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Star Trek Into Darkness

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Kirk watches the storm roll across San Francisco, the thunder making the windows rattle. Lightning streaks across the sky, illuminating everything. He sits on the bed, his sheet pooled in his lap. He watches the fat raindrops pelt the windows, fully engrossed in the storm. The rain picks up until it is pounding the windows, thunder booming over the city. He pulls his knees to his chest, resting his chin on them as he watches with rapt fascination.


The velvet baritone voice washes over him as the owner speaks in their native tongue, still half asleep.

“Are you awake?” They ask, slowly sitting up.

“Yeah,” he replies in the same tongue.

Strong arms slip around his waist as they rest their chin on his shoulder, nuzzling his neck tenderly.

“You should be asleep, saving your strength,” they say softly, kissing his neck.

“So should you,” Kirk replies, tipping his head to allow better access. “You do most of the work.”

His bedmate chuckles, a deep rumble that makes the blond shiver involuntarily.

“But I have the stamina to keep going,” they rumble, tugging on his earlobe gently. “You do not.”

“Yes, but we will not have to,” Kirk says, freezing as soon as the words leave his mouth.

His bedmate lets go of his earlobe, moving so they are kneeling beside him. Glacial meets arctic as the unsaid question hangs in the air. Kirk smiles and takes their hand, placing it on his stomach. Their eyes widen as their lips part, shock clear across their face.

“I am really hoping you’ll take the job as father,” Kirk says, resting his hand over theirs. “After all, you did knock me up.”

Their fingers spread across his stomach, a stunned look on their face.

“Noonien?” Kirk asks worriedly. “Are you alright?”

Khan Noonien Singh looks up, tears beginning to roll down his cheeks. He takes the blond’s face in his large hands and kisses Kirk so tenderly, his heart aches.

“I am prefect,” he murmurs against Kirk’s lips. “I am better that perfect, if that is possible.”

Kirk feels his own tears fall down his face as Khan strokes his cheeks, resting their foreheads together. His hands sweep to the blond’s neck, rubbing the left side of his neck. He focuses on the junction between his neck and shoulder, tracing a bite mark on his skin. Khan can feel his own bite mark tingle as he touches the blond’s, their bond thrumming. The dark haired male cups the back of the Captain’s necks, claiming his lips in a heated kiss. Kirk unfolds his body, twisting himself so he can pull Khan down on top of him, keeping their mouths sealed together. He threads his fingers into his mate’s jet black locks, gripping tightly. Their hands roam each other’s bodies, lips working against each other.

They part when a rather loud strike of thunder violently rattles the windows, but that is not why they part.

Kirk’s chrono goes off, the time reading 0416.

But this alarm is set to go off exactly three months apart, the exact same time as his Heats.

Khan reaches over and turns off the alarm, his face split in two by the biggest smile Kirk has ever seen.

“A baby,” he breathes, turning to his mate. “We are going to have a baby.”

The Brit cups his cheek, kissing Kirk again. He trails soft kisses down the blond’s body, lingering on the skin above his navel. He holds the blond’s hips in his hands, stroking the crests of his hips. Kirk smiles and plays with his mate’s hair, his smile widening when he feels Khan murmur in Hindi to their unborn child, love clear in his voice. The Augment rests his cheek against the blond’s stomach, his eyes closed in bliss.

“I can assume that you are three months along?” He asks, not moving an inch.

“You can assume correctly,” the Captain replies with a smile.

“Fifteen months,” he murmurs, rubbing his mate’s hips and waist. “It seems as if it is an eternity.”

“It will go by fast,” Kirk replies, playing with his mate’s hair.

Khan scoffs softly, rolling his eyes.

“Sixty-eight weeks is not short by anyone’s standards,” he snaps, but it lacks any real bite.

His face softens as his nuzzles his mate’s belly, his eyes falling closed.

“Especially my own,” he adds softly, his hands gentle. “I have waited nearly three hundred years for this moment, and I am not about to let it slip through my fingers.”

