk snarls, hot tears streaming down his cheeks. “You haven’t changed at all since you became a tyrant. I was clearly desperate for love to bond with you in the first place, but I am a moron to have bonded with you a second time. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

He looks away, tears streaming down his face before speaks again.

“I should have done what I was suppose to do in the first place,” he hisses, his eyes cold as he screams the next bit.

“I should have fired those torpedoes at you like I was suppose to and killed you!”

He claps both hands over his mouth as soon they are uttered, all the color draining from his body as his blood freezes, stiller than a statue. Khan stops breathing, his eyes wide as he stares in horror at his mate, unable to believe what had been uttered. The Omega backs up, stumbling as he falls, barely catching himself in time. He does not pick himself up, tears streaming down his face as he struggles to breathe, trembling. His fiancé is kneeling beside him, holding him in his arms as he begins to wail, clinging desperately to him. He rocks as he holds him, sobbing quietly.

“Why did I say that?” The Captain sobs. “Why the fuck did I say that? Why did you hit me? Why is everything going to shit?”

“I do not know, baby boy,” the Augment whispers, his wings folding around them tightly. “I do not know what is going on.”

He pulls away and looks at his mate’s bruised face, tears flowing faster down his cheeks at the sight of the mark he left.

“I am so sorry, baby boy,” he whispers, his voice strangled. “I would never hit you, I would never lay a finger on you, but I am terrified that I did, for I do not know why I did.”

He lightly touches the bruise, jerking his hand back as the blond whimpers softly.

“Let us fix that bruise, love,” he says softly, carrying his Captain to the bathroom.

He pulls out the med kit, pulling out the regenerator to fix the bruise he caused. He holds his Omega’s chin, gently running the regenerator over his cheek, watching the bruise heal.

“Why is our life boring?” Kirk asks quietly, his eyes closed.

His Alpha hesitates, pausing in his healing.

“Compared to my life as a tyrant, this life is boring,” he says quietly. “And I want nothing more than to have this one. To have the white picket fence, cookie cutter life that I despised as a tyrant, the one that is everyone’s dream. There is nothing I will not do to have, and keep, this life.”

He places the regenerator on the sink, taking his fiancée’s healed face in his large hands, stroking his cheeks.

“There is nothing I will not do to keep you,” he says quietly.

The dark haired male rests their foreheads against each other, tears streaming down their faces. He presses their lips together, kissing softly.

“I know I hurt you,” he says, barely audible. “But I never want to do so, in any way. I know I can never make it up to you, but is there any way I can?”

“Two things,” the blond says quietly. “One, do you promise to never harm this child in carry?”

“Never,” his Alpha whispers. “I will never harm them.”

He places a hand on his flat abdomen, curling his fingers in possession.

“Two, flowers, chocolate, and make-up sex,” the Captain rattles off.

The Brit chuckles softly, smiling as he nuzzles his Omega’s cheeks.

“I will have the first two done before you return, my love,” he murmurs, scooping up his Captain. “But the sex I can do now, if that is what you would like.”

“Not sex,” the Omega replies. “Don’t have sex with me. Make love to me. And it better be good, and gentle. Tender, and gentle.”

“When I am ever not?” The Alpha/Beta retorts, smiling softly as he heads into the bedroom.

Chapter Text

Kirk exhales softly through his nose as he listens to his Alpha’s heart beat steadily beneath his ear, tracing patterns on his pale chest. He is curled up against his side, his wings folded against his back as his body thrums, silent as he thinks. Khan stares up at the ceiling, his arm wrapped around his mate’s slender waist as he rubs his prominent hipbone, his own thoughts whirling. The sheet is up to their chests, as the Augment’s large wings are folded against his back, not wanting to invade his Captain’s personal space anymore than he has. The blond shifts slightly, exhaling once again as he thinks, closing his eyes.

“I’m sorry,” he whispers, digging his fingers into his pale, muscular chest.

“James,” the Alpha/Beta says softly, rubbing his side as tears splash onto this chest.

“I’m sorry for hitting you,” his fiancée whispers, squeezing his eyes shut. “I don’t know why I did that. But I, I was just, I was just so angry. I didn’t have any reason to be, but I just was. And then I was just irrationally distraught. And then angry.”

The Brit begins to laugh, causing the Omega to sit up, startled.

“What’s so funny?” He asks, worried.

The dark haired male sits up, leaning back on his elbows as he smiles, his eyes crinkling around the corners.

“James, you are hormonal,” he laughs. “You are hormonal because you are pregnant. And what is the most common side effect of pregnancy?”

“Morning sickness?” His Omega asks.

“Mood swings,” his fiancé replies, completely sitting up. “You suffered from mood swings. We suffered from mood swings.”

Kirk’s hands fly to his flat abdomen, full lips parted in shock.

“Mood swings?” He asks, glacial blue eyes wide. “That’s it? No evil force or something like that? Just my biology working against me?”

“That is all, love,” Khan replies, taking his Omega’s face in his large hands, his arctic blue eyes sparkling. “Just your biology.”

He leans in and kisses him softly, stroking his cheeks as he parts their lips. The blond hums softly, threading his fingers into the silk-like strands, letting his mate take the lead as he is gently tugged into his lap. His hands cup the back of his golden blond head and rest on the small of his back, holding him tight against his muscular body as arms slide around his pale neck, tipping his head to the side to deepen the kiss. The Omega shivers as the hands brush over his body, goose flesh rising on his skin as his breathing deepens.

“Noonien,” he breathes.

“How much time do we have?” The Alpha/Beta rumbles, nipping at his lips. “Correction, what time is it?”

“0439 hours,” his Captain replies. “What did you have in mind?”

The Augment rumbles loudly, pinning his mate to the bed as his instincts take over, his mate reciprocating his acts.


Kirk groans softly as he stretches, his body sore and aching, but in a good way. He smiles at his sleeping Alpha, his body thrumming pleasantly. He sits up and watches him sleep, wincing at the pain that flares up from the action. He grimaces at the mess they created, using the soiled sheet to wipe away the fluid on the inside of his upper thighs, knowing that there is much more out of sight. He glances at the Brit sleeping beside him before slipping out of bed, padding quietly to the bathroom to clean himself thoroughly, inside and out. He closes his eyes and tips his head up into the spray, feeling the water roll down his body, a soft smile gracing his lips. He begins to gently clean himself, his skin still highly sensitive to the touch, but he makes sure that he does not miss any skin.

He turns off the water and towels himself dry, stepping out into the bedroom to find the Augment sitting up, a look of relief on his face once his eyes fall on him. A soft smiles graces his face, his eyes crinkling around the corners as he swings his legs off the bed, rising to his feet. He crosses the short distance to take the blond’s face in his hands, pressing their lips together.

“And how did I do?” Khan murmurs against his lips, stroking his Captain’s damp golden blond hair.

“That was an act worthy of a sex god,” he murmurs back, smiling. “Or sex machine. Take your pick.”

The Alpha/Beta rumbles softly, tugging on his mate’s towel so it slips out of his grasp, pressing their bodies flush against each other. He tips his head to the side as he claims his lips, cradling his jaw as their lips work hungrily against each other, tongues, lips, and teeth expertly used. The Omega clings to his broad shoulders, nails digging into his pale skin before squeaking as he is suddenly swept off his feet.

“Noonien!” He squeaks, clinging to his Alpha’s neck for support. “Don’t do that!”

The dark haired male chuckles, placing his fiancée carefully on the bed, gasping as he suddenly finds himself on his back, lips parted in shock. The blond takes advantage of the situation, slipping his tongue into his mouth as he claims his lips. He squeaks again as he is flipped onto his back, his cheeks flush as the Brit smirks down at him, eyes locked. The Captain moans softly as he is kissed heavily, wrists locking behind his fiancé’s pale neck as he slips between his legs. He gently pushes at his mate’s broad shoulders, trying to get him off.

“What is it, love?” Khan asks, brows furrowed with confusion as he looks down at the man beneath him.

“I have to get up or I’ll be late,” Kirk replies urgently, pushing again. “And I really don’t want to have things fucked up more than they already are.”

He tries to get up again, and his mate allows him to, sitting on his heels as he watches. The blond slips off the bed as he sheathes his wings, moving to his closet to don his gray dress uniform, standing before his full-length mirror. He feels uncomfortable in the stiff dress uniform, hating having to dress so formal. It may not be the handspun spider silk gowns and fine gold, silver, and platinum jewelry with precious stones he wore in his reality, but it is no different. It is still the same dog and pony show, no matter what window dressings are put on.

Strong, pale, muscular arms wrap around his slender waist, accented by the tailored uniform, kissing his neck. The Augment tightens his arms around him, his wings folding around them, concealing them from the world. He nuzzles his golden blond hair, murmuring softly in Hindi as he rubs his flat abdomen.

“I know you hate this more than anything,” he murmurs. “But you need to play your part. I will wait for you to return.”

“But you said that-” The Captain begins.

“For now, it does not matter,” his Alpha replies, leaning in to his mate’s ear.

He pauses, his senses on high alert before speaking softly and low, barely audible.

“Can he be trusted?” He asks in Hindi. “Can he be trusted with the truth about the nature of our relationship, both in our reality and this one? About me?”

Kirk hesitates, his mind in overdrive as he strokes the large pale hands on his abdomen, looking at his mate’s face in the mirror.

“I, I don’t know,” he replies, timid. “I don’t know if he can be. I don’t know if I should have let my crew know about us, if I should have repeated history again. It kills me to say it, but maybe, maybe I should have let the volcano erupt. I’m not sure about anything anymore.”

“James,” Khan says softly. “Can you look at me, love?”

The Omega turns around in fiancé’s arms, tipping his head to look into his eyes.

“Promise me that you will stay safe,” he breathes, resting his forehead against his mate’s. “Promise me that you will not do anything to put yourself in danger, you, or the baby.”

He places a large hand on his flat abdomen, slipping through their bond.

“The thought of losing you before I have had the chance to bring our child into this world,” he says softly.

He does not continue, his Omega understanding what he does not utter. He places his hand over his Alpha’s, threading their fingers together. The blond nuzzles his mate’s face gently, kissing him softly.

“I’ll stay out of trouble,” he says quietly. “But we both know what this meeting is about. I was stupid to repeat history, but I couldn’t let them die. I couldn’t let them die.”

“I know,” the Augment replies. “But I shall have your flowers and chocolate when you come home. As well as your lunch surprise.”

“My lunch surprise?” Kirk asks, curious.

Khan just smiles, his mind closed off. The Captain frowns, but does not press further. He plants a soft kiss on the tip of his Alpha’s nose, turning to head out the door, but his fiancé wraps his fingers around his wrist before he gets too far, tugging him back. The blond turns back to his mate, letting him pull him into a tight embrace to kiss him softly. His hands rest on his bare, muscular chest, palms flat against his warm skin as his large hands cup the back of his head and rest on the small of his back, holding him tight as his massive wings fold around them, enclosing them in their own private universe. Their lips work against each other, gentle and tender, fingers curling lightly in possession against their mate’s skin. The Omega cups his fiancé’s cheeks, stroking his razor sharp cheekbones before locking his wrists behind his neck, pressing closer. They part with a soft plop, the older of the pair falling to his knees to take his Captain’s prominent hips in his hands, pressing his lips to his flat abdomen. He slips through their bond to feel the life growing beneath his lips, stroking gently as his hair is toyed with.

“Noonien,” Kirk urges quietly, looking down with longing.

Khan looks up at his mate before rising to his feet, planting a soft kiss on his lips before letting him out of their cocoon, casting one last glance backward before slipping out of the apartment, leaving his mate alone. The Augment exhales softly through his nose, glancing out the window at the city, his thoughts whirling. His wings shift against his back as he gazes out, his emotions conflicting as his mind processes the recent events. He smiles softly and shakes his head, chuckling as he looks back at their irrational outburst with amusement.

“Hormones,” he says quietly. “Who would have thought?”

He heads into the kitchen to clean up what had been his untouched breakfast, picking up the broken plate pieces and the tiny slivers, hissing as he cuts himself. He dumps the pieces in the trash, washing the blood off his fingers before setting to work on scraping the food off the wall and picking it off the ground, sighing at the waste of food. He tosses his food and polishes off his mate’s, proceeding to work on the dishes.

Khan pauses in his work, putting down the dish and turning off the water, resting his hands on the edge of the sink as he stares into its depths. His mate has hit him before, in a variety of situations, but they both know that the Omega could not seriously injure him if he wanted to. He has never struck anybody he cared about, unless they were his siblings during sparring. Not even when his fiancée would attack him during their sparring sessions during their five-year mission would he land a direct blow onto his body, always giving full intent and power, but pulling back his strikes to lightly tap him in the area where he would have hit. The Captain never pulled his punches or grabs, knowing his mate could take it and work away his stress by hitting something that fought back. The sessions usually ended with a highly inappropriate snogging session on the floor of the gym, getting yelled at, and then a high cardio activity in a completely different and still inappropriate location. The crew looked the other way, all knowing the trauma that their Captain had suffered, and just one look at the way the pair looked at each other was enough to keep any new crew member that caught them to stay silent.

Everyone could see that they were madly in love with each other, and the crew seemed to follow the unsaid rule of, “If it does not interfere with their duties, we will not say a word.”

The hairs on the back of his neck stand on end, causing the Augment to whirl around, scanning the apartment for any sign of an intruder. He uses all of his senses to search for the intruder, but he quickly calms down when he realizes that it was just the air conditioning turning on. He shakes his head as he turns back to his dishes, humming softly to himself before pausing, turning back around.

“Air conditioning?” He asks quietly. “This early in the year?”

He looks around, wondering about all the strange things that have been happening, something nagging at the back of his mind. He then feels a presence on the edge of his senses, trying to narrow in on it, but it dances out of his reach. The Brit cannot tell if it is good or evil, but for now, it does not appear to want to harm him. He begins to worry that the being heard their conversation, deeply concerned for his mate. He strains all his senses, more the five, the exact number he is unsure of, but he still cannot identify the presence before it quickly vanishes. His wings bristle with agitation, his senses on high alert in case the being comes back.

The Alpha/Beta turns around, his wings shifting, on edge. He searches the apartment in vain, hoping, praying, to be able to sense something with his five senses, anything that could help identify the being. He can see the variations in thickness of the paint on the walls, see the air currents in the room, hear the couple having an argument down the hall, and smell the cadet burning his coffee two floors below him. He can still taste his mate as if he is still kissing him, still feel the touch of his skin on his.

But he cannot detect anything about the being that was with him.

“Stay safe, James,” he whispers.


Kirk looks out the window as the cab takes him to Starfleet Headquarters, playing with his cap residing in his lap.

His mind keeps flashing back to the fight he and his mate had just gotten into, worrying his lower lips with his teeth.

He and Khan had gotten into fights before, small lovers’ quarrels that they quickly apologized after, the spat forgotten after they made up in a high cardio activity. But this one felt different than their previous fights, and not just because of his mood swings caused by his pregnancy. Since they cannot lie to each other, anything they say in the heat of an argument they absolutely mean, and more often than not, their words cut deep. He knows that his mate has an incredibly short temper, but never once has that temper been turned on him, let alone full force. He knows that even his own temper is far more volatile, especially for a Pure Omega, and can give a tongue lashing that is more violent than any physical one. But the things they said to each other, he wishes he could take it all back, to say that he did not mean it at all, that he did not think those thoughts, but that would be a lie.

And he cannot lie to his mate.

The words his Alpha had said to him in their mood swing induced rage cut deep, scoring his bones, still stinging as salt was poured into the wounds, causing them to burn with a pain he has never felt before.

The Captain’s mind also flashes back to the conversation they had the day before, remembering how scared Khan had been. He had sensed that there is something different about this reality since the moment his fiancé touched down on Earth, a day before they coupled and claimed each other for the second time. In fact, he had felt that something was off for as long as he could remember, and it was not the fact that humans had only two genders. He could never place his finger on what was wrong, but the fact that his mate could leave and meet him so easily had only added to his suspicions, something that has been nagging at him since the day it happened.

He can remember it clearly, sitting in his apartment alone, drinking a cup of coffee, reading some cheap, trashy Omega/Alpha pornographic romance novel, when someone had pounded on his door. He had been startled out of his private universe, dropping his book in his rush to let the person inside once he had read their mind.

Khan had been drenched, shivering and cold, but he had the widest grin on his face the moment his eyes landed on the blond, claiming his lips in a kiss that had Kirk on the verge of shoving the Augment to the floor and riding him until they both passed out. But he had not, letting his guest enjoy the luxury of a hot shower while he had prepared a late lunch to share with his soon-to-be mate, half tempted to join him in the shower. When the Alpha/Beta had emerged from the shower, he had discovered the book the Omega had been reading, highly amused by his choice of genre, teasing him by suggesting even filthier novels for his enjoyment. They had enjoyed their meal together, knowing that they had twelve hours before they could not indulge themselves in the luxury again, losing their minds for seventy-two hours due to the pheromones produced by an unbonded Omega, made worse by Kirk’s Pure Blood lineage.

After cleaning up the table, they had sat down in the Captain’s living room and just talked, the conversation drifting from subject to subject, not really caring about what the topic was, just enjoying their last few precious moments of clarity. They had cuddled and shared their first kiss together, and definitely not their last, their second quickly becoming a heated make out session that had them clutching at each other, desperate for more. Despite the overwhelming urge to submit to his baser instincts and ravish his future Omega on the couch right then and there, the Brit had carried him into the bedroom and made love to him, not only making his first time unforgettable, but their first time together something they would remember for as long as they lived.

Kirk can remember being violently started awake when his body, deciding that since a highly compatible Alpha was in extremely close proximity, went into full-blown pyresus without any warning, leaving him writhing on the bed. The raging inferno had consumed him from the inside out, his natural lubrication gushing out of him, soaking the sheets. Khan was suddenly above him, a wild, uncontrolled, primal expression contorting his features, fully erect and his knot completely engorged. Their coupling had been violent and rough, the scorching flames burning away his sanity as the ice clawed at his insides with each brutal thrust, the Augment leaving clearly defined finger-shaped bruises all over his body. He had been wild, uncontrolled, savage, and brutal as he claimed the Omega, but he also responded in kind, drawing blood as they mated.

Once the seventy-two hours were up, the pheromone fog cleared from their minds, the newly bonded couple had been exhausted, battered, bruised, aching, but completely satisfied and happy. They had cuddled and kissed, bathing in the luxury of the smear of endorphins left in the wake of their shared pyresus, their new bond beginning to solidify the connection between them. The blond had been disappointed when his new, but old, Alpha only stayed for a few hours after his Heat ended, knowing that he had stayed as long as he could before he had to return to the Io Facility. The Alpha/Beta had closed their bond to keep him safe, not daring to open it for fear of someone listening in to his thoughts and expose his relationship to the Captain. He had returned to his Omega for five days every three months, but not once did he mention anything he had done in the time between their meetings. When his mate had inquired about the topic, the dark haired male had promptly told him to drop the subject and not bring it up again, but now, the pieces are falling into place.

The only thing that did not make sense is what happened between their third shared Heat and now, as Kirk is being blocked from that time period. He could not understand why his mate did not trust him enough to keep his mind completely open, blocking him from his memories. In actuality, there are a lot of questions that he cannot find answers to, too many to be reassuring.

The Captain exhales softly through his nose, turning to look out the window of his cab at the passing scenery, the Golden Gate Bridge rising into view. He watches the fog roll in from the cold Pacific, wishing he could spread his wings and soar high above San Francisco, feel the wind on his face and the sun on his back. He always thought that the antique bridge was beautiful, even though it is over thirty-two decades old, no matter how advanced humanity became. He smiles softly, but it does not reach his eyes, his cheek throbbing slightly from the lingering ache of being struck. The blond touches his cheek, memories he had locked away for forever breaking out to resurface violently, squeezing his eyes tightly shut as he is forced to relive his past, fighting back tears. He hates the fact that he is broken, questioning on how he is still sane from his life in the palace, let alone the childhood he suffered in this reality. He knows that his fiancé had a horrible upbringing, twice, and knows that he is broken in different ways than him.

The Omega suddenly has doubts that they could be good parents, remembering the words his mate had screamed at him, questioning how he could ever be a good mother to the child growing in his womb. His heart aches from the words they had violently exchanged, wishing that there is some way to wipe the slate clean, to not be able to remember what they had said, to not be able to feel how deep the cuts are. He places a hand on his flat abdomen, fingers curling slightly as he rests his forehead on the window, exhaling softly. He does not know if the thousand cuts that have been delivered upon him will ever heal, or would ever stop burning. Sunlight streams through the clouds, bathing San Francisco in light, something that he seems to lack in his life.

‘James?’ Khan asks, sounding uncertain, for once.

‘Yes?’ Kirk replies, opening his eyes.

‘I love you,’ he thinks softly. ‘I will never stop loving you. I would rather die a thousand gruesome deaths than ever stop loving you.’

‘Why are you telling me this?’ The blond asks, worried. ‘Is something wrong?’

‘A lot of things are wrong,’ the Augment thinks. ‘I would not know where to begin to list all the things that are wrong. But that is not the point. There was something in our apartment, but whatever it was, it is gone now. I could not tell what it was, nor what its purpose for being there.’

‘It scared you, didn’t it?’ The Omega asks, sitting up straight.

‘To the core,’ his fiancé replies. ‘Please be safe. For both your sakes.’

‘I will,’ the Captain promises.

‘And James?’ The Alpha/Beta asks.

‘Yes?’ His Omega asks.

‘I cannot even begin to tell you how sorry I am,’ the dark haired male thinks softly. ‘My actions are unforgivable, and I do not expect to ever be able to make it up to you for them.’

‘The fact that you are so apologetic helps your case,’ his fiancée replies. ‘The old Khan Noonien Singh would have never apologized. I think.’

His mate laughs softly, the sound bringing a smile to his lips.

‘He would not have,’ he replies. ‘And that is why the new me is better. In every way.’

Kirk chuckles softly, earning a look from the cabbie.

‘I wouldn’t know,’ he thinks. ‘I didn’t meet the old you, and your memories don’t count. After all, they are biased.’

‘I would have to agree with that,’ Khan replies, his tone turning solemn. ‘The past is something that should be left alone. Especially mine.’

‘I do-sushi?’ The Omega asks. ‘My lunch surprise is sushi?’

‘You have been craving fish for some reason,’ the Alpha/Beta teases, his tone light once more. ‘And for some odd reason, you are aroused by my knife skills.’

‘Shut up,’ his fiancée snaps, a light blush on his cheeks.

‘Not a chance,’ the Brit laughs before turning serious. ‘James, please return home safely. If something were to happen to you…’

‘I won’t let anything happen to me,’ the Captain replies, slipping on his cap as he steps out of the cab. ‘I promise.’

Spock is waiting for him as he exits the cab, dressed in his own gray dress uniform, his cap placed on his head with the precision only a Vulcan can manage.

“Our meeting has been pushed back to 0815 hours,” the Vulcan states matter-of-factly. “We currently-”

The First Officer cuts himself off when his Captain shoots him a look, closing his mouth. The Omega tips his head up into the sun, fighting the urge to spread his wings and soak up the warmth. He always preferred perpetual summer to the seasons, his mate teasing him due to the fact that he is made of sun, needing more to survive. The Alpha/Beta, on the other hand, preferred the cold, having experienced very little of it before he sealed himself in his cryotube. He found the cold exhilarating, making him feel alive after the oppressing heat of India. He did admit that the heat had its uses, mostly involving the lack of clothing on his Captain and semi-public sex, and sometimes a cold beverage or food item. Both know that they are polar opposites in some ways, and even though they share a consciousness, it is always an adventure to find out something about their mate, share new experiences, and even old ones.

The blond closes his eyes as a soft smile curls on his lips, basking in the warmth of the sun. The Vulcan studies him for a moment before observing the lower-ranking personnel and civilian visitors, noting their reactions. The women are staring at him as if he is a feast, as are the men, and a few non-human species who find humans intriguing.

Spock is surprised that a fellow Vulcan is staring at his Captain lustfully, until he catches himself and reigns in his emotions, quickly hurrying to his destination. He does not see the appeal in the blond, but it puzzles him on what others find a desirable quality. Kirk’s smile widens at his First Officer’s thoughts, ignoring the lustful, and even disturbing, thoughts of those around him.

“Coffee?” The Captain asks, glancing at his First Officer. “My treat.”

Spock debates, but nods eventually, earning a soft smile. The blond leads the way to a café, a few Officers there already, as it is close by to Starfleet Headquarters. They step out of the way as an Admiral races out of the shop, coffee in one hand, a stack of files in the other, and what looks like some sort of pastry in her mouth. The two share a look before heading inside, removing their caps as they wait in line. The Omega attempts to brush off the lustful looks he is receiving, his Pure Omega nature kicking into high gear.

His fiancé would give him a look like the ones he is receiving now when they were on their five-year mission, but unlike those around him, he would never even think of leaving a bruise on him, cherishing him as if were a fragile and delicate newborn. Outside of his pyresus, the Augment would always be gentle with him, even when he had him pinned in a small side storage area in one of the corridors, praying that they would not be caught. On their shore leave, the first few hours were always dedicated to a slow, tender, but intense carnal activity that had him riding the high for days. It was almost a ritual, and their crew quickly learned to not disturb them until they emerged from their room on their own, not wanting to face the wrath of a frustrated Alpha, let alone an Augmented one. The blond was always thankful for his mate’s almost limitless stamina, and eagerness to bring him to heights he did not think was physically possible to achieve, more interested in his pleasing his Captain than give a thought about his own pleasure. The Brit would whisper things in his ear that he would dare not utter out loud, not just because they were inappropriate to be used outside of the bedroom, but because they were declarations of how he felt towards his Omega, leaving him so exposed and vulnerable, worried about his pride. It had taken him awhile before he could tell him that he loved him out loud, but he quickly learned that his mate’s reaction to his words far outweighed the amount he exposed himself to by admitting it, enjoying every moment of it.

Kirk fights to keep his blush at bay as he feels the phantom movements of his wings folding around him, attempting to shield him from the world. He feels Khan wrapping his arms around his slender waist, his wings folding around him. The Omega glances over his shoulder to see a translucent image of his mate behind him, realizing that he has mastered the ability of Astral Projection when it took him two years to do so.

“Show off,” Kirk mutters under his breath, earning a huff of laughter from his fiancé.

‘Just better,’ he murmurs, nuzzling his neck tenderly.

‘I’m gonna kick your ass when I get home,’ the blond growls, annoyed.

‘I would like to see you try,’ the Augment replies, gently kissing his mark.

‘Put some clothes on,’ the Captain orders.

He feels his Alpha’s presence vanish, when a sudden realization hits him.

‘Were Omegas working on the Io Facility?’ He asks.

‘I believe so,’ the Brit replies. ‘Why?’

‘The presence you felt might have been an Omega doing Astral Projection,’ the Omega explains. ‘And the extent of Astral Projection is practically limitless, as there is no physical body to drain energy. It is all mental, and an Omega’s mental abilities are hindered by their blood’s purity and length of bloodline.’

‘Fuck,’ the Alpha/Beta swears. ‘That means that someone from Section 31 could be alerting Marcus as we speak.’

‘Possibly,’ Kirk replies. ‘But Marcus is on Earth and within a thousand miles of me, so I highly doubt that if he learned about you being here and bonded to me that it wouldn’t be the foremost thought on his mind. He’s too busy thinking about bending his hot blonde secretary over his desk and fucking her senseless to focus on his work.’

‘I hate the fact that you know that,’ Khan mutters.

‘Are you still naked?’ The Captain asks.

‘I get the message,’ the Brit sighs.

The Omega orders his coffee and pastry, picking up quickly before he heads to an open table, Spock in tow with his tea. The blond is getting a kick out of his First Officer’s thoughts as he tries to figure out why people are looking at him as if he is a feast, much to his Alpha’s annoyance, and his embarrassment. He flicks his gaze to the dark haired male’s projection, sitting with his legs crossed in the empty chair to his right with his arms crossed over his chest, sulking, pouting, and scowling at the same time, a smile curling on his lips. He gets a funny look from Spock as he sits down at the table, but he ignores it to sip his cappuccino, enjoying the coffee, milk, caramel, and whipped cream. His training as the Empress comes into play, his back straight as he drinks, the Vulcan blinking in surprise at how formal and proper his Captain has just become, while his Alpha continues to sulk.

