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The Cam-Girl's Voice

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  Ruby Harris is a 25-year-old detective who was the best in the business. Only at 25, she can solve, even the worst cases, even the cases gone cold, she found the solution. She finds very small details and makes sure she’s gets EVERYTHING.

  One morning, she was at the office, drinking a cup of coffee. She remembered the moment she was hired into this line of work. It was the happiest moment of her life. She always wanted to go to work wearing suspenders. Of course, that’s not the reason why she wanted this job. She always wanted to solve crimes and FUCKING JUSTICE, you know?

“Morning, Harris.” A voice greeted. The small girl turned around and looked up. A tall, orange-skinned woman wearing a white button-up, the sleeves folded to her elbow, gun shoulder holsters, black slacks, and black dress shoes. Her long, blonde hair pulled back into a pony tail. Jasper Scott.

“Morning, Scott,” Ruby greeted back. The tall woman went to grab some coffee.

“Ready for another day of solving?” Jasper said, before sipping her coffee.

“You know it,” Ruby laugh to herself.

“I heard this new one in the office back there.”

New case?

“Tell me about it,” Ruby persuaded.

“It was a laptop. They haven’t checked the inside, but it might all lead up to the person who owned it go missing.”
“How did said-person even get the laptop?”
“It was founded at the crime scene, but there was literally no evidence. We’re dealing with a kidnapping, my friend.”
“How could someone get away with something like that and not leave anything behind?”
“We don’t know. But you will, right Harris?”
“I always do. But if no one can find anything, chances are even I can’t even find the answer.”
“Nonsense, I know you can.” Jasper encouraged.

“Thanks.” Ruby smiled, and sipped more of her coffee.

  Later that day, there was a knock on Ruby’s office door. She was looking at other folders of reports that could be at hand.

“Come in!” Ruby raised her voice.

  The door opened. It was a green-skinned woman. Her yellow hair slicked back, but created a triangle shape. She had the same outfit as Jasper, with holsters. She was holding a laptop carefully. She was wearing plastic gloves on her hands. The person behind her, a blue-skinned woman shorter, than the other. Her outfit more feminine, and she wore a vest around her torso. She had gloves on too, holding a bag with a long and black with plugs on both ends. That must be the charger. Peridot Gates. Lapis Lazuli.

“Gates, Lazuli,” Ruby turned to them in her office chair.

“Harris, this is your new case.” Peridot places the laptop onto the table. “Scott has the house.”

Ruby cracked her knuckles, “Why don’t I get the house?”
“You have more patience than that prick,” Peridot stated. Lapis placed the charger next to the laptop.

“We already checked for fingerprints.” Peridot rubbed her temple.

“And there was some, right?” Ruby asked.

“Nada, none, that thing is clean.”

That’s strange. A person has to have used this before.

“Bring me a pair of gloves, I’m doing this right now.” Ruby requested the two.

“Right away,” Peridot said, and the two left.

Ruby stared at the plain, grey laptop. This has to have some idea as to what in tHE FUCK is going on here.

Peridot came back with plastic gloves.

“Thank you,” Ruby grabbed them and put them on.
“Want to close the door?”
“No, I don’t want to go crazy in here.” Ruby then opened the laptop. Ruby double-checked and Peridot wasn’t lying. It really was clean; not a single speck of anything.

  Ruby turned on the laptop. It wouldn’t turn on. She opened the bag and used the charger.

It must’ve died.

  She was never someone to use a computer. She just knew everything.

The laptop was an automatic open. Nowadays, people would have a password. But it opened to a simple Microsoft background.

She noticed the battery wasn’t charging. It read:

0% available (plugged in, charging)

Defective battery.

There was no message saying there was an issue, though. Ruby took out a black notebook. It had all her past notes from solved crimes.

She opened to a blank page.

She started searching around the laptop. The name of the user was “Kimi.”

She wrote the name down in notebook.

Kimi. Victim name?

She had a cup full of pencils, pens, and highlighters on her table. She grabbed the bright yellow highlighter and lightened the name.

She checked the internet history. Nothing. Only the Google page she just went on was on it.

No history. Erased? Incognito?

She looked at Microsoft Word that was at the top of the start menu.

It has been used.

She opened the folder and there were hundreds of documents.

It was all named dates.

The latest date was 5/6/08.

May 6, 2008 . Latest date. First use?

She took a deep breath and opened it.

  It was short. It had a start time, a description, snarky comments, and an end time.

8:42 PM

My first time. I was glad it was simple. The user was lollipapi69. He told me to take off all of my clothes and put my pussy up to my camera. He told me to finger myself and rub my clit. Told him to call him “daddy.” He came pretty quickly, I found that funny, but I didn’t laugh. He said it was great. I wonder if having regulars are a thing?

8:50 PM 8 minutes.

  This confused Ruby. It was odd.

Lollipapi69 username.

First time? Specific time and date.

In-depth description.

  She closed the window and looked for something else. It was a really strange clue, but it will help.

  She opened the Window Explorer, where all the folders and documents are in one place. There was one that was strange. It was just named “Voice.”

She opened it. There were just as many of these as the documents!

She looked at the earliest one.


Same as the first document. Could it be a voice and a transcript?

She then opened it and it was a simple voice recording.

She was saying the same thing as the document said.

Her voice was calm and it was stressed words when needed.

Ruby didn’t care that the people outside were also confused and listening.

Voice recording and a transcript with it.

She continued to reread the transcript until she connected the dots.

She wrote down.


She highlighted it.