He does not have to say anymore, for Kirk understands why.

In just over a week, he and his crew will be heading to Nibiru for a week-long mission, the same events that sent the pair crashing headlong into each other, neither expecting that outcome that had come about from the events.

They were unnaturally compatible.

That first punch Kirk had thrown on Qo’noS had an effect that no one had had ever seen before.

It formed a mating bond, an almost supernaturally strong mating bond.

The moment it formed, Khan’s personality quickly did a one-eighty, telling Kirk that his priority had once been revenge on Marcus for using his crew against him, but now, it was his new mate’s happiness.

Bonded pairs could lie to others, but they could not lie to their mates. It was excruciatingly painful to even attempt to do so, the stronger the bond, the more painful it became. After the events that happened, Khan had confided in his new mate that his head was filled with lies and half truths, but when he looked at his mate, they all dried up and vanished. Kirk had replied that he did not truly understand for his upbringing had raised him to tell the truth, having never really told a lie until he entered Starfleet.

Khan had simply smiled and nodded.

Kirk snaps out of his memories when he feels Khan brush his lips against his stomach again, murmuring softly.

“I cannot wait to meet him,” he says quietly, planting soft kisses all over Kirk’s flat stomach.

“Who says it’s a boy?” The blond asks, a hint of amusement in his voice.

The Augment looks up and smiles, his eyes crinkling around the corners.

“I should know better than to argue with a Pure Omega,” he chuckles, crawling back up to lay beside his mate.

The dark haired male pulls the blond to him, wrapping his arms protectively around him. Kirk draws his knees to his chest, Khan’s following so he is cocooned by his mate. The Augment nuzzles his Omega’s neck, peppering kisses on every millimeter of skin he can reach. His large hands rub the blond’s stomach gently, murmuring softly against his skin. The storm continues to grow worse as the couple cuddles, enjoying the moment of peace and alone time.

“I almost do not know what to do with myself as normally, as Leonard so eloquently puts it, I would be balls deep and fucking your brains out like a rabbit on crack,” Khan says with a snort. “Or something of that nature.”

“Bones definitely has a way with words,” Kirk giggles, nudging his mate’s shin with his heel.

Khan lets out a low rumble of content, tightening his grip on his Omega.

“Mine,” Khan rumbles.

Kirk thumps him hard on the thigh, growling softly. Khan lets out his own threatening rumble, a sound that would make anything and everything flee in terror, but Kirk knows with full confidence that Khan would never hurt him on leave a mark.

Except for his bite.

The dark haired male rests his forehead against the blond’s neck, trembling softly. Guilt settles in Kirk’s stomach like a lead weight, having completely forgotten that his thoughts are no longer private.

He was the most powerful telepath in their reality, and that was because of his Pure Blood lineage.

Kirk’s Pure Blood lineage could be traced back over seventeen thousand years, back to when the first of their modern ancestors, Neo Homo sapiens, emerged, all Pure Bloods. Kirk’s family was the oldest Pure Blood family, qualifying all Omegas to be Empress of Earth. Kirk was the next in line for the throne when he gave it up at twenty-two, choosing to enter Starfleet instead.

It was the first time a Pure Omega had entered the Academy, so Starfleet was a little baffled.

His telepathic abilities were unheard of, even in telepathic species. With his ability unfocused, he could read the foremost thought on any mind within a thousand miles of him, but if he focused his ability, he could reach a single mind at the maximum distance of a parsec, but only the foremost thought. The closer the mind, the deeper he can read. At a certain point, it varies from person to person, as Kirk has said before, he can no longer just read the mind, he begins to read the entire nervous system. And at another point, he can read every system in their body.

The closer the person is after that point, he can begin to read further back into their body, but it starts to become painful.

Within five hundred feet of him, Kirk can read everything, every thought, emotion, action, all the way back to when they were a zygote.

But at that point, the amount of energy he uses to do so causes every cell in their body to spontaneously explode.

But that is just his passive ability, the one that is always active, the one he can focus.