‘What is it with you sweets?’ Khan thinks, eyeing his Omega’s drink with annoyance. ‘It seems that you love sweets more than me, sometimes.’

‘What’s my gender?’ Kirk asks, hiding his smile as he drinks.

‘I know that Omegas prefer sweets like women prefer chocolate,’ the Augment snaps. ‘But you seem to have a larger sweet tooth than any other Omega.’

‘One, I have the purist blood of all Omegas,’ the Captain thinks, smiling. ‘Two, I’m pregnant, with your child. Don’t you make that face at me!’

The Alpha/Beta gives Bitch Face, causing him to choke on his beverage.

“Captain,” Spock asks worriedly.

The blond holds up a hand, coughing slightly.

“I’m good,” he says, clearing his throat. ‘Don’t fucking do that!’

Khan stands up and wraps his arms around the mother of his unborn child, his wings folding around him. He kisses his cheek before sitting back down, having finally stopped pouting, scowling, and sulking. He watches his mate eat his pastry, a chocolate filled croissant to be exact, his wings fluttering against his back as he smiles softly. He rests his chin in his hand, his other reaching out to stroke his cheek gently.

‘You are so beautiful,’ he thinks softly. ‘And all mine. Just as I am yours.’

‘That you are,’ his fiancée thinks back, a blush creeping across his cheeks, no matter how hard he tries to suppress it. ‘And I could never love you more than sweets. No matter how good the sweet is. And I’ve had Romulan chocolate.’

‘Alas,’ the Brit sighs. ‘I could not see you enjoy it. Or enjoy it off your body.’

He rumbles softly, leaning over the table to gently nibble on his neck, his Omega fighting to not show a reaction. He nuzzles his neck, purring softly as he rises to stand behind him, wrapping his arms around him before pressing their cheeks together. He rumbles again, his wings fluttering happily as he holds onto the blond. He glares at a Lieutenant licking his lips as he rakes his eyes all over his Captain, his thoughts not appropriate for anyone.

The Omega fights to not show a reaction as the Lieutenant’s cap suddenly goes flying off his head, leaving him bewildered and baffled as he tries to figures out how his cap suddenly went airborne. The Augment sits back down, scowling at the man searching for his cap.

‘You shouldn’t torture the corporeal,’ the Captain thinks, sipping his cappuccino as he nibbles on his croissant. ‘But he kinda deserved it.’

‘I know he did,’ the Brit growls, glaring. ‘He should not have those thoughts about any person, least of all my pregnant mate.’

‘But you really shouldn’t use your powers for evil,’ Kirk thinks, nodding when his First Officer suggests they should head back to Starfleet Headquarters.

‘Can anyone see me?’ Khan asks, following his fiancée out of the café, looking around.

‘I’m the only one that can see you clearly,’ the Omega replies, donning his cap. ‘Otherwise only Omegas can sense you, and bonded Alphas, consistently. It’s considered rude for an Omega to do Astral Projection, as most of the population is unaware if an Omega uses that ability. Though, some Betas, Alphas, and chimeras are more sensitive to the fluctuations of the electrical field caused by Astral Projection, but very rarely are they able to figure out what caused the hairs on the back of their necks to stand up on end. Humans can’t understand our abilities, which is why we keep them a secret.’

‘Good to know,’ the Alpha/Beta thinks back.

As the corporeal pair walk across the sunlight bathed grounds of Starfleet Headquarters, the blond does his best to come off as if his ego is being stroked, much to his fiancé’s amusement, as he is being stared at. What he really wants to do is flee with his tail between his legs and not pretend to be the hot shot, arrogant, cocky, youngest-Captain-in-the-fleet-or-possibly-ever person everyone believes him to be.

And not be stared at as if everyone is starving and he is an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Khan curses mentally, standing beside his mate so he can wrap a wing around him, shielding him from the stares.

The Brit knows that nearly all Pure Omegas are introverts, shy, modest, easily flustered, easily embarrassed, among other things. Once in a while, they could be outgoing, as the dark haired male has seen in his mate occasionally, but most of the time, his Omega hid behind him at social gatherings.

Kirk shoots his Alpha a grateful look, discretely of course, touching the backs of their hands together. The Augment smiles down at his fiancée, kissing his temple tenderly. Spock observes his Captain, slightly baffled by his behavior.

“This is it,” Kirk says, smiling. “I can feel it. Can’t you, Spock?”

“Your ‘feeling’ aside,” the Vulcan replies. “I consider it highly unlikely that we will be selected for the new program.”

The Omega feigns hurt, causing his Alpha to roll his eyes.

“Why else would Pike want to see us?” Kirk asks.

‘To nail your arse to a wall,’ Khan thinks.

“Forget about seniority,” the Captain continues, ignoring his mate. “This isn’t about procedure. It all adds up. Consider: They gave us the newest ship in the fleet. Who’s better prepared or better equipped?”

“I can think of numerous possibilities,” the Science Officer replies without hesitation.

‘As can I,’ the Alpha/Beta comments. ‘You in another year.’

The blond looks to the sky, smiling softly as his fiancé wraps an arm around his slender waist, holding him close.

“A five-year mission,” he murmurs, smiling. “Five years! Just think about what that would be like. No proscribed patrol responsibilities, no spending months and months on standard maneuvers. Five years doing nothing but exploring deep space. An extended mission devoted to science and discovery. We could really get out there.”

And no one could hear you scream as I toy with your ears for hours, maybe even days,’ Khan purrs.

Kirk lowers his gaze to his First Officer, smiling as he has plans forming in his mind to strangle his Alpha, much to his horror.

“As a Science Officer, I can’t imagine anything that would be more appealing to you,” he says, his eyes flashing impishly.

“In that opinion, I most heartily concur,” the Vulcan says, oblivious to his Captain’s expression, much to the Alpha/Beta’s disbelief. “However, I estimate the odds of our being chosen for the project at less than three-point-two percent.”

The Captain eyes Spock, shaking his head in disbelief, murder still on his mind.

‘How does four dozen roses sound?’ The Augment asks, trying to placate his mate.

“So you’re saying that the odds of our being chosen are more than three-point-one percent?” The Omega asks sarcastically.

“Obviously,” the First Officer replies, oblivious to his Captain’s teasing.

‘Is he serious?’ The Brit gapes, floored.

“Where do you even get those numbers?” The blond asks for his Alpha. “We are for certain getting chosen. Why wouldn’t we? Don’t be such a pessimist, Spock.”

‘Look in the mirror,’ Khan thinks, earning a mental elbow-to-the-gut. ‘What is with you today?’

‘My mood swings started,’ Kirk snaps.

The Vulcan looks at his Captain as they turn a corner on the open quad, wondering why he is just slightly off.

“Realistic and considered analysis of a given situation is not pessimism,” Spock replies matter-of-factly. “It is reality. My life is firmly grounded in reality. Something of which I believe yours could do with a more frequent injection.”

‘He really does not know how grounded you actually are,’ the dark haired male muses.

The blond glares at his mate for a split second, only noticeable if you were paying close attention, before shaking his head sadly.

“Shoot me if I prefer excitement and happiness over stability,” he sighs.

‘That could possibly be mood swings,’ the Alpha/Beta thinks.

‘One more word, I swear to God,’ his fiancée snarls.

‘I love you, James,’ the Brit thinks, placating his mate with a tender kiss to his temple.

One of the Vulcan’s slanted eyebrows rises as they approach the building housing their destination, passing by a group of female Officers.

“I find more than adequate happiness in a firm appreciation of reality,” he says. “As for excitement, in my capacity as your Science Officer, I experience a surfeit of that particular quality without having to seek it out. I would venture to go so far as to say I experience it to excess.”

‘And what, if I may inquire, did you do when I was not around?’ The Augment inquires, eyeing his Omega with suspicion.

‘Fighting aliens, saving the universe,’ he replies. ‘The usual.’

The dark haired male rolls his eyes, exhaling loudly through his nose.

‘Never use sarcasm against its owner,’ he thinks.

‘That wasn’t sarcasm,’ is the reply.

“Ah, yes,” the Captain murmurs. “Moderation in all things. How typically Vulcan.”

“It would not hurt you to try it,” Spock shot back, in a Vulcan way. “It might even benefit your captaincy.”

Kirk straightens himself, switching from shy Omega to the Empress of Earth in a heartbeat, something that takes his Alpha’s breath away.

Khan knows that his fiancée was born and trained to rule humanity, as his ancestors had been, for his entire lifespan. Born into the oldest and purest bloodline of Neo Homo sapiens sapiens, he is the head of every bloodline, no matter what gender the bloodline was, but he never acted like it. He has a natural air of authority around him due to being a Captain, but during the moments when his bloodline’s true nature shone through…

The Alpha/Beta can not only feel, but see the change that his mate causes by his presence in ways that humans cannot. He can see his abilities change the way the energy around him flows, as well as feel the electricity crackle over his skin, despite being a projection. The Augment had always wondered how shy, meek Pure Omegas could hold so much power over the other genders, right up until he was falling over himself to obey the Empress’ wishes.

Just as every other gender does.

The dark haired male had observed in their reality this event that occurred with Pure Omegas, and had understood why their Alphas and family members fought to protect the purity they radiated. They are highly sensitive and timid, especially Pure Omega males, and the authoritative side of them came out once in a blue moon. When that side did come out, every other gender scrambled to obey them, even Alpha elitists who despised the fact that Omegas held all the power. In fact, they are the ones who went out of their way to appease the ones they loathed.

But for some reason, Alphas bonded to Pure Omegas could resist the urge to obey, but only if the Pure Omega’s bloodline was shorter than the Omega they were bonded to.

Except if you happened to be a chimera and bonded to the Empress of Earth.

“All right, I will,” Kirk says.

Khan blinks rapidly as he is jerked out of his thoughts, quickening his pace to catch up to his corporeal mate, a smile tugging on his lips.

Spock blinks, genuinely surprised at his Captain’s words.

“You will?” He asks, stunned.

“Absolutely,” the Captain replies as they approach the doors of the building. “We’re here. When Pike tells us we’ve been selected for the mission, I promise to exercise moderation by saying ‘I told you so’ only one time. Per day. For no more than several weeks, whose absolute number shall remain indeterminate until you express contrition.”

Kirk pauses when they enter the building, shaking his head as he takes off his cap. He heads towards the stairs, his First Officer right beside him, his fiancé on the other side. Khan is laughing at his mate’s words, knowing that his Omega is both modest and humble, and did not mean what he said. He brushes the back of his hand against his fiancée’s, worried when he pulls away just slightly.

The blond is clearly shaken by something, and a quick scan of the minds around them tell the dark haired male all he needs.

‘I will not let him hurt you,’ the Augment promises. ‘With my last dying breath, I will protect you from harm.’

‘I know,’ the Captain replies. ‘I love you, Noonien.’

‘I love you too, James,’ the dark haired male thinks softly. ‘Never forget that.’

He kisses his cheek before vanishing, whispering a promise to return.

‘Don’t leave me,’ Kirk begs, fighting to keep tears at bay. ‘Please don’t leave me.’

‘I will never leave you,’ Khan thinks, materializing once again. ‘I cannot leave you.’

He brushes one massive jet black wing his fiancée’s skin, wishing he could materialize his scent to soothe him.

‘Your presence is enough,’ the Omega thinks, his lips twitching.

The corporeal pair approaches Pike’s secretary, who just lifts her head, her amber eyes cold. The moment they land on the Captain, they melt, giving him the most subtle of nods. Kirk instantly recognizes her as second in line for the throne, the second purest bloodline of the Pure Omegas, around fifteen thousand, seven hundred fifty years old, if the math is correct.

And her hair is a dead giveaway.

Platinum blonde at the roots to rich chestnut on the ends, falling to her knees in a thick braid, only her bloodline has the unique nature ombré hair, and all subsequent off shoots. Only Pure Omegas kept the trait in the bloodline with every generation, the trait fading in a few in the off shoots. It was always natural hair colors with the Pure Omegas, but unnatural hair colors showed up when the trait was about to vanish.

The Omega can remember playing with her, Rosébella Mathilda Sommners, when he was a young child and learned side-by-side in the palace. While he is the most powerful Pure Omega due to his bloodline, on the same footing, she would be the most powerful empath, on top of her insane telepathic abilities. She is nowhere near his level due to their bloodlines, but she is still miles ahead of the Pure Omega behind her. They had the same upbringing, and it was, and still is, impossible to keep secrets from her. She had known Kirk’s secret the moment it happened, but she kept silent as she is only two weeks younger than him, afraid of what might have happened to her if she told.

‘Jimmy!’ Sommners chirps, pointing to the couch. ‘I haven’t seen you in, God, how long has it been?’

‘I think twenty-six years,’ the Omega replies, sitting. ‘We really have to catch up.’

‘We do,’ she replies. ‘And who is beside you?’

‘How the bloody Hell can she see me?’ Khan gapes, startled.

‘My mate,’ his fiancée replies, glancing at him. ‘Correction, my Perfect Mate.’

‘Holy shit,’ Sommners thinks, though, outwardly she is calm and collected. ‘They can still exist?’

‘Not since twelve thousand years ago in our reality, as you know,’ the blond thinks. ‘But for whatever reason, we are.’

‘I so have to meet your Alpha,’ the blonde-brunette thinks back. ‘Your place for dinner?’

‘Of course,’ the Captain replies.

“The Admiral will see you now,” Sommners says, waving the trio into the office. ‘Good luck. He’s pissed.’

‘Great,’ Kirk groans.

Pike stands at the window behind his desk, his back to them, not saying a word. The two younger Officers stand before his desk, the silence thick. The view of the city in the window is impressive, and engrossing on such a beautiful day, the engaged couple longing to spread their wings and soar above it all. But the blond is more worried about the fact that he cannot read his Commanding Officer’s mind, a feat that he knows is incredibly hard to do, even when one happens to be an Omega. He shares a look of bemusement with his First Officer, feeling his Alpha shift behind him nervously.

The seconds tick by, ratcheting up the tension with each one.

After what was enough time to even be remotely reassuring, the Senior Officer finally speaks.

“Uneventful,” Pike says.

Kirk has to strain to hear the word, though it is perfectly intelligible. He knows exactly it signifies, and his heart sinks at the words.

“Admiral?” He asks. “Sir?”

The Admiral abandons the view, turning to seat himself at his desk. The blond glances at the silver-headed cane in his hand, noting that it is a new one. He does not spend long looking at it, turning his gaze to Pike as he waves a hand, activating the readouts before him. He spends a moment studying it before his gaze rises to meet Kirk’s, his expression neutral.

“That’s how you described, in your Captain’s log, your survey of the world its inhabitants call Nibiru,” the Admiral says. “Uneventful.”

‘Fuck,’ Khan curses, folding his arms over his chest as he shifts on the edge of the desk. ‘You really had to repeat history, James. Are you trying to get us both killed? Or worse?’

‘Shut up,’ the Captain growls, his gaze unconsciously flicking to his mate. ‘I lied on my official report to protect you. Ever bother to think about what would happen if I deterred from our reality and found about you, about us? What do you think he would do if he found out that you were with me? Or that I’m pregnant, with your child? That we’re Perfect Mates? What then?’

The Augment is silent, though his wings shift against his back, glancing at the highest-ranking Officer in the room. He can feel Spock’s pure astonishment through his thoughts, and his limited empathic abilities, but he cannot feel anything from Pike, and judging by his mate’s reactions, his scent is non-existent. With barely a shrug, Kirk indicates the readout, feeling the phantom movements of his wings shifting violently against his back.

“You know me, sir,” he says. “I like my reports to be concise. Senior Officers are confronted with so much information these days that I’d be the last to overload a Captain’s log with excessive detail. I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time going over-”

“That’s alright, Captain,” the Admiral says, his voice and face neutral. “I’m not put off by detail. I tend to find much of it more enlightening than excessive. Some of it proves to be quite interesting, in fact.”

He waves a forefinger at the readout, a sliver of his scent emerging.

But it is gone too fast for the Omega to pick out anything.

“Take this report’s subsection on planetary geology, for example,” he continues. “Tell me about this supervolcano. Supervolcanoes are very interesting structures. According to the data, this one was situated directly above a conjoining of three continental plates, a unique geological nexus that was further destabilized by a number of proximate major earthquake faults. A very unstable tectonic situation; one might even say volatile. Sufficiently volatile, one could conclude, that if the volcano were to advance to a highly eruptive state, it might set off a series of quakes that in turn could severely jostle the relevant trio of continental plates. The resulting catastrophe could wipe out all life on that part of the planet. Certainly higher life.”

Pike narrows his gaze on Kirk, who has to fight to not squirm.

“If it were to erupt,” he finishes.

Kirk lets out a weak smile, feeling his mate’s wings fold around him.

“Let’s hope it doesn’t, sir,” he says.

“Something tells me it won’t,” Pike says, not smiling back.

The Omega winces slightly, clearing his throat.

“W-well, sir,” he begins, his voice trembling just barely. “‘Volatile’ is a relative t-term.”

He clears his throat again, trying to settle his nerves.

“Far from scientifically specific,” he continues. “Anything is possible in such a situation. Maybe our data was off. We weren’t at Nibiru long. Under such circumstances, a lot of data has to be gathered as quickly as possible and refined later. Information needs to be adjusted in light of additional study. Even data relating to a supervolcano that might at first glance appear to be on the verge of a violent eruption.”

The Admiral nods slowly, his gaze flicking to the translucent image of the Alpha/Beta’s head resting on his fiancée’s shoulder. His face and body language are unchanged, but his scent emerges, and once again, it is gone too fast.

“Or, maybe it won’t erupt because Commander Spock detonated a meticulously crafted and custom-designed counterthermal Rankine wave device inside it right before a civilization that’s barely discovered the concept of the wheel happened to see a starship rising out of their ocean,” he says, his voice rising to a volume that could almost be considered yelling.

He turns to the Science Officer, anger burning in his eyes.

“My apologies for the somewhat condensed summary of your report,” Pike spits. “But that is the way you described it, is it not?”

The Captain whirls on his First Officer, his jaw slack with fake shock.

“You… filed a report?” He gapes, his eyes blown wide.

“Following exploration of a new or lightly contacted world, all individual starship sections are required to file a full report,” Spock states, fixing his Captain with an unblinking stare. “Why would you assume Science would not do the same?”

“I thought you would, of course,” the Omega snaps, suddenly struggling with actually trying to keep his temper in check. “But I assumed you’d run it by me first. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I incorrectly assumed you would tell the truth in your report,” the Vulcan says, his voice flatter and more machine-like than usual.

‘Where’s the popcorn?’ Someone thinks, and Kirk realizes that it is from Pike.

The blond’s expression tightens, his wings mantling invisibly against his back as his fiancé struggles to remember how to breathe, doubled over with howling laughter.

“I would have if not for the inconvenient exception I had to make in order to save your life,” the Captain spits, fighting to keep tears from streaming down his face. “Or did you decide to omit that from your report because you considered it an ‘excessive detail?’”

“On the contrary,” the Science Officer replies. “I took care to include it along with all related information. It is something for which, on subsequent reflection, I am immeasurably grateful, and the very reason why I felt it necessary to take responsibility-”

“And that would be so noble,” Kirk snarls. “It I wasn’t the one getting thrown under the bus, Pointy!”

Both eyebrows rise at the statement, jaw falling slight slack as a few loose objects rattle dangerously, the Augment looking around nervously.

“‘Pointy?’” Spock asks. “Is that an attempt at a derogatory reference to my-”

“Gentlemen,” Pike says firmly, shutting up both younger Officers with a single word.

Kirk can hear the Admiral’s thoughts, and he is a bit floored when he realizes that he is trying to not laugh.

Pike rises from his seat behind his desk, using his cane for support as a fixes his subordinates with a stern glare, eyeing the Omega with a looking clearly telling him to reign in his emotions right that second.

“As you have clearly forgotten,” he begins, watching the blond take deep breaths to regain his control over his abilities. “Please, allow me to remind you: Starfleet’s mandate is to explore and observe, and if necessary to defend. Not to interfere. The Prime Directive is the first thing new cadets memorize, not the last. No matter how stressful the circumstances, I find it difficult to believe that it could be forgotten. Or worse, overlooked.”

The Admiral eyes them meaningfully, his face hard.

“The Prime Directive supersedes everything, gentlemen,” he finishes. “Even initiative.”

“Had the mission that we set ourselves gone as planned, Admiral,” Spock says. “The indigenous sentient species of Nibiru would never have become aware of interference. Or our presence. The operation was designed from the outset to preserve every aspect of the Prime Directive.”

“That’s a technicality,” Pike says, displeased by the First Officer’s response.

“I am Vulcan, sir,” the Science Officer replies. “We embrace technicality.”

“Sir, if I can be allowed to explain-” Kirk hurriedly interjects, his abilities under his control once more.

“Kirk, shut up,” the Admiral snaps, glaring at the Vulcan. “Are you giving me attitude, Spock?”

“I am expressing multiple attitudes simultaneously, sir each one of which can be differently parsed,” Spock says, unfazed. “To which are you referring?”

Pike sits back in his chair, tapping the fingers of one hand on his desktop.

“Logic should serve to illuminate, not complicate,
he says. “Your attempt to substitute ambiguity for clarity is misguided. Out. You’re dismissed, Commander.”

Spock hesitates, casting an indecipherable look at the Omega before wordlessly departing. Pike gestures for Kirk to sit, silent as he watches the Captain’s training take hold, his expression unreadable. The blond takes the seat the way a lady trained in the etiquette of European nobility would, his back straight as he folds his hands in his lap, but his nervousness is palatable, trembling slightly. His superior’s mind is closed off, his scent nonexistent as the silence ticks by, the younger Officer fighting to not squirm.

“Why is Commander John Harrison in your ship’s reports?” Pike asks after a long silence.

Kirk swallows hard, knowing he is in deep, deep shit.

Chapter Text

Kirk stares at the floor, debating on how to answer the question, his sheathed wings shifting violently against his back.

“Why is Commander John Richard Harrison in your ship’s reports?” Pike asks again.

The Omega flinches at his tone, his mind whirling as he tries to simultaneously figure out how to say his answer delicately, and figure out how he knows his mate’s alias’ middle name.

“And I want the truth,” the Admiral adds, his fingers still drumming.

‘Can we trust him?’ Khan asks worriedly, his wings shifting almost violently against his back. ‘I cannot hear his thoughts.’

‘I don’t know,’ his fiancée thinks back, his own wings still shifting violently. ‘I can’t hear them either.’

The blond swallows thickly, his gaze fixed on the floor.

“He is my mate,” he says quietly. “But his name isn’t John Harrison.”

Pike’s drumming intensifies, his gaze unsettling.

“And what, pray tell me, is his name?” He asks, his voice hard.

The ex-Captain swallows again, beginning to tremble. He remains silent, his hands toying nervously with his cap.

“I am your Commanding Officer,” the Admiral says, his voice even harder. “I order you to tell me his name.”

“I can’t,” Kirk whimpers, tears biting his eyes. “I can’t tell you.”

Pike narrows his eyes, his drumming ceasing.

“You are already sent back to the Academy,” he says. “You’ve lost the Enterprise. Who the Hell are you protecting that would be even more important that your career, what you have devoted your life to? What Alpha could be that important to ruin your entire life for?”

The Omega remains silent, his Alpha wrapping his around his shoulders, holding him tightly as his wings fold around him. The Admiral flicks his gaze to the Augment, studying him.

“He’s here, isn’t he?” He asks.

His subordinate does not answer, still refusing to look up.

“Answer me!” He barks.

Kirk flinches, tears rolling down his cheeks, shaking as he whimpers softly. Pike studies him for a few seconds before nodding, his posture relaxing.

“Then start from the beginning,” he says softly. “I’m assuming that this started after I died?”

The ex-Captain nods, but does not say a word, or lift his gaze. The silence lasts for several minutes before the Admiral breaks it, his voice soft.

“James, whatever it is,” he says. “Whatever secret you are keeping, you can tell me. You can trus-”

“No, I can’t,” the blond says abruptly, squeezing his eyes shut as tears fall. “I can’t trust anybody. I can’t trust myself.”

Pike is silent, waiting as the Omega tries to pull himself together, watching him tuck his legs under himself.

“If, if the wrong people learned of what I know,” he begins, his voice barely above a whisper. “A lot of people will die, starting with my entire crew. And that would be just the beginning.”

He looks out the window, his entire being trembling as tears flow freely down his cheeks.

“I know too much for my own good, not just from being the Empress of Earth, but too much of everything,” he says quietly. “If someone got inside my head, and I know they can, secrets that should never have even been thought of will be revealed, and too many people will be hurt.”

“The Council is gone,” the Admiral replies, folding his hands in his lap as he leans back in his chair. “Most of the members are human now, and those that are not have decided to not form it again. That takes care of one problem, but I know of only one person who terrifies you this much, to keep you tighter lipped than your Omega reproductive system outside of Heat. This has something to do with Marcus, doesn’t it?”

Kirk hesitates, but nods, refusing to look at his Commanding Officer.

“James,” the older Officer says quietly, resting his elbows on his desk. “You don’t know much about my personal life, do you?”

The Omega shakes his head, turning his teary eyed gaze to him.

“I know that you’ve seen my file,” he says softly. “So you know that Fleet Admiral Alexander Marcus is the one that talked me into joining Starfleet, and I was once a hellion that put all others to shame. Starfleet beat that troublemaker right out of me and I rose through the ranks to Captain, I was even given my own ship. The jewel of the fleet, the USS Enterprise. I never married, never had kids, Starfleet was my life. Keyword: was.”

The ex-Captain blinks, his tears beginning to dry on his cheeks.

“I was down in Riverside, Iowa,” he continues. “With a few new Cadets, when one shouted that he saw something. We stopped and investigated, and found that it was someone on the side of the road in a ditch, all but pronounced dead. An Omega, correction, a Pure Omega male, raped and beaten to the point that he was barely recognizable as human, almost every bone in his body broken or fractured. Our newest recruit, Doctor Leonard McCoy, examined him, and found evidence of abuse that spanned two decades. He determined the Omega’s age to be twenty-two, and that he had not only ran an incredible distance to escape from his abuser, or abusers, but put up a Hell of a fight, evident by the tissue under his nails and in between his teeth.”

Pike looks out his window, staring past the scenery and into the past.

“He should not have been able to speak, but he began to plead, begging for help,” he says quietly. “The sound broke my heart, and I picked him up and held him tight against my body as we sought out help, but he refused to let go, even to be examined. I nursed him back to health, by his side for three weeks straight, and the moment he was coherent, he requested the paperwork to join Starfleet Academy. That was four days after he placed into my care. It was three days later that I had The Council pounding at my door to drag their still half-dead Empress back to the palace, all but demanding my head.”

He turns to the blond, his gaze soft.

“I had simply turned and asked him if he still wanted to join the Academy,” he says softly. “And he said-”

“‘It’s the only thing that has brought any light into my life,’” Kirk finishes quietly, a smile curling on his lips. “‘If that’s where you are, it’s where I want to be.’”

“And I’ll admit, the look on The Council’s face when I shut the door on them, I enjoyed it way more than I should have,” Pike grins, his eyes flashing wickedly before turning serious. “At that moment, that young Omega, who I had no blood relation to, became my daughter, and I took him under my wing, because someone that broken needs to know that there will always be someone to catch them.”

He looks out the window, exhaling softly through his nose as tears start to stream down his subordinate’s cheeks.

“And when I found out that the man who talked me into joining Starfleet had not only abused, raped, and molested my daughter, but impregnated him without his consent,” he says coldly, his eyes flashing dangerously. “I about walked into his office and killed him with my own two hands, and only the thought that I would leave that young, innocent, broken Omega alone stopped me from doing so. The biggest regret in my life was the fact that the man who started me down the path to bring what my entire universe centers around into it, who changed me into the man I am today, is the one who caused my daughter to need me in the first place.”

The Omega lets out a quiet sob, hand covering his mouth as he begins to tremble, weeping quietly. His Commanding Officer turns his gaze to him, his expression tender.

