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Not Their Party (But They'll Fight If They Want To)

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At some point in their conversation, Nat gasps excitedly, and Steve knows he’s in trouble now.

“You know what we should see?” she muses. “Captain America. The premiere’s tonight.”

“No,” Steve groans, trying to be as firm as possible, but of course, both Bucky and Sam think it’s genius.

“We are not going to the damn Captain America movie.”

“Oh, come on, man! It would be hilarious!” Sam says.

“No, it would not be hilarious. It would be fucked up and tragic.”

The conversation stops, his friends apparently having realized his opinion might be worth a damn.

“Steve…” Nat starts apologetically, and he shuts her down.

“That’s my life, Natalia. And unlike those shitty propaganda flicks that were made way back when, no one in that film crew cares one bit that actual people went through any of it. SHIELD approved the Marvel project, not me.”

"Did you really have no say at all? I thought they had to get your permission," Bucky asks, and Sam shakes his head and answers.

"Nah, man, those comics are Marvel's intellectual property, and the Serum and the publicity-stunt Captain America are SHIELD's property."

"But Steve's not SHIELD's property."

"Could've fooled me," Steve mutters harshly, and Nat speaks up again.

“So, maybe we don’t actually attend the premiere.”

Her voice is almost meek now, another sign of trouble.

“Maybe?” he says bitterly.

“Maybe we crash it instead.”