He has many other abilities, even more that not even Kirk knew about.

“James?” Khan asks softly, cupping his mate’s cheek. “Are you alright?”

Kirk snaps back to reality, smiling up at his mate as he nuzzles his palm. He takes his large hand and kisses every millimeter of skin, his lips gentle.

“I’m fine,” the blond replies once he is finished, murmuring against his palm.

He releases his mate’s hand, smiling softly. The Augment cups his cheek, stroking his cheekbone. Khan stares into the Captain’s eyes, his gaze soft.

“I love you,” he says softly, a smile tugging on his lips.

“I love you too,” Kirk says quietly, a smile also on his lips.

The dark haired male’s smile widens, taking Kirk’s face in his hands as he leans in to kiss his Omega. The blond kisses back, rolling over completely so he faces his mate. Their lips part with a soft plop, Kirk tucking his head under the Augment’s chin. Khan wraps his arms around the Omega, tangling their legs. The storm continues to rage outside, lightning illuminating the apartment. The couple ignores the storm, choosing to favor their time together instead. They hold onto each other, enjoying the chance to be close without being under the complete control of their hormones and primal instincts.

Khan lets out a low rumble of pleasure, nuzzling the blond’s hairline. Kirk lets out his own purr, nuzzling the hollow base of his mate’s throat. The Augment’s hands smooth down his back and spine, trailing over his hips and waist.

The only way Khan could even begin to describe the enigma that is his mate was that he is yin and yang.

He is Yin; slow, soft, yielding, diffuse, passive, feminine.

He is Yang; fast, hard, solid, focused, aggressive, masculine.

He has the hard angles of a man, as well as the soft curves of a woman. He has the waist and hips of a woman, soft and slender, as well as the dexterity and flexibility, but on the other hand, he has the musculature of a man, hard and robust, as well as the strength and power. Kirk’s personality is of both genders as well, blended together that he would sometimes display a quality from each gender at the same time.

The one thing Kirk loathed about being an Omega was the fact that he cried like a female, and sometimes in the most awkward situations.

“I do not,” Kirk snarls, attempting to knee Khan in the groin.

Khan catches the knee and tips Kirk’s chin up, a small smirk on his face.

“I am afraid so, love,” he says quietly, kissing the very tip of his mate’s nose. “But it is something I would not change about you. I absolutely love being the shoulder you cry on, in a way I cannot begin to describe. I love being your pillar of strength, of support. I love being your rock, your anchor, the shoulders you climb on. If someone had asked me what is my dream job, I will reply without any hesitation that I currently have my dream job. Being your mate.”

He captures Kirk’s lips in a chaste kiss, feeling the heat rise off his mate’s face.

“I thought my life had meaning before I met you,” he says softly against his Omega’s lips. “But I quickly realized that I was a fool. You are my purpose. You are my life. You are my reason for living. And I will fight with my last breath to keep you by my side, even if it kills me.”

That statement takes Kirk’s breath away.

He knows that Khan loves him fiercely, but he did not realize how much. He was taught that Alphas were fiercely protective of their Omegas especially Pure Alphas, but for an Alpha/Beta chimera to be so deeply in love with a Pure Omega, it…

Kirk cannot find the words to describe the feeling he is experiencing, but he knows how to show it.

The shock on Khan’s face when he rolls him onto his back, kneeling over him with pure possessiveness is something he will remember for a very long time. The Omega begins the vicious assault, it’s the only word either would claim to even begin to describe the event at a later time, on his Alpha’s neck, right over his mark of claim. The tables are turned when the ever-dominant Khan is the submissive one, squirming and whimpering under his Omega. Kirk is not gentle either, biting, nipping, and sucking with such ferocity he will leave his Alpha’s neck, shoulder, and throat nearly black with bruises. His nails are scratching bright red lines on his chest, stomach, and sides. He is careful not to break skin, though the Augment can feel him become dangerously close to doing so.