“There is nothing I will not do for him,” he says softly, extending a tissue. “And there are no limits on how far I will go, or how many rules, regulations, laws, or personal beliefs I will break to keep him safe.”

The ex-Captain takes to tissue and dabs at his tears, blowing his nose before sinking the balled up tissue into the wastebasket, accepting another.

“If I tell you everything,” he sniffles, looking up with watery glacial blue eyes. “You have to take this to your grave.”

The Admiral nods, watching him collect himself as he waits, his expression tender and vulnerable. The blond takes a deep breath and begins to explain what happened after his, passing, leaving nothing out, no matter what expression crosses his superior’s face. Khan remains behind him, holding him close, his wings folding around him.

Once he has finished, Pike leans back in his chair, running a hand down his face.

“God damn it, James,” he mutters, shaking his head in disbelief. “Khan Noonien Singh? Of all people, you had to bond with him? You had to bond with the most famous, or more accurately, infamous, Augment in human history, and carry his child? And he had to be your Perfect Mate?”

He pinches the bridge of his nose, shaking his head before looking up at his subordinate.

“But to hear you confirm it,” he says, shaking his head again. “To hear you confirm that I was not imagining the mention of wings in your reports…”

He exhales softly, running a hand down his face.

“Perfect Mates,” the Admiral says quietly. “This is why I sometimes wish I was not a Pure Beta. But thank God I thought I was removing that, and any mention of your mate from the reports. Marcus would have not just killed your crew, he would have wiped out their families and friends if he read them.”

He shakes his head one more time before looking up, his expression tender, a small smile gracing his lips.

“But I’m glad that you’re happy,” he says softly. “I really am happy for you, my daughter. If anyone deserves to be happy, it’s you.”

“Thank you,” Kirk says quietly, smiling. “Noonien is thanking you too, and apologizing for taking you away from me.”

“So he has changed,” the Pure Beta murmurs softly, more to himself. “But is it enough?”

‘Tell him that I will protect the both of you with my last breath,’ Khan thinks softly, his wings fluttering softly. ‘There is nothing I will not do for you. Either of you. I love you far too much to let you slip out from my grasp, again. I am a better person, in every way.’

His fiancée looks up at him, his glacial blue eyes watering before falling closed as their lips meet, Pike raising an eyebrow at the sight before him. He clears his throat, suppressing a grin as his subordinate’s cheeks flush heavily, his gaze glued to the ground.

“I’ve never fully understood the abilities of Omegas, let alone Pure Omegas,” the Pure Beta says. “But am I correct to assume that the faint, shimmery cloud that’s around you is Khan?”

“You can see him?” The blond asks, surprised at the question. “Anyone who has Beta DNA can almost never see an Astral Projection, unless they have Omega and Alpha DNA in large quantities.”

“I’ve always been a bit more sensitive to the abilities of Omegas, though I’ve never fully grasped the concept of them,” the Admiral replies. “But am I correct?”

“You are,” the Omega replies, smiling shyly.

“And can he hear me?” His superior asks.

‘I am not deaf,’ the Brit growls, his wings shifting in annoyance.

“Yes he can,” his Omega translates.

“Well then,” Pike says, clearing his throat. “If you hurt James in any way, I will personally make sure that you will wish you had never been born, and I will find a way to permanently kill you.”

‘First your mother, and now him,’ the Augment groans, shaking his head. ‘What is it with people and thinking I will harm you?’

“He understands,” Kirk says, smiling. “And he promises he won’t. I’m his reason for living.”

‘Damn straight,’ Khan thinks.

“Good,” the Admiral replies, nodding. “Then I shall see you in that Omega friendly bar, and try not to look happy as you leave.”

The ex-Captain nods, elegantly unfolding from his chair as he puts the appropriate mask, his shoulders drooping as well as he exits the office. Sommners looks up, her face showing sympathy, but her mind is curious.

‘Care to join me for lunch?’ Kirk asks.

‘Nothing would please me more, Empress,’ she replies, a smile tugging at her lips. ‘Where shall I meet you?’

The Omega gives her his address, the blonde-brunette confirming that she will be there. The blond heads out of the building and back to his apartment, surprised to find it empty. A note on the fridge confirms that his fiancé is out and about, promising to be back soon, though they both have been gone for a few hours.

On the table is a single flower, a primrose, the color a beautiful and brilliant sunshine yellow.

“I cannot live without you,” Kirk murmurs softly, picking up the flower. “Amazing how much a simple plant can mean.”

He brings the flower to his nose, sniffing gently, a smile curling on his lips. He places the primrose on his table before heading into the kitchen to grab a glass of water, pulling out his supplements as he looks out the floor-to-ceiling window, exhaling softly. He rests a hand on his abdomen, looking past the scenery as his mind wanders elsewhere, worrying his lower lips with his teeth. The blond sighs quietly, taking his supplements and heads into the bedroom, shedding his uniform to dress in his civilian attire, spreading his wings. He looks out the window again, his arms wrapped around himself as he moves to stand in front of it, his sad reflection staring back. He places a hand on the glass, the warmth of his hand fogging the pane around it, the glass cold to the touch. He locks gazes with his reflection, searching for answers to the thousands of questions churning violently in his mind.

“Can I be a good parent?” He asks himself, the main question that screams to be voiced.

Silence answers him, his reflection staring back at him with not a single answer on its lips. Its eyes turn to a deep sapphire, its expression turning into a look of tenderness that is not on his face. Out of the glass, its hand emerges, cupping his cheek with a very real appendage, warm to the touch. His reflection steps out of the glass, becoming flesh and bone, gesturing to the bed with a wave of its hand.

“You would only call us if you cannot seek the answer in yourself, James,” his reflection says. “Your ancestors hear your cry for help, and will do our best to guide you. What is on your mind, Little One?”

The Omega draws his knees to his chest and rests his chin on them, wrapping his arms around them as he thinks about how to reply to his ancestors’ question.

“Did you have any doubts about who to select as your Dahrrii?” He asks softly, looking at his reflection.

His ancestors shake their head, sighing softly as they close their eyes.

“You are too young to make that decision,” they say softly. “That is not a choice to take lightly. An Empress’ husband is not for life, but their mate is. Especially when they are their Dahrrii. You only have one Dahrrii, and you only have one mate. Even though Noonien is your Perfect Mate and the father of the child growing inside you, you must not choose him to be your Dahrrii, not when you are this young and inexperienced.”

“But I know that he is the one,” their descendant protests. “I know that he is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I know-”

His ancestors press a finger to his lips, silencing him with a stern look.

“We forbid you from choosing your Dahrrii at this age,” they say firmly. “This decision takes decades to choose, and you have only fallen in love with one Alpha, even before you were bonded.”

Kirk fights back tears as he looks away, his ancestors cupping his cheek to turn his head back, pressing a kiss between his brows.

“We know it hurts, Little One,” they murmur. “But one cannot experience love without experiencing loss and hurt. You have not suffered from the pain of having your heart broken, truly being broken, and you have not interacted with enough Alphas to truly know if he could be your Dahrrii.”

They pull away and nuzzle their descendant’s cheeks, murmuring softly.

“You must wait, Little One,” they say softly. “Once you are more experienced, you will truly understand the gravity of this decision. And we know that you have a more pressing question on your mind. Ask us that one.”

“It doesn’t matter,” the blond sniffles, moving to lie down on the bed so his back is to his ancestors. “I shouldn’t have called you in the first place. I’m sorry I did, so go back to, wherever you came from.”

His ancestors let out a frustrated groan, turning to face their descendant as they sit cross-legged on his bed, hands folded in their lap.

“You may not like what we have said,” they say softly. “But we spoke the truth, and you must listen.”

The Omega curls up in a ball, his wings folding around him as he sniffles softly, squeezing his eyes tightly shut.

“Little One,” his ancestors say softly. “Though you may love your mate fiercely, there are many things that you are too young to understand. And a child having a child… an Empress at your age would still be under the guidance of their mother, and not thinking about the rest of their life with their mate. You never claimed the throne, something we strongly disapprove of, but-”

“I didn’t take the fucking throne because I was being raped!” The ex-Captain snarls, whirling on his ancestors. “Or did you forget that fact that my future husband took two decades from me, because he’s a fucking Pure Alpha elitist!? He was trying to break me so I would hand over all power to him because all Omegas are whores just looking for their next fuck, or did you forget that as he raped me when just two weeks after my second birthday!?”

Their ancestors’ expression hardens, their deep sapphire eyes cold.

“That is something we will never forget,” they say coldly. “The moment his soul leaves his body, he will experience our full wrath, as every Alpha elitist does. But that is the past, and you have a mate that loves you with every cell in his body, though we strongly disapprove.”

They gesture to their descendant’s bedside table, a flash of metal gleaming in the light.

“Observe,” they say.

Kirk looks at the two items on the table, scooting over to his side so he can pick up the first, his heart fluttering in his chest.

His necklace gleams in the light, the pendant spinning slowly on its chain. He slips it back around his neck, touching the pendant lightly, feeling the grooves and ridges on its surface. His wrist hurts slightly, but the pain is going away, slowly, as is the pain in his cheek. His wings flutter against his back, holding the pendant tightly as he closes his eyes, exhaling softly.

“He does love you,” his ancestors say, their tone tender. “And he has changed, but we do not approve, but we know that we cannot stop you. But we will intervene if you begin to obsess about choosing who your Dahrrii is, and you will not like our choice.”

They rise to their feet and hold his face in their hands, pressing a kiss between his brows.

“In the eyes of all past Empresses,” they murmur. “You are but a child. You may be mature, but you are not experienced, nor wise. You have a lot of growing up to do, but you have a lot of time to do it. Do not rush to make a decision, for there is no reason to do so.”

They take a step back and place their hand up, the Omega raising his hand to meet his ancestors’, hands pressed together. They take a step back and step into the glass, turning to meet their descendant’s gaze, raising their hand again. He presses his hand to the glass, his reflection’s eyes turning back to glacial blue, his ancestors gone once more.

“That didn’t help,” he mutters, turning to his bedside table once again.

He picks up the second item, a black sheath with a razor thin blade, sharp enough to cut a hair by having one just dropped on it. The straps reveal that it is designed to rest on the inside of his forearm, and a simple test shows that it has a quick release. He slips on the sheath, startled when it cloaks itself, turning his forearm this way and that to show that it camouflages from everything.

On a strange impulse, he drums his fingers in a specific pattern, a holoscreen appearing on his palm. The ex-Captain controls the screen, flicking through multiple settings, and multiple screens. He smiles and turns the screen off, sitting on the bed as he places his hands on his flat abdomen, slipping inside his body to listen to the rapidly beating heart in his womb. He lies down on his back, his wings half spread as he moves into the middle of the bed, slipping his hands under his shirt to rest them on his warm skin.

“Can I still be a good parent?” He asks himself, rubbing his skin gently. “Even though I don’t have a good role model?”

He opens his eyes and sits up, looking down as he exhales softly. He pulls his shirt down and rises to his feet, standing in front of the glass to look out at the city stretched out before him, his arms wrapped around himself.

“James?” Khan asks as he enters the apartment.

“I’m in the bedroom,” his fiancée replies, not moving from his spot.

The Augment places the groceries in the kitchen before shedding his coat, moving into the bedroom to change shirts so he can spread his wings, standing behind his mate. He looks down at the blond with a tender expression, closing the distance to wrap his arms around his waist, resting his chin on his shoulder as he nuzzles his neck gently.

“Are you alright, love?” He asks quietly, kissing his skin tenderly. “You are awfully quiet.”

“I talked with my ancestors,” the blond says quietly, feeling his Alpha stiffen behind him. “I couldn’t find the answer in myself, so I called them.”

“Did they help answer your question?” The dark haired male asks softly, lifting his gaze to lock eyes with his Omega’s reflection.

He shakes his head, feeling his mate’s large hands slip under his shirt to rub his abdomen tenderly, holding his gaze.

“Can we talk?” The Alpha/Beta asks quietly, raising his head. “Right now?”

The Omega nods, letting himself be led to their shared bed, sitting down the edge facing his fiancé. The Brit exhales softly through his nose, looking down at his lap before looking up, conflict clear in his eyes.

“Are, are you sure that you want this, child?” He asks hesitantly, his wings shifting against his back. “I know that you doubt yourself, and I can understand if you are not ready to be a parent, and I am willing to wait until you are ready.”

Kirk’s breath catches in his throat, his glacial blue eyes widening in shock. He is too stunned to say a word, his chest tight.

“I am not ready to be a parent,” Khan admits quietly, looking away. “I wish I had someone who was a good more role model, but I had no one. I have no one. Besides my crew, the only other family member I have is you, and I will do anything for you.”

He turns to his mate, taking his hand in his large one as he strokes his skin, holding his gaze.

“I need to know, James,” he says softly. “Are you ready to be a parent?”

The blond hesitates, worrying his lower lip with his teeth as he thinks, debating.

“I, I don’t know,” he says quietly, resting his other hand on his abdomen, looking down. “I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready.”

A large pale hand rests over his, threading their fingers together as the older of the pair nuzzles the younger’s cheeks, moving to bury his head into the crook of his neck, inhaling his scent deeply.

“Then we can be not ready together,” he murmurs, lips brushing over his pulse.

His fiancée slides a hand into his jet black hair, toying with the silk-like strands as his eyes fall shut, holding him tight. They just sit on the bed and hold each other, their wings folding around each other before the Augment rises, scooping up his Captain to hold him in his arms, moving to stand in front of the window. The Omega loops his arms around his mate’s neck, resting his head on his shoulder as they stare out at the city, content to just to hold onto each other. A pair of massive jet black wings fold around them, shimmering amethyst, sapphire, and emerald in the light, cocooning them in warmth.

“Why is Sommners coming over her for lunch, when you said that you cannot trust yourself?” The Alpha/Beta asks quietly.

“Rosébella was the second-in-line for the throne in our reality,” his Omega replies. “The strength of a Pure Omega’s passive ability is determined by the bloodline, and they can block the thoughts of those of a shorter line, but not those who have a longer one. And as second-in-line for the throne, she can shield her thoughts from all Omegas except one.”

“You,” the dark haired male says quietly.

“She also grew up beside me in the palace, and she knows my secret, from the very beginning,” the ex-Captain replies, tightening his grip slightly. “I can trust her with my life, and so can you.”

The Brit nods, shifting his mate slightly so he has a better grip.

“Why could you not trust yourself?” He asks quietly.

“There are, other ways to read an Omega’s mind without using another Omega,” the blond says quietly. “They are, not pleasant.”

His fiancé winces, tightening his grip as the expectant couple stares out the window, silent as they enjoy each other’s company. The dark haired male laughs as his mate’s stomach growls loudly, shaking his head as he carries him into the front half of their shared apartment, setting him on his feet as he begins to work on his lunch surprise.

“Since when did your culinary skills include sushi?” Kirk asks as he sits at the bar, resting his elbows on the countertop and his chin in his hands.

“I am better,” Khan smirks, pulling out the utensils and ingredients.

“Bullshit,” his fiancée snorts. “You memorized a hundred page book in fifteen minutes, or am I wrong?”

The Augment scratches the back of his head, a light blush creeping across his razor sharp cheekbones as turns to the sink, washing and drying his hands thoroughly before handling the ingredients.

“You are correct,” he admits quietly, refusing to meet his gaze.

The blond grins and leans forward over the counter to peck his mate on the lips, pulling away so he can replicate himself a glass of cranberry, blueberry, and blackberry juice, causing the dark haired male to snicker.

“Bones bitched at me that I need to drink this shit,” the ex-Captain snaps, glaring at him as he sits at the bar. “I hate cranberry juice, so shut up.”

He takes a large swallow, gagging as he makes a face, scowling at the dark liquid in his glass.

“I hate cranberry juice,” he mutters.

“You could do cranberry with something sweet,” his Alpha suggests, flicking his gaze up. “It would counteract the taste which you so despise.”

“Wouldn’t help,” his mate mutters, taking another swallow.

The Alpha/Beta moves to stand in front of him, drinking his beverage before pressing their lips together as he frames his face with his large hands, passing the liquid through the kiss. Not a drop is spilled before they part, the Omega pulling him back to lick into his mouth, chasing the flavor. The older of the pair rumbles loudly, pulling the younger tight to his body as he claims his mouth in a heavy and demanding kiss, his massive wings folding around them tightly. He has his hands on the small of his back and cradling the back of his head, fingers curling in possession, lips hungry and demanding. His Omega clings to him as his knees go weak, sinking to the floor as he grabs a double fistful of jet black silk-like hair, crushing their mouths together as their tongues tangle. The Brit pushes him to the floor, looming over him as his eyes rake over his form hungrily, watching his mate stretch out sensually on the floor underneath him as his cheeks flush darkly.

“Beautiful,” he murmurs in Hindi before dropping to smear their mouths together.

Kirk grips his hair tightly, moaning softly as his fiancé grinds their hips together, shivering under him. He clings to him tightly, gasping against his lips.

“Can I join in?”

They pair looks at the door, the blond tipping his head back to see his childhood friend standing in the doorway, a wicked gleam in her eyes. Sommners closes the door, moving to hop up onto a seat of the bar, crossing her legs in such a ways that it is obvious that she is wearing a string thong.

“Sorry,” Khan says, rising to his feet. “But I am not interested. I have a beautiful mate that I love deeply, nor I am interested in a threesome.”

The blonde-brunette shrugs, looking the Augment up and down lustfully.

“I can hear your thoughts, Rosé,” the ex-Captain groans, taking his Alpha’s hand so he can be pulled to his feet. “Please stop thinking about ways to convince my mate to have an affair.”

“Fine, but I want to know everything,” Sommners sighs before grinning. “And I do mean every gory carnal driven detail.”

The Alpha/Beta gives a weak smile from over the counter, his wings fluttering against his back as he shifts uncomfortably, clearing his throat.

“It is, a long story,” he says, refusing to meet either Omega’s gaze.

“I’ve got time,” the blonde-brunette replies, leaning back in her chair.

“That is what I am afraid of,” the Brit mutters.


Naki hated waiting.

It always seemed to him as if time stopped while waiting, as if the universe decided to flip him off. He hated having nothing to do, and he could not sit still long enough to do a single stitch of his needlework. So he took up pacing when he had to wait, pacing back and forth across the loft, as if he is trying to wear a path into the floor.

The only person who hated waiting more than the Pure Alpha, is his mate.

John scowls something fierce at his twin from his position on the bed, ready to wring his neck just so he can work in peace. He has to debug his code before the dye is ready, and even though the program he is using to do it automatically, he prefers to do it himself, though he cannot focus long enough with his mate constantly moving in his field of view.

He knows that they have to wait until Harewood returns from the hospital, and receive the all clear from Sylar, before approaching Section 31’s secret facility to retrieve the transwarp beaming device. Neither knows what the next part of the plan is, but the Pure Beta is pretty sure that his mate will not be living in the next ten minutes, let alone how long it will take to continue on.

A wicked plan forms in his mind, smirking as he places his PADD down on the bed next to him, stretching out slowly and sensually. He hums softly, sinuously writhing on the bed as he does so, deliberately putting on a show. He looks at his twin with half lidded eyes, sliding a hand down his body to gently palm himself before slipping under the waist band of his pants, teasing himself with what little room he has. John watches the Pure Alpha as he slowly undoes his zipper, pulling it apart to reveal his dark blue boxers, slipping a hand underneath the elastic of them. The Pure Beta frowns as Naki does not cast a glance in his direction, drawing himself out, his head barely peeking out from the foreskin. He teases himself to hardness, slowly pumping as it becomes easier to stroke. John tips his head back, his breathing becoming heavier as he grows slicker, easily gliding his hand over his hardened flesh. He slips his slick hand under his boxers, sliding back to tease himself before gently breaching himself with one finger, shuddering at the intrusion. He thrusts slowly before slipping in a second finger, curling upwards so each thrust stimulates his prostate, shivering at the feeling.

It is not long after than he clamping down on his fingers, his back arching slightly as he peaks, trembling with each wave that hits him. Still riding his high, he pulls his fingers out and props himself on his elbows, looking at his mate. Fury chases away any pleasure still left in his body, gritting his teeth as he cleans himself up and redoes his pants, picking up a pillow to violently hurl it at his twin. Naki starts as the pillow strikes him, blinking as his twin violently shoves him to the side on his way past, stumbling slightly before catching his balance as the bathroom door slams shut violently.

“Did I miss something?” The Pure Alpha asks, earning a scream of frustration from his mate.

Naki flinches at the sound, scratching the back of his head in embarrassment as he realizes what he had missed, his cheeks flushing slightly.

“I guess I did,” he says quietly, moving to sit on the edge of the bed.

He waits for his twin to come out of the bathroom, ignoring the growing tightness of his pants as his body reacts to the scent in the air, and the fantasies that demand his attention.

“John?” He asks after a few minutes when he has not emerged from the bathroom. “Is everything alright?”

The Pure Alpha slowly rises to his feet and cautiously approaches to bathroom door, hesitating before knocking softly, waiting a few beats before knocking again.

“Are you alright, love?” He asks worriedly, his voice wavering slightly. “Did you drown or something?”

He tests the door and is surprised to find it unlocked, hesitating before peeking in, opening the door fully, remaining outside the bathroom to not cross any boundaries.

John has his hands on the edge of the sink, staring into the bowl as he remains silent, looking a bit off color.

“John?” Naki asks softly, moving to stand behind him. “You look a bit, peaky. Is there something wrong that you are not telling me?”

The Pure Beta nods once slowly, not lifting his gaze as he trembles, barely noticeable, even for an Augment.

“I feel… off,” he says quietly, hesitating. “I have been feeling off for about two weeks now, but I do not know why. But the way I feel now, it feels, different, than the way I was feeling before, and is more prominent.”

“Off how?” His twin asks, placing his hand on his back.

“Light headed, a little dizzy when I stand,” John says quietly, looking at his mate. “Feeling as if something is caught in my throat, and a few small bouts of nausea. Nothing really major.”

Naki places a hand on his forehead, checking his temperature as he takes his wrist, taking his pulse as well.

“You are not running a fever,” he says quietly. “At least for us, nor is your heart rate too fast or too slow. I do not think you are sick, but I do not recall you drinking that much water while you were working. Is your mouth and throat dry?”

“Now that you mention it, they both are,” the Pure Beta says, giving a sheepish smile. “I guess I forgot to take care of myself while worrying about Lucille.”

His mate nods, heading into the kitchen to fill a glass with water, watching his twin with a critical eye. He murmurs his thanks before sipping the water slowly, his eyes closing as the water quenches a thirst he did not realize he had until that moment.

“I guess I was thirstier than I thought,” he laughs as he finishes the glass swiftly.

The Pure Alpha nods and refills the glass, watching his twin down it again.

“Are you sure that you are alright?” He asks, refilling the glass for the third time.

“Why do you ask?” John inquires, tipping his head to the side.

“Your personality change that happened two days ago,” Naki replies, placing his hand over his twin’s. “My head is still spinning from that event and I would really like to know why it happened in the first place.”

The Pure Beta looks away and places his glass down, looking out the window at London that stretches as far as he can see.

“I, I do not really know,” he admits quietly. “I, I just felt something, fuck…”

He pinches the bridge of his nose as his mind whirls, trying to explain what he felt at that moment.

“I, I felt something, something fell into place,” he says, struggling to explain. “As if the missing piece of me that I did not know I was missing just, just found its place. I feel, whole, and looking back, I unconsciously knew that something was missing, though I do not know what. I feel, I feel as if that the timing that when you confessed your true feelings and my personality change occurring almost simultaneously was not a coincidence. Everything that has occurred does not feel as if it has been blind luck or random at all. It feels, orchestrated, by who or what, I do not know.”

His mate nods, looking out the window as he mulls over his words.

“It feels too perfect,” He murmurs, earning a nod of agreement. “Everything feels too perfect.”

John nods again, looking out the window as well.

“Too perfect,” he echoes.

The twins sit in silence before the Pure Alpha takes his twin’s face in his hands, pressing their soft lips together as he cradles his jaw carefully, stroking his razor sharp cheekbones with his thumbs. Naki parts their lips with a skilled tongue, seeking out his mate’s as he cups the back of his head, long pale fingers tangling in his jet black silk-like hair. The Pure Beta crawls into his lap without breaking contact, gripping his twin’s black shirt as their heads tip to the side, deepening the kiss. He clings to his broad shoulders as his mate rises to his feet, wrapping his long legs around his waist as he holds on, carried into the bedroom as he can be lowered carefully their shared bed. He locks eyes with his mate as he kneels over him, stroking his cheek tenderly before curling up against his side, resting his head over his heart. He wraps an arm around his waist, closing his eyes as he listens to the beating heart in the ribcage under his ear, slipping under his shirt to stroke the warm, soft, pale skin under the cloth.

“I’m scared,” John whimpers, squeezing his eyes shut as he fights back tears. “I don’t know what’s going on, and I don’t know what’s wrong with me. What is wrong with me?”

“I do not know, love,” Naki says softly, tightening his grip.

“Could Sylar be doing something to me?” His twin asks, trembling. “Could he be making me feel this way?”

“I do not know,” the Pure Alpha murmurs, rubbing his side. “But I hope to God not.”

They hold onto each other, their thoughts whirling as they cuddle, trying to make sense of everything.

“I promise, love,” Naki says quietly, stretching up to kiss his cheek. “I will protect you with my last dying breath.”

“And I will do the same,” John says quietly, sighing softly.

His mate shifts position and moves up his body so he can nuzzle his neck, rumbling softly in possession. The Pure Beta is silent as he thinks, gently pushing his twin off so he can use the restroom, the Pure Alpha watching carefully. As soon as the door closes, John clamps a hand over his mouth to stifle his cough, his other shooting out to grip the sink as his body shakes with the force of his suppressed cough, desperate to keep quiet. He tastes copper in his mouth, pulling his hand away to find small flecks of blood on his palm, the darker, reddish-purple liquid is glaring against his pale skin, as is the brilliant, bright red specks. He looks up to find blood on his lips, his eyes wide with shock. He clamps his blood stained hand over his mouth again as his body wracks with spasms, forcing himself to keep quiet as he sinks to the floor, his eyes squeezed tightly shut. When he pulls his hand away, there are a few more small flecks of his blood on his palm, but they are still tiny. He cannot stop the tears from flowing down his cheeks, nor can he stop the feeling as if he has breathed in a small amount of powdered glass with each breath he takes, his body shaking.

He washes away the evidence of his affliction, using the facilities along the way before crawling back into bed with his mate, praying that he will not smell the blood. Naki rolls onto his side and holds his twin tight against his body, nuzzling the top of his head tenderly.

“I love you,” he says softly.

“I love you too,” his mate replies, fighting back tears.


Sommners shakes her head, her ombré braid whipping side-to-side with the action.

“Holy shit,” she curses. “And I thought my upbringing was bad.”

“Bad how?” Kirk asks, his wings fluttering against his back as he scowls at his juice.

“My parents were human, and they dyed my hair since I was a baby,” she says, sipping her water. “Jet black, because that’s what they had. Ugh. And your Alpha is smoking. Can I please, please, please steal him away and have him fuck my brains out? Pretty please with a cherry on top?”

Khan glares at the only female in the room as he prepares his Omega’s lunch, his wings shifting against his back.

“What am I, some sort of communal toy?” He growls. “I am standing right here.”

“I know, Noonien,” the blond sighs softly, casting a dirty look at his glass. “But you are all mine. The Empress has priority over their choice of mate, and that chosen Alpha is owned solely by their Omega, the Empress of Earth. So, I own every piece of you, no matter how large or small. Just as you own me.”

The Augment frowns at the conflicting information, his mind trying to figure out what the truth is. The Omega closes off his mind, though he knows that his conversation with his ancestors is inaccessible, he is still cautious. His childhood friend tips her head to the side in confusion, but does not say a word about it, and he is thankful for that. He watches his mate prepare his lunch, his hand practiced and steady, as if he had been doing this for years.

“Please?” Sommners pleads, her amber eyes wide and pleading. “Pretty please?”

“Fuck off,” the ex-Captain snarls, downing his glass. “He’s mine.”

“Whoa,” the blonde-brunette says, holding up her hands defensively. “I’ll back off, okay? Jesus, you are hormonal.”

“Sorry,” the blond sighs, putting down his glass as he folds his hands in his lap. “I had a bad day today. And a morning.”

