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Fragmented Reflections

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"One more day," he said to himself as he lend back on his bed, he tilted his slim face upward as the squeaky sound of the upper bunk shifted from one side to the other. After two minutes, it was silence again; he glanced at the dimly lighted area where large, heavy steel bars separated him from the outside world. "Ten will be all over soon," he whispered; he gently slid his right hand under his pillow. "No, who stole it?" His anger roared quietly, he stretched further..., "Thank God, it's here!" It was a rather small, black and white photo of him and a young woman; they happily smiled back at the camera, hand in hand. His face formed a peaceful grin as his thin fingers softly felt the edges of the woman.

She was his one and only love; he could still feel her tenderness, her gentleness, and her softness. The curve of her lips, the smile that she had formed would melt his heart. "I promise that we will be together forever...after
tomorrow," he only wished that tomorrow would come a bit faster; why could not the world just skip a day?

He quickly slid down into the cover and slowly closed his tired eyes, "One more day...," he whispered again, "we'll be together again...."

"Shin, I've in the bathroom for the last half an hour and you still have not been up," a beautiful young woman spoke as she gently curve her long black hair behind her right ear. She began to fit the small gold dangling earring into her ear before raising her voice one again, "Shinichi!"

The man on mumbled a few words as he rubbed his eyes, he glanced at the green digits on the radio clock, "Honey, it's only 9:25, let me sleep for an hour more!"

She poked her head out from the doorway again, "Absolutely not, we have to pick up Jun, get up now!" She was dressed in a purple silk blouse and a pair of black stacks, a single strand of pearls decorated her neck.

"Jun! Oh no, I'm almost forgot it was today! Give me ten minutes, I'll be ready!" Shinichi quickly rose from the bed and rushed into the bathroom, his head poked back out again and give a kiss to the woman. "I'm so sorry, sweetie! Misaki-chan, can you pick out a shirt and a pair of pants for me!"

Misaki shook her head as the man smiled thankfully and running water began to be heard, "I never knew why I married you, you're never prepared, you're never on time, you're never...anything." She quickly strolled over to the oak five-drawer dresser and pulled out the second drawer. "This should do...." It was a pair of blue stacks and a white polo shirt.


"3412745, you're free to go; here are your belongings," the blue uniformed officer instructed the calm man as he placed a large plastic bag onto the table.

"Thank you, sir!" He raised his left hand to his forehead, to any normal person, he seemed to be a businessman. He wore a gray suit with a black shirt and a matching silk, gray tie; he reached for the bag and examine the items.

"Everything is there," the officer questioned him.

The man nodded, he re-zipped the plastic bag and clamped it near his left arm, "Yes, sir!"

"3412745, you have good potential, do well in the outside world and I don't want to see you here again!" The officer rose from the chair and extended his hand.

"I will, sir!" He return the hand shake before dismissing from the office. He smiled blissfully, he was freed at last; it has been ten long and hard years, but it had been while it. He quickly marched down the hallway and made a sharp turn at the first intersection.


"Sweetie, what time is Jun going to be released?" Shinichi glanced at his Timex, the hour hand was on the navy blue, 10 and the second, half way between 5 and 6.

She made a face, "Have patience, I wonder how is he now; it has been ten years since I have seen him," she softly leaned against the silver-colored vehicle, she recalled the time that he was arrested.

"Misaki, don't worry; Jun is a strong man, he will be fine. I wonder where the rest of them are...." He looked around the the rest of the gang.

A worried look came over her face as her husband glanced at his watch again, "I know, Jun will be devastated to see that Kazunari-kun, Yukie-san, and...."

"...Yuko-san; maybe they are late." He assured his wife, "I'm sure they are."

Her lips formed a light smile, "I hope so, Jun will be released any minute now...," the huge iron black doors began to open, making a "nails-scratching a chalkboard sound." Misaki quickly straighten out in nervousness and happiness as a man stepped onto the another side of the black doors. He took one more glanced back him and a huge grin was seem on his face.

Misaki ran toward him in lighting speed, giving him a warm and friendly hug, "Jun!" Shinichi followed her and watched in happiness.

"Nee-chan!" The man shouted as he happily embraced her.

She released him, she quickly wiped the tears from her eyes, "Jun, I thought I would never see you!"

"Nonsense, Nee-chan! No stop that mushy stuff, I am standing right here...." He turned slightly and noticed that blissfully man standing adjacent to them. "You," he gave Shinichi a light hug, "Shin-kun! No, I mean Ni-san!"

Shinichi glanced at his wife while chuckling and then back at Jun, "I sounds so funny after hearing you address me like that...."

Jun only smiled back on how they looked so picture perfect together. "Ni-san, you're one luck guy, my sister is the best wife any man would died for," he placed his right arm on top of his sister's shoulder.

Shinichi nodded in agreement, "I totally agree, best thing that happened to me." He noticed that Misaki blushed a bit as she gracefully spoke again.

"Sweet Jun, we're going to take you for a celebrate, let's get into the car and catch up on things." Misaki quickly opened the passenger side of the car and signal him in.

Jun nodded and glanced into the street, looking for someone.

"Looking for someone?" Shinichi asked cheerfully. Jun hesitated, "No, I cannot believe how much Tokyo has changed during the last ten years."

Her sister nodded, "I know, we didn't even recognize it either when we stepped off of the plane."

His brother-in-law placed his right arm over Jun's shoulder, "Yep, don't worry; I'm sure Yuko-san and the rest of them just are caught up with something. We'll go back to the old house, I'm sure you'll give her a huge surprise...."

Misaki reassured her brother in a calm matter, "I'm sure of that, now stop worrying!"

Jun smiled in agreement, "Okay, can we make a stop at the cemetery?"

Shinichi quickly descended into the driver's seat, "Sure, we were thinking of going there too...." He slightly turned as Misaki quickly got into the car.

A light bang was heard when she shut the passenger door and fasten her seat belt, "Yes, it has been a seven years since we have talk to mom and dad, they would be happy to see Jun...."

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