Kirk gives one last lick to his Alpha’s heavily marked skin before settling against his side, using Khan’s chest as a pillow. He can hear his mate’s heart hammer beneath his ribs, his chest rising and falling rapidly. The Omega’s own heart and breathing are in perfect sync with the dark haired male’s, an unforeseen side effect of their highly unusual bond. Khan wraps his arm around his mate, wincing at the tenderness of his shoulder and neck. He rubs his bruised skin with his other hand gently, wincing again at how sensitive his skin is, even with the lightest of touches.

But it feels, satisfying.

Khan closes his eyes in bliss, starting violently when a lightning strike hits the top of his mate’s apartment building. Kirk lets out an eardrum shattering shriek that rivals the lightning strike, jumping high enough that he clears the bed by a whole two feet.

Khan would have laughed at the absurdity of their situation until he realizes just a split second too late that Kirk is going to land on him.


The wind is knocked out of the Augment when his mate crashes on top of him, Kirk letting out a yelp of pain when he lands on something considerably harder than his bed. The blond whimpers in pain, right up until he feels what he landed on is struggling to breathe. He scrambles off his Alpha, mortification coloring his cheeks. He wants the ground to swallow him whole as dark purple bruises appear on the dark haired male’s pale skin, Khan clutching what appears to be fractured ribs. Kirk curls up and hides his face, mortified not even begin to cover what he is feeling.

Khan lets out a small huff of laughter before regretting his action as it tweaks his ribs harshly. He can feel his ribs knitting themselves back together, but he is more worried about his mate.

The Augment knows that he can heal from pretty much everything except the loss of bone. If a bone is completely separated from his body he cannot regrow it, even a tiny portion. However, if the bone that was separated is aligned properly, he can kit the bones back together as well as the rest of his tissue.

Within reason.

Any separation of his spinal cord and skull he cannot heal, decapitation a sure death.

But other than that, he was golden.

His completely boring human mate, on the other hand, is a delicate flower.

With one hell of a temper.

Kirk lets out a low growl, one that makes Khan smirk with amusement. He gently pokes fun at his mate by letting out a deep, threatening rumble that makes the Omega gape at him. The blond scrunches his face in annoyance, sitting up and turning his back to the Alpha/Beta, arms crossed over his chest. He lets out a high pitched squeak when Khan yanks him back, pinning him to the bed. The bruises have faded to a sickening green, which were quickly disappearing. But that was not why Kirk’s eyes were widening to dinner plates. Khan’s smirk grows wider before dishing out his punishment.

Captain James Tiberius Kirk happens to be ridiculously ticklish.

He squeals, shrieks, and giggles, tears rolling down his cheeks as his as his mate proceeds to tickle and blow raspberries on his skin until he is in danger of losing bladder control. Khan is grinning the whole time, rather enjoying this form of punishment.

“Stop! Stop! Stop!” Kirk shrieks, trying to escape the Augment’s clutches. “I have to pee! I have to pee!”

The dark haired male reluctantly lets his prey go, who practically trips over his own feet in his mad scramble to the bathroom. Khan chuckles, reaching over to the bedside table for his PADD. He leans against the pillows, opening his book app to read. The Augment has numerous books on his PADD, the one he is currently engrossed in is Jean M. Auel’s The Earth’s Children Series, specifically The Clan of the Cave Bear. He opens his book, beginning to read. The Alpha/Beta looks up when he hears his mate reenter the bedroom, looking particularly displeased.

But none the less, when he climbs on the bed, he curls up next to his Alpha, snuggling against his side. Kirk rests his head on Khan’s chest, arm thrown across his waist. The Augment wraps an arm around the blond’s shoulders, rubbing his bicep. The Omega leans into the touch, his eyes closing in bliss. The dark haired male plants a soft kiss on his forehead, murmuring softly in Hindi.

“Do you feel alright?” Khan asks quietly, his lips brushing against his Omega’s skin. “You do not feel ill or anything?”

“Morning sickness is rare in Omega males,” Kirk explains. “Because our pregnancies are double the length of Omega and Beta females, we are not subjected to the rapid change of hormones present in the pregnancies of the female genders. But it is possible, though most likely not.”