“Want to talk about it?” His childhood friend asks quietly.

The Omega shakes his head, glancing at his mate.

“It’s not appropriate for me to talk about our personal life with others,” he sighs. “Even with someone as close to me as you are.”

Sommners nods, sipping her water as she looks at the Alpha/Beta, but she does not voice her thoughts.

“By the way, I would kill to have your life right now,” she admits, bringing her glass to her lips. “You have an Alpha who will do anything and everything for you, who is your Perfect Mate, and the father of your baby, who I get first dibs on holding when they’re born.”

Kirk laughs at the statement, shaking his head before scowling as his fiancé places another glass of juice before him.

“You suck,” he mutters, picking up the glass.

“I do enjoy having parts of your body in my mouth,” the Brit replies calmly, grinning as his Omega squeaks and flushes all the way down to his toes, chuckling softly.

“You made him into a squeak toy!” The blonde-brunette cackles, grunting as she is kicked in the shin. “Man you are bitchy for a pregnant Omega.”

The ex-Captain childishly sticks out his tongue before bringing his glass to his lips, gagging softly at the taste.

“My god,” Sommners groans. “You still haven’t grown up when it comes to foods you don’t like.”

“Cranberries are icky,” the blond whines, glaring at his glass. “They are the devil’s berries.”

“You say the same thing about pickles,” his childhood friend sighs. “And olives, lima beans, and avocadoes.”

“It’s black beans I don’t like, not lima beans,” the Omega corrects, noting his Alpha’s look. “A representative from the Hispanic countries made me a dish involving black beans and I got a really bad case of food poisoning, almost had to go to a regular hospital. The sight and smell of them makes me queasy. To this day, I cannot be on the same block as a Hispanic restaurant.”

The dark haired male nods, continuing to work as he watches his mate, pointing to his glass. His fiancée whines piteously, pouting before chugging the rest of the juice, shuddering.

“Is lunch done yet?” Sommners asks, earning a groan from the couple.


John exhales softly through his nose, tracing unseen patterns on his twin’s chest, listening to his heart beat steadily beneath his ear. Naki has his arms wrapped around him, holding him close to his body, his nose buried in his hair. They are sweaty and flush from their high cardio activity, their bodies thrumming gently from it as well. The Pure Alpha is silent as he thinks, paying close attention to his mate’s well being, while also wondering why he is not telling him the whole truth.

He is not a fool.

He could hear his twin’s attempts to suppress his coughing while he was in the bathroom, something that worries him, but he does not press him on the matter. He knows that they both need some privacy, but he wishes that he would talk to him, to not feel the need to hide anything from him.

“Has your communicator gone off yet?” The Pure Beta asks quietly, still tracing patterns.

“No,” his mate replies softly, glancing at the device. “We have not received the signal yet.”

“We?” John asks, sitting up to study his twin’s face.

The Pure Alpha smiles and cups his twin’s cheek before sliding his hand into his hair, pulling him down for a kiss as he rolls them over, settling between his thighs.

“Yes, we,” he murmurs against his lips.

“I like the sound of that,” his mate says quietly, smiling against his lips as he tangles his fingers in his hair.

“I do too,” Naki replies, smiling as well.

He seals their mouths together, hooking one long leg over his hip as he begins to rock against his twin. Before they can go any further, the communicator decides to go off at that moment, causing the twins to groan in frustration. The Pure Alpha picks up the device and reads the message, turning to his twin and nods solemnly.

“It is time,” he says quietly, earning a nod.

The twins dress in silence, their next task having finally been revealed leaves them cold, dreading what they must do now. They pull on their coats and head to the door, pausing to turn back into the interior, casting longing looks around the loft. The twins thread their fingers together before turning their gazes to one another, knowing that they are too far down the rabbit hole to have a chance of ever coming back, regret in their eyes. They step into the hall after one last look, closing the door before Naki locks it, staring at the keys in his hand. He glances at his twin before dropping the keys into his pocket, taking his hand and squeezes it gently, the twins heading to the stairs in silence. They exit the building without a single glance backwards, their hands instinctively slipping into one another’s, threading their fingers together. The twins glance up as a roll of thunder echoes through London, a light drizzle beginning to fall across the metropolis. John closes his eyes, his tears mixing with the rain, his mate allowing him his moment of weakness before nudging him forward.

“We have to go,” Naki urges, wrapping an arm around his waist to help guide him.

The Pure Beta nods, letting his mate lead him to the designated location, fighting to suppress the urge to cough. He is unsuccessful, coving his mouth with his hand as he coughs lightly, grateful that it was just to clear his throat and that he does not taste blood. He misses the worried look his twin gives him, looking up at the sign above the imposing building, vehicles soaring overhead carrying commuters to their jobs. John wishes that he could be one of them, any of them, rising in the early morning while it is still dark to go to a dead-end job, boring and pedestrian, and not about to become a mass murderer.

“If we make it through this,” the Pure Alpha murmurs in his ear. “I am taking you far away from all of this and making damn sure that we are never found. I will find some uncharted sector of space with an undiscovered planet, beautiful, paradise worthy, and very, very remote, and live the rest of our lives there. It will just be the two of us, an entire planet to ourselves, living in paradise.”

He lets out a soft hiss, the Pure Beta standing up straight, the twins tall and imposing. They watch Harewood on the other side of the street, quiet, calm, and not the slightest sign or suggestion of concern in their body language or facial expressions.

But only they know how disturbed they are by the orders they have been forced to follow and give.

Harewood turns and looks at them, his expression flicking rapidly through emotions, his conflict clear. He turns and heads inside the Kelvin Memorial Archive, the cover for Section 31’s secret base in London. John leans against his mate, tears rolling down his cheeks as he stamps down his urge to sob, instead sniffling quietly. His mate looks around to make sure no is looking before leading him to a coffee shop a few blocks away, and out of the blast radius. They sit at a booth in front of the window, ordering coffee and tea, as well as some sort of pastry that Naki cannot remember to name of.

Well, he orders for them both.

John just stares at the table, his hands in his lap as his tears dry on his cheeks, his scent displaying his despair. The Pure Alpha reaches out and places an upturned palm onto the tabletop, waiting patiently. His twin flicks his emerald flecked arctic gaze up, flicking it to his hand before sliding his palm over his mate’s. He holds his hand, his grip vice-like.

“What are we doing?” He asks quietly, looking at the table. “Why are we doing this? How, how can we live with this?”

“I do not know if we can live with it,” Naki says quietly. “But I began doing this to keep you safe. The things I did to you… I was ordered to do so, in an attempt to break me. But I think it was more to break you.”

John nods, still staring at the table. The Pure Alpha squeezes his twin’s hand, gently stroking his skin as he watches him with a look of sympathy, longing to soothe his fears away. He pulls his hand away as their waitress comes back with their coffee, tea, and pastry, which looks like a flakey doughnut. Naki is facing in the direction of the archive, watching carefully as he pushes the tea to his twin, nodding to his murmur of thanks. He also keeps an eyes on his mate, watching him bring his tea to his lips, looking a bit more off color than he did a few hours ago. The Pure Alpha drinks his coffee as they wait, the pastry not as appealing now that it is in front of him. The Pure Beta does nibble on it though, sipping his tea occasionally under the watchful eye of his mate.

Both of them calmly look out the window as an explosion rips through the city, concussions following one after another, people shouting and screaming in the streets. The twins watch the people as chaos and panic spread like wildfire, sharing a look before rising to their feet, exiting the shop in a calm and collected manner.

“Into the jaws of Death,” Naki begins.

“Into the mouth of Hell,” John finishes.

They do not speak another word after that, sharing a look before climbing into the rubble, ignoring the injured and dead.

They have a job to do, no matter how much they did not want to.


Kirk hugs his childhood friend goodbye, his mate using up the last of the ingredients before storing them away, watching carefully.

“She was, interesting,” Khan says slowly after a pause, flicking his gaze to his fiancée as he sits at the bar.

“It was a surprise to me too,” he admits, resting his chin in his hands. “She was a typical Pure Omega in our reality, but now she’s more like a Pure Alpha, and even they have less raunchier sense of humor!”

“I concur vehemently,” the Augment replies, his wings fluttering against his back. “I have never seen an Omega, let alone a Pure Omega, try to verbally mount me.”

“You mean physically,” the Omega replies, shaking his head.

He eyes the food his mate is preparing, his wings fluttering against his back. His mate just smiles and places more sushi before his Omega, feeling how ravenous he is.

“Usually, the expectant mother is turned off by the smell of food,” the Brit comments, amused. “I am surprised you have not experienced morning sickness yet.”

“Like I said, Omega males rarely do,” the ex-Captain replies, expertly using his chopsticks. “The slow pregnancy allows our male bodies to adjust to the rapid change of hormones involved, except for the mood swing debacle of this morning, and I have been craving fish for God knows how long.”

“I know,” his Alpha replies, smiling as his mate flushes.

The blond eats his food in silence, eating several more plates before finally putting down his utensils, flushing even darker as he burps softly.

“I can see that someone is finally full,” the Alpha/Beta teases, grinning at the glare thrown at him.

He chuckles softly as he watches his mate slip off the stool to help him clean up, wings brushing against each other. The dark haired male glances over his shoulder at the mother of his unborn child, his expression tender and vulnerable before stepping up behind him, wrapping his arms around his slender waist as he nuzzles his golden blond hair gently. He rubs his abdomen tenderly as he murmurs softly in Hindi, smiling as the blond leans into his embrace, tipping his head up to kiss the underside of his jaw. He turns his head to capture his lips, reaching forward to turn off the water before turning his mate around in his arms to give him a proper kiss, cradling the back of his head as his other hand rests on the small of his back. He holds him tight against his body as his massive wings fold tightly around them, cocooning the expectant couple in their warm, downy softness, sealing them off from the rest of the world. Kirk stretches up on his toes as he wraps his arms around his fiancé’s long pale neck, opening his mouth to his skilled tongue as he lightly scratches the back of his mate’s head with his short nails, earning a low rumble that vibrates in his chest. Khan tightens his grip on his Captain as he pushes him up against the counter, tipping his head to the side to deepen the kiss as he gently moves against him, rumbling loudly.

The blond gasps loudly as he finds himself suddenly on his back, his cheeks flushing as his mate looms over him hungrily, turning his head away in embarrassment. The Augment leans in and breathes over his ear, rumbling at the full body shiver of the man underneath him before gently licking the shell, grinning at the loud cry. The Omega suddenly finds himself leaning against his Alpha’s strong chest, blinking in surprise before crying out as he begins to lick at his ear again, his fingers digging into his strong thighs. He feels his pants being undone, a large, warm hand slicking itself up with his fluids before sliding further back, teasing him before breaching him with ease. He spreads his legs wider and tips his head back and to the side, allowing easier access. The ex-Captain is breathing harshly, his chest heaving as he shakes, fingers digging into the strong thighs of the Alpha/Beta behind him. The dark haired male has his eyes open as he watches his mate come undone, ignoring the pain from sitting on the hard ground as he continues to finger and lick his fiancée, rumbling softly.

The Brit listens to his Omega’s wordless cries, tears streaming down his cheeks as he is driven closer and closer to the edge, desperately taking in air. His back arches as he clamps down, shaking as he peaks before slumping against his mate, gasping for air. The older of the pair pulls his fingers out as he kisses his cheek gently, murmuring softly. He brings his fingers to his own lips, licking the taste of his Captain off he fingers, surprised to find him lick his fingers along with him. They clean his pale fingers before sharing a sloppy kiss, humming softly.

“I love you, James,” Khan murmurs softly, smiling.

“I love you too, Noonien,” Kirk murmurs back.

The Brit rumbles softly as he kisses his mate, gasping softly when the younger of the pair twists in his arms and undoes his pants, pulling him out as he gently strokes his hardened flesh. He presses a soft kiss to the head before taking him in his mouth, hollowing his cheeks as a flush spreads across them. The Augment moans softly, his eyes fluttering shut as his head thumps back, his breathing quickly becoming ragged. He keeps his palms flat on the floor, fingers curling on the hard surface as the blond bobs his head between his legs, watching his Alpha’s face through his eyelashes.

Omegas rarely, if ever, initiated interactions with Alphas, let alone sexual ones, even with their own Alphas. Alphas almost always tended to be the dominant personality in interactions with Omegas, but they were well aware of the fact that anyone who identified themselves as an Omega, even part Omega, had complete and total control over the interaction and possible relationship, even if the Alpha was a Pure Blood. It would be their word against the Omega’s, guilty until proven innocent, but not punished until all avenues had been exhausted. Alpha elitists, specifically Pure Alpha elitists, have been present for as long the gender hierarchy has been around, committing heinous acts of sexist violence against Omegas for those who truly believed in the cause, though most kept quiet, but did occasionally discriminate. Victims of the more violent acts rarely came forward, too afraid of what would happen if they did. But when an Omega does initiate an interaction with an Alpha, said Alpha allows the Omega to take the lead, giving them words of encouragement or gently nudges them in the right direction, but only takes control of the situation when the Omega directly asks for it.

The Omega teases the foreskin with his lips, tonguing the slit before swallowing him down, his other hand stroking whatever he does not have in his mouth. He gently scrapes his teeth across the silky smooth flesh, the Alpha/Beta above him inhaling sharply before letting out a low, drawn out moan, shuddering at the feeling. He watches carefully at his sharp, angular face for any signs of discomfort, watching pink spread across his sharp cheekbones as his mouth falls further open, deep, low, rumbling moans spilling past his lips. His fiancé’s chest is heaving rapidly, swallowing every few seconds to make sure he does not choke on body’s own response to the feeling of having something in his mouth, even though it is his fiancée’s mouth that is currently occupied. The dark haired male shudders as his mate’s tongue teases the sensitive spot below the head, hands clenching tight enough to dig his nails into his skin, moaning a little bit louder. The ex-Captain decides to be a bit bolder, taking as much as he can into his mouth, feeling him the back of his throat before fighting to not gag at the feeling, continuing to bob and suck. He watches his mate’s face before slowly letting him into this throat, starting slightly at the loud cry from the man above him.

“Fuck, James!” Khan shouts in Hindi.

Kirk pulls off as he gags softly, swallowing before letting his Alpha into his throat, the Augment fighting to hold still as he is swallowed down to the root, shuddering at the feeling. The blond pulls off and licks up the underside, taking the head in his mouth before squeaking as his mate peaks, swallowing to make sure he does not choke. The Alpha/Beta slumps against the cabinet, dazed before his mate kisses him, quickly becoming alert as his own seed is pushed into his mouth, startled at how bold he is. He closes his eyes and kisses back, tongues tangling before they part, resting their foreheads together.

“Fuck, James,” the dark haired male groans, cupping his cheek. “That was amazing. You are amazing.”

The ex-Captain blushes as his cheeks are nuzzled gently, the pair standing and fixing themselves before resuming the dishes, wings brushing against each other.

“How exactly does a pregnant Pure Omega male go into a bar and drink alcohol when they have no tolerance and are pregnant?” The Brit asks, putting down his dish to look at his mate.

“Ever heard of synthehol?” His Omega asks.

“Synthe-what?” His fiancé asks, blinking.

Kirk groans and shakes his head, his wings fluttering against his back.

“Synthetic alcohol,” he explains, flicking his gaze to his mate. “Same taste and smell as real alcohol, so Alphas tell us, but none of the side effects. It’s safe during pregnancy, and Omegas can’t get drunk off the fumes because it doesn’t contain any actual alcohol. It was a pretty popular joint for not just Omegas, but for their Alphas as well, and unbonded Alphas. It was, and is, a safe place for Omegas, as there is a no tolerance policy about any unwanted advances, comments, thoughts, looks, anything that an Omega does not want towards them, throwing the person out and banned from the bar when it happens.”

Khan nods, continuing to clean.

“Occasionally a human wanders into the bar,” the Omega continues. “So the synthehol with the nasty side effects come out, but it’s still synthehol. It can’t be replicated, and only three places in on the planet sell synthehol, Rome, Sydney, and San Francisco, all done by small hole-in-the-wall bars. Maybe, we could pick up a bottle if things are quiet, a nice bottle for red wine for a dinner?”

The Augment smiles and presses a kiss to his fiancée’s cheek, murmuring softly in Hindi.

“I would love that, James,” he says softly. “A nice bottle of Chianti with a homemade Italian dish with handmade pasta, homegrown red sauce, freshly baked bread with extra virgin olive oil, and my crème brûlée, though it is French and not Italian, is to die for. I have not made it since before I was sealed in my cryotube, but I would like for you to be the first person I make it for since being awoken.”

“I would love that, Noonien,” the blond murmurs softly, turning to rub noses with him. “I really would.”

His fiancé smiles and wraps his arms around his waist, nuzzling his neck tenderly before lightly pulling the collar of his shirt to the side to expose his mark, tracing the scar with his lips and tongue. The mother of his unborn child hums softly, a smile curling his lips as a large warm hand rests on his flat abdomen, fingers curling gently. A hand slides up to tangle with his jet black hair, the silk-like strands soft against his fingers.

“James,” the Brit says quietly, his lips brushing against his skin.

His tone of voice makes his fiancée turn around in his arms, glacial locking with arctic as the pair studies each other, their wings shifting slightly against their backs. The younger of the pair stretches up and lightly presses his lips against the dark haired male’s, wrapping his arms around his neck as he kisses him tenderly, his smaller golden blond wings folding around them as much as they can. The Alpha/Beta holds his Captain close as his own wings fold over his mate’s, trapping their scents as they kiss, sealed in their own private universe, not wanting to part.

When they do so, the older of the pair sinks to his knees, taking his fiancée’s hips in his large hands as he kisses his still flat abdomen tenderly, his wings doing their best to enclose them. His lips linger before rising to his feet, the expectant couple sheathing their wings as they change into unaltered clothes, glancing at each other. The ex-Captain snatches his Alpha’s wrist before he steps out of the bedroom, tugging him back as he fights to control his raging hormones. The father of his unborn child turns to him, watching tears well up in his eyes as his heart clenches in sympathy.

“You damn well better come back,” Kirk orders, sniffling as he scrubs fruitlessly at his face.

“Nothing can make me leave,” Khan replies softly, a soft smile on his lips as he kisses his Omega’s cheek.

He pulls away and heads out the door, glancing backwards before slipping out into the night, closing off his end of the bond after whispering words of encouragement, affection, and a plea to be strong. The blond sniffles again and scrubs at his face, gripping his pendant tightly as he tries to calm his breathing, slipping it under his shirt once he is grounded. He glances at the hidden sheath under his clothes before following his mate out, heading in a different direction to the Omega friendly bar. He checks behind him periodically as he walks, his senses open and on high alert, feeling that there is a different kind of electricity in the air. He composes himself before entering, sitting at the counter as he orders something “strong,” staring at the wood in misery. The bartender serves him his drink, the blond taking a swallow before staring at his ice cube in the golden liquid, hoping his scent does not reveal anything.

Old blues plays behind him as soft conversations float up from the customers, most of them dual gendered, some with their mates, some not, a few unbonded Alphas, and even a few humans, one or two with their dual gendered significant other, much to his surprise. He glances to his right to find a drop dead gorgeous Alpha, Pure Alpha he corrects, staring at him, licking her lips slightly. The ex-Captain scratches his neck in such a way that signals that he is bonded and to back off, but the woman just smiles, her eyes glinting.

“Oh thank god,” Kirk mutters under his breath as Pike sits down between them.

The Admiral glances over his shoulder at the Pure Alpha, studying her before making a sign that sends her off in a huff. He watches her carefully to make sure that she does not come back before turning to his former subordinate, waiting.

“How did you find me?” The ex-Captain sighs on cue, staring down at his glass.

“I know you better than you think I do,” the Pure Beta replies, ordering from the bartender. “The first time I found, fuck this.”

The last part is uttered very quietly under his breath, causing the Omega to look up at him.

“Everything is repeating, but we have a much bigger problem,” Pike says quietly. “Marcus caught your scent, and I mean that literally.”

The blond wishes he could have real alcohol, wanting to have an excuse to pass out on his bed and home, and wake up vomiting in a toilet. He has to remind himself that as long as he is pregnant, that is not an option.

“How much does he know?” He asks instead, worried.

“You’re not pregnant enough that it shows in your scent,” the Admiral replies, not touching his drink. “But I don’t know if he knows about you being bonded, or how much your scent gives it away. An Omega’s scent is always the dominant one in a bonded pair, even if the Alpha’s blood is purer. I just pray that because of your bloodline that it overpowers Khan’s, and hope to god Marcus can’t identify his.”

Kirk nods, sipping his drink.

He comes dangerously close to bursting into tears as Pike’s communicator goes off, his heart clenching as he confirms his worst fears.

“Emergency session, Daystrom,” the Pure Beta says quietly.

The Omega knocks back his drink, fighting to keep tears at bay.

“Suit up,” Pike says quietly.

Kirk nods, rising to his feet.

Marcus had caught his scent, and now, he is about to be enclosed in a small space without his mate and a very pissed off Pure Alpha, and no way out.

He is beyond screwed.

Chapter Text

Kirk secures and overlooked fastener on his uniform as he rounds a corner, his heart in his throat. The interior of Starfleet headquarters is bathed in light less harsh than bright sunlight, reflecting the lateness of the hour. He knows that there will be additional security due to what happened last time, but there is even more than in their reality.

Something is very wrong, or there would not be this much security in the complex.

“Where the fuck are you, Noonien?” He hisses under his breath, poking the still closed bond in an attempt to pry it open.

A figure appears off to his right, the blond increasing his pace in an attempt to avoid talking to them, and failing. Spock recognizes him an intercepts the ex-Captain before he could hurry out of sight, neither slowing down or acknowledging his former First Officer.

“Captain,” the Vulcan says.

“Hey,” is all Kirk says.

He keeps walking fast, the Science Officer right beside him. He is annoyed that it does not offend Spock or register as an indication of discontentment, but his lack of continued response does.

“I sense,” his former First Officer observes. “That you remain displeased.”

“As usual, your powers of observation and analysis remain unsurpassed,” the Omega snaps.

“Sarcasm,” Spock states. “You see, experience has taught me how to recognize it more accurately.”

“Bully for you,” Kirk says. “Why don’t you put your discovery in a report?”

“Linguistics are not my specialty,” the Vulcan says. “They are more the department of…”

His voice trails off as if he is remembering something else, allowing the blond to scan the minds around him deeper than the foremost thought, trying to glean any information on how this is different from their reality.

“Oh, I see,” Spock resumes. “More sarcasm. Perhaps my sensitivity to that particular aspect of human speech is not as perfected as I thought.”

“What?” The ex-Captain asks, his temper flaring, and not just from hormones. “Something about the redoubtable Commander Spock is not perfect?”

“Please, Captain,” the Science Officer says. “I am trying to make general, nonspecific conversation. This will prove difficult if you respond with derision to everything I say.”

‘Don’t kill him, don’t kill him,’ the blond chants in his head, his hormones making the incredibly violent act of disemboweling his former First Officer in the lobby of Starfleet headquarters seem very, very appealing.

“What do you expect?” He snaps, his voice rising but not enough to draw attention. “They took the Enterprise away from me. From both of us.”

“Captain?” His former First Officer asks, and the Omega can smell that he is not faking his reaction.

He towards the elevator, passing many serious faced personnel moving quickly as he shakes his head sharply, his heart beating rapidly in his chest.

“Not anymore. ‘First Officer,’” he says, a look of surprise on the Vulcan’s face. “I lost my ship, Spock. Demoted. And you were reassigned.”

The Science Officer says nothing as they enter the elevator, the Omega snapping at the audio pickup to the level they need to be at, slightly worried that he still cannot hear his Alpha’s thoughts.

“Where are you, Noonien?” He asks under his breath, barely audible.

“It is fortunate the consequences were not more severe,” Spock comments as the door closes.

“What!?” Kirk gapes, whirling to his former First Officer. “Oh, come on! You’ve got to be kidding me! No, no, maybe you’re right. I could’ve been kicked out of Starfleet altogether, right? Parsing the Prime Directive, that’s a dismissal charge. Except that it resulted in saving a burgeoning civilization from being knocked back in-”

He hears two minds coming in rapidly, but he does not pause.

“-development a couple of thousand years. Ordinarily that’d be reason for praise and promotion. It might’ve been too, if the whole business had been left alone for awhile. Things could have-”

He thinks that he can read the two incoming minds deeper than the foremost thought, even though he is not focusing on them, but their thoughts feel, off.

“-been mentioned through channels, revealed quietly a little bit at a time. Starting with the Xenologists’ news of the good we did would have percolated gradually upward through Starfleet. Words would have led to papers, papers to discussion of-”

The thoughts feel strange and foreign, almost as if they are scrambled and encoded, something he has never felt before.

What the fuck is going on?

“-an exception. But, oh, no, there’s no room for patience in the mind of certain Officers. It’s all gotta be reported right away and by the book, or not at all.”

The Vulcan is silent through his rant, and remains silent as he digests his friend’s rant, giving the blond a chance to search for his fiancé, and calm his hormones.

“Captain,” Spock begins. “It was not my intention-”

“Not Captain!” Kirk snarls as he cuts him off.

His smile is sardonic and empty of humor, trying to find his mate.

“Let’s keep the new ranks straight, shall we?” He says. “By the book, as it were. I saved your life, Spock. I suppose I should be glad that you mentioned that. Maybe that’s why I’m still in Starfleet.”

He waves a dismissive hand at the Vulcan as the lift doors start to open, stepping out.

“It all boils down to one thing, Spock,” he says. “You wrote a report, and as a result I lost my ship.”

Fewer personnel are in the upper level walkway, not pausing in their grim-faced hurrying to notice the two Officers. Kirk is grateful for that, because he knows that the scent he is giving off is noxious and exposes his inner turmoil for all those who can smell it.

‘Where the fuck are you, Noonien?’ The ex-Captain thinks, a plea that only one person can hear. ‘Please, give me a sign that you are still alive and that you didn’t do this again.’

He feels a touch on the back of his hand, lips brushing against his mark. The Omega has to look to make sure that it is not his friend beside him is not the one touching him, but the phantom touch of the father of the child growing inside him.

“I see now,” Spock murmurs. “That I should have alerted you about the report I submitted.”

Kirk takes a deep breath, shaking his head as he tries to explain, while also seek the source of the phantom touch.

“This isn’t about the report!” He groans. “You just don’t get it, do you?”

“Please, enlighten me, Captain,” his former First Officer says. “Please show me where I am failing to ‘get it.’”

They turn a corner, all the while the two minds draw ever closer, but their thoughts still baffle the ex-Captain.

“Look,” the blond begins. “What’s done is done, okay? Nothing’s going to change that. I made a decision to do certain things on Nibiru, and you made the decision to file a formal report. That’s all-”

Kirk picks up multiple scents, the strongest being the one person he would be thrilled to never think of again, but he can barely detect the one he cannot live without.

“-over with, finished. I’m talking about afterwards. I’m talking about now. I respect your subsequent discipline or whatever it is, your decision to act but not feel-”

The Omega is definitely feeling something right now, and he does not have the option of camping out in a bathroom until his body is done emptying itself out. He is dangerously close to losing it, leaping out the nearest window and fly as far and as fast as he can until he drops out of the sky.

“-anything about the consequences of your action, but I can’t react like that. So, yeah, I’m a little pissed off. What-”

He is not pissed off. He is literally about to vacate his bowls in sheer terror and lose his sanity about being in the same building as his molester/abuser/rapist, and he does not have a single escape route.

He does, actually, but not without turning a bad situation into a guaranteed death one.

“-I’m trying to say is that it would be nice to see a little compassion for what’s happened,” he finishes.

The ex-Captain “changes” his mind, rejecting Spock with a wave.

“Forget it,” he says. “This is like trying to explain a kid’s reaction on Christmas morning to a computer.”

The Vulcan opens his mouth to speak, when they are stopped by an approaching Captain. He gives a perfunctory nod to the Omega, directing his attention to the man beside him.

“Commander Spock,” he says. “Captain Frank Abbott, USS Bradbury. Guess you’re with me.”

“Yes, Captain,” the Science Officer says. “I was only recently informed that I had been reassigned.”

