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Fragmented Reflections

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~ Episode 8 ~

"Jun, open up," Misaki knocked on the door furiously. "Can you pleasssse come out and talk to us? " The knocks now began to sound like bangs and soft kicks now. After his return from yesterday, his sister felt how off he was. Misaki waved to her husband for aid, giving him an interace “some help please” look.

Shinichi chimed in like on cue "Jun, Yukie-san is probably testing you, I'm sure Yuko-san is waiting to be united." His wife immediately jabbed him in the chest. "Hey, I was only trying to help," he whispered softly in defend.

"'s not the time to bring her up.." she glared at Shinichi while motioning him to go away, giving him a “you're not helping” look. “Stopping adding wood to the fire...,” Misaki whispered to him again.

Shinichi shook his head, "I never know what you want...,” and then smiled, “...but I can get the spare key to that door.” His wife nodded in agreement as he disappeared into the next room.

Within the next minute, the door suddenly burst opened, Misaki was now face-to-face with her brother who was plastered with a bright smile which replaced his stressful one from this morning.

"I got it..,” Shinichi rushed it holding up his prized key, “...Jun!" While placing the item into his back pocket, he chose his words carefully, "...are you alright?"

Jun responded quickly, "Of course, I am just fine, what were you guys thinking of?" He earned a few second glances from them, “No really!” He then pointed at the clock that hung on the wall cheerfully, “Look at the time, why don't we order some dinner?”

Yukie's question of the day had been nagged Yuko since yesterday. She had somewhere dodged it when Keiko-chan had returned from school and busily herself with their dinner preparations. Now alone sitting in her bedroom, she wanted to examine the question, "What would I do if Jun was truly alive...what would I do?" She sighed deeply as the question kept repeating itself over and over again in her head. It has been years she had kept this locked away. It was too painful to recall, knowing she could never touch his face nor hear his voice again.

Yuko now sank herself into the plush recliner deeper while closing her eyes. "The answer..," she softly inhaled the floral aroma from the nearby lit candle. "Hmm...there is no answer, what else can I do? Kazu-san is my husband and I do care for him...." Both of her legs were now up on the chair as her face into them. “I really really do....can you ever forgive me?" As her own question lingered, guilty and betrayal had crossed her mind. Then, she suddenly shot up from the chair, got on the floor, crawled to the foot of her bed. After a few seconds of searching under the bed, a large oak box was brought out. She quickly located the key at the nearby dresser, crawled back to the location of the box and sat Indian-style.

The box was slowly opened and the content revealed were a few smaller journals, albums and jewelry. Yuko's eye had immediately caught the black velvet box in the center. She reached for it and placed it in the palms of your hands. Then, taking another deep breath, it was slowly opened, revealing a lovely gold 2.5 karat diamond engagement ring. It was the first time in years, tears started to form, clouding her vision as the diamond continue to sparkle.


It was Monday, not only was it hectic, it was the first day of school. For the past couple of years second graders were more of a handful than last years. As she rubbed her shoulders to relieve the tension, she smiled happily, recalling the faces of the adorable faces of the new group. “I'm sure we will have a fun time together....”

Jun had sudden jump into the apartment with a huge blissful smile on his face, he waved a computer-printed document in front of her, "Honey, guess what happen today?!"

She shook her head, "I'm never good at guessing games, just tell me." She crossed her arm, glancing at the man of her life who was acting like he had just won the lottery.

"You're no fun..come on, just this time, GUESSSSS....!"

"Hmm...," Yuko placed her forefinger onto the lower part of her cheek as she figured the answer, "Century is finally on Tosho!"

"YES, YES!" Jun immediately embraced Yuko and gave her a passionate kiss. They released each other and chuckled, he pointed at the paper that was still in his hand.

It had been three years that Kazu and him had been trying their hardest to earn a name for Century, their mini investment firm. Hardwork it was and worth every aspect of it. Now their existence and value is on the Japanese map. Yuko had been there since the beginning of their journey and was overwhelmed with joy. "This is such exciting news, we need to celebrate!!"

"It's been all finalized this morning, Tokyo Stock Exchange here we come!" Both giggled, Jun embraced her again. " Yes we do! Yuko...," he released the document on the nearby table before continuing, "sweetheart," As he continues to hold onto her, he quickly fished something out of his back pant pocket. Then held a small velvet jewelry box in front of her. "...Yuko, will..will you marry me?"

Without any hesitation, she blurted out, "YES, YES!!

Jun grinned like a Cheshire cat and immediately gave her a passionate kiss on the lips. He released his embrace and took out the engagement ring out from its box and slid it onto Yuko's finger "I love you. "

"I love you too...," Yuko glanced at the expensive ring, where in the world did Jun get the money to afford this? "Jun, you didn't have to spend a fortune on me, I would have said yes if you gave me a twisty-tie."

He shook his head, "Absolutely not, my Yuko deserved the best if she's going to be Century's First Lady...."

Yuko blushed, "Who said I was going to marry you?" They laughed in unison.

Flashback ends

Jun appearance had given Yukie a "headache," though she had promised not to "leak" it to Yuko, she had no intention that they would meet on the street so soon. She hadn't even come to a conclusion that he would lie to her about his identity. She was going to have to do something, it was either tell the truth or act the "show" out with him. Yukie couldn't make a choice until she spoke to him; the more she thought about them, the sorriest she felt. "Poor Jun-kun...why does Kami-sama have to torture them?

She had turned the corner on Yaesu Blvd when she noticed Jun-san had stepped into a small pub, she decided to follow and have a talk with him.


It's been super longer since I posted anything, I know shame on me. LOL I hope some are still with me and will keep the suspense coming, I promise. ;) Still after all of these years, Arashi is still love, but I might throw in a few Korean artist into the mix as I  a few. ;) Like or dislike this story so far, please comment. :)

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