The Alpha/Beta presses a tender kiss to the top of his mate’s head, resuming to read. Kirk cuddles closer, closing his eyes in bliss. The storm had died down, but it is still raining heavily, impressive lightning displays in the distance. The occasional roll of thunder made itself known, but other than that, the night is quiet. Khan rubs his mate’s back, sides, and shoulders, his caresses tender and gentle. The Omega periodically makes soft sounds of happiness, pressing himself closer. The gently touches leave him sleepy, feeling Khan become drowsy through their bond. Once he begins to yawn, the Augment turns off his PADD and sets it on the bedside table, rolling over onto his side. Kirk moves to the other side, pressing his back side flush with his Alpha’s chest. The dark haired male wraps his arms around the Captain, tangling their legs together. The sheet has been shoved down to the foot of the bed, Khan’s warmer body is all his mate needs to keep away the early February chill. Kirk entwines his fingers between the Alpha/Beta’s, tipping his head forward slightly so Khan can rest his forehead against his neck.

“Good night, James,” Khan says softly.

“Good night, Noonien,” Kirk replies quietly.

The couple slips under the waves of sleep, their dreams about the unborn child in Kirk’s womb, Khan’s hand resting over it, fingers entwined.


The couple wakes up at the same time, though Khan is quicker to full alertness. He smiles as his mate slowly rouses himself, encouraging him with soft kisses and gentle caresses. Kirk hums sleepily, arching slightly into those touches. The dark haired male gently nibbles on the sleep warm skin of his shoulder, a low, content purr rumbling in his ribcage. His large hands skim over the blond’s chest and abdomen, fingers waltzing on his warm flesh. The Omega is purring now, squirming slowly under his Alpha’s touch. Khan can feel the phantom touch of his own hands against his skin, something he has yet to get use to.

His mate is just slightly more awake than half asleep, so the Alpha/Beta has to fight to pull of sleep, wanting nothing more than a shower, breakfast, and a day of city exploration with the most beautiful creature in the whole galaxy.

Correction, universe.

“Biased,” Kirk mutters, turning his head to peer out of the corner of his eye.

Khan smiles and leans over his Omega to plant a loving kiss on his cheek.

“Horribly,” he murmurs.

The Captain rolls over so he is facing his mate, capturing his lips in a chaste kiss. The Augment worms his fingers into his blond locks, tugging softly. The Omega locks his wrists behind his mate’s neck, knowing full well that Khan’s scalp is an erogenous zone. He has learned from experience not to stimulate his mate’s scalp after he wakes, unless he wants to be limping all day. When they part, the Alpha/Beta gently rubs noses with his Omega, a soft smile gracing his lips.

“Good morning, James,” he murmurs.

“Good morning, Noonien,” his mate murmurs back. “What time is it?”

Khan twists his head to glance at the chrono, reluctantly turning his body to be able to see it.

“Just a few minutes before six,” he replies, rolling back over.

He props his chin on his hand, elbow on the pillow, smiling down at his mate. Kirk stares up at him before bursting into giggles, covering his mouth to try and stifle them.

“What?” The dark haired male asks, frowning.

The blond reaches up and playfully ruffles his Alpha’s rather spectacular bedhead, much to his annoyance. He gives his mate a look that, to his amusement and annoyance, he has dubbed Bitch Face, which only causes Kirk to giggle louder. He pecks the very tip of his nose before rolling off the bed and heading into the bathroom, tossing a smile over his shoulder in the doorway. The Augment hears the shower running, an honest to god water shower, quickly following his mate.

When he passes the mirror in the bathroom, he backtracks, staring at his reflection. His long hair is wild, some of the gel still holding, but it makes his hair stick out a crazy angles. The rest is hanging down, making him look insane. The Alpha/Beta hears his mate snickering, rolling his eyes in response. He slides the shower door open, slipping in behind his mate.