Abbott heads back down the corridor the way the Officers had come, the Vulcan watching him until turns around the last corner, but the ex-Captain is focused on a door further ahead.

He can see it is cracked just a sliver, and see a flash of pale skin.


Khan is hiding in the room directly across from the Daystrom Conference room, a the quick glimpse of him reveals that only his exposed, and the flash of pale skin had been the Augment exposing his wrist to signal that he is present. He quickly pulls up his glove to hide his presence, but the signal is enough to begin to soothe his stressed fiancée. The blond feels a little better, but he wishes he could hear his thoughts, though he knows that it is too dangerous to open their bond. He does feel his mate’s hand on his flat abdomen, rubbing tenderly as lips touch his cheek, feeling his breath against his skin.

“The truth, Spock…” He mumbles under his breath before sighing softly. “The truth is, I’m gonna miss you.”

He does not receive a reply, only a mildly quizzical Vulcan stare. The ex-Captain turns without another word and heads to his destination, casting a quick discrete glance at the door before heading inside the room, his knees nearly giving out at the smell of the Pure Alpha who plagued his nightmares for nearly his entire life. The Omega forces himself to walk past the Fleet Admiral and sit next to Pike, refusing to look in the direction of the most powerful person in Starfleet. He can feel Marcus’ eyes on him, his gaze intense, and if his thoughts are anything to go by, the blond does not want to meet his eyes.

The light in the conference room is dimmer than in the corridor outside, throwing the faces of the still assembling group into sharp relief, but only Kirk seems to notice this. He does notice of the nearly two dozen Starfleet Officers present, except for the two Admirals, they consist of entirely active Captains and their First Officers.

And not a single one is from his reality.

The Omega begins to panic slightly, knowing that Marcus is blocking his only escape route, and not even his Augmented fiancé stands a chance of taking him on one-on-one. And if he somehow manages to make it out of the room, he will not make it out of the building if Marcus does not want him to. He can only go so fast around corners, as his Omega speed is tailored to large, flat plains, the kind of spaces that his first ancestors had, which is when he can really go all out. And when he does reach his top speed, he needs an incredible distance to brake, as he can break the sound barrier at his maximum speed. Pike squeezes his thigh under the table, his scent wrapping around him in an attempt to soothe him.

“Thank you for convening on such short notice,” Marcus says, silencing all conversation. “By now, all of you have heard what happened in London. The target was a Starfleet ‘data’ archive. Now it’s a damn hole in the ground and the body count so far is over one hundred seventy, and rising. One hour ago, I received a message from a Starfleet Officer who confessed to carrying out the attack, and that he was being forced to do it by this man.”

Khan’s face appears on the screens before the assembled Officers, but what the Pure Alpha has to say next floors the blond.

“The message also stated that this man, Commander John Harrison, one of our own, has a twin that is not in any record,” he continues.

The flurry of mental curses that come tearing through the bond from the Augment have Kirk nearly falling out of his seat, his head pounding at the bombardment of emotions that follow right behind. Terror, disbelief, horror, and disappointment are the main ones, but currently, the Alpha/Beta is more emotional than the ex-Captain on a bad day.

“We have done an extensive search into Harrison’s life, all the way back to his damn grandparents,” Marcus says. “But we cannot find a single mention of a sibling, let alone a twin. Footage from security recordings confirms that Harrison does indeed have a partner, and the family resemblance is uncanny. These two men are responsible for this act of savagery. For reasons unknown, John Harrison and his twin just declared a two-man war against Starfleet.”

Murmurs of disbelief and uncertainty rise up from those assembled, Pike turning to Kirk to speak quietly.

“Where the fuck was Khan an hour ago?” He asks softly, keeping an eye on Marcus. “And where the fuck is he now?”

“In my apartment,” his subordinate replies, his blush screaming what he does not say. “And Noonien is currently having a silent mental breakdown in the room across from us.”

“He’s here?” The Pure Beta asks in disbelief, unable to stop the small grin from gracing his face.

“Would you believe me if I told you that he was unconsciously pulled here?” The ex-Captain asks, his blush fading. “He’s been pulled here since yesterday, and it’s never a good sign when he’s losing his mind. But he wants me to tell you that he will do everything to make sure…”

He trails off, tears biting his eyes at the brief message from his mate.

“He’ll make sure that I don’t lose my father twice,” he finishes.

The Admiral nods slightly, turning to the screen to study the man responsible. The blond turns as well, studying the image intently.

Something looks, different, about the face before him than the one he knows as well as his own, belonging to the being that he knows inside and out, and who knows him the same way. The being who he is one with, who he cannot live without, who he cannot survive without. The person who picked up his shattered, broken, and scattered pieces, put him back together and filled the missing gaps with their own, and he replied in kind. Who has held his hand every step of the way, who has been by his side through thick and thin, remained calm and rational when he is hysterical, has been his rock, his net, the shoulders he stands on, has been every person he need to be at that moment, and that is when he knows.

He knows that his mate, Khan Noonien Singh, is his Dahrrii.

He catches a glimpse of his reflection in the glass table, his eyes deep sapphire as his ancestors look back at him, and he knows that they finally understand. He flicks his gaze to the Vulcan across from him, locking away the image of the man before them, but otherwise, there is no reaction.

The image changes to the image from the security recording that had showed his future mate fleeing, but with major differences.

John Harrison and his twin are in the process of entering a Starfleet jumpship, two duffel bags in hand. One is just standing outside, handing a bag to his twin, glancing behind as if guarding him. The other is accepting the bag, a look on his face that is not appropriate for a sibling.

“Five minutes after the explosion in London,” Marcus begins. “Harrison and his twin commandeered the jumpship that you see and made a run for it. Despite the confusion attendant upon destruction, security was able to locate them only moments after their departure. We had them on our scanners until they entered orbit, then-”

“Any idea where they might be headed, sir?” One of the assembled Officers inquires.

The Pure Alpha shakes his head, his eyes flicking to the Pure Omega.

“The natural assumption is that they’re not operating alone,” he says. “You are all aware that there are numerous entities, human and otherwise, who would be delighted to see Starfleet’s operational capabilities impaired. Whether Harrison and his twin are doing this for reasons of their own or on the behalf of as-yet-unknown forces, we have no way of knowing. Until individually eliminated, all possibilities must be considered. Bearing that in mind, under no circumstances are we to allow these men to escape Federation space.”

Harrison and his twin’s image is now replaced by a dimensional map of the immediate stellar vicinity, but only four know how useless it is.

“You here tonight represent the Senior Command of all Starfleet vessels in the region, whether for R&R, refurbishment, or other reasons,” Marcus says. “As of now, your ships are recalled to full active duty. Those whose crews are presently aground will recall them immediately, and in the name of those we lost, you will run these bastards down. This is a manhunt, pure and simple, on a scale and of importance unmatched in recent Starfleet history. So let’s get to work. Captain…”

The ex-Captain stops listening at that point, trying to get a clear reading of the two incoming minds as he returns to the still of the twins, pinching the bridge of his nose as his head begins to throb. Pike looks at him sideways, his scent displaying his worry as the headache begins to feel as if someone has shoved an icepick into his eye socket and is wiggling it, beginning to have a visual migraine. He blinks a few times, a useless attempt to try and clear his vision as his stomach flips, but he quickly realizes that the minds are not his problem. Marcus’ presence is enough to cause his body to attack itself, presenting as a migraine. He knows that his abilities is not just the only cause of his migraines, but his genetics are just one of many, as well as stress.

And having an enraged Pure Alpha that raped, abused, and molested him for twenty years in very close proximity is not helping.

Pike takes his hand and applies acupressure to a point on his hand, the migraine fading away. He subtly nods his thanks, looking at the still before him.

‘The eyes,’ Khan thinks. ‘Check the eyes.’

Kirk examines the still of the twins with greater attention, zooming in on their eyes. The one outside the jumpship has the same arctic blue eyes as the Alpha/Beta, only that they have small flecks the color of oxygenated blood.

The same eyes that the Omega saw in his nightmare.

‘Naki,’ the Augment thinks. ‘The Pure Alpha.’

His fiancée checks the eyes of the other clone, finding the flecks to be emerald.

‘John,’ the Brit explains. ‘The Pure Beta, though I have not a god damn clue why he is looking at Naki like that.’

‘It’s the same way you look at me,’ the ex-Captain thinks softly.

‘Which is impossible,’ the dark haired male thinks back. ‘Naki raped his twin. There is no way in Hell John would, or should, look at him like that.’

“Wonder what’s in the bags,” the Omega murmurs speculatively. “Where’s he going?”

“Keep your mouth shut,” Pike chides, his mind and scent displaying his alarm.

‘What the fuck are you doing!?’ Khan screeches in panic.

‘Playing my part,’ the mother of his unborn child replies. ‘And hope to god I don’t shit myself.’


Khan curses under his breath as his mate decides to commit suicide, waiting for the inevitable, waiting for the jumpship to arrive and begin its onslaught. The minds of his clones are drawing near, but he cannot read them, his head starting to throb as well. The high pitched whine of the jumpship moves within his hearing range, long before anyone else could hear it, but the thoughts of his clones are still scrambled.

“What the fuck are you doing?” The Alpha/Beta mutters under his breath, glancing out the door.


John covers his mouth as he coughs, stifling the noise so his mate can focus on the task at hand. He doubles over slightly with the force of it, knowing that it would be a hacking wet cough if he did not try to silence it. The Pure Beta pulls his hand away to look at his palm, finding too much blood to have any outcome but one, his heart clenching at the thought. Each breath is requiring more energy as he begins to tremble, feeling as if all the warmth is being leeched from him while being replaced with a cold so painful, it feels as if he is being burned from the inside out. He feels stiff and uncoordinated while at the same time feeling as if he no longer has any bones, his head spinning wildly as his thoughts become cloudy, his entire being aching.

He closes his hand, glancing into the nearly transparent cockpit where his twin now sits, silent as he handles the controls.

He cannot let Naki know that he is falling ill.

At least one of them needs to see their first birthday.


As the room around him disintegrates piecemeal on violent explosion following close upon another, Kirk throws himself over the table and flattens himself against the floor, letting out a startled cry as glass shatters over him, curling up as he throws his arms over his head. Those gathered are screaming as phaser blasts destroy the room, begging for help, coming in the form of a group of Security Officers.

And Khan Noonien Singh.

The Officers fire through the gaps in the damaged walls at the jumpship, which is hovering just outside, darting back and forth. The blond glances up through the chaos to see his mate flat on the floor, arctic locking with glacial for the briefest of seconds before the younger cries out again, more glass raining down on him. The expectant couple is not surprised that the automated weapons systems mounted above the eightieth floor are not active, the twins mimicking their genetic donor by rendering them inert. The Omega would have snickered at Marcus’ genuine panic, clearly having thought he had fixed that problem, but he is far too busy with trying to keep himself, and the child inside him, alive to pay much more attention. He scrambles to get away, but a blast from the jumpship sends him flying into a Captain, both of them sprawling on the floor. The Captain is female, rather attractive, but definitely not his type. He has always been more attractive to Alpha males, but that does not mean he could not appreciate those who are female.

And judging by her thoughts, she is attracted to his Omega traits.

And then he realizes that she is half Homo sapiens sapiens and half Neo Homo sapiens sapiens, specifically part Alpha with the barest hint of Omega.

The touch on his mind is weak and uncoordinated, unsure how to use her powers, but he touches her mind reassuringly, quickly rolling off to help her flee. She does not make it very far, the jumpship landing a direct blow to her chest, killing her instantly. Kirk screams as the ceiling collapses, scrambling away as the debris smashes to where he had just been. He cannot think straight, the emotions around him consuming him and holding him tight, bringing him to his knees. His head feels as if it is about to explode, too many physical stimuli occurring at the same time for his already overloaded brain to process, but he forces himself to clear his mind, looking up at the chaos around him.

The jumpship swings out of range from the barrage of rifle blasts, returning to deal with the Officers that are firing upon it, allowing those who had been present in the room when the attack began to flee if they can. Khan is helping those who cannot escape on their own power out of the room, glancing at his mate as he hauls a First Officer to the Medical Staff arriving. Spock is hauling his injured Commanding Officer out of the room, noticing the only person not dressed in Starfleet uniform while the others are too occupied to do so, but he does not spend too long on the thought. The Vulcan’s hand brushes against a sliver of the Augment’s exposed skin, the Alpha/Beta jerking away quickly at the contact, but the expectant couple felt the Science Officer’s mind inside theirs, however briefly. The Omega locks eyes with his former First Officer, seeing the shock in those very human eyes before breaking contact as debris rains down on him, curling up protectively as he cries out. His Alpha quickly shields him with is body, grunting as the heavier pieces strike him before carrying his fiancée out of the room, dodging debris and phaser blasts along the way. Once the Brit confirms that his mate is out of danger, he turns back into the room to haul Pike out of the chaos, the Admiral somehow unscathed.

“Thanks,” the Pure Beta gasps, clutching his cane like a lifeline, or that he was about to hit someone, or something, with it.

Khan nods and snatches up a pulse rifle from a dead Security Officer, tossing it to the blond before dashing back into the conference room. The Omega races into the cross corridor and turns around a corner at a speed only an Omega can handle at, pushing into an empty suite of offices perpendicular to the conference room. Through the transparent wall, he can see the jumpship hovering directly outside, still darting back and forth as it dodges defensive shots from the remaining Security Officers inside the conference room, its own armament continuing to unleash Hellfire into the ruined room. The ex-Captain raises his rifle and with a single blast, he takes down the thick, transparent safety glass separating him from the raging jumpship, covering his face as shards of glass rain down on him.

Kirk cries out as the shards slice through his uniform like a hot knife through butter at the sudden change in pressure, flying back at him at a high velocity as he sinks to his knees at the sudden and violent onslaught of emotions from inside the jumpship, dropping the rifle so he can catch himself. His howl of pain goes unheard as he curls up in a ball on the floor, clutching his head as a gust of cool, moist air rushes through the new opening, but he does not notice it. Tears stream down his face as he continues to scream, teetering on the verge of blacking out as he vision narrows to pinpoints, unable to describe what he is feeling at the moment.

‘Focus on me!’ Khan screeches through their bond. ‘James! Focus on me!’

The ex-Captain clings to the mind that cuts through the agony, clinging to it as if his life depends on it, knowing that they will risk life and limb from him. He clutches the necklace hidden under his uniform, feeling as if it is both white hot and freezing cold in his grip, grounding him to the present. He lifts his head as he blinks away his tears, forcing himself to rise before falling to his hands and knees, his breath catching in his throat as a mind tentatively touches his.

A brand new Pure Omega mind.

From within the jumpship.

He forces it out of his mind as he rises to his feet, unsteady before picking up the pulse rifle he dropped, firing on the undamaged jumpship in a vain hope that it will have some effect. His fiancé is instantly by his side, catching him in the nick of time as he sways dangerously, cradling him to his body as the younger of the pair drops the rifle. His heart clenches as he watches his shots simply spark off the armored flanks of the ship, slipping through their bond to tap into his mate’s nearly limitless stamina, replenishing his own nearly depleted reserves. He opens his eyes to lock with his Alpha’s, closing them as a bare hand cups his cheek before soft lips press against his, pulling away quickly so the pair can rise to their feet. Staring into the darkness, they could clearly make out the figure, or figures in the cockpit, one seated, the other standing.

Arctic and glacial lock with twin arctic, and there is a pause in the firing, a look of shock morphing on the twins’ faces before it is gone in a flash, the jumpship turning to aim directly at them. The Omega instantly sends his mate flying into the safety of the offices with a violent mental hurl before using his Omega speed to join him, the Augment quickly rolling on top of him as the jumpship unleashes its full armament towards the couple, the room quickly being destroyed by the fury of the Pure Alpha clone. The ex-Captain whimpers underneath his mate as he remains curled up as tight as he can, the older of the pair covering the younger with as much of his body as he can, holding him tightly as their surroundings are being quickly demolished. Debris rains down on them, partially covering them, and the blond uses that opportunity to cloak their heat signature. The jumpship pauses in its firing, as if checking to make sure that the signature has actually vanished, before turning back to the conference room. The moment the firing is no longer directed towards them, Kirk tears out from under his fiancé to frantically search through the offices, ignoring the yell from behind him as he looks around desperately for the one thing that could take down the jumpship, yelping as a hand snatches his wrist and jerks him to a stop. He whirls around to find his Alpha holding his wrist tightly, his face contorted into a look that he does not want to see ever again.

It is not anger, or sadness, or any emotional word in his repertoire that he can think of, but several words best fit the look.

He has accepted that he cannot keep his mate in a gilded cage, give him everything he wants without putting him in harms way, and still have him love him unconditionally. He knows that his mate belongs among the stars, and that keeping him grounded, however brief, is the cruelest form of punishment one can inflict upon him. He cannot be happy without being able to stretch his wings, in any form, and shake off the chains that hold him back, to be completely free. But as the Empress of Earth, it has been drilled into him that he must take care of his people first, and since he bonded after he fled the palace, it is still his first priority.

The Omega turns to fully face his mate, looking him up and down before locking eyes with him. He takes a step forward and pushes the cloths that disguise him off his face, his jet black hair loose and wild, falling in his eyes. The Augment watches as his mate studies his face intently, framing his face in his hands as he strokes his razor sharp cheekbones, the entire world around them vanishing as they hold each other’s gazes. They lean in and press their lips together, eyes fluttering shut as their lips part, hands moving to hold each other tight against their bodies. The Alpha/Beta’s hands cup the back of his fiancée’s head and rest on the small of his back, the ex-Captain’s tangling one hand into his wild silk-like strands while the other grips the fabric of his greatcoat between his shoulder blades, lips working against each other.

“I will always come back to you, Noonien,” he whispers against his lips. “You are my Da-”

He immediately cuts himself off, a blush spreading across his cheeks as he realizes what was about to slip out of his mouth.

“Darling,” he whispers, hoping his Alpha does not catch his mistake. “You are my darling.”

He pulls away and cups his fiancé’s cheek, stroking his cheekbone with his thumb before turning away to search for the fire panel, the dark haired male watching him with a look of longing. His Omega looks back at him as he finds the fire panel, opening it as he pulls out the thin fire hose made of unyielding carbon fiber, snatching up the dropped pulse rifle to wrap around it. He glances over before darting back to the window, taking out a section that has once framed the window, taking one last look at his mate before dashing out of the offices. He rushes to the edge of the now windowless gap and slides to his knees, grasping a bunch of cables to hold him as he waits patiently, watching the jumpship before him. He glances to his right as his mate kneels beside him, his arctic eyes watching the ship intently, the wind playing with his loose and wild hair. Kirk looks down at the quad below, lights sweeping the sky in an attempt to track the jumpship, which continues to rain death and destruction into the tower, the minds around him making his head throb.

A large, warm hand slides into his, gripping tightly as the Alpha/Beta’s scent wrapping around him, grounding him. The blond looks over at his fiancé, meeting his eyes briefly before looking back at the ground and the jumpship, watching as ground based defensives gather eighty stories below around the base of the tower. Khan cannot help but appreciate the way his Pure Alpha clone keeps the jumpship bobbing and weaving like a prizefighter, darting upward, then down as a sharp angle, cutting around one flank of the building before returning to let off another burst at the interior. He handles the ship as well, if not better, than he did, the thought making his heart clench. He knows how cruel the events were that brought them together, but he still feels guilt for all the pain he unintentionally inflicted upon his, unknown at the time, future mate, determined to make up for a lifetime of sin.

His ex-Captain glances at him, worrying his lower lip with his teeth before looking back at the jumpship, forcing himself to wait as he begins to tremble from cold, stress, and nervousness. He waits until the jumpship is closer, shooting to his feet to hurl the rifle as hard as he could at the ship’s cylindrical starboard air intake once it is in range, watching it be sucked into the ship. The jumpship’s sophisticated propulsion system easily took in the rifle and the slender fire hose attached, the Brit tackling his fiancée to the ground as a massive chunk of free-pour polycrete and reinforced metal mesh torn from the wall goes flying overhead, nearly taking the expectant couple on a one-way trip. The Augment lifts his head slightly to look at the jumpship before quickly dropping it back down as an eruption of light, flames, and a massive explosion emerge from the ship, the couple feeling the two minds vanish quickly. There is the sound of smashing glass and a deafening explosion, the couple rising to their feet to look down at the remains of the jumpship, clinging to the dangling cables before looking at each other.

“Go,” the Omega whispers.

The Alpha/Beta takes his face in his large hands, kissing him briefly before disguising himself, quickly fleeing the scene of the crime. His fiancée watches him before rising to his feet, moving quickly back to his Commanding Officer after casting one last glance at the destroyed jumpship below.

“Are you alright, sir?” Kirk asks, kneeling beside the Admiral.

“You better marry that damn man or I will file the paperwork myself, no matter what the consequences are,” the Pure Beta threatens.

“I asked him to complete the Death-Rebirth ritual yesterday,” the ex-Captain says softly, his smile just as soft. “And he said yes. And…”

He blushes lightly, looking away before looking back.

“And I would like for you to walk me down the aisle and officiate over the ceremony,” he says.

“It will be my honor,” Pike says softly, smiling. “Now go get your damn fiancé. That’s an order.”

The blond smiles and kisses his “father’s” cheek before dashing away, the Admiral watching his “daughter” with a soft smile, touching his cheek. Kirk races down the hall and around a corner, yelping as he is yanked into an empty office, clawing at the hand that holds him to the wall. It is gripping his throat tightly, slowly dragging his back up the wall as it cuts off his air, desperately trying to draw air into his lungs. The scent of an enraged Pure Alpha fills his nose, his stomach churning violently at the noxious smell, his vision beginning to narrow.

“Omega whore,” Marcus snarls, holding the ex-Captain against the wall with one hand.

Kirk’s feet scramble against the frictionless wall, clawing at the hand holding him, gasping for air. He activates the quick release to eject his knife, but the Fleet Admiral grabs his wrist and forces him to drop it, snarling.

“Were you about to attack me, whore?” The Pure Alpha snarls, moving his hand so he is cupping his jaw. “A lowly Omega slut, attack me?”

He throws the blond across the room, grinning at the loud cry when he smashes into the wall, falling to the floor in a graceless sprawl. The Omega lifts his head, feeling the gash on his forehead drip blood into his eyes, dragging himself on his elbows to get away, but he cries out as his former Alpha smashes his head to the floor, pinning him as he snarls.

“Trying to get away?” He hisses, lips near his ear. “You’re as stupid as you are needy. I think it’s time to give you what you want.”

The ex-Captain is quickly flipped onto his back, the Admiral holding him down by his throat as he quickly yanks his pants and underwear down to his knees, quickly pulling himself out. He pulls his former Omega’s hips into his lap as he pins his wrists next to his head, bringing his face millimeters from his.

“Scream and I’ll kill everyone you love,” he hisses before forcing himself inside.

Kirk’s head snaps back as his lips part in a silent scream, tears streaming down his face as he violently fights to get free, thrashing side to side. Marcus is grunting above him, thrusting hard and fast as he holds the Omega down, clearly enjoying the situation. The blond is biting his lip hard enough to bleed as he flights to keep silent, reluctantly submitting to prevent further damage at the sheer size of him, already beginning to smell blood. Tears fall faster down his cheeks as his body reacts to the situation in the worst possible way, silently screaming in protest.

He begins to move with him, his insides screaming at the stretch, but it also feels so good. His biology is reacting to the presence of a Pure Alpha, the gender he was supposed to bond and mate with, and it is making him feel in a way he has never felt before.

The Admiral leans down and hisses in his ear something that makes his blood run cold.

“Here’s something you didn’t know; Pure Alphas can knot and claim Omegas outside of Heat, whore.”

The ex-Captain’s eyes widen at the sudden surge of hormones, before throwing his head back and screaming as he feels Marcus’ knot rapidly inflate, growing to a size that is massive even during Heat, and agonizing outside. The Pure Alpha yanks Kirk’s uniform open, exposing the side of his neck.

His eyes land on his mark of claim.

The Admiral’s scent becomes even more volatile, his rage boiling over as he continues to inflate, trembling with fury.

The Omega howls as Marcus sinks his teeth into his skin, right over Khan’s mark of claim. Plasma tears through his system, burning him from the inside out as his former Alpha finishes growing and climaxes inside him, acid pouring into him as his body rejects the foreign material. He screams for his mate, begging, pleading for mercy, for it to stop.

But the Fleet Admiral keeps him pinned to the floor, ignoring his cries for help.


Khan is nearly outside of the building, having been forced to take an incredibly long route, even backtracking and ascending several floors, going around through passages that are only used for maintenance in order to make sure that he is unnoticed and not detained, when he is slammed against a wall in a stairwell, his hand flying to his neck as he sags against the wall, feeling teeth slip into his neck.

“James,” he gasps, struggling to his feet.

The dark haired male takes the shortest route up to the eightieth floor, not caring if anyone sees him, following his mate’s scent to an empty office, feeling the cloth starting to grow wet with his blood. He tries to open the door before breaking it down with a violent front stomp, sending it smashing into the far wall, his breath catching at the sight before him.

His fiancée’s uniform is torn, a deep bite right over his mark of claim, cuts and bruises over what visible skin he can see, the edges around the cuts crimson with his blood. Marcus is pinned against the floor by his mate’s abilities, gasping for air as he stares wide eyed in the direction of the Omega holding him captive. Kirk calmly picks up his dropped knife, flipping it as he turns to the Fleet Admiral, the Alpha/Beta’s chest suddenly tight. The ex-Captain is not expressing a single emotion as he approaches the Pure Alpha, his terror palatable as his former Omega kneels beside him, the knife glinting.

“James!” The Brit half shouts.

The blond turns to his mate, his eyes blank as he stares at him, his posture relaxed.

“We have to go,” his fiancé urges, glancing down the hall. “James, please.”

Kirk blinks in response, but rises to his feet, slipping the knife back into its holster. He calmly walks out of the room, allowing the Augment to kneel beside the one man he does not want to be near, let alone leave unharmed, or alive, removing the cloths that disguise him so the Pure Alpha can see his face.

“You say a word of this to anyone,” he threatens, leaning down so Marcus can see the fury in his eyes. “Or lay a finger on James, the word ‘Hell’ will not even begin to cover what I will bring down on your head. Am. I. Clear?”

The Fleet Admiral nods vigorously, the smell of urine in the air. The Alpha/Beta wraps his face up again, leaving the building unnoticed, even on the direct route he takes, before joining up with his machine-like mate. He looks over his Omega as they head back to their apartment, taking a route to make sure they are not followed, slightly terrified about his state.

It is not the fact that his mate nearly killed someone that scares him, even if they did deserve to die a thousand gruesome deaths for his transgressions.

It is the fact that he could hear his thoughts the entire time.

Chapter Text

Kirk is silent the whole trip back to the apartment, his fiancé glancing at him worriedly as he leads them on a route to make sure they are not followed, double backing several times. Khan is silent as well, his thoughts racing, trying to figure out what to say.

Once the couple is safely in the apartment and the privacy seal is activated, the Augment rounds on the blond, tearing off the cloths that disguised him.

“You were going to kill him,” he states, emotions flicking rapidly across his face. “You were going to kill him without a second thought.”

The Omega just looks at him, his face blank as he blinks.

“Isn’t that what we both want?” He asks calmly, as if he is talking about the weather. “Him dead?”

The Alpha/Beta can shake his head in shock, unable to believe his ears.

“That is not the point, James,” he says.

“Then what is the point, Noonien?” The ex-Captain snaps, his anger flaring. “We want him dead, and why shouldn’t he be?”

“Because you’ll put all three of us in danger,” his Alpha snaps back. “If Marcus dies, there will be an investigation, exposing the truth of his agenda, exposing the truth of us. Do you honestly think those with the power to do something will let us stay together? Will let our child live?”

Kirk just looks at him, his face blank once more.

“The truth will come out at some point,” he says. “Do you think it matters if it is sooner or later? The results will be the same, no matter what we do. We can’t change it.”

Khan grits his teeth, infuriated.

“This is our life,” he snarls. “This is our child. Are you just going to give up on it? On me?”

“I’m being realistic,” his mate says coolly.

“That’s not being realistic!” The Brit snarls in Hindi.

He takes a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves, trying to not lash out at his mate. The dark haired male walks away, looking out the window as his thoughts whirl, his conflicted reflection staring back.

“What the bloody Hell has gotten into you?” He asks quietly. “Why did you nearly kill Marcus?”

The Omega is silent, his thoughts revealing nothing, his expression blank. The Augment glances over his shoulder, trying to figure out what is going on. His fiancée heads into the bedroom, shedding his clothes and spreading his wings before heading into the bathroom, still silent. He examines the wound on his neck, touching the still drying blood around the bite, closing his end of the bond to conceal the truth from his mate. His Alpha stands behind him, every inch of pale and feathered skin expose, a deep bruise on his neck on his neck around his mark. Their bites are identical, as are the conditions they are in. The Brit touches his mate’s wound, feeling him flinch at the light touch. The Alpha/Beta wraps his arms around his Omega’s slender waist, lowering his mouth to the bite to gently lick it clean.

The last thing Khan wants is to put his mouth anywhere near where Marcus’ had been, but a deep, primal instinct is demanding that he be the only one whose teeth leave a mark on the Omega’s neck. He licks the blood off the ex-Captain’s neck before placing his mouth over the bite, gently drawing the “tainted” blood out of his mate’s body. The Augment knows that his mate can hide his scent, but he cannot hide the hormones in his blood, and not only can he taste them, he can identify them. He does not say a word as he bites his tongue hard enough to draw blood, slipping it into the bite to accelerate the healing process. He continues to spill blood into his fiancée’s wound until only his bite is on the blond’s neck, feeling his own wound close up in response to the one being healed. The dark haired male squeezes his fiancée’s waist gently before wrapping his arms, stumbling as Kirk gives a light mental shove to get him out of the bathroom, locking the door behind him. The Alpha/Beta looks at the door before moving into the kitchen to clean the blood off his neck, glancing into the bedroom before moving to sit on the bed.

The blond turns on the shower and steps under the hot spray, tears streaming down his face as he allows his emotions to gain control of him, biting his lip to hold back the sobs as he feels the thick blood spill down his thighs. He sags against the wall, shaking as he silently sobs, unable to grasp the concept that he is now childless. He covers his mouth with his hand to silence his sobs, glancing fearfully at the locked door, afraid of how his mate would react. He comes to the silent conclusion that Khan cannot know that he failed as his life giver, that he lost his child because his former Alpha raped him, and that he let him. He cannot know that he was knotted without his consent, or the fact that he desperately wants the Pure Alpha to do it again, over and over and over again, to fill him and sate him in a way that his Alpha has never been able to. He wants the Admiral in the most primal of ways, and it scares him on how dangerously close he is to submitting to his instincts and crawl back to his abuser, begging to be taken back, to be forgiven.

He curls up on the shower floor, tears pouring down his face as the water runs red, then pink, and finally clear, the soft, fluffy down under his feathers completely soaked. He can barely lift his wings, nor does he want to move from the floor, but he rises and cleans off the rest of the blood, keeping the bond tightly sealed. The Omega turns off the water and steps out of the shower, drying off his body as best he can before stepping into the bedroom, actively avoiding his fiancé to lie on the far side of the bed, closest the window, which happened to also be his side. The Augment watches as his mate curls up tightly and folds his golden blond wings around himself, his back to him as tears continue to stream down his face.

“James,” he says softly. “Please talk to me. I cannot ease your hurt if you do not let me in.”

His Omega is silent, refusing to talk or open the bond, even curling up tighter in response. The Alpha/Beta reaches out to touch an exposed calf, the ex-Captain jerking away in response as if he had been burned with a hot poker, a soft whimper spilling past his lips. He folds his wings around him even tighter, covering up as much skin as he can, his mind still closed off. The Brit feels his temper flare before rising, moving into the kitchen to fill a glass with water, taking a sip before looking down at the counter, his fist clenched tightly. He suddenly hurls the glass against the wall as he snarls, frustrated that his fiancée will not open to him, running a hand down his face.

“Dammit, James,” he curses under his breath in his native tongue. “Why the fuck will you not talk to me?”

“Because you’ll hate me.”

The dark haired male turns around at his mate’s voice, his heart clenching at how frail his Omega looks, how weak and vulnerable he appears to be.

“James,” he says softly. “I could never-”

“Yes, you will,” Kirk says firmly, looking away as tears pour down his cheeks. “You’ll hate me. Because I failed.”

Khan’s eyes widen as he quickly understands what his fiancée is talking about, quickly crossing the distance to pull him into his embrace, his wings folding around him.

“You did not miscarry,” he murmurs softly in his ear. “I do not smell death, nor am I mad with grief at the ‘loss’ of our child. You did not fail, James. You are still my life giver.”

“But all the blood…” The Omega whispers, looking up. “There was so much blood.”

His fiancé pulls away and frames his face with his large hands, stroking his wet cheeks with him thumbs before leaning in, pressing a soft kiss to his lips.

‘Marcus forcefully knotted you, correct?’ He thinks softly. ‘Your body is purging him from itself, and the fastest way to remove the hormones in your blood is to concentrate the tainted blood and remove it from your body by any means necessary. And since you were violently and aggressively joined, the damaged tissue would be the easiest way to expel incompatible material, as it is already contaminated.’

“Contaminated?” The blond asks, frowning. “You make it sound like I’m diseased.”

“Your body sees any foreign human biological material that is not mine as an invading organism, and must be purged,” the Augment says softly, stroking his cheeks. “In a way, you are infected.”

His Omega frowns at him, lightly thumping him in the chest before stretching up on his toes to kiss him gently, palms flat against his muscular chest. The dark haired male wraps his arms around his slender waist, holding him tight against his body as his wings fold around them, tipping his head to the side to deepen the kiss.

“Let us go back to bed, love,” the older of the pair murmurs softly, smiling as he earns a nod.

He lifts the younger into his hips, his long legs wrapping around his waist as he tightens his grip on him, allowing himself to be lowered onto the bed and his mate kneel over top of him. His Alpha spreads his massive wings over them, brushing a strand of golden blond hair out of his face before cupping his cheek, stroking with his thumb.

“I claim the right to be the Left Hand of the Empress,” the Alpha/Beta says firmly.

The ex-Captain sits up right, his mate sitting on his heels in time to avoid their heads crashing against each other, his eyes blown wide with shock. His mouth open and closes, unable to form a single word.

“Is it not my right as your mate to claim the title?” Khan asks, tipping his head slightly. “Am I not the only one who can claim this position, not be given it?”

“You, you are correct,” Kirk replies after a few seconds. “But, but why would you want to?”

“To keep your hands clean,” his fiancé replies. “To prevent a black mark on you soul. My soul is already marked, what is one more?”

Tears well up in the Omega’s eyes, but he looks away, his wings folding around him. The Alpha/Beta reaches out to cup his cheek, but his mate pulls away, closing his eyes.

“I want him,” the ex-Captain whispers, shaking as he rises to stand in front of the window. “I want him so bad it scares me. It felt, it felt so good that I want more, because he sated me in a way that you haven’t been able to. I, I feel like I need him.”

“Do you love him?” His Alpha asks abruptly.

The mother of his unborn child turns around, everything about him expressing pure, unfiltered shock.

“What? No! God no!” He exclaims, his cheeks flushing darkly.

“Do you love me?” The Augment asks, rising to his feet.

“What kind of question is that?” The blond gapes. “Of course I love you!”

“Then that is all I need,” the dark haired male replies, moving to stand in front of him. “As long as you only love me, I am happy.”

He leans down and kisses his fiancée gently, gasping as he is pinned to the bed by his abilities, the younger of the pair clambering on top of him, his eyes alit with a fire he has never seen before. The Brit rumbles and suddenly flips them over, claiming his lips in a kiss that is more feral than passion, holding his Captain tight enough to bruise. Kirk claws at his back viciously, breaking skin as he writhes slowly underneath him, snarling as he digs his nails into his skin. Khan rumbles threateningly before hooking one of his fiancée’s knees over his hip, tangling one hand into his golden bold hair to pull his head to the side, attacking his neck viciously. The blond moans loudly, shivering as he claws between his shoulder blades again, tightening his grip on him. The Augment rumbles approvingly, claiming his lips again as he rocks against him, parting them with a skilled tongue as he applies his fully weight on top of his mate, jerking back as he whimpers loudly in pain.

“I am so sorry, love,” he murmurs, pecking his lips thrice. “I did not mean to hurt you. It was not my intention.”

The ex-Captain nods, nuzzling his fiancé’s sharp cheekbones with his nose, making soft cooing noises. The Alpha/Beta nuzzles back, his own soft pleased noises joining his mate’s, one of them being a low rumble in his throat. He chuckles softly as his fiancée babbles softly in the tongue of his bloodline, not understanding a single word, nor would he ever be able to. His voice is high and melodic, and Khan knows that his mate can hit the lowest and highest note ever produced by a human, the same range that contains every bloodline’s language, but there is no correlation with the length or gender of the bloodline and the notes.

The dark haired male listens to his singing, his wings fluttering against his back in time with this heart’s wings. He almost never slips into his native tongue, as it is considered rude to speak a language only a handful of speak, but the Brit enjoys it when his Omega does, knowing that he is one of the few people who ever hear the ancient language. He closes his eyes and rests his head in the crook of the blond’s neck, sliding on of his hands down his arm to tangling their fingers together, listening to his mate sing. Kirk tangles his other hand into his mate’s jet black hair, still babbling softly.

“I could listen to you all day,” Khan murmurs, earning a soft giggle.

“Thank you,” the ex-Captain giggles.

The dark haired male props himself on his side, smiling down at his Omega as he drapes a wing over him, trailing his fingers over his face. The blond sings something softly, and his mate does not need a translation.

“I love you too,” the Alpha/Beta murmurs, smiling wider.

The Omega rolls onto his side and tucks himself against the father of his unborn child’s robust body, letting out a low purr of content. The Augment gently runs a hand up and down his side, smiling as his mate begins to babble again.

“My, we certainly are talkative tonight,” the Brit chuckles. “I would expect you to still be brooding and silent after your little, adventure.”

“Why should I be?” The blond asks, snuggling closer. “My Alpha will protect me and smite my enemies, as the Left Hand of the Empress does. And he will not let Marcus come anywhere near me, once I teach him a special little trick known only to Pure Bloods, after I take a little walk.”

“What trick would that be, and where are you going?” Khan asks, tipping his head to the side.

“Site-to-mate teleportation,” Kirk replies. “The ability of a bonded pair, if it contains a Pure Blood, to teleport instantly to their mate’s side, without any limitations or exceptions, but I am not telling you where I am going.”

“Fine, then how does it work?” The dark haired male asks, sitting on his heels ass he tips his head to the side.

The ex-Captain smiles, sitting up.

“There’s only one way to learn,” he says slipping out of bed to his closet. “And it’s gonna hurt. A lot. But I’ll be back in about an hour.”

“Great,” his Alpha mutters, rising to his feet.


Naki watches his twin out of the corner of his eye as he keeps the large piece of scrap metal red hot, keeping the chill of Qo’noS at bay. John is currently curled up on his side facing the “fire,” struggling to breathe as he sleeps. His breathing is raspy and wet, coughing occasionally in such away that it makes the Pure Alpha’s chest hurt in sympathy. He has not said it out loud, but Naki knows his mate is seriously ill, evident by the blood on his lips when he coughs. He cannot understand why his twin refuses to admit that he may be dying, even though there is nothing they can do about it at this point, he knows they both need to be prepared when it happens.

If, Naki chides himself. If it happens.

He knows that it more than likely wishful thinking to believe his mate will come out of this alive, but he clings to it, praying to whatever deity that exists that they both survive.

John coughs again, spitting up blood that coats his lips and lands on the ground, but he does not wake. The Pure Alpha watches his mate as he sleeps, his heart clenching at his strangled breathing. He is thankful that his twin is still able to oxygenate his blood enough to survive, but his skin is slightly paler than normal, taking on a slight gray tint. Naki is deeply concerned for his mate, worried about their last few days together.

The personality change, the feeling “off,” and now this…

The Pure Alpha has no idea what is going on, and it terrifies him to the core.

Something, everything, is terribly wrong, and he does not have any idea what to do.


Khan looks up from his PADD as his mate enters the apartment, putting it aside so he can rise to his feet, moving to the front half to greet the other occupant, his breath catching in his throat.

The Omega brushes a strand of his now long dark golden blond hair out of his face, worrying his lower lip with his teeth.

“Do you not like it?” Kirk asks, nervous as his Alpha stares at him. “I can always get it cut short again.”

The Augment’s mouth open and closes rapidly, his arctic eyes wide as he stares, his mate squirming under his gaze.

“Nooni-” He begins, squeaking as his fiancé pins him to the wall, claiming his lips in a heated kiss.

He blinks in surprise before submitting to the Alpha/Beta, tangling his fingers into the silk-like strands as he kisses back, his mate’s hands sliding under his shirt to stroke the skin on his narrow waist and the top curve of his flared hips. He lets out a hum deep within his chest as the Brit pushes his Captain against the wall a little more, his hard angles molding with his soft curves as the mother of his unborn child toys with his loose and wild hair, lightly scratching his scalp with his short nails. The dark haired male rumbles before tipping his head to the side to deepen the kiss, his hand sliding up his sides to feel the bumps and spaces of his ribcage, gently pulling his shirt over his head before holding him tight against his body. His hands roam over his soft skin, gently tugging him back into the bedroom as he carefully removes the rest of his clothes, picking him up in his arms bridal style as the ex-Captain laughs softly, his arms around his neck.

“Ready to practice on teleportation?” Kirk asks, earning a grimace. “Trust me, once you get over the fear of it, it’s incredibly simple to do. And…”

He pauses, listening to the thoughts around him before dropping his voice, barely audible as he moves his lips closer to his fiancé’s ear.

“It will allow you to have a precise location of where I am and what state I am in, as both are vital to make sure you can teleport,” he says quietly in his ear. “You can keep an even closer eye on me, because once you teleport for the first time, it will make our incredibly strong bond even stronger. You will have complete sensory input from me, and I from you, as it is a safety measure to make sure that the teleporter does not end up in a solid object, or other dangerous location.”

Khan nods in response, putting his mate back onto his feet, his wings shifting against his back as he watches his fiancée spread his golden blond wings, nervous for once.

“Don’t be nervous, Noonien,” he says softly, cupping his cheek. “You’ve got this. I know, and you know, that you have this.”

The Augment nods, exhaling softly through his nose as he glances out the window before looking back.

“I am ready,” he says softly, his Omega smiling at him.


Khan flops on the bed as he tries to catch his breath, drenched head to toe and his chest is heaving, trembling slightly.

“Holy fuck,” he gasps, throwing an arm over his eyes. “What, fuck…”

Kirk sits beside him on the bed with his legs tucked under him, stroking a strand of his jet black hair out of his face, babbling softly in his native tongue reassuringly. The Augment lowers his arm and glances at his mate, still gasping for air as he slides further back on the bed, sprawling ungracefully over the sheets.

“How the fuck are you so composed?” He demands, trembling. “I’m an Augment for fuck’s sake and I’m about to pass out.”

“You are an Alpha/Beta chimera using a Pure Omega’s abilities, and one of their most powerful and taxing ones as well,” the blond replies, stroking his cheek. “You did very well, given the circumstances.”

The dark haired male groans softly, his eyes falling shut as he goes limp on the bed, moaning in pain. His Omega coos softly before curling up against his side, draping a wing over his sweaty mate as he rests his head on his chest, his ear right over his heart. He listens to the rapid tattoo of his beating heart, feeling it pound so hard in his ribcage that he swears it will burst out of his chest, sliding a hand over his skin to trace the valleys of his abdominal muscles. He knows that his mate could easily kill him if he wanted to, or if he lost his temper, but the only time he came truly close to losing control was during his Heats, controlled by the hormones in his blood and the pheromones produced by him to alert any potential mates, or bonded mate, that he was in his cycle of fertility. The bruises left behind were always startlingly dark in color, almost black, but the endorphins left behind after a seventy-two hour period of non-stop orgasms obliterated any pain caused by the bruising.

The ex-Captain sits up and traces his fingers over his sharply defined muscles covered in acres of flawless pale skin, still warm to the touch despite all the sweat on his body, his fingers gliding easily over his skin. The Brit watches him as he regains his breathing, studying his face with a tender expression as he feels the fingers on his skin, the touch feather light. His fiancée glances at him, glacial locking with arctic before the former breaks eye contact, looking down at the scar on the junction of his neck and shoulder. He leans down and presses a kiss to the scar, the only one on his body, the only one that will ever be there. He gasps softly as his Alpha rolls them so he is on top, a light blush on his cheeks as he looks up in the soft arctic eyes of his mate, his own glacial eyes falling shut as soft lips press against his. His mate’s scent wraps around him in a cocoon as his loops his arms around his pale neck, slipping his fingers into his jet black hair, the silk-like strands caressing his skin. He draws his knees up as the Alpha/Beta settles between his legs, their hips flush against each other as they kiss, lips parting to deepen the kiss as their heads tip to the side.

Khan pulls away to nuzzle his mate’s mark, peppering soft kisses on his skin. Kirk hums softly, smiling as his Alpha lavishes attention to his neck, enjoying the affection. The dark haired male chuckles softly, kissing along the underside of his jaw to attach his lips to the junction of his neck and jaw, sucking lightly. He kisses down his down his body, stopping at the skin just above his navel. He kisses softly, stroking his fiancée’s prominent hipbones, slipping through their bond to listen to the rapidly beating heart of their unborn child.

“I still find it amazing that there is a tiny person containing half my DNA just under my lips,” the Alpha/Beta murmurs, smiling softly. “Let alone that someone I love is the other half.”

“Considering the fact you are the only person who I have ever allowed to shared my Heats, in our reality and this one,” his Omega replies. “I think the odds are in your favor of being the father.”

The Augment just smiles, nuzzling the blond’s abdomen tenderly as he murmurs softly in Hindi. The ex-Captain tips his head back, toying with the silk-like strands of his fiancé’s hair, smiling as he mate talks to the child inside him.

“Any idea why your clones would reenact your actions to a ‘T?’” Kirk asks after a few minutes of tender silence.

Khan pillows his cheek on his mate’s flat abdomen, exhaling softly through his nose as he thinks.

“I do not,” he replies quietly, his wings spreading protectively over his Omega. “Nor do I know how they learned of the events. I never told them of my past, nor did I allow them anywhere near files that contained any data about our reality, so how they acquired the knowledge of my actions in beyond me.”

The blond nods, settling back into the pillows as his Alpha nuzzles his still flat abdomen, toying with his hair. The Brit kisses his skin before moving up his body, capturing his lips gently as one hand rests on his slender waist, rubbing small circles onto his skin. His fiancée locks his wrists behind his neck, holding him close as their lips part, but that is as far as they go. The Augment’s massive wings spread to cover the entire bed and nearly touch the floor, the tiny sliver of the moon that is barely visible is not emitting enough light to be a glimmer in anyone’s eye. It is, however, dwarfed by the beacon of light that is Starfleet headquarters, the highlights of the Alpha/Beta’s wings shifting with their movements from it, his pale muscles rippling in the light as well. The dark haired male’s lips trace his Omega’s jaw, moving to place his lips over his bite, nibbling on the skin gently. He lines up his teeth with the scar, gently holding his mate in place as he counts the rapid beats of his heart with his tongue.

The ex-Captain feels his heart begin to race as his fiancé runs a hand up and down his side, walking his fingers across his skin, his breathing picking up. Khan moves to settle between his legs, capturing his mate’s lips again. The kiss is slow as the Brit begins to gently rock against his Omega, tangling their hands together. Kirk squeezes his eyes tightly closed as he trembles, whimpering softly as he is suddenly consumed with panic, pushing at the dark haired male’s chest to get him off. His fiancé sits up and gives his Captain some space by slipping off the bed, moving into the bathroom to use the facilities, then proceeding to take his time while washing his hands. The blond sits up and wraps his arms around his knees, his wings folding around himself as he tries to control his shallow and rapid breathing, shaking as tears cascade down his cheeks. He feels his mate sits on the bed beside him, feeling his gaze on him, but he cannot fold back his wings to meets his eyes. He shrieks and bolts away when he feels a hand on his ankle, cowering in the far corner as his gaze fearfully darts around, his head spinning with lack of oxygen. The Alpha/Beta takes a step forward towards him, but the ex-Captain whimpers loudly in fear, curling in on himself even tighter.

“James, you need to breathe,” his Alpha instructs him, his voice calm and soothing despite the raging panic inside. “Can you do that for me, love? Can you take a deep breath, hold it for three seconds, then slowly let it out?”

The blond whimpers again, his trembling increasing as his breathing remains rabbit fast, his eyes darting around the room. The Augment motions for him to copy him, doing as he had instructed his mate, keeping his eyes focused on his panicked fiancée the whole time. The Omega finally locks his gaze with him, his mind too consumed by panic to even attempt the action, shaking violently. He tries several attempts at it, too shaky to take a deep breath before he succeeds in doing as he was instructed, each one easier than the previous one.

“That is it, baby boy,” Khan says softly, rising to his feet to cautiously approach his fiancée. “Just keep breathing.”

Kirk continues to take deep breaths as his wide glacial blue focus on his approaching Alpha, his breath hitching as he approaches too close, the older male taking a few steps back to give him breathing room, approaching him again when his breathing is under control. He comes in hugging the wall, giving his mate an escape route before crouching beside him, placing a finger on his toe. He watches his Omega carefully before placing a second finger on his skin, slowly working him up to his whole hand, resting gently on his skin. The blond shivers as goose bumps rise across his skin, trembling with cold, but the Augment does not move to hold him. He does, however, slowly slide his hand up his body, watching his mate’s reaction before gasping softly as the younger male throws himself at him, clinging desperately as he sobs. The dark haired male blinks before wrapping his arms around him, holding him tight as his wings fold around them, trapping the warmth inside their feathered cocoon.

“I have you, love,” he murmurs, rubbing his back gently. “I have you.”

“I’m sorry,” the ex-Captain whispers, his voice strangled.

“For what?” His fiancé asks, pulling away. “What do you have to be sorry about?”

His Captain’s lower lip quivers, tears rolling down his cheeks as he trembles.

“I, I don’t know,” he whimpers, burying his head into his neck.

“Then do not apologize,” the Alpha/Beta murmurs, rubbing his back. “If there is nothing to be forgiven.”

His fiancée is silent, letting his mate pick him up and carry him back to the bed, holding him tight to his chest as they lay on the bed.

“I love you, James,” Khan murmurs in Hindi after a few minutes of tender silence.

“I love you too, Noonien,” Kirk murmurs back.


Naki heats up the metal “fire” until it is white hot, unable to watch his mate continue to shiver, feeling helpless in the situation. John is still asleep, trembling as he still struggles to breathe, his body vibrating almost violently. The Pure Alpha’s heart is breaking at the sound, turning to dust at the sight of his twin’s health taking rapid downward dive, terrified of the next moment.

The Pure Beta’s skin is even paler than it was a few hours ago, looking even closer to death as well. His mate can tell that he is thinner than when they left loft, his clothes already falling off his body.

Naki gets up from his spot on the ground and walks over to his twin, kneeling beside him. He reaches out to touch him, but hesitates, drawing his hand back. The Pure Alpha sheds his coat and drapes it over his mate, covering as much of his body as he can. He turns away, but John weakly grabs his wrist, trembling. A newborn could break his grip, but Naki lets his twin gently tug him back.

“Please,” the Pure Beta rasps, coughing.

The Pure Alpha gently picks up his mate and cradles him in his arms, keeping them wrapped up in their coats to conserve as much body heat as possible. He keeps his twin tucked tight against his body, holding him tightly. John’s slender frame trembles in his arms, his breathing harsh and strangled. He grips him as tight as he can, barely wrinkling his clothes.

“I, I think I’m sick,” he says quietly, coughing.

“I know,” Naki says quietly. “I know, baby boy. I’ve known for awhile.”

John spits up blood, a low gurgle in the back of his throat as he tries to clear his airway, coughing up more. His twin gently wipes the blood off his lips, tightening his grip on him.

“Promise me something,” the Pure Beta whispers.

“Anything,” his mate whispers back.

“Don’t leave me alone,” John rasps, the gurgling returning. “Please don’t leave me.”

Naki gently kisses his twin’s cold forehead, feeling his shake beneath his lips.

“I won’t,” he promises softly. “I won’t leave you. I will never leave you.”

The Pure Beta nods, tucking his head into the crook of his mate’s neck, clutching as tight as he can as he fights for air, eyes falling shut.

“God, baby,” Naki breathes, holding his twin close. “You’re so cold.”

John whimpers as he clings tighter, shivering as he seeks warmth from the incredibly warm body that is pressing against his, the low gurgling starting to become louder. His twin rests his cheek on his forehead, holding him tighter against his body as he fights back tears, turning to press a kiss between his brows as a few fall against his wishes.

He continues to pray for help, in any form.


Kirk stares out the window of his apartment, his arms wrapped around his legs, his chin resting on his knees. His wings are folded against his back, still for once as he looks out at the cityscape before him, Starfleet headquarters continuing to be a hive of activity as the sun begins to crest over the horizon. His mate is soundly asleep behind him even though he is awake and alert, lying on his side with his back to him, his breathing soft and even. While he loves his Alpha dearly, he sometimes craves quiet and alone time to himself, something he did not get much while on their five-year mission. With a crew of four hundred eighty-three, there were very few places that he could escape to have time to himself and be alone, but after crawling in places only used for maintenance, and some that were not even on the schematics, he found a “sweet spot” where the artificial gravity was nonexistent. He would spend hours there, away from everyone with only the sounds of the Enterprise surrounding him, floating in zero gravity.

And much to his surprise, he had found out that his secret spot was someone else’s.

In fact, his mate had found the spot long ago, and had planted the location in his subconscious so he could escape to a place that he had found so relaxing.

The blond glances at his fiancé as he stirs slightly, watching the muscles on his back and shoulders ripple with the movement, able to see the power in them. He always knew that the Alpha/Beta is incredibly powerful, but he did not realize how much until he was kidnapped by a group of cannibalistic aliens capable of space flight, brought down to the planet’s surface and was about to be cooked alive when the Augment had transported down and ripped all twelve of them limb from limb. He tore them into pieces that would be served as food in a restaurant, covered head to toe in blood, snarling like some feral animal.

That was the one time he had been truly terrified of his mate, using the chaos of the brawl to break his bindings and flee as fast and as far as he could from the scene, not glancing back once. He had taken shelter in an outcropping of rocks almost seventeen miles away, covering that distance in under thirty minutes, closing the bond so he could not be found, going so far as to cloak his signature. He was not found for three days, not until he was too weak to keep up his cloaking, Spock transporting to him and carrying him back to the Enterprise.

Khan stirs behind him and turns to look over his shoulder, blinking away the sleep.

“James?” He asks softly in Hindi, a sleepy rasp in his voice. “What are you doing up?”

“Couldn’t sleep,” his fiancée sighs, closing his eyes.

The Brit rolls over onto his other side and smoothly rises to his knees behind his mate, wrapping his arms around his slender waist as he rests his chin on his shoulder, nuzzling his neck tenderly. He peppers soft kisses onto his skin as he rubs his abdomen tenderly, his massive wings folding around them as he presses closer to the ex-Captain, paying careful attention to his scent.

“You are afraid of what you will see if you close your eyes,” he states softly, earning a nod. “You have nothing to be afraid of while I am around, James. I will protect you, even from the demons inside your head.”

“How?” The blond asks, turning his head to look at the dark haired male.

“We are one,” is the reply, a smile tugging on his lips. “Our individual demons are the other’s as well. Let me help you, let me ease your fears. Let me give. Let yourself take, James. Please, love.”