Many have admitted that Kirk is breathtaking, but only Khan has been allowed to see how stunning he truly is. He was his first, he will be his last, his only.

His mate had been sheltered and privileged since the moment he had been born. He had been groomed to be the next Empress of Earth, taking the throne on the twenty-fifth anniversary of his birth, as his ancestors had done before him. He would have ruled right up to the moment he passed on, three or four hundred years later. It was what he had been born to do, why he was placed on this planet, his mentor had drilled into him. It was his destiny.

But it was not what Kirk wanted to do.

He had always been drawn to the stars, so in his twenty-second year, he gave up his birthright to join Starfleet.

Empresses were remembered for their contributions to society, learned about after they were dead.

His contribution to society surpassed all seventeen thousand years of his ancestry, combined.

Many so desperately wanted to be Captain James Tiberius Kirk, Captain of the United Federation Starship USS Enterprise. They wanted to know everything about the legendary, young, brilliant Captain, and only Khan can say he does.

Khan can say with confidence that his mate is just someone that a series of highly improbable incidences occurred and he just happened to be there.

He did not believe in chance, luck, or a higher power, not until it punched him in the face. Literally.

He had been in a rather dark place, not truly able to put someone else’s needs before his, not until his Sun chased every bit of darkness from him, purifying his blackened soul. Khan thought he had been able to see before, but his Sun removed the Veil of Darkness over his eyes blind to everything around him. He had not been able to truly feel anything, not until the Light filled every corner and niche in his twisted mind.

He did not know what it meant to love, be loved, or even what it felt like. He had been trapped in a dark Hell, until his Angel of Light parted the clouds and took his hand, pulling him out of The Pit’s clutches.

He did not know what it meant to live, to be alive until Life gave him one hell of a right hook.

To Khan, Kirk was more than his mate.

He is his Savior.

Every time he wakes up and before he falls asleep, Khan silent thanks the higher power that dropped this Angel in his lap, to give him a reason each and every day and that he will have another one tomorrow.

Khan knows that Kirk knows he changed his life, but he does not have an inkling on how much he has changed the Augment’s life. He does not know how to even begin to show his mate, his Savior, how thankful he is, but he does his best.

Khan slips out of his headspace to find his mate, his reason for living, staring at him with confusion, head cocked slightly. The dark haired male just smiles and closes the shower door, crossing the short distance to cradle his Omega’s face between his hands. The tiny piece of Darkness, the small part of his old self that regrew after being purified, screams that he claim his mate, hard and brutal, as he has done before when he was ruler of a quarter of the Earth.

But he never listens to it, no matter how loud he screams.

He strokes the Captain’s cheekbones with his thumbs, gazing into his glacial blue eyes. He knows that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but that barely scratches the surface of Kirk’s. Even with their bond, there is so much that Khan does not know about him. There is so much to learn about his mate, and he thankful that he has three or four hundred years with him.

His heart clenches at the thought.

Kirk would only live three or four hundred years while Khan would most likely live forever. He knew that he was frozen at the age of twenty-five, as was his mate, but Marcus had added eleven years to his appearance. Kirk would remain that way until the last hundred or so years of his life, where he would begin to age normally. He would then pass on, peaceful and easy.

Khan would not.

Once his mate left this world, their bond would be severed, and he will be left alone for the rest of his eternal life.

All that would be left will be his descendants, but he will long out live them all.

Tears stream down his face as his knees give out, falling to the shower floor. Kirk kneels on front of his mate, taking his face in his hands. He tips the Alpha/Beta’s head up, stroking his highly defined cheekbones. He pulls his mate’s head to his neck, holding him close. Khan holds him tightly, tears still pouring down his face. The water runs down their bodies as Kirk begins to gently rock, sobs spilling from the Augment’s lips. Pleas spill from his lips, and endless loop of a single sentence.

Don’t leave me.

Tears begin to fall down the Omega’s face, burying his nose into his mate’s jet black locks.

He wants to promise his mate that he will not, but they both know it is a lie.

It is the one promise he cannot keep.