Kirk nods and allows his Alpha to tug him backwards onto the bed, lying on their sides so they facing each other, the younger of the pair curled up while the older is more or less straight. He has a hand tucked under his pillow while the other rests on his flared hip, rubbing the crest gently as he holds his Omega’s gaze, his expression tender, exposed, and vulnerable. Khan slides his hand up his side, his touch feather light as he traces the bumps and valleys of his ribcage, moving to cup his cheek. He strokes his cheekbone before scooting closer, resting their foreheads together as his top wing folds over them, the feathers sinfully soft. Their eyes flutter shut as their lips brush against each other, barely any pressure on their skin as they live in the moment, more intimate than any sexual act. They close the last few millimeters between them, holding onto each other as their bodies mold against each other, but they do not close the distance between their lips. The Augment tangles his fingers into his Captain’s long dark golden blond hair, holding his head steady as he holds him tight against his body, his wings cocooning them tightly. The Omega slowly opens his eyes to see the most vulnerable expression on his fiancé’s face, knowing that he is the only one who will ever see him this exposed, this naked. Pale eyelids part to expose arctic blue eyes that lock with his, holding his gaze tightly. They fall shut as they close the distance between their lips, the kiss chaste and tender as they hold onto each other, a simple press of closed lips. They part with a soft plop, nuzzling each other’s faces as soft smiles grace their lips, hands gently stroking the other’s skin.

“How does breakfast sound?” The Alpha/Beta asks, sitting up to look down at him.

“Sounds perfect,” the ex-Captain replies, smiling as a light blush spreads across his cheeks. “As long as you cook.”

“Of course I will prepare our meals,” his mate laughs. “You burn water.”

“I do not!” His fiancée protests, his blush darkening.

Khan leans down and pecks his Omega’s lips before slipping off the bed, tossing a dazzling smile over his shoulder before slipping into the dark front half of their shared apartment, lifting the lights so it is just bright enough to see, but not enough to hurt someone’s eyes in the still weak sunlight. Kirk slips out of bed and joins his mate in the kitchen, sitting on the chair at the bar near the tribbles purring in their cage, slipping a finger between the bars to stroke their fur, opening the cage to reach in and pet them both. He coos softly at the two purring balls of fur, babbling softly in his native tongue as his mate prepares their breakfast, a simple omelet, his jet black wings fluttering against his back.

“You hardly ever speak in you native tongue,” he comments flipping the omelet over. “Why are you so talkative now?”

The blond furrows his eyebrows at him, slightly confused by the question. The Augment shakes his head as a smile curls on his lips, continuing to cook their breakfast as his fiancée stares at him. The ex-Captain looks into the bedroom as his communicator goes off, sighing softly before moving into the back half of their apartment, glancing over his shoulder before answering.

“Yeah?” He asks once he flips open the device, his wings shifting against his back slightly.

“Jim,” Scott says, his voice coming through clear. “I searched the wreckage of the jumpship. You’re not gonna believe what I found. You’ve got ta come, right away.”

The Omega glances over his shoulder once more, hesitating before replying that he will be there, closing the device with a heavy heart. His Alpha slips his arms around his slender waist once their breakfasts are cooked, resting his chin on his shoulder as his wings fold around them, nuzzling his neck tenderly.

“So, history is repeating itself,” the dark haired male murmurs, his arctic gaze flicking to the window. “I just hope the ending is different this time.”

“I hope so too,” his mate sighs, turning his head to nuzzle the Brit’s face affectionately. “I hope so too.”

He slips out of his fiancé’s embrace as he sheathes his wings, changing into his standard duty uniform without his overshirt, the older of the pair watching with a tender, but sad expression. Kirk is turned around to face his mate, the Augment’s large hands framing his face as he kisses him tenderly, his wings enclosing tightly around them. The blond’s wrists lock behind his neck, holding onto him before threading his fingers into his mate’s wild bedhead, his lips parting to his skilled tongue. He toys with the silk-like strands as he lets the Alpha/Beta take the lead, gently scratching his scalp with his short nails, feeling the low rumble vibrate in the ribcage pressed against his. His Alpha tightens his grip on him as he crushes his mouth harder against the mother of his unborn child’s, herding him back to the bed as he feverishly attacks his lips. The Omega gasps as he finds himself flat on his back, his fiancé looking down at him as if he were a feast, an involuntary shiver shooting down his body under the look.

“Noonien,” Kirk gasps, weakly pushing at his mate’s chest as he fights to not submit and let the older male do as he pleases to his body. “I’ve got to go. I’ve got to go.”

Khan snarls with frustration, but reluctantly slips off the bed to allow his mate to sit up, his body trembling with tension teetering on the verge of snapping and giving into his instincts. His fiancée is in an almost identical state, shivering as he is given a clear image on exactly how his Alpha is reacting to the situation, taking several deep calming breaths as the Brit forces his body to return to a neutral state.

“I’ll be back,” the blond promises, planting a shaky kiss to the father of his unborn child’s cheek. “And then I’m yours. I promise.”

“Then I will not have fun without you,” the Augment rumbles, though they both know that he really, really, wants to.

The Omega’s cheeks turn bright red as he forces his gaze to the floor, mumbling something under his breath before dashing out of the apartment, leaving his very frustrated mate alone. The Alpha/Beta runs a hand through his wild hair, tugging on the back of his scalp as he curses under his breath, deciding that a cold shower is required.

One very, very, cold and long shower, to be exact.

“How the fuck did I get myself into the mess?” He mutters under his breath to the empty apartment. “Oh, right.”

He exhales softly through his nose as he runs a hand down his face, glancing out the window of the apartment as he thoughts turn elsewhere, his wings shifting against back.

‘Please be safe,’ he thinks.

‘I will,’ his mate thinks back.


Kirk runs to Starfleet headquarters in record time, thanks to his primary gender, slowing down as Spock joins him along the way. The entrance is undamaged, and only crews atop of the building and around the crash site give any indication that something out of the ordinary had occurred last night, for the second time no less. The blond glances up at the eightieth floor, finding that repairs are being made, the wreckage of the destroyed jumpship slowly being moved out of sight. The sun is out in full force, creating a beautiful sunny day that makes the Omega want to spread his wings and soar high above the city, not caring about the consequences.

“D’you have any idea what we’re dealin’ with here, man?” Scott asks at the entrance, cradling a piece of debris.

“No, but I hope you’re gonna tell me you’ve got something that’ll help us find who did this,” the ex-Captain lies, frowning at the lump of mangled metal, metallic glass, and synthetics.

His former Chief Engineer hefts the mass of battered and fused metal, allowing the Officers to see inside the device, making out the still intact individual components that had somehow survived.

“This was recovered from the crashed jumpship,” Scott says, nodding to the wreckage still being picked apart by the salvage team. “Nobody was quite sure what it might be, so images were flashed around. As soon as I saw it, I came down and requested possession. Close inspection confirms that I saw what I thought I saw… I think.”

“What do you-” Kirk begins, cutting himself off as he hears something.

It is on the extreme edge of his mental hearing range, but there is a vague sense of direction from what he could only call as static, his head turning in that direction unconsciously. He focuses on the general direction, giving him a narrower and more specific sense of direction, though it is still on the far edge of his range. He could not believe that he is extending his ability beyond a parsec, easily extending to almost thirty before finally able to hear the thoughts, muffled and distorted as if not only is there a great distance between them, but as if the mind producing them is-

“Sir?” Spock asks, snapping him out of his thoughts.

The blond blinks a few times and looks behind him, finding his friends staring at him with looks of puzzlement and bewilderment, succeeding in suppressing the urge to blush brightly, clearing his throat as he turns back to his former crew.

“What is it you saw that you say you think you saw?” He asks, tipping his head slightly, choosing to completely ignore the funny looks from the others. “Something worth saying?”

“I’ll say,” the Chief Engineer says, turning serious after studying his former Captain for a moment. “If I’m right, and I’d bet ‘alf the contents of the best bar back in Aberdeen that I am, this is the remains of a portable transwarp beamin’ device. No wonder the scrap iron boys cuttin’ apart that mess o’ a jumpship didn’t recognize it!”

The Omega stares at the Scotsman, feeling his Alpha’s wings fold around him as his terror spikes, fearing the worst.

“You know what happened here?” He asks, fighting to not touch his necklace under his shirt.

Scott nods somberly, shifting the device again.

“Makes no sense,” he says. “Word is it might be some kind o’ personal vendetta or somethin’.”

“We’ll learn the motivation when we find the perpetrators,” the ex-Captain says.

‘Motivation my arse,’ Khan snorts. ‘You felt their terror, did you not?’

Kirk reaches out and taps the ruined transporter, ignoring his fiancé.

“Do you think there’s enough math left in this thing’s memory for you to trace where they went?” He asks.

“I already did, sir,” the Chief Engineer says, his tone grim. “And you’re not gonna like it.”

One readout is still intact despite all the damage the device had suffered, and it shows the last possible number Kirk wanted to see.


‘He so much as blinks the wrong way at you,’ the Augment snarls. ‘He will be nothing but a smear on the ground.’

‘Not if I do it first,’ the Omega thinks back.

Chapter Text

Kirk is not surprised by the sheer number of Security and Administrative personnel packed into Marcus’ office, though he is surprised by just how many are from his reality. Every single one of them discretely makes the gesture of apology for not being able to show respect to the Empress, murmuring softly in their native tongue in apology once they smell his scent. The two young Officers linger outside the crowd, the ex-Captain nodding to the few personnel who openly make the gesture near him, causing the Vulcan’s brows to furrow. Khan is a bit surprised, and perplexed, on the fact that it is the Pure Alphas who make the gestures more visible, but his mate is not. When the crowd thins considerably, the younger Officers decide that they cannot wait any longer, pushing their way forward through the crowd.

They stand in front and slightly to the side of the Admiral’s desk, watching in silence. Marcus looks drained, and as soon as he smells the Omega behind him, he tenses slightly, anxiety spiking in his scent. The blond watches the others’ reactions, making sure that everyone stays in the dark about their, little encounter. He takes great joy in knowing how unnerved the Pure Alpha is by his presence, as does his fiancé.

‘I think my services are not needed,’ the Augment purrs, wrapping his arms around his mate’s slender waist as he rests his chin on his shoulder, a smile creeping on his lips. ‘Though I would love to get my hands around his neck.’

‘Get in line,’ the ex-Captain thinks, rubbing his neck.

“…triple security details outside all major Federation facilities: Paris, Rome, Sydney,” Marcus is saying. “All automatics are to be activated, and I want anyone requesting access to a sensitive area to have to pass visual inspection based on the latest distributed data, as well as face-to-face querying from a live human being. Right now, we can’t trust security to mere machines. I want yellow alert imposed on-”

“Admiral,” Kirk says quickly, enjoying the slight start at his voice. “There’s no need for the enhanced security, sir.”

The title has a slight scathing tone to it, but it is quickly gone as he continues to speak rapidly.

“Not if your intention is to take them into custody,” he says. “They’re no longer on Earth.”

Everyone is staring at him, thankful that his mate is right beside him, and that Admiral Pike is not dead.

“They’re on Qo’noS, sir,” he finishes.

His scathing tone is not missed this time, a few of those from his reality making rude gestures at the Pure Alpha. Dead silence engulfs the room, and the blond knows that his almost Alpha is terrified to break it.

“Gentlemen, ladies, others,” he says finally. “Give us a minute.”

The Security and Administrative personnel cast curious glances at the two younger Officers who do not have two genders, while those who do show respect to their Empress by murmuring his full name and title in their native tongue on their way past, touching their foreheads gently. The last one out kisses his hand, much to Spock’s shock, but the others ignore it.

In fact, Marcus looks a little pissed.

The silence lasts for a minute or two, the heads of the two longest Pure Blood bloodlines staring each other down before the Pure Alpha speaks.

“Qo’noS?” He asks.

“Yes,” Kirk replies, ignoring formality.

“And you know this how?” The Admiral asks.

“Mr. Montgomery Scott, my, former, Chief Engineer, is an expert on many things, from the newest warp drive to the oldest scotch,” the Omega says. “Something in the widely disseminated visuals of the wreck of the jumpship Harrison and his twin used to attack Starfleet caught Mr. Scott’s attention. At his request, this object was delivered to him. Upon more detailed examination and analysis, it was determined to be a portable transwarp beaming device.”

The Admiral’s eyes widen slightly at the statement, Khan smirking from his position on the edge of his desk.

“Externally, it was a mess,” his fiancée continues. “But internally, much of it remained intact. By examining its innards and inner records, Mr. Scott was able to divine the receive point from its last use.”

He flicks his gaze to the powerwall, watching the news on the screen before flicking his gaze back to the older man.

“Obviously no matter how advanced its tech, a unit small enough to fit on a jumpship wouldn’t have the power to transport anyone, or two someones, much farther than orbit,” Kirk says. “Under Mr. Scott’s probing, the device gave up a whole sequence of numbers and coordinates. Harrison and his twin transported to an automated cargo station, but before anyone on a nearby inhabited monitoring station could think to question what they were doing there, they had accessed its heavy-load transporter and continued on their way.”

The Augment turns his head to look at something the blond cannot see, his translucent head tipping to the side as he frowns at something.

‘Do you hear something?’ He asks, listening intently.

“According to Mr. Scott, that transporter was employed to relay them to an unmanned vessel in orbit around the moon,” the ex-Captain continues. “Subsequent inspection revealed that another unauthorized transwarp device had been placed on it and wired into the empty ship’s engine. A device powerful enough, if its entire energy output was complied and utilized for a single massive burst, to send someone, or two someones, willing to take the risk of attenuated physical dissemination and consequent serious injury to a single destination anywhere in this galactic region. The effort burned out the device, but a record of the attempt was retained.”

He pauses thinking he heard something, but mentally shakes himself.

“Mathematically, at least, it appears to have been successful,” the Omega finishes.

Kirk turns slightly toward a sound on the extreme edge of his hearing, his Alpha rising to his feet when he hears it too.

‘What is that?’ The dark haired male asks, his brows furrowed.

‘I don’t know,’ his mate replies.

“Very clever,” Spock comments. “It would take an exceptionally robust human to survive such a radical transporting.”

The Brit snorts and rolls his eyes, following up with a noise of, many things.

‘He does not have a fucking clue how robust we are,’ he scoffs.

‘Shut up,’ the ex-Captain snaps.

“Even a Vulcan would be stressed,” the Science Officer continues. “But if successful, the perpetrators would be safe. Burning itself out with the effort, the transwarp device could not be used by anyone to follow.”

The Pure Alpha listens to both men, nodding after a little bit, his eyes glued to the Omega that was promised to him, specifically where his bond bite is located. Khan growls softly, his wings flaring out in annoyance as he keeps a careful eye on the one person he despises with every ounce of his being. His mate ignores him, flinching slightly as static bursts into his mind, disguising it by brushing a strand of his long dark golden blond hair back behind his ear. The Augment flies up to the landing above them, the Admiral point blank refusing to look up at him when he sees him move.

“So, they’ve gone to the Klingon homeworld,” he murmurs. “Are they defecting? Or just defective?”

“There’s no way to know for sure,” Kirk says, flicking his gaze up to the landing to see his mate watching them like a massive, dark feathered bird-of-prey. “Without interviewing them ourselves.”

Marcus shakes his head slowly, glancing up at the landing by accident before flicking his gaze back down quickly.

“Somehow I don’t think John Harrison and Na-his twin,” he corrects, clearing his throat. “Are going to sit still and answer questions, even if you capture them alive. Which you cannot.”

‘Oh fuck,’ the Alpha/Beta curses, his wings shifting. ‘He was in on it from the very beginning.’

‘He did,’ his fiancée thinks. ‘But that’s not the worst of it: Someone else is pulling the strings.’

“That remains to be seen, sir,” Spock points out. “The recordings preserved by the now-useless transwarp transporter were very precise. Not only can we tell that they transported to Qo’noS, we can resolve the transmitting to a specific corner of that world. It is apparent that they have taken refuge in the Ketha Province. Their choice of Qo’noS as a refuge now makes sense.”

A hovercraft moves by the window, ignored for the most part. The Brit stares out the window at the bay, frowning at something, but his Omega does not pay attention to him.

“They likely believe that even if the Federation can determine where they went, it will not dare to follow,” the Science Officer continues. “At the same time, they can hardly be certain of a welcome by the Klingons. So they transport to their homeworld, but chose to materialize in a region that has been uninhabited for decades.”

The Pure Alpha frowns, glancing up at the non-corporeal figure above them, his gaze uncertain. Khan scowls down at him, his wings shifting against his back as he debates on whether or not to teleport to his mate’s side.

“How do we know that this Ketha Province is uninhabited?” He asks, turning his gaze to the two younger Officers.

“The Klingons make no secret of its long-ago abandonment, sir,” the Vulcan continues. “There was a plague in what was formerly a heavily developed region that their medical science could not counteract. The most ruthless methods were employed to finally stamp it out.”

“I’d rather not ponder what passes for ‘ruthless methods’ among Klingons,” the Admiral mutters. “And this province has not been repopulated since?”

“No, Admiral,” Spock replies. “It is a well-known fact among those who are familiar with Klingon history and society. While the Klingon Empire has expanded to other worlds, this one province on their own homeworld remains deserted, rather like the obverse of a national park. Its extensive central conurbation and abandoned industrial facilities remain a place to be noted but shunned, not visited.”

“They must be hiding there,” Kirk says, stepping up to the edge of the desk. “Spock’s analysis is correct.”

He can feel his former First Officer’s surprise, glad that he does not say anything.

“They know if we even go near Klingon space, much less their homeworld, without a formal invitation, that would be all the excuse they’d need to ignite all-out war,” the blond continues. “They’d welcome it, I suspect. Starfleet can’t go after them. Not formally. If we tell the Klingons there are two human refugees wanted on Earth for mass murder, they’d delight in giving them sanctuary just to spite us.”

Khan snorts above them, muttering something in Klingon under his breath that the ex-Captain did not want a translation for, or dares to repeat. He flicks his gaze upwards, finding his mate turning his gaze back to the bay briefly before looking back.

“That’s if they haven’t done so already,” he says. “We both know that a formal Federation request for extradition sent through normal diplomatic channels would be laughed at. But if the Enterprise can get close enough to insert a small landing party, say, one hoping to quietly study the lingering effects of the plague that ravage the Ketha Province…”

‘And have sex on a hostile planet,’ the Alpha/Beta smirks.

‘I swear to god, one more comment like that and I’m banishing you to the couch,’ the ex-Captain snarls.

He feels his fiancé’s wings fold around him, his arms around his slender waist as he gently kisses his neck, the Omega relaxing in his arms slightly, a bit calmer.

‘Does “I am sorry” count?’ The Augment asks softly.

‘No, it does not,’ his mate replies.

“And if the Klingons discover you…?” Marcus asks with a derisive snort.

The blond smiles, but there is no humor behind the action.

“We’ll say that we just wanted to do a quick study and be gone,” he explains. “That much is true. We’ll add that we did it without telling them because we know that if we’d asked, they never would have given their permission. They’ll appreciate that: It’s in line with typical Klingon humor. They might still start shooting, but they’ll appreciate it. Hopefully, we won’t have to employ that excuse. If we move fast enough, we can get in and out before they can detect our presence.”

‘Did you hear that?’ Khan asks, standing before the window.

“We’ll have surprise on our sea,” Kirk continues. “By the time they get over their shock at having their planetary defenses breached, we’ll be warping out of their system, and no harm done. My guess is they’ll be too embarrassed to raise a stink.”

The Pure Alpha considers it carefully, glancing at the Alpha/Beta.

“What if you don’t get out in time?” He asks, looking back at the Omega.

The ex-Captain shrugs, amused by how unnerved the Admiral is around them.

“Then we’ll have to shoot back. I didn’t say the plan was perfect,” he says, giving a weak smile. “We’ll tell ‘em we experienced a severe navigational malfunction and got lost.”

His smile vanishes, his expression and demeanor turning serious.

“They are there,” the blond says. “They might not stay there for long, so we have to act fast. Starfleet can’t formally go after them, but I can.”

He does not plead or beg, he does not have to. The air of absolute authority is around him, and it is quite clear that Marcus is having a rather difficult time not submitting to the Omega.

“Admiral,” Spock says, stepping forward. “I would like to second Captain Kirk’s suggestion.”

“‘Captain’ Kirk?” The Pure Alpha asks, eyebrows rising at the term. “You presume too much, gentlemen.”

He studies them carefully, the Alpha/Beta wrapping his arms around his mate protectively, growling at the highest-ranking Officer in the room with a look of abhorrence.

“Mr. Kirk, Mr. Spock: I am going to share something with you that is not to be repeated outside this room,” the Admiral says, his entire being radiating seriousness.

‘The crazy talk is about to start, correct?’ The dark haired male asks, grinning.

‘You have no idea,’ his fiancée replies.

“All-out war with the Klingons is inevitable, Mr. Kirk,” Marcus says. “If you ask me, it’s already begun.”

He waves his hand and the room fills with surveillance imagery: different types of Klingon warships, armed Klingon soldiers, worlds, statistics, and more, but only Spock has never seen it before. The expectant couple studies them, but they are surprised to find that the information is different than the previous time. The Admiral eyes the display, sniffing derisively.

“‘Diplomacy’ and ‘friendship’ don’t seem to have a place in the Klingon vocabulary,” he begins. “In fact, there’s a whole section that might be labeled ‘getting along with others’ that seems to be missing from their culture.”

‘And yours,’ Khan mutters, his mate biting his lip to keep from giggling.

“Since we first learned of their existence, the Klingon Empire has conquered and occupied two inhabited worlds that we know of: worlds populated by sentient species with no burning racial desire other than to be left alone,” the Pure Alpha continues. “The Klingons don’t like to leave other species alone. In their mind, pacificity is a sign of weakness, and weakness is something to be exploited.”

‘Look at the models on his desk,’ the Alpha/Beta thinks, resting his chin on his Omega’s shoulder.

The ex-Captain subtly rolls, bumping his fiancé’s chin as a way to shush him. The Augment rumbles softly, kissing his neck.

“They’ve fired on our ships half a dozen times, always on the flimsiest of reasons,” Marcus says, staring at the dark haired male. “When we have the temerity to fire back, they withdraw, recalculate, and if necessary, offer up whatever excuses they think we’ll accept. Our diplomats hem and haw, but, being diplomats, end up coming to agreements.”

‘Something you know jack shit about,’ the Brit growls, squeezing his fiancée’s slender waist. ‘Can I kill him now?’

‘I get first dibs, Noonien,’ he growls back.

“Those ‘agreements’ will only last until the Klingons believe they’ve achieved an overwhelming superiority in firepower,” the Admiral says, his tone hardening. “Then there’ll be another ‘accident,’ only this time there’ll be no more agreements. They’ll come straight at us, and they won’t stop until they get to Earth itself.”

‘Holy fuck,’ Kirk breathes, keeping his face neutral. ‘He’s not planning to start a war; he’s planning genocide. And that’s not his instructions.’

“The galactic clock is ticking, gentlemen,” the Pure Alpha says. “They’re coming our way, and I’ll be damned if we’re not gonna be ready for them.”

He fixes his gaze on Spock, the Augment’s wings folding around his mate instinctively from the gaze being so close to him, growling once more. The ex-Captain can feel his own wings moving against his back, uncomfortable and uncertain.

“We intend to see to it, Mr. Spock,” Marcus says. “That what happened to you world will never happen again, to Earth, or anywhere else.”

‘He’s serious,’ the blond whispers, unable to believe his ears. ‘He’s going to exterminate the Klingons.’

‘But how do Naki and John play into this?’ The dark haired male asks. ‘What role do them have?’

‘I don’t know,’ his fiancée thinks back.

“London, that was not an ‘archive,’” the Pure Alpha continues after a breath. “It was the staging area for a top-secret branch of Starfleet research and development called ‘Section 31,’ as innocuous a designation as could be applied. The Scientists, Engineers, and military far-seers that were tasked with developing defensive technology, as well as training operatives to gather intelligence on the Klingons and any other potential enemies who mean to do us harm.”

As he speaks, images from the destroyed Section 31 facility appear in the air above his desk, which the trio studies intently. They are followed by a plethora of research material on the Klingon Empire: its ships, weapons, statistics, and much more.

Once again the information is different, and the ex-Captain pays careful attention to the data, his Alpha holding him tightly in his embrace. He catches a brief glimpse of video footage of three pale skin, dark haired males, two of them much smaller that the third, but it is gone before he can process it. His instincts react to the “image” of his mate, his rational mind unsure if it was him, or someone else.

‘It was me,’ the Augment thinks. ‘And I fear what else they have.’

“I’m sure you realize, gentlemen,” the Admiral continues. “That the galaxy is not an inherently benign place. In addition to dangerous natural phenomena, there are hostile intelligences out there who have reasons of their own for wishing to see the influences of Federation reduced, or eliminated entirely.”

‘And in here,’ the Omega thinks, his sheathed wings shifting in agitation.

“It is the task of Starfleet never to let down our guard against such entities,” Marcus finishes.

“I thought our task was to seek out and explore,” Spock interjects pointedly.

The Admiral nods in agreement, his eyes locked on a spot just above the blond’s shoulder, which also happened to be where the Alpha/Beta’s head was resting.

“Indeed it is, Mr. Spock,” he says, turning his gaze to the Vulcan. “Also to be wary of what we find when we seek out and explore. Starfleet’s approach has always been to extend the hand of greeting and friendship to whoever we encounter, while keeping a full charged phaser ready in our back pocket.”

He shakes his head dubiously as Kirk fights to not throttle the Pure Alpha before him, unable to believe that what he is saying might even be slightly true.

Starfleet saved his life, he believes in it with every fiber of his being, second only to his Alpha. It is not a militaristic organization, it is for deep-space exploration and defense, to advance knowledge about the galaxy and its inhabitants, to advance science and technology, diplomacy, and military defense.

Not offense.

He believes in its non-militaristic objectives, its ideal diplomacy.

Every person he has known in Starfleet, both in their reality and this one, has used military action as the last resort, when all other non-aggressive options had been exhausted. Even he had been put into positions where militaristic actions were his only option, something he did not enjoy due to his non-violent Omega personality, but he had his crew to protect, his family. He knew that Starfleet has a militaristic branch that is used in special circumstances, but only once they are provoked, and never before.

Could he have been so naïve that he ignored the fact that this is a different reality, so could this Starfleet be different?

That he saw only what he wanted to see?

And not what it truly is?

The thought turns his blood to ice, a chill running down his spine.

How much of his life in this reality has been only what he wants to see, and not what is reality?

Khan can feel his mate’s world spiraling out of control, coming apart at the seams as his mind races wildly. His instincts are screeching to teleport to his distressed Omega and conceal him entirely from the world, knowing that if he does so, it will start a reaction of events that will be catastrophic. He does not care, he needs to be with the mother of his unborn child, but he forces himself to not do so, his heart breaking at his mate’s mental pleas for him. The Alpha/Beta knows that his fiancée naturally lacks confidence, a part of his Pure Omega nature, and his duty as his Alpha is to be his pillar of strength, his rock.

An idea hits him.

‘Can I lie to you?’ He asks.

He instantly feels the change in his mate’s mind, his whirling thoughts screeching to a halt, grounded in an instant. The necklace around the blond’s feels white hot against their skin, though it is only as warm as body heat and outside temperature allow it to be.

‘No,’ the ex-Captain breathes.

“Extend both hands to the Klingons, and they’re likely to come back missing a finger or two,” Marcus says, his lips curled up at the corners slightly in response to the Omega’s scent. “Plans are being made to defeat them, by any means necessary.”

‘Biologically,’ the Augment mutters, tightening his grip on his fiancée’s waist. ‘And by defeat, you mean extinction.’

Visual information on the Klingon Empire is abruptly replaced by a personnel file: that of Thomas Harewood.

“But Harrison and his twin somehow coerced a Section 31 Officer to sacrifice his own life and detonate a device that destroyed the facility and killed innocent men and women,” the Pure Alpha says. “We don’t know why Harrison turned against us, or where his twin came from.”

He stares off into the distance, momentarily focusing his thoughts on another matter entirely, allowing the blond to softly utter something in his natural tongue, one that his fiancé does not want translated. The Brit growls softly, knowing that the Admiral had fed his not-then mate the same line of bullshit that he is now, and that he is the reason things happened last time.

He has to remind himself that if things had not happened the way they did, he would not have his Perfect Mate, and be expecting his first child, the two things he wanted so desperately he is willing to give up everything to protect them. His large hands rest on his Omega’s still-flat abdomen, fingers curling slightly in possession.

“He was one of our best agents,” Marcus says when he snaps back to reality. “You cannot imagine how talented and valuable he was. One might almost say unique.”

“You have no idea,” slips out of Kirk’s mouth before he can stop it.

He feels Spock’s gaze on him, but his is locked on his almost-Alpha, cold, hard, and down right terrifying.

The Augment rumbles with approval, kissing his Omega’s neck as he promises to do things that would normally have his mate fainting from all the blood rushing to his face, but instead have him asking for something that the dark haired male never thought would come out past his lips. The one thing that he has kept throughout his entire life, the one thing that he thought he would never give away, but he knows that his mate is the one who deserves it.

‘Yes,’ he whispers. ‘You can have it. You can have my virginity.’

The Admiral swallows, unnerved by the “lesser” sex before him, the one person who should be afraid of him, but is not.

‘Fucking Pure Alpha elitists,’ the ex-Captain snarls, placing his hand over his Alpha’s.

“But now, he and his twin are fugitive mass murders, and I want the chance to take them out,” the blond says, refusing to submit to his molester at any point.

“‘Take them out?’” Marcus asks, frowning slightly. “You are very young, Mr. Kirk.”

Kirk has to bite his tongue to prevent him from hurling curses at the Pure Alpha in his native tongue, just to piss him off so he has an excuse to hurl him through a window, from a very lethal height.

“In fact, I would go so far as to say your response about sounds a bit,” the Admiral smiles wickedly before finishing. “Klingonish.”

All five coffee pots on the wall near the end of the meeting table in the office explode violently, glass flying everywhere as hot coffee stains the white walls around it, other objects rattling dangerously as the most powerful telepath in the room, possibly universe, starts to lose control of his abilities as his emotions take control. Marcus’ head whips to the pots, his jaw unhinging slightly at the force of the explosion, not realizing that the head of the older Pure Blood bloodlines had done it on purpose.

“Starfleet isn’t about vendettas,” he says shakily, knowing full well that could have been his head, not the coffee pots. “You know this.”

“Maybe it should be,” the ex-Captain growls, taking a step forward. “Maybe if the Klingons thought we were more like them, instead of, say, the inhabitants of those two worlds they recently occupied, they’d show us a little more respect and stop shooting at our ships. I’m all for diplomacy, first and foremost, but there’s a time for talk, and a time for stalk.”

He sings a few choice words softly, thrilled when the Admiral takes a step back. The Pure Alpha steels himself, his scent wildly fluctuating, terror being the main note.

“St-straightforwardly put,” Marcus stutters, fighting to not submit to the dominating Omega. “I’d have exp-expected nothing less. Pike always said you were one of our best and brightest. Also one of our most… imp-impetuous? I think that’s the word he used. You should hear him defend you. He’s the one who talked you into joining Starfleet, wasn’t he?”

“No, he saved me,” the blond snarls. “Something you should know about. First hand.”

“Captain?” Spock asks, highly confused.

“Did he ever tell you talked him into joining?” The Admiral asks, his tone hardening.

“He did, actually,” Kirk replies. “He told me that his biggest regret is the fact that it was you.”

“Captain?” The Vulcan asks again. “May I inquire to what-”

“No,” the ex-Captain snarls, a low rumble deep within his chest.

The two longest Pure Blood bloodlines stare each other down, the tension palatable as the air crackles with energy from the oldest bloodline’s abilities, but not enough to cause hair to stand on end. Khan’s wings shift in agitation against his back, feeling his mate’s fury through their bond as he flicks his gaze between the two Pure Bloods, goose bumps rising all over his body.

“His death would have been on me,” the Admiral says quietly. “And yours can’t be. I won’t allow that. Harrison and his twin have cost Starfleet too many fine Officers. I will not see your name added to that list. The Klingon homeworld, really, now. I’m not letting you get anywhere near that planet. Not even if the object is to ‘take out’ John Harrison and his twin.”

The Omega knows that his words are genuine, but that does not stop him from wanting to snarl a comment about since he cared so much about his well being in the past, why should he care now? His fiancé is looking out the window again, frowning at something he cannot sense, his wings shifting slightly.

“We’ll deal with them through other means,” the Pure Alpha says, starting to turn away. “There are less-known diplomatic channels that-”

“Diplomacy,” the ex-Captain interrupts. “If they declare their presence to the Klingons and tells them what they’ve done, they’ll view them as an ally. They’re just two rogue humans, sure, but they’re ones who’ve accomplished something that would accrue considerable merit to any of them had they carried out such a stealthy attack. It would be just like them to grant them diplomatic immunity and parade them at a conference, or use them for general propaganda purposes. They have to be… excised… so that can’t happen.”

The words taste foul in his mouth, his rage threatening to boil over.

Khan swears that the roots of his hair at the base of his neck are darker, but it is gone as soon as he sees it. He stares hard at the neck of the mother of his unborn child, determining that it was just a trick of the light when it happens again.

“‘Vendetta’ aside” the Omega continues. “There are practical reasons why they have to be dealt with as soon as possible.”

Marcus appears to mull it over, but the blond knows that he has already made up his mind. He turns to the Science Officer staring quizzically at his friend, his head tipped slightly.

“Mr. Spock,” the Pure Alpha begins. “You said the city they’re hiding in is uninhabited?”

“Affirmative, sir,” the Vulcan replies. “And has been for quite some time. On a map of Qo’noS, it is an empty place: abandoned, deserted, and unvisited.”

The Admiral nods to himself, glancing at the Augment currently perched on the edge of his desk, a look of smug satisfaction on his pale face.

“As part of our extended defensive strategy, Section 31 has developed a number of new, highly advanced weapons systems,” Marcus says, pressing a few buttons on his desk. “One of these is a new kind of photon torpedo: long-range and undetectable. It’s designed to be invisible to Klingon sensors.”

The diagram of the photon torpedo appears, rotating above his desk slowly and smoothly. The Alpha/Beta growls, recognizing them as the ones that hold his crew, his family.

And soon to be his mate’s.

Just as the Enterprise is about to be his.

“‘Designed to be,’” Spock says, considering the statement. “Is it?”

The Admiral does not smile, glancing at the Brit who is eyeing him with distaste, lips pulled back slightly in a snarl.

“In all computer simulations, it has functioned as intended. In a real combat situation, we have yet to find out,” he says. “You’re going to have the opportunity to find out.”

‘Can I kill him now?’ The dark haired male rumbles, his distaste turning into malicious intent.

His fiancée flicks his gaze to him, his glacial blue eyes flashing through emotions rapidly. The older of the pair rises and stands behind his mate, wrapping his arms around his slender waist, resting his chin on his shoulder. He folds his massive wings around them, holding him tight as he watches the highest ranking Officer in the room intently.

“Mr. Kirk, you will proceed to locate John Harrison and his twin,” the Admiral says. “I don’t want you hurt, but I want you to take them out. When you have conclusively established their position and, provided they remain isolated from their unknowing Klingon hosts, you lock onto their position, you fire, you kill them, then you haul ass.”

Kirk swallows around the hard lump in his throat, feeling ill at those words.

‘They are innocent,’ Khan growls, tightening his grip. ‘You know this.’

‘I do,’ the blond replies. ‘Which is why I will fight to keep them safe, as if they are my own crew. They are you, and that’s all I need.’

‘Thank you,’ his Alpha whispers, kissing his neck.

“Of course,” is all the ex-Captain says.

Marcus nods, staring at the smirking Augment once more.

“Admiral,” Spock says, clearly unhappy with this plan. “It is to be presupposed that the Klingons will look less than understandingly at the launching of photon torpedoes at their homeworld from a Federation vessel.”

‘No shit,’ the Alpha Beta growls, his wings shifting in annoyance.

“As would we if the situation were reversed, Mr. Spock,” the Pure Alpha agrees. “However, if the torpedoes work as intended, no trace of their passage will be detectable. Klingon sensors might detect the presence of the Enterprise. They will have no way of connecting it with the detonation on an uninhabited portion of their planet. If all goes as hoped, the Enterprise will be in and away before they can register its presence.”

He catches his breath, moving slightly to allow the ex-Captain to see the model ships his Alpha had been talking about earlier.

‘Did he seriously place a model of the Vengeance on his desk?’ He asks, fighting to keep his face neutral. ‘Where the Hell did he get that?’

‘From my desk,’ his Alpha replies. ‘It is the one from the house where I raised the twins in. I would get bored, and I would, play, with it.’

‘A grown man playing with model ships,’ the blond thinks, struggling not to grin. ‘You’ll never live this down.’

‘Why else would I tell you?’ The Augment grins. ‘And Marcus is going to be bloody livid when he finds a few, surprises I put into our ship’s coding, and design.’

‘Our?’ Kirk asks, surprised.

Khan just rumbles softly, kissing his fiancée’s neck.

“As you may know, Qo’noS has one major moon, Praxis, which is a center of energy production. There are also a number of smaller moonlets and planetoids,” the Admiral says.

‘Because I blew it up,’ the Brit growls. ‘Under your orders.’

“Too small to bother colonizing even with automatic stations; plenty large enough to conceal a single starship visually, electromagnetically, and gravitationally from sensors on both Qo’noS and Praxis,” the Pure Alpha says. “If you can emerge from warp space at appropriate predetermined coordinates behind one of these, the Klingons won’t notice you. A patrol would eventually, but you should be in and out before that happens.”

His gaze shifts from Kirk to Spock, flicking to Khan occasionally.

“Nobody suggests this is going to be easy,” Marcus says. “But it’s possible. It’s doable.”

“Permission to reinstate Commander Spock as my First Officer,” the Omega says.

“Granted,” the Pure Alpha replies. “Anything else?”

“Actually, yes,” the blond says.

He snarls a few rather nasty curses in Marcus’ native tongue before turning on his heel and walking out of the room, leaving the Admiral, and his First Officer, gaping at him. The Alpha/Beta smirks and opens his eyes, pulling out two of the pre-portioned sushi leftovers as he waits for his Omega to return, feeling just how hungry he is. Kirk storms through the door as he growls and curses under his breath, taking up pacing as his fury rolls off him in waves, a few loose objects rattling. The dark haired male is instantly pulling his mate into his embrace, wrapping his massive jet black wings around him as he murmurs softly in Hindi, peppering kisses over every millimeter of skin he can reach.

“Breathe, love,” he murmurs. “Just breathe.”

The newly reinstated Captain inhales his fiancé’s scent, his fingers curling into the fabric of his shirt as he buries his head into his neck, his lithe frame trembling in the older male’s embrace. They hold onto each other, not wanting to let go, feeling the other’s heartbeat against their ribs.

“Thank you,” the blond says softly, nuzzling his Alpha’s skin.

“Your thanks is not necessary,” the Brit murmurs. “But is appreciated.”

They pull away just enough to press their lips together, heads tipped slightly as they press closer to each other, tightening their grips. Khan’s large hands move to the small of his mate’s back and the back of his head, tangling his fingers into his long, dark golden blond hair, gripping gently. The Omega’s fingers curl around his neck, tangling them into his silk-like hair, pressing closer so his soft curves mold with hard angles. Lips part and tongues tangle, the kiss slow and intimate as the Alpha/Beta slides his hand from his back to his waist before down his side to his hem of his undershirt, slowly creeping up to thumb his narrow waist. His long fingers slip under the waistline of his pants to trace the bony ridge of his hip, slipping under his boxers to tease the soft skin there before inching further back to squeeze a cheek, earning a slap to his chest.

“It’s either my neck or my ass,” Kirk mutters, his cheeks flushing. “Why do you like those parts more than any other part of me?”

“Because it is a very lovely neck,” the father of his unborn child rumbles against his neck, smiling at the full body shiver. “And your arse just happens to be the right size for my large hands. And it is very, squeezable.”

He emphasizes his point by squeezing a little harder, grinning at the soft squeak and the even deeper flush that spreads across his fiancée’s cheeks, his gaze firmly fixed on his broad, muscular chest. The Augment nuzzles his reddened cheeks with his tip of his nose as he pulls his hand out of his pants, gently nudging him to the bar to eat the food he pulled out.

“Eat,” he orders, smiling at the glare sent his way. “I think it is time for another dose of cranberries.”

“Smegma,” the Omega mutters, his Alpha’s jaw hitting the floors.

“Where the bloody Hell did you learn that word?” He asks, flabbergasted. “That is incredibly vulgar!”

“You pick up a few words when you’re around a foul mouthed Pure Alpha elitist,” the blond replies, shrugging. “That’s not the worst I’ve heard, or been called.”

“I do not find that comforting,” the Brit mutters, sitting beside his Captain.

He watches the mother of his unborn child with a tender expression, placing his hand over his after a little bit, causing his to look up.

“James,” he says softly, squeezing. “I know I should not go with you, but I do not think you could function without me, nor would I be safe here.”

The Captain looks down at his hand before looking up his face, turning his gaze back to his food as he sighs softly, his eyes falling shut.

“I know you wouldn’t be, and I know that I can’t,” he says quietly after a few seconds. “It’s too dangerous for either of us right now, and I’m really fucking scared of what might happen again if I don’t have you by my side. I can’t…”

He shudders and grips the dark haired male’s hand tightly, a few tears threatening to roll down his cheeks.

“I don’t know if I could make that sacrifice for my crew again,” he admits quietly. “I don’t know if I could ever make a sacrifice like that again for any reason.”

“James,” Khan says softly, squeezing his hand. “You will not have to. I will make sure of it.”

“How?” Kirk demands, snapping his head towards him as tears stream down his cheeks. “How can you make sure that it won’t happen again when this reality is following the exact same path, and we can’t stop it? The odds of everything repeating the exact same way are just too slim to be nothing if not zero, and since they are, the odds of them changing are the exact same probability. There’s nothing we can do to stop it, and you know it. And-”

His words die on his lips as they are claimed, blinking rapidly before melting into the kiss, his eyes fluttering shut as he parts his lips to a probing tongue. A large hand rests on his knee and kneads gently before sliding up his thigh, slipping under his shirt to rest on the skin of his flat abdomen, his hand incredibly warm as he rubs small, tender circles.

“Because we know what will happen this time,” the Augment breathes against his lips. “And we have a Hell of a lot more to lose this time.”

He gently rubs noses with his mate before pecking his lips thrice, gesturing to his food with a nod of his head, a soft smile on his lips. The blond smiles softly as he nuzzles his razor sharp cheekbones with the tip of his nose, turning back to his food as he takes a bite, his eyes closing in bliss as he realizes how famished he is.

“Slow down!” The Brit laughs as he sees his mate eating rapidly. “You will hurt yourself if you keep-I warned you.”

His Captain glares at him as he sticks out the very tip of his tongue that he had bit, tears biting the corners of his eyes as he sniffles, his lower lip trembling. His fiancé leans in and kisses the tip of his tongue gently, resuming to eat his food as the Captain sniffles louder, whimpering softly. The Augment rolls his eyes as he snorts loudly, shaking his head before resuming to eat and ignore his Omega’s whimpers, earning a soft growl.

“I did warn you,” the Alpha/Beta grins, his eyes flashing. “And you did not heed it.”

‘Shut up!’ The Omega snaps, his cheeks flushing darkly. ‘I’m hungry!’

“I know you are, love,” his fiancé replies, his eyes crinkling around the corners. “But that does not mean you should not heed my warning.”

His fiancée sticks his tongue out further, squeaking as his mate grabs his tongue and tries to hold it, but the appendage is too slippery and the younger of the pair draws it back into his mouth quickly.

“You’re mean…” Kirk mutters, his cheeks flush as his gaze becomes fixed on the floor.

Khan quirks an eyebrow up at the statement, shaking his head in amusement as he sighs softly, a soft smile on his lips.

“Sometimes,” he admits. “But it is always playful with you, James.”

The Captain nods slightly, flicking his gaze up to the dark haired male before smiling softly, his blushing lightening.

“I love you too, Noonien,” he says quietly, leaning in to press a soft kiss to his lips.

His Alpha hums softly into the kiss, cradling the back of his dark golden blond head to hold him steady, lips, tongues, and teeth expertly used. He hauls his Captain to his feet as he holds him tight against his body, sheathing his wings as tightens his grip on his hair, smearing their mouths harder against each other. The blond suddenly finds himself on his back on his kitchen table, the Augment looming over him as his eyes rake over his form as if he were a feast, a low rumble in his throat. His fiancée shivers and closes his eyes, turning his head away as his flush starts to move down his body, gripping his biceps tightly. The Alpha/Beta drops down and smears their mouths together, rolling their hips together as their pulses pick up, one hand above his Omega’s shoulder while the other rests on his prominent hip. He pulls away and attaches his lips to his neck, sucking a mark on the side opposite of his mark of claim, tongue laving over the bruise occasionally before resuming to darken it. The Omega is panting heavily now, his lips opening and closing frequently to swallow, gasping each time they part. His fingers are curling into the Brit’s jet black hair, gripping tightly as he trembles, soft mewls spilling past his lips.

His fiancé snarls as he pulls away, glaring hard at the door that is currently alerting them that someone is outside, his lips pulled back to bare his teeth. His mate pushes at his shoulders and quickly moves to the door, opening it to find his immaculate First Officer on his doorstep, raising an eyebrow at his disheveled appearance.

“Spock, this is really not a good time,” he says quickly, running a hand through his hair to try and tame it. “I have to pack up so I can-”

“Is Commander John Harrison currently occupying your residence at this present time?” The Vulcan inquires, head tipped to the side slightly.

Kirk sputters at the question, his face turning bright red as he tries to figure out how to answer, his lips moving rapidly, but no sound comes out. He jumps as his mate places a hand on his shoulder, whipping his head around to him before back at the Science Officer, his glacial blue eyes blown wide.

“What do you want?” Khan asks, a hard edge to his voice as he shifts back into a warrior’s demeanor, eyeing his fellow Commander intently.

“Confirming my theory that the Commander John Richard Harrison onboard the Enterprise is not the same Commander who attacked Starfleet,” Spock replies, eyeing the Augment cautiously, who frowns at his alias’ middle name. “I had observed that the fugitives have a rather unique iris pattern, similar to your own, but have an added feature that you do not possess. After studying the security footage, I confirmed that the Commander onboard was not the same one on the feed.”

The Alpha/Beta narrows his eyes at him, the corners of his mouth curling up slightly in a snarl.

“What is that suppose to mean?” He snaps, his eyes flashing.

“That as a valued member of the Enterprise’s Science Division, I expect the Commander John Richard Harrison assigned to the Enterprise to be present at his station when we depart,” the Vulcan replies, unfazed by the unveiled threat. “Captain, do not be late, as your apparent record has revealed that you have conditioned yourself to be habitually tardy.”

The Science Officer turns on his heel and leaves the flabbergasted couple staring at his back, looking at each other before back at the retreating figure, then at each other again.

“What the fuck just happened?” The Omega asks, closing the door when they enter the apartment.

“I have no idea,” his fiancé replies, shaking his head in bemusement. “I am just as baffled as you are.”

“Then do you mind taking a shot of something so I can get drunk?” The blond asks, sending the Brit into a fit of hysterical giggles. “It’s not funny! I’m serious!”

“Of course it is, love, and I know you are,” his Alpha chuckles, wiping at his eyes.

An impish look suddenly crosses his face, his eyes glinting in away that his Omega rarely sees, but knows exactly what it means. He backs up as the dark haired male advances, quickly caged against the wall with large pale hands on either side of his head, his cheeks flushing as he looks up at the pale, angular face just millimeters from his. The Captain squeezes his eyes shut as he turns his head away, feeling the father of the child inside his womb close the distance, shivering as he breathes on his ear.

“We have a shuttle to catch, and then a pair of clones to bend over the knee and spank,” he breathes, tracing the shell of his Captain’s ear with the tip of his tongue. “But first, I am going to do something that I have wanted to do with your body for a very long time.”

“And what’s that?” His fiancée whimpers before crying out as he earlobe is lightly sucked.

The next few words that are uttered are done so in a rumble so deep he can feel it in his bones, more of a sensation than a sound, freezing completely at the statement.

I am going to fuck you against this wall the way I have dreamed of doing since I first saw your face in your record.

Kirk suddenly begins to sob loudly as his scent becomes noxious with sheer terror, dropping to the floor as his hands fly up to cover his face, his entire frame trembling violently.

“Please don’t hurt me,” he sobs. “I’ll be good, I promise. Don’t make me do it again. Please don’t make me do it again.”

Khan is instantly on his knees, quietly shushing his Captain as he rubs his calf reassuringly, peppering soft kisses to his temple. The blond’s sobs die down to whimpers before he can finally look at the Alpha/Beta, his lower lips trembling as he futilely wipes at his tears, his Alpha dabbing at them with his sleeve. He lets his head be rested on his broad shoulder as arms wrap around him, touching him reassuringly as he buries his head into the pale neck before him, hot tears streaming down his face. The Augment presses a soft kiss to his brow as his own tears fall down his pale cheeks, murmuring softly in Hindi as he soothes his quietly whimpering mate, feeling his slender frame tremble in his embrace.

“I should not have done that,” he says quietly, rocking gently. “I am so sorry, baby boy. I did not mean to push you that far.”

His fiancée just whimpers, his fingers digging into the fabric of his shirt as he presses closer to his robust body, his trembling subsiding slowly. The Brit gently strokes his cheek with his thumb as he murmurs, continuing to rock gently as they remain on the floor in each other’s embrace, wishing for it to all be over.

Chapter Text

The massive shuttle hanger is a hive of activity when the couple arrives dressed in their flight suits, wings sheathed as they watch those around them with caution, slightly on edge. Khan spots technicians going over final checkouts, dozens of personnel comparing notes and assignments, and supplies being prepared for loading. The hum, clank, and whir of automatics combined with the buzz of human and alien voices in conversation creates a symphony of expectancy, but the Augment does not give any of his surroundings a second thought, far too busy making sure that his Omega is alright and not putting up a façade.

And stare at his glorious rear.

An Omega on a mission, Captain James Tiberius Kirk strides through the confusion, parting lesser ranks with a “distinct’ lack of patience, though they both know that he is still coming up from his low. If one were to look closely at the blond, they would see that he is trembling, fighting to keep his emotions in control even twenty plus minutes after finally having calmed down. The Alpha/Beta watches as his mate actively avoids making skin-to-skin contact to with anyone, shivering if someone does accidentally, feeling him draw into himself both mentally and psychically. Some of those he nudges aside start to protest, but they quickly recognized him and moved out of his way, allowing an irate McCoy to fall instep beside him.

“Jim, I waited and waited,” McCoy growls. “Where the Hell were you?”

“Waited?” The blond asks. “For what?”

“For the going-away banquet Starfleet’s tiny two gendered contingent prepared in your honor,” the Doctor replies, rolling his eyes. “For your pre-departure medical exam, what’d you think? Neither of you showed up.”

He glares at the dark haired male, unnerving him slightly, but only receives a half-hearted one shouldered shrug in reply.

“You two were in a damn firefight ten hours ago, and Jim, you’re pregnant,” the Beta says, lowering his voice on the last word. “You were never checked out after the fight, and now you’re resume command of the Enterprise without so much as your blood pressure checked. What kind of ship’s Doctor do you think I am? It’s my duty to-”

“Bones, I’m fine,” the Omega snaps, increasing his pace.

McCoy grabs his arm, bringing him to an abrupt stop and forcing them to lock eyes.

“The Hell you are,” he growls before lowering his voice. “And if not for me, then do it for the two people who can’t live without you. Especially the youngest.”

True fear flashes across his friend’s face, his hand resting on his abdomen instinctively, and a quick glance at his mate shows the exact same expression.

“Is, is there something wrong with my baby?” Kirk asks quietly, trembling.

The Beta shakes his head, allowing the expectant couple to breathe, glancing at each other with trepidation.

“I saw nothing wrong on your last exam, but I really want to make sure,” he says, letting go of his Captain’s arm. “Last thing we need is a superhuman gone mad with grief, or worse, our Captain.”

The blond nods, glancing around as his hand remains on his abdomen.

“You can start the exam on the shuttle, but only check the, other, person in the medbay,” he instructs, continuing to the shuttle.” And I’m gonna bitch because I’m suddenly pissed off.”

“And the mood swings come into play,” the brunet grins, shaking his head. “You’ve got yourself a heap of Hell for awhile.”

“I had expected nothing less,” Khan smiles softly following his mate. “I would not have, donated, my genetic material, if I did not think I was ready to deal with a murderous, hormonal James. As I already have.”

“You have yet to see hormonal,” McCoy teases. “C’mon, move, Captain. You’re holding up the queue.”

With a nod to one Ensign and a word to another, Kirk checks himself onto the shuttle, his fiancé right behind him. The Doctor delays his entrance in order to check the first Ensign’s eyes, which struck him as unusually dilated. The Captain shakes his head as the two argue over what the Ensign might have ingested or imbibed the previous night, wandering deeper into the shuttle, the Alpha/Beta right behind him. Neither are surprised that Spock is already seated and ready for liftoff, the Augment choosing to sit in the row across from the Vulcan, taking the seat next to the aisle.

“Status report, Mr. Spock?” The Omega asks, brushing his fingers against his Alpha’s shoulder before tucking a strand of his dark golden blond hair behind his ear.

“I am pleased to report that I am well, Captain,” the Science Officer begins. “And that I have completed all appropriate pre-departure-”

“Not you,” the blond groans, taking a seat next to the aisle. “I can see your status well enough. I meant the ship.”

“The Enterprise should be ready for departure by the time we arrive,” Spock informs his Captain. “I anticipate no delays in leaving orbit.”

Kirk nods approvingly, glancing at the fiancé as he curses quietly under his breath, scowling as he studies his PADD intently. The device has something he has never seen before on its screen, but could only call it “digital rain,” moving too fast for him to recognize anything on it as his mate navigates the 3D, something, fingers working furiously. McCoy appears at that exact moment, laden with a handful of medical instruments, his perpetual scowl fixed on his face. The Captain growls and leans away as his Chief Medical Officer uses a small scanner to examine him, clearly unhappy as his lips pull back to reveal his teeth, snapping them in annoyance.

“I said you could do this once we were underway,” he growls, the Augment rolling his eyes beside him.

“Technically, as soon as the last door closes, we’re officially underway,” the Doctor replies, passing the device across his Captain’s face without looking up. “You want to lodge a complaint about my reasoning, file it with Starfleet Medical once we return. In the meantime, open your mouth and stick out your tongue so I can scan your teeth.”

The Omega eyes the hand near his mouth, seriously debating on whether to tear a hunk of skin off when his Alpha glares at him, reluctantly complying to the Beta’s order.

“Captain,” the Vulcan says. “I would be remiss were I not to thank you for requesting me reinstatement to the Enterprise. While I could as easily remained with Captain Abbott’s ship or requested assignment to another vessel, my preference is to serve aboard the Enterprise in the company of a crew with whom I am already familiar.”

“If you’re going to say something about ‘familiarity breeding contempt,’” McCoy says without looking up from his work. “I may be forced to make a note in your official record.”

“I would not think of doing such a thing, Doctor,” Spock says. “The very notion leads me to suggest that after you are through examining the Captain, you might consider examining yourself for symptoms of paranoia.”

“It’s not para-sonuvabitch!”

The Beta jerks his hand back before his Captain can do any real damage, glaring at him as a bruise begins to form around the bite. Kirk bares his teeth, his lips curled back as he growls, a low rumble in his throat. Khan lightly smacks his Omega on his chest with the back of his hand, letting out his own threatening rumble. The blond glares at him, snarling low before tears well up in his glacial blue eyes, sniffling slightly. He futilely wipes at the tears streaming down his cheeks, cursing quietly under his breath. The Science Officer stares at his Captain, slightly slack jawed at the events unfolding before his eyes.

“Fucking hormones,” the Omega curses, sniffling. “Why did the mood swings have to start now?”

“Because you’re actually fifteen weeks, three days along,” McCoy says, grinning. “That’s-”

“I know what it is in normal terms!” The Captain hisses, sniffling again. “This is your fault!”

He glares at his fiancé, the Alpha/Beta raising an eyebrow at the glare, still wondering how they managed to mess up how far along the pregnancy is.

“How is this my fault?” He asks, trying to not laugh at his mate’s expression.

“If you hadn’t knocked me up, I wouldn’t be in this mess!” Kirk hisses, tears pouring down his cheeks. “I wouldn’t be…”

He suddenly begins to cry loudly, much to the shock of the crew around him who was unaware